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21 February 2022


Don Bessee

Ahhhhh fresh kitty litter.

The kakkler in chief is a disaster in public willie brown cant help her now -

Kamala Harris ripped as 'perpetually unprepared' after presser in Munich
Some suggested Harris was overseas in order to distract from the administration's 'domestic disasters'

After some meandering, Harris concluded that, collectively, the allies desire a "diplomatic end" to this.

Viewers called her remarks "word salad" and concluded she was "perpetually unprepared" for the critical foreign policy moment.



Paul Emery


What is the difference between Russia's "peacekeeping" invasion of the the sovereign nation of Ukraine and our "peacekeeping" invasion of the sovereign nation of Iraq?


"What is the difference between Russia's "peacekeeping" invasion of the the sovereign nation of Ukraine and our "peacekeeping" invasion of the sovereign nation of Iraq?"

Well, there aren't a bunch of culturally American people in Iraq. Iraq was never part of the United States. Iraq isn't right next to the US presenting a security issue. Iraq isn't where the US actually was formed initially. Assuming Iraq was right next to the US, a competing set of nations didn't plan to make it part of their military coalition. Generally, Iraqis don't speak English, practice Christianity, or even look much like people here.

But it's just the very same thing otherwise.


"Still no internet, and ATT can’t figure out why. "

George, just trust me on this.

Use absolutely anyone else you can.

Bill Tozer


What is the difference between the US, via our President, declaring we will defend the sovereignty (and territory) of Ukraine while not defending the severity and territory of “our” border?

Paul Emery

Did you support our invasion of Iraq Scenes?

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe does everything to hamstring our oil industry but now they dont trust him to put money into greater production. Thanks socialist green luddites -

Oil Soars After Arab Oil Ministers Turn Biden Down Again, Refusing to Open Oil Taps



Bill Tozer

Scenes from last Sandbox, re: Bobbie’s voice.

Yep. The Gypsy Jokers? Haven’t heard about them since the 70’s. If one burned the Gypsy Jokers on a drug deal, they were ruthless. Death resulted. I doubt that the Gypsy Jokers would ever take an interest in that heffa moobox for no reason. But, that was then.

NGO doxxing people? That is hilarious. Doxxing? Does she even know the meaning of the word?

All I was doing was peacefully protesting and the Portland PD sent Gypsy Jokers to kidnap me!

Bill Tozer

If I recall, the UN all got on board and the UN with a coalition of nations invaded Iraq.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 1:13 pm

It was a smart move to send Harris out of the country. Not so smart to put her in front of any camera. Biden’s presidency is over, washed up. Harris is a non-starter. Best they have is Hillary.

Bill Tozer

Everyday fed up parents are addressing their school boards. The issue is not going away. I do applaud the public is conducting itself in a reasonable manner. Too many to post, picked at random.


Two days after YouTube banned Bongino for life for dare discussing masks, Rumble gained 50,000 subscribers.


Paul Emery Presents: "Did you support our invasion of Iraq Scenes?"

Which one? There were two, you know.


My guess is that Invasion #1 could have been handled in some other fashion, more surgically.
Invasion #2 was a complete waste of time, blood, money. You've got a perfectly good dictator there, use him. The Third World variety can always be either bought off or threatened sufficiently. Once gone, there's a power vacuum that rarely ends up well. It's like the incredible stupidity of Libya and the attempted stupidity in Syria.

I realize it's hard to extract oneself from an area that combines the power and money of oil and the over-large influence of the Israelis on US policy.

It's all typical of post-WWII US nomenklatura. Now that they have Their Man as President again, and an honest-to-charlie half-wit at that, heaven help us.

I think the Russians can make a far better case (good enough? dunno) in Ukraine, than the US has in the dozen or so places it has played Risk in the post-war era.

George Rebane

PaulE 304pm - Russia is adding territories adjacent to its borders to its existing sovereign nation-state, the US didn’t and doesn’t.

Don Bessee

The mexicans might not agree @534 -



Paul Emery

Why then George do you feel we were justified in invadinga sovereign state, depose and kill it's leader, bomb it's Capitol and kill thousands of it's citizens?

So we're in agreement on thisone scenes. You speak as a true Conservative.


"The mexicans might not agree @534 -"

or the Spanish if you consider Cuba or the Philippines as adjacent. or the various wars against the natives (a nearly pure-play for adding territory). To be fair, a lot of the 100 or so wars were against people somewhere else, mostly for now-mysterious reasons.

Don Bessee

#sadoldponytail @ 556 Since when does the druid decide whats conservative? LOL


Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 5:12 pm

'Which one? There were two, you know'

The first one happened after Suddam invaded Kuwait and did dastardly things to the Kuwaiti people. Went in and sliced the throats of the Kuwaiti zoos just for fun. Took over the country and all oil fields, and looted evrrything in sight, just like a BLM peaceful protest.
Paul, I must again reject your premise coming out of the gate with microphone shoved in peoples' faces.

"What is the difference between Russia's "peacekeeping" invasion of the the sovereign nation of Ukraine and our...."

The Russian Army are not known as "peacekeepers". While you may have picked up the term at Raw Story or Putin himself, the term peacekeeping is a non-starter. The UN is known for its peacekeeping as they hire local tribal leaders and war lords to rape and rob the refugees at will.

The first question you should have asked is, "What is Ukraine to us?"

Same thing as asking what are the Kurds to us? Besides, Turkey is a NATO ally and the Kurds are not.

What is Ukraine to us? Looks like Biden is trying to keep his promise that no American forces will be fighting in Ukraine. The second question that begs to be asked is what does Putin have on Joe Biden?

Don Bessee

Nailed it Ted -

Cruz: 'Joe Biden becoming president is the best thing that ever happened, tragically, for Vladimir Putin'



Bill Tozer

Everyone has an opinion. The Wa Po revealed its the ultimate Keynesian dream!


Don’t think this is completely fanciful. “What’s the point of having this superb military you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?”, Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once demanded of Colin Powell.
Pat Buchanan gives his opinion, albeit a few days ago, posted today somewhere else.

‘Has Putin Won Round One in Ukraine?’


Hopefully, Mr. Emery, you did not donate to the Kurdish FEMALE soldiers in vain. They are some fine hard fighting biological women for sure.


lol. Like you couldn't see this one coming.

"‘Immense fraud’ creates immense task for Washington as it tries to tighten scrutiny of $6 trillion in emergency coronavirus spending"


You just know they're mostly going to get away with it.

I'd love to see a rundown on the total grift that went along with all the BLM payoffs by corporations. Not as much of course, but just part of the mosaic of modern America.

George Rebane

PaulE 556pm - I have circled that barn with you for over ten years, it’s all in these pages - no more.

Paul Emery


Can you refresh new readers on your support or non support of our invasion of Iraq?

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is exactly what we warned you about and now the tanks are rolling west with no consequences -



Bill Tozer

Happy Presidents Day…sort of. Unable to find a President, government officials quietly cancelled President’s Day ceremonies .

So happy Paul Emery is concerned about informing ‘new readers’. It appears to be a concern he has not expressed in 15 years. Paul fondly has labeled us The Circle of Jerks.

But for the new readers…..

‘4 Special Counsel Revelations Tying Spygate To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign’


Don Bessee

The biden grifters are bought and paid for by the chi coms and they give returns on investment -



Joe Coyotes ACME anvil

Meta axes a head of global community development after he appears on video in underage sex sting


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane.

Apparently, you, sir, do not live up to Paul’s idea of what a good conservative should be. Well, Paul is correct. You are not a conservative. You are a Conservetarian.

A Conservetarian Credo (updated 17dec16)

Looks like you will have to circle the barn another 4,000 times with Paul. After all this time I figured Mr. Emery was getting over his BDS. But, I figured wrong. BUSH DID IT TOO!
Yes, there is a reason Paul could not bring himself to vote for President Obama the second time, or Hillary the first time. It all had to do with droning civilians, one an American citizen, and all that foreign policy stuff.

So, Paul takes more of the Green Libertarian view. Non of own beeswax. However, Paul recognizes America’s role in the world of the Good Guy Sheriff with his peacekeeper, but strangely, only when it suits him. I just hope Biden does not dive headfirst into Ukraine and clustergluck everything up like he did in Afghanistan.

Besides, Biden cannot trigger sanctions right now. Too damn cold. Western Europe does get 40% of its heating gas and oil from Putin. Wait til Spring when armies go to war. Or invade now before the Spring turns the roads and battlefield to slop.

China is watching, Kim Jung Rocketman is watching, the whole is watching the Biden-Harris Administration. Do we shave or should we grow?

PS: After receiving criticism for not pulling it’s fair share, Germany has doubled down to help out by sending field tents and blankets to Ukraine after sending 5,000 protective helmets to Kiey.

Bill Tozer

New readers: Buck Sexton on how our fine Democrat Leaders feel about the filibuster.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 21 February 2022 at 07:41 PM

Expecting someone else to do the work again. You are nothing if not predictable Punch.

The Estonian Fox

George - re AT&T. Maybe your technician teams all went to an affirmative action school, run by Phil Daro. And the smart ones all moved onto gree- uh -redder pastures? The techs in Reno may be better qualified to troubleshoot.

Bill Tozer

Is ‘liberal logic’ an oxymoron?

Posted by: George Rebane | 03 August 2019 at 06:37 AM

Barry Pruett

“PaulE 556pm - I have circled that barn with you for over ten years, it’s all in these pages - no more.“ 😂😂😂

Paul’s Stand-In

Posted by: Paul Emery | 22 January 2020 at 11:40 PM

“Goodness you're dense.”

Says the man who obsesses over polls 36 months before the election

Posted by: fish | 23 January 2020 at 07:36 AM


"You are nothing if not predictable Punch."

Given the circles he runs in, there's a whole batch of things you simply cannot say. It's safest to act as the blog's Magic 8-Ball. View it as an opportunity to ignore or to wax eloquent depending on your mood.

"Is ‘liberal logic’ an oxymoron?"

Seeing as how 'liberal' is a word that has flipped meaning in the last couple of decades, I think that any discussion that doesn't break them down into the subgroups that make up the coalition is probably pretty weak. It's like grouping Dick Cheney with Ron Paul.

I'm even pretty uncomfortable with 'neoliberal'.


A nice partitioning method is always welcome, putting belief systems into some understandable structure. Of course, it's hard to avoid sociopaths seizing the reins of control anytime you have a clump of people and money to control, occasionally they even do some good.

Bill Tozer

re: labels
Another Putin Puppet to speak at CPAC. :)

‘Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to speak at CPAC’


Bill Tozer

I'm even pretty uncomfortable with 'neoliberal'.—Scenes

Well, the Lefties go nuts when you label them Marxists. On the far Jacobin side (Justice Democrats), the term ‘progressive’ is now a label that is going the way of Global Warming, liberal, and the dodo bird.

Neocon is still apt, IMHO, but one does not have to be on the Right to be a neocon. The term ‘illiberal’ got me blocked on The Union.

People are soooo touchy about being included by a broadbrush, yet those who exact same ones who smear half the country with the ole broadbrush. Truck drivers are now criminals at best, Nazi flag bearers at the very least.

The term ‘Commie Bastards’ really gets the Leftinistas’ all riled up as if someone kicked the hornets nest. Whatever label that gets the Lefties up in arms, it is all rooted in Marxist thought.

From an old Zane Grey paperback, paraphrased, “Why do those who cry for mercy the loudest are the least likely to extend it?” Bam, you’re dead.

If the Dems do not like being called Socialists or Commie Bastards, then quit acting like one.

Bill Tozer

re: Putin and Ukraine.

…belongs to Alexander Vindman. He is the former National Security Council staffer who played a role in the first Trump impeachment charade, and since then has made a modest television career bashing Republicans. Think of him as the Michael Avenatti of the national security establishment.


The Estonian Fox

BT @ 7:36 AM-

Hey, be respectful. New slogan is T'NT (Tulsi & Trump) for 2024 P & VP, in that order!!

Bill Tozer

The Estonian Fox

I ❤️ Tulsi….for today. :)
Snow corn fall from sky here…hard. Probably stop in 3 minutes.

George Boardman

A guy on Nextdoor who says he lives on lower Cement Hill Road sounds like he's ready to go over the edge because of his problems with AT&T internet. At least you're showing some equanimity.

Bill Tozer

Well ya, this is a no brainer.

The Trafalgar Group has applied its unorthodox methodology to test Americans’ attitudes toward Justin Trudeau’s emergency declaration and his handling of the truckers’ protest generally. The results are striking: 55% of respondents say they disapprove of Trudeau’s handling of the protest, while only 35% say they approve.

That in itself isn’t surprising. What is remarkable is the partisan split. Republicans disapprove of Trudeau’s response to the truckers’ protest by an overwhelming 87% to 8%. Independents disapprove by a massive 74% to 21%.

But Democrats actually say they approve of Trudeau’s conduct by 66% to 17%. The Democrats’ receptivity to Trudeau’s brutal crushing of the wholly peaceful trucker protest contrasts starkly with the fact that few Democrats had anything bad to say about the violent BLM/Antifa protests of 2020 and 2021, and surely would have disapproved if the authorities had cracked down strongly on those riots. One gets the uncomfortable feeling that a large majority of Democrats yearn for authoritarian rule, as long as government power is used to crush their political opponents.


George B. @2:59PM

Have you turned it off and on again?



Pardon. Has he turned it off and on again?

(trust me to ruin a trivial joke).

Don Bessee

The handwriting is on the wall for creepy grampa joe, fumbled mumbled Ukraine to death and the chi coms noticed good bye Tiwan -

"Simply put, China has to back Russia up with emotional and moral support while refraining from treading on the toes of the United States and European Union," Ming Jinwei, a senior editor at the Xinhua News Agency, wrote in a WeChat blog cited by The Post. Xinhua is the official press agency of the Chinese government.

"In the future, China will also need Russia's understanding and support when wrestling with America to solve the Taiwan issue once and for all," the editor later added.



Bill Tozer

@ 03:53
(trust me to ruin a trivial joke). Hold my beer.

So, the doc is cool under fire, eh? He has the gift of long suffering, an unique attribute in these times. Probably not the time for Punchy to jump in and play rope-a-dope.

Hey Grandpa! You still got it! Just fix the sucker!!! Probably a little .22 round in the line somewhere between there and there.

George Rebane

Administrivia - I am overjoyed to announce that our internet was finally restored today after a grinding and frustrating 12-day 'holiday'. Josh, the third of ATT tech teams, was able to pull it off by sytematically buzzing out the entire distribution tree up to the company's Connectivity Mother Temple wherein lay the fault (as always). One more corroboration that big organizations sooner or later become hidebound and progenitors of their own demise - big government being the ultimate and ongoing demonstrator of this eternal truth.


DonB: "The handwriting is on the wall for creepy grampa joe, fumbled mumbled Ukraine to death and the chi coms noticed good bye Tiwan -"

I expect a deal was cut quite some time earlier, no noticing needed. Maybe a piece of paper and everything.

As usual, only one thing counts in this life - get them to sign on the line that is dotted.

Bill Tozer

Well, doc, I told you it would between there and way over there. Onward.

Oh my. Timing could not be worse. Just as the CDC has dumped some bucks in hiring media relations/PR Image teams to fight back against our CDC’s plummeting trust factor numbers…..this hits. Oh my. Give the NYT her due for breaking it. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

‘CDC Blasted After Withholding Data Over Fears Of Vax Appearing Ineffective’


Don Bessee

Talk about whistling past the grave yard -

The drop of interest in the news comes during Biden’s presidency and numerous failures – all media events that have received less engagement from Democrats.

Throughout 2021, Biden’s leadership produced the deadly Afghan withdrawal with 13 U.S. troops killed, flip-flopping on pandemic mandates, 40-year-high inflation, massively high gas prices, supply chain woes, record-setting numbers of migrants invading the nation over the southern border, skyrocketing fentanyl deaths, falling weekly wages, and soaring crime rates.



Bill Tozer

Oh Don at 6:46 pm.

Why are you such an optimist?

I have a different take on China invading 🇹🇼. Not now. Down the road, like the CCC official clearly stated. Chips. Lots of computer chips. Taiwan is pumping them out already so China does not have build needed plants and infrastructure on the mainland. Patience, grasshopper.

Bill Tozer

‘The Centers For Disease Control’s Lies Have Destroyed Its Legitimacy’


Bill Tozer

The Biden Administration is citing the Ukraine crisis as an excuse for inflation, supply-chain issues, and everything else you can attach to it. So let’s do some reality checks.



Hey Paul "Evilry" any comment regarding the Trudeau fascism occurring in Canada, eh? Or is this the kind of government response you expect in the USA? I await your expected "Deflection" with baited breath...not really...


regarding the clerk-recorder's race

I cannot imagine a weaker candidate for the office, besides the heir apparent, the harpy quick to file a restraining order that curbs the recipient's 2nd Amendment rights without being represented in court.

How is that going btw...? George, I assume you know something about your daughters legal woes?

Don Bessee

Gman @ 412 i heard they rescheduled the hearing to next week.


Don Bessee

A classic leftist program that has too many folks taking a bite of the apple before anything hits the streets not to mention how many 'non-profits' are getting management fees and fat deals for their executives. So does anyone think all those jobs will go away every? -

Most of the units are studios or one-bedroom apartments. The audit found 14% of the units build exceeded $700,000 each, and one project in pre-development is estimated to cost almost $837,000 per unit.



Bill Tozer

Texas Middle School Teacher Caught On Video: ‘Those Conservative Christian People, They Need To Die. They Need To Get COVID And Die’


Feed them to the lions!


I was thinking of what a sweet deal the Clerk-R job is. Maybe someone from the Circle can run. At least a campaign slogan like "Fish!" not only alludes to the legendary stage presence of Jeb Bush, but fits on a bumper sticker. "I AM OUTRAGED THAT YOU DO NOT FOLLOW MY RULES" has already been taken, more's the pity.

Always needing more pin money, maybe a 'non-profit' is in order. I'm thinking of calling it the Sierra Equity Council, buy one of the premium K-Cup® machines, hire some purty women to press the buttons on the thing, extract some money from the county government and any local businesses that don't want to get picketed. It'll make for a simple yet satisfying life.


Posted by: scenes | 23 February 2022 at 06:00 PM

I was thinking of what a sweet deal the Clerk-R job is. Maybe someone from the Circle can run. At least a campaign slogan like "Fish!" not only alludes to the legendary stage presence of Jeb Bush, but fits on a bumper sticker.

I like to think I'm somewhat more lifelike than the former governor....and I'm quite sure that I could bring that same riveting speaking style!

"......please clap".

Don Bessee

The job killer in chief good ol creepy grampa joe and family are bought and paid for by the chi coms-



Don Bessee

Too true but we are the ones who will take it in the end -

Leading From Behind



Don Bessee

The lapdog lamestream and the creepy grampa joe crew were hoping for a wag the dog moment in Ukraine-

Just 37 percent of Americans said they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, down from 38 percent in November, 46 percent in August, and 54 percent a year ago. Sixty-two percent say they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy.

nflation rose sharply last year and has continued to climb this year. In January, the Consumer Price Index hit its fastest pace of inflation in 40 years.

Biden and his White House lost the confidence of the public by downplaying inflation and claiming it was likely to fall back down to tolerable levels. The Biden administration also attempted to pin the blame on inflation on corporate greed, a scapegoating that attracted the mockery of economists and fell flat with the American public who doubted that corporations had suddenly experienced a surge in greed after Biden’s election.

Now the Biden administration and allies in the media are claiming, falsely, that prices are high because of the conflict over Ukraine.

The blame-shifting on inflation might backfire because the public already thinks Biden bungled relations with Russia. In August of 2021, the approval rating for Biden’s handling of Russia was at just 39 percent. But in February, it fell to 36 percent.




Just where did that charming Dug Keachie and his rakish Greek Fishermans cap go....? It was nice to have someone to chat with other than that dreadfully dull and repetitive Punchybot!

Bill Tozer

Dougie has left the building. He failed miserably in his goal to drive us all away as he did to some other site by his mere presence.

He will be back, trying to log on here. Poor guy has too many usernames and passwords spinning around in his melon. Its more than one hall monitor can bear.

Bill Tozer

At least Punchybot has finally laid of his polls. In fact, for some unexpained reason, Punchybot would rather not bring us the polls.

"For your reading pleasure, RCP has...." Biden underwater.

Bill Tozer

Really? We aren't that stupid but maybe CBS viewers are.


Don Bessee

So vlads line is no nato on my border but taking Ukraine puts him in that very position. So it seems its ok for him to flash to the nato border and perhaps farther west. Grrrrrr


Don Bessee

The WH says they will have significant sanctions and perhaps on putin himself. ROFLOL If the bastard is going to war denying him access to disneyland isn't shit.

Back in the USSR thanks to the globalist socialist dems and team 0's failure to protect Georga. Blood on their hands.


Don Bessee

Hey vlad is plagiarizing adolf from the late 1930s, hows that reset button playing now?



It's 19 degrees outside this morning here in Newtown. Brrr.

Internet up, water flows from faucets. Coffee is hot.


"Internet up, water flows from faucets. Coffee is hot."

I'm onto the unleaded variety as the initial coffee has been poured down a grateful gullet.

KNCO has teacher strike news and other important matters.

I was considering a history book no one seems to have written. The use of civilians in tactics.

It really doesn't take a lot to stir up the ant nest. Steppe tribes used to let city survivors escape to get the next town in line in an uproar. Road nets are an easy thing to clog.

I was wondering how long until the Russians have every airport in Ukraine under lock and key, and it isn't like anyone will fly combat missions from the neighbors.

Scott O

scenes 7:23 - "...will a large swathe of California, Arizona, NM, Texas want to rejoin Mexico? It's not such a crazy thought..."
Are you kidding?
As long as the Great White Fathers in DC and Sac-O-Tomatoes are still handing out goodies, why would they?


" As long as the Great White Fathers in DC and Sac-O-Tomatoes are still handing out goodies, why would they? "

With sufficiently porous borders, I would expect the living conditions in both places to become the same over time. A kind of economic osmosis I guess.

White guilt aside, a big question will be whether the ruling class makes more money leaving nations intact or not. Nothing is permanent after all, and hardly any clique can hold a place more than a couple of hundred years.

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt. Obit. I will not be able to read about a volcanic eruption anywhere without thinking of Walt for the rest of my days.


Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 9:15 am. re: MIGs vs F-16s on landings


I stopped keeping up with the newest jet fighters a few years ago. At that time, our fighter pilots would walk runways and kick rocks and gravel off to the sides. We would suck up the gravel into the engines. In Guam, our military would patrol the runways at night to keep the Brown snakes off the runways….back a few years.

Don’t know about today. Heck, I still call them Phantoms, aka, F-4 and F-4 Phantom 11. The Blue Angels flew F-4Js. The old F-4s are still being used by Turkey and Iran, sold to Iran before the fall of the Shaw. Mach 2.2 baby, and as mentioned before, they would out of nowhere come in slow and low, then suddenly hilt up the nose, and hit the afterburners, leaving a wake dead Cong fried like a frito just from the flame throwing exhaust. Tandem seat.

Once saw a ‘rocket car’ with a F-4 engine at a major drag strip. Could not mistake that sound or the chills it gave me up my spine to the top of my hair. Think the car was called ⚡️Shockwave . Anyway, Don would be more up on landings.

George Rebane

Administration - internet lasted less than 24hrs. Ukraine comments still under Scattershots.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ Administration

While the cats away the mice shall play. Unlike you, sir, we refuse to be controlled by self-discipline….

Scott O

scenes 8:11 "With sufficiently porous borders, I would expect the living conditions in both places to become the same over time."
To a certain extent, we already have that in many large Dem-led cities - esp in the north midwest and north east. The difference being the cost of real estate. Cali still has the coast, the nearby mountains and great weather. And 10s of millions of people that have most of what they own sunk into their (very expensive) real estate. You can understand all the folks in Detroit simply abandoning their homes to the jungle but I can't see that in CA. Once the jungle actually starts to threaten the lefties in Malibu, you would just be amazed at the change in politics. Contrary to popular belief, Beverly Hills is a solid red area. And they would like to dine and shop in peace and quiet. And the Americans of Hispanic descent that live in CA tend to vote Dem but are actually quite conservative. They are not real happy about a lot of what the white lefty gringos are up to in the seats of power. Recent voting trends in Tejas have shown the Dems have to start being careful about letting that state become a northern 'state' of Mexico. It's not working out as the Dems thought.
In CA, we'll see. Of course if it all goes pear-shaped (and it just might) all bets are off.

Scott O

George 11:38 - Are you on 110 volt DSL on the phone line?
We had that out in our little corner of the woods and it often would go out. Fixing it would take forever as the repair crews would have to find and re-do all the connections that would handle the 28 volt phone signals just peachy but not the higher voltage DSL signals. Winter (wet times) were the worst.
Where we are now we have line of sight wireless and it works pretty well, but it sure would be nice to have a fiber-optic line. I see that 5G is now spreading out from downtown Boise. If they can provide the throughput they are promising with 5G, our internet issues should be over.


re: Biker Bill and The Union.

I have to thank you for the post on The Union website, with 'fisherpersons' and all.

The reference to risk aversion and the K-12 teaching profession just led me down the rabbit hole of papers on that very thing. Duh. Of course the whole mask deal hits them in their feelz. It's a wonderful bit of causality.

Bill Tozer

Biker Bill told me to say glad it made you smile AND that he originally posted the reply to “Are you calling teachers cowards?” with “No, not cowards but pansies.” Well, that reply got Content Deactivated right quick, so Biker Bill (allegedly) just copied and pasted the whole thing and made some edits on the first line. Delete pansies and try again.
Biker Bill lied through his teeth and wrote, to paraphrase, “Nah, I am not calling teachers the Cowards of the County”, no way, not Biker Bill. Never! Takes a sick mind to interpret it that way.
Shrinking violets yes, pansies and cowards for sure, but not Cowards of the County. Heavens no.
It now has stayed up all day. So easy even a caveman can do it. :).
On a related subject, has anyone else noticed that Bobbie Crossbow Susie has not run over here to barf up his Goomba Goomba since, for unknown reasons, the Manhattan DAs said no mas to digging into the Trump Corporate Corrupt Empire. And to think the off-the-case Manhattan DA ran for the job on the promise to march Trump and family off to the slammer. The cooler inside the slammer inside the big house up the river.

Oh Bobbie, where forth art thou?

Bill Tozer

Essay…for a change of pace.

Herbert Marcuse Versus the Radical Youth


Bill Tozer

‘California School Officials Arrested For Allegedly Not Reporting Three Sexual Assault Cases’


Bill Tozer

‘If He Wasn’t A Swamp Creature, Francis Collins Would Be Banned From YouTube For Covid Misinformation’

‘CDC: Some of you should wait longer before getting your second vaccination’



Was bummed to read about Walt...did not know he was ill...anyone know cause of death...regardless , 58 is way to fucking young...

George Rebane

Walt died after a long battle with stomach and liver cancer. Yes indeed, 58 is too young. And even though he was full of piss and vinegar, those two potions have proven of limited prophylactic value against cancer. We already miss him.

Bill Tozer

Well said, Doc.


First the SF school board and now the lightening rod of Fairfax County, Virginia. Those Asians are sure being bothersome lately. Persistent minority, non-woke and Asian-non POC. This presents a problem for the woke, minority, and real POCs.

Biker Bill and the Smooth Movements

‘CDC Relaxes Mask Guidance, Paving Way For End Of Mandates’
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its COVID-19 mask guidance Friday to no longer recommend mask-wearing in most indoor settings.

“One of the last places mask mandates are surviving is in schools, where children and staff are still being forced to mask in a number of places”


Bill Tozer

Biden Brags He Picked SCOTUS Nominee With ‘Strongest Credentials.’ Jordan Peterson Logically Destroys That Argument.


Scott O

re Biker Bill 6:50 - "CDC Relaxes Mask Guidance, Paving Way For End Of Mandates"

Ah, not so fast -
A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out – And Red States Are Getting On Board
Too many money quotes in the article.
You'll just have to read it and weep.
OK - the main one:
"Yes, we're going to get to an endemic phase of all of this, but that doesn't change the need to continue to protect the citizens of a nation from highly transmissible and communicable diseases.”
An app didn't protect anyone from covid in the first place but now we NEED to have this.

Scott O

BT 6:58 - "Biden Brags He Picked SCOTUS Nominee With ‘Strongest Credentials.’"
Worse - Biden broke the law. He deliberately hired ON the basis of sex and race. Not that breaking the law really matters to our masters any more.
She will always be the 'affirmative action hire'.
Her 'strongest credentials' clearly were her skin color and chromosomes.


re: Scotto@7:40



I suppose that somebody probably posted this article.


Which, naturally, was shoved done the memory hole. I like to think of the Woke as having a 'memory oubliette'.

If curious, it might need cuttin' and pastin'


So...of course this happened.


You have to admit that Progressives are effective. The boot stamping on a human face is an addictive activity.

Scott O

re scenes 8:21 - I can't emphasize enough the startling differences in how different states in our own nation as well as the differences in other countries has been papered over. I'm sure folks get tired of me saying it but the country I read about and saw in the news during this pandemic was like another planet compared to life here in Idaho. Downtown Boise (the mayor is a left wing Karen) had quite a few restrictions (and business bankruptcies) but in most areas life went on per usual. In fact, it boomed. It was simply a matter of most people refusing to blindly obey the dictates that seemed absurd or draconian. When the dust settles, it will be interesting to see the stats (if they allow it) to compare with other states.
Clearly, the new avenue for control over the populace has whetted the appetite for more of the same in the seats of power. It's a pretty old story. The shamans hold aloft and rattle the orb of dangerous evil over the volk and scare them with tales of woe to befall them if they don't get in line. There does have to be an actual danger of some sort to get things rolling - ie: a nearby volcano or a pandemic. The stage is set and the power-mongers get to work. Having or inventing a new religion is important here. This time it was !SCIENCE! and there was no questioning the priests. Otherwise the science god would be angry. The rubes fall in line (usually) and the rulers now have increased control and power over the lesser citizens.


"Clearly, the new avenue for control over the populace has whetted the appetite for more of the same in the seats of power. "

You can pretty much count on the Russian menace resulting in a big build-out of surveillance technology and censorship.

Of course, the difference now is that it can be so much more efficiently done. Your smart TV can keep an eye on things in the living room and make sure that your eyes are watching Dear Leader. It'll talk to it's friend Mr. Cell Phone and keep track of your pulse rate.

Who knew that selling soap, the ultimate form of capitalism, naturally leads to a police state. Whether that state is a tyranny or not depends purely on the whims of the folks with their hands on the controls.

Scott O

scenes 10:50 - "It'll talk to it's friend Mr. Cell Phone and keep track of your pulse rate."
Speaking of which -
See my 7:40.
"Having digital access to personal health records empowers the individual."
Putting a yoke on an ox 'empowers' him.
Ask any ox.
"Get EMPOWERED today! It's fun, it's easy, it's free!"
Video of attractive couple looking excitedly at their phones.
"Get yours today!"

Don Bessee

Ah yes the good old days -




Bill Tozer

Don’t Look To California For Healthcare Reform


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