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17 January 2022


Don Bessee

Wishful thinking on the dems part to support her narrative -



Don Bessee

The socialist greens have shit on MLK's legacy -




Don Bessee

You got that right! -

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears said the left is using "semantics" in denying that critical race theory was being taught in Virginia public schools, asserting the movement has done damage for its 'divisiveness.'

"I can tell you that they are using semantics, the other side is." Sears told "America Reports Monday. "When it comes to CRT, it is definitely being taught in some form or fashion. We know last year the Loudoun County school board spent about 300,000 plus dollars, that’s real money, that’s going to jail money, to bring CRT in some form or fashion, they used a consultant specifically for CRT."

"Before all that, in 2015, the then school superintendent, the state school superintendent, spoke directly about CRT and encouraged the teaching of it," Sears continued. "And then two years later, you will note that the Virginia State Board of Education on its official website recommended books on CRT."




re: 'fascists'

I admit that I've pretty much tuned out the 'f' word.

Looking at it's overuse and tortured definitions, I guess people can't define it but know it when they see it. Nothing called that is recognizable by an Italian political thinker of the 1930's but that's the beauty of symbols and political word salad, it can be most anything you like.

Generally it falls along the following definition.

. Fascism is bad (see: Hitler, A.)
. I don't like my political opponents since they don't do as I please.
. Fascism is defined in terms of things my political opponents believe.
. My political opponents are fascists.

If nothing else, just fall back into nationalism = fascism. I guess that every government since borders or marches got invented is fascist. Maybe it naturally stems from xenophilia, like a lot of things. Favoring foreign nationals over your countrymen, favoring strangers over your neighbors, desiring to change gender. For all I know, there's a DNA marker for something so counterintuitive.

George Rebane

Re scenes 751am - Does anyone care to offer an explanation as to why leftwing elites in Democratic leadership positions (the smart ones, not the double dummies) continue using these butt-stupid words the definitions of which are unknown to all. The elites presumably know this, and also know that there is a sizable receptive audience for such usages. What are the characteristics of such a receptive audience that invites continued usage ad nauseum. Anyone?


re: GeorgeR@8:54AM

Obviously you've answered your own question, but the Blue Mob really does believe their verbiage.

Just taking Trump as an example, a man who basically ran out in front of a movement, my best guess is that 'fascist' to them means 'visible political personality, and from that follows 'Hitler' (naturally. It's always all about Hitler.)

It isn't like the Trump administration was particularly militaristic, expansionistic, or terribly in favor of controlling American people or corporations, at least any more than his predecessors. Abortion policy, one arguably restrictive sort of thing (for the mother, not the child. Deciding when a baby is human is above my pay scale), pretty much consisted of attempts to not pay for it. Somehow that's always confused with laws agin' it.

When all you've got is Bernie Sanders, H. Clinton, Pelosi, and what's left of Biden, maybe it's enough to have a big, blustering frat boy speechifying from the podium. If a movement has a visible proponent, it's 'fascist'.

George Rebane

scenes 935am - Yes, my characterization of America's electorate has long been archived here. But not all readers recall the content and complexities of my screeds, so what I'm interested in is what other readers think of the electorate and its receptivity to the Dems' demagoguery.

To be explicit about my own sentiments on voting, I invite rereading 'Equality Questioned'.

Bill Tozer


Check your spam folder. Save one, delete the rest. Tried about 5-6 times...same article


re: equality questioned

Wow. Look at all the Team Blue responses. That's back before they went insane.

I'll put forth the opinion that 'voting' has changed meaning in the United States over time. Given two large steps (the American Civil War and the FDR administration) and a thousand small ones, the amount of power given to elected officials is vastly greater, especially since the Great Depression. Voting gives a majority much more economic and physical enforcement power than was once true. What went from a bare minimum set of rules became a huge set of laws and regulations that touch probably 1/2 of your life (more?).

It feels odd to use the same words that the Founding Fathers did given the visible change on the ground. In a way, it's the same topic I was arguing about with Scotto earlier. My take is that the country shares a skeletal structure with it's earlier incarnation and little else. The meat was stripped by modern technology and culture. It's an open question whether improving the quality of voters improves the results.

Given the stakes, maybe the demagoguery you reference is real. You actually can alter reality, rewrite history, steal from both Peter and Paul. The mobs are fighting for real power over you.


gr 854am

it's punchys all the way down

a word's meaning is less important than the impact on the listener

Don Bessee

They wont be able to talk their way out it no matter how they twist the language -

House Democrat exit list grows to 28 as Rhode Island's Langevin, California's McNerney, announce retirements
There's been a surge in House Democratic 2022 retirement announcements the past two months



Paul Emery


How would the word mob work with you to describe the break in participants on Jan 6 instead of calling it an insurrection?

Example question :

There were a lot of MAGA flags held by the mob that broke into the Capitol on Jan 6

Do you agree with that?


Punch, what about the folks who just walked through open doors?



insurrection = resistance against civil authority.

ie. pretty much any time a bunch of people fight the cops.

Blue Mob definition:

insurrection = coup d'etat

"a word's meaning is less important than the impact on the listener "

I'll say. Everyone has their own vocabulary.


Don Bessee

Looks like vlad is not impressed by creepy grampa joes threats over Ukraine -

Russia said on Tuesday its embassy in Kyiv was operating as usual following a New York Times report that Moscow had begun evacuating the families of staff at its diplomatic missions in Ukraine, the Interfax news agency reported.

The New York Times cited a senior Ukrainian official as saying that 18 people, mostly family members of Russian diplomats, had left Ukraine on Jan. 5. It said around 30 others left the embassy in Kyiv and the consulate in Lviv in western Ukraine over the next few days.

The U.S. newspaper also reported that diplomats at two other Russian consulates had been told to prepare to leave Ukraine.



Bill Tozer

re: America’s Left and their Democrat Party public face are desperately attempting to pass federal voting legislation

‘Joe Biden's Jim Crow 2.0 tour collides with reality: Blacks strongly support voter ID’

With drama and fury, President Joe Biden declared to the nation on Martin Luther King Jr. Day that state laws requiring voter ID or banning mass mailing of absentee ballots amounted to an "assault on our freedom to vote," especially for minority Americans.

Four days earlier, a poll in Michigan told a different story: Three-quarters of the battleground state voters supported ballot ID requirements, with black voters expressing the highest support at 79%.

Those findings have been confirmed in national polls as well, exposing a dilemma for Democrats in Washington who are making a last-ditch effort to pass legislation gutting many state and local controls of elections in favor of federal standards.

Those standards — like banning voter IDs, imposing no excuse absentee voting and making it harder to clean outdated voter rolls — are not what the majority of Americans are seeking.

[Lol]. "A recent national survey found that four key election reforms are supported by more than 80% of voters," pollster Scott Rasmussen recently wrote in an article highlighting the disconnect. "These include removing people who have died or moved from voter registration lists; requiring all voters to show photo ID before casting a ballot; wanting all ballots received by Election Day; and, having all voting machines made in the United States."

In Rasmussen's latest national poll on the issue, 78% of African-American voters supported voter ID.

Such public sentiments impose a harsh reality check on Biden's argument that state voter laws amount to "Jim Crow 2.0" and are disenfranchising poor and minority voters. Most voters don't see cleaning outdated names from voter roles or requiring IDs to cast ballots as "obstacles to the ballot box" like Biden argued in Monday’s speech.

The polling may also help to explain why several centrist Democrats like Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Jon Tester of Montana, and Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly of Arizona are resisting efforts to change the Senate's filibuster rule so that Democratic voting legislation can pass with a simple majority and not the 60 votes currently required.

"Elections take place at the local level, in a decentralized way, because, number one, that is where you have transparency, that's where you have familiarity," former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell told Just the News. "That's where you where you have buy-in. And if you start to take it away from states and localities, you run the risk of the same clown car that has driven this constitutional republic to a disastrous edge.

"I will just say, quoting one of the historic figures, Thomas Paine, those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it," added Blackwell, Ohio's first black Republican elections chief. "That is what we now are seeing across this country. People are, in fact, resisting this stupidity."

Robert Woodson, a civil rights icon of the 1960s who has argued for more conservative, market-based solutions for black America in recent decades, said the disconnect between Democrats and the black community extends beyond voter ID to issues like defunding the police and is being driven by a small group of vocal elitists.

+++"If you just look at the numbers, 80% of blacks polled are against defunding the police, 60% polled do not believe that racial discrimination today is a principal barrier for them to have a successful life," Woodson told Just the News in a recent TV interview.

"And so it's really a small percentage of elites, both black and white progressives, who are pushing this fake narrative," Woodson added. "And they're being aided and abetted by the mainstream press who refuses to ask the critical questions. And it's really unfortunate that black lives are being sacrificed in order to get black votes. It's all political."

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), one of only two African Americans in the U.S. Senate right now, said in an interview published Monday that most people reject Biden's comparisons of today's voting legislation opponents to the segregationists of the past.

"To compare or conflate people who oppose his positions as being racists and traitors to the country is not only insulting and infuriating, it's dead wrong," Scott told the Associated Press. "All you have to do is know the facts, and you realize that the president wasn't misleading us only, he was actually fibbing to us, in order to amass political power — basically lying to us."
Biden's decision to use the King holiday as the backdrop to push his voting legislation exposed another rift: There isn't even agreement within the late civil rights leader's own family about the need for the legislation.

King's son, Martin Luther King III, joined Biden for Monday's push for the legislation, saying his father rejected arguments a half century ago that equality couldn't be furthered by one-party legislation.

"They told him he had to change hearts first," the younger King told the crowd. "And he worked hard at that. After all, he was a Baptist preacher. But he knew that when someone is denying you your fundamental rights, conversation and optimism won't get you very far."

But Alveda King, MLK's niece, has relentlessly attacked the Biden-backed legislation as the "Freedom to Cheat Act" that will increase the risk of election fraud while scolding the president for practicing racially divisive politics.

"It is grotesquely offensive to compare segregated lunch counters, attack dogs, firehoses, and Bull Connor to showing a photo ID to vote," she said in a joint statement with Blackwell last week. "Simply proving you are who you say you are to cast a ballot is fundamental to election security."

George Rebane

BillT 1044am - Done.

Bill Tozer

re: free and open critique of government.

‘Biden’s FCC Commissioner Nominee Gigi Sohn Wants To Nuke Right-Leaning Broadcasters From Air’

“Sohn’s inclination towards censorship and partisan regulation, however, torpedoed her chances of confirmation. Biden re-nominated Sohn at the beginning of the year but her chances of gaining Republican support are once again slim considering her history of criticizing and painting TV networks she disagrees with as threats to our democracy that need to be punished.

In one 2019 tweet, Sohn hinted that Fox News should be scrutinized because they “have played their own role in destroying democracy.”

“I agree that scrutiny of big tech is essential, as is scrutiny of big telecom, cable & media. And trust me, the latter have played their own role in destroying democracy & electing autocrats. Like, say, Fox News?” she tweeted.


Bill Tozer

This might go here.

‘The media blackout on Fauci’s damning e-mails’



re: Ukraine.

What's good for the goose, etc.


Just imagine the fuss if the Russians helped pull off a change of government in Mexico and then stuck a bunch of Spetsnaz fellers in Tijuana.

On the other hand, we've always been at war with Eastasia.

Paul Emery


What if someone broke down the doors to your house and entered and others entered after the doors were broken down. Would the later group be guilty or trespassing or breaking in? If someone breaks into a retao business are you insinuating others that enter the business would be legitimate?

Do you consider the group that broke into and entered the Capitol to be a mob Gregory? If not what would you call them?

Paul Emery

sp retail business

Bill Tozer

Victor Davis Hanson

‘Conspiracies as Realities, Realities as Conspiracies’

Conspiracy projection has split apart the country. The Left has fought efforts to learn the full truth, as they project conspiracies to disguise conspirators.



Punchy, I've been calling them rioters all along.

BTW, generic congressional polling for 2022... 48/39, +9 GOP.

Not a good look for the ruling class.

Scott O

Paul 2:46 - Hilarious!
Does this little rant indicate you've joined the NRA?
And you forgot to mention when the 'mobs' broke into and disrupted other legislative business. But those were 'good' mobs - so I guess they don't count?
And you've forgotten to specify skin tones of the mobs vs the skin tones of the folks whose houses were being broken into.
Details, Paul, details!

Bill Tozer

So, the little county in Georgia is racist?

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, sponsored by Matt Palumbo's The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros, for Tuesday shows that 41% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. Fifty-eight (58%) disapprove.

The latest figures include 19% who Strongly Approve of the job Biden is doing and 48% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -29. (see trends)






I was musing about California Dreamin' II, Tax Boogaloo.


There's some brilliant stuff there. A tax cliff at 50 employees. A pretty significant tax hit for a single person making $22k/yr. Stealth taxes for the poor (they may not pay sales tax on food, but by God they're going to pay the price increase due to the gross receipts tax).

Lots and lots and lots of side effects from this one. Probably time to buy U-Haul stock. I think everyone should vote for it for entertainment value alone.

Don Bessee

Lets see the socialists come up with language that splains this -

US murder rate highest it's been in 25 years as big cities shatter records



Scott O

scenes 3:45 I've been watching this story develop for a while and everyone seems to be missing a major component. The taxes will increase for all the workers but only the previously uninsured will benefit. "Are you listening", all you folks south of the border?
All the CalPers and CalStrs employees enjoy premium health care along with countless city and muni employees. They will gain zero from this new govt run health care scheme while still having their taxes go up. It will be amusing to see how the communists at the govt unions play this one.

Bill Tozer

“There were a lot of American flags held by the mob that broke into the Capitol on Jan 6”.

Most of the rioters inside the Capitol Building have been charged with Parading inside the Dome, the same charge that most of the 200 arrested at the Kavanaugh hearings in the Senate Chambers were charged with. Most all released on bail that hour as the Dems paid their low bail. $75.00 I believe it was.

So, parading in the Capitol Building is indeed a crime. Some of the rioters were charged with trying to disrupt (obstruct?) a meeting of Congress. I do remember a mob pounding, I say pounding, on the Senate Chamber doors trying to obstruct/ disrupt a session of Congress when the Senate was about to vote yea or nay on Kavanaugh. Wonder if their fines were 75 bucks too.

Visual aides:




The one thing I learned from the Summer of 2000 was that rioting and looting are legitimate forms of protest. The rioters said so immediately after digging up some old quote.

Scott O

Since the people charged with sedition in connection with the events (some things happened) of the 6th can honestly say they were trying to stop an improper certification of an election, how will their motives modify their charges?
We already have precedence in law for this.
I realize skin tone is the REAL modifier, but c'mon man!
So you burn down a building and some loser (no one Nancy Pelosi knows) dies. "But I burnt it down for a good cause, yer honor!"

Scott O

DB 4:07 - "Lets see the socialists come up with language that splains this"
First of all you just don't mention it on the news and no one has to explain it.
If somehow you actually have to talk about it just blather on about the R's and the NRA refusing to help pass Dem bills that will stop this even though they won't.
Or just pull a Paul Emery and start yelling - "TRUMP".

Don Bessee

The perfect storm of failure -




Scott O

DB 5:44 - re Hillary's "comeback" - well I'm excited!
Can you imagine her running against, say - DeSantis?
Can you imagine if she won?
Probably some one from her own cabinet would murder her.

Don Bessee

Ya think? -

MSNBC's Chuck Todd: Biden and Democrats could be heading for an Obama-era 'shellacking' in the midterms



George Rebane

PaulE 1233pm - Yes. Mob - "a disorderly OR riotous crowd of people" that assemble spontaneously without planning, organization, or cohesive purpose. It is clear that mobs are not social structures of choice to pull off an insurrection, especially one that would topple the government of an advanced country of 330M people. People who try to convince you of such a happening firmly believe that you are one of those too stupid to know the difference.

Paul Emery


You claim a mob defination is one that "that assemble spontaneously without planning, organization, or cohesive purpose." I don't see anything that uses that wording in a defination of a mob. Can you show me where you got that description? Thanks

Here's Merriam Websters definition of mob. Sure relates to Jan 6

1 : a large and disorderly crowd of people especially : one bent on riotous or destructive action
2 informal : a large number of people a mob of shoppers clogged the aisles a team greeted by mobs of fans
3 : a criminal set : gang especially, often capitalized : mafia sense 1 a member of the Mob a mob informant
4 old-fashioned : the common people : masses
5 chiefly Australia : a flock,


George Rebane

PaulE 855pm - And I don't see anything in your definition that requires a mob to be planned, organized, and assembled with a cohesive purpose.

Scott O

Boy - you nailed it, Paul. Number 5. A flock.
Better rev up the feds and start jailing people with the Lego sets.
Definitely worse than Pearl Harbor.


A dictionary definition……whooo……that’ll show him……


CDC CONFIRM BIDEN COVID DEATHS EXCEED TRUMP TOTAL: Issues & Insights editorial board lays it all out, based on the latest government data. Didn’t some guy named Booden or Bobbin, or something like that, say this back in 2020 when the deaths total was around 220,000:

“Anyone who is not responsible for taking control, in fact not saying I take no responsibility initially, anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”

…….busy, so busy……busy, busy, busy, busy, bizzy!



scotto, referring to the concept of a California state health plan:

" I've been watching this story develop for a while and everyone seems to be missing a major component. The taxes will increase for all the workers but only the previously uninsured will benefit."

I was thinking about people on Medicare. They'll get to dump a fair amount of money (sometimes a whole lot) into a system they receive $0 from.

Generally, I'd say that it's the smart move in Sunny California to absolutely minimize your reported income when possible. It elevates the value of BRK-A (I believe there's no taxable events to speak of) and working for cash. Just more of the economic distortions you get from the Hand of Gubmint on the tiller.

Given single payer, I'd love to see the insanely large new regulatory structure you get. Lots and lots of corner cases. A lot of the 'value' of single payer is dictating prices to providers, dunno how that will go over. It's already complicated, but this will have lots of follow-on effects if it happens.

No doubt one hope is that employers will return their health insurance expenses to employees. Of course, state/county/school employees will continue getting better insurance.

One problem with any imposed universal system is that it has to be as good as the best private insurance or the downgraded people will bitch.

It should be exciting, although I don't expect it to really happen. Too much to go wrong. What I do expect are tax increases to handle the cost of Covered California (CA obamacare).


Biden to make 400 million N95 masks available for free


Buying a distraction from poor numbers with your tax dollars......and the rubes always fall for it.

Paul Emery


Can you provide to me the source of your definition of a mob that specifically says "that assemble spontaneously without planning, organization, or cohesive purpose." or words to that effect. There is nothing in the Merriam Websters definition that specifically includes your qualifications. Elements of Jan 6 were definitely pre-planned. Look at the recent disclosures about the involvement of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers in organizing their members for participation in the riot.



Bill Tozer

re: Biden to make 400 million N95 masks available for free.

Good. I always said that if the government requires me to wear a mask, then they can mail or deliver one to my humble abode for free. Of course, this now means school kids sitting in class for hours in N95 masks. Heck, I would not want to spend 90 minutes in N95 masks.
One person’s opinion

‘The ‘Civil War’ Psy-Op’

Psychological operations can have many objectives, demoralization being the most common. But they can also be used to create opportunities that otherwise might not present themselves.


I know. The riot in the Capitol was worse than the Civil War. Worse than the Brits and the Canooks torching DC in 1814. Worse than the Boston Tea Party. Worse than the shot heard around the world. Definitely worse than the Inquisition by ten-fold.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 19 January 2022 at 08:16 AM

Go git um Matlock.....


" Go git um Matlock....."

lol. I'm not sure what he's after there. I guess it's part of the job description of 'asaroso'. George is of course correct in that 'mob' (aside from the organized crime variant) implies disorderly. It's the furthest thing from an infantry company.

Yes Paul, there can be a Red Mob in addition to the Blue Mob. Your most fervent hope should be that it never grows to even a fraction of the size or violence of the Blue variety. Given the higher martial and practical abilities, things would be as hectic as all get-out. Katy bar the door.

My own guess for Team Red is that now that they've broken free of the large business/surveillance state fetters, there's still a period of assembling a philosophy. I suspect that it's harder to glue together competent males than it is a coalition of gracile males, politically-active wimmen, and transsexuals.

Heard on the radio. County Emergency Barbie talking about COVID (there's more!) and county responses, most particularly that they are working on their action, mission, and vision statements.

I'm wondering about action, mission, and vision statements. Aside from using the words 'diverse' and 'diversity' as much as possible, what good do those things ever do besides giving senior management a thing to ponder over in their wisdom?

Bill Tozer

Paul Emery @ 8:16 am


Can you provide to me the source of your definition of a mob that specifically says "that assemble spontaneously without planning, organization, or cohesive purpose." or words to that effect. There is nothing in the Merriam Websters definition that specifically includes your qualifications”

Paul, I saw nothing in your definition....ah, heck, comeback already taken
“PaulE 855pm - And I don't see anything in your definition that requires a mob to be planned, organized, and assembled with a cohesive purpose.”
Well, let’s look a Paul’s 8:55 pm to get to the bottom of this.

1 : a large and disorderly crowd of people especially : one bent on riotous or destructive action
2 informal : a large number of people a mob of shoppers clogged the aisles a team greeted by mobs of fans
3 : a criminal set : gang especially, often capitalized : mafia sense 1 a member of the Mob a mob informant
4 old-fashioned : the common people : masses
5 chiefly Australia : a flock,

Guess we should toss #3, since it refers to the Mafia. The Mob, “Eat lead, G-Man”.

I like #4. The common people. Recall when our 16th President opened the White House after the Inauguration, the common folk went in, put their muddy boots up on the fine furniture, raided all the booze and eats, acted crudely, and even torn some of the fine fabric of the sitting couches stretching out with riding spurs on. The Common People. The unwashed. The unsophisticated.

Toss #5.

#2. Flash mobs. Mobs of fans listening to Paul play in the local watering hole.

Guess that leaves #1.

Still can’t find the greatest threat to our democracy since the Underground Weathermen. Maybe the Whiskey Rebellion? That was ignited by a tax on whiskey, the second law enacted by our newly founded government.


Posted by: scenes | 19 January 2022 at 08:39 AM

I find it endlessly entertaining that Punch continues to debate with our host. It's like watching a four year old child "pin" their father during a living room wrestling match and then strut around like a banty rooster announcing to anyone present, "I won....I won....I won" anytime he thinks he makes a devastating point!

......stand by for a Punchy Brand™ vaguely accusatory open ended question in ....5....4....3....2


Posted by: scenes | 19 January 2022 at 08:39 AM

I'm wondering about action, mission, and vision statements. Aside from using the words 'diverse' and 'diversity' as much as possible, what good do those things ever do besides giving senior management a thing to ponder over in their wisdom?

Steve.....you like to lurk! Wanna weigh in on Scenes question........


Paul's Scab Picking o' the Day got me thinking about representatives of the sides.

Team Blue Foot Soldier: https://i.insider.com/5ed13ab13ad86118b11aa003
Team Red Foot Soldier: https://media.babylonbee.com/articles/article-7717-1.jpg

Both shirtless, they share a kind of formless rage against the machine.

" Maybe the Whiskey Rebellion?"

Add alcohol, instant friskiness. Like they say:

Newcastle Brown can sure smack you down
You take a greasy whore and a rollin' dance floor
You know you're jailhouse-bound

Revolution in a nutshell. A kind of mass inebriation.


"Steve.....you like to lurk! Wanna weigh in on Scenes question........"

While I'd be interested in hearing it, you probably need to run an organization of size to see the value of the 'Mission Statement'. Worker bees and business lampreys need not apply.

Scott Adams could probably churn out a few I guess.

Bill Tozer

“Today, firmly on the doorstep of autocracy, we have the Democrats in power openly deploying federal intelligence and law enforcement organs to punish critics of its rogue and radical politicians and policies, and even those opposing state and local leftwing authorities illegally mandating laws and regulations about schools, the pandemic, academe, border porosity, elections, and corporatist enterprises that seek government favor. (more here) What portends even worse for the republic is that a large share of Americans now favor such government reprisals that formerly were the hallmarks only of communist and fascist governments, and tinpot dictators of backward (e.g. shithole) countries.” —Dr. GJ Rebane

I find nothing objectionable in the above writing. Maybe ‘shithole countries’ since Paul believes that there are no shithole countries. Sudan? Somalia? Somalia was a shithole, then they kicked the Marxists out, along with Ilhan Omar.

Interesting side note, propaganda related. Illhan Omar’s daddy was a government “teacher of teachers.” When the War Lords overthrew the Communist government in Somalia, the first thing the new mob did was hunt down and kill the members of the Marist regime. Thus, daddy and kids had to flee…for their lives, lol. A government teacher of teachers. Apple did not fall far from the tree.



Posted by: scenes | 19 January 2022 at 09:02 AM

Team Blue Foot Soldier:

Just so mad I gots to beat this cash register to death.



A Spanish slang word meaning bothersome, annoying, etc. This word may also refer to a person who is bad luck or brings bad luck to someone.

Bob- Can I please have those $20 i asked you for?

Juan- no.

Bob- please?

Juan- no.

Bob- pleaseeeee?

Juan- damn man que asaroso que eres!

I thought you were playing with MLB's "Red Ass"......today I am educated!

Scott O

BT 8:17 - That AG article led me to the articles written by Julie Kelly about the "plot" to kidnap the gov of Michigan.
Given what we already know about the FBI added to those articles, I'd say the fibbies (at least at the top) are truly headed for KGB or Stasi level atrocities.

Bill Tozer

Be careful what you ask for, media.



Paul Emery

So now Eric Trump is a gangster according to Trump. Eric Trump took the 5th 500 times in the Congressional hearing into Jan 6. Here's what Trump has to say about pleading the 5th:

On the campaign trail in 2016, Trump bashed Hillary Clinton after some members of her staff invoked the 5th amendment during a congressional investigation.

"You see the mob takes the Fifth," he said during one rally in Iowa. "If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?"


Paul Emery

Here's another link with the recording:


Scott O

Paul 10:52 - "So now Eric Trump is a gangster according to Trump."

...according to Trump

And we know how Paul hangs on Trump's every word.
Paul's very busy, but never too busy for the latest about his homie.

Jose Coyote’s Magical Toot  Band

@ 10:54 am
And what does this have to do with any of the topics of this post?? Perhaps your topic de jour might best be put in the Sandbox.

-Conservatives are (fascists, racists, white supremacists, … pick one or more)

-America’s Left and their Democrat Party public face are desperately attempting to pass federal voting legislation (HR1, ‘

-Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have fallen victim to Mammon and politics of the most reprehensible, insidious, and deadly kind. Both medicines have been…

-The death rate of Covid ‘vaccines’ is another scandalous cover-up by our federal gov…

-The destruction of the FBI by the Left is almost complete

-A more standard law enforcement fare for today’s FBI is launching domestic terrorism investigations of parents who go on public record to oppose local school boards about …

-18jan22 update] Open and free critique of government is a fundamental principle…



Worth reading, link at end:

"11. Long marches are long. When Herbert Marcuse and the rest of the Neo-Marxists and critical theorists of the Frankfurt School finally took to heart Antonio Gramsci’s directive to seize “cultural hegemony” and first conceived of launching Rudi Dutschke’s “long march through the institutions,” it was only the start of the 1970s. It was not until almost fifty years later that their dream was realized. However much the last several years may have seemed like an avalanche of shockingly rapid ideological coup d'états to those who saw power abruptly change hands in their institutions, one after another, this suddenness was an illusion. Coups only succeed if the backers necessary to support them are already in place. And it took literally a generation of young intellectuals and activists simultaneously inspired and disillusioned by the left-radicalism of the 60s entering into and seeding the institutions, rising into positions of power, and cultivating another generation of trained foot soldiers for their influence to fully flower.

Now, much as Marcuse was lamenting in 1971 that “the fact that the radical Left has no equal access to the great chains of information and indoctrination is largely responsible for its isolation,” the Right and its moderate liberal fellow travelers today find themselves isolated and impotent in turn. And yet, in response, they appear to have no patience whatsoever for executing their own counter-march through the institutions, instead mostly trying to either force the institutions to behave differently through political power (mostly pointless), or fleeing from the institutions entirely in a bid to create new ones from the ground up (a longshot, if more promising). Either way, they seem to hope everything achieved by the left can be reversed in the matter of only a few years, which is naïve on multiple levels because…

12. Culture wars are generational wars, and the young are woke as hell."


Paul Emery

I thought it was pretty profound when our ex-President considers his son to be a gangster. SWhat is your opinion on the matter Scott? Why would Eric Trump plead the 5th 500 times if he didn't have something to hide that might be criminal? Anyway that's his dads take on the matter of taking the 5th-only for the guilty of gangsters.

Paul Emery

guilty or gangsters

Don Bessee

One for punhalito -




Posted by: Paul Emery | 19 January 2022 at 12:18 PM

I thought it was pretty profound .....

I'm sure you did.


re: Gregory@12:05

Say, that is a good article. Even mentions Peter Turchin, so it's A-OK.

"18. Partisanship is still getting worse, and Wokelash 2.0 is entirely possible. Donald Trump may not have been the cause of the Revolution, but his presidency certainly helped send it into overdrive. Worked into frothing-at-the-mouth levels of outrage, the ranks of the #Resistance were easily converted to Wokeness on the purely tribal need to be for whatever Trump was against, traditional liberal principles be damned."

Well, that sounds familiar.

I was considering a couple more bullet items for something like that.

. Wokeness is non-creative. To live and proper, it requires a host to prosper...kind of like one of those parasites that replaces the brain of an insect and controls it. Without an existing pile of resources and infrastructure to take over, they are nothing. Imagine a, from-scratch, Woke University.

. The Woke have a demographics problem and so is self-limiting. Part of being Woke is an attempt to import the 3rd World at as great a rate as possible. The thing is, the Third World is *large* and has a fairly high birth rate. It's not like Somalis in Minneapolis, Muslims in Europe, La Razans in the US give a shit about urban US liberal white people concepts like the primacy of transsexuals. In the end, prison politics take hold and silly liberal concepts disappear.

Joe Coyote’s Magical  Toot Band

profoundniglio @ 12:39 pm

‘I thought it was pretty profound .....”

Examples of that kind of profoundness definitely belong in the Sandbox.


from DonB's article:

"Biden is also the most polarizing president in Gallup’s history of polling..."

lol. No doubt it's part of that 'healing' process.

I suppose it's what you get when you've got a 'Weekend at Bernies' Whitehouse run by 30 year old political appointees and Herr Doctor Jill Biden. Good Gawd what a disaster.

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

Quite a few people thought that Trump was heading there, but we've now reached HL Mencken's concept of the office.

Scott O

Golly Paul - I guess you're just too 'profound' for us!
Maybe you could address the issues as stated above by George?

Paul Emery


A mob may or may not be planned etc. However show me something in the definition that says it can't be. There is ample evidence that aspects of the mob attack on the Capitol were planned in advance by various pro Trump groups. Just look at all the pro Trump flags that were inside the the Capitol after the break in. Do you deny that?


Don Bessee

Everyone should remember that everything the tinfoil hat brigade says has as much truth as this from the former mayor of nirvana silly. lol -

MISS (from Editorial Board member Tom Durkin): To the directionally challenged. In a video recording Jan. 12 at a Healthy and Free event in Pasadena, gubernatorial candidate Reinette Senum told the unseen audience she is “not a politician” and that Nevada County is “west northwest” of Sacramento.


George Rebane

PaulE 157pm - If it's a 'planned mob' with a purpose, it's not a mob. Mobs arise spontaneously without a cohesive purpose (members are participating for their own purposes, not always known to themselves). And, of course they had Trump flags. Supporting Trump was the purpose of the planned demonstration of thousands on the National Mall from which a small group broke away and became the mob that stormed the Capitol.


MISS (from Editorial Board member Tom Durkin):

The bridge troll that Don Rogers uses to fill column inches in the Pennysaver of the Pines and pays with old pizza crusts lying around the newsroom? That Tom Durkin?

Don Bessee

Cryin chuck gets a gift -

Senate GOP campaign arm sends Schumer gift basket for forcing vulnerable members to take filibuster stand
NRSC sent Schumer a fruit basket ahead of major Senate 'nuclear option' vote



Don Bessee

Did creepy grampa joes destruction of the American energy industry end up making vlad rich and fueled the military adventurism? -

Whip Scalise claims Putin using funds from surging gas prices to finance Ukraine border military buildup
Scalise blames Biden energy policies for Russian economic gains



Paul Emery


Your definition of a mob is yours only and does not appear in any definition I was able to find. Where did you get that definition?

Also are you aware that the leader of Oath Keepers and 10 other Individuals have bee indicted in Federal Court for Seditious Conspiracy and other offenses related to U.S. Capitol Breach on Jan 6 2021?



MOB,, Emery? I give you ANTIFA.. BLM.(Marxists)
Riots, lootings, killings burning of entire blocks.
MOB robberies of businesses. ALL on the Liberal side of things.. You DENY that? How many times were those described by your proggy press as "peaceful"?
Better clean your own house before pissing and moaning about others.

Don Bessee

Another massive creepy joe lie for the ponytail of ignorances ilk to ignore -



Paul Emery

This is direct from the Department of Justice

"The seditious conspiracy indictment alleges that, following the Nov. 3, 2020, presidential election, Rhodes conspired with his co-defendants and others to oppose by force the execution of the laws governing the transfer of presidential power by Jan. 20, 2021. Beginning in late December 2020, via encrypted and private communications applications, Rhodes and various co-conspirators coordinated and planned to travel to Washington, D.C., on or around Jan. 6, 2021, the date of the certification of the electoral college vote, the indictment alleges. Rhodes and several co-conspirators made plans to bring weapons to the area to support the operation. The co-conspirators then traveled across the country to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area in early January 2021.

According to the seditious conspiracy indictment, the defendants conspired through a variety of manners and means, including: organizing into teams that were prepared and willing to use force and to transport firearms and ammunition into Washington, D.C.; recruiting members and affiliates to participate in the conspiracy; organizing trainings to teach and learn paramilitary combat tactics; bringing and contributing paramilitary gear, weapons and supplies – including knives, batons, camouflaged combat uniforms, tactical vests with plates, helmets, eye protection and radio equipment – to the Capitol grounds; breaching and attempting to take control of the Capitol grounds and building on Jan. 6, 2021, in an effort to prevent, hinder and delay the certification of the electoral college vote; using force against law enforcement officers while inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021; continuing to plot, after Jan. 6, 2021, to oppose by force the lawful transfer of presidential power, and using websites, social media, text messaging and encrypted messaging applications to communicate with co-conspirators and others.

On Jan. 6, 2021, a large crowd began to gather outside the Capitol perimeter as the Joint Session of Congress got under way at 1 p.m. Crowd members eventually forced their way through, up and over U.S. Capitol Police barricades and advanced to the building’s exterior façade. Shortly after 2 p.m., crowd members forced entry into the Capitol by breaking windows, ramming open doors, and assaulting Capitol police and other law enforcement officers. At about this time, according to the indictment, Rhodes entered the restricted area of the Capitol grounds and directed his followers to meet him at the Capitol.....

more here:



So the Biden LIB lie begins. If they lose, the election is illegitimate.


Senile grifter says what......

Biden says nation weary from COVID, but US in a better place

President insists he has “outperformed” expectations in dealing with pandemic.

"In a better place"......usually a sentiment reserved to soothe the relatives of a person who has died after suffering a long illness. And aren't we really only a couple of months from seeing Clueless Joe shadowboxing in his bedroom like Ferdinand Marcos when he was on the comeback trail!?

George Rebane

PaulE 423pm - Au contraire Paul. The definition of 'mob' that I have given is one that almost all well-read people (not imbued with a leftwing 1/6 agenda) would accept as concurring with their literary experience. Today dictionaries are neither monolithic nor reliable in their definitions of English - scholarship has long abandoned the profession of semioticians. Most meanings of words used in socio-political commentaries have now reverted to political correctness, and others are decorated with dubious semantics that reflect the abbreviated education of people sporting majors in the humanities. A cursory perusal of recent editions of major dictionaries confirms this.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 19 January 2022 at 04:36 PM

Well then be a dear and get back to us when there are convictions Punch.


Embot. You mean the current DOJ? The Proggy gestapo?
The dept. of injustice that does the mule party's bidding?
The one that is investigating parents of school kids instead of real criminals? THAT DOJ?

proboscis infecti

Where are the convictions? Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.

Paul Emery

With Hillary there were not even indictments fish. This is the real deal. Did you bother to read the link I provided?

Don Bessee

Proof a senility -




Paul Emery

WEell George with the indictments I noted we are way beyond the mob definition of what happened Jan 6. Did you read the link I provided? They were indicted for Seditious Conspiracy which i9ncludes pre planning their activities on Jan 6, a farcry from the spontanious "mob" event that you embrace. Would you agree that Jan 6 was a " breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6" zas defined in the indictment?

George Rebane

PaulE 539pm - Well, of course it was a breach of the Capitol, because breach means successful entry through barriers meant to deny entry. So what's your point?

Are you confusing indictment with conviction?

Paul Emery


Here's more quotes

Rhodes texted the group chat at 1:25 p.m. remarking: “Pence is doing nothing. As I predicted.” And then again at 1:40 p.m. he wrote: “All I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no intent by him to do anything. So the patriots are taking it into their own hands. They’ve had enough.” Minutes later Rhodes texted that he was on his way to the Capitol.

The new indictment released Thursday offers fresh details of Rhodes’ involvement in the alleged plot:

It records a Signal message Rhodes sent two days after the election calling on his followers to refuse to accept the result: “We aren’t getting through this without a civil war. Too late for that. Prepare your mind, body, spirit.”

Two days later, on Nov. 7, Rhodes sent a similar message calling for an action at the Capitol: “[W]e must now do what the people of Serbia did when Milosevic stole their election. – Refuse to accept it and march en-mass on the nation’s Capitol.”

On December 11, he sent a message to deputies warning that if Biden were to take office: “It will be a bloody and desperate fight. We are going to have a fight. That can’t be avoided.”

On New Year’s Eve, Rhodes texted: “There is no standard political or legal way out of this.”

On the day of Jan. 6, the indictment quotes Rhodes calling the insurgents, “Actual Patriots. Pissed off patriots[.] Like the Sons of Liberty were pissed off patriots[.]”

It also alleges for the first time that Rhodes himself was part of the breach, alleging he “entered the restricted Capitol grounds on the northeast side of the Capitol.”

Shortly after 3 p.m, the indictment records, Rhodes was texted with an update that Congress members inside the building had been given gas masks and were trying to get out. Rhodes’ alleged reply: “fuck em.”

In alarming detail, the indictment also alleges that Rhodes bought and stockpiled thousands of dollars of firearms and tactical gear, both in the build up to Jan. 6 and in its aftermath:

“On December 30, 2020, RHODES purchased two night-vision devices and one weapon sight for approximately $7,000.”
“On January 1 and 2, 2021, RHODES spent approximately $5,000 on firearms and related equipment, including a shotgun, scope, magazines, sights, optics, a bipod, a mount, a case of ammunition, and gun-cleaning supplies.”
“On January 3, 2021, RHODES departed Granbury, Texas, and began traveling to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.While traveling, RHODES spent approximately $6,000 in Texas on an AR-platform rifle and firearms equipment, including sights, mounts, triggers, slings, and additional firearms attachments.”
“On January 4, 2021, while still traveling toward the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, RHODES spent approximately $4,500 in Mississippi on firearms equipment, including sights, mounts, an optic plate, a magazine, and various firearms parts.”

The indictment alleges that the Oath Keepers’ efforts to undermine Biden’s election did not stop with the breach of the Capitol: “Throughout the evening of January 6, 2021, the co-conspirators discussed the need to continue fighting to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power.” It records enthusiastic text messages Rhodes sent that night, including: “Patriots entering their own Capitol to send a message to the traitors is NOTHING compared to what’s coming.”


Don Bessee

And he wonders why he does not get invited to dinner parties @551!



Posted by: Paul Emery | 19 January 2022 at 05:32 PM

Did you bother to read the link I provided?

No! Why would I?


Posted by: George Rebane | 19 January 2022 at 05:49 PM

Are you confusing indictment with conviction?

Quotes George! Who needs convictions.....Punch has quotes!


Posted by: Paul Emery | 19 January 2022 at 05:32 PM

With Hillary there were not even indictments fish.

Other than being the next democrat sacrificial lamb in a presidential election what does Hillary have to do with anything?


Emery's mental well being is on par with Biden's.
Back to using the words of others, instead of actually using his own.
Biden can't even recall what words he said just within the last week. "NO! I didn't say that,, go look it up" And plenty did.
Uh,, yaaa,, you did say that.

How's that "enormous progress " Emery?? Trashing the economy count?

Paul Emery


The Repubs under Trumps direction were constantly chanting about Hillary to "lock her up" without even an arrest or indictment. Yet Walt describes as fake the legitimate indictment of a dozen or so Oath Keepers including their head guy.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 19 January 2022 at 06:29 PM

You realize that merely chanting "Lock Someone Up" doesn't result in them being locked up..... in this country.......yet.


I just *had* to look through the history of Paul's latest scab to pick, this 'mob' business.



You claim a mob defination (sic) is one that "that assemble spontaneously without planning, organization, or cohesive purpose." I don't see anything that uses that wording in a defination (sic) of a mob."

Honestly folks, it's built into the word 'disorderly'. Sampling back through 150 years of dictionaries, that appears to be the common word. Planning/organization/cohesion rather implies order, disorder being, well, not order.

GeorgeR: "PaulE 539pm - Well, of course it was a breach of the Capitol, because breach means successful entry through barriers meant to deny entry. So what's your point?"

Admittedly, they were simply let in in a lot of cases as I remember. Hey, it's a big complicated event, there was a little of everything there. Probably a few bonafide Nazis, plenty of FBI plants, little old ladies, the ever-scary Proud Boys, accountants and bikers. A person could make anything they like out of it.

Pretty interesting stuff. The Right hardly ever gets it's knickers in a twist enough to show up at an event. Maybe they had just had enough.

PaulE@5:51PM Quote is too big. Just put in the link with a paragraph to indicate the contents or draw a little interest. Someone might even read it.

Better yet, write yer own material ya wanker.

This'll learn you George. Every thread is the sandbox when Mr. Emery is in town.

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