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31 January 2022


Scott O

Don B 6:00 - Oh Don, don't you know that T Marshall might have had black skin but his tongue just spoke white left-wing talk?
We have no proof that Marshall ever voted for Biden so there's another reason to believe he wasn't 'really' black.
Now - perhaps Biden once called Marshall "my boy" - that might give Marshall some cred as a black man...


Dear Young Biden Voters, Did You Really Think This Was Going to Happen?

"Biden doesn’t plan on forgiving any student debt, which is making some of his younger supporters anxious, with some even warning that a lot of voters might never cast a ballot again." (via WSJ):

I wouldn't worry .......there will be another raft of progressive promises in 24 that will have them back and barking like trained seals just certain this time that all their wishes will be granted....!


.....I wonder if this counts as a lie in Punchy World?

Sure do miss that young Roberta Cross....that strident young lass was always good for a chuckle.


re: student loans.

Dunno how you invent a debt jubilee without making a lot of other people mad. People who actually paid for college, those who didn't go to college because of expense, people going to college after the forgiveness (unless all 18 year olds get a big chunk of money from now on).

Besides the high cost, there are a lot of funny morale issues.

Of course, what with all the distance learning you sure could reduce the cost of education, but that'll never happen.

The real question is how to sunset protected-from-bankruptcy student loans and all of the ridiculous economic distortions you get. Revisiting the actual value (to society or even to the student) of a lot of newfangled academic disciplines wouldn't be a bad idea either. As school is the cutting edge of the Blue Revolution and there are so many iron rice bowls to keep full, I don't see either thing happening.

When Emperor, my own plan would be to vastly expand the concept of professional credentialing via various test regimes, expand the concept of the bar exam to a bunch of other disciplines. School optional. No doubt the sneaky Asian students would excel in that world also, leading to charges of raciss.


* " there are a lot of funny morale issues"

I mean 'moral', but really both apply.


The Bai Den clique must be expecting bad next week.....a need to send the proletariat into their unenlightened weekend with happy thoughts.

Here Is What's Behind Today's Stunning Payrolls Beat

"There has never been a January Seasonal Adjustment of this magnitude"

.....I wonder if this counts as a lie in Punchy World?


The Bai Den clique must be expecting bad next week.....a need to send the proletariat into their unenlightened weekend with happy thoughts.

Here Is What's Behind Today's Stunning Payrolls Beat

"There has never been a January Seasonal Adjustment of this magnitude"

.....I wonder if this counts as a lie in Punchy World?


Dunno how you invent a debt jubilee without making a lot of other people mad.

The best part of being Xho Bai can put him in any crazy action figure pose you want to!

Like a Gene Simmons KISS action figure!

They have made people mad.....the poor suckers who thought they were getting out from piles of college debt!

Crap.....sorry....only reference I could find!


re: Niglio X@i7:30

Naturally, whoever types Biden tweets sez:

"We created 467,000 jobs in January. That’s more than 6.6 million jobs since I took office."

Honestly, it's the kind of whopper you expect from any national politician. Nothing particularly Bidenesque about it.

No doubt, people that desire accuracy (like hedge funds) look only at the raw numbers. Any time you see the word 'adjusted' in a government stat, it's bullshit. The tendency (and pressure) to turn the knob a bit is just too strong.


No doubt, people that desire accuracy (like hedge funds) look only at the raw numbers.

No doubt.

Adjusted numbers are to be washed through Legacy Media...... more "Management of Perception Economics".

Rube fodder!


Cancel bait......

Aging Hippie Rockers Neil Young And Joni Mitchell’s Past Controversies Resurface Amid Spotify Feud

I haven't thought about Joni Mitchell since Jimmy Rabbit slammed the door in the face of the naive Irish gal who said she was one of her influences!

......Joni Mitchell?


The Ministry of Truth brings news from the Ministry of Peace.

State Dept.: Russia is going to launch a false flag attack as a pretext to invade Ukraine.

Reporter: What's your evidence?

State Dept.: I just gave it to you.

Reporter: No, you made an allegation.

State Dept.: Yes, that's the evidence.

Reporter: :|

Scott O

Can this woman top her own previous stupid remarks?
Sure she can:
"ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ: I believe that in a broad sense because when we toss out these big words, capitalism, socialism, they get sensationalized. And people translate them into meaning things that perhaps they don't mean. So to me, capitalism at its core, what we're talking about when we talk about that, is the absolute pursuit of profit at all human, environmental, and social cost. That is what we're really discussing."
The rest of it is probably just as bad. A complete moron completely adrift from reality.

Bill Tozer

We are surrounded by so much craziness on a daily basis that one could devote his life to deconstructing the follies of the Left and still not make a dent. I don’t choose to do that, but here are a few items in the news that represent peak stupidity, at least for today.

Well, I don’t have the energy to deconstruct every single crazy thing vomited out by the haters, so I will just take on Starbucks…..a place I have not frequented in years. Saw this last week and it does indeed affect me.

Ditto Bloomberg, Fortune, WSJ, Reuters, Business Today, etc. And it has been know since June, July, 2021.

Also, as the price of lumber soars, the price of paper cups goes up in tandem.
Long ago, a manger of a convince store told me the costs and money they make off on the soda dispenser machines. A big cup of Pepsi costs about three cents to fill, the disposal cup costs a nickel to a dime. They inventoried the cups, not the soda that goes into it. Paper cups were more expensive than styrofoam.

Blame evil billionaires! Ah, the Lefties went ape shit when Steve Shultz hinted about running for President. They shouted him down at every opportunity, got in his face with much vitriol, shouting his enters into the 2020 race would give Trump the victory. They hated him then, they hate him now….but still wait in line for their Starbucks. Go figure.


Posted by: scenes | 04 February 2022 at 08:46 AM

Remember the good old days when we didn’t care for “Alternative Facts”?

Bill Tozer

"You Ought to Own What You Said" - Sen. Kennedy Grills Another Biden Nominee

Bill Tozer

‘Pelosi Again Tells U.S. Athletes To Not ‘Speak Out’ Against Communist China As She Faces Backlash‘

“As I say, as I wish the athletes well, I do not encourage them to speak out against the Chinese government there because I fear for their safety if they do,” Pelosi said in-part.

“Do not risk incurring the anger of the Chinese government because they are ruthless,” Pelosi said. “I know there is a temptation on the part of some to speak out while they are there, I respect that. But, I also worry about what the Chinese government might do to their reputations, to their families.”

Don Bessee

Its a sad day for the ponytail of ignorance and his crew, slimeball avinati convicted of ripping off another client. The guy who cnn said would be a good presidential contender. LOL -



I remember when the "Usual Suspects" were all teary about the Newsome recall ......

During a photo-op recently at a stretch of Union Pacific railroad tracks in Los Angeles, Gov. Gavin Newsom expressed shock at the accumulated garbage: busted-open cargo containers, looted packages, cardboard boxes, and acres of trash. “I’m asking myself, what the hell is going on? We look like a third-world country,” he said.

How many baseballs to the dome do you figure that ol' Gavin took in college?

The Estonian Fox

Tulsi keeps the liberals awake.

On Tucker Carlson last night - Tulsi Gabbard called the attempts to censor podcast host Joe Rogan a threat to freedom.

Gabbard said freedom of speech, which she called “the fabric of our Constitution,” is under attack by elites that dislike what is being said. She distinguished the right to both speak and express oneself as the difference between “a democracy and a dictatorship.”

“We need to be looking for a Supreme Court justice who is committed and has a track record of upholding our Constitution, that’s it.”

No reference to needing a black woman to fill the vacancy.

Slogan for 2024 - "TNT - Tulsi 'n Trump" - for President & VP. (maybe in that order)

Bill Tozer

The Dem Dilemma: How to get rid of Kamala Harris. As DA of San Francisco to being AG of CA, Kamala along the way picked up no friends or avid supporters who had actually worked with her. Odd. Her Presidential campaign was a chaotic mess. I tend to believe Terry McAteer’s column describing his own son’s unpleasant perceptive of working on her campaign. Not flattering..
Her office as VP of the USA has the same results, even though she is surrounded by battle hardened vets of previous campaigns and know how chaotic and stressful being in the heat of a campaign can be. Yet, they head for the door…and it ain’t their first rodeo.

The common thread from San Fransico DA to the White House is the tale of most unhappy advisers and staff surrounding her and bailing in rather short order.
I reckon Harris does not endear loyalty amount those who know her best. It appears much more than misogyny and racism as an excuse. The problem appears to be the woman that looks back at her in the mirror….every single time.
‘Kamala Harris speechwriter joins growing list of resigning staffers’

The brightest emerging star to join Kamala and then bail was Synode Sanders. “Soon after, Harris adviser and chief spokeswoman Symone Sanders departed without announcing a new job.” Although I would disagree with everything Symone says, she is bright, articulate, and possess natural political and organization skills. Yes, Symone Sanders ran Bernie’s last Presidential Campaign (no relation) and all, but I figured I would see her move on up the Lefty Ladder…especially how she handled herself in front of cameras. But, nooo.

BTW, Symone was on the short list to become Baden’s press secretary. But, Biden picked the very wealthy Peppermint Patty instead. Heard MSNBC hired her. Never figured Symone Sanders would leave politics, showing what I know.

Hmmm. MSNBC? Opps. She never left the party machine. Mea Culpa


re: Kamala Harris.

So how exactly does she keep moving up through the ranks? She's a mediocrity as a public speaker and appears otherwise unaccomplished. Everyone who deals with her appears to dislike her. The public doesn't appear to like her. You don't need to be good at anything to get and hold public office, but at least you need to be good at marketing yourself.

Please no 'Willie' Brown jokes, it's a real question.

Is it possible that occasionally someone just lucks out over and over? Being partly black and female can't be enough.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe kissing mutha mullah ass again -


Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 1:47 pm.

Oh my. Scenes, I do not believe I have ever criticized you nor have you ever given me a reason to. I look forward to your perspective on a daily basis. But, with all your intelligence and seeing the big picture at all times, I am SHOCKED that you would post something as naive and out of touch as

“Is it possible that occasionally someone just lucks out over and over? Being partly black and female can't be enough.”

Newsflash in the Year Zero: Being partly black and female can be more than enough.

After commenting so much on the lowering/elimination of standards….you, of all people, know darn well that pigment and vagina is more than enough.

Ok, chastisement is over. I have been a naughty girl, send me to your room. :’

Bill Tozer

“Is it possible that occasionally someone just lucks out over and over?”

Yes. On occasion. Seen it before. Being in the right place at the right time and timing during events that are bigger than the individual. No Willie Brown jokes, but it would be interesting to find out how Kamala Harris positioned herself to be in the company of CA Assembly Speaker Willy Brown, arguably the most influential political in CA for that era. We all came from somewhere.

How did Kamala go from being a high school student in Toronto to the District Attorney of San Fransisco. I haven’t a clue. Never researched it. There was the Bay Area connection with, at one time, living around Berkeley was a youngin’ with two highly successful educated immigrant white collar parents, one a distinguished professor at Stanford or UC Berkeley and the other (Mom) a specialist in the medical profession.

As Kamala would say on her campaign for President, when asked a direct question about most any issue, “We need to have a conservation about that,” then walk away.

Michelle Obama likes her, so maybe Obama weighed in on Joe’s pick. Not a bad ally to have in the Dem circles. Even read today about speculation of having Michelle as the next VP pick. The bench is pretty thin and Hillary, ever the opportunist, smells an opening.

Don Bessee

Suppression of pesky facts that show the narrative is a failure -

CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo completely avoid Johns Hopkins study finding COVID lockdowns ineffective
ABC, CBS, NBC also ignored the anti-lockdown study



" Being partly black and female can be more than enough."

But damn, there's got to be someone (multiple someones) with better political skills, either wholesale or retail.

Even Palin had crowd skills to work with and a constituency. Bush Jr. was well-known for killing it in small groups even if he looked like a dunce on a big stage. Cheney was famous for pulling strings and collecting shrunken heads within the bureaucracy. Kamala ain't got nothin' so far as I can tell.

Either we are seeing the rare case of someone who flips heads twelve times in a row, or there's a rabbi(s) somewhere. She's some kind of ill-mannered Chauncey Gardner.


" Even read today about speculation of having Michelle as the next VP pick."

My guess is that she's the emergency Presidential pick.

Utterly unaccomplished but she's simply the public face of a machine. Somebody else writes the lines and she appears smart enough to take coaching for the occasional ad-lib situation. My strong opinion is that the Democrats will feel obligated to run a black person as President or VP from here on. No choice, mark my words.

A large part of the country would pee their pants for the opportunity to vote for the author of "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community".


An interesting way to build a list of wrongthinkers.


Posted by: scenes | 04 February 2022 at 01:47 PM

There is no Kamala Harris without Willie Brown so "Willie" jokes will never be far behind. He pushed her into things and sometimes in politics simply being seen moving upward makes the process self-reinforcing. Without Willie Brown Kamala Harris is a strip mall ambulance and small claims hustler!

Props to her......she made the most of the Peter Principle.

I'm more interested in Willies former babysitter with the suggestive name who is currently warming a chair in the SF mayors office!

Don Bessee

Why wiki is worthless and the scams the left will play, naw the nomination is all about legal qualifications right? -

Politico reported what it considered to be a "pattern" of changes, noting that Jackson's page was edited to "paint her in a more favorable light for a liberal audience, while the pages for other potential nominees — South Carolina federal district court Judge J. Michelle Childs and California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger — were altered to make them potentially less appealing to a left-leaning audience."


Bill Tozer

Scenes re: Harris

I am glad you are human. I used to say something along the lines that since I have heard everything and nothing should surprise me anymore concerning the antics of the left, am once again am surprised.

I hear you. Looking at Kamala, it’s now hard (almost inconceivable) to wrap your head around why she was picked as our VP. She wasn’t picked to carry CA, a place where polling had her 5th among Dem candidates.
Yes, you got surprised. And trying to use logic….well, it just not compute. Remember when everything was the ‘Biden-Harris Administration’? Biden or his string pullers directed all in his administration to refer to the duo as the Biden-Harris Administration, with ole Joe himself occasionally calling it the Harris-Biden Administration.

To take a more broader view, the VPs usually go out there and christen Naval vessels or cut ribbons somewhere. They are kinda the invisible men no one pays much attention to. Pence had is role and had his good old P-G humor and a very rare commodity, humbleness. Hillary picked that guy who looked like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas…Kane was his name I believe. Bill Clinton picked Al Gore, which did not make conventional sense at the because both were Southerners. And Gore knew his way around the Senate. So does Biden, so he did not come in needing someone to show him how Washington works.

As a one term placeholder, a logical person would think that Joe would have picked someone with a personality, charisma, political skill, and ready to jump in and take over, considering Biden’s age and all. But, what do I know.

The biggest support I have ever heard about Kamala Harris was from the the Union commentators. They were quite impressed with her questioning of Brett Kavanaugh and thought she would be an excellent AG. They thought she did one fantastic job grilling Judge Kavanaugh. There, I am being fair and balanced.

Yes, every once in a while I get surprised that I got surprised. Apparently you did too. Or, perhaps the bigger issue is not Biden’s VP and how she maneuvered into being one heart beat away from the President, but more of a reflection of Joe Biden’s broken picker. He has been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy decision his entire career….and most major issues as well. He has a broken picker as evidenced by Harris.

Let’s not forget that he promised to pick a VP based solely on pigment and possession of female genitalia.. To be even more fair, I will call both Biden and Harris perfect for the job of Senators, but not as people with the skills to run the whole country, not to mention leaders of the Free World, pun intended.

And now Biden is repeating his same mistake of boxing himself in by declaring our next person on SCOTUS will have dark(er) pigment and a squeeze box.

Yes, it does make sense in a world without order, roots, or brakes.

questionniglio jr.

Posted by: questionniglio | 04 February 2022 at 07:11 PM!

"Props to her......she made the most of the Peter Principle."

Props to her......she made the most of the "Willie" Principle.

I don't know....maybe its been a long day!

Don Bessee

So the wanna be blm who hit a cop in the face knocking the body cam off and subsequently getting hit back and cuffed is now doing the sharpton revisionist history. Thats so 2 years ago.... -

'It was terrifying': 13-year-old girl punched by Phoenix police speaks out on arrest


Bill Tozer

Creepy Porn Lawyer convicted…on top of his previous conviction. Boy, did The Creepy Porn lawyer ever schlong Stormy.

Bill Tozer

Wa Compost does it again.

Pathetic WashPost Dubbed Last Dead Isis Chief an ‘Austere Religious Scholar'

Bill Tozer

Good to see a real old time reporter not taking the government line.

"This is derived from information known to the U.S. government," the State Department spokesman said. "Information that we have declassified."

"OK, where is it? Where is this declassified information?"

"I just delivered it," Price said.

"No," said the reporter. "You made a series of allegations and statements... That's not evidence. That's you saying it. That's not evidence, I'm sorry... I would like to see some proof that you can show that shows that the Russians are doing this... I remember WMDs in Iraq.”

Bill Tozer

Anybody heard from Walt? Hang in there, buddy.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe just funded the terrorist across the globe by trying to appease those mutha mullahs -


Don Bessee

GOOD people are not going to empower the chi com propagandists and i hope NBC loses its shirt -


Scott O

Don - "GOOD people are not going to empower the chi com propagandists..."
Yep - and then there's this type:
"“And who are we to criticize China’s human rights records when we have ongoing attacks by the agents of the state against unarmed citizens, and we’ve got assaults on the voting rights of our people of color in various states in this country."
Hey Bosco - who the hell is 'we'? Maybe you, but not me.
Where did they find this disgusting piece of filth?
And listen to this:
"I think it’s notable that we did have a Uyghur participant lighting the torch..."
Gosh - if only Hitler had a Jew help with the Olympic flame in '39 we could applaud him!

Bill Tozer

Not a bad piece written by a socialist in the Left Leaning country of Canada: the dangers of the broad bush. A point of agreement for those looking at the horizon. The pendulum swings both ways.

‘Smearing an Entire Protest Movement as Fascistic Will Come Back to Haunt My Fellow Leftists’

Scott O

Ah, sorry - turn the 9 upside down. Of course it was '36.

Scott O

BT 7:30 - The guy that wrote that essay is correct to a point, but he's stupidly naive.
"I am writing this piece to ask Canadians like me whether we want our future protests to be judged and covered by standards applied to the truckers today."
This poor putz is apparently spending too much time with his stamp collection.
Of course the standards will change. This dude must get old copies of Reader's Digest from the 50's for his reading material.
Hey Stuart - try keeping up with current events from the last 20 years.
There's always a different standard for the left than for the right.
You can have the CCP fund your "climate change" stupidity and the news services will never try to tie them to your cause.
What a maroon!

Scott O

Why don't I have a couple of new Bugattis?
Hint - I can't print money! Well, duh - but wait...

Yahoo Finance
Why states need help from Washington. Hint: they can't print money

Did you need the hint? Do all states need the money?
Why can't small towns in Nicaragua just print money?
Why can't we all just print our own money?
If it weren't for those old grumps at the Treasury Dept we'd all be trillionaires!
Is it any wonder why our debt is going through the roof?

Bill Tozer

Well Scott @ 7:49 pm
At least you got the major gist of the article. It was tough sledding to get through some parts. I kept thinking of the Senate filibuster and the effort to have it removed. Be careful what you wish for. We always need to look at the Lefty mind to remind us of the perils. Canada is not the USA. The similarities, however, are both want all those in government to toe the party line….or else. Both countries expect the minority in either legislative body to be the vocal opposition, but in Canada they expect the vocal opposition to come into the fold. Like checks with no balances.
Perhaps you might enjoy this one mo’ better. Was going to put it under ‘Newspeak’ but have failed to find the proper post

Heather McDonald, 2018, at Claremont McKenna College and UCLA: good read. It has not got better.

‘The Hysterical Campus’

Scott O

BT 9:13 - Ah, well - Heather McDonald. I've read enough of her stuff already to know she's a person I could have a rational conversation with.
That other guy is just silly. He's just barely intelligent enough to observe that the trucker protest is being smeared by the Canadian news media and Trudy but but waaaaay too left wing to understand that there is zero chance of any left wing protest to be treated the same. That example he gave of the peace march was ancient history. Has no relationship to today. As for the campus scene - it has gotten worse for the most part. Follow the Power Line blog on what's going on in Law Schools in the US.

Ralph Underglass

What a creep.



Just another single-issue bomb throwing crazy old man living in Dogpatch.

Like Paul Emery, it's such a common condition that perhaps it's a matter of DNA or declining brain function. In the way that young women make the most fervent revolutionaries, angry old men make the best sedentary slogan shouters.

The worst crime committed is not being wrong, but being boring. It's a tendency everyone should watch but these guys are a lost cause.

Bill Tozer

For a change of pace, a look back on Medieval Universities.


It is interesting to me that some of the oldest (first) and most prestigious colleges founded in the colonies were seminary schools, as evidenced by the universities founders’ own words, writings, and dedication statements. They made no bones about it.

Bill Tozer

For a change, university education in South Africa.

‘Going South: Life at the World’s Most Progressive University’


"most prestigious colleges founded in the colonies were seminary schools,"

My guess is that in Europe that is practically 100% true.

On a related note, I was considering the idea of setting up a will that pushed all the money into a school and was browsing through non-profit 990 forms (via ProPublica).

Two amusing things I ran into.

. The primary consultant for St. Thomas Aquinas College fund raising (in CA, I like the cut of it's jib) is named Kimberley Begg. Of course, they only spent $88k on on fund raising, so you have to stretch your dollars in that area. (The Dean makes $136k, small endowment).

and, what I consider it's polar opposite...

. The Dean at Bryn Mawr makes $555k, huge endowment (and I don't mean physical attributes), and they have the gumption to answer: " Does the organization discriminate by race in any way with respect to:... b. Admissions policies?" as 'no'", along with all the similar questions. You know damned well the place is full of affirmative action and preference filters of all types.

Bill Tozer

What Matters Most to Nations and Peoples?

The Great Divide

Scott O

It's the Democrat Way. A tax. That will solve everything.
Could someone ask this man when they will pass the "voter fee"?
Let's go after law-abiding citizens - that'll show those street punks!
If this isn't struck down by the first court it comes to on a Constitutional legal challenge then you know California has gone into a hole it will never come out of.


re: Scotto@10:03AM

The brilliant part is that the money goes directly into an anti-gun group's mitts.

It not only keeps a feedback loop running but it's a dominance display against the gun owners.

Insulting and self-perpetuating, there's a genius in a thing like that.


Please, please please, no one tell Keach the secret password to get into *the* sandbox.


"Please, please please, no one tell Keach the secret password to get into *the* sandbox."

Sorry. I already done and dusted it.

Somebody has to post all the DRUMPF FASCIST BLEEGLETY BLARG posts and Paul is busy putting together a bit of viral magic for the county.

Scott O

scenes - "Insulting and self-perpetuating, there's a genius in a thing like that."
You got that right. To start with, insulting to a citizens intelligence.
"First, it’s a fee, it’s not a tax, and I won’t go into the details about what the difference is, but the reality is that in this country, there have been taxes on guns and ammunition since at least 1919..."
Of course he won't into the difference.
Taxes on guns and ammo is not the issue, here. This is the city saying you have to pay a fee to exercise a Constitutional right.
The funny part is that pretty quickly folks will take note of the "disparate impact" on the BIPOC community and by the time a case gets to a court, the city will inform the judge that the case is moot due to the city quietly shelving the whole deal.

Bill Tozer

Scott 0 gun tax

True dat. The anti-gun bigwigs and the usual Move On.Org types will say, “Hold your horses! We don’t to go with this case. The wrong case to go for precedent, high probability of losing. Withdraw it, and let it disappear as mist in the morning sun. Need a better case.”
New York can’t get their anti-transporting (driving in NYC) with firearms in your trunk of you car…going to the shooting range….case dropped. The city removed the law, thought it was all behind them, but the pro-2nd Amendment guys and dolls are pushing and pushing it to trial anyway, ROFLMAO. First, they proved they had standing. Then The Bench has ruled the plaintiffs can move their case forward despite the law being reminded. Standing AND right to bring it to trial. Discovery. A case with big ramifications for the anti-gun wingnuts,

Bill Tozer

“Somebody has to post all the DRUMPF FASCIST BLEEGLETY BLARG posts and Paul is busy putting together a bit of viral magic for the county.”

Here! Pick me, pick me! I will do Paul’s job. It’s easy.

George, do you agree with what your Pubber buddy Ted Cruz said , and I quote, ………….?

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and the marxists enjoy the fruits of their efforts to destroy society -



re: BillT@1:05PM

Here's a fun game, we need to find a way to gamble on it.

Go to the search box and enter (including the quotes):

Paul Emery "so george"

There are literally pages and pages of hits.

You have to wonder if he has a "So George" key on his keyboard. Maybe cell phones have "So George" as a suggested choice for practically anything.

At the very least, I expect a 'sogeorgeniglio' to make an appearance.


No doubt this will get panned by PE and his "fringe friends." Being that it's from TownHall. Dr. Rebane you're in Nevada County right? This make any local news?

Blue Lives Matter "flag" is the new "Confederate Flag..."

Don Bessee

Ya @226 funny how no local coverage but its everywhere -


Don Bessee

You can bet this will end up in front of the scotus -



"This make any local news?"

A quick look at The Union and Yubanet sez 'no'.

It would be a really wonderful question for the editor in each case.

Of course, we did find out that Diego Rivera was here once for a week or so in 1930. Next up will be a hard-hitting expose on Charles Dawes.

Don Bessee

You would think with the juicy video the locals would have been all over it -


Bill Tozer

Gentlemen, gentlemen. If I may shamelessly draw your attention to the first comment on the following link, you may find that the first comment two days ago was posted right in the Union editor’s face by some deplorable named Biker Bill, a brute, a beast, a person who does not play well with others.

Somebody has to stay ahead of the curb and notify the arrogant lefties what is going on in their back yard. Thanks, Biker Bill and his Smooth Movements.

Don Bessee

Now thats funny, can you say karma? -

Chinese Olympics fans erupted on social media, furious that California-born skater Zhu Yi defected to China for the games but finished in a disastrous dead last place during her debut for Team China.

Yi, who gave up her U.S. citizenship to become a Chinese citizen so she could compete for the communist government’s genocide Olympics, finished with the lowest score for the entire event in Beijing on Saturday, the Daily Mail reported.


Don Bessee

Dont ya love it when people who have no kids tell us whats best for the kids -

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson described the presence of children playing in bouncy castles at the Freedom Convoy demonstration as “disturbing” in a video interview with CTV News on Sunday.

Watson is 60, unmarried, and without children.


Mr. Paul’s Stand-in

So George, you are fine with starving of millions of Canadians as Prubber Ted Cruz calls for? I assume you agree with committing genocide on a foreign nation and NATO ALLy

Yes or no! Do you agree with Ted Cruz that we should murder millions of Canadians?
Trumpt is the biggest loser since…since…..Taft …or THerdore Rossevit..108 YeaRS

George Rebane

Yes, for the record, we live in Nevada County and a stone's throw from the Rude Center.

Don Bessee




“The state preference for BLM riots over the truckers just goes to show that the BLM and antifa riots of 2020 were government policy. State sponsored violence.”

Bill Tozer

Randy @ 2:26 pm.

Good link. On Fox and Friends now? Well, Gilmore tried to keep it under wraps to buy them time over the weekend to jump on it Monday morning when everybody comes back to work. Who knows, maybe the legal dude or the District spokesperson was on vacation…or down with COVID or out of service. No matter, the cat got of the bag quick enough. All those pocket phones sending recordings direct a local Sac evening news station. JUST IN: We have a breaking story about teacher….

Oh my. Darn those kids who actually know how to use those little handheld gismos. “Mom, you won’t believe what just happened in class! I could not believe what was happening….The teacher was like screaming for twenty minutes at Johnnie and we are all sitting there thinking this cannot be real and…”

Image those first frantic calls left on the school’s answer machine and the District Office’s message service left unanswered with ‘Our office is currently closed. Our office hours are’…….open again Monday.

Images the firsts calls to the cell phones.


Clownworld Chronicles: The Story With Everything Edition.

".. the lithium pulled from the ground here could fuel batteries for electric vehicles sold in the United States."

"Some activists fighting a massive lithium mine project are angry over the involvement of an environmental group they say espouses discriminatory views about transgender people."

"But beyond its environmental agenda, Deep Green Resistance also identifies as a “radical feminist organization.”"

"Indigenous activists from the region say DGR’s positions on transgender and nonbinary people are discriminatory,"

" Now its views on gender identity has left a group of Indigenous activists without a voice in the legal battle about an open-pit mine on land they say is sacred to their people."

"Some Indigenous opponents say the future mine also would destroy a site they hold sacred because their ancestors were massacred there in 1865 by the U.S. Cavalry.

"“Max Wilbert is a traveling protestor who will do anything to advance the mission of his organization to ‘deindustrialize and depopulate society’"

"“It’s frustrating to me. I want to talk about the murder of the planet,” Jensen said."

The views espoused by Deep Green Resistance about gender run counter to the well-established scientific consensus surrounding the health benefits of treating gender dysphoria,"

"“Okay, hands up everyone who predicted that when Big Brother arrived, he’d be wearing a dress, hauling anyone who refuses to wax his ladyballs before a human rights tribunal, and bellowing ‘It’s Ma’am!’” the essay began."


Hey....where'd faux Keachie go? He was fun!


Ummm... and now for the rumors behind the news... that substitute teacher in the news sure looks a *lot* like... Doug Keachie.

Bll Tozer

re: “that substitute teacher “

Yep, severe back pain and being on strong painkillers for too long will make ya go off the deep end.

Congrats Douglas. You are going global. Just give it a couple of days.


Posted by: Gregory | 06 February 2022 at 10:19 PM Keach may have popped his main spring at a kid while he was substitute teaching?

Be still my ♥️ heart!

Still an awfully odd coincidence that someone claiming to be Keach shows up for the first time in a year and a half concurrent with this.....

Douglas Keachie
In addition to that I have not substitute taught anywhere for the last four years.
In addition to that I added my own FAKE WEDDING review to the website located above. I have to thank whoever first brought it up for bringing that antique to the surface. I am in the process of getting the listing for me taken down. I no longer do weddings. The ones I did before November 2018, were all charities cases. Did each one for $100 per wedding. Now for some real meat.

Doctoring is a huge and vast field, such that there are GP's who can handle basic stuff & point a person in the general direction of a specialist who may be able to handle what ails them, beyond the simple stuff. That specialist may in turn point the ill person towards yet another sub-specialist, to get a good handle on what is needed.
To think that all doctors are equal, is just plain silly. To think that Dr Rand Paul, an average ophthalmologist is equivalent to, Dr Fauci, a world famous infectious disease expert, in the area of infectious diseases, is just plain silly. Dr Paul has done nice volunteer work in Central America, but no longer practices in the USA.

I am indigenous to this planet. As for the injustices, 50% off all governmental fees, taxes, permits, college tuitions. etc., for all those with any form of DNA related to the past injustices, to go on until their is general equalization of family wealth across all DNA's.

Trump-A-Non-Sense Trollecks and Fades, would rather risk 1 chance in 3 of long term nasty effects from Covid, and the older they get, up to 1 chance in 10 of death. They'd rather have those odds than the one's known from the vaccines. Me, I'll take the miniscule odds of bad effects from the odds of being vaccinated, over the bad odds from not being vaccinated.
Trollecs and Fades must lose their shirts with every visit to Vegas or Reno. They don't believe in doing or learning from the science of statistics, or the non-junk medical sciences.
We are both boosted, but even with "good" medical insurance, our deductible is $150/DAY in a hospital/per person. We can't afford any more Covid induced debt. What's your deductible?
The Wheel of Time moves on, for everyone. You too will grow old, and your immune systems will be shot to pot, someday, and the virii may figure out how to attack youthful immune systems too.

Good luck and have fun! Fauci Keachie rides again.

Ralph Underglass

blood on the saddle, eh?


Posted by: Douglas Keachie | 06 February 2022 at 11:35 PM

I am in the process of getting the listing for me taken down.

Well thank god for that! It would be a tragedy if someone thought less of you.


"As for the injustices, 50% off all governmental fees, taxes, permits, college tuitions. etc., for all those with any form of DNA related to the past injustices,"

I kind of like this idea.

Just imagine who gets the discount. The French (Gauls) certainly have a case against the Italians. North Africans owe a boatload of money to Europeans due to the Barbary slave trade, practically any Russian is owed some Keachie Bucks, those transported to Australia probably needs some baksheesh from more recent immigrants, in places like Brazil or Mexico you'll have to figure out who is who (Pantone charts?) to work out the funds flow. The Russians have been invaded by Sweden, Germany, France, the US (sorry, 'intervention'), so V Putin should be able to drink out on that for years.

Considering the steppe tribes playing havoc for centuries, Central Asians probably owe some megabucks to Iran, Iraq, Eastern Europe, China. The Turks are on the hook for Greece but the Greeks are on the hook for most of the Middle East. Spain owes money to most of the New World.

Honestly, I can't think of a better way to bring the politics of a penitentiary to every town, but it'll be exciting. We'll all have our own TV room and keep contraband in our prison wallets.

Scott O

scenes 7:36 - Ya beat me to it. This comes from the left's world view that all white folk have frolicked and gamboled for eons whilst the 'others' have toiled and sweated under the cruel yoke of Bull Conner, Jefferson Davis and in the future George Jetson.
My mother's paternal family have Slavic blood and we all know what dirty little word the Slavic race gave birth to.
And don't even get me started about the Irish on my father's side.
Until I have reached a certain yet-to-be-determined income, I wants me reparations now!

Chester the AV Man

“Doctoring is a huge and vast field”. I like to play doctor with those who have suffered DNA injustice and neighborhood girls in my tree fort. Care to see my Jig Wiggler?
Ah, the doctor is in.


Posted by: scenes | 07 February 2022 at 07:36 AM

Look....Faux Keach wants to feel good about liking negroes.....and you damn well better understand that! If you think you can just waltz in here and screw up the've got another thing coming.


"Faux Keach wants to feel good about liking negroes"

Well, that's boring. If you always mean 'black people' when you say 'injustice', just say so.

The real tragedy (seriously) about the whole situation is that the most likely side effect of targeted reparations, targeted affirmative action, targeted media, all to one special group, is going to be the opposite of what you are pushing for.

It's a thing I can smell on the wind out there and it didn't have to happen.


It's interesting how automobiles appear to be the Left's weapon of choice now.

I guess that Dodge Challenger gave them ideas.

The real story is not that this happens, but the differential in news coverage. That is what shows who is in the driver's seat.

Scott O

scenes - " going to be the opposite of what you are pushing for."
What the lefty whiteys are 'pushing for' is feeling superior to you and alleviating their white guilt.
You didn't think they are pushing for better lives for poor blacks in Chicago?


Posted by: scenes | 07 February 2022 at 08:32 AM

Well, that's boring.

It's Faux Keach.....I'm sure he will be just as boring as Real Keach.


Aaah, now here is the brilliant bit.

You can pretty well assume that urban people are more 'progressive' while traditional people are more rural and suburban. It might partly be the result of a need for more rules as self-employment disappears and population density goes way up. get decades of wealth moving to cities, largely due to financialization of the economy. Productive assets cluster away from private ownership and towards megacorps held in funds owned by public pension plans. A tidy system.

Now we get to see more and more of step two, control of centrally owned assets moving away from profit motive and towards political weaponization. Larry Fink/BlackRock ESG investing is a canonical example, but I did like this one...


Scotto: "scenes - " going to be the opposite of what you are pushing for."
What the lefty whiteys are 'pushing for' is feeling superior to you and alleviating their white guilt."

I wasn't thinking about leftywhiteys, there's no explaining Crazytown, but the rightywhiteys, who outnumber them. I'd say that the most likely result of the diversity religion will be a movement away from race-blindness and towards philias/phobias.

If the whole point of the exercise was to get 2/5 of the white population to idolize their darker brethren and the other 3/5 to distrust and avoid them, I'd say that modern Leftist politics has achieved it's aim as that is the likely long-term result.

Scott O

scenes - "If the whole point of the exercise was to get 2/5 of the white population to idolize their darker brethren..." Yeah, idolize at a distance. At least half of the white idolizers wouldn't dream of ever actually hanging with the homies.
Witness all the smug lefty white idolizers camped out in the whitest parts of California they can find and still appear to be in Hips-ville.
Not that I blame them white lefty grifters - gotta hang where the money is. And it's waaaay safer to boot.
As scenes points out - the 'integration' push from the 60's is pretty well dead. Various forms of tribalization and factional in-fighting has/is/will be happening and increasing. The worst of it is since the left always believes the economy is a zero sum game, they'll continue to act that way and become the jackals and hyenas and vultures all squabbling over the carcase.

Bill Tozer

Dems screwing over the po folks again.

California rooftop solar proposal sparks firestorm

Bill Tozer

Two White Students Were Named And Blamed For Racist Messages. A Black Student Was Just Charged

George Rebane

Administrivia - for continuance of the above reparations thread, please see the most recent Scattershots.


re: BillT@10:00AM

Hey, these guys are pretty fast. It's already on their list.


re: rooftop solar.

Well, good thing the gubmint doesn't merely distort the market, it whipsaws it. I would guess there's some new activists-with-good-ideas getting their one cent in, it's a type of person that exists everywhere I'm afraid. Any competent engineer would steer clear as promoting reality is the quick way to get fired.

Of course, without a bunch o' batteries ($$$$), you're not offgrid, so it's purely an economic decision.

From the article:

"Cook stressed that the CPUC needs “to start from scratch and ask the question, how do we deal with the fact that low-income families are paying too much for power, and they don’t have access to solar?”"

Jeesh, that's just exactly the question I would ask. Just why do poor people not have a solar panel on their roof? Is there something wrong with them?

The whole deal is a mystery to me. No doubt solar facilities scale, it's cheaper to build 1 big one than umpteen small ones and I doubt there's any reliability that umpteen small ones brings to the table. If you can make the business case, stick 1000 acres of the thing somewhere where the sun actually shines on a regular basis.

Scott O

scenes - "stick 1000 acres of the thing somewhere where the sun actually shines on a regular basis."
That would barely be a start. Remember all that pristine desert we had to save for the desert tortoise and the one-eyed Tarzana Lizard?
Turns out we were saving it for the hot tubs and Teslas in Malibu.
The green weenies and idiot leftists are just beginning to try to grapple with a reality the rest of us saw coming years ago. This whole green energy debacle was promised to save us money and now that the truth is dawning on the slow learners, the food fight breaks out.
That was the best line:
"Cook stressed that the CPUC needs “to start from scratch and ask the question, how do we deal with the fact that low-income families are paying too much for power, and they don’t have access to solar?”"
That's probably the first thing school kids need to ask when they learn about electricity.
'Cause once you solve that problem, everything else just falls into place.

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