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10 January 2022


Michael Kesti

I, too, have a smart meter and one of the benefits is that I can see daily and hourly usage and price on the PG&E website. I won't be billed for another week but I see that the website data correctly show zero usage during the outage. I'm curious to learn what the website data show for you on the outage days for which you are being erroneously charged.


"Note that the algo did not revert to some constant default usage level, but actually varied the post-shutdown daily usage."

Hah. I like that. It's like those fake VU meters that people stuff onto internet streaming UIs.

Given the economic and reliability realities of utilities, it would be interesting to look at a well-run one and see what's different. I was always well-disposed towards ATT back in their glory years, but they definitely had issues.

I suppose it's just another version of any government service. No need to compete, heavily driven by a subset of activists (just like most legislation) and internal politics. The Priests of Amun-Ra would be well acquainted with the issue.

Michael Kesti

A commenter on Facebook's Nevada County Peeps group claimed that those overcharged can expect an adjustment on the next bill.

Bill Tozer

[11jan22 update] Jo Ann called PG&E and went online to our account.

So, good doc, what did you do? Walk around in your slippers working on the income stream while you lovely bride did the heavy lifting with PG&E? Yes, you said she is in charge of the outgoing and you are well kept (fancy word starting with the letter f), but I hope, referring to outgoing, that you at least take out the garbage. It’s your job. Incoming means bringing in the firewood.

Mystery solved. Thank you Jo Ann


"A commenter on Facebook's Nevada County Peeps group claimed that those overcharged can expect an adjustment on the next bill."

In that case, they could expect it on every bill.

A quick google for 'Los Angeles electric rates'
"Los Angeles area households paid an average of 24.0 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity in December 2021,"
and then 'Phoenix electric rates'
"According to Electricity Local, Phoenix residents pay an average of 11.96 cents per kWh of electricity."

Bill Tozer

flâneur. The f fancy word is flâneur.

George Rebane

BillT 113pm - As you may have gathered from previous confessions about my disposition toward life Mr Tozer, I have publicly declared myself to be a kept man since at least the turn of the millennium. (As the son of a self-promoted Estonian peasant - my dad was born in their log cabin farmhouse, but refused to continue farming, becoming an electrician instead - I am the first generation of our strain of Rebanes to have been born off the farm, and due to God's grace and the benevolence of the US of A, I was to rack up a whole list of firsts for our family.) So I was able to marry up, although my in-laws did keep a gimlet eye on me for a while. However, since my college sweetheart and bride-to-be saw that there was something there that she could work with, I can say with certainty that after 60 years I am now definitely off probation.

Being well-trained in optimization theory, early on I began taking the road not recognized by my less-discriminating hard working peers, and assumed a more philosophical modus operandi, the proper label of which I was ignorant of until reading a similarly directed man, Nicholas Nassim Taleb. He let me know, that I, like he, sought the life of a flâneur. Since he was much more accomplished at this life-craft, I humbly took the nom de vie of flâneur-in-training. And thanks to the competence and tolerance of my bride, I have been making great strides in earning those stripes - soon.

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