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31 January 2022



"That would barely be a start"

Oh, you could probably run a small town or something. If you had storage enough for nights and/or cloudy days of course.

I think you need something like 50 sq miles of solar to equal a nuke plant in average output, and then you still have the storage problems.

The thing they never talk about is how little energy people need to use to go all solar/wind if you add heat, transportation, A/C, hot water to the mix. Light 'n TVs are easy. Packing folks together always ends up being part of the plan. Apartments, mass transit, the Soylent Green Whopper. We'll probably need body heat to warm the buildings.

Don Bessee

He is on to something there -

Sen. Rand Paul: Democrats have overplayed their hand, will 'lose the public' over COVID-19 mandates
Kentucky senator said it's 'no longer a right-left issue'



Bill Tozer

‘How Green Energy Fantasies Have Put The World At The Brink Of War’


Don Bessee

Gee that only took a week while the rest of the world was watching the videos -



Bill Tozer

'Exclusive: Whistleblower Videos Show Systemic Issues With Pennsylvania Elections'


Don Bessee

Late to the party again -



Don Bessee

No big brother from the irs after all -

The IRS won't make you verify your identity with facial recognition after all



Bill Tozer

Well, if they aired all those reports from around the world instead of going 24/7 unhinged on Orange Man bad and CNN being the actual threat to democracy, then maybe viewers would not be voting with their remotes.

'Liberal Media Scream: Stelter says foes lying about dying CNN'


Lying and dying. I won't hold my breath waiting for a deathbed confession.

Don Bessee

I guess she never heard of california -



Don Bessee

Talk about being used and abused in the chi com way -




BillT: "‘How Green Energy Fantasies Have Put The World At The Brink Of War’"

It's a funny thing, but it makes sense when you consider the business opportunities there are in making things worse. Lots of non-profit work, gubmint work, giving speeches work, all for status and lucre. The only thing 'green' about a lot of it is the color of the money.

You do have to admire the basic concept.
. Declare an energy source as dirty
. "We'll Replace It With SomethingOrOther"
. Shut down the dirty energy source
. Hope that something replaces it.
. Ooops

All you really need to do is make clean energy more cheaply than dirty energy. Sadly, that's an (not trivial) engineering problem rather than a giving speeches problem.

Bill Tozer

It’s official. Jonah Goldberg joins CNN as commentator


Bill Tozer

Angry, Defiant Stacey Abrams Is The ‘New Normal’

“Mind you, of everyone in the photo at the school, Abrams, as a plus-sized Woman of Color, was the only one who would appear to be at high risk of severe Covid-related illness. She gambled with her life, and the lives of those around her, anyway. That tells you everything about Democrats and their professed fealty to “the science.””


Bill Tozer

Aha. Bingo! Police find and arrests Canada’s ‘small fringe’ that holds 'unacceptable views'

Exclusive: Winnipeg car ramming suspect identified as Antifa member


Don Bessee

Note to the gov of NY about shit hole cities and their crime waves -



Don Bessee

Talk about a couple of usual cop haters creating a phony 'group' Reich, Halstead oy vey. Dont run at me attacking with a knife. -

The event was organized by members of Street Care and Nevada County Harm Reduction, with hopes to hold similar events in the future.

Nice buffet, i guess it suits their demographic -

Herbal first aid kits, bottled water, sleeping bags, Narcan, fentanyl testing strips, snacks, coffee and burritos were among some of the supplies and treats offered to those in attendance of the event.

From Lorraine Reich -

∎ Establish a 24/7 CAHOOTS-style Crisis Response Team https://whitebirdclinic.org/what-is-cahoots/.

∎ Create more housing, resources and support services.

∎ Fund more mental health and drug treatment centers.

∎ Establish policy for deputies to take bi-annual interactive training for people in crisis, including training in implicit bias and racial profiling.

∎ Eliminate officers who do not follow the law or training.

∎ Review and update Sheriff’s Use of Force policies and procedures to be compliant with AB392.

∎ Create collaborative partnerships between law enforcement and the community.

∎ Instill a guardian mentality for crisis situations rather than a military response.

∎ Require dispatchers to have minimum four hours mental health training bi-annually to recognize calls involving people in crisis.

∎ Drug testing of deputies within four hours following use of force incidents involving injury or death.

∎ Mental health testing of deputies prior to hiring and regular/ongoing testing.

∎ Prompt release of all records following use of force incidents (AB1421).

∎ Immediate implementation of body cameras.

∎ Video link to the Community Oversight Task Force presentation on the Sheriff’s Department: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBvUUS8wN0k

Take Action: Join the Celebration of Life of Sage Crawford and lives lost to law enforcement violence from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday at Robinson’s Plaza in Nevada City. Speakers, music, free food! More information at StreetCARE Mobile Crisis Collective. #peersupport #grassvalley #spiritpeerempowerment #streetcare or contact at: StreetcareMC@gmail.com.




Bill Tozer

Don @ 8:11 pm

If nothing else, the free food will draw some.


re: DonB@8:11PM

Oh well, as the campaign signs said, it's the 'Reich' Stuff.

You can certainly make the argument for bodycams, although juries have to learn more about the real world outside of their comfy chairs, harden up a bit. OTOH, universal surveillance (where this is headed) has a larger downside than any gains in truthtelling I think.

It's funny how the folks pushing the most for police bodycams are first in line to not allow cameras in a classroom, but consistency is never a strong suit. It's really all about power.

Bill Tozer

“It's funny how the folks pushing the most for police bodycams are first in line to not allow cameras in a classroom, but consistency is never a strong suit. It's really all about power.”

Bingo! We have ourselves a winner.


Oh Tater.......


Bill Tozer

'Biden agenda dead, dead, dead'
by Byron York



A Team Blue notion:


and a Team Blue chess move:


Gotta love it.


...to be fair, the wokesters at GoFundMe changed their mind and decided to actually refund the money after a bunch of uproar.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is running a head shop now -

Blackburn demands answers regarding reports of Biden's taxpayer-funded crack pipe distribution
'Government-funded drug paraphernalia is a slap in the face' to drug-ravaged communities, said Blackburn

The Washington Free Beacon initially reported on the program, noting that the department would prioritize applicants in "underserved communities" as defined under one of President Biden's executive orders. An HHS spokesperson reportedly told the Beacon that the grants would fund smoking kits with pipes for users to smoke crystal methamphetamine, crack cocaine and "any illicit substances."

The grant document references Biden's executive order 13985, titled "Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government."



Bill Tozer

...to be fair, the wokesters at GoFundMe changed their mind and decided to actually refund the money after a bunch of uproar

Actually there is more to the uproar than just an uproar. GoFundMe stopped taking donations for the truckers, seized the 9 million, and announced they were going to donate the money to outfits of their choosing…like BLM Global or Planned Parenthood, or fill in the blank.

Immediately the AG from Indians and the AG of several US States filed charges of theft against GoFundMe…since GoFund Me operated in their respective states. Theft. The fuckers seized the money and were not going to give it back, so they thought. Wrong. Theft of money, fraud charges, etc…..all criminal charges. You can’t just rip off people.

That was the uproar about. GoFundMe quickly changed their minds.

What this example shows everybody is just how corrupt our Big Corporate Tech is. That is the bigger picture coming out of Truckistan. Big Tech, lefty propaganda media, and Big Bro Government is all on the same page working in tandem.

Question of the day.

How many trucks can Trudeau tow if the tow trucks won’t tow trucks?

Don Bessee

What about citizens? I will have to keep this in mind when shopping -



Bill Tozer

Hillary’s kickoff launch. International Woman of the Year. But, but, but I thought Caitlyn Marie Jenner was the Woman of the Year. Not no more.

Hillary Clinton, International Woman of Mystery


Bill Tozer

BREAKING: Alberta, Canada, To End Vaccine Passport By Midnight


This comes on the heels of Alberta being tens of thousands of mail in ballots short for upcoming election and the deadline approacheth to mail the ballots out in time to get them back by election day.
BREAKING: Alberta, Canada, To End Vaccine Passport By Midnight

All of the King's horses and all the King's men and all the contigency plans to quell any and all uprisings...
they never forsaw once what the common working men and their trucks trucks could do.

Humans are adaptable

Don Bessee

So after 2 days of her staff denying it more pics come out and oopsie time to confess. Not a good look for the GA GOV. LOL -

It was a 'mistake': Abrams apologizes for maskless photo with schoolchildren



Don Bessee

The lala land supervisors hate cops more than they care about citizins -

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office may have to fire 4,000 deputies over vaccination status
Villanueva criticized the vote and pointed out that murders in the jurisdiction jumped 94%

LOS ANGELES--Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva blasted the county’s board of supervisors on Twitter late Tuesday after they voted in favor of a motion that could result in the termination of more than 4,000 deputies over their COVID-19 vaccine status.

Villanueva criticized the vote and pointed out that murders in the jurisdiction jumped 94%. He also pointed out that there has been a hiring freeze.

"This is nothing more than another politically motivated stunt by the Board, which has no bearing on public health, but will definitely harm public safety," he said.

Villanueva said in a statement that the board disregarded comments "made by thousands of their constituents" and is now making a move to "fire the very same personnel who were forced to work in person, exposing themselves to the COVID-19 virus when there was no vaccine, while the Supervisors and most of the workforce were telecommuting from the comfort and safety of their own homes."



Bill Tozer

Oh Canada

‘Whoa, Canada: Police criminalize food, fuel donations to Freedom Convoy protest’

In related news, wasn’t it a hard working common truck driver who sent shock waves through the Democrat Party in New Jersey? Yes, I believe that was exactly the case.

‘How a truck driver spent $153 on his N.J. election campaign to likely dethrone a political kingpin’


Bill Tozer

Lol. These people are brain washed.

‘Los Angeles Times Slams ‘Vitriol in Politics’ – After Hiring Vitriolic Columnists’
Larry Elder


Bill Tozer

Liz Cheney's Hunter Biden problem: Husband's firm reps China companies, dictatorial regimes


Bill Tozer

Looks like the Dems smells a foul wind a blowing. Voters talk, BS walks. Gas prices can be deadly to one’s occupation.

‘Vulnerable Senate Democrats Introduce Bill To Suspend Gas Tax Amid Skyrocketing Prices’


No worries. There are no vulnerable Senators in CA. CA charges 51 cents a gallon in tax and they ain’t ever going to give that up.

On the lighter side (R side where there is a large degree of humor), Ted Cruz twitted out that “flights to Cancun are up 38%!!!!”


I figger I am In The Know now.

That situation with trucks in Canada?

. an insurrection... https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1491536438923599873
. by Nazis... https://ngo.locals.com/post/1672070/philadelphia-antifa-member-claims-freedom-convoy-honking-is-a-nazi-dog-whistle

Don Bessee

The chi coms and vlad are laughing their asses off -

"You guys going to hand out copies of ‘White Fragility’ to the Russians?" the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire tweeted. "FYI, there are no safe spaces on the Eastern Front."

"We’re gonna lose a major war," conservative commentator Jesse Kelly tweeted.

"If your military’s priorities are anything other than killing your nation’s enemies you are royally screwed," Blaze writer Sam Mangold-Lenett tweeted.



Bill Tozer

Darn Scenes. That Uncivil Antifa MOAB looks like she is at 40% more at risk for Covid complications than ‘normal’ folks….judging solely the fat book by it’s cover.

Ngo go Zone. Clever name.

Bill Tozer

Charts and graphs of our time in history.


• Let’s start this week with some political data. I’ve been saying for a while now that the upcoming national election in Hungary in early April is the most important European election of the year (even more than France), because the entire political establishment on two continents is determined to end Viktor Orban’s tenure in office. Thus this recent poll finding is significant. (I wonder how Biden would fare on this question. Actually I don’t wonder at all.)



MOAB = Mother of all Breakfasts.

Potentially an interesting story, not sure yet.



re: DonB@7:46 and the Diversity Religion Army.

I was thinking of a way you could make this work, and it's been happening for some time.

. Increase the 'tail' part of tooth to tail ratio. The military seems to be increasingly a jobs program and there'll always be more logistics and administrative gigs.
. Increasingly high societal need to avoid casualties.
. More use of standoff weapons, automation, things generally moving too fast to respond for a human.
. Decrease the actually used 'tooth' to Special Forces and more elite Army units + Marine ground.

You avoid a lot of problems by merely shrinking the fighting part of the military. The rest of it can metastasize to handle any decreases in efficiency.

I admit it would be interesting to see how the modern Navy has dealt with (for instance) damage control on a capital ship. No war necessary.


re: moi@8:55PM

No doubt the military-lite would require a new set of doctrines...and probably a need to go nuclear earlier than in the past.

I guess the Russians have gone down the same path of slimming down, it's just that they did it on the cheap.

Scott O

scenes - "I admit it would be interesting to see how the modern Navy has dealt with (for instance) damage control on a capital ship."
Wonder no more:
This is on top of 2 extremely embarrassing incidences where US naval vessels have collided with other ships.
Perhaps those on watch were comparing lipstick colors.

Bill Tozer

Ah….the British press knows what’s on the American voters’ minds.

Prove you're all there, Joe: 38 Republican lawmakers write to Biden AGAIN to urge him to take a cognitive test: GOP says 'something isn't right' and Americans deserve to have 'absolute confidence' in the President
37 House GOP signed onto a letter by Rep. Ronny Jackson, urging President Biden to make a cognitive test standard practice for commanders-in-chief
Jackson, ex-White House physician, helped administer one to Trump in 2018
'This is not a partisan issue. When I discussed taking a cognitive test with President Trump, he was eager to assure the American people,' he said
Lawmakers even suggest that Biden may be showing Alzheimer's symptoms
They cited recent examples including him forgetting names and the hot mic moment where he called Fox News' Peter Doocy a 'stupid son of a b****'
A recent poll shows 49 percent of Americans don't believe Biden is mentally fit while 40 percent believe he is -- a six point loss of confidence from November


Bill Tozer


WATCH: 78-Year-Old Great-Grandfather Arrested After Honking In Support Of Freedom Convoy


No Dudley Do Right awards for the Ottawa Police.

Bill Tozer

DHS Terrorism Bulletin Warns of Terror Threat From People “Spreading False Narratives” That Undermine Trust in Government



re: BillT@11:13PM

Yah, I had seen that 'MDM' memo a few days ago. Dunno how that translates into actual practice and it isn't like they're going to say.

The Forces of Change certainly have the bit in their teeth. You can expect internet service providers to match up IP addresses with physical ones lickety split as the federal police ramp up efforts to find dissenters. Changing the make-up of the military would jibe well with it's taking on of the role of internal law enforcement, so that's worth keeping an eye on.

Normally, I'd say that the inevitable push-back would right the boat, but the surveillance mechanisms put into place are a whole new factor. They'll only improve over time and it's become obvious that they're run by a coalition of the Woke and the Bureaucracy. The better to see you with my dear.

Just remember when the knock at the door comes, it's for the children.


Joe Biden lying......that's unpossible!

Biden Addresses Soaring Inflation, Blames Pandemic, Lies About Wages

... but we thought 'disinformation' was terrorism now?


Bil Tozer

Scenes @ 7:24 am
Yep. I knew someone had posted something quite similar here recently, but I could remember if it was Don B or you and wanted to give credit where credits is due. But, since I was unsure to posted the story once or twice before, I just posted it again because of the importance of the story.

Seems counterproductive to me. Government surveillance on folks who have a healthy distrust of government only adds to the distrust of government. Boomerang!

To risk sounding like a Punchy boring endless loop tape, I will repeat myself for over 30 years again and say, ‘I love my country, but fear my government.’ Exactly as the Founding Fathers felt.


"give credit where credits is due. "

No need. Most of the juicy stories get posted 3 or 4 times.

The problem with government machinery, whether it's surveillance or enforcement, is there's no such thing as a safeguard. It's just sooo tempting to organize and fund the beast. "We're just trying to understand terrorism" "We're just trying to catch sexual predators" "A super-secret court has to OK the release of records", but once it's in place the uses expand.

At some point, the person with the keys to the kingdom runs the kingdom. J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde on a large scale. Stalin at least knew you had to balance the spies with the army and the party, in the US there appears to be a slow merging of the whole she-bang.

Given computers, is AmazonNPRLincolnProjectNSAFacebookBLM a permanent power? Up until now, no. Even the Egyptians had a do-over every couple of hundred years, that's why there are 'dynasties' and 'kingdoms'. At this point I'm not so sure. The emerging power that the Blue Mob is a tendril of desires your soul as much as your money, a nation of Penitentes is easier to manage.

Bill Tozer

Why are liberals so miserable?


Barry Pruett

Happy birthday George!

Bill Tozer

Happy B-Day George and a smile to grow a mile

Bill Tozer

re: Canada

At the risk of being arrested and heavily fined for bringing fuel and food to the Freedom Truckers, the residents of Ottawa give the government one big middle finger. Arrest us all.

23 second clip


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