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28 January 2022



"Hey Stevo, we’re gonna announce your retirement today, and I didn’t want you to see it on CNN before giving you a heads up, capice?"

Oh well, the poll numbers are bad, time for a mid-term kicker.

As it's now the Black Woman seat in the Supreme Court, I suppose there's a fairly small applicant list.

It's one thing you can certainly blame on the Democratic Party, they've institutionalized the political machinations of inmates to the world at large. Next thing you know, we'll all have to have our own prison wallet to hide items the panopticon doesn't want you to own. Keistering a 20 round magazine might be a bit of trouble though.

Bill Tozer

re: Breyer
Leftist Nutjobs Try To Cancel Ilya Shapiro For Opposing Racist Hiring Quotas


Biden’s Pledge To Nominate A Black Woman For SCOTUS Is Racist And Sexist

re: Matson’s elevator



Bill Tozer

re: Matson’s two against one.
What else is on voters minds? We know the top 3-5 issues on folks’ minds. If all the important main issues were on the hook on Elephant side of the boat, then our Lefty friends would start complaining that the Right Side is over the Fish and Game’s limit! Bad folks.
Only those issues, cartoonist? Jobs? That’s only for the Fringe Bad Thinkers who aren’t advocating for a workless society. I can’t even go to my sights without come add popping up from some employer seeking workers. From HVAC to Lowes (this morning) from box stores to Starbucks…..everyday. Oh ya, CVS. I know, those aren’t good jobs. Even for mid-management. Good jobs require qualifications. Bring the receipts. Anyway, here is another fish that hits you up close and personal. It steals the most important stuff, that being peace of mind. Priceless commodity.

‘Crimes Are Crimes, No Matter How Petty’

“Because no crime is minor if it happens to you.“



re: political cartoons.

(a rant) They're practically always awful. Awful gags. Not great draftsmanship. Ben Garrison cartoons are downright creepy-looking at 10% too far into the uncanny valley. The MacNelly's of the world are rare and given how good some four panel cartoons have been through the years the editorial cartoon world seems like a wasteland.

Somebody should put together a website of the truly awful ones.

Typically a waste of space in a newspaper but I guess it fills the (ever-shrinking) space. Kinda like the expansion of freebie editorials. And the Daily Jumble.


I admit that a single panel looks hard as a vehicle for pacing a joke.

It all gives me a good idea if a person had the ability and time.

Do a series of modern political cartoons exactly in the style of James Gillray. It would be an interesting exercise and confuse the straights at the same time.

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