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14 February 2022



"please find us some hope"

Optimism is cowardice.

Back in the days when the argument was about how healthcare was paid for, at what point an unborn child has legal rights, right-to-work states, power plant emissions, you could understand the various attitudes.

Fast forward twenty or so years.

In the era of normalization of crime, mobs burning down blocks of buildings, the hectoring of wrongthinkers in companies/schools/government, kneeling to ethnic groups and their domination of the public space, placing the mentally ill and gender confused in high office, the metastasizing of censorship and central control of communications, all with the plum of a President with dementia, you know you're screwed.

There's really nothing to argue about as we've moved from a minor disagreements on money to what Peter Turchin refers to as a civilization fault-line.

You might as well argue with the Golden Horde.


Moved from Sandbox to be more relevant to topic

re: George’s good friend, the No Labels Dude. Durham, South Carolina? Bull Durham?
Q: How come they always act like they just heard about the news this evening? A great mystery.

A: Silence is Golden

-SILENCE: CNN & MSNBC Primetime Ignore Bombshell Durham Report

-NewsBusters Podcast: Networks Refuse to Touch Clinton Spy Scheme In Durham Report

-Nets Ignore Explosive Report Showing Clinton Spied on Trump

-We’re Still Waiting, Washington Post, for Your Story on Clinton Spying

-CNN Ignores Durham, Defends Whoopi: 'Wrong Answer' for ABC to Suspend

-Nets SILENT on Clinton Spying on Trump, Cover Skating Scandal Instead

-‘Misinformation’ Means Whatever the Media Don’t Like, Want Censored



This general thing?




I did like this line from CNN.

"The accusation -- which Durham couched in vague, technical language in a court filing late Friday -- has been seized upon by Trump and his supporters,"

If any bonafide newspaper writers are slumming it here, is that a reasonable sort of phrasing?

Bill Tozer

Oh, So That's Why The New York Times Didn't Cover Latest Durham Bombshell


Bill Tozer

Latest Durham revelations put Biden's national security adviser in uneasy light


The Estonian Fox

Tulsi says it all!

"The Durham investigation has shown that the biggest threat to our democracy is not some foreign country, but rather the Power Elite led by the likes of Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators in the mainstream media & security state who work to undermine our democracy from within."

T'NT - Tulsi & Trump 2024!

Don Bessee

You might think the leftist lap dogs would be all over a mayoral candidate getting shot in the campaign hq but but but -

Quintez Brown, Louisville BLM activist charged with attempted murder of mayoral candidate, has troubled past
Brown was subject of missing person investigation, recently touted 'revolutionary'




Team Blue sez: "Get 'em while they're young".

"A school in Washington, DC has provoked controversy online by posting a video of its kindergarten students marching with ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs and chanting slogans in support of the cause.

The clip, which was uploaded on the school’s official Instagram page on Saturday, featured more than a dozen kids engaged in the action organized for them by their teachers."


The Estonian Fox

DB @ 2:19PM-
1. Using Steve Sailer's metric for the race/color/ethnicity of a shooter when it isn't revealed: if more wounded than killed during a shooting, the shooter was black; more killed than wounded, shooter was not black.

2. Why was this shooter even given bail? Uh, sorry, see answer to Q1.

"During the arraignment, his lawyer said Brown would undergo a psychiatric evaluation." Evidently, the one done when he went missing for 2 weeks in the summer of 2021 was done by a pre-schooler from Wash DC.

Bill Tozer

The lefty press is giving Hillary Clinton a pass for Russiagate


Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 8:15 am, Feb 15

“I did like this line from CNN.

"The accusation -- which Durham couched in vague, technical language in a court filing late Friday -- has been seized upon by Trump and his supporters,"

If any bonafide newspaper writers are slumming it here, is that a reasonable sort of phrasing?”

What is so amusing is irony of the lame stream coming down on Durham.
Durham did NOT hold a press conference to announce anything. The Sussman defense asked for disclosure and asked the Durham team to show their cards…Show us what you got! “Fine” says Durham and showed the defense what he has in a court filing.

It was a court filing, not a leak, not a press release, not something spouted before the camera. A friggin’ court filing, lol.

I still do not expect convictions of the Untouchables. What I praise Durham for is two things:
1) A very professional probe with NO leaks. How refreshing.
2) Durham is going what we all should praise about true ‘Justice.’ Justice does not seek convictions, ‘Justice’ seeks the truth. The truth, not notches on a prosecutor’s belt. The truth is Justice.

Durham was tasked with finding the source of the Russian Collusion Hoax. He is methodically carrying out his mandate/investigation into the roots of the Russian-Trump Collusion Hoax after Mueller spent millions finding zero collusion involving Russianand Trump.
Durham will find, as much as humanly possible and against much resistance/stalling from the so called “Justice Department”, the source of the Russian Hoax…which is leading us to Spygate.

Whether the statue of limitations runs out or not on participants, this is of little concern to me. The Truth is what I am after.

Our media displays its ignorance on their own and without any prompting.

‘Morning Joe shreds 'gobbledygook' Durham filing targeting Hillary Clinton’


Lol. A sworn court filing is gobbledygook. Sorry, Morning Joe, that you are too stupid to understand a filing. What a dumb shit.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 16 February 2022 at 07:52 AM

Sorry, Morning Joe, that you are too stupid to understand a filing. What a dumb shit.

Not at all Bill.....he knows its completely legitimate. Just more progressive narrative control.....midterms coming up!

The Shanti Emersons and Rich Howells of this world have to be kept calm and properly focused!


re: reunification.

You have to admit this whole Sam Brinton Affair is a wondrous what-the-hell? moment for conservatives.


There really is something to untwizzle here in order to build your own defensible positions on culture.


Posted by: scenes | 16 February 2022 at 08:09 AM

Nothing wondrous at all......Team Klain is giving Americas normies the big "Double Pumper".

Bill Tozer

BREAKING: Twitter suspends 'Defiant L's', account best known for highlighting Liberal hypocrisy
The account that took screenshots of leftist’s sudden change of viewpoint on a situational basis of seeming convenience, has been removed from the platform.


Yet to break in news for link: A Canadian woman grabbed a Canadian flag from a Freedom Truck and threw it in the snow because…..because….the Canadian Flag is now a symbol of white supremacy or something.

When the sight of American flag and the Canadian Flag are triggering the Lefties, where is the unity, lol.


fish: "Nothing wondrous at all...."

Too fast an answer after only 5 minutes, those are long articles. Ready, fire, aim.

The tension between personal freedom and the kinks of a crossdressing senior government official openly parading his love of sodomizing men dressed up as tethered puppies is an interesting one.

Bill Tozer

re: Dr. Rebane’s friend and the media.

I wrote about the riots on Lake Street in Minneapolis this past Friday night here over the weekend. The Star Tribune hasn’t reported or editorialized on the riots. Instead they have published a brief op-ed column by Andy Brehm. Andy is a corporate attorney and former press secretary to then Senator Norm Coleman. To top it off, Andy lives in St. Paul.

Andy’s column appears under the heading “Anarchy in Minneapolis goes unchallenged.” Subhead: “This crisis of criminality cannot continue to be ignored.” This must come as something of a shock to readers who get their news from the Star Tribune:


“One might think that the story here would have cracked the paper’s pages and merited the attention of the paper’s editors. Indeed, the dissolution of civic order in Minneapolis merits their attention in some form every day. The city is in critical condition. The nonfeasance of the Star Tribune illustrates how a newspaper can contribute to the decline of a major American city.”



re: BillT@8:17AM

My post on the 'Defiant L's' (and their twitter demise) last night had a link to their currently active link, check it out.


Pretty funny idea, simple and effective.


Posted by: scenes | 16 February 2022 at 08:19 AM

Again nothing wondrous at all...........Team Klain dug up someone who had adequate credentials to fill the role of Biden Administrations department store window Lifestyle Freak to lord it over conservative America and not get laughed out of the job (based on credentials) he was ostensibly hired to fill.

Actually a Nuclear Engineer isn't the best background for the role but because he leads men around on leashes the was the "Cherry on the Sundae" for the Klain Administration! The job is a paper and memo role.....if they wanted to they could have found someone quietly competent in the radioactive waste establishment instead of this yutz. He's there for one reason and one reason only.

That he was chosen speaks volumes.


re: The Bizarre Hellworld of Minneapolis

My favorite part of those kinds of articles is the comments section. It's a convenient way to stick a thermometer up the backside of an area.

As usual, it goes like this...

. (some complaint about the Hellworld, riots, etc.)
. (some other on-topic complaint about Hellworld)
. (another complaint)

It sounds damned familiar.

The main problem with the Right (ie. normal thought patterns held by most everyone until 20 years ago) is that they spend way too much time arguing with mentally ill people, not enough building up their own soup-to-nuts institutions. Especially schools and apolitical communications and financial systems.


fish: "Again nothing wondrous at all"

You miss the point then. It's an opportunity for people to really think about the boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable, public and private.


re: moi@8:45

It occurs to me that you are responding to Brinton, not the post. It's a more subtle thing than a purposeful slap in the face to 'normies'.


Posted by: scenes | 16 February 2022 at 08:47 AM

Maybe. Other than the overtness of the selection it doesn't interest me all that much. Like I said ......its really a job for an office pogue and I guess the SBC didn't have any openings for Nuclear Engineers.

I mean Brinton is certainly white enough for Steve.



It also occurred to me that I wasn't clear about which comment section I was referring to in sampling the mood of The People.

My first instinct is always to go to the original source...


...as an editorial wrapped in an editorial (often wrapped in another editorial) loses the sense of a thing. The internet oft leads to a Matryoshka doll of opinion.


Speaking about who is suited for what job.....!

Sacramento Mayor Proposes Guaranteed Basic Income for Artists

The art world......she calls to me!


(The above link brought to you by zerohedge.com™. Purveyors of only the most scurrilous misogynistic anti Hillary propaganda available on teh intertubez today)

Don Bessee

Even SF has had enough of this crap, next the DA -

Education, particularly its struggles with coronavirus measures and racial justice, is expected to play a prominent role in elections across the country this year. The results in San Francisco are another warning sign for Democrats.

Preliminary results showed the vote to oust each of the school board members topping 70 percent. Those who lost their seats were school board President Gabriela López and members Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga.

The recall effort was initiated by a couple frustrated by the board’s failure to reopen schools last academic year. Even as other districts opened or developed hybrid in-person and remote systems, and as private schools in the area operated in person, San Francisco remained remote for nearly all students, who did not return until the fall.

At the same time, the board engaged in moves aimed at advancing racial equity that critics say were divisive and ill-advised, particularly for a period when schools were closed and academic and emotional damage to the city’s children was accruing. For instance, the board spent months deliberating the renaming of 44 schools after a committee found their namesakes had connections to slavery, oppression and racism, although many of the alleged ties were thin or, in some cases, historically questionable or inaccurate.



Don Bessee

A break in the ranks of the lapdogs -

‘Trump Really Was Spied On’: WSJ Slaps Establishment Media’s Coverage



George Rebane

DonB 1233pm - FYI, this link already in the commentary.

Don Bessee

It must be a cuomo thing -




I'm posting this just because the first picture made me laugh so much.



Posted by: scenes | 16 February 2022 at 01:08 PM


Bill Tozer

“It would certainly be nice to have all the perpetrators brought to justice. Short of that, it would be nice to have a full account of the relevant facts.”

The Russia hoax must be the biggest political story of the past five years. I certainly have treated it as such. The details added by Special Counsel John Durham in his filing last week in the case of Michael Sussman add slightly to the story and to the questions surrounding it. The unnamed “tech executive” at the heart of the filing is Alex Joffe.

On Monday Joffe released a statement responding to the filing. The statement is quoted in this NBC News story on the latest developments in the Sussman case. The Wall Street Journal breaks it down in its related editorial as follows:


Nice how Sussman pleads his case to the public while Durham let’s his filings speak for him. Wish Flynn was allowed the same courtesy to speak before and during his case, but a gag order was issued.

Obama’s DOJ sought convictions first and foremost regardless of the truth, while Durham seeks the truth first and foremost.

Bill Tozer

Baby steps, yet steps in the right direction.

Pennsylvania school removes CNN from classrooms, can choose patriotic videos instead
One mom says watching the program is 'feeding [her son] every day that CNN is a label you can trust'


The Estonian Fox

BT @ 2:26PM

On a personal note, I made a presentation at Norwin Middle School on 3 separate days in December. I was surprised that CNN was showing in home room. There seemed to be only facts shown, no politics, but the CNN logo was ever present, as the mom said.

I'm pleased that the school board decided not to make the show a de facto requirement before home room, but allow individual teachers to opt-in if desired.

Bill Tozer

The Estonian Fox. You might like this one.

'The unstated scandal: The CIA collected info on President Trump The DNC's direct line to the CIA'


George Boardman

The Wall Street Journal finally got around to doing a news story on Durham's filing in today's edition, "Study of Trump Web Traffic Stirs New Fight." The article suggests this is more complicated than Trump and his echo chamber would lead you to believe.


Durham' Durham' Durham' --sounds a lot like Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi doesn't it? What about insurrection insurrection insurrection taxfraud taxfraud taxfraud. It is a little too late to bitch about something that happened 5 years ago.. besides the Clintons are now nobodies in American politics no one really cares about Durham Durham Durham except the right wing echo chamber trying to keep that hate going for the next election.

Don Bessee

The koolaid drinker @ 448 should be focused on indicted indicted indicted. LOL


Bill Tozer

‘Durham is very close to position where Sussman is going to have the opportunity to say, you didn’t do an investigation before you charged me’

“And a week before he [Sussman] probably is going to have to do that, this stunt comes out and you have all these people who were witnesses, who fed these conspiracy theories to Durham on the front end, who then go on Fox News and make false claims about it. That’s what the story is about. It's Kash Patel garbage in, Kash Patel garbage out, and then Trump threatening to kill people as result."


One, two, three….ROFLMAO.


"'The unstated scandal: The CIA collected info on President Trump The DNC's direct line to the CIA'"

Interesting article, I'll look into it more.

Insurrection insurrection insurrection is a thing, it's just that it happened in 2016 2016 2016 and the years immediately following.

I admit that Buffalo Horn Guy was quite a lot more imposing than the DNC and the CIA in some sort of unholy matrimony, maybe he just looked threatening to a movement devoid of regular dudes. I guess that anyone viewing John Brennan as a paragon of truth and justice was probably bound to appoint Grand Admiral Levine, these are strange times.

No matter what, history will be written by the victor so there's no point in a statute of limitations.

Bill Tozer

Good short clip

Flashback: 2019 Media Chant ‘There Was No Spying’ on Trump


“The media’s knee-jerk dismissal of Trump’s allegations has left them looking pretty foolish in this case. It’s not the first time their incurious attitude has come back to bite them, and it’s likely to happen again as Durham’s investigation continue”

The longer the Durham case continues, the more Bobbie’s head will continue to explode. It’s like watching scanners or Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Bill Tozer

Hillary Clinton has finally commented on the latest revelations from the Durham investigation, which we summarized here. She denies the whole thing, deriding the news story as a “fake scandal” attributable to Donald Trump and Fox News. For support, she relies on a “good debunking” from–who else?–Vanity Fair.


I am surprised Hillary did not go straight to Teen Vogue or the Huff-n-Puff Post.

Bill Tozer

Here’s a quick quiz: How do we know the new developments in special counsel John Durham’s investigation are important?

Answer: Because the New York Times and Washington Post claim they aren’t important.

Big Media’s messengers for the Deep State are nothing if not consistent. For years they sold the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax as the greatest story ever told. And now that the entire story is being unmasked as a figment of Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambition, the same suspects insist there’s nothing to see here.

Move along, they say. And by the way, did you see what Donald Trump did today?

It is awfully late in the game to be surprised that our national press corps puts its political agenda ahead of the national interest, but the refusal to treat the Durham probe with the seriousness it deserves takes the dereliction to a new level. The refusal involves deliberate attempts to mislead the public.

Then again, the motive is obvious. Giving Durham his due would require the media to re-examine its role in perpetuating the dirtiest dirty trick in American political history.



Posted by: Cross Tops | 16 February 2022 at 04:48 PM

Trump Trump Trump.......that's like so five years ago! Live in the now man....err...wo-man.....and maybe a little cardio now and then ....girl shouldn't let herself go if you know what I mean.

Just sayin.....

George Rebane

GeorgeB 359pm - I think you came in a bit late on the WSJ coverage, as the link in my piece takes you to its coverage that actually started on 14 Feb which was the earliest print edition after Dunham’s Friday filing. WSJ’s online coverage started over the weekend. The historical component here includes the Left’s vehement dismissal of the whole sordid Hillary Russia conspiracy that Durham has now begun to reveal.


re: reunification.

I did like the fine political cartoon in today's Der Union. It had the general air of one of those anti-Trotsky or anti-banker Soviet Cartoons with an elephant playing the part. Sweet. Maybe we could get Mr. Crabb to pen up a humorous sketch of a donkey cutting open deplorables' chest cavities with an obsidian knife atop the George Floyd ziggurat. 'It used to be just another snake cult'. The gag writes itself.

I get the point of the cartoon. There's always some right-wing crime that maps to a left-wing one. The Challenger of Peace, removing copies of Buggery for Dummies from elementary school libraries, Buffalo Horn Man vs. billions in burnt buildings, schools run by the mentally ill, pervert puppie love at the DoE, more people than I can count being throw out of their jobs, off twitter/VISA/GoDaddy/Facebook/PayPal/GoFundMe/etc.

Hey, it's all just in fun mann!

No point in arguing, time to split up with some degree of civility, whatever it takes.

Don Bessee

When all else fails blame the white supremacists but ignore it was the minority vote that gave them the boot with 70% of the vote -

Recalled San Francisco School-Board President Claims ‘White Supremacists’ Are to Blame for Her Loss

The recall was the product of a year-long effort to reform the board, which critics said prioritized social-justice politics over shepherding the district through the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents were concerned the board had not done enough to reopen schools and fix the district’s struggling finances during the pandemic.

The vote came after Siva Raj and Autumn Looijen, two single parents, launched a campaign to recall the board members after they refused to reopen the city’s schools last year.

Particularly frustrating to the recall’s organizers was the board’s directing its time and energy during the pandemic toward renaming 44 schools named after prominent Americans — including president Abraham Lincoln and George Washington — and considering a close to $1 million proposal to paint over an 80-year-old mural at a local school that illustrates the life of Washington, but includes outdated stereotypes.

The district’s budget deficit soared to roughly $125 million last year, and the California Department of Education sent in an expert to help the school board craft a plan to fix its finances.

A moment of infamy in the board’s history came last February when it hosted a two-hour debate over whether a gay white dad was diverse enough to join an all-female volunteer parent committee.

Collins, meanwhile, was stripped of her committee assignments and her title of vice president in March 2021 after recall organizers discovered several anti-Asian tweets she wrote in 2016 accusing the Asian-American community of not sufficiently speaking out against Donald Trump.



Bill Tozer

So typical. The NYT covers the Spygate court filing, but not the contents therein.

‘War over Trump spying’


Bill Tozer

“The lamestream doesn’t give a big rat’s ass about what rightwing journalists, pundits, and commentators know or think. Their focus is on the great unwashed. As long as they know that they control what that cohort of Americans knows and believes, the rest makes no never mind. We confirm that at every election” — Dr. Rebane

‘Cruz Reveals 3 Words That Signal ‘Bloodbath’ In Midterms: ‘If You’re A Democrat, That’s A Real Problem’


Reunification? We all know what reunification means. To the Leftinistas, it means The Cultural Revolution.

Here is an easy test. Instead of going down the list naming the features what a democracy looks like, list what an authoritarian country looks like. Free speech? Nay. Right to petition government for regress? Nay. Right to assemble together and peacefully protest and/or criticize government? Nay. Right to dispose of property as one sees fit? Nay. Individual rights to live as one deems best? Nay. Tossing folks in jail and keeping them there without being formerly charged on a crime? Yes! Yes, if the country is totalitarian, not a democracy. Stomach let for dissent? Nay.

Don Bessee

Keep the congressional jihadi caucus and the marxists out front center screaming their heads off about defund the police, abolish ice and prisons as well as cancel culture -

AOC, Squad under fire as Dems reject their 'deeply problematic' agenda
The policies trumpeted by AOC and the Squad are 'deeply problematic' for Democrats running in competitive districts



Don Bessee

Class traitor commie, for people who claim to want a classless society they sure love them some luxury perks but she has a long way to go to catch up with blm. LOL

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ditched the commoners in coach and cozied up to elites in first class on an American Airlines flight, avoiding the left wing altogether for a spacious seat closer to the cockpit after a weekend of stumping for comrades in the Lone Star state, an eyewitness told The Post.



Don Bessee

Too little too late comrade gascon you are toast and nothing will stop it -



Bill Tozer

Not new stories, but more details emerge. Just two more of our fascist right wing ‘conspiracy theories’ confirmed. Or, close to being confirmed. :).

‘South African doctor who discovered Omicron refuses to 'create fear' by hyping variant's threat’
Angelique Coetzee asked her secretary to "give me another Nexium" to deal with the international pressure she was facing to deem COVID variant worse than South African doctors were seeing.

‘COVID vaccine adviser plays down importance of feds' meeting on natural immunity, mandates’
"I don't think this was a confidential meeting," Paul Offit told podcast, unaware that……”


Bill Tozer

Spygate stuff

Watchdog sues DOJ to force release of records related to Durham probe
Empower Oversight group seeking records, among others, about senior official Susan Hennessey, who was a critic of Durham probe before she joined DOJ.

Daily Double Bonus: The Sounds of Bobbie

“that's right.. run them [teachers] out of town of a rail. Or better yet, tar and feathers. How about building a set of stocks out in the front of the school and put the offending teachers in them.. after all, all they tried to do was protect themselves from getting sick.. that's a crime in itself isn't it? Apparently parents are allowed to bully but teachers can't defend themselves from sickness.”

What a drama queen. Addicted to outrage. Worse than the Inquisition.

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