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20 January 2022


Don Bessee

Ahhhhhhh fresh kitty litter!


Mike Walker

Speak of regurge. I caught the late nite has-been Seth Forgettable because I wondered why anyone would be hosting Huma Abadeen Weiner. The show will have to get a lot better to qualify as pathetic. Non-stop TDS with canned laugher.
Humor is always creative; woke comedy is neuro degenerative.


re: [email protected]:07AM

Good God.

Late Night TV a while back (Sterling Hayden talking about going to Tito's funeral):

Late Night TV now (Huma Abedin talking about nothing)

Paul Emery

Those are pretty low polling numbers indeed George but they have not yet descended to the Trump lows in RCP consensus polling.

Paul Emery


Directly from the poll you cite and link to.

"The new AP-NORC poll shows Biden is in a better position than Trump was at a similar point in his presidency. In February of 2018, just 35% of Americans said they approved of Trump,"

Don Bessee

Thanks for agreeing @131 that creepy grampa joe wont be reelected.


Bill Tozer

looks like I missed a rip roaring press conference last night.

10 reasons why President Biden is a fool who’s fooling himself'


They say there is no fool like an old fool.

Bill Tozer

About last night..

Biden's 'Big Lie'

"Instead of trying to gaslight and lie his way out of this, Biden should own up to his irresponsible comments and acknowledge the devastating effect they could have on our electoral process. If he doesn't, he'll be no different from Trump."


Bill Tozer

Sweet Baby Gang, Matt. Walsh is fired up. And to think his foremost passion is reorganizing his tackle box on Saturdays. Mercy. What got into him, that meanie.

Matt Walsh Issues Scathing Response To LGBT Activists ‘Traumatized,’ Given ‘Nightmares’ By His Dr. Phil Appearance


Don Bessee

Another smack down to gun haters in cali -

Federal appeals court rules California's pandemic gun store shutdowns violated Constitution



Paul Emery


In my opinion your response is moot because I've always said he wont run again. I'm still hoping that Trump does. Nothing better than to run agaisnt a proven loser and Trump is the biggest loser in over 120 years.

Bill Tozer


If your circle of Nevada City best minds are all giddy at the prospect of Trump running again, then why are the Democrats trying so hard and spending so much effort trying to get Trump ineligible for the 2024 ballot? Not something that one does hoping to have Trump run again. Not acting like a group salivating over Trump winning the R nomination. Best to get on the same page as your leadership. But what do I know, anyway?

He will not divide us!

‘Only 10 Percent Of J6 Committee Subpoenas Relate To The Capitol Riot’

The House Select Committee established to probe the Capitol riot is not interested in probing the Capitol riot.


Bill Tozer

Slip, slipping away.

‘Jimmy, He’s No Longer President: As Biden Crashes, Kimmel Rants at Trump’


Headline should have read, ‘Jimmy, He’s No Longer President: As Kimmel’s Ratings Crashes, Kimmel Rants at Trump.

Don Bessee

[email protected] 443 - Guttfeld is killing the woke late night hosts ratings, often outdrawing them even when you combine all their audiences! LOL


Bill Tozer

This has to be the most underreported story of the week in the North America.

It got the media in an uproar, Catholic Churches and an immigrant evangelical church burned to the ground. The Pope made arrangement s to deliver an apology in person, 26 million spent on recovery and reparations, and they even got a NEW NAT’L holiday out of it.

No surprise, it was fake news…at least it appears that way 7 months later.

‘Not One Corpse Has Been Found In The ‘Mass Grave’ Of Indigenous Children In Canada’

“The whole story, it seems, was concocted to stir up hatred against Christians and stoke outrage. It succeeded.”




Bill Tozer

morning in America


Don Bessee

Poor baby, got caught falsely accusing a guy of rape in her book, got busted and the woke media now wokewashes it. You would think that faking a sex crime would be treated more harshly -




[email protected]:59

Just to repeat my link from the 18th. Decent article


Narrative collapse? You decide.



Poor Embot. Who's the biggest loser? Seems you forgot Bill Clinton,, and your boy "O". Then of course, you're using Libby math.
Your Libbys are crapping diamonds in fear of trump running.( about 10 points ahead against any Proggy)

Things wear great with Trump in office. Not so much for the piece of work YOU voted for.

Now go fiddle with your poll porn. None of it looks good for your Libbys come Nov.

Paul Emery


Huh-Biggest losers????Trump got the boot after one term along with losing the House and senate
Clinton and Obama served two full terms. You don't actually believe Trump won re-election do you?

Don Bessee

Self hating white liberals are the scourge of black families and children for 60 years -

Rooftop Revelations: Policies from 'liberal white racists' cause our boys to fail
Post-60s liberalism failed to give black America a pathway to meaningful development




Seats Emery seats!How many did they lose? More than Trump did.. By PLENTY.https://www.quorum.us/data-driven-insights/under-obama-democrats-suffer-largest-loss-in-power-since-eisenhower/
Biden is illegitimate. "winning" by cheating don't count.(proof there of posted many a time.) Not my fault you refuse to acknowledge said proof. Illegal ballot harvesting, deleted evidence by AZ. 10,000 illegal votes.

Now look what your brother Biden is trying to do. Trying to claim Nov. as a illegitimate vote if they lose. You deny he said that?

You Libs are losers in every sense of the word. Great job fucking up the nation. From energy independence. to your woke crap.

Oh.. How's your memory? Better than Biden's? I foretold of Putin invading Ukraine because Biden is nutless. And just what did Biden say yesterday about what Putin is about to do?


Here Emery,, this is how you win elections.

DAMN... Schumer didn't get his federalization of elections.
Just a few votes short of election rigging.

Paul Emery

You got to be kidding Walt. There is no evidence that has been advanced by investigators or pending in any court especially Arizona. I can't believe that you actually bought into the Big Lie. How about you Don? Do you support Walts position?


Read it and choke Embot.
Maricopa County recently released a report attempting to rebut Arizona Senate election auditors’ claims that hundreds of thousands of ballots were cast illegally in the 2020 election. The County finally admitted that ballots were cast illegally...."
A VERY reliable news source. Unlike your favorite opensewer.com


Well how bout that Emery? Fresh off the presses today.
Not old news at all. Feel free to post a reliable source the disproves it.

Paul Emery

That's from the Gateway Pundit a notorious fake news Right Wing website. this is from Reuters:

"Dec 3 (Reuters) - The Gateway Pundit, a far-right news site, has used its Facebook page - with more than 630,000 followers - to post bogus stories alleging the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. Some commenters responded with threats of violence.



Then there is GA. Emery,,,,

"The Board did look to slowly move to hire additional temp firms but Happy Faces will still be in place during the 2022 election in Fulton County.

Although the meeting is still ongoing, the Fulton County, GA Board of Commissioners this morning took public comment from residents regarding the extension of a temporary services contract with the firm ‘Happy Faces’, an entity with alleged ties to GA gubernatorial Candidate, and Democrat Party activist Stacey Abrams.

Significant evidence has been reported that Happy Faces committed serious election fraud for Democrat candidates during the 2020 election cycle."

So election fraud is still in the news, and Liberals are the common denominator.


Oh.. So you go to a liar network. And Dec. 3RD? LOL!!!
What a LIB stooge you are Emery.
No dice Emery, your discredited.


"A Brampton, Ont. judge has issued a gag order forbidding a father from criticizing the federal vaccination program within earshot of his 10-year old son. Anything that “calls into question the safety or efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine” is not allowed, ruled Ontario Superior Court."

(just to show I didn't make this up)

From the WHO:

"There are currently no efficacy or safety data for children below the age of 12 years. Until such data are available, individuals below 12 years of age should not be routinely vaccinated."

Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me
Town to keep me movin', keep me groovin' with some energy
A-won't you take me to Crazytown?
Won't you take me to Crazytown?


Refuse to comply? That means they have something to hide.

An "internal audit" is like letting the fox count the chickens.

I'm sure Emery would let a stoner weigh the weed he's going to buy all by himself, then take his word for it.


How do you square this Emery? How dare Trump and friends claim the election was illegitimate,, Yet here are the LIBS already trying to claim the same thing, and the election is months away.

The election is only legit if LIBs win?

Don Bessee

Its so comforting that the creepy gramp joe admin is so concerned with black unemployment and citizens rights, the unemployment gap for blacks has widened under creepy grampa joe after seeing the highest ever employment rates for minorities and women under Trump -



Scott O

DB 7:33 - I've pointed out several times that this is one of the reasons that Dems and Paul Emery hated Trump. Paul has never denied it. The idea that the "darkies" are getting good jobs and making wage gains just makes them sick. Trump out did Obama even after Obama said it couldn't be done. Trump did it.
That's one of the reasons they had to mount an unprecedented campaign of treachery and lies against Trump. It continues to this day. It's the only topic Paul brings up around here.

Paul Emery

Do you believe the election was stolen Scott? Walt needs some support here no one is stepping out and supporting him

Don Bessee

#sadoldman @ 759!



But Emery!!! Your Proggys are claiming the election in NOV. is being stolen already. Election integrity is the last thing you Leftists want.


Next time, close that screen door on your submarine.

Damage control just ain't working.

Don Bessee

All the creeps horses and all the creeps men can not put creepy grampa joe together again.


Paul Emery


Do you believe the election was stolen like your pal Walt?


Taibbi on Friedman …..hilarity ensues!

Taibbi: Thomas Friedman Roars Back To Form


Scott O

Paul continues his outrage that blacks in America had record unemployment under Trump. And Wage gains.
He continues to spew hatred against Trump due to Trumps policies allowing blacks to gain in employment and pay.
As with most all racists, Paul continues his vitriol and hatred against Trump just as the Dems continued their hatred against non-whites during reconstruction.

Scott O

"“I have no idea,” Biden replied."
He ain't lying.
He really has no idea.
Paul bragged for months about how excited he was to vote for this imbecile.

Scott O

Health care is a human right - sorta
"...anyone unvaccinated would not be admitted to a hospital."
Just as the first amendment rights are reserved for those who hew to the party line, so do all other so-called "human rights" only apply to those who agree to align them selves with the ruling party.
You don't have to have a high IQ to understand that God-given rights are bestowed to all no matter what skin color or age or creed.
It's too bad that more Americans can't understand this.
As long as people think that rights are bestowed by a human ruling body we will have issues. Big issues.

Barry Pruett


This radical leftist is running for the head of the elections office. Lol. Living in DC and going to some partisan election clinics in DC and being friends with ultra-liberal politicians apparently equals “I am qualified make election policy in Nevada County.” She just moved here at the behest of Diaz (recruited by our own incompetent recorder) who is retiring. Oh lord. Here we go again…


'Scoops' Emery: "Do you believe the election was stolen like your pal Walt? "

I'll take on the question, but you have to define 'stolen' first.

It's good to see you back here in the sandbox and away from the real threads.


A reasonable question for Mr. Paul, drawing from Scotto's statement (refering to Natalie Adona):

"This radical leftist is running for the head of the elections office. "

Do it make sense to elect a political activist, or even a political partisan, to head an elections office?

If not, what are you willing to do to see that it doesn't happen?

From her site: ( https://natalie4clerkrecorder.wordpress.com/ )

"Previously, I was the Senior Research and Learning Associate for the Elections Program at Democracy Fund, a private philanthropy based in Washington, DC."

Some words on the Democracy Fund:


Admittedly, it's probably hard to find elections people who don't take a strong side, regardless of the number of times 'nonpartisan' is slung around.

Bill Tozer

“Do you believe the election was stolen like your pal Walt?”

Links? Bad form.


Pardon, it wasn't Scotto but Barry P.

Barry Pruett

Any elections office is about policy. We are a republic and elect leaders who we think will implement good policy which creates a healthy democracy. In fact, I will be writing something today about election policy, the Big Lie, and creating election issues. Democracy Fund, Diaz, and Adona are hyper-partisans who support very bad and dangerous policy related to the health of our democracy. They are such "true believers" that they are blind to the consequences of their harmful policies which actually led to Trump's "Big Lie." These hyper-partisans created the policies that led to Trump actually being able to convince half of the population that our sitting president is illegitimate. Now, Biden is questioning the ability of election officials to conduct a fair election in 2022. These hyper-partisan policies are like giving a kid dynamite (Trump and Biden) and matches. Democracy Fund, Diaz, and Adona are either ignorant as to what good policy looks like, or they desire the ability of politicians to question the legitimacy of each election when it is politically advantageous. Pick one...each possibility is horrible for the future of our democracy.

Bill Tozer

Biden first-year failures set stage for civil war between moderate and progressive Democrats



"Democracy Fund, Diaz, and Adona are hyper-partisans who support very bad and dangerous policy"

Heck, I don't much care what they support, good or bad. It seems to me that partisans are a bad concept for any elections office as they can't help but bring their need to nudge the thing just a little bit. Their ability to think of themselves as middle-of-the-road always cracks me up, talk about a lack of self-knowledge.

So how do you find elections officials that simply don't care who wins? The more squishy side-issues are things like balancing the ease of voting vs. the opportunities for sketchiness. I've yet to see a mail-in ballot mechanism that looks like it wouldn't be heavily abused.


"Biden first-year failures set stage for civil war between moderate and progressive Democrats"

Well, you do have to admire the concept of passing $6T in spending (trillion with a 'T') based on a 50:50 tie plus a tie-breaker vote.

I guess it's part of the 'Healing' and 'Bring America Together' sort of thing.

Paul Emery


Do you agree with Trump when he tweeted as fact:

"Dominion deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide," the president said in his tweet, quoting the OANN report. "Data analysis finds 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from President Trump to Biden. 941,000 Trump votes deleted. States using Dominion Voting Systems switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden."


George Rebane

Re election integrity - the progressives remain confused and/or purposefully pernicious about election integrity. If their horrible 'election reform/rights' law fails, then the election system which got Biden elected will essentially remain unchanged. And that system was lauded as delivering an honest result in 2020 (nothing stolen or corrupt there). Now, however, that same system is advertised by the Dems as already guilty of promising a corrupt election result this coming November if the Repubs win. And as always, there are tens of millions of double dummies (aka Democrat voters) out there who see nothing wrong with this argument. Many of them live right here in Nevada County, and we walk among them every day.

Bill Tozer

The ‘civil war’ within the Democrat Party has to be an equation factoring into Biden’s slip, slip, slipping away polls numbers, IMHO. It’s an issue I have no say in because ...well, I ain’t a Democrat no more and my voice does not count.

What has been kicking around in my head was Biden’s Tuesday speech in Georgia....the now infamous and divisive to the max Bull Connor-George Wallace-Jefferson Davis speech.

Joe Biden’s team tailored that speech and appearance for Stacy Abrams. Voter suppression is her thing, her issue. Private citizen Abrams is the embodiment of the voter suppression single issue person. She is running again for Gov of Georgia and Biden and the Devil went down to Georgia to help her out. Yet Stacy Abrams cancelled her appearance with Biden the weekend before the President’s appearance in her back yard.

“Why, why, why did Abrams and her voting rights fan club bail on Biden”, moi pondered. Why? If one believes the excuse that there was a scheduling conflict she could not get out of, then I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell ya. If Abrams and her coalition where trying to send Biden a message that he was doing too little and on the issue, then they missed a golden opportunity to have their voices heard. A boycott under those circumstances would be not only counterproductive, but also counterintuitive. Abrams, the Right to Cheat advocate, was trying to punish Biden? Again, the President’s appearance in Abram’s backyard with a speech tailored made for her was a missed golden opportunity for the single issue activist.

Then it hit me. Stacy is running for Governor of Georgia. Biden is very unpopular in her home state. She could not/would not take the chance of being seen on stage with Joe Biden. Perhaps a wise political decision.

I do wonder how much of Biden’s sinking ship numbers are due to the Democrat Party’s own civil war.


"the progressives remain confused and/or purposefully pernicious about election integrity. "

Some of both I would think.

Personally, I'd dump machine (or online...or mail-in except for listed exceptions) ballots as a concept and eat the cost of counting paper. The ready-made auditing trail is hard to beat.

Naturally, Democrats favor voting by felons, nursing staff browbeating the elderly in convalescent hospitals, rolling through the gubmint housing with pre-filled out forms requiring a name, etc. You do have to wonder what the sweet spot is between fairness and actual quality of the vote. It isn't just control of policy that everyone is after but also the ability to give your brother a job downtown (not that the new NYC mayor would do such a thing).

The bummer is that it matters so much now. Government is *far* more in your business than it used to be and everyone ignores it at their peril. Nothing can screw a place up faster than an activist elected official experimenting on the hoi polloi with their good ideas.

Maybe a big life simplifier in voting is to take Willie Brown's advice and simply vote for appearance:
"During the campaign (Obama's), former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown said, “I think most white politicians do not understand that the race pride we [blacks] all have trumps everything else.” "

Paul Emery

So George can to say that you don't believe that the Republican motives for changing election rules are fueled by the potential of thinning out and discouraging voters who are opposed to Trump and Republicans therefore increasing their chances of winning more elections.

For example


The future of work. Lucky for everyone, COVID sped the whole deal along.


Bill Tozer

Confession time: Go back BEFORE Trump. Go back BEFORE Obama. That’s when I stumbled across RR. Back then if some mischievous commenter like Brother Todd or moi would post anything about election voter fraud…..fire and furry would immediately descend. Poor Russ posting links to further the dialogue. It was an instant knee jerk reaction. Denial, Fake News, “Bite your tongue, bite your tongue and never utter those words again….Prove it! PROVE IT! Heck, we will never be able to prove the Chinese virus leaked out of a lab in Wuhan. Those doors are welded shut. Anyway….

Confession? Sometimes I did it just to whip up the local Lefties into a frenzy. That was wrong. I’s sorry masta. :)

That immediate and forceful reaction of denial always amused me and it’s been that way for a long time. Let’s do the time warp again. :)

The Russian spy turned good guy mentioned here on occasion nailed it. ‘Programmed to react to certain stimuli….’ to paraphrase. Guaranteed.

Carry on my wayward sons…

Don Bessee

Well gavin agrees with us on something -

What has happened on this stretch of the Union Pacific Railroad is unacceptable," Newsom told reporters. He said the area looked like a scene from "a Third World country," according to FOX 11 of Los Angeles.



Barry Pruett


Have a fun read fellas. There you go George. You asked me to write again. This one is for you buddy.

Paul Emery

Any chance that you might be giving it a go in the upcoming eletion for Clerk-Recorder Barry? You actually ran a credible campaign last time. I believe you ran in 2010. Correct me if I'm wrong

George Rebane

BarryP 1206pm - Thanks Barry. Actually, would you please repost your comment and link under the last 'Ruminations ...' where the voting bill is one of the discussed items. Then I'll update my post with the link to your blog post.


Barry P's article.

Well written, good job.

'They are such "true believers" that they are blind to the foreseeable consequences of their harmful policies which actually led to Donald Trump's "Big Lie." '

Dunno if it's a 'Big Lie', I think that's too strong a phrasing.

It's fairly obvious, given all the statistical objections, that something rather hinky happened. A person can feel cheated at a card game and never identify the actual mechanism. Was COVID + all the pushing through of mail-in ballots enough? Dunno, but I can certainly feel Trump's feeling of being burnt. Maybe they were all real votes, partly steered by Team Blue's ownership of social media monopolies.

Truth is, when you are 'electing' an Emperor for four years, it's probably best to stick to the script. Even if Biden didn't really win, it's reasonable to just accept the consequences and wait for him to keel over from dementia. If one side or the other is able to seize control of the machinery of succession, they deserve to rule.

As a flag-bearer for the 17 intelligence agencies and US megacorporations, Biden is a natural choice. The man is a half-wit, be he's their half-wit.


Biden down by 15% in the RCP amalgam! Wowza!


Where's Punchy?





SO many election laws broken, in so many states. From illegal ballot harvesting, illegal drop boxes, forged ballots, "mail in ballots" with no folds. I'm sure Emery can explain those away.
Ballots with no down ticket votes. Yet Emery still tries to sell his bill of goods as legit.

Paul Emery

Not one person arrested Walt of under indictment Walt. Why do you think that is?


Back to that tired line or crap Emery? A true mark of desperation.

So in the mind of Emery, all those smash and grab MOB actions are not really crimes since no one got arrested.
See how your bullshit works?

Now would it be a crime if some Nevada City tweeker thumped you upside the head and took whatever he could from you,, but he was never arrested??
You sure as hell would feel it was a crime,,, right?

Good thing the world don't subscribe to the law of Emery.
Oh.. Wait.. Some Libby cities DO! looting a train sitting on the tracks doesn't seem to be a crime in L.A. Just another third world shithole.


Here Emery,, written in a way you can understand.

Just one word will get Trump re-elected...... Biden.

So how is Biden doing in the polls Emery? ( a new record LOW)

Bill Tozer

“And as always, there are tens of millions of double dummies (aka Democrat voters) out there who see nothing wrong with this argument. Many of them live right here in Nevada County, and we walk among them every day.”—-Posted by: George Rebane | 21 January 2022 at 09:54 AM

Well, judging by all the polls coming out, it looks like a reoccurring theme….at least on the issues to be charitable. Of course a bunch of polls are out right now because it’s the One Year Anniversary of the new Presidency. CBS, USA, Wall Street Journal, Gallop, Rasmussen, Swing State polls, Rust Belt polls, Upper Lake States polls, polls, polls polls. They be commissioned left and right by every advocacy group, political consultant, and the MSM. They all would be derelict in their duty if they did not have some voter poll sentiment on the one year mark. Polls commissioned by all parties and lobbies.

What on the voters minds and who do they feel Biden is doing so far? Not written in stone.

Rather than go down the list of what is most important to 30% (lefties) and the majority of the common folk, I will use but one example that encapsulates the whole enchilada…well, who is out of touch and who is on the majority’s side:

Terry McAuliffe (born February 9, 1957) had his Dem Party debriefing following his wipeout loss in his run for VA governor. Standard practice. Get to know how Terry sees his loss (or win in either case) and what, in his mind, was the biggest reason for the former DNC Chairman’s stomping. Terry McAuliffe is right. So is the Ragin’ Cajon.

Terry sided with the Left with his unapologetic and repeated defense of parents have no say in what the school kids are being taught’ side.

His conclusion scanning the political landscape is the Democrat Party, including himself and other examples are big time of touch with most of the voters. They are indeed poster children of being out of touch. And let’s keep it that way.

When I told Paul Emery on the other thread a few days ago that no one cares about voting rights (not a priority for the majority of Americans right now. Ain’t in the top 5 of immediate concerns at this point in time. I was wrong. 30% care and care deeply. That’s up from the former historical numbers of far left ‘Libs’ riding between 19-23% of the voter pool. 30%….like Bernie’s Bros.

That really cheers me up and puts the frosting on the cake. I thought those numbers of wacky far lefties had hit about 45%. Only appeared that way. The squeaky wheels is red in the face demanding it’s grease……without a clue how the salt of the Earth view them.

Go ahead, look down your long noses at the common man. Works in our favor.

Bill Tozer

What Is a Woman?


Paul Emery


Do you have a link or did you make this up as usual?

O many election laws broken, in so many states. From illegal ballot harvesting, illegal drop boxes, forged ballots, "mail in ballots" with no folds. I'm sure Emery can explain those away.
Ballots with no down ticket votes.
Posted by: Walt | 21 January 2022 at 04:26 PM

Don Bessee

Watch your heart rate there ponytail of ignorance.


Bill Tozer


Did you vote for Biden, Punch? After NOT voting for a major party Presidential candidate from 2012-2020, how does it feel to be back in the Democrat Party after an eight year absence? Feel good? Feel at home yet?

I can’t rightly remember if you actually said you voted for Biden. Really didn’t matter if you did or didn’t because the entire county’s vote total or entire district (State of Fed) totals would not have made a lick of difference in CA…even if it 99.99% to .01 % for one candidate or the other. Just curious.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 21 January 2022 at 07:16 PM


Do you have a link or did you make this up as usual?

Jeez....no kidding! It's just like the time he made up the story about Trump and the Russian hookers peeing in the bed Obama slept in!

You just can't trust the guy....and hey....thanks in advance for agreeing with me.

Don Bessee

UH OH! -

US Embassy in Kyiv asks State Dept. to authorize departure of nonessential personnel



Bill Tozer

Ok, it’s always better to bring the receipts. No required, but much better form.

‘Lock her up': Sanders supporters adopt Trump's attack line on Clinton’

“Bernie Sanders supporters adopted one of Donald Trump’s attack lines against Hillary Clinton at the opening of the Democratic national convention on Monday, chanting “lock her up” at protests in downtown Philadelphia.

Around 200 people were gathered at Philadelphia City Hall at noon, ahead of a planned march through the city. Most of the crowd were Sanders supporters, who voiced their anger at the leaked Democratic National Committee emails that showed behind-the-scenes support for Clinton during the Democratic primary.

“Lock her up, lock her up,” protesters chanted repeatedly. Many were carrying anti-Clinton banners, drawing attention to both the recent WikiLeaks disclosures and her own use of a private email server while secretary of state.”

Bernie Sanders supporters chant “lock her up,” protesting Hillary at the DNC

“It was supposed to be the night the Democratic Party finally exorcised its demons. Instead, on a sultry, hot day in Philadelphia, the long-simmering disillusionment of Bernie Sanders supporters erupted into anger. And not even the Senator himself could calm them.

A day of protests, booing and open dissent on Monday at the Democratic convention threatened to derail the party’s moment in the spotlight, exposing the fault lines that have divided the Democrats throughout the contentious primary between Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Inside the DNC convention hall, Sanders’ delegates shouted “Bernie! Bernie!” booed Clinton surrogates and even briefly broke into the “Lock Her Up!” chant favored by Donald Trump supporters.“


Come, let us reason together.

Don Bessee

Ya about that and the 3 ballot props horsemen of the criminal apocalypse gavin you POS -




Emery. Goes to show you don't pay a lick of attention to the facts, yet you come here and deny stated facts. If you had done ANY kind of information gathering of your own, you sure as hell wouldn't be asking stupid questions.
You would know that states violated their own election laws.
You would know that certain states used drop boxes against their election laws.(Just in the news last week)

Feel like an idiot yet? Now go answer your own stupid questions.

How bout Zuckerberg shelling out millions to "help" local elections?(in LIB voting blocks) Miss that news too?
Yup,, he "bought" an election.

Don Bessee

The political kiss of death! ROFLOL -




Emery claims not to be a hippie, yet here he is wanting others to do his own homework. Want knowledge Emery? find it yourself.

Bill Tozer

Biden acts much more like Putin’s puppet than Trump ever did

IF Trump did WHAT Biden did during his solo press conference giving Putin an opening in Ukraine, Trump would have been impeached and facing charges of graft and treason.

Bill Tozer

Never heard of her.

Halfwitted Activist Nandini Jammi Says Criticizing Her Is An “Attempt to Get Her Killed”


Hmmm. And criticizing AOC means you want to date her, boink her, and rape her, not in any particular order.

Don Bessee

See a black academic who loves his people rip apart the new red guard for all the dead people of color -

Glenn Loury, a Brown University economics professor and host of the video blog The Glenn Show (TGS), lamented the current state of crime nationwide while accusing Black Lives Matter members of having “buckets of blood on their hands” for their role in soaring crime and homicide rates.

In a discussion with guest Heather Mac Donald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and among the nation’s foremost statisticians of crime, Prof. Glenn Loury reserved harsh words for BLM activists and supporting media for wreaking havoc and endangering black lives.

Loury, an economic theorist and expert on social capital, blasted the “delegitimization of law enforcement” in areas that need it most.

“The successful delegitimization of law enforcement in the places where poor black people are being victimized daily has cost thousands of lives and has been a monumental political crime,” he said. “That’s the argument we’re making this week at TGS.”

He then reiterated the approach has resulted in “thousands” of deaths.

“The attack on cops and on policing, the delegitimation of the agents of the state charged with the unenviable responsibility of maintaining order in our metropolises, has cost thousands of lives,” he said.

Loury blamed Black Lives Matter activists as well as their media enablers for the “buckets of blood” spilled as a result.

“The people who have undertaken and fomented this attack from the Black Lives Matter activists to their handmaidens in editorial rooms all over this country have buckets of blood on their hands,” he said.

“They hide behind the consensus endorsed by everybody from the human resource department assistant or vice president at a Fortune 500 company to a university president,” he added.

He also blasted the “ideological cover” given to disempowering law and order which has resulted in scores of fatal casualties.

“We’ve given ideological cover to this crime: the delegitimation of the maintenance of order in places where black people live has cost thousands of lives, and it’s a political crime.

Loury’s remarks come as crime has surged nationwide after progressives campaigned endlessly against police, leading to eroded confidence in law enforcement, sunken police morale, and an officer exodus.

Last month it was revealed that BLM activists gave a talk to over 150 people, telling students that “crime is made up” and black people are “enslaved” when they are sent to jail, among other things.



Bill Tozer

Slip sliding away, as sand through the hourglass.

‘By the Numbers, a Failing President’
By Patrick J. Buchanan


Big wheel keep on turning
Proud Mary keep on burning
And we're polling, tell you polling, we're polling on the river
Tell you we have no time (polling, polling, polling on the river)
(Polling, polling, polling on the river)
Polling , polling, polling on the river)
Tell you we're polling, polling on the river
I tell you we're polling, polling, polling on the river)


Well now, this makes me feel better.

"In its ongoing attempt to investigate and gather information about private U.S. citizens, the Congressional 1/6 Committee is claiming virtually absolute powers that not even the FBI or other law enforcement agencies enjoy. Indeed, lawyers for the committee have been explicitly arguing that nothing proscribes or limits their authority to obtain data regarding whichever citizens they target and, even more radically, that the checks imposed on the FBI (such as the requirement to obtain judicial authorization for secret subpoenas) do not apply to the committee......"


Bill Tozer

Morning Scenes.

Threads, continued.

A) Will small towns save America? Redux of the Back to the Land movement of the 70’s? That did cause some zoning problems that Gavin and Biden (and Obama) deride as a problem for implementing stack and pack.

Upon further consideration, I was too harsh…too flippant. It does not have to be going back to Mayberry RFD. Folks can make their own new small town feel in 2022. Create their own sense of community.
Sort of like the argument in Nevada City about hanging those new (European?) string lights. There was one argument facing the residents of Nevada City with its ‘historical district’ codes that stuck with me from afar….having no dog in the fight: Do you want Nevada City to become a vibrant town or a museum?

The last time I was in White Fish, Montana, I was appalled at first glance. I was up in Glacier National Park exploring the ‘Alps of America’ when a big ole lightening and thunder and hail storm hit…in August. Yes, it snows every month of the year somewhere in Montana. Anyway, because I had the kids with me, I decided to break camp and high tailed it down the mountain and drove to White Fish in the dark. Found the only available room to rent…an old motel with cabins….rented out basically to homeless vets and pensioners. They were pleased to have some new faces to look at and we joined them around a burn barrel to shoot the breeze. Not much different that those old miners cabins you still see around.

In the morning light, we left to continue our journey of going back to Dad’s crossroads of his younger days. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to see out in once was a picturesque field a Starbucks and a new mini-mall….the kind that popped up all over the US as described in Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie. Charlie was his dog as he headed out revisit to his on crossroads in a truck with camper shell.

So, the White Fish, Montana of my crossroads had a friggin Starbucks and a local morning rush. Just like any place, USA. No, one does have to keep White Fish (a hunting and fishing destination for many, including New Yorkers) ….one does not have to keep White Fish as a museum in the backroads of my mind. It’s still a small community with a small town feel….but upgraded to become the next generation’s small town, USA.

BTW, the nice lady who owned the old ‘motel’ said her husband was in Spokane to get supplies from the Wal-Mart there….a 4 plus hour drive. Closest place to find a Big Box store. :). I suppose a Target or SAM’s club will be there if I ever make my way through those parts again. Small Town, USA….or Our Town, USA does not have to be in a museum.


Here you go Bill…..maybe this perks you up a bit!.


I know just how you feel as California metastasizes across the entirety of the west!

Bill Tozer

Threads continued, the RV Park.

Agree with ya about retired folks buying a RV and spend their golden years on the road, free from rent and property taxes. and traveling. It is not all it’s cracked up to be. First, on the road as a lifestyle means everywhere you go you are a ‘visitor’. Folks drop some big bucks in a nice RV or new trailer pulled behind the required new towing pickup, which is not cheap either. After a year on the road, you see those new or used a couple times RV’s sitting on by the side of the house with a For Sale sign on them. Like new, barely used.

Besides looking for a place to park every night (used to be $30 a night ($900/month) plus gas at 3-11 miles per gallon….well, traveling ain’t cheap.

The saddest story I personally know is an older couple who went out a bought a nice RV trailer. Used only once. The gentleman told me that his nice dream home on the road was just too much trailer for him to handle. Like backing up into RV spots, driving it down the road…..just too much and too big for him to handle. “Want to buy it?”, he asked. “ No, I was just looking at it and admiring it,” I said and continued walking down the lane.


Now just what's behind all those black dots?

A hint for our Leftist Nevada City guy...(🖕)


Wake up Emery,, you wanted links? Well here is another doozy, published yesterday.
"UPDATE: Elections Expert Reveals Over 550,000 Registered Voters In Wisconsin Have a Registration Date of 1/1/1918 – 115,252 of Them VOTED in 2020"

"Wisconsin Assembly Attorney Dean O’Donnell, who is an expert analyst on the election integrity team, called out the official explanation that was given, saying “it does not hold water,” before dropping some more of his team’s jaw-dropping findings of corruption in the 2020 election.

According to O’Donnell, they found an astronomical 569,277 registered voters had an application date of 1/1/1918, which accounts for roughly one out of every fourteen voters in the state’s database.

Oh, and wait, there’s more. One out of every five of those “phantom voters” apparently cast a ballot in 2020 – a whopping 115,252 of them to be exact."

I'm sure you can find some news outfit from Europe to refute it.


re: RV Parks.

I think the strength of mobile homes and RVs is when they're not mobile. Immobile homes if you will.

The mobile variety tend to break down 1000 miles from 'home' and are often not driveable by the copilot.

Immobile homes are a way to live with very little invested in a dwelling, the money is used to buy groceries, invest, or it never existed in the first place. Senior parks are pretty cheap even in some very cool places, and allow one of the few legal versions of discrimination... Over55-Americans Only. I can see the sense in the matter. No doubt it's superior to an apartment with the thudding of little feet overhead and parking lot drug deals.

For those not willing to spend $100+/nite on the road, the hassle of BLM land, Walmart parking lots, and the van dwellers fear of the knock at night would be a source of low level stress.

Trailer parks are the future I tell ya. Invest now. Maybe there's a REIT.

Bill Tozer

westnigilio @ 9:19 am

Hanks for trying to cheer me up, but it’s a no go. After reading this article, it will take more than memes to cheer me up.

‘Gavin Newsom clarifies calling train thieves ‘gangs’: 'Forgive me ... They're organized groups'

“This is not one-off," Newsom said in a news conference near Union Pacific Railroad tracks in Los Angeles on Thursday, according to the Washington Times. "This is organized theft. These are organized gangs of people that are coming out."

"Forgive me for saying ‘gangs,’ that’s not a pejorative," he clarified. "They’re organized groups of folks that move from site to site."


Can’t call them gangs. If one is a member of a gang and in the US without permission, then affliction with “gangs” will get you deported. Oh hell, maybe this should have been posted under “The world is going to hell in a hand basket “ or ‘ Ignorance that passeth all understanding’….except it ain’t ignorance. Gavin knew exactly what he was saying. Just waiting for him to backtrack on his comment about that section of LA looks like a third world country.

Well, westniglio, those Clarence Thomas memes always make me smile, so all is not gloom and doom this morning. You get an E for effort. :)



re: Small towns.

Part of the trick is defining 'small town'. To many, it's probably something south of 100k population, to me, more like less than 500.

It seems to me that what people envision is a highly compact downtown with all services available, perfect, particularly for those looking at being carless due to age. I'd be surprised to see the Tesla Robots be good enough (ie. legal) for those without licenses until they're 10x better than a human, no time soon.

Those towns are rare. Most places are either too small for anything beyond the bar and post office, or are larger warts appended to a city. The 'right' size seem like they typically were hit by a neutron bomb, leaving a nice set of buildings, either empty or filled up with an 'artist' colony and gift stores.

I guess all a person really needs is a bar or restaurant they can walk to, Amazon delivery, and the ability dial up an ambulance or hearse. Needs can be few in the e-commerce era.


Supreme Leader Newsom: "Then he quickly corrected himself: “Forgive me for saying ‘gangs,’ that’s not a pejorative. They’re organized groups of folks that move from site to site.”"

Confusion reigns, or maybe that's rain running down my leg.

Is he apologizing to train robbers for calling them 'gangs'? or apologizing to gangs for comparing them to train robbers?

I think we can all agree on 'organized groups of folks' as the term going forward for anything heinous involving multiple people. Subject to Paul's approval, mobs can be referred to as 'unorganized groups of folks'.

There's a nice symmetry there.

George Rebane

I note that my linked AP/NORC poll in the intro remarks is of no interest to our liberal readers. They see only what they want to see.

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