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14 February 2022


Don Bessee

It sounds like the 17 intelligence agencies and lady cankles have fallen under this standard for 6 years -




" Of course, there is no rigorous, let alone broadly accepted, definitions of MDM; "

I'll present one.

It's the sorts of things that dudes say in a bar after work.

The thing is, at least temporarily, government is being taken over by people who aren't dudes, don't hang out in a bar, don't really work. Of course they'll find it threatening.

Scott O

George: "...keep an eye on the sound of silence emanating on this from our progressives and their lamestream media."
I had a few English teachers that would have marked up that sentence with a red pencil.
But we catch yer drift. You must remember the good 'middle of the road' types and the left are quite certain this would never apply to them so it's all good.
I seem to remember President Potato publicly declaring that vaccinated people couldn't catch or spread the covid virus. That was completely untrue and a dangerous thing to tell people at risk with co-morbidities.
So - there is 'good' misinfo and 'bad' misinfo.
And that really boils down to: If we like you, you can say anything you want - including calls for violence against folks we don't like.
And if we don't like you, you might be in trouble for anything you say or write.
So - just good ol' despotism. Been going on for centuries. Maybe we can catch with China!

George Rebane

ScottO 352pm - Would love to know the kind of English teachers you had. Where would they have put their red marks?

Scott O

George - A simple mis-match of your eye (a light gathering organ) with the idea of detecting a sound.
As I quickly pointed out - we still get the 'picture'.
I had some English teachers that tried their best to impart a drumbeat of striving to do better at communication with that quirky code we call the English language. I'm sure they would still have a great time with a red pencil marking up my writing.

Bill Tozer

Six Things We Know About the CIA’s Secret Mass Surveillance Program


George Rebane

ScottO 653pm - You are right of course. But long ago ‘keep an eye on’ was awarded an expanded to mean the more general ‘pay attention to’ or ‘be attentive of’. And the ‘sound of silence’ has come to mean demurring as a type of response. Go figger; guilty as charged.

The Estonian Fox

From the SF Chronicle:

"It’s easy to drool over the story line that the most progressive city in America just ousted three progressive school board members. But disagreements over politics had little to do with San Francisco parents’ decision to push for the first local recall in 39 years."

Since it wasn't their policies, must have been for their lack of style. Hope that this rejection of hubris & stupidity shows up in November for many other offices across the country.

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