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21 February 2022


Bill Tozer

Educational Elites Have Awakened A Sleeping Tiger

Michigan School District Spied On Parents’ Facebook Groups, Reported Them To Their Employers, Lawsuit Alleges

There was a quote I read last week from a parent who said, “We must assume our children are being abused until proven they are not being abused.”
I thought that comment was perhaps a bit over the edge if not ofer the top…until I read this story a couple of days later:

‘Two Rialto high school officials accused of failing to report sexual assaults for months’



re: Michigan school district.

"Shaner confirmed in his deposition that the board monitored parents’ social media feeds. “[W]e value the input of all parents, and we certainly want to keep our thumb on the pulse of the community, so we monitor social media very closely on all fronts and make sure we’re responsive to the community,”"

roflmao. The Surveillance Industrial complex always has an excuse. It's for the children after all.

Generally, I'd say that the American public needs to think less like citizens and members of a community and more like revolutionary cells.

The Estonian Fox

BT @ 9:59AM-
"There was a quote I read last week from a parent who said, “We must assume our children are being abused until proven they are not being abused.” I thought that comment was perhaps a bit over the edge if not over the top…"

Bill, you forgot George's seminal RR dictum - ‘To find the cause of any problem in society, presume that government is guilty until proven innocent.’ 

The Estonian Fox

scenes@ 10:53AM - "The Surveillance Industrial complex always has an excuse."

Albert Camus once wrote, "The Welfare of the people... has always been the alibi of tyrants... giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience."

Let's have a toast to good conscience. FJB & FVP, tyrants all. Ahhhh! I feel better already.


re: Estonian Fox

Not only government, but businesses protected by government. They're essentially given a license to steal. It's not like car dealerships aren't big political contributors.


There's a boatload of cases like that, moats that are essentially oligopolies.

Liquor licenses. The whole real estate agent game. and (drumroll) healthcare.


"Let's have a toast to good conscience. FJB & FVP, tyrants all."

Both JB and VP (and DT for that matter) seem a natural side effect of hierarchy.

High population density and the need to make your daily bread from running a 'business' non-profit or manipulating symbols for high-tech leads to a dependency for leadership. I fully admit that it's hard to go to Mars, do heart transplants, or even cheaply manufacture 2x4s without a hive. The trick is to find the optimal balance.

I personally don't have high hopes for freedom in the 10 billion person, FacebookNSAWalmartDNC world. The amount of leverage offered to our lords and masters is just too high to avoid. Not just sales but your soul is for the taking.

In the short term, it's avoided. No way in the long.

Scott O

scenes 11:49 - "They're essentially given a license to steal. It's not like car dealerships aren't big political contributors."
Sounds like something one would hear from AOC.
The car dealers aren't 'stealing' from anyone. If you don't like the price, don't buy the vehicle. Supply and demand. A willing buyer and a willing seller.
On the other hand, there's the govt.....


"Sounds like something one would hear from AOC.
The car dealers aren't 'stealing' from anyone."

Check out the nature of dealership franchise law.

Get back to us.


Not that there's anything new about the tidy relationship between government and automobile dealerships.


Of course, the modern canonical example is Tesla.


The concept of car dealerships is built atop a government-issued license essentially. Free market? I would say not.

Scott, please sell your AOC comparisons elsewhere please.

Bill Tozer

Scenes and Scott O.

Well, it does sound exactly like something AOC would say. Reminiscent of Press Secretary Peppermint Patty blaming BIg Meat for inflation. I thought the WH would drop that line, but nooo. Quite recently VP Harris opened her mouth and blamed inflation on Big Beef. to which a reporter quipped to another,, “I thought Kamala liked big beef.”

Bill Tozer

No links, it will give the reader something to do. :)

Re: Inflation and manufactures.

Rather than raise prices, some in the food industries are just cutting down the size. A bag of potato chips remains the same size, but less chips inside. A bag of something ? now contains 134 pieces instead about 179. A Burger King franchise owner announced that all his stores will serve 8 piece of chicken nuggets instead of ten. Yes, McDonalds has chicken nuggets, but I do not know what BK calls their chicken nuggets. A order of non-nuggets, I reckon.

Took the dog car into the shop and was asking in advance if the repairs are worth more than the vehicle. Great place. He even got the mechanics around to get their opinions and various options. What did come up in the conversation was that the car manufactures cannot get the primo parts, so they are getting some 2nd rate parts to put in new cars. Not the manufacturers’ first choice, but second and third choices of quality than will have to do. What else can they do to keep the new cars rolling down the line?

I really don’t know how much smaller they can make a candy bar or can of coffee, but I am sure I am about to find out. Inflation and size deflation. Double edged sword.


"Well, it does sound exactly like something AOC would say."

It *is* a license to steal. It's a government-enforced monopoly (or oligopoly). It's an area where the free market is broken. Tesla found the work-around which I bet is being studied closely by the manufacturers but they'd likely need to mint new brands to work around the laws the dealerships have had written. The only monopolies I'm aware of with meat are economies of scale leading to fewer/larger producers.

The thing is, there's a bunch of distortions like this, but we don't notice it. Liquor distributorships in many states. The fact that bars have to buy from liquor distributorships. I'll add the abuse of copyright law.

At least public utilities have rate control in addition to their monopoly status. De jure monopolies are a thing. Between those and natural monopolies, a lot of the free market is a mirage.

Scott O

scenes 7:09 - "The thing is, there's a bunch of distortions like this, but we don't notice it. Liquor distributorships in many states. The fact that bars have to buy from liquor distributorships."
What the hell are you going about?
I'm well aware of the laws (that I'm against) preventing an open market for booze sales.
I'm surprised you think Tesla is a shining example of the free market. Henry Ford would be astounded at a govt handing millions to a car maker due to the type of propulsion in the auto. Take away govt subsidies and Elon Musk would be a far less wealthier man.
Not sure what sort of monopoly in car sales you are thinking about other than if you want a new Ford you go to the (duh) Ford dealer. And there are plenty of them as well as a whole slew of other brands. The MSRP is just that. Manufacturers SUGGESTED retail price. There is currently low supply in new vehicles and a demand by folks obviously willing to pay a higher amount. I'm not aware of anyone having a gun held to their head. As I ask of all the lefties out there. Please provide an actual, factual accounting of all the car dealers stealing money.
Your booze laws have no application here.

Scott O

scenes 1:25 - Ah, yes - the idiot Tesla story. Highly paid and supposedly highly intelligent people who failed to observe state laws passed decades ago.
Hint to Tesla - you might want to look into the laws of the various states that pertain to the business you have gotten into BEFORE you get into the business.
In the days of old when anyone could sell a car, anyone did. They took the money and when the consumer ended up with a broken car, the person who took their money had no idea of how to fix it nor parts to fix it with. Unhappy consumers. Some manufacturers spent a lot of dough to set up dealerships with trained mechanics and stocked parts. The laws passed were mostly due to the public being hosed by fly by night operators. I'm sure the large, well financed manufacturers were happy to see the laws enacted but the laws were unfortunately needed. When Musk tried to set up his sort of car distribution he apparently was too stupid to read the laws and started crying after the fact. We can argue all day long about squabbles between franchises and the home office - ask anyone who has a franchise selling anything and they'll bitch forever. Yet there continues to be no end to the people ready to sink every dime into a franchise. The idea that corporate Porsche setting up their own sales in the USA would end the problems that the owners complain about is hilarious.
No one needs a new Porsche. Damn near no one needs a new car.
Unlike scenes, I have an actual memory of when cars were piled up on the lots and no one was buying. A person could walk in and make one hell of a deal.
Same laws were in place then, scenes. Just who was stealing then?
Supply is below demand and SOME dealers are running up the price. And willing customers are freely accepting that price. Sometimes reality sucks. And our current reality involves badly disrupted supply chains brought about largely by inept/and or evil govts reacting to covid. I realize some laws might need to be updated due to a changing technological buying environment. But you can change any damn law you want and it won't change the fact that current supply does not meet demand.

Scott O

Oh yeah - scenes 7:09 "At least public utilities have rate control in addition to their monopoly status."
Har dee har, har, har, har!
Public utility: "we wish to push rates to the moon"
Rate control: "why?"
Public utility: "a bunch of green stuff."
Rate control: "are you sure you wouldn't like to jack the rates up even higher than that?"

Oh, thank goodness for "rate control!"

Bill Tozer

Is COVID over?




I felt bad (only momentarily) for the dealer who sold a car at the sticker price only to have the car pop up online the next day at 20k over, using a picture the dealer took.

George, is the last mile of the internet to your house still broken?



You wouldn't like the price if your only source of electricity could charge anything it liked. You're welcome to make your own of course.

That last mile is a tough nut to crack.


Regarding Musk giving StarLink free to folks in Ukraine for the moment, it is a drop in the revenue bucket for SpaceX affecting only a handful of users.


re: StarLink

I wonder what the plan is for blocking it? You just know the Chinese don't want any Great Wall avoidance. Maybe the internet cops there will operate like the English television license enforcers, just with more feeling. or simply Elon will have per-country routing.

"I felt bad (only momentarily) for the dealer..."

I have to apologize for any anti stealership feelings. There's just something that sticks in my craw about government-enforced exclusivities in the supply chain, especially when the value-added from the retail store (in this case) is probably negative. The manufacturers would drop them in a red-hot minute in many cases if allowed, but like automotive labor unions (another form of monopoly) the tendrils are well worked into the carcass.

Good luck to Mr. Musk in killing the old system. Hopefully the new boss isn't same as the old boss.

Bill Tozer

Scott O @ above somewhere. Are you a car salesman? I still love you if you are. Hey, real estate agents kicked you guys up a notch, and another profession (county gov’t ?) gave you another boost. Moving on up. Even DMV moved up a notch. When life gives you lemons……be like Punchy and find lemonade by saving, “Nevada County is blue. Is too!”

Used car salesmen are now not the biggest turds in the punch bowl. Always a silver lining.
“No one needs a new Porsche”. Who are you to tell me what I need or how to spend my greenies? Socialist/Marxist alert!!
Ok, no more joking around. This one is hits home:

‘I have an actual memory of when cars were piled up on the lots and no one was buying.’

That’s exactly how I got my humble abode. Guy sold new cars. The Great Recession hit. Lots were empty, wife became disabled. They lost the house but really wanted me to have it. much good character to have a forecloser on their record, so they went with a short sell….just as the whole bond market crashed and too big to fail couldn’t handle the losses. Nobody knew what the rules were in that timeframe as it was chaos with many stories; the banks and lenders made up their own rules. Their bank BofA changed everything and said they will only take one offer at a time and I was the second offer so I couldn’t even put in an offer! But, things had a way of working out. A year later, give or take.

Anyway, the lots were still full and empty. And lay-offs were widespread and quick.

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