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09 January 2022


George Rebane

Scenes 730am - Recovered. Perhaps TypePad is one of Putin’s agents instructed not to diss the former USSR.

Don Bessee

Lets go brandon, the worst in 40 years -



Bill Tozer

Don yep. Dems are going to be all twisted up like a pretzel trying to convince ‘the people’ how great the Biden economy is doing.
We didn’t have these problems under Trump. Blue States want their SALT deduction back, like really, really, bad.

Paul Emery

Yeah Don the hangover from the trashed economy that Trump left us will go on for awhile. Unemployment numbers however are below 4% far lower than the over 6.45% that Trump left us.

Barry Pruett

I don’t think that you understand how the unemployment numbers are calculated. You should do some research and educate us. In addition, pandemic (something to that can’t be controlled as Biden has proved beyond any reasonable doubt) was in full swing at the end of 2020 so the economic decline at the time is reasonable to any objective observer. Pandemic is ending yet the economy is a mess and is not getting better. Why Paul? Because of bad policy Paul. Good policy (MAGA) makes for a good economy. Absent an uncontrollable pandemic, Trump proved that also beyond any reasonable doubt. Trump is a dingdong. No doubt. But I can accept a dingdong and his mean tweets in exchange for great policy and greater comfort for my fellow citizens.

Look at the depression of 1920-21. The economy was readjusting after WWI causing massive unemployment and deflation. Wilson did nothing and lost to Harding in 1920. Harding and Hoover immediately cut taxes substantially beginning the roaring twenties. We are in a post-COVID economic readjustment. We are also in a post-COVID social and political readjustment but that discussion can be saved for another day.

My point is that Biden is Wilson. He isn’t doing anything but making it worse by focusing on politics instead of us. He seeks to divide instead of unite. MAGA calls for unity as Americans (patriotism, love of your fellowman, and citizens) and policies which will bring back the economy just like in 2017. Time to stop petty politics Paul and get on the MAGA train. Choo choo my brother!

Don Bessee

The ponytail of ignorance waves his freak flag proudly not knowing anything other than talking points for lefties! LOL



And Emery shows up in his twilight zone. Still getting your news from the record player?
Apparently Emery, you were/are in some alternate reality than the rest of us.
Trump didn't shut down the economy. State overlords did, and they are still at it.
Nw how bout Your bro Biden bragging about getting thousands FIRED for not getting shots? Short term memory loss again?

Bill Tozer

Hop on and get on board Punch. The bar car is all yours. There is always room for more.



Bet you won't open the link Emery,,, truth hurts.


From Emery's President's state.
Just throw those dead babies out with the trash.

Paul Emery


So all those MAGA flage being waved by the
Trumpers as they entered the Capital after smashing in the doors are flags and symbols of unity?????

Barry Pruett

First, it is "Capitol" and not "Capital." Second, I commend you on deflecting from the substance of my comment. I have repeatedly stated that those extremists who commit violence (on both sides) are idiots. I am talking about government policy, Paul. Prior to the pandemic, MAGA policies expanded our economy and created greater prosperity for our citizens. Such fact is undeniable by any rational observer. Those same policies will bring out us out of the post-COVID restructuring in a better position than Build Back Broke. Biden's rutterless and unpopular government policies are not working. Biden's policies are divisive, ideological, hapless, and often times, tyrannical. Time to go with proven policy that we know works and has worked in the past, MAGA government policies. You want to focus on Trump as an individual in order to polarize MAGA policies. I understand your political objective. That is fine. I am asking you to remove the emotion and have a substantive conversation. With which MAGA policy do you disagree?

Don Bessee

Here is why the ponytail of ignorance ilk are so tone deaf -

Fox News tops ESPN as most-watched cable network while CNN sheds nearly 90% of 2021 audience
Fox News has outdrawn CNN and MSNBC combined for 21 straight weeks



Don Bessee

Here is something for the ponytail of ignorance to brag about, a real record no one ever had -

Bidenflation Crushed Workers in 2021: Three Worst Annual Real Wage Contractions on Record




LOL Emery, Lose the argument you started, then change the subject in whole.. Typical.

You DENY LIB states killed their own economies by shuttering business and forcing people out of work? Show your proof that Trump shut down the economy for a year. I know. You can't.
Just ponytail crap.

Your Bro Biden owns the empty shelves. Highest inflation in 40 years. LIED when he said he would end COVID.. You DENY he said that? In a flash.. Emery heads to the closet, and exists as Capt. Crickets. Ready to ignore any and all embarrassing, and damaging questions. Will dodge the subject and bring up an entirely new line of crap.


Ever since Biden was deemed Prez. ,, notice the COVID body count stopped being tallied? Can't have Biden looking as the mass killer he is. (More dead in less time then when Trump was in)

OK Emery,, it's your turn to shine Biden's shoes.



Trump can beat her ass twice. If anything else, start impeachment on day one. He still has crimes to answer for.

Scott O

Paul still thinks the Oval Office has all these levers hidden behind a curtain.
Something like the Wizard Of Oz.
Big levers marked 'unemployment' and 'the economy' and so on. The residing POTUS just pushes them up and down.
Be kind to Paul about the Trump years - the poor guy was livid when he found out the Trump economy lifted non-whites' wages higher than ever along with the lowest unemployment numbers ever recorded for blacks.
Now non-whites are again lagging behind whites for wage gains and Paul is as happy as a clam.


Scott. With Trump, the minorities wised up to the screwing they were getting by the DEMS,, and didn't even get kissed.

Jose Peyote's Acme Anvil

Proof of how bad of shape the Democrat Party is in.

Democratic operatives say Hillary Clinton is 'best option' for party to win 2024 election


Scott O

Biden does what he can to screw America again!
Who's a Putin cuddler now?
Makes Paul proud.

The Schnauzer

Hillary in 2024 to fill the leaership vacumn created by the Harris-Brandon team. The big sucking sound.

What will be her 2024 slogan? “I’m with her—again!” Have to do better than that. Maybe “Cankles Conquer All.”

Don Bessee

Now that's going to give the left the vapors! Bring up the orange demon and what a republican house and senate might do!!! ROFLOL -

Romney warns against getting rid of filibuster, citing possible Trump win in 2024



Bill Tozer

Makes Paul proud

‘Biden ignores worst inflation rate in 40 years to focus on the positives’

Schnauzer @ 5:50 pm

Hillary? Too early for such talk. If Hillary waits until after the Dems get wiped off the face of the map in the midterms, most Dems and even Paul would be more receptive to the idea. She has name recognition, Hilary Hodge thinks she is the best candidate to ever run for POTUS, and it’s her turn. Yep, even Paul could vote for her the second time. Who else do they have?

Besides, she looks better at closing time.


WOW!! That Presidential Trump cure for COVID has worked GREAT!!
Feel better than ever. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

If the price of pork wasn't so damned high, Yard bird ain't much better, thanks to Biden (the one Emery voted for) I would fire up the "Q" tonight.


Well, since Capt. Crickets is too embarrassed to bring it up,,
Biden is breaking his back doing the limbo in the polls.


George Rebane

Walt 714pm - what’s your Covid report?


Doing great Doc,, no fever, feel like I could go back to work in the morning. But that ain't going to happen. I should be able to get plenty done around the house tomorrow if this holds up. That antibody cocktail worked on me... So far.
That plus the Prednisone for inflammation, Wow...!

Never really felt crappy, sept the time rotting in the ER.
Catch it early with the antibodies,, it seems to kick the virus ass.
As I recall, Trump was up and running about just as fast.

Still don't know which bug I have. The paperwork just says Covid 19. They tell me that covers the other two strains as well.
Can't really go anywhere since I'm considered infectious.

Where is Air Gregory when I need him? An air drop of brisket maybe?

Bill Tozer

Walt. That is good news. Perhaps you got a false test, lol. Actually, I had a moment of silence you you last night and humbly requested help for my Brother. Glad to see your appetite came roaring back.
Bought a 5.21 pound pork sirloin roast today at the old Safeway for $5.26. Saved 20 bucks, so the label said. Lot of fat on it and at that price it might be best to cook it up and feed it to the dogs.

Walt, with you feeling better and all, I don’t want to take a chance and have you back in the ER. Thus I must include a trigger warning to protect you from going into a cardiac arrest or relapse.

Trigger warning: Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.

Tucker Carlson Goes Viral Mocking Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Eyebrow Raising’ TV Appearance: ‘Michael Jackson’ ‘Spotted’


Scott O

Army ups bonuses for recruits to $50K, as COVID takes toll
It used to be that we didn't want to join the military only to take orders from some one with a much lower IQ.
Today men don't want to join the military to take orders from Nancy boys and woke-tards.
At least the "low IQ" types expected recruits to act like men and want to fight for our country.

Bill Tozer

Lol. Tom Cotton pulls a Chuckie. Very powerful moving speech.



Bill. Just trim some of the fat off. Throw that to the poochs.
Mix up some apple juice, apple cider vinegar Dried veggies if you have some salt Garlic, onion of some sort. and let it sit overnight.
Pick your favorite rub. I happen to like a brown sugar based,
with a spicy chili kick. But to each their own.
You do have the option in the oven of keeping the heat low. 275 for a few hours. Just no smokey goodness.

I gotta get the *hit collection of seasonings.
Pig *hit
chicken *hit
bull *hit
Just for *hits and giggles.


Bill. She must have peeked inside Harry Reid's casket.
(something was smelling up the place one last time)
She must have thought she saw him twitch.(one to many Scotches)

Or just a drunk botox injector.


"Bought a 5.21 pound pork sirloin roast today at the old Safeway for $5.26. Saved 20 bucks, so the label said. Lot of fat on it and at that price it might be best to cook it up and feed it to the dogs."

That's probably the answer. I've accidentally bought things like that before and ended up with greasy mystery meatfat. Kind of hard to return to the store so it's a live 'n learn. Dogs appear to have not gained the dainty eating habits of the modern human, even if a mafia hit was part of the supply chain.

I've sworn off pork as a result. Looking at how pigs are treated and their relative intelligence makes it less of a diet choice. Except for bacon.

Heard on the radio. Some chat about 'green waste' and 'storm debris' on the radio due to all the people with tree stuff in their yard. Luckily, the County is right on it. They are 'exploring options' and 'moving forward'. Thank God we rarely have bona fide emergencies. I would suggest a virtual Town Hall meeting.


Bark! Bark! Rrrrruffff!
I think bacon sounds good for breakfast.

My house rule is you must be smarter than the pig to enjoy pork... leaves out the cats but my late Border Collie Tasha tasted it occasionally.

Walt, hope you're doing fine. I may have/be suffering Omicron but didn't bother getting app't for PCR testing in town. Hunkered down not by order of the County Health Orificer. Cough, strange sore throat, mild headache, more lethargy than usual. Oral Temps had ranged from 96.something to 100.1... 98.2 just now... SpO² is 96. On the mend.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. I have been feeling like Gregory the last three days. Sore throat, mild headache, lethargy than usual......anybody know where I can get a gender-neutral thermometer? The oral kind, that is. Headache just seems to not want to go away.

I have no one to blame but myself. After visiting the Eric W Rood Center recently, I drove down Broad Street in Nevada City with my windows down. My gut was telling me to keep all windows up because of the airborne viruses that place has been well known for containing for years. But, nooo. I kept a couple windows down because I had the pooches with me and they love sticking their heads out the window(s). I should have listened to that small still voice.

About the pork roast. Me thinks I have developed a case of broken picker. I should have listened to that still small voice screaming it’s head off, “Don’t to it!” But noooo. I will stick it in the freezer and pull it out next time I go to the dump. That is what I do with all my grease anyway. Freeze it don’t stink up the refrigerator and take it to the dump frozen hard so it don’t stick up dump until after I leave....that is assuming the power stays on. “Never assume” that still calm inner voice is now saying.

Meanwhile, the news reports that CVS stores across the nation are having their flu and cold remedy shelves picked clean. First it was toilet paper and now cough drops and over the counter cold stuff. Must be supply chain issues.


Vicks makes a great electronic thermometer... in 8 seconds it reads your temp and color codes it. From $10 to $20. Beeps loud enough to hear over NPR.

Every once in a while I dig out a glass one to see if I can still shake it down enough to start... so far so good.


Sorry to hear that friends, I guess they caught mine in time. I have none of those symptoms. Still doing fine.

The 6 foot "rule" was BS from the start. The virus doesn't use a tape measure. Masks are nothing more than a clothing accessory. The bug goes through masks like sand through a chain link fence.

Hit up your Dr. for the antibody treatment if you can.

Bill Tozer

The six foot rule. Ah! A little known factoid was the 6’ rule came from a government scientist in South Korea or some place in Asia....maybe Japan or Hong Kong. It got translated wrong. It was supposed to be 6 meters. Six feet or 6 meters....what difference at this point does it matter anyway?

To paraphrase Muhammad Ali, Walt is so mean he makes medicine sick. :)

Bill Tozer


‘Pelosi critical of Biden bringing up Bull Connor and Strom Thurmond in voting rights speech’

Biden delivered a eulogy at former Sen. Strom Thurmond's funeral in 2003. "None of us had a lot of happy memories about Strom," Pelosi says

He also said, “Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?”


Yep, if I were a Democrat, I too, would not like Biden bringing up fellow Dems George Wallace and Bull Connor. Guess I am on the side of the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln.

And that is no malarkey.

Don Bessee

Supes slap down osha mandate -

Supreme Court blocks Biden OSHA vaccine mandate, allows rule for health care workers



Don Bessee

Another disaster day for creepy grampa joe and NO steal the vote -

Sinema doubles down on filibuster support, dealing likely fatal blow to Dems' election bills
Sinema is a longtime supporter of the filibuster


Washington Post awards Biden 'Four Pinocchios' for false claim he was 'arrested' during civil rights protest



Don Bessee

Losing the cheering section -



Bill Tozer

Don. Did you happen to notice that CNN lost 90% of its viewers for the first week of Jan, 2022 over the first week of Jan, 2021. Guess the market for fake news is beginning to dry up.
I am shocked, shocked I tell you, what those British rags are printing. Scandalous.

EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein brought EIGHT young women with him on his trips to see Bill Clinton at the White House: Displayed photos of himself posing at the Briefing Room podium at his Palm Beach mansion
Visitor logs obtained by DailyMail.com reveal Jeffrey Epstein was not always alone when he visited the Clinton White House between 1993 and 1995
Records show he brought along eight women, including his girlfriends Celina Midelfart, Eva Andersson, Francis Jardine, and Ghislaine Maxwell
His relationship with the four other women who accompanied him - Jennifer Garrison; Shelley Gafni; Jennifer Driver; Lyoubov Orlova - is unclear
Flight logs from Epstein's private planes tally with White House visitor records showing the eight women were with him during his visits
Maxwell's high-profile trial in New York heard sensational claims that Epstein was seeing Midelfart, now 48, - a Norwegian heiress - in the mid 1990s
Andersson, 61, a physician and former Miss Sweden, was also a witness in the sex trafficking trial where she confirmed she dated Epstein in the 80s and 90s
The nature of Epstein's accompanied visits is not disclosed in White House visitor logs, but one of them coincided with a swanky dinner in the Blue Room
Never-before-seen photos also reveal the disgraced financier kept pictures of himself at the White House Briefing Room podium at his Palm Beach mansion


Bill Tozer

Low hanging fruit



Hey, at one time Democrat Senator Grand Wizard Robert Byrd was fourth in line to become President. Wonder if he too got arrested for supporting the release of Nelson Mandela.

Bill Tozer

Gotta give the Daily Wire it’s due for standing up and being counted.

‘We Said Do Not Comply. We Won.’

If the court were to grant such emergency powers, say the Justices, “declaration of emergencies would never end and the liberties our Constitution’s separation of powers seeks to preserve would amount to little.”



Hey Emery,, this inspire confidence in fearless leader?

"As press walked out of Biden’s briefing on how his administration is handling the coronavirus pandemic, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell asked Biden “Maybe a press conference soon, Mr. President? We would look forward to that.”

“Me too,” Biden responded."

Don Bessee

Yes she did throw creepy grampa joe under the bus publicly and it was wonderful -



Don Bessee

No more cheat that way -



Don Bessee

But the question is was she banging a congressman er a a parliamentarian -



Don Bessee

That would seem to confirm that they like illegal voting, well that and the so called 'voter' rights bill -



Bill Tozer

Paul makes the paper. From professional entertainer to freelance producer. A hustling freelance producer at that. Good to see Paul keep his irons in the fire and doing what he loves best. Kudos.

“The more, the merrier, and the Trinity Choir will be onstage at the church as well.

So Emery will hustle that recording back to KVMR and produce it for a 6 p.m. Monday night broadcast special in place of the station’s usual Evening News show. Hey, it’s a holiday known as MLK Day.”………

…….That put quite a smile on former KVMR News Director, longtime volunteer and now freelance producer Paul Emery’s face.

“You know, I’ve been producing the sound of it for the last ten years, likely more than that,” he beams. “I’m proud we’ve had the AME Choir onto our airwaves for so long. Forty years, now that’s a real achievement.” Quote, unquote.

Without permission


Bill Tozer

Ever wonder what happened to O’Reilly ? Teasers have been showing up in newsfeed lately. They seem to rotate. Megan Kelly has a nice but good relaxed podcast and good guests.

Anyway….Not bad Bill. Yes, it is insane. 3:54 minutes.


Don Bessee

The parents are terrorists narrative lost its keystone -



Barry Pruett


Illegal election in Wisconsin in 2020.


re: Barry Pruett@8:32AM

from the article:

'Late last year, a Racine County sheriff said his investigators had secured evidence of voter fraud occurring at a local nursing home. The sheriff, Christopher Schmaling, accused the Wisconsin Elections Commission of allowing, and even encouraging, nursing home staffers to fill out ballots on behalf of residents. He said that the state election statute "was in fact not just broken, but shattered."'

I have to admit that one thing I've always admired about the Democratic Party (for all their faults, I've never heard of the R's resorting to granny farming) is that they are serious enough about winning to use a form of elder abuse. It's a bit more bloody-minded than simply dumping a ballot box in a New Jersey river somewhere.

When you are saving the world, or at least your iron ricebowl, certain steps have to be taken. There's a purity in the single mindedness of it all.


Barry.. Then there is this. DEMS like their illegal voters.


We saw how the Left counted votes. In the dead of night, extra ballots stashed under tables, more cast ballots than voters,

Barry Pruett

Progressives have to cheat to win.


"Progressives have to cheat to win."

Oh, I expect that there's plenty of dense urban areas where they can win, no problem. You work the ethnic angle and the free stuff angle and it all works out. Honestly, it's the way retail politics has worked since it was invented. San Francisco becomes Rome except the drugs are better and the army is worse.

To tell you the truth, I'd say that the US founders' concept of government was a thing based on a temporary state of affairs, a kind of condition of self-sufficiency that used to exist. The minute that people don't have the option of voluntary membership in a community and the ability to support themselves at a family level, you end up with hunter-gatherer clans or the City of Ur and it's elite.


This is posted everywhere and I just wanted to laugh at this.


But, you know, damn, this is just so sad to watch.

Bill Tozer

Deja Vu all over again.

Yesterday, in a post about Joe Biden’s historically bad speech in Georgia, I invited history-minded readers to tell me about a president’s speech worse than Biden’s. Professor Andrew Busch has cited one for me.

Andrew Busch is Crown Professor of Government and George R. Roberts Fellow at Claremont McKenna College. He reached back to 1948 to find a case of a president rivaling Biden for vitriol and demagoguery.


Stop the vitriol…..you fascist tools!

Bill Tozer

lol. A one hour legal ethics course? What, taught by Weissmann?

Judges deny Democratic lawyer Marc Elias's bid to shake court sanctions



Now the RINOS decide to make a break for the door.
Never Trumpers see what's coming too.

Bill Tozer

It’s to protect the snow angels and snowmen.

Washington State Turns Away Unvaccinated County Workers Offering To Help Clear Snow


Don Bessee

Lets not forget 0 said dont underestimate joes ability to fuck things up -



Scott O

scenes - "The minute that people don't have the option of voluntary membership in a community and the ability to support themselves at a family level, you end up with hunter-gatherer clans or the City of Ur and it's elite."
That isn't what going on.
"...at a family level..."
Deshawn La-Quarious and his crew aren't supporting their 'family'. They're supporting their party life-style.
That's AOC-level nonsense.
The "peepul" are resorting to form.
There's simply no reason to work for millions.
And it's gotten just waaaay too easy to steal with no consequences.
Finally - "I'd say that the US founders' concept of government was a thing based on a temporary state of affairs,..."
The founders' concept of govt was based on a very permanent state of affairs.
Namely what humans are and how they act.
Since there were humans.
It doesn't change. It's never changed.
And the founders were well aware of how fragile their system of governance was.
Because of the same reason as to why they created a govt the way they did.
Whether or not some or most of the founders were Christians, they were all schooled in the Christian truism that the "the human heart is desperately wicked."
So - they established "a nation, not of men, but of laws"
And they knew that humans really don't like that and would probably end up getting rid of it.
It was fun while it lasted.

Bill Tozer

Straight out of the Marxist BLM playbook.

California Politico Writes That ‘Equity’ Demands Parents Must Give Up Their Children


Scott O

BT 6:57 - from the article: "But my proposal is quite modest,..."
Ah, yes - a 'modest' proposal.
The author doesn't like the opinion from the justice but has no answer, so he resorts to a badly flawed nod to J. Swift.
Nice try - but no dice.

Don Bessee

The teachers unions are mobilizing their new red guard antiva/blm as useful tools -

Part of the students' demands include that all classes shift to a remote format for two weeks while individual schools work on a plan to involve parents, students, parents, teachers, and administrators in their decision-making on coronavirus policies. Once a plan is finalized, the students are demanding that the plan be put up for a vote by the school body.

In one set of demands, the group states that the CPS should "fully" fund public transportation for students, "reload EBT cards," and provide "covid relief stipends" to students.

The group posted their chants on Twitter, which include "f--k these racist a-- police."



Bill Tozer

Sir, you are male, sir.


Don Bessee

The socialist dems are racists by their own definition -

Democrats slammed for blocking Russia sanctions bill using filibuster they've decried as racist




scotto: "The founders' concept of govt was based on a very permanent state of affairs."

I'm going to have to disagree.

I believe that the US system of government, at least for the first couple of hundred years, required a base of citizens who are relatively independent of government for their daily bread. I'm unconvinced that a society made up almost entirely of the non self-employed is able to remain free for any great length of time. Voluntary associations between either family groups or very small businesses gives you the substrate of the early US. That's not to say that government employees or large companies didn't exist, but they were pretty rare on the ground.

It's an unusual situation and probably wasn't fated to last. Dependence on a job at Safeway, the county government, or on a government check leads to a different form of government (as does a devolution to small non-farming tribal groups).

I think mostly that I'm saying that the make-up of the early US produced a system of government, not that a government was invented and applied to a group of people. The egg came before the chicken.

Bill Tozer

one lady's opinion

Why the Current Flight to Small Towns May Save America





No need for outrage, he's obviously channeling Swift. It was an impractical idea due to the poor feed conversion ratio of humans.

Don Bessee

Lets go branden, if you think inflation is bad now just wait -

Consumer prices surged by 7% in December, the highest since 1982, while producer prices jumped 9%, the largest annual increase since data were first calculated in 2010.

The dollar looks to be faltering in what could be an early sign that investors are losing faith in the U.S. economy, and that in and of itself could make our inflation situation worse.

Oil is moving higher on to falling global oil inventories as well as the falling dollar, and natural gas soared on LNG exports but mainly on frosty cold and freeze-offs.

The most direct correlation in that would be the price of commodities. On the global market, almost all major commodities from energy, agriculture and metals are priced in dollars. If the dollar falters then it would take more dollars to buy the same amount of goods. That means that this blockbuster increase in consumer prices might look small in the future.

If the dollar does falter, then the Federal Reserve may be forced to take even more drastic actions to slow the rise. Instead of four or five rate hikes of a quarter-point, policymakers may be forced to shock and awe the market with a series of a full-point or larger increases to protect the integrity of the dollar.

If the dollar is weak, not only will it take more dollars to build back better, but also the incursion of even more government debt to fund programs that would give back growth to the economy is a recipe for not only inflation but also a throwback to the dreaded stagflation.




"Why the Current Flight to Small Towns May Save America"

You know, I'd like to believe that, and I can see the point in terms of social relationships. It might even be a sort of storage point for America-that-was.

I can't help but think about the economics of the thing. Is the small town a financial sink? requiring subsidies to keep going? does a percentage of the population bring in a 'knowledge' job and type in their spare bedroom? does it have some kind of agriculture or specialty manufacturing kind of gig? maybe they have a tourist draw? It would be super interesting to draw a line around an existing one and understand all of the cash flows. What's the minimum size (or distance) to have a decent hospital or fire department. Maybe that defines 'small'.

It's funny to think of what used to make up a small town besides homes and how many are diminishing or gone. Small car dealerships, small department and clothing stores and all the other stuff Amazon/Walmart sells, gas stations (EVs are a thing), specialty shopping like toys/shoes/musical instruments, bottling plants for milk or soft drinks, bakeries, book stores, even churches are shrinking.

Can you have a 'small town' made up almost entirely of houses and some community centers? I guess it's called a suburb.

Scott O

scenes 7:44 - "I believe that the US system of government, at least for the first couple of hundred years, required a base of citizens who are relatively independent of government for their daily bread."
That actually describes almost everyone in the world at that time.
Your statement was: "To tell you the truth, I'd say that the US founders' concept of government was a thing based on a temporary state of affairs,..."
Their "concept of govt" was based on the immutable, permanent nature of humans.
Now - I'll agree that the citizens of the new country of the US of A were far more self-reliant and risk taking than what we see now. But why is that?
The founders pointed out that once we have "democracy" instead of a republic based on a solid base of laws which we were to adhere to, the proles will quickly vote (en mass) to sit on their ass and let a minority try to carry them. That's called human nature. It existed in the colonies even before our founders were even born.
I am far more dependent on others for a comfy lifestyle than those in the late 1700's but that hasn't turned me into a left-wing know-nothing spouting absolute nonsense as we see today even from people that know better. The problem isn't increased inter-dependence for survival - it's a growing amount of citizenry that have no idea of how the world works and make absolutely insane decisions as to how to live. Exhibit A are the millions of complete idiots that go into hopeless debt for degrees that common sense would tell them will never pay off. Dirt farmers barefoot in the mud 150 years ago knew better.

George Rebane

Scenes 833pm - If the small town provides sufficient connectivity, there is no reason that it cannot be out of commuting range of a bigger city and be economically self-sufficient. Covid has confirmed remote employment. We have several in our family who work from home, going into 'the office' very seldom. Riskalyze has operated on that basis going on two years now with over half its employees.

Don Bessee

You go girl! -



Scott O

BT 7:49 - That's an interesting article and I'm sure that folks from the 'big city' moving to Smallburg USA will notice differences, but this sentence gives away the plot:
"Americans are lost, lonely, and adrift. Almost all of us can sense that without even looking at statistics."
No, sweetcakes - 'Americans' are not.
Maybe quite a few - maybe the author and all of her acquaintances and maybe even most of the folks in whatever hell hole she lives in. There are still millions of us getting on quite happily while all of our 'betters' berate us for our unpredictability and unwillingness to follow their orders. F' them and the Tesla they rode into town in.


I think I like this perfesser.


Don Bessee

Now that's freakin funny on so many ways on so many levels, can we say Georgia speech fiasco!! ROFLOL!!!




" If the small town provides sufficient connectivity, there is no reason that it cannot be out of commuting range of a bigger city and be economically self-sufficient. Covid has confirmed remote employment."

Assuming a wave of automation doesn't more than decimate WFH jobs, perhaps there's enough cash inflow to make it work. I haven't run into that case, but perhaps it exists. In addition, those jobs don't provide the interactions with local people that the article author mentioned.

What is still largely missing is the things I mentioned that provide social connections. Small scale commercial enterprises, shrinking churches, the near-death of fraternal organizations, a downturn in local sports, scouting, social clubs.

The thing created might have the geography of a small town, but I really wonder if it's anything like what one was. Perhaps it will define itself in some new way.

For all I know, perhaps what people really are after is even smaller scale, along the lines of co-housing.

Scott O

scenes 9:20 - I tried your tinyurl link. Weird.
Big letters - "Not Acceptable"
underneath - "An appropriate representation of the requested resource /~mccuan/courses/6321/rona.pdf could not be found on this server."
I've never seen that one.

Don Bessee

They sowed the seeds of their own demise, the model was admin assistants showing they were cool with a couple of bucks for the cup and now they went so woke they alienated real workers. Now the bullshit they virtue signal with has brought the commies in the door and green socialists will suck them dry like a cancer. You go comrade bernie bragade. Who is going to pay 25 bucks for too many frapa, latte, bs, bs, bs, bs with a little creamer! ROFLOL



Scott O

DB 9:58 - Love that article.
"Complicating the challenge is that the workers involved in organizing appear to be less interested in addressing specific problems such as staffing and pay — although those are certainly concerns — than in having more input at work."
Because of course - people who can't get any better job than making coffee certainly know more than the folks who built the Starbucks chain.
I'd love to hear what 'input' these clowns wish to have.


'I tried your tinyurl link. Weird.
Big letters - "Not Acceptable"'

That's odd. Maybe it's the tilde.

I did preview and try it before posting as typepad has issues with some urls, that's why the tinyurl.

I'll bet if you cut and paste that same url, from the address line of the page that says 'not acceptable' (not the post) it'll work.


re: Unionizing Starbucks.

That's definitely a fire those companies play with. The places with full-on wokesters at the helm end up with labor disputes and the occasional Torquemada in their ranks. Hilarity ensues.

It seems to me that unless there's a return to normalcy in corporate America the natural way to both retain profits and to retain a bit of dignity in their wokeness is to increase automation. Being less dependent on humans is helpful in these matters. What's a Starbucks after all except for a giant vending machine?

This goes along nicely with the acceleration in automation of jobs you get with work-at-home. It's a helluva lot easier to analyze and replace part/all of a job if it's completely instrumented. If nothing else, it's a lot easier to offshore

as an aside, from the article: " The company also offers to pay the tuition of employees admitted to pursue an online bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University"

At $16k/yr I guess it's less than the $32k/yr for out-of-state students. Sounds like a pretty profitable concept to me.

Scott O

scenes 7:10 - I ended up just copying and pasting directly into the 'search' bar on DDG.
Comes right up.
"...if you can express it in some kind of relatively comprehensible way in speech."
Oh, no - waaaay too racist!
Probably misogynistic as well.
He'll have to go.

Bill Tozer

‘Why the Current Flight to Small Towns May Save America’

You know, I'd like to believe that, and I can see the point in terms of social relationships. It might even be a sort of storage point for America-that-was.

I can't help but think about the economics of the thing. Is the small town....”
Confession time. I posted that link fully aware that the author’s point was mostly wishful thinking. Yes, the old pharmacy in Nevada City is long gone and the hardware store in downtown GV is gone and I do remember the big hullabaloo over the proposed Pine Creek that would destroy local retailers. The developers promised a bowling alley to be built to quiet some of the opposition. Many many pine trees were murdered to put the shopping center in....another point of contention by locals at the time.

What the author pointed out is true. This feeling of disconnect, loneliness, being adrift is real for too many. A common theme moi used to hit on is being unmoored from the past and unmoored from the present. From roots to the unrooted. Not something I have a solution for.

Maybe I have come down with the flu for Christmas. Maybe I am reflective because i got the word that my step sister (she became my step-sister after I left home so there are no childhood memoriesor attachment with her ) and her husband both died of COVID this week. One in the hospital, the other found outside near the horses when she stopped visiting her hubby in ICU. Covid or not, one must feed the horses.

Or maybe, just maybe, the story (play) Our Town left a lasting impact on my live. Looking back, I went to an excellent non-union public school with teachers pressing us to order the meaning of life.

Or maybe on Christmas Day I saw two movies at the kids’ house. Middlemen and Don’t Look Up. Not exactly Christmas movies and it’s been years since I have seen a movie. Perhaps the ending to Don’t Look Up left an impact. Family, friends sitting down to enjoy what matters most in life as the Earth destroying comet approacheth. Yes, one could get political and see the not so subtle Hollywood parallels to Climate Change, but I overlooked all that and saw the roots that bind in the final scenes.

Our Town, USA.

Bill Tozer

Spelling. I went to an excellent non-union public school with teachers pressing us to PONDER the meaning of life.


BillT: "This feeling of disconnect, loneliness, being adrift is real for too many."

I was considering some of modern American ennui. There's a lot to blame. Mobility, decrease in extended family, the internet, addictions, the loss of whole classes of jobs, modern living patterns and isolation. Not only dissatisfaction but what appears to be a world o' mental illness we all get to share in. Men-in-dresses didn't pop up out of just nowhere.

A variant on this was gnawing at me, really kind of a small thing, but I never see it mentioned. I wonder to what extent the human mind, especially men, need not only useful work but need to physically manipulate things. My bet is that people get something out of using their body, most particularly their hands, that is largely missing from the modern workplace. Being a furniture maker, machinist, musician, or farmer works mental pathways in ways that a keyboard does not. Working purely in a symbols might easily be leaving something behind in a healthy life.

Bill Tozer

Scenes. When all else falls, go chop wood. Make little rocks out of big rocks.

There is an old Chinese story that has stuck. Maybe read it 40-50 years ago. From memory.....

A stone cutter was toiling under the hot sun. He, laboring under the blazing sun looked up and saw the sun was greater than he was. He wished to become the sun and he became the sun, and began beating down on all people and things on the Earth. Now he was the greatest thing. Then one day, the clouds gathered and rain blocked the sun. Now he wished to become the rain and proceeded to wreck havoc on the earth. He unleashed torrents of water upon the Earth, blocking out the Sun. Truly, he was greater than the sun.

To his dismay, he saw that big boulders were blocking his destruction and damning up his rain. Truly, the dam is greater than the rain and thus he became a magnificent dam. Nothing is more powerful than the dam he reckoned. So, he became the big Boulder dam that held back all the water that fell from the sky. While gloating over the way he held back the rain and glorying in his power, he heard a chip chip sound. The sound was that of a stone cutter.....chipping away at his boulders.

To wax philosophical, contentment is no getting what you want but wanting what you have.

George Rebane

A little carpentry and doing firewood do wonders for this deskbound squiggly pusher.

Scott O

re the need for physical activity and constructive work with one's own hands -
It's not as if it's not available in modern times. Maybe physical activity is not part of your profession, but I notice gym membership seems to be booming. You can always just go out and run or do exercises at home. There is no end to the many hobby and craft activities that can cost thousands or almost nothing depending on your budget. Isn't it actually the individual's attitude? There are Ytube vids of people from all over the world doing all kinds of inventive things with what little they have available. This is why I scoff at the dreamers that envision the GNI as "freeing" people to be creative and find their own path. I'm sure it's true for some, but most will just get bored and get into more trouble. For millennia people had to work all day just to survive. Freed from that burden, not all of us react the same way to the (relatively) new concept of leisure time and idleness. I remember walking down the hall in the office on my last day at work (data processing). A co-worker walking the other way asked in passing if I wouldn't find retirement boring.
I could hardly wait to relate that story to my highly amused wife. These days I'm wondering how I ever found the time to commute to Sacto and work 40 hours a week. It's all up to one's attitude.

Scott O

George 10:24 - My late father found the same exact outlet for his free time. He pushed himself with being physically active out in the woods long after most found that to be not advisable for him.


Tonga goes BOOOM!!!!!

The videos are starting to show up. Flooding in SoCal.

The Estonian Fox

scenes 14Jan22 09:20 PM.

I definitely like that professor. I'll be sending the link to a friend (a GT grad) with a bet that Prof McCuan is "Cuantized" by the GT admin/diversity group. (note- he obviously can't be "McCuantized", because that might reveal his white, racist, non-BS Scot background). BS here is not 'bachelor of science'.

I did like his Stuff, Non-Stuff paragraphs.


re: mind->hand connectivity.

I admit that I was thinking in terms of professional-level, all-day-long, sorts of work. There really is something different in that than making furniture on the weekends. My gut tells me that there is something wrong in staring at a screen with a keyboard for 8 hours a day and then being on the internet for another 4.

which brings me to...

the seeming increase in mental illness in the young. Consider a whole generation who spend practically all of their waking time running a game console, PC, or cell phone This is beyond the obvious programming being done by the surveillance industrial state but simply atrophy of some innate deep-wired human abilities.

re: Dr. McCaun (a number of his papers are on Sci-Hub, a shout-out to Ms. Elbakyan).

He strikes me as the kind of professor that would have been perfect for me on those subjects at age 30. I do wonder quite a lot about the best ways to teach more complicated subjects, are lecturers even useful? Of course, the gifted (maybe everyone) mostly teach themselves.

His main page is pretty good (cut 'n paste if needed).

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