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10 February 2022



Remember all that free daycare, free community college, student debt relief you were going to be getting from the Biden Administration.......?

Biden's $770B Pentagon Budget Proposal Denounced As "Absurd" By Progressive Dems

Too bad, so sad!


Scott O

For anyone hoping that there might be some adults in charge of fiscal policy in our great nation, this article will quickly disabuse you of that quaint notion.
Best line: ""I have confidence the Fed... (will) deploy their suite of tools in an appropriate way to keep the recovery on track, but also deal with the excess pressures that we have that are causing inflation," Yellen said."
'Suite of tools'?!!
More like suite of smoke and mirrors.
All they can do is directly or indirectly raise interest rates.
And just what is our current natl. debt?


So ......how many "hate" hoaxes is this now?

What are we up to.....98.....maybe 99%?



So ......how many "hate" hoaxes is this now?

What are we up to.....98.....maybe 99%?



re: HateHoax

Looks like they haven't updated the list yet. https://fakehatecrimes.org/

Not-surprising-news Department.

No wonder the company is so interested in same-sex bathrooms.

"A group of approximately 20 axe-wielding individuals attacked a Coastal GasLink work site where they violently engaged with employees, security and police officers. One RCMP officer was reportedly injured in the arson attack. "

You have to admire the gumption of the Left. I'd say that insane axe-swinging outweighs The Great Honkening.


You do have to admire the modern bureaucracy's ability to mess with your life by just pressing a few keystrokes. The Surveillance State combined with a cashless economy will make for interesting times.

"Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said at Monday's news conference that banks would be able freeze personal accounts of anyone linked with the protests without any need for a court order.

Vehicle insurance of anyone involved with the demonstrations can also be suspended, she added."


Gotta wonder what 'involved' means. Donors? Social media meanies?

"Under the Emergencies Act, Mr. Trudeau’s police have now arrested the leaders of the trucker’s revolt, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, on charges of “counseling to commit mischief” (O, dear…!), and seized their bank accounts, while also freezing the bank accounts of anyone who donated money to the truckers’ cause. That action led, naturally, to runs on Canada’s major banks, leading to bank shut-downs on Wednesday — d’uh… what do you expect when the authorities send the message: your money is not safe in Canada’s banks, and might not even be your money if we say it’s not?"


There won't be too many chances for mass movements to shut down the government getting into every little bit of their business, but in the meantime, The Great Honkening continues...


Gotta love this. Clownworld is a thing.


Bill Tozer

Well, it makes sense. Biden is ready to be put in the old folks home, Kamala is a big thumbs down to The Party, Woke is going broke and hurting the Party big time, Buttigieg is still acting like he is on paternity leave and is drawing 0-2% support among Blacks….so, ya, Hillary is the best they got.

Hillary Clinton — the definition of insanity



Midterms looking great Beav…..

”According to multiple accounts of the evening, Broyles became intoxicated and spoke derogatorily to some of the girls. She allegedly called one girl an “acne fucker,” which prompted the girl to leave the room in tears. Broyles allegedly called another girl a “Hispanic fucker” and another a “judgy fucker.”

At one point, Broyles allegedly vomited into a laundry basket and onto one girl’s shoes.


Bill Tozer

Fish @ 10:17 am
Excuse me while I go vomit.
Our Failing Students Are Crippled for life.



Any word on Walt?

Bill Tozer

CDC quiety lowers standards for soeech development for our little ones.


Bill Tozer

Fish. Any word on Walt?

Everyday I check the Sandbox for news on Walt…sometimes multiple times a day.Since Walt’s last post via Jackie, I have felt guilty for posting on Sandbox, just to leave the space open for her. Makes me wonder if she needs some free work around her place or how she is holding up. I don’t know exactly where they live and do not want to intrude on the family in their hour of testing.

Walt weighs heavy on my mind. It’s like we are all in the waiting room together. I hate waiting rooms, always have. It’s the not knowing that puts us all in the waiting room.

Barry Pruett

I spoke with Jackie today. Walt was taken off life support on Wednesday, and he passed away shortly thereafter. Our Dirt Mover's funeral will be on February 28 at 1pm at St. Patrick's Cemetery. Jackie has invited all of you to come.

Barry Pruett

She also told me that he loved all of us like brothers. I am going to miss talking to him. I will see you next Monday...

Don Bessee

RIP Walt.



Bad news, even when expected, remains bad news.

I will endeavor to attend at St. Patrick's.

Barry Pruett

Always. I knew Walt fairly well outside of Mr. Rebane's sandbox. No doubt he was adamant about "pissing off liberals." Walt was also a really good, hard-working man who deeply loved his wife. While the first characteristic related to liberals is just plain funny, the former two characteristics related to his work ethic and his ability to love are to be deeply admired. He will be missed.


He was…..a good dude! As much as you can know someone exclusively in this kind of forum. The sort who you would want backing you up in a fight!

Vaya con Dios my friend!

Bill Tozer

Yo Brother Walt. See ya again.


Don Bessee

Tru dat -

Who's Your Daddy



Don Bessee

I like that a jihad on fuel which is a jihad on the least able to afford it and they will pay at the ballot box -

Kudlow: Putin is smiling as Biden kills the world's greatest energy industry
Kudlow argues the fossil fuel 'jihad' is intensifying



Bill  Tozer

Usually Dr. Rebane follows The Daily Signal, I covered the Daily Wire, and Walt covered the Daily Caller. Walt and Don covered Breitbart.

Since Walt is not here, I will cover the Daily Caller tonight.

Mandate Protests, New Zealand style.

‘Maori People Perform Haka Dance In Protest Of New Zealand COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates’


It is rather head scratching. New Zealand had one of the biggest lockdowns during the China Virus. Whole country locked down to outsiders. Nobody enters, the outside world locked out. The island nation became the Hermit Kingdom.

Still, very head scratching. With more sheep than people and folks scattered about in their two dozen Hobbit hobles, with that kind of extreme to the max caution, how on earth did New Zealand have cases of OniKron? Don’t know, but maybe it was something in the air.

Bill Tozer

Amazon Kicks Black Lives Matter Off Its Charity Platform, AmazonSmile


Grifters going to grift.

Don Bessee

I remember a few years back i had the pleasure of being blessed by receiving a hot tray of magnificent ribs for me and my hottie straight from Walts hands in pen valley. My wife still remembers them.

Walt will also be remembered.


George Rebane

Walt moved dirt for us, supervised the installation of our trailer barn, and shared a bottle or two of some strong stuff. His friendship blessed us all. RIP Bro Walt.



"Underground gas storage facilities (UGS) in Europe were 95.3% empty as of February 17, Russia’s state energy giant and major gas exporter Gazprom said on Saturday, citing data from Gas Infrastructure Europe."


Wait, I have a solution.

Just do what California evidently intends to do. Universally force everyone to all-electric heat/hot water/cooking and buy a couple of solar panels.

Problem solved.

Scott O

Just tuned in and saw the post about Walt's passing.
An emoji won't even start to express my sadness. The Lord give you rest, Dirt Mover! A good man who endeavored to live a good life.


Donalds Trump, "only the mob takes the fifth." Eric Trump took the fifth 500 times. Goombah goombah goombah

Don Bessee

Well isn't that special in a small bus kind of way @620


Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

I love the irony of the ussr2.0 at the gates of europe and the Fins this week said what they are doing to Ukraine is very stalin 1938 and they aslo said they are buying a bunch of F35s now all in a week!

I bet the vets of the war with the rusians in Finland enjoyed this! -



Bill Tozer


“The spin that Gascón has used effectively before, that it’s all Trump supporters, is not going to work this time,” says Irene Medavoy, who with her husband helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Obamas and other prominent Democrats. A major studio executive told Los Angeles, “People can be liberal in ideology but they don’t want crime in their city.”


Don Bessee

0 said you cant underestimate how joe can fuck it up and joe found another who you can absolutely rely on her fucking it up -




re: masks.


,Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

Coward who can not support and defend his beliefs -



Don Bessee

I love it, spit in their eye and get ready for the worst but why wont creepy grampa joe do something that matters other than ass kissing -

Ukrainian Foreign Minister pushes back on Russian demands, says 'Ukraine is seeking membership in NATO'
Dmytro Kuleba said the majority of Ukrainians want the country to join NATO





"A climate scientist who formerly worked in the Clinton administration admitted to Joe Rogan that he was unwillling to debate scientists who disagreed with him about climate change"

Arguments tend to show the weakness of positions, but ego (and fear of embarrassment) strengthens them.

My gut feeling is that
a) Humans have changed the amount of energy pumped onto/into the Earth due to introducing gases into the atmosphere, cityscapes, farming, altering of habitats generally, etc. Changing external forces (sun, cosmic rays, etc.) are also at work.
b) The ability of climate scientists to predict the future is shite. They are scientists in the sense that economists are.

I'd just as soon listen to an argument between Paul Krugman and the ghost of Milton Friedman, listen to their long term predictions, and laugh my ass off when none of it came to pass.

Bill Tozer


“Well, Seattle is close. It has decided to repeal its bicycle helmet laws because . . . well, let Public Health Insider explain it:

Bike helmets save lives and help prevent serious injuries. A review of several published studies estimates that bike helmets provide a 63-88% reduction in the risk of head and brain injuries for people who ride bikes. As part of the movement to encourage the use of bike helmets, the King County Board of Health passed a law in 1993 requiring anyone riding a bike to wear a helmet.

However, data presented to the Board of Health has shown racist and discriminatory enforcement. Seattle Police Department data collected and analyzed by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and the Helmet Law Working Group shows that police disproportionately gave helmet law citations to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color cyclists.”


Bill Tozer

Tuning Bubblebrain out. VDH

‘The Gathering Storm in the West’

Few are listening any more to the clueless Justin Trudeaus and bumbling Joe Bidens and all the toxic hypocrisies they embody.



re: BillT@8:55

Obviously it's because the wypipo stole all the helmets. Because of colonization.

You do have to wonder about bike helmet laws. Getting rid of something like that is a hidden benefit to this business of make-everything-legal. It's funny to watch Crazytown governments whipsaw from getting in everybody's business (helmet law) to 'oops, we are giving tickets to our favorite people' (no helmet law). The rights and responsibilities of an adult citizen get ignored in both cases. It's all about active management of everything by people with lots and lots of really great ideas.

It's all summed up best by Nevada County Karen, Natalie Adona. "I AM OUTRAGED THAT YOU DO NOT FOLLOW MY RULES".

A fine slogan, but it would sound better in Latin.


Welcome to the future.

"Outrage as Canadian single mom on minimum wage has bank account frozen for donating $50 to Freedom Convoy: Trudeau is blasted for draconian law that 'would never have been imposed on BLM'"


Imagine how cool it will be when all financial transactions are electronic and run through a government clearing house.

It's an interesting side angle to all the talk of Universal Basic Incomes. Do something that The Man doesn't like? No money for you this month bucko.


Sweet. This is what we are dealing with folks. Every time Ms. Cross posts, hear it in this voice (7:20 ish).


Actual video starts at about 4:30
The voice of the people starts at about 7:20
Double bonus points here. The Portland Evil Dwarf Wheelchair guy is the male voice.

Gotta love how the PR cop dude just steps back and lets them take over, it's all about dominance after all. It would be fun to watch Grady Barr handle the same situation.

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