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31 January 2022


Don Bessee


They reall are that stupid -


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe has convinced folks its time to go -

One of the most accurate pollsters of the last 20 years released a bombshell poll Monday that shows 50 percent of voters want to see His Fraudulency Joe Biden impeached. Only 45 percent say they disagree.

This includes 50 percent of black voters who want to see Biden impeached.


Don Bessee

If he 'fixes' their countries like he is fixing our they will declare war on us -


Bill Tozer

Somebody has a big blind spot. Bigger than her critics.

Chelsea Clinton
Anti-vaxx grift going strong - why is Substack
facilitating science denialists'
' ability to profit from
destructive lies (and comfortable profiting
«Anti-vaxxers making
'at least $2.5m'
a year from
publishing on Substack"
' via @guardian,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

I dunno. Chelsea Clinton is the heir to the political establishment. Her mommie got $700,000 for giving 45 minute speeches to Goldman Sacks and JPMorgan Chase, and promised on live TV during a debate with Bernie to release the transcripts.

Chelsea went from college directly to a $700,000/year gig at NBC News. Because she has no talent or like her momma, no charm….so she blew that one. Can’t transmit what you don’t have.

Chelsea Clinton taking about grifters is one for the record books. Unfortunately Chelsea is not the exception on the Left, but the rule for grifters.

Bill Tozer

‘Psaki: Concern over "soft on crime consequences" only happens in Fox's "alternate universe," you know’

Peppermint Patty is painful to follow. Her biggest claim to fame was pushing the Russian Hoax for Hillary.

Don Bessee

OH NO its the return of the swamp creature aka queen of the grifters for one more try! Come on big girl roll those dice! -


Don Bessee

We dodged a bullet as calis tax the shit out of you for illegals single payer fails big and dies again -

Kalra told progressive Democratic activists that he didn't bring the bill up for a floor vote because he anticipated the bill would have failed by a double-digit margin. He concluded that a futile vote would only have made it more difficult to cultivate support from other lawmakers for a bill next year.

"Putting them in that position knowing the bill wouldn't pass anyway would have further alienated them," Kalra said on a Monday evening call.


Bill Tozer

Not only racist but unAmerican to boot.

Randi Weingarten tries DELETING tweet calling parents RACISTS and un-American but Corey DeAngelis ain’t ABOUT to let her off the hook

Don Bessee

Oh ya best green practices and famed designer with a vapid actor virtue signaling then ducking responsibility but the jig is up. Same folks who want to take away your energy and nat gas. Sounds like rennette senums worm farm crew. ROFLOL -

Located in New Orleans’ historically Black and low-income Lower Ninth Ward, this cluster of affordable homes built between 2008 and 2015 was unusual for several reasons. Notably, these residences were sold, rather than rented to their occupants.

The architects who created these homes also tried to make them green and sustainable following a “cradle-to-cradle” philosophy that centers around the use of safe and reusable materials, clean water and renewable energy. All the homes had solar panels and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems

The nonprofit housing developer says its mission is to “improve the design and performance of affordable housing” and to “share best practices associated with the construction of such homes.”

Although some of these structures are not yet a decade old, my data shows that only six remain in reasonably good shape. Most either have had partial repairs or have been completely renovated because of structural problems. Two were demolished because of severe mold problems.

Many of the houses lacked ordinary, essential features such as rain gutters, overhangs, waterproof painting or covered beams – all of which are necessary to withstand New Orleans’ subtropical climate and heavy rainfall.

Pitt’s lawyers argued that he could not be sued over the housing development’s failings, but a judge ruled in 2019 that the movie star would remain a defendant because of his role as Make It Right’s founder and chief fundraiser.

Only eight months after she moved in, Hanna recounted to me, her home “was completely in shambles.” Its flat roof could not hold up in the heavy rains of New Orleans, causing massive water intrusion and subsequent termite infestation and mold.


Don Bessee

Dont believe your lyin eyes, you live in a proletarian paradise, crime free, secure and happy. RIGHT!!! -

"In the American Rescue Plan, there was additional funding to support local cops programs, something that every single Republican voted against," Psaki said during a White House press conference Monday. "I said in that interview that I know they don't like it when we call that out. I'm going to keep calling that out because that's a fact."


The Washington Post Fact Checker gave that claim "three pinocchios" last summer, pointing out that the $350 million in state and local aid allotted by the American Rescue Plan was earmarked for a "variety of budget-plugging purposes" and "lawmakers had no guarantee that police would get a slice of the pie."

According to a Fox Business poll last month, 77% of registered voters said they are "extremely" or "very" concerned about higher crime rates, the second most pressing issue for Americans after inflation.

Yoes, the Fraternal Order of Police president, put some blame for rising crime rates on "agenda-driven prosecutors who have gone rogue."

"Many of them are refusing to bring charges against so-called ‘low-level’ or ‘nonviolent’ offenders," Yoes said. "Under their leadership, which has been abhorrent in many cases, many violent offenders don’t stay in jail—they’re back on the streets and free to commit more crimes."


Bill Tozer

‘From 1984 to 2022’

Ingsoc, Amsoc, and life in Stalinist Covidistan.

And to our North we have Truckistan.


Toes 1018am

Great link, and I'll put Truckeestan in my vocabulary.

George Rebane

BillT 1018am - Great link - I echo Gregory. Clear, complete, and concise. I also recommend it to our readers.


Funny how much “Annie Fox” sounds like a certain well known gravitational anomaly residing in the Nevada City area.

Go figure. LOL.




So it begins


re: Walt@1:44PM

Steakfight at the Gold Corral. Pennsylvania? Must be the Burps vs. the Scrantons.

No need to look for a video, I can nail what the crowd looks like without it.


Some nice Newspeak from one 'Kara Swisher' on twitter.

"Interesting that a thing once called editing for facts became being a content censor. Well, not interesting — just wordwashing by tech folks who want all the power and money and none of the responsibilities when things get dicey, as things always get."

So, now censoring is called 'editing for facts'.

Don Bessee

Here is one for the 'educator' and his friends who never heard of CRT -

A state senator in Georgia is requesting an investigation into a county school official amid controversy surrounding her comments about White people and the district's indication that one of its classes utilized critical race theory (CRT).

Sent Monday, Republican Sen. Burt Jones' letter comes after video showed Dr. Tarece Johnson, the recently elected chair of Gwinnett County Board of Education, calling for an end to "anti-Black capitalism" and describing White people as "socialized racists."

Heritage Action, a conservative think tank, also obtained an audit syllabus promoting CRT for an AP Language and AP Research combination class within Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS). It reads: "Students will bridge the skills from AP Language to AP Research, analyzing the value of using different lenses in social criticism (Critical Race Theory, Feminist, Marxist, Psychoanalytic) to aid their analysis across issues, and the class will discuss how these perspectives apply to the different methods used by research fields."



This man is lying to you.......and in the Penny Saver of the Pines no less!

Reid Luhman: CRT? Never heard of it

I'm beginning to think the scenery isn't worth it George......your little town is jam packed with far more than the recommended daily allowance of disingenuous assholes.

Doesn't know what CRT is and has written a shit ton of books on sociology and race relations?

Either a shitty scholar or bald faced liar!

Don Bessee

Or both @454


Bill Tozer

‘Biden Boomerang: Newly released State memos undercut Democrats' Ukraine impeachment story’
State Department officials told Ukraine prosecutor they were "impressed" with his work shortly before Biden forced his firing.

Don Bessee

The littlest congressional commie critter has no connection to the truth in any form -


Bill Tozer

Biden nominee to be Fed's top banking regulator requested unmasking of Michael Flynn in 2016

"Sarah Bloom Raskin has specifically called for the Fed to pressure banks to choke off credit to traditional energy companies and to exclude those employers from any Fed emergency lending facilities," Toomey said in a statement earlier this month.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and his family are bought and paid for by the chi coms -


Bill Tozer

Another Biden border scandal

Joe Coyotes Acme Anvil

It has taken a year, but I finally can post it. RCP poll.

“It’s official. Joe Biden is more unpopular than Donald Trump. As of February 1, 2022, Biden’s Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of all the polls showed him at 41.4 percent approval and 54.7 percent disapproval. Exactly four years ago, on February 1, 2018, Trump’s RCP average stood at 41.5 percent approval and 54.5 percent disapproval.”

Guess Punch is still nursing his wounds after the 49ers choked again in the playoffs. Should not have called them the Lambs. Sunday was not a regular season game.

Don Bessee

In another thing thats not happening like CRT the marxists are on the march enabled by the teachers unions -

Schools across America implement BLM Week of Action that calls for 'disruption of Western nuclear family'
Week of action curriculum centers itself around 13 'Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles

Additionally, the week of action curriculum centers itself around the 13 "Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles," which include concepts such as "Black Villages" and "Globalism."

Black Villages is the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the ‘collective village’ that takes care of each other," the starter kit reads. "Globalism is our ability to see how we are impacted or privileged within the Black global family that exists across the world in different regions."

"Under the cover of a week of action, called ‘Black Lives Matter at School,’ children as young as five years old are being trained how to be political activists," Nomani continued. "What we are witnessing is state-sponsored political indoctrination, using coloring books, downloadable slide shows and contests to teach a next generation ‘social justice activism,’ in the program’s own words."

"We need radicalization out of schools, especially as children struggle with learning loss from the pandemic, and reading, writing and arithmetic back in schools,"




Although it's a bit stale, it's probably best to go to the source instead of Fox.

Interestingly, if you dig around some, there's even a Nevada City contact listed.

Bill Tozer

Can you say Grifters?

‘California threatens to hold BLM's leaders personally liable over missing financial records’

In related news, I like how brazen the LA BLM grifters (co-founder) bought 3 homes for herself. When busted, the co-founder of BLM relinquished her role in May. Turn the page and BLM bought a 8.1 million dollar building in Canada…with the former co-founder’s wife doing the deal with funds from BLM Global, lol. They give lesbian Marxist a bad name.

Don Bessee

The truth shall set you free -

Lockdowns only reduced COVID-19 mortality by .2%, study finds: 'Lockdowns should be rejected out of hand'


Bill Tozer

‘Elite Panic In The Cathedral!’

The Eppur si muove problem.

Don Bessee

I gotta go magnet fishing! -


Don Bessee


Singer-songwriters Graham Nash and India Arie on Tuesday announced plans to remove their music from Spotify Technology in protest of its support for controversial podcaster Joe Rogan




Singer-songwriters Graham Nash and India Arie"

I've heard of the first, but just think of him as an elderly professional harmonist. As usual, pop music becomes terra incognita after some year or the other for most people.

Given how mundane the "outrageous" Rogan interviews are, and he really is a good interviewer, this is more a test run than anything. Next up will be attacks on substack, already initiated by famous mediocrity Chelsea Clinton. Controlling media at all levels is a Crazytown imperative.

It seems to me that the real contest will be between the free market, which will sell to anyone, and centralized control of media and communications. Can the media and internet oligopolies/monopolies hang tough and follow the orders of urban activists, including executives and employees, or will someone always break through to sell units to the deplorables? Normally I'd bet on the free market, but there's a whole lot of single points of control in pushing bytes or radio to your house.


Good to see that some people really live it! They believe and take Black Lives Matter seriously!

Maxine Waters continues to pay daughter with campaign cash, adding up to $1.2M so far.


More Maxine Waters. You'll may need to cut 'n paste the link.">">


The only thing that would have made this better is if he had made this bold courageous statement while wearing his colorful native garb!

'Canadians were shocked...and disgusted': Justin Trudeau says we 'won't give in' to individuals who are violent, 'spew hatred' in Ottawa

I'm sure it's cool though.....proggies....cough, cough......Sierra Business Council.....cough.... always get a pass it seems.


re: Justin 'Trudeau'.

Oh, it gets better than that. From Twitter:

"Today in the House, Members of Parliament unanimously condemned the antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, homophobia, and transphobia that we’ve seen on display in Ottawa over the past number of days. Together, let’s keep working to make Canada more inclusive."


In other Spotify news, headline of the day:

"Failure is the latest band to remove their music from Spotify over the platform's "Covid misinformation"."

No doubt it's because the apocryphal '270 health professionals' signed their name to some letter. Gotta love it, it's like the '17 intelligence agencies'. Minitrue needs to cook up snappier names for those kinds of things.

There's always rabbit holes. How much of this is negotiation over royalties? How much is run behind the curtains, after all it isn't like Neil Young owns his music or that you can willy-nilly break contracts. Rabbits rabbits everywhere.


as an aside, re: the band 'Failure' complaining about royalties.

It seems to me that it's a real eye-opener to people how little music rights really end up being worth, at least in most cases. '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' can always be used to sell soap to the elderly, at least for a few more years. Even with perpetual copyright thanks to Disney & Co., the value is bound to drop over time.

Also, the con game of changing physical formats every decade or two is now over.

Most of it is fungible and prices were high because of control of distribution. Once you have a near-infinite amount of the stuff online and there are multiple online services, it becomes a lot more like selling oil or corn.

Artists, of course, always overvalue their own genius, but I'm afraid that people are only gonna pay what they pay.


oh, this is a good one. Perfect.

"At the height of Seattle’s racial justice protests in 2020, then-Mayor Jenny Durkan’s administration drafted legislation to transfer the Police Department’s East Precinct building to a Black Lives Matter activist organization and researched relocating the station’s operations, newly released documents show."

In the meantime, someone made a call to Facebook.

"US truckers slam Facebook for removing page organizing DC freedom convoy: 'Censorship at its finest'
Truckers plan to drive from California to Washington, D.C., in protest of vaccine mandates."


Posted by: scenes | 02 February 2022 at 09:07 AM

"At the height of Seattle’s racial justice protests in 2020, then-Mayor Jenny Durkan’s administration drafted legislation to transfer the Police Department’s East Precinct building to a Black Lives Matter activist organization and researched relocating the station’s operations, newly released documents show."

It would be glorious if someone showed up with evidence of this and a receipt from BLM for the building and decided to take possession! A pity that Jenny Durken isn't still around to enjoy the fallout!


UH OH.....!

US COVID death toll nears pandemic peak... Developing...

I expect a vigorous harrumphing from members your local arts community at any moment! I have it on good authority that they refuse to accept ineptitude of this magnitude from the executive branch.


After she wears out her welcome at MSNBC maybe there's a place for Mika in the august halls of the Sierra Business Council? I mean she's certainly white and estrogen filled enough for the hiring panel.....and hey....let's not forget, she's goodthinkful!

"Everybody knows Whoopi Goldberg. She's been on TV for decades she's been putting herself out there for decades. If you don't know her heart than you haven't been watching. So maybe this two week suspension is really about something else...something that maybe we need to start putting behind us which is this unbelievable need to punish and judge people when they have made a mistake."

Brzezinski went on to describe - supposedly from experience - the "horror" of being a public person who has said something unpalatable about race in America. "It's's chilling," she said, before continuing:

"I really feel, especially at the View, where their show is based on arguments, is based on debates, is based on making moments, they are pushed to do that. I hope there's learning for everybody on the terms of grace, in terms of forgiveness, in terms of kindness."

"There were so many positives that could have happened out of this debate.."

( using it to diminish your ideological opponents while you guys still get a pass from a submissive and compliant MSM)

"This cancel culture is getting so out of hand...there were so many positives that could have come out of this debate...instead it's heading in a totally different direction."

Out of hand indeed.


Neil Young will be releasing music exclusively to Halliburton’s new streaming service.


Why? You knew the plan....shoehorn as many indigent into the country as for them voting rights (or at least keep neurotic white cat ladies spun up sufficiently to stay on the Democrat reservation).....profit!

Biden Voter Furious That Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Her Daughter Will Not Be Deported

One would think that the woman would be overjoyed......she got to contribute to the cause (democrat graft) in a real and intimate way. Her progressive bona fides are set!

She's a "made" progressive!


Speaking COVID, It left me a nasty gift. In the hospital with the docs ," practicing" medicine. It hit me with that heart/lung infection. Doc not having much luck curing it.

Don Bessee

So they admit they have no video to back up their story and the other video has gone viral, just how do they think they will get a restraining order? -


Bill Tozer




re: Walt@12:15PM

I'm sorry.

Anyone who has dealt with the medical biz to any extent comes to realize a few things.
. Every doctor has thousands of patients, they basically work from a simple flow chart.
. Once you get out of plumbing medicine, maybe surgeries like heart bypass, colon resections, gall bladder removal, the certainty for cures becomes a lot less certain.
. They don't know how a surprising number of drugs even work.
. GP's are mostly just a gateway for specialists. I can weigh myself, take my BP, stick my finger in the O2 sensor thank you.
. Psych med prescribers are charlatans.
. Probably more things I can't think of offhand.

Bill Tozer


Reading comment threads on articles, perhaps the most insulting to Neil Young and Co. is that most people under 50 are asking, “Who is Neil Young, who is Joni Mitchell? That has to hurt their egos. Who is this guy? Oh, he was a guitar player for Bruce Springsteen. The biggest one to pull their music is Liza Minnelli. Oh my, nobody knows who she is anymore. I liked her acting. Liza is Judy Garland’s daughter and if one does not know who Judy Garland was, she was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with the Lollipop Guild.

When the younger crowd of music makers start pulling their music from Spotify, then wake me up. I don’t see Taylor Swift or whoever is a big star today folding under the pressure…yet. Must admit I can’t name one Taylor Swift song, so it’s not sweat off of me if she pulls out or not.

Don @ 9:27 pm
Who? That has to hurt Nash as well. Many moons ago before they started drinking Geritol for iron poor blood, there was a group called Buffalo Springfield. The group had many future stars, but nowadays they are all has-beens. Palmer, Stills, Nash, Messina, Young, Crosby. Some were from the group The Byrds, not to be confused with the Yardbirds.

One can always spot Neil Young. Grumpy egoistical bastard from Canada. Never smiled. Second on the left. Why he was allowed in our great country always puzzled me.

Bill Tozer

PS: Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones taught Willie Nelson, Graham Nash, and Steven Stills how to play their first guitars when they were in pre-school. Keith Richards also taught Buck Owens and Willy Nelson how to play the guitar when they were in grammar school. :)


re: BillT@1:36PM

One thing about streaming music becoming dominant is that you can instrument (so to speak) the bejeepers out of it. Somebody out there knows a lot about what music is popular with a lot of granularity.

Just for fun, here's some hits o' the day.

See how up-to-date you are.

Nevada City charts appears to put Leonard Cohen up top I imagine. Plenty of disabled parking out front.


Posted by: Walt | 02 February 2022 at 12:15 PM

May you recover quickly and fully my friend!

Bill Tozer

Thanks Scenes.
But of course.

‘Congress claims sovereign immunity prevents Capitol Police from sharing January 6 emails and videos’

Did they ever find out who opened the Capitol Building door from inside?


So... George... a workplace violence restraining order is issued against your daughter...?

Am not expecting to litigate the issue here, but I think there was a sock puppet at The Union that had a hand up it's arse that may have in fact been Natalie Adona.

This might be a time to serve The Union and viafoura with a request for the email address attached to the account of "Feministic".

Bill Tozer

Europe Sparks Energy Fury, Announcing Plans To Label Nuclear Power And Natural Gas As ‘Green’ Investments


re: Gregory@2:15PM

Gotta ask. What words of wisdom extruding from 'Feministic'?

I have to say that the video evidence is not very damning.

One problem here is that County Employee Karen has to go all-in on this or look like a complete fool. Fear of embarrassment is the single strongest force in the universe.

Don Bessee

I dont know who is running Adona's campaign but they already had a damaged candidate based on the viral cell phone video before this bit of idiocy that will not get them a restraining order. A TRO is easy the hearing not so much.

Proving yourself a hysterical liar at the start of your campaign is going to be a mill stone.

The recall is not going to get traction anyway.



They got the restraining order.


Thanks my friends 😊
I should live through this.
They say when you're going through hell, keep going. I'm in for the scinic trip.

Don Bessee

No @314 they got a Temporary Restraining Order, the hearing on the 22nd we determine if they actually get a full blown restraining order which is extremely unlikely.

What did the sock puppet say on the union Gregory?


George Rebane

Gentlemen - the discussion of the recall and restraining order belongs under Scattershots where I introduced the brouhaha at the Clerk Recorder office.


First let me wish Walt well... Sorry, I missed the significance of your illness. I've been in Reno, helping my sweetie sitting her (our) grandkids while her son (my stepson) did a weekend yoga instruction workshop.

Granddaughter came down with covid. Then stepson came down with covid.

The two old farts in attendance had Omicron a couple weeks ago and not terribly worried about coming down with it again.

To recap my unnatural immersions in SARS-CoV-2, we both had Alpha 13+ months ago, she got vaxxed last April or so taking her MD's advice. My MD had the same advice but had no answer as to why besides the CDC says to because they don't know how long natural immunity lasts.

Now we know it lasts longer than the vaxx.

Walt, hang in there. At least Omicron is a shadow of Alpha.

Bill Tozer

I posted this for link solely to verify this one sentence.

“Again, tow-trucks are reportedly declining to assist in their removal.”

‘Canada’s peaceful anti-mandate protesters keep on truckin’
Trudeau’s government has tried everything — except, you know, actually talking to the truckers

Don Bessee

Saw this one coming -


Don Bessee




from DonB's article at 7:21PM

"Her thing is that she sees Jews as white people, which is beyond stupid,"

Wait...they're not? I would guess that most are, Sammy Davis Jr. maybe not.

I guess the author is going to whip out some nose calipers and prove me wrong.

It's ridiculous that she's in trouble, or enough trouble to get thrown off of a show, but that's the world we live in now. In Crazytown, all humans are separated into identity groups, and they are strictly separated in a matrix of oppressed/oppressors. Contemporary critical theory? Sounds right. I guess the tricky thing is ranking them, but it probably also depends on context. TV is different than universities.

You may not be interested in Crazytown, but Crazytown is very interested in you.


Sweet, sweet music......

One Day Before That Radar Online Article Exposed the Zucker-Gollust Affair, Jeff Zucker Sent Out His Political Disinformation Officer Brian Stelter to Run a Hit Piece Against Radar Online. Plus: Is This a Fredo Revenge Porn Op?

Bill Tozer

We have entered dangerous territory now.

White House urges Spotify to censor content over COVID-19 'misinformation' concerns

"It's a positive step, but there's more that can be done," Psaki said of Spotify's decision to add content advisories to podcast episodes that discuss COVID-19.


Your trusted name in news.......

The company line from CNN right now is that they’re all “stunned.” But we’ve had:
-Chris Cuomo
-Cuomo/New Day producer is a pedo
-Jake Tapper’s producer is a pedo
-Jeffrey Toobin
-And now boss Jeff Zucker
Nothing to be “stunned” about. CNN is the home of sexual deviancy.

......some random Twitter.

Bill Tozer

Whoopie @ 8:29.

Agreed. I must be the only one who saw Whoopie’s POV clearly the first time. She gets a two week time out. The silver lining is that some of the lefty media talking heads are saying, “Hey! Slow Down! This cancel culture needs to stop. You are talking about Whoopi. She can say whatever she wants. Fine by me.

Whoopi words reflect once far left ideas that have over the years been crept closer to the mainstream view. That is, the Jews were once considered as a race, but they have been moved over into the whiteman box being, you know, rich and prosperous and....most importantly...the look like they are Y-T’s. Yes, I went there.

Reader’s Digest Version: Move the Jews, especially the NY Orthodox Jews, as a group of 3% of the population from the race category to the religious group category. So, Whoopi was right. I see a Black person and I see a Black person. I look down Broad Street and I see a Caucasian, I don’t know by looking if he/she is a Jew.

Longer version. Remember Rosanne Barr? She got into some cat fight with Valerie Jarret and said she looked like an organ grinders’s monkey or something after some back and forth. Anyway, Rosanne Barr, as crazy as she got, had not idea Valerie Garret was Black and neither did I. I never looked at Valerie and thought, “There is a Black Woman.” Not once. And neither did Rosanne. Otherwise, she would have never made reference to the monkey or ape? She was calling her a Minnie-Me....same what they called Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

Sometimes you can’t tell at first or second or third glance. Like Whoopi said, sometimes you got to dig a little deeper to find out. That’s where the rubber meets the road talk. Down to earth. Reality. And yes, people have done unthinkable evil to other people. The first man born killed the second man born.

Scott O

Add another thing to the list of what be ray-ciss:
Metal detectors!

"Superintendent Lewandowski also ordered the removal of all metal detectors for the 2021-2022 school year “after serious concerns about the racial equity impacts of using metal detectors.”"

Keep it up - the fact that the end result for black 'yoots' will be an even more unequal life-quality result by the time they reach adulthood is completely lost on these left-wing idiots.

Scott O

Free Whoopi!
I mean - free Ms Goldberg!
Can't see why they're going after her for making an idiot statement - unless it's because they're afraid folks might catch on that most of what she says isn't correct or intelligent.
I believe the Naht-zees were pretty much into this 'master race' stuff and they really, really didn't think highly of the folks from Africa, so yeah - it was mostly 'racial'.
But the chick blathers away on the show quite often with nonsense so why the time out now?
If she does leave, maybe she can team up with that guy who's leaving CNN to 'spend more time' with his not-girlfriend. They could do a podcast on Spotify!

Bill Tozer

The View is always in the news for leaks from disgruntled staffers. It’s how they settle their office politics and all. Always anonymous staffers driving the knife in deep. Heck, National Enquirer back in the day would give you $500 or more for a tip from behind the scenes 35 years ago. It’s bad management. No person in charge to take care of the “issues” and no disciple. The human business is a messy business.

If we were like them, someone could easily point out how a conservative established actress got fired for for far less. Ben Shapiro opened his arms and she is making movies for his growing empire. He will give Rogan a platform for sure. Those Jews go work hard.

Let’s face it. Whoopi stepped into it and revealed what is considered anti-Semitism…or more accurately, Semitism. And Whoopi is blind to it because she is submerged in the Race Culture and has been for years. Whoopi is the last to know.

What blows my mind more than anything is what happened to the formerly good reputation of the Anti Defamation League? The Lefties have taken it over. Now, they want to partner with the biggest Jew hater of them all, Rev Al Sharpton!!!!!!! He’s the guy whole riled up the Black people in New York against the Jewish merchants in the neighborhood and they went out and torched the Jewish manufacture’s building and killed three Jews. James Brown’s convict road manager. No wonder Whoopi ran to the ADL.

Bill Tozer

Whoopi Goldberg’s Co-Hosts ‘Furious’ At ABC For Suspending Her

The Estonian Fox

BT @6:38PM (Canada’s anti-mandate truckers)-

From the article, re "trash on the street":
"...but it was bagged and neatly piled for collection." Also, no arrests.

Just like our own BLM peaceful protests of the last 18 months, or the free stuff from the LA trains photo of 2 weeks ago.


‘Canada’s peaceful anti-mandate protesters keep on truckin’

The honking will continue until morale improves.

Bill Tozer

E Fox & Scenes

Now the government of Truckistan is stopping/blocking people from bringing food and water to Le Resistence. Even closing take outs in the area. Hope the Canadian honkers can do some recon missions, sneak through the lines, and bring back something from Tim Burtons.

Bill Tozer

Darn it. Tim Hortons, not Tim Burtons. Only an American would ever confuse the two. Opps.
No Timbits.



I was thinking about this race v. religion matter. My guess is that 'race' has more emotional mojo, easier to get people riled up. Admittedly, the Nazis viewed Jews as a race, but it's hard to use the belief systems of Crazytown 1.0 for human taxonomy. If religion can be used in that fashion we might as well throw Mormons in the race bucket...or Scientologists.

Religion didn't seem to be as much of a flag-waving concept until the monotheisms got cooked up. It was all a sort of wonderfully artistic mess.
...When the Moon is your god, I don't find it so odd, that's amore
although it's always been a way to choose up sides. There's always a way.

In-group favoritism has always been a thing, it's likely the natural state of humanity. Inventing and enforcing essentially blind interactions is a modern invention, always fragile.

The interesting innovation of Crazytown 2.0 is, I guess, out-group favoritism, systematically taught at a young age. More specifically, out-group favoritism by a single dominant group. Will it hold? It's never been tried before so I'll guess we'll see.

Imposed innovation of the public is always exciting, whether it's Russia after WWI, the French Revolution, or Akhenaten's conception of religion. The true believers (often young women for some reason) are an interesting class of people. High energy levels, meme feedback loops, maybe it's a way for young people to redirect parenting impulses into something more exhilarating.

Bill Tozer

COVID-19 school closures led to boom of support for school choice

Scott O

scenes - "Religion didn't seem to be as much of a flag-waving concept until the monotheisms got cooked up."
Naw - look how chimpanzee tribes operate. Yer with us or agin us and boy howdy do they put a beat down on the poor chimp that crosses the line. Religion doesn't even enter the picture. It seems the tribal cult was a thing going waaay back. A careful look at the history of the different religions show that some times it was a tolerant one and sometimes not but whether it was a single or multiple god setup had no bearing. If the society was powerful and wealthy and the average Joe was living pretty well, it seems the rules tend to be more lax. If the clan/group/sect/whatever was or felt isolated and threatened by the living conditions or other groups then things get a lot more rigid and harsh. The Israelites in Exodus, for example. Even the multi-theistic folks tended to have a main dude at the top of the god hierarchy. India has quite an array of worship idols/gods and depending on where you are in that country it can be fairly open to other religions or not. Often the people of India are depicted as being very peaceful and thoughtful of other ideas and cultures, but the news tells a different story on a regular basis.


I'm sure that Punchy's "Man of Integrity" has a compelling reason for keeping this guy around?

Biden Won’t Deport Illegal Immigrant Career Criminal Who Covered Union Station in Swastikas.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 7:54 am

There are two threats to BLM, Marxists, the Cultural Revolution, and Khmer Rouge’s Year Zero: the nuclear family and religion. Both are a real and present danger to the Statists. I would add the Roberta Karens and Stevens of the world, They go out of their way to attack, mock, ridicule, and denigrate religion fervently; Christianity being the number one target here and the Uyghurs living in the Xinjiang Zone abroad in China’s case.

Before the BLM Marxist co-founders’ goals where taken down, the thing which stood out most wad the over emphasizing the evils of the nuclear families that must be abolished.

Bill Tozer

Estonian Fox @ 4:31 am

"Just like our own BLM peaceful protests of the last 18 months, or the free stuff from the LA trains photo of 2 weeks ago"

The Union Pacific yard is quite the image of a 3rd World shithole. But look at the bright side. At least CA banned plastic straws!

Scott O

arty 9:44 - "I'm sure that Punchy's "Man of Integrity" has a compelling reason for keeping this guy around?"
He sure does have a reason. Biden hopes the guy scrawls even more swastikas around - the LSM will keep blaming Trump!
And idiots like Paul will keep believing them.
Gotta keep the narrative alive!

Bill Tozer

Where is Ottawa?


Someone asked me what "Feministic" wrote back on Jan 26 and 27 on TheUnion/viafoura commenting pages... here's a taste:

“Yes Gregory, I hear you! I hear that you’re entitled and incapable of being accountable. I wish I was more hopeful that this could change for you, but narcissistic personality disorder is difficult to treat. However, I do suggest you look into the practice of mindfulness and gratitude. You are responsible for how you show up in this world. ”


re: Gregory@12:43PM

"incapable of being accountable"

Odd for someone with a nom de newspaper to accuse you of that, but oh well.

Maybe we could gin up a brawl between the local 'feministics' and the county Left Handed Society. They could argue about who gets the rawest deal. The Feministic Fan Club could show up to cheer, since their champions possess something they want, while the opponents are merely gauche.

Whether or not it's County Employee Karen, you do have to wonder about the wisdom of electing any sort of activist to a government post. There's plenty to do just grinding through the work without the added overhead of imposing your good ideas on the world. Sadly, the activist-bees of the world just love them their microphones. God help us all.


The funny thing is that if it is Ms. Entitled, her diatribe, a Cartmanesque 'how dare you contest my authoritah!' really does ring true for "narcissistic personality disorder".

Another from Miss Information:
“ Sorry to disappoint, but all of your obvious assumptions are inaccurate…I had to look up what Grievance Studies Affair was, I’m not trained on critical race theory (although I am aware of it) and I don’t work for the county. Mindfulness is a practice that EVERYONE on this planet can benefit from, but feel free to spin it however you’d like. And Gregory, you put yourself out there enough that observations of your behaviors can be identified. I’m aware my response to you was critical, but so are these incidents happening at the BOS meetings, workshops, libraries, any county agency that doesn’t have their door locked! So, am I slandering your character? Or, am I speaking truths that for obvious reasons don’t settle well with you? But growth comes from self reflection. It’s okay to have opinions that are different from others. But the volatility and harm intentionally being caused towards others due to unfounded claims of civil rights violations is absolutely unacceptable. And do you think it’s normal behavior to demand transparency from county agencies and then conveniently leave out known truths when talking about your version of the incident so you can control and manipulate the narrative? I hope the people who are intentionally creating incidents in OUR public spaces realize we don’t hear your cause anymore. Your behavior overshadows anything you have to say. If you feel so strongly that your rights are being violated, and your obviously not getting anywhere at the county level, then take it up in Sacramento or DC…and if you don’t get anywhere there, maybe it’s because you have an inaccurate understanding of civil rights and violations. Is it hypocrisy when Clark proclaims “you are wasting tax payers money!”

This one was where she specifically said she didn't work for the county. If it is Ms. Natalie writing under a nom de net, it would be juicy to find out.

George Rebane

Gregory 250pm - Please copy this to 'Tangles ...' where the topic is presented.

Don Bessee

OK so you break our law get caught and deported and creepy grampa joe & the socialist greens wanted to give them half a million bucks but that got 64% of the public including swing voters saying no so now you go for amnesty BS -


Scott O

And I thought there were penalties for perjury in court.

"Axelrod also said no one at the Times harbored ill will toward Palin,..."

The 'Times' as in the New Yawk Times.
No one there had a single bad thought against Sarah Palin. Not one.
Hilarious. What would Gomer Pyle say about that?

Don Bessee

The pendulum has swung a bit back toward normal which means bad news for the socialist dems and creepy grampa joe -


Don Bessee

He really is that stupid -

Schumer falsely claims Supreme Court 'was all White men' until 1981, ignoring Thurgood Marshall
Marshall served on the Supreme Court from 1967 until 1991


Bill Tozer


Cop’s Son Wears ‘Thin Blue Line’ Mask. Teacher Snaps, ‘That’s Not The American Flag. That’s The New Confederacy Flag.’

Don Bessee

@635 If you think that the LE flag makes them crazy see what happens when you show the fire/le memorial black flag with a half blue half red stripe in the middle! Think susan sarandon. God Bless our First Responders! -


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