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09 January 2022


Bill Tozer

I say we came definitely came out ahead. Even Crabbman may agree.


“I think we made out pretty well in the Taibbi/Greenwald for Kristol/Wilson trade.”



The tune "Hit the road Jack" comes to mind.

"SACRAMENTO—California Governor Gavin Newsom is racking up the awards. For the first time this year, Newsom has been named U-Haul’s number one salesman for his efforts in making the state completely inhospitable.

“People are leaving the state in record numbers,” Francis DeLonge of U-Haul said. “They’re getting the hell out of the state and they need to rent trucks to do it. For that, we’re eternally grateful to Governor Newsom.”"


An Idea of U-haul rates. Leaving CA.VS coming to Ca.

15' Truck
15' Truck
Moving Type:
1 Bedroom Home to 2 Bedroom Apt.
Inside dimensions: 15' x 7'8" x 7'2" (LxWxH)
Door opening: 7'3" x 6'5" (WxH)
Deck height: 2'9" Length: 12'5"
EZ-Load Ramp

15' Truck
15' Truck
Moving Type:
1 Bedroom Home to 2 Bedroom Apt.
Inside dimensions: 15' x 7'8" x 7'2" (LxWxH)
Door opening: 7'3" x 6'5" (WxH)
Deck height: 2'9" Length: 12'5"
EZ-Load Ramp

Going to or from Memphis TN.

Bill Tozer

Tell it like it is.

‘If you don’t see it that way, resign’

OLBERMANN: “Where is the president who is not sleepwalking and hiding behind naïve, antiquated clichés about bipartisanship when the other side is trying to kill all of us? Where is the president who knows that the bully understands only fear? Yours and his. And that the only way to stop the bully, to stop the Republicans, to stop the Trumps, to stop the next coup d’etat is to make them fear that they will lose everything they have. Because they have made it clear, America is going to be them, or us. And, goddamnit, Joe! It is your job to make sure it is us. And if you don’t see it that way, resign. We need somebody in your chair who realizes that democracy could be dead a year from right now. We want that to be you. But if it isn’t, the rest of us don’t have any more time to wait, or to waste."


It’s either us or them. Think Brad C used to follow Keith. Or was that Robert ‘cursing the sky’ Cross? No matter.

Boy, what a pleasant bunch the Lefties are.

Next comes the panic when nobody is interested in AOC’s vagina no more.


But that's the Lefty hero they wanted on SCOTUS.
Thank GOD for small favors.

Bill Tozer

Insurrection is being covered on another post. Let’s look at second prong of the Dems’ strategic plan to take back the White House…err…..strategic plan to take less of a beating from that ole can of Whoop Ass in November.

GOP Guest SCHOOLS Lib on Voting Laws, NBC's Todd Looks on in Horror


Silly oppressed people. Georgia made it easier to vote with longer hours weekend hours and open Sundays in pre-election voting.


AOC Is Latest Member of Congress to Get Sick With COVID

......so an equine virus then.

Paul Emery

Proof is in the pudding. How low can he go

Trump down 20 in fivethirtyeight approval polls consensus


Jose Peyote

@ 8:47 pm
"AOC Is Latest Member of Congress to Get Sick With COVID"

there are horse deworming products available for the filly

Paul Emery

That was his closing job approval numbers and things have only gotten worse for him since then.

Meanwhile Biden is down by 9, while not good is far better by 11 points than Trumps closing numbers

George Rebane

PaulE 824am - As Bumblebrain’s champion in these pages, would you care to celebrate any of his achievements in office, as opposed to your endless citing of polls. I’m sure that you and yours have noted some things he has accomplished.

Bill Tozer

Paul. Good morning. How was Grey Eagle? Bet it was beautiful. This morning is almost one for the record books. It is so clear out there that I can see for miles and miles. Gorgeous morning, absolutely gorgeous. I always get a kick by seeing snow capped peaks….looking west. Did you know that all surveying in our area starts from a market on Mt. Diablo?

Paul, I am confused. You have endlessly pointed out Biden’s approval numbers as opposed to Trump’s bad approval numbers at the same time (or date) in their respective first months of their presidency. Have you moved the goal posts? Comparing apples to kumquats. Might as well compare George W Bush’s approval numbers when he left office to Obama’s first 11 months.

Since you probably know at the snap of your fingers what Trumps unfavorables are at the end of his first eleven months compared to Biden’s unfavorable are at the end of Joe’s first eleven months…what are they. Apples to apples, dust to dust.

Unless….no, can’t be…unless you are inferring that President Joe Biden is at the end of his presidency, thus the comparison with Trump’s leaving office would be valid. We all know that the Biden presidency is done, washed up, toast….but it has not been made official yet. While, as you often stated, that Trump has no friends (‘remember, Trump as no friends’), it appears to me that Biden is losing a lot of friends with each passing hour. Guess Lunchbucket Joe still has a friend in you. Bless you. Stay true to your school until Daddy takes the keys to the T-Bird away.

Barry Pruett

With no identifiable successes over the past year, Biden is eight points behind Trump in a head to head. Because Biden has had zero success, he spent last Thursday attacking Trump. Imagine Biden versus DeSantis. DeSantis would win in a landslide not seen since the 80’s. I am with George. Tell me how Biden has helped anyone in this country and please be prepared to argue your position.

Paul Emery

Yes indeed George. Economy improved in many ways considering he inherited the worst economy since the depression. Also infrastructure bill and he got us out of the "shit hole" Afghanistan with minimal casualties finally ending the tragic legacy of Bush and the Neo-Cons. Leaving Afganistan was one of many things Trump promised and never delivered on. The Taliban stregnted under Trump so it was a road race out of there to avoid disaster wnen Biden took over

That's just a start.

This is from The Hill. Actually unemployment is now down to 3.9.

All I have time for for now

Can you show me a link to your post Barry?



Posted by: Paul Emery | 10 January 2022 at 10:07 AM

You don't read linkz Punch.....remember....busy, busy, busy! Oh so frightfully busy!

Bill Tozer

Rather than bury this in the Predictions 2020 thread, I put it here. VDH… not to be confused with the Leftists’ spewing their VD.

‘What Makes Riots, Conspiracies, Cabals, and Insurrections ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’? ‘

Shut up and keep quiet; that is all ye need to know.


George Rebane

Administrivia - I draw your kind attention to the recent 'Dark Days' updates.

Bill Tozer

Word of the day: Malaise. Not to be confuse with mayonnaise.

"For More Malaise, Vote Democrat 2022!"

That could go down as the worst political slogan ever. But bizarrely, Democrats seem to have adopted "America in malaise" as a central theme of their political marketing plan.

Kamala Harris, channeling Jimmy Carter at his nadir, kicked off the gloom 'n doom in an interview with Judy Woodruff on PBS over the weekend. Kamala claimed there was a "level of malaise" in America...under Democrats. Has anyone considered might not exactly reflect well on the party's accomplishments while controlling the levers of power?

And then this morning, Democrat flack Bakari Sellers, a former South Carolina elected state official who doubles as a CNN political commentator, also employed the m-word, speaking of:

"The malaise we’re in now with the resurgence of the virus, inflation, et cetera."

George Rebane

re PaulE's 1007am - And there you have the reason that America's sheeple celebrate, credit, and keep voting for leftwing politicians. E.g. Biden has done everything possible to inhibit the economy's recovery from Covid, and promises to do even more. For any measurable benefits, Biden had less to do with those than I had in making the sun rise this morning. And how he screwed up the retreat from Afghanistan has set back our foreign relations for at least a generation. Allied nations have long memories when it comes to commitments involving military support, or the lack thereof - because that's where the rubber meets the road with alliances.

Scott O

Now NBC is pushing fake news. Despite the "settled science" of global warming and the end of snow, NBC bows to their masters of 'big oil' and claims cold air and snow are on the way!
I'm sure that wizard of climate science in Truckee will explain how this can possibly be.

Paul Emery

At least he got the hell out of there George something Trump didn't do. Why do you Trump broke his promise and didn't pull our troops out?

Also unemployment is under 4%. Care to compare that with the mess that Trump left Biden? Here are the numbers:

Trumps numbers:

Unemployment rate 6.4%

Total unemployed people 10M

Unemployment insurance claims 6M

Bidens Numbers:

Unemployment rate 3.9%

Total unemployed people 6.3M

Unemployment insurance claims 2.2M


George Rebane

PaulE 1245pm - The same reason Obama didn't get us out of Guantanamo as promised. And the stats are all due to the dastardly way that Trump started the Covid pandemic and got a Democrat House to spend all that money.

Paul Emery

Well George those are excuses. Thew facts are the facts. Trump did not pull us out as promised and the unemployment numbers were under his watch.

I agree inflation is way high under Bidens watch though.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 10 January 2022 at 01:12 PM

Don’t you want to mention Trump “bonking” a porn star……bonking….?


Paul Emery

Naw... Trump personal character is known by all. Might get back to it one of these days where there's slow news. Thanks for reminding are readers about him screwing a porn star with a wife at home with a babe in arms.

George Rebane

PaulE 112pm - Did we just establish that liberals and conservatives don't even have the same definition for 'excuse'?

🐔 niglio

Posted by: Paul Emery | 10 January 2022 at 02:49 PM

But Paul……”bonking”…..Paul he was very clearly bonking a porn star…..bonking Paul…..bonking….Paul???

….. tap…tap…tap…this thing on?!?

Scott O

"Thanks for reminding are(sic) readers about him screwing a porn star..."
Indictments? Convictions?
I've asked for Paul's proof of this but he has yet to deliver.
Meanwhile the "smartest" man Biden knows was ordered by a court to pay a pole dancer for somehow impregnating her.

Scott O

Probably not your father's country -
3 million? Is that all?
I knew that lazy folks love free money from the sky, but they can only find a lousy 3 mil?
Too much work to sign your name?

Bill Tozer

Paul @ 12:45 The Biden Economic Recovery

Now, Paul, you don’t need to convince us how well the economy is doing. What you need to do is preach it to all the working stiffs out there along with soccer moms out there who might need a bit more convincing. You know, the types who feel uncomfortable and a wee bit disgruntled each time they hit the gas pumps, the grocery store, buy a used car, or seek some hired help that will show up and not come down the the Nevada County Johnny Walker flu.

Go convince the suburbanites why gasoline prices are over a dollar and climbing in just 10 months or why their heating bills skyrocketed or why they can only buy beef twice a month or why one cannot get parts for their weed eater.

Darn that Joe Biden. Have you seen the price of deck screws lately? Thanks for nothing, Branden Biden.
Abraham Lincoln said if you pay him eight hours to chop down a tree, he would spent six hours sharpening his ax.

If you pay a man not to work, then he will not work.


Scott O

BT 4:01 - re 1 in 4 plan to quit:
You do realize the poll was taken of White House staff and Dem solons?

Paul Emery

George how about reasons rather than excuses. or explanations. Any ideas what a suitable description would be? Either way excuses was good enough to keep you responding to my post.

Bill Tozer

This person nails it.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 10 January 2022 at 04:23 PM

Bonking Punch....what about the bonking! Evidently bonking did take place. Again are readers our interested in you opinion vis a vis the bonking....

(In an attempt to convey adequate meaning in the comment, I wrote the last sentence in the colorful patois of Punchybonics)


How about boinking? Porking? How about buggering Punch. Buggering is the preferred phrase in the inner circles of our moral superiors


Emery wants explanations? here is one.🖕 Try giving some of your own.

Lets see.. You claimed a laptop was "stolen". Proof? None provided from Embot.
You claim Proggys are wanting Trump to run. LOL!😂 No link given.. In reality,, your and yours are crapping yourselves
at the thought. "Experts" trying to find any way to disqualify Trump. Care to EXPLAIN? (I hear the 420Th Nevada City cricket corp being drummed to muster.

How much does Stormy Daniels owe Trump? Have proof of that boink job? Photos?

Look who else is filling a thousand dollar pair of pants in fear.
"Schiff Shaken: ‘Catastrophic’ If McCarthy Becomes Speaker and Boots Him Off Intel Committee"

Emery is as bad as the steaming pile of Schiff in the evidence dept.


Maybe this why Emery is the way he is...
Have you been a test subject for Psychedelic Therapeutics?
Pharmaceutical mushrooms? If not,, maybe you should be.

Actually,, the company has done great for my stock portfolio.


How high will the tallie go? The count now is 26!!

This is turning out to be a mass casualty mid term.


[email protected]:16PM

"buggering Punch."

That's a killer name for a band.

Walt: "How high will the tally go? The count now is 26!!"

Maybe they're getting out of Dodge before it gets more exciting. Given Left and Right's essentially equal need right now to duke it out on a major scale (subject of numerous polls) and Biden's ability to throw gasoline on the fire as The Great Anti-unifier, it's probably safest to avoid the whole thing at this point.

Given a flip in both houses of Congress, just imagine the mayhem opportunities sure to erupt from all the Burnings of Peace that will go on. A thousand points of light indeed.


Scenes. I just love how McCarthy is already naming names on his "hit" list for removal of committee seats. When (and if) he becomes Speaker. Swalwell and Schiff are already voicing their fear.

Don Bessee

The joys of shit hole living. Somehow a building this big got approved without pilings that went to bedrock like everyone else. Could it be related to all those shithole politicians that got arrested for other graft not that long ago?? -



Scott O

Walt - re McCarthy's big talk.
He's going to remove them from their seats??!!
Oh, my.
When are the Rs going to put someone in charge to kick ass?
At the very least, Schiftty needs to be censored and dragged through the mud hole he created. The man is a dishonorable liar who helped move along a filthy plot to try to get rid of sitting president by deceitful means.
McCarthy is a cowardly putz. How about some fighters?
How about some of those new gals who swing bigger balls than most of the R men?
Give them the gavel and start the proceedings at the worst time of the month.
Have them defund the CIA and the FBI and 1/2 the fed govt. The fed govt has grown so large and corrupt it isn't funny.
Rip the mask off the clown show in DC and watch the fun.
Find out who in the military has FJB tattoos and put them in charge. Cashier the rest of the brass.
I want a president who will openly tell a hot mic:
"The bombing starts in 5 minutes"
You would be totally amazed how peaceful and calm the world would get.


not a bad essay.


Scott O

Here's what I'm talking about:
Oh, wow!
He "pledges" to follow the law and the Constitution.
What a guy!
I kinda thought that was just a low-level bottom line item that was expected. As in - "If elected, I won't beat my wife or steal funds from the govt"!
Give that man a cigar.
I know the bar is low. Right now if a govt official actually follows the law he expects a gold medal and accolades from the public.
How about some one who will go after law breakers in govt?
We know Hunter Biden is guilty of lying on an ATF form to obtain a fire arm and we know agents from the govt tried to illegally take the evidence from the dealer that holds the evidence. We know the govt knows who these agents are.
Some one needs to clean house. If not, then why should I or anyone else in this country bother to follow any law?
The crickets are louder than ever.
We are to be a nation of laws. Not a nation of men.
You can snicker and sneer all you want, but in the end this is not utopia or dreaming. It is doable and possible. It is impossible to be perfect but it is possible to start at the top and work our way down.
Otherwise, we are finished.
We become no better than any of several great ideas that last only a short time and then are done in by our own corruption.

Bill Tozer

More non-news buried by our lame stream. It will news to Union readers when mentioned 6 months to a year from now. Not interested in getting them up to speed.

‘Hunter Biden's 'close friend' charged with treason in Kazakhstan’

“Former Kazakhstan intelligence chief Karim Massimov, whom Hunter Biden once described as his "close friend" and who once posed for a photo with Biden and his father, President Joe Biden, was arrested by Kazakh authorities last week on alleged suspicion of high treason.

Massimov's arrest came Thursday, one day after he was fired from his post as chairman of the Kazakhstan National Security Committee. He was arrested amid nationwide violent protests sparked by, among other things, an increase in fuel prices. The unrest has resulted in thousands of arrests and dozens of deaths.“


Scott O

BT - "...whom Hunter Biden once described as his "close friend..."
Well - that was then and this is now...
Anyway Paul claims it was all 'doctored'.


Hey…..I just want to know why none of you care about “bonking porn starz”!?

…..thatz right…..I said bonking.


Bill Tozer

Forgot where the Mean Green Renewable Energy Machine posts go, so it goes here.

First…baby it’s cold outside.

The political push to transform our electrical grid into reliance on “renewable” wind and solar energy keeps running into the laws of physics. The laws of physics are going to win, but the economic carnage in the meantime will be terrible.

Second….the Biden solution

‘So there’s so much that’s going to be able to be done’


I guess that means Biden feels their pain and the real pain has only just begun



I just don't get how you could build a 'green' (ie. no petrochemicals, no nuclear) power system, especially if the plan is to electrify transportation, home heat, etc., without having a complete, on-demand, parallel system.

An honest man, one not corrupted by the grifter-green folks (or those who simply don't care that the power is out for weeks every few months), should work out the cost of a reliable solar/wind system. That would include power storage for some time plus backup power.

Hey, maybe we could simply build dams absolutely everywhere. It's rain power, baby!

Truth is, if you're convinced of the doom from human-caused greenhouse gases, you'd better be a huge (I mean YUGE!) champion of nuclear. Of course, it doesn't help a bit that the First World finds it's highest moral good in importing millions of poor souls from the Third World. They all need 'lectric too.

That's just the supply end. No doubt the push for lowering demand will continue. Low hanging fruit (car mileage, Energy Star) has been plucked. Next up is parking everyone in highly insulated apartment cubicles with mass transit plugged into keyboards as 'knowledge' workers. One big happy midden heap of humanity. Paul can organize Leonard Cohen concerts in assembly hall 2122B.



"The “New Energy Economy”: An Exercise in Magical Thinking"


Bill Tozer

Paul……you have quite the task ahead of you convincing folks how absolutely marvelous the Biden economy is. Firing on all eight cylinders cruising like a hot rod Lincoln. It’s just a messaging problem. It has to be. The public is just too dumb to realize how good they have it now. Folks simply do not feel it. Can’t argue with feelings.
Well, I suppose that is what makes the America public the American public. Ungrateful softies, spoiled sniveling brats we be.

‘AP Poll: Economy, Inflation Americans’ Top Concerns, COVID-19 Takes Back Seat As Midterms Approach’

“Other insights from the poll show….

Two-thirds think Biden’s leadership is at least somewhat responsible for inflation — and about the same number blame regular economic cycles. Larger and roughly equivalent majorities blame the pandemic, government spending and regulations, and company price gouging.

Rising prices over the last six months have caused financial hardship for two-thirds of voters. That climbs to three-quarters among those living in lower-income households.
By more than two-to-one, people say the president’s economic policies have hurt rather than helped them personally. That’s largely driven by almost two-thirds of Republicans saying they’ve been hurt — nearly five times the number of Democrats who say the same. For comparison, one-third of Democrats said they had been hurt by former President Donald Trump’s economic policies in a December 2018.

Just 1 in 6 voters say they are better off financially than they were a year ago, and a majority rates their personal financial situation negatively. That’s a reversal since August, when over half said their finances were in positive shape.


What have you done for me lately?

George Rebane

ScottO 9003am - Re your 'cleaning house' you say, "You can snicker and sneer all you want, but in the end this is not utopia or dreaming. It is doable and possible. It is impossible to be perfect but it is possible to start at the top and work our way down."

Do you know of any such top-down house cleaning that has been successful as a civil process in a sovereign nation-state, instead of rapidly evolving into a violent revolution or civil war? (Kazakhstan may be a current example.)

I may be myopic here, but I just don't see how any of our civil institutions or processes can be used to purge the utter evil endemic in the Democratic Party, and the thoroughly subverted progressive Deep State. Both are working hand-in-glove to destroy constitutional America. Where would you start?

Scott O

re George 9:35 - Good question. And there are answers.
Our country can do it but not with folks like McCarthy. We have a court system that can be used but there needs to be a general push by the populace and there-in lies the crux of the biscuit.
Only a minority of the population knows about or cares that the FBI (as just one example) has become corrupt to the point of being a danger to our country.
As long as it is a never-no-mind to most of the voters and the corrupt politicians then nothing will be done.
So - yes. Eventually this clown show clomps along until either the conservatives just give up or some kind of flash point occurs and violence does break out. What is possible and what is probable are usually 2 different things and I try to always keep the differences in mind. I'm a happy warrior who always looks to the possible but am also an H L Mencken realist grump when I have to make a decision about my family's welfare. And yes, I do walk around with contradictory ideas and attitudes in my daily life - thanks for asking. I can only be certain about reality for so long before some new kind of fish slaps me in the face.
I still am having a hard time understanding how this tranny nonsense continues to prevail while almost no one actually believes any of it.

Bill Tozer

Addicted to outrage, addicted to fear.

The liberal justices’ lies reveal the left’s addiction to virus fears

“Sotomayor was not alone in spreading misinformation.”


Having ignorant dummies on SCOTUS does not bode well for our nation. At least the CDC director finally came clean. Always a silver lining.

George Rebane

ScottO 1002am - If I understand correctly, you see the top-down cleaning starting through grassroots initiatives through our judicial system. This assumes that our legal institutions are neither corrupt nor politicized for any such suits to gain traction.

Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College argues also that our hope lies in grassroots civil disobedience that will spread like wildfire and attract support from the ever trend-following politicians. To me this is a longshot given that the overwhelming share of voting age Americans are the product of leftwing unionized public schools with no (or a pernicious) idea of our history or structure of government.

Scott O

George - "...with no (or a pernicious) idea of our history or structure of government."
Yes - along with a whole lot of all sorts of realities they have no idea of. Basic physics and economics, to start with.
I am heartened to see that all over the world the volk are starting to get the idea they've been hornswoggled with lies and contrary BS about covid.
It'll be interesting to see how much longer the swells can travel and party maskless while imposing draconian restrictions on the general public.
Rules for thee, but not for me.

Barry Pruett

George: “Paul, 2+2=4.”

Paul: “George, please provide a link that supports your assertion.”


Barry Pruett

Civil disobedience is also advocated by Havel in his book called “Power of the Powerless.” The creation of parallel social structures outside the regime is the cure.

Scott O

BT - "Having ignorant dummies on SCOTUS..."
But she's a wise latinX!!
She doesn't have to have any accurate knowledge of reality - just a permanent grudge against people she doesn't like.


Crap... Caught the damned kung flu
Good news,, I hope,, getting the new and improved antibody cocktail Trump got.
Lying bastards said the shots were a vaccine.. someone needs to read them the definition of vaccine.
Proof positive masks don't do a lick of good


"George: “Paul, 2+2=4.”

Paul: “George, please provide a link that supports your assertion.”"

I've got you covered on that one.

"2+2=4? New York professor says purity of math reeks of 'White supremacist patriarchy’ and Internet loses it"


I would suggest that you get up-to-date on ethnomathematics.

I'd say that COVID is a piker compared to the mind virus of Blue Mob craziness.


W: "Crap... Caught the damned kung flu"

Shit. I'm sorry.

I'm absolutely not not not a doctor. This is not medical advice. Do not pass GO.



Bring on the horse paste.

George Rebane

Walt 127pm - Sorry or happy (if it's a light case) to hear that Walt. While my doctorate is not in medicine, I can share what the larger Rebane family response is to C19 symptoms. The regimen includes HCQ and IVT, along with zinc and Vit D3 to which we add Quercetin. It's probably overkill, but it has worked every time.


Not sure what they give me for later on.
Just got the iv stuff they gave Trump.
This is going to suck.

Paul Emery


George is perfectly capable of providing his on links to support his opinion.

Paul Emery

sp "his own links"


"George is perfectly capable of providing his own links to support his opinion."

What? That 2+2 = 4? Do you even read the things you respond to?

They're just symbols anyway, they can mean anything you like.

Don Bessee

Ah so 2+2 = 5 in lefty land got it======== Now we know what the creepy grampa joe's team thinks you -



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe got stood up by stacy abrahms and he lied about an imaginary arrest protesting civil rights, too bad the footage of him fighting against bussing. ROFLOL



Scott O

So much to cover today. Here's a good one:
Well - what's a few more black bodies? White leftists that set up and control this govt run crap don't live anywhere near these tax payer funded instant slums.
And this is the 'green' future the left has in mind for the general population.
From the article:
"Twin Parks was a closely watched experiment in getting inner-city housing right. Apartments, facades, and public spaces were built according to surveys of resident preferences. The buildings included three day care centers and three schools, family-size two-story apartments, programs like a tenant orientation course, and countless touches of thoughtful design."
I'd rather live in a shack with no running water or electricity than ever have to dwell in one of these "experiments" with "thoughtful design".
Funny how none of the people involved in this experiment ever had to actually live there.

Scott O

One reason I like to read this blog - where else would I find a link to an article with quotes like this:
“YES! This attends to the Cultures/Histories dimension of RM (addressing Western/Eurocentric maths). And, we also want to attend to the Living Practice dimension (which is more about imagining a version that builds upon ancestral knowings, but does not yet exist).”

scenes 12:54

Scott O

BP 11:43 - "The creation of parallel social structures outside the regime is the cure."
It doesn't even need to be civil disobedience.
Look at the growing number of children being educated at home or in low cost private schools.
Most of them will gain skills rather quickly that will help to propel them forward in life ahead of the kids stuck in govt run schools that increasingly spew agit-prop and group hate in lieu of a proper education.

Scott O

DB 4:16 - Actually he just said "it seems like only yesterday the first time I got arrested."
Probably lewd conduct with a child.
The NEXT time he was arrested was in South Africa.
In his mind.

Don Bessee

Says the idiot millionaire -



Scott O

Don 5:38 - “where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation”
Who is 'we'?
Only the Lord Almighty is keeping the body of Frederick Douglas from arising out of the ground to slap that woman's face off of her skull.

Bill Tozer

Now Scott, be nice….I know, I know. This one gets me almost ready to start packing. A new CA Constitutional Amendment. Ok, Scott, have you fun at our expense. I will give some highlights.

‘California Wants to Double Its Taxes’

- “All told, the new tax package is intended to raise an additional $163 billion per year, which is more than California raised in total tax revenue any year prior to the pandemic,” he writes.

-It’s not just income taxes, though. The state wants to implement a payroll tax as well, with the top rate applying to taxpayers making only $49,990 in annual income.

-The most insane part of the proposal, however, is a 2.3 percent gross-receipts tax. Only seven states levy gross-receipts taxes, which are especially harmful to economic growth because they are based on business revenue, not profits. Even if businesses lose money, they still pay the gross-receipts tax because they still made revenue, even though costs exceeded that revenue.

-Most gross-receipts taxes, however, are below 1 percent. California’s proposed rate of 2.3 percent is basically a giant flashing neon sign that says, “Don’t open a business here!” Walczak notes that the gross-receipts tax “would be imposed in addition to tangible property taxes and an 8.84 percent corporate income tax, and an aggressive one at that, the only state-level corporate income tax in the country with a worldwide tax base.”


Don Bessee

I wondered what had happened to colin kappernick, still has that hair -



Bill Tozer

The new crime wave: That’s cold. The ole survival instinct, sure. But still, that’s cold. Or, maybe her power came on and someone felt she won’t be needing these panels as much as I do.

2:03 p.m. — A caller near Harmony Ridge Road and Highway 20 reported a subject was on her property taking her solar panels apart.


re: [email protected]:42.

You can imagine how big the whole thing is given that it's larger than the current state government in terms of $$$$.

I was thinking about the gross receipts angle. Companies like grocery stores, who probably net less than 2.3 percent to begin with, will probably just pass the cost to the consumer (disproportionately messing with the poor, as usual).

But reading this:

"(1) An annual excise tax is hereby imposed upon a qualified business, as defined by the Legislature, for the privilege of doing business in this state at a rate of 2.3 percent of the gross receipts of that qualified business minus the first two million dollars ($2,000,000) in annual gross receipts of that business."

(gotta love 'qualified business', obviously they'll give a break to their friends, gotta love 'privilege' just because)

What exactly is 'doing business'. Most of the large businesses are going to be incorporated in Delaware, home of the Senator from Mastercard, so maybe that doesn't matter. Do they mean worldwide receipts? or just sales in California? Does every company who does business in California need to pay this on their entire sales?


Denial is the first stage.
"Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the House Democrats are in “good shape” heading into the midterms and predicted the Democrats would remain in the House majority, despite the 26 congressmen who have announced plans to leave after the current term."

I'm sure Emery agrees with the queen.

Bill Tozer

re: The Voting Rights Law. Not a bad Readers Digest version.


President Biden and most Senate Democrats want to make “voting rights” a hill to die on. They want to “carve out” the Senate filibuster rules to ram their current bill through. Biden is headed to Atlanta today to perform in support of the Senate version of the bill. In its Senate incarnation it is titled the “Freedom to Vote Act.”

Byron holds that the bill seeks to “federalize U.S. election procedures on terms favorable to Democrats,” which is exactly right, but I would put it slightly differently. It seeks to normalize and aggravate the anomalies adopted for the 2020 election.

Byron’s summary itemizes operative parts of the bill. It would throw out every state voter ID law in the country, would legalize ballot harvesting nationwide, would mandate universal mail-in ballots, would mandate nationwide same-day and automatic voter registration, would mandate nationwide acceptance of late-arriving mail-in ballots, would remake the campaign finance system, “and much, much more.” Under the “much more” category, see Brad Smith’s NR column “Democrats Propose a Federal Speech Czar.”

Why? “All this in the name of stopping voter ‘suppression’ that is not happening.”

Hark. Cat Scratch Fever approacheth. The big push, the climax, the period of raw and uncontrolled emotions knocks on the door. The hill to die on.

Scott O

BT 6:42 - Nope. I take no pleasure in seeing a state that was home to several generations of my family commit suicide.
And we still have friends and family there.
It's just sad.

Don Bessee

They really dont care about victims -




re: Voting law.

Well, the NYT made a statement on some of it.


It's a pretty good issue. Dear Leader gets to look all leaderly and shake his old man fist, the base gets to speak all knowingly how black voters can't be expected to have an ID or go vote somewhere, staff members get to write laws that are cleverly constructed to add more (D) and not so many (R), it moves attention away from Bidenflation and The Plague. What's not to love?

Scott O

Oh, lookee here, we made the big time again!
The local McClatchy rag manages to gin up a story that gets a link in Drudge.
Some high school kids spray paint some crap and some crank distributes a few flyers.
And it all ties in some how with people the Dems don't like even though there's zero connection.
"Prinzing said he thinks hateful acts have been emboldened by state leaders who have “stood with,” “contributed to” or even “coddled extremism.”

Ah, there it is - pretty convincing evidence.
Why, oh why do we even allow wrong-thinkers in the first place?

Bill Tozer

‘NEA hid votes on 'white fragility,' Black Lives Matter, reparations amid new scrutiny’

The nation's largest teachers union even scrubbed from its website its 2019 vote against 'renewed emphasis on quality education.'


Little dumb me posted about the NEA two years ago here. I remember. All about their big National elections and now it is memory holed……exactly like those lovely founding members of BLM being upfront and truthful and definitely unapologetically stating they are trained Marxists and have much distance for the nuclear family. Tear it down, all of it.

Anyway, because of the internet, things are not solely stored in the backs road of my melon.

Biker Bill sez: BLM is a Marxist Group with Marxist roots.
Lefties (2021) Prove it! Fake news!
Biker Bill’s Reply. Ok, BLM scrubbed their own web site and all their videos are now disappeared. I will
dig up some archives from archive sites. There you go, enjoy.
Lefties response. That rag, lol. Fake news. Snoops says do not trust. You got to better than that.

Bill Tozer

“I'm sure Emery agrees with the queen.”

He did play for the Queen, after all. It’s his biggest claim to fame (besides playing in the Amtrak bar car) and don’t you ever forget it. If you do forgot, he will remind you. He played for the Queen so of course Emery agrees with the queen.

How you doing Walt? When I say the post by W, I thought, “Who the heck is W? Probably a troll trying to mock us dregs of society. Never made the connection...for awhile. W. Go figure.

As my painter friend once said, “I may be slow, but I sure am sloppy.” Keep the updates coming.

Don Bessee

Well BT it could have been a guy in a dress.....


Bill Tozer

Well Don, it could have been a guy in a one piece Dale Evans turquoise bathing suit with a ruffled swim cap. Looking good there Walt. :)



Cell phone. Yup I am responsible for W.
Doing OK so far. Doc thinks I caught it yesterday. Still no
real signs. Went to the Doc for another issue I thought was unrelated....Wrong......A real surprize when he walks in all hazmated up and gives me the news. WWHHAAAA???

Now to see if the antibody treatment works as advertised.

Now how come Emery hasn't offered up his UV light yet? No syringes full of Clorox? Is he keeping the cures to himself?

Don Bessee

Yo Walt , prayers that live to BBQ another day bad ass!


Bill Tozer

He (generic he) is probably still sitting on the UV light. He has taken quite a liking to it long after the treatment phase pasted.

Hazmat suit to approach you or not, you will probably just make the COVID sick. Probably make the virus feel the same way you did after getting food poisoning from a local take-out.

Barry Pruett

Tonight the school board of the high school is going to vote to ditch all COVID mandates. The high school has lost over 200 students this year ($4,000,000). Teachers will be laid off soon. Parents spoke with their feet and now the elected officials are screwed. See you there.


Scotto: " Why, oh why do we even allow wrong-thinkers in the first place?"

Seriously, that's the perfect hobby for edgy high-school aged kids (I hesitate to say 'teenager' as that usually means some story involving assault or looting).

Get a little spray paint, tag up a couple of XXX SUCK! where XXX is something that gets the national press in a tizzy, immediately covered with gray rectangles. Man oh man, if you are looking for maximum uproar at minimum risk/work, that has to be the ticket. The story-referenced Hate Crime Detective roars over in a MRAP, praying that it's not simply going to end up in https://www.fakehatecrimes.org/

It's more exciting than 'Famous Potatoes', so there is that.


substack is firing on all cylinders lately. I did like this essay:

"The old boys club is dead. But a new one—with its own litmus tests and landmines—is rapidly replacing it. 'This is all going to end in a giant class-action lawsuit.'"


....but I mostly mentioned it because the responses section had a Soviet joke I'd never heard.

'Khrushchev visits a pig farm and is photographed there. Later there's a discussion In the newspaper office about how to caption the picture. "Comrade Khrushchev among pigs," "Comrade Khrushchev and pigs," and "Pigs surround comrade Khrushchev" are all rejected as politically offensive. Finally, the editor announces his decision: "Third from left: Comrade Khrushchev."'


jeez louise.

George, could you check your spam folder again? What is up with that?

Bill Tozer

“Why, oh why do we even allow wrong-thinkers in the first place?"

I prefer the term ‘broken thinker.’ Kinda like a person who keeps ending up in bad relationships over and over again. It’s not really their fault, they just have a broken picker.

Bill Tozer

Biden Education Secretary Planting NSBA Letter Takes A Page From Russia Collusion Hoax Playbook

Biden’s America: December Inflation Surges 7 Percent To Highest Level Since 1982

Tech Censorship Of Robert Malone Is Not About Misinformation, But Power


When the Federalist gets shadow banned, they just come back harder.

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