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10 February 2022


Paul Emery

Do you agree with the RNC who describe Jan 6 as “legitimate political discourse”?

George Rebane

PaulE 1128am - On the Mall yes; inside the Capitol no. But I do have some sympathy for those peaceful trespassers who thought they had a right to enter the 'people's house'.

Bill Tozer

“…..belated aid to Ukraine, sending them armaments and moving more American military into trip-wire positions in Russia’s near-abroad NATO neighbors. (more here) Rebane Doctrine has backed and promoted America’s role as the powerful hegemon sheriff of the post-WW2 world order. Ever since George Kennan laid out our cold war strategy of containment in his 1946 Long Telegram, the US has been doing mankind an enormous good by selectively holding back the spread of totalitarianism in its many forms. As Kennan warned us, this job is neither cheap nor easy, but it beats hell out of having a nuclear WW3 or a global autocracy a la Orwell or Red China. And America has been the only player on the world stage qualified in means and mindset for the job – long may it wave.”

Putin Wants His Own Monroe Doctrine



"Putin Wants His Own Monroe Doctrine"

That strikes me as a good way to look it at.

Personally, I think they have a good point, but it basically comes down to who blinks first. My money is on the US giving way.


Hegemony Gone Wild.


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