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09 January 2022



An obliquely related topic. Not just the value or general importance of work (a thing that Marcus Aurelius hits pretty hard) but it's longevity. Involvement in things with legs.

Most people, of course, work on things with half lives between a day and 100 years (mostly builders). A very few produce things that last longer (some writers/composers, a very few known Greek black-figure potters, etc.

I was thinking about one Abdul Maugoud, a guard of the Temple of Alexander the Great at the Bahariya Oasis. It's a guy who spent most of his life smoking cigarettes and drinking tea, waiting for something to happen, but still there's some serious mojo to a gig like that.

Scott O

scenes - "My gut tells me that there is something wrong in staring at a screen with a keyboard for 8 hours a day and then being on the internet for another 4."
But again - that's a personal choice. So - why are an increasing number of people choosing to live like that?
I will make the observation that living that way seems to be the sort of life that 'certain' folk want us to lead. I believe it was the Firesign Theater that joked more than 40 years ago: "In the future we'll all push buttons and live in tubes."


"So - why are an increasing number of people choosing to live like that?"

I'm not really sure. Offhand it's not dissimilar to the human ability to eat Big Macs and Twinkies all day. Some sort of built-in compulsion to acquire or do things that are rare in the wild but pleasurable. Keyboards 'n screens are the intellectual equivalent of sugar. So here I type.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if knowledge work has evolved to meet the same needs as successful cellphone apps and slot machines. The more successfully, the more job retention. Apes (and maybe all mammals) love them their random payoffs.


In the meantime.

"So much chatter in the news media these days about who will be “Joe Biden’s” running mate in 2024 — not that there’s anything wrong with his current sidekick — but I’ve got half a mind to throw my own hat in the ring. That’d make two of us with half a mind and a shot at the so-far elusive ideal to govern least… and therefore govern best!

Alas, I lack the connections and the ground-game of a seasoned pol such as Liz Cheney, the current favorite, who dragged her esteemed old daddy, Dick Cheney (“George W. Bush’s brain”) up to Capitol Hill this week, for to schmooze up the Progressive caucus and raise morale among the walking dead. Where Dick Cheney treads, you know war can’t be far behind. That must be what America really needs to pep her up in these days of sagging poll numbers and inflating dollars. War, the ivermectin of politics!

But shall it be a foreign war or a civil war? Isn’t that the question? From the looks of things around “Joe Biden’s” White House, where a weird concrete fortification is being hoisted up on the north lawn as I write, it looks like they’re planning for action on the home front, perhaps a full-out assault by the lurking forces of white supremacy — painted savages in horned head-dresses screaming MAGA-MAGA-MAGA as they loot Dr. Jill’s walk-in closet.


George Rebane

scenes 935pm - as a point of reference to your concern about remote workers not integrating into their newly found small town, I consulted (i.e. worked from home and flew to clients) for almost two years after moving here in 2002. During that time I was fully involved also with the local Rotary club, a couple of 501c3s, and local politics. It was actually the pull of local involvement that made me give up a fun/profitable consulting career - there were not enough hours in a day. So it all depends ...

Don Bessee

Just as predicted -



Bill Tozer

Walt: Saw this quote…..

Okay, who had “underwater volcano” on their Bingo card for 2022?
Smart town, USA. If a bunch of urban rats flee their cities to find themselves and find themselves in Our Town, USA, then that would be by its very nature changing the town. A new supermarket goes up, and bye bye old back home architecture and vibes.

You cannot jump in the same river twice. Impossible.

There is a thread common thru the Intelligential Takeout and to a degree Poweliner Blog and others several other sites that come to mind. Whether it moving as an adult with family back home to Ohio or Iowa or Minnesota or Montana, the common thread is these writers and bloggers left home, went following those big city lights to seek their fame and fortune……and felt this big hole with wind blowing right through their souls. They appreciated what they left behind more than the pinnacles of success the trajectory of their futures held. Getting closer to the dirt, the roots, those Mid-Western values.

A farmer’s son may hate is father vehemently, but the love of the dirt he got from his father.

Bill Tozer

on a more cheerful note, the libs have lost their ever loving minds that Gutfeld has taken over the top spot of the nighttime comedy shows from Colbert, Kimmel, and the other guy.

Guess you can't escape politics nowadays...but Gutfeld knocks it out of the park.



" Whether it moving as an adult with family back home to Ohio or Iowa or Minnesota or Montana, "

It's an interesting point. Can you really assimilate in a town unless you went to high school there? Probably not to the same degree. In any case, aside from the apt analogy of jumping back into the same river, I maintain that most of the social underpinnings, largely economic, of small town America have been stripped so it'll never be the same again...bar some enormous change in the way things are done...maybe an EMP.

"but the love of the dirt he got from his father."

Man, is that a tricky one. It takes a boatload of work *and* luck to put together a farm or ranch. The problem is that in a culture without primogeniture (and a tendency for the elderly to burn up estates on healthcare), it seems like everyone has to start all over again. or at least is set back a step or two.


Best toon yet.

Don Bessee

Thou doth protest too much sir -

Fauci’s past investment portfolio was only made public by way of Sen. Marshall, who disclosed Fauci’s 2020 investments Friday after, on a hot mic, the doctor called Marshall a “moron” during Tuesday’s Senate hearing.

“Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his financial disclosures being open to the public,” Marshall’s statement read. “Dr. Fauci must be held accountable to all Americans who have been suing and requesting for this information but don’t have the power of a Senate office to ask for it.”

Fauci is the highest-paid employee of the federal government, reportedly raking in more than 400,000 in 2020 and upon retirement will receive a $350,000 annual pension.



Bill Tozer

Rewrite to make it sound better: Artist license and all.

A farmer’s son may hate is father vehemently, but the love of the dirt he got from his father……

A farmer’s son may hate is father vehemently, but HIS love of the dirt he got from his father.
To wax philosophical, contentment is no getting what you want but wanting what you have.

To wax philosophical, contentment is not HAVING what you want but wanting what you have
I will stop there. Not enough hours in a day to clean up after myself….

Scenes: “Can you really assimilate in a town unless you went to high school there? Probably not to the same degree”

Well, I assume my teenage job making cherry vanilla cokes for the car hops is no longer there. I dunno. But, what I omitted from the story is that my hut was elevated and the car hops (the finest of fine young lasses) wore low cut tops and high skirts. I doubt if that is allowed now.

“I’m sorry Sherrie, I thought you said to make it a double scoop.” H/T to Dr. Rebane.



re: donb@5:26

Really, it's kind of hard to get excited about Fauci's $100k in some international mutual fund that has some Chinese investments.

What I am struck by is (a)what a great big weird clump of already diverse funds this is, dunno what the logic is exactly and (b)it's a wonderful country when a civil 'servant' has $10M in the bank and makes $400k/yr. To his credit, he's not hauling in the big bux in speaking fees like the Clintons did.


The real bummer is that some federal medical executive was allowed to become a media star. In a sense, it allows you to make policy.


" the car hops (the finest of fine young lasses) wore low cut tops and high skirts. I doubt if that is allowed now. "

It is, but it's middle-aged men.

Bill Tozer

On the criminal justice scene, some sadistic guard probably thought it was funny. I did.

Michael Avenatti Files $94 Million Claim Over Harsh Jail Treatment, Alleges He Was Given ‘The Art of the Deal’ to Read in Solitary



Sure not a Biden rally. More than 30 showed up.


OH what fun it would be to go buy a bag full of triple burgers with cheese and bacon and toss the bag in the middle of their starvation circle. Or set up lawn chairs near by and eat in front of them,, up wind.

Bill Tozer

Perhaps this should be posted under ‘Ignorance that passeth all understanding’.

Walt @ 8:19 pm

Or, just fire up the bar-b-que up wind from them. No meat necessary. Just don’t clean the grill from the last time you used it and let the fragrance of meat dripping waft in the air. Guaranteed to get their stomach juices going.

Or, get a Subway tuna sandwich, set it discreetly near them, attach some monofilament with a worm hook to sandwich wrapper, sit back in your lawn chair and when temptation overwhelms the weakest among them and they go to grab it, just reel in the line and move the tuna fish sandwich a foot or two right before they snatch it. Works like a charm with a dollar bill laying in the grass as well.


You devious devil you Bill.. How right you are.
The letdown they would get when they raise the white flag in defeat just to discover,,, an empty grill... Cannibalism
would be their next move.


I’ll just leave this here…….



Greatest orator of our and perhaps any other generation.


.....and thanks in advance for agreeing with me!

Bill Tozer

I suppose the biggest news of the last few days is that Joe Biden has become a lame duck president in less than one year in office. That is, as an old TV Show once titled itself, ‘That’s Incredible’.
Now watch the media start to turn on him. The Left media, that is. They cannot back Biden because that would help the Republicans in 2024…having Joe propped up by them and setting the stage for a R presidency. Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster for the Left.

Here are some of the stories that I saw and believe, all in all, were underreported.

1). So, thats where the rapid COVID tests have gone.

‘Union Pacific Official Blames L.A.’s Far-Left Policies For Massive Train Thefts, Considers Leaving L.A.’
2). ‘U-Haul Literally Ran Out of Trucks Leaving California’
3). Good news. We ain’t playing Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown no more.


Bill Tozer

Glenn Youngkin's very good first day in office


Yes, parents do have a say in what their children are being taught….in Virginia, not CA.

Bill Tozer

Flashback: Virginia.

Look at the pic, not necessary to play video or read words. Look at the pic.

Once again, I will circle the barn and spike the ball in the end zone. Gov Northam is on record saying he is in the picture. He also denied and denies he is in blackface. So, by a simple process of elimination, he has to be the other guy.

Look at the pic. I see a Democrat on camera right.



Flag! Excess celebration in the end zone, unsportsmanlike conduct, offensive. 15 yard penalty, replay spike in end zone.

Paul Emery

Thanks Bill for noting the Bethel choir in Marysville that I'll be recordng tomorrow as part of MLK day. After a rush edit it will air on KVMR from 6-7. I'm very busy with 5 shows coming up at the Nevada Theatre starting Saturday Jan 29 thry Saturday Feb 12 as part of my Nevada City live series. Here's a link for more info.


Bill Tozer

Poll: Voters ‘Frustrated’ With Biden Ignoring Economy, Inflation, Focusing On Issues They ‘Don’t Care About’

“Notably, the same poll found that the issue of voting rights and Democrats’ proposed federal takeover of elections, which Biden has become more vociferous in pushing, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has threatened to change the filibuster in order to pass, is one of the lowest priority issues for voters. Just 6% of respondents said that voting laws/voter fraud/voting issues should be a priority for the government in 2022.

Another poll released Wednesday by Politico/Morning Consult found that Democrats’ push to pass federal election reform is not an important issue to voters. A plurality of voters, 32%, said that none of the electoral reforms the poll suggested — reforming the electoral counting process, expanding voting access in federal elections, and expanding federal oversight of state-level election reforms — should be a legislative priority. The same…..”


Do something, even if it’s wrong!


Paul 'Impresario' Emery sez: " I'm very busy with 5 shows coming up at the Nevada Theatre starting Saturday Jan 29 thry Saturday Feb 12 as part of my Nevada City live series"

At a time when Omicron is going up with a bullet? Can't it wait until summer? I guess that commerce is more important than health, even at the small scale. I can't imagine a more infectious situation than live music in a small indoor venue...maybe New Year's Eve at a bar.

No doubt everyone has to wear a 'mask' to get in and there is 'modern' ventilation. Probably a small percentage are even N95.

Oh well, it's probably worth a courtesy call to the hospital that they should expect a small surge from the local music community. Hopefully it'll be fatality-free. Good luck.


Bad news for the Punchy crowd...


Team GOP is ahead, 47/42...


re: President Potato's Policies (PPP) "Do something, even if it’s wrong!"

Just wait until they do something.

Eventually they'll shift from destroying savers', well, savings, and shift to destroying bond and house values by pushing up interest rates. Free lunches are scarce on the ground. It could be that the only thing left standing after all the carnage are government pension plans, being protected at the business end of a gun and all.

Not so great for the Biden-backing Mafia (ie. the big business/war party) in Team Blue. No doubt the sincere hope (as usual) is to push the emergency off until after the next Presidential cycle. Dunno what the building-burning wing of Team Blue makes of it all.

Speaking of party wings, it does my heart some good to see Team Red's own big business/war party (the Cheneys of the world) ebb for a while, although I would never count them out. The upstart middle-America working class folks that Trump keeps running out in front of probably need better organization though. The tricky thing is organizing so that it is either powerful enough or low key enough to stay out of the mitts of Team Blue run federal law enforcement.


So Paul Emery infects is back in business

Bill Tozer

Two things. Both Paul related. Both channeling Paul in an inclusive manner. We don’t want to exclusive anyone, do we? How equitable is dat?

First, we should not be going crazy over the Quinnipiac U poll. 33% approval for Biden sounds enticing if not intoxicating, but the Q poll has been historically wrong. Thus, I suggest that we take the more rolling average approach and say that the ‘old man yelling at sky then biting his fingernails’ sits around 40% approval. The approval numbers of individual issues….well, you can take that to the bank.

BTW, suggestion is a subtle command. Use in a sentence: I suggest we….the Royal We, take the more rolling average approach at this stage of the end of the worse first year any president has had. Ok, maybe William Harrison had the worse first month of any President, but he never made it to the one year mark.
Second, we all can find humor (or perhaps a touch of irony) with Paul booking a group called the Omega Variant.
Third, let’s cut Paul some stack. He is hustling down to Marysville to risk his life to record the choir for MLK Day only to then hustle back to KVMR to play it on the air tonight. He is giving up his holiday so the show can go on. This selfless act of community service should be recognized. Besides, my sources in Marysville are going to tell me the exact moment Paul leaves the House of Worship, and calculate the rate of speed, traffic conditions, etc. Thus, I will know the precise time (within 20 seconds) when to throw out the spike strip on Hwy 20 near my humble abode. :).


"Paul Emery Infects"

roflmao. Now that's brilliant. It even fits on business cards.

(ya know, it makes me wonder. Has somebody really thought through virtual concerts? Have the guy on the mixing board produce some multichannel feed you can shove through to a standardized speaker setup in everyone's listening room? Next thing you know, Ray Bradbury's veldt lions are going to present a problem to parents.)

re: spike strips

Dangerous plan. Absolutely nothing in the world makes white folk as weak in the knees as a African Methodist Episcopal Church choir singing on Martin Luther King Day. You are dealing with fundamental forces of nature here. Hate crime special-ops teams will parachute in from all directions.

Now, a Welsh choir singing 'Men of Harlech' is a different matter. Practically a hate crime in itself given movie history.


random pic.


Bill Tozer

Ok, the spikes may be a bit over the top, but it’s always good to kick around ideas. So, I will put you down in the Ixnay Column for Bad Ideas. Who said variety is the spice of life? Ixnay that.

If the Omega Variant cancels, perhaps Biker Bill and his Smooth Movements could step in as a selfless act of community service. Or, perhaps Toes & Scenes with the RV Park Trash. Don’t think ‘Buggering Paul and the Bonkers’ is going to fly.


Kids didn't get to go coffin shopping, and I'm, back to work in the morning. One week, and I'm almost as good as new.

Got two different stories at the hospital today. " OH NOOOo... Your infectious for ten days" says one ding the check in.

OK,, I need a note for that for work,,,,, Next the ER nurse steps out,, "Uhhhmm who told you that?" Her.. Right over there"
She then says "That's been revised. If you have no symptoms, and feel ok,, your good to go".... OK,, I need a note to that effect so I can go back to work...
Soon after,, note in paw, and back to the world of the living.

Just felt tired for a few days, and that was the extent.
Other than food tasting like crap.

That antibody treatment really did the job.

Bill Tozer

great news Walt. When asked why don't I get tested by nice people aware that I don't feel up to par, I tell them that I ain't going anywhere a testing site. Are you nuts? Who knows what I might catch, judging soley by the pics of a testing site in The Union. They look like carriers to me.
If this everpresent mild headache with lack of mojo isn't OnmiKron, then I will catch it at the testing site. A true air borne contagious virus.

Anyway Walt, how about a free good animal story to celebrate getting back in the saddle:

'Teacher alleges she was fired for not 'meowing' back at student who identifies as a cat'
"We no longer need your services if you can't identify with all the children in the classroom," the substitute teacher alleges the school's office said.



Goodbye AT&T.

I've cut the cord. For the first time in my life, I live in a home not served by AT&T POTS or any other wired telephone service. Felt good.



Since the Left has decided math just ain't math anymore, numbers just don't need to add up. Yet they think THEY are the ones that should have soal vote counting authority?

""Make no mistake: the conspiracy could have worked and it might work next time," says
of the ongoing efforts to restrict US voting rights.
"Pay attention to who they're lining up to count the votes and... think about whose votes they don't want to count.""


So THIS was the note Trump left to Biden in the desk drawer.

Someone send one to Emery.

Don Bessee

Thats too funny! -




Found in the Portland police training manual.

And the Lord said –

Woe be unto you, dirty hippy:

‘For thou stinketh of patchouli and BO;

For thou talk of Marx, yet know him not;

For thou hast bills, yet have not paid;

For thou hast dreadlocks and white skin.

And so I shall send among you,

My humble servants with hat, and bat,

That they may christen your heads with hickory.

And anoint your faces with pepper spray.

And once thou hast been cuffed and stuffed;

Once thou has been stitched and bandaged;

Perhaps thou shall learn,

I’m tired of your s**t.’


Screw'em if they can't take a joke.

Don Bessee

WOW! Going back the carter administration for messaging but they left the malaise out, perhaps creepy grampa joe or the kakkler in chief -

CNN's Paul Begala: Democrats don't have 'bad leaders,' they have 'bad followers'



Bill Tozer

No wonder the Left hates Fox News so passionately. Nothing to see here folks…..don’t watch Fox News or you will turn into a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Wingnut. A bitter clinger. Extremist.

Just a snapshot in time.

“Anchor Bret Baier brought on Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume to break down the devastating polling numbers for the Democrats. Hume started off by analyzing the key findings of the poll. "Democrats went down 7 percentage points in terms of the number of people identifying themselves as Democrats, Republicans went up 7 points. That's a 14-point swing. That is a huge swing in a single year," he said.”

‘Nets Ignore Historically Bad Polling Numbers for Democrats Ahead of Midterms’

Bill Tozer

Happy MLK Day, Mr.President.

"A recent national survey found that four key election reforms are supported by more than 80% of voters," pollster Scott Rasmussen recently wrote in an article highlighting the disconnect. "These include removing people who have died or moved from voter registration lists; requiring all voters to show photo ID before casting a ballot; wanting all ballots received by Election Day; and, having all voting machines made in the United States."

‘Joe Biden's Jim Crow 2.0 tour collides with reality: Blacks strongly support voter ID’


Bill Tozer

Michigan Democratic Party Trashes Parental Rights In Education, Then Deletes Post And Backtracks


Bill Tozer

'Joe Biden's Jim Crow 2.0 tour collides with reality: Blacks strongly support voter ID'


"A recent national survey found that four key election reforms are supported by more than 80% of voters," pollster Scott Rasmussen recently wrote in an article highlighting the disconnect.

"These include removing people who have died or moved from voter registration lists; requiring all voters to show photo ID before casting a ballot; wanting all ballots received by Election Day; and, having all voting machines made in the United States."

In Rasmussen's latest national poll on the issue, 78% of African-American voters supported voter ID.


Bill Tozer

CNN Hires Convicted Thief, Viral Purveyor Of Misinformation Rex Chapman


Scott O

BT 3:17 - But no accusation of sex crimes!
So, a step up for CNN. See - they've actually improved. C'mon, man - give credit where it's due.

Scott O

"Lawsuit Forces California Department of Education to Remove Aztec God Chants From Ethnic Studies Curriculum."
And I thought the parents should control the curriculum! I guess Aztecs will have to resort to private schools. Sad that the skills needed to excel in the modern world are banned from the class room.

Bill Tozer

“Watch for the battle over parents’ rights to be a defining issue in the 2022 midterms, with the Republicans holding a decisive edge if, like Glenn Youngkin, they are smart enough to use it.”




"‘Joe Biden's Jim Crow 2.0 tour collides with reality: Blacks strongly support voter ID’"

The thing is that they never say just what the voter law bills ever have in 'em. Just that it's Jim Crow and slavery and that Emmett Till would have been in favor of the new law.

I mean, you are dealing with scoundrels here

"Aztec God Chants "

Cool. I like that. Do they include the part with the obsidian blades? Maybe the schools need bigger staircases. It makes the falling bodies more dramatic.

Scott O

scenes 5:23 and BT 5:07 - I guess the issue seems to be who are the parents?
What if most of the parents ARE Aztecs?
Now - where's the nearest volcano?
Oh, it's OK Suzy - no one for a minute thinks you're a virgin.

Bill Tozer

Not bad quotes today. I see the quote dude has changed the format and broken them down into topics.

“Biden promised to unite our country. Instead he betrayed us, pouring fuel on the fire of divisiveness, tearing our country apart. Biden compares those who disagree with him to racists, traitors & enemies, & has his AG target Americans as domestic terrorists. Unfit to lead.” —Tulsi Gabbard



Narrative collapse? You decide.


Don Bessee

PBS just reported that the highest inflation over the last year was in Brazil, Turkey and wait for it... THE UNITED STATES! So the question is with the highest murder rates and a land invasion of the southern border have the socialist greens turned the whole country into a shit hole???


Scott O

scenes 6:23 - The real crime is of those collapsing the narrative. C'mon, man!


More from the annals of “Clueless Joe”

If you oppose Biden's legislative agenda you're a racist but if you take a synagogue hostage on shabbat while screaming anti-Semitic jihadist slogans Biden isn't sure what to call you


Bill Tozer

Is it just me……or have others noticed that ‘The Individual’ or (gasp!) ‘rugged individualism’ is now branded as a dirty word by our Leftist betters?

Shapiro discusses AOC. Man, does he take the Left and AOC apart. Recommended.



Jordan Peterson quit, and why.

Which led me to an article about V. Putin. Now this is some smart positioning.


So......NPR’s Nina Totenberg is a liar......who knew?!

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 7:44 pm

Great links. You know, Putin recognized the importance of history and culture for the Russian people and opened up a few churches. He was, after all, an intelligence analyst officer, not the door kickers of the KBJ.

“Mr. Putin has cited Mr. Kissinger as a trusted foreign policy adviser. In the book “First Person,” Mr. Putin admiringly recalled a conversation in the early 1990s when, as an aide to the mayor of St. Petersburg, Mr. Putin was asked to pick up Mr. Kissinger at the airport.

Mr. Kissinger made a strong impression by saying that he, too, had gotten his start in intelligence, and that he felt Mikhail S. Gorbachev had been too hasty in withdrawing Soviet forces from Eastern Europe.

“I had never imagined I might hear something like that from the lips of Henry Kissinger,” Mr. Putin is quoted as saying. “I told him what I thought, and I will repeat it right now: Kissinger was right.”

A spokesman for President Dmitri A. Medvedev said there was no plan for Mr. Kissinger to meet with Mr. Medvedev.


Bill Tozer

Bad news Brother Walt. The Banana Slugs are coming after your people…to erase them. There is still time to hold them back, but for how long?



Oh yeah, Dr. Rebane included.

Bill Tozer

STUDY: How the Networks Buried One Year of Biden’s Disasters, Failures and Controversies



re: BillT@9:00PM

The evil 'Vikings' moniker got me to thinking. About what year did crazytown come to those schools to the extent that it ran the place? I did like the comments section coming up with the 'Eunuchs' as a proper replacement, although I would suggest weaving the gender-confused into the name somehow.

I'd post up the links to the WWU Legacy Review Task Force report and the Black Student Organizations list of demands (and demands and demands), but they have the appearance of links that typepad can't handle. It's about what you'd expect

I just had an entertaining .5 hour or so poking around in the Wayback Machine looking at Western Washington University's web page at different years. It's interesting watching Crazytown unfold there. Trust me when I say that their web pages have a very different feel between 2000 and 2022.

So, how long will it be until the Internet Archive service is forced to shutdown in order to perfect memory holing? It could be easily done via copyright law I'll bet. The last thing you want is hate facts coming up from the past.


The Surveillance State grows just a leetle bit larger.


George Rebane

scenes 800am - This is a perfect entry into our Dark Days Diary as we slide toward tyranny.

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