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28 February 2022


Paul Emery


re:9:53 request:

Now and in the future I will not respond to any question unless address it to my name. Paul Emery or just Emery will do.



I wouldn't worry Don....he does this every now and then.....


Punchy keeps on punching.

Bill Tozer

Oil…or as they say in Dallas, ‘Alls Well.’


Inflation: About the only thing to eat that is not spiking in price is hotdogs. Yes hotdogs have only risen a minuscule amount while beef, steak, chicken, pork, peanut butter, and hamburger have shot up in price. With that said, I cannot guarantee the quality of hotdogs which are currently being made.

One for the road.

That is an evergreen headline; here is today’s instance. The Environmental Protection Agency has banned the use of the herbicide Enlist Duo in six Minnesota farm counties. Why? The chemicals in Enlist Duo are apparently harmful to the eastern massasauga rattlesnake. Only problem: there are no eastern massasauga rattlesnakes in those counties, and never have been. My colleague Tom Steward reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency’s latest overreach in enforcing the Endangered Species Act in six Minnesota counties “kinda makes you scratch your knot a little bit,” the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council’s David Kee says. The aggressive agency has prohibited soybean growers in some of the most productive regions of the state from using an herbicide that many rely on.

Moreover, the EPA declined to even identify the species that triggered the ban until the publication Agweek started asking questions.

When the EPA announced new restrictions on a herbicide in Minnesota in order to help protect an endangered species, it did not identify the species it is trying to protect.

It turns out, according to snake experts, it may be trying to protect a snake that has not lived in the state for at least 50 years. …



"Now and in the future I will not respond to any question unless address it to my name. Paul Emery or just Emery will do."



Bill Tozer

Jussie Smollett Awaits Sentencing for Vicious Assault on Jussie Smollett

Bill Tozer

The green immoralists
Victor Davis Hanson


Don Bessee

Juicy just got the squeeze HAHA. He is going to be very popular in the cook county slammer -



Scott O

Paul 9:38 - " This Trump guy is a true nut case."
And yet when he was POTUS less people died from covid even without the vaunted vax. There was no war in the Ukraine. Inflation was almost non-existent. Our nation was a net exporter of petro. Life was damn good.
The corrupt pedo Paul could hardly wait to vote for has totally F'd up everything in this country.
You can call Trump names all you want Paul, but he was far better as a president than the current bunch of complete idiots. Facts are stubborn things.

Scott O

"Now and in the future I will not respond to any question unless address it to my name."
Ah yes - "respond".
As in - "I'll just ignore the query and and ask you a question".
Rebane's Ruminations will just never be the same.
The end of an era.


re: Scotto@5:38

I was thinking in terms of only responding to Paul Emery or 'Emery' when he is responding to a question that is addressed to his name.

If I'm lucky, he'll respond to my response to his response to a question that is addressed to his name.

It's hard out here for a pimp.
But I gotta keep my game tight like Kobe on game night.

My Preferred Pronoun is Professional Entertainer

And since when has Punchy responded to any question? A: Bush did it too, Trump is the worse. I suppose that is as any good response he has in him.

Don Bessee

Gee that does not fit the approved narrative cant ya give a senile old wrinkle bag -



In case anyone has a memery hole here is how we got here and it aint vlads fault. Can you say socialist greens who want to destroy our society! -



Scott O

re DB 7:30 - Just love that quote from Granny-hole "Granholm asked them to start “producing right now”"
Yeah - just do it!
Push that button!
Make the magic happen!
Do those lines of code!
These people are beyond stupid. They are like drunken drivers of our economy. Intoxicated with left-wing indoctrination, they are driving blind drunk slumped over the wheel until our country goes off the cliff.
Could we just start to "produce" right now?
Just like WWII?
Just get rid of all the regulations passed in the last 80 years and we'll hop to it.
You can't have it both ways.


AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Cruel: Jussie Smollett Will Be Forced To Share A Jail Cell With His Attacker.’


Don Bessee

@823 it would be better if he had to share a cell with kim fox who gave him a politically correct pass! LOL


Bill Tozer

Estonian Fox: Tulsi on how they view us.


Bill Tozer

‘Intel community warns of Chinese espionage after DOJ kills program to combat Chinese espionage’
Biden administration was under intense pressure to end Trump's China Initiative, despite Beijing's extensive spying efforts on U.S. soil.


Bill Tozer

Exclusive: Special Counsel’s Office Is Investigating The 2016 DNC Server Hack

Oh my.
‘J6 Committee Seeks To Criminalize Republican Fundraising’

If crying ‘rigged election’ were a crime, the entire Democrat Party and much of the media establishment would be in prison.

‘Yes, Biden Will Absolutely Blame Putin For Every Domestic Crisis Until The Midterms’

Bill Tozer

BIDENFLATION: 8% increase will cost US families $300 more each month
"Unfortunately, things will get worse before they get better," said one senior economist.


Bill Tozer




DA to drop murder charge against Denver TV station guard who shot man after protests


Scott O

BT 8:10 - Biden administration was under intense pressure to end Trump's China Initiative...
Of course.
Just waaay too racist. Non-whites were totally over-represented in the investigations.
C'mon, man!

Scott O

Now, where have we seen this before?
"Leftist former student leader Gabriel Boric will be sworn in Friday as Chile's youngest-ever president, with plans to turn the country that for decades has served as a neoliberal laboratory into a greener, more egalitarian "welfare state.""
What can possibly go wrong?
After they start to go through the wreckage, his supporters will sadly say: "he meant well..."

Bill Tozer

J K Rowling steps out a bit and is starting to engage (and expose) Lefty thinking.

Start at 6:55 min if so inclined.


Opps, I forgot. Trigger Warning….trigger warning deserve to be placed at the bottom, IMHO.

Bill Tozer

Just because. A generational view of things from the days of Lettermen Sweaters and Glee Clubs.


“But there was no getting around it: It was basically a cult, though we didn’t know that yet, and like the tedious metaphor of the frog in tepid water, it happened in stages. Our main interest was stopping the Vietnam War and bringing the troops home safely.

Remember those wacky “conspiracy theorists” who claimed that leftists and even card-carrying Communists were behind the mass demonstrations against the war? Well, I am here to tell you that – like about 98 percent of current “conspiracies” — they were right. Through a variety of innocent-sounding “front groups,” they ran the show. And I know because I was one of them. We learned exactly how easy it was for a relatively small group of hard-core activists to have influence far beyond their numbers (or their IQs). It still is today.“

Bill Tozer

@JussieSmollett, after the judge unexpectedly sentenced him to jail, said, “Your honor, I’m not suicidal." Well, he did kill his career.--Larry Elder


I thought I'd put forth an addition to the RV park plan.

Dateline Mar 5: Nevada City Post Office:

Dateline Mar 8: Nevada City Post Office:

It seems to me that the perfect site has been found for the park clubhouse.

There's probably even room for some washers and dryers and a camp shower.

Bill Tozer

@ 1:00 pm

Yep. Call came in around 4:30 am. Sounds like a disgruntled contract cleaning service.

The RV Park has not left my mind. I guess the Happy Wanderer theme song did not appeal to you. Too alpine? Maybe a small pelton wheel in front turning round and round in a small human made fountain/pool. Exnay that. It would be like the fountain at the corner of Hughes Road and E. Main in front of the movie theater out on the street. Mischievous residents used to like to drop some laundry soap in there and turn it to a soapy bubble machine. That would really piss off the maintained man.

No beat up RVs or really old ones allowed. 75 buckeroos a night ain’t nothing when you are driving $110-$120k comfort on wheels. Maybe jack the prices up during local festivals. Those kind of visitors to the Enchanted Forest RV Park don’t have to worry about the price of petro. Sure, the spot may have no shade, but it’s close to town!

Bill Tozer

The Trump Wars will be like the Thirty Years War.

Trump Interview Racks Up 5 Million Views In 24 Hours. YouTube Deletes It – As He Predicted.

“Let me (Trump) tell you where you’ll be scared, when they say, ‘We’re going to take you off the air if you put this up.’ Let’s see all you — people in this room — all you camera geniuses, and tech geniuses, a lot of geniuses, young people,” Trump continued, pointing at everybody in the room.

“Let’s see what happens when they take it down,” Trump added.

Foregeard responded, saying, “I don’t think YouTube would take this down. There’s no way.”

On Thursday evening, the 24-year-old was proven wrong. Foregeard tweeted, “Youtube has DELETED our trump episode that over 5M views in 24 hours.”

Bill Tozer

Signs of our times. As sand through an hour glass, so are The Days of our Lives

‘Joe Biden’s America: Anxiety Spikes as Americans Report High Levels of Stress Due to Rising Prices’

Americans are experiencing a spike in anxiety in President Joe Biden’s America due to rising prices, supply chain issues, and global uncertainty, the American Psychological Association’s annual “Stress in America” poll revealed.


Good to see that the New York Times is keeping up with the need to bring an intersectional perspective to every possible topic. Like the ancient ruins of Pompeii:

“Being a leftist today means you never tire of being tedious. (And yes, I had to check to make sure this wasn’t a Babylon Bee satire.) And glad to see they aren’t forgetting climate change! Volcanos really do mess up the climate when they bury your city in ash.”


Bill Tozer

Toss Amnesty International in the wood chipper. I did 30 years ago when they refuse to acknowledge a Christian genocide going on in the Middle East. Christians are not a protected group.

Remember in Trump’s first month or so when the grossly misnamed “Muslin Ban” was put into effect until extreme vetting could be put in place for those coming from Muslin countries that bred terrorism and were terrorism hotspots…..well, Punchy had a fit when he heard Trump was bringing Syrian Christians and not Syrian Muslims!!! Punchy heard incorrectly. Bringing in Syrian Christians who were being wiped out with only 10% of the former Christians community members still alive is racist! Punchy heard wrong. Christians, in and off themselves are not a protected group or even qualify as a recognized minority. Genocide is such an ugly word.

Oh ya, the Left still has their Semitic problem.

‘Amnesty International: Hell Yes, We Want to Destroy the Jewish State’


Bill Tozer

Moms Protest Fairfax School Board over Refusal to Honor Ruling against Discriminatory Admissions Policy

“Since the grassroots coalition of minority moms, dads, and their children won their anti-discrimination lawsuit challenging the Fairfax County Public Schools’ equity admissions policy, the school board has refused to comply with the decision, persisting with litigation in the hopes of reversing the court’s ruling.

On Thursday night, the Coalition for TJ, the grassroots organization that’s been fighting to restore the competitive high school’s merit-based admission standards, congregated at the Fairfax school board meeting to question its board members.”


I suppose it is only natural that Virginia has become the flash point for the pushback against the status quo and the tyrannical Woke. After all, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason, Patrick Henry, John Blair, and George Wythe.

Bill Tozer

After all, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason, Patrick Henry, John Blair, and George Wythe. We’re Virginians.

Bill Tozer

Nonconforming gays defy LGBT lobby campaign to stigmatize Fla. parents' rights bill, bully Disney

"This 'Don't Say Gay' thing — it's completely ridiculous," said commentator Dave Rubin, referring to the pejorative label activists and their legacy media allies use for Florida's Parental Rights in Education bill. "The media has lied, as they lie about absolutely everything else."



"The media has lied, as they lie about absolutely everything else."

I was thinking about that this morning.

From the time the war started, Ukraine had two basic strategies that I can see.
. Cut an immediate deal with the Russians, in the long run make it impossible to invade. Not manly, but probably best over the long term.
. Slow the Russians down and (most importantly) get the EU and the US in a hot war with the Russians. Reputation saved, God knows the total cost. This requires a propaganda war.

How can I mitigate risk (no answer so far) and learn something from the whole deal? There's so much brilliant work being done right now, both pro-Ukrainian and pro-Woke (pro- everything else is piss-poor I think), it's probably time to really study the topic.

Looking for books to read on the history of propaganda. Nothing with a POV (HOW THE LEFT CORRUPTS YOUR CHILDREN'S MINDS by Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter, HOW THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT AND ORANGE MAN USE FOX NEWS FOR EVIL by Cenk Ugyer and Rachel Maddow) as those books are always trash and end up next to the Bill O'Reilly tomes and microwave cookbooks at the thrift store.

Any suggestions welcome.

Bill Tozer

Oil. From his own words…..

"Number one, no more subsidies for fossil fuel industry. No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period, ends, number one."—Joe Biden


Bill Tozer

@ 8:14 am
Wish I could help you scenes in your quest. Sad to rely soley on one's bullshit detector, which gets much better in time...albeit my BS detector is not always working perfectly as evidenced by Fall of Berlin story and cifusing David Duke with Richard Spenser a couple of weeks ago over on the Union agruing some stupid point.

Here is a post worth watching a few minutes of to take your mind things.

Does Education in America Exist?


Bill Tozer

The book How to Lie with Statistics was first published in 1954.
Mark Levin has an exhaustive look at the American media going back in time to present. Haven’t read it, but have had pages and partial chapters read to me. There is quite the incestuous relationship with “TV talking heads” and media executives via family and marriage for many moons. Keep it in the family and roll your own. Mark Levin does some good deep dives. A particular chapter of interest (of many) is how the NYT purposely buried the Holocaust during WW2. May be a start….maybe not.


Bill Tozer

Asian moms are getting yuppity. Sweet Baby Gang.

'Fairfax School Board Flees Meeting As Asian Moms Chant ‘Racist!’ At Them'



"Sad to rely solely on one's bullshit detector, which gets much better in time"

A funny thing to me is that a lot of books on propaganda are themselves propaganda. You can make a good argument for a deep dive into Woodrow Wilson and the US entry into WWI as most of the issues are forgotten (plus, it's not dissimilar to our current predicament).

It's an area Noam Chomsky hits pretty hard, but he just too full of how things oughtta-be (like Levin I expect).

This list seems to come up:

Some of that should be familiar.

I probably should just find the Arthur Ponsonby book (Falsehoods in Wartime), but will likely end up with a library of posters as the go-to-war art can be amazing.

It could be that the internet has changed all of this. Not just speed of spread/transmission, but computer-driven adjustments to message.


You daily dose of wartime propaganda…..


Scott O

re scene's search for info on propaganda - I remember reading an article last year on the first uses of the actual term and the main take-away was that the term originally did not always have its modern negative pejorative aura. I'll try to hunt it down. I did find this article concerning its history although the art of propaganda preceded the actual current word by hundreds of years.
Not sure that all of this is much help as what I really think is more important is simply being able to separate factual news from propaganda. I'm finding the internet to be a double edged sword in that regard.
And even then if I am successful in that conundrum - so what?
The rest of the world will continue onward with all of its various agendas completely unimpressed by my ability to discern bouquets from bull shit.

Bill Tozer

Scenes did pretty good with his 10 rules of propaganda. Whether is was tricking Hilter to thinking D-Day would be held further away in a different location to The Maine, there is a function to war time propaganda.

I liked #10. Guess that means the group known as The Friends (Quakers) are doing Biden's bidding and did Saddam's bidding as well!

Whoever casts doubt on our propaganda helps the enemy and is a traitorEdit

This last principle complements all others, Morelli explains. Whoever questions only one of the principles is necessarily a collaborator. There are only two areas, good and bad. You can only be for or against evil. The opponents of the Kosovo war are thus accomplices of Milošević. Whole groups are considered anti-American, Pierre Bourdieu, Régis Debray, Serge Halimi, Noam Chomsky or Harold Pinter. The "pacifist family" includes Gisèle Halimi, Renaud, l'abbé Pierre ... and their press organs, i.e. le Monde diplomatique and the PCF.

Therefore, Morelli says, it is made impossible to give a dissenting opinion without running the risk of a "lynching process of the media". The normal pluralism of opinions no longer exists, all opposition is silenced and discredited by fake arguments.

According to Morelli, this procedure was applied again in the Iraq war, although the world public was far more divided than in the Kosovo conflict. Being against the war meant advocating for Saddam Hussein. The same design was used in a completely different context, namely during the vote on the European Constitution. To be against the Constitution was seen to mean to be against Europe.

Yet Scene's quest continues; he thirst has not been satisfied.

BTW, Toyoko Rose has become a US citizen. Is this a great country or what!



Is it about the biolabs? (I don't have audio here).

Once again: https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/ukraine-biolab-watchtower?s=r

Is it propaganda or a bunch of relatively powerless, at least currently, people trying to build a case for not starting WWIII and Great Depression II over Ukraine? Maybe it's both propaganda and case.

You can expect a series of op-eds and reportings on how Ukraine was used as a forward base for the more aggressive part of US foreign policy for some years. In a way, it's an attempt to justify Russian actions and the failed Afghanistan-style coup de main so it's easy to dismiss.

Hey, there's a lot of camps in this sort of thing. The DNC is happy for war in that it ups the odds for holding Congress. The Ron Paul folks want to stay the heck out of all of it. Trawling through reddit and twitter tells me that the some people on the forefront of Trumphate, BLM, lockdowns, are in favor of a hot war with the Russians, maybe they just thrive on drama.

What is best for the actual people of Ukraine (or the US) is fairly far down the list, people write their own kinks into a thing, especially things they only experience from a distance.

To a large extent, we're all just in the passenger seat as the corporations (and oddly, their employees) and the most excitable part of government is large and in charge.


Posted by: scenes | 13 March 2022 at 07:43 AM

Is it about the biolabs? (I don't have audio here).

Yeah…..the Nuland admission.


We’ll need to see what discipline is meted out to these fine young future leaders…..


If they receive merely the proverbial slap on the wrist …..we will know! We will know that it’s time for Hunter Biden to rejoin this countries armed forces!

……cue patriotic music…

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