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28 February 2022


Bill Tozer

DOJ Entices Its First Seditious-Conspiracy Plea — by Not Mentioning Trump


Steven Frisch

Posted by: Gregory | 03 March 2022 at 11:12 PM

Just a note, I never post here or on The Union under anything other than my real name. I also don't dance on graves.

When I want to tell you guys you are a bunch of reactionary, racist, useful idiots I will come here and say so directly.

Bill Tozer

Oh no. Are we in the future going to fight Iran or just accept them and their nukes?

Biden on verge of making worst deal ever with Iran


Barry Pruett

And that is why I like you Steve. Honest debater. I may not agree with you at times, but there is never a doubt as to where you truly stand or as to your opinion.

Steven Frisch

Well thanks Barry, I consider you and Greg only "marginally rational" every day :)

But yeah, I do not hide. Plus, If I were a grave dancer do you think I would have missed the dearly departed Russ? I may disagree with almost everything said here but I never hold that kind of ill will.

Barry Pruett

Marginally rational. Lol. That was a good one.

Paul Emery


I'm wondering if you are considering running for clerk-recorder this time around. You actually waged a good campaign in 2010-oh so many years ago. I recall interviewing you for KVMR.


"Barry. I'm wondering if you are considering running for clerk-recorder this time around. "

Anybody would be better than the marginally-rational chick. Dunno how you find a decent manager rather than an activist in this day and age. My hind-brain tells me it's a department famous for angry women so it's not a trivial task to run, especially given the limitations inherent in a .gov union shop.

Maybe the right answer is to select a person based on a lottery.


When I want to tell you guys you are a bunch of reactionary, racist, useful idiots I will come here and say so directly.

For the record Steve absolved the board, excluding George (too familiar and comfortable a rhetorical weapon to abandon in all cases apparently!) of charges of racism about five years ago!

Carry on.

PS: Beobachter.....

Paul Emery


Plans for truckers and other far-right activists to drive vehicles to the Capital Beltway today appear to be indefinitely on hold, with organizers issuing a last-minute invitation for supporters to gather at the Hagerstown Speedway 80 miles outside of Washington DC for an “all day” rally.


Barry Pruett

Nope. Taking my last few classes before I write my dissertation and finish my PhD. The trial got me a little off course.

George Rebane

Barry 205pm - good to hear of your progress Barry. Since your pursuit is a PhD, pray, in what direction will your dissertation expand the shoreline of human knowledge which that degree certifies in our society?

Barry Pruett

Still narrowing the the scope. Writing on totalitarianism in the 20th century.

George Rebane

Barry 223pm - Great, and be sure to include the latest edition of Rummel's 'Death by Government' - all versions of the book are a bit pricey, but no understanding of 20th century totalitarianisms would be complete without this established classic.

Barry Pruett

Right now I am ready Bernays and Gustav LeBon. I will keep that in my list.

Bill Tozer

Joe Biden was a truck driving man


Bill Tozer

The View Cheers as Extremist Guest Declares Constitution Is 'Trash'


Now, thats one dude that actually looks like a biological woman.


BarryP: "Writing on totalitarianism in the 20th century."

I guess that everything boils down to Hitler in the final analysis. In the 30th Century, they'll remember him, Elvis, and the guy who invented Super Soakers.

Now that you asked, and having spent thirty seconds thinking about it, I'd be interested in comparisons of modern totalitarianism to earlier police states. Comparing it in mechanism or belief system to modern (small 'l') liberal values seems overdone, plus all that modern men-are-created-equal stuff is practically unknown in human history (and may be temporary). I give extra bonus points to sticking to the facts on the ground and avoiding self-referential poli sci word salad.

Now...how a Stalin is different than Elizabeth I (Beria vs. Walsingham?) would be a good one.

But enough about my own reading prejudices.


"The View Cheers as Extremist Guest Declares Constitution Is 'Trash'"

Good Lord, what kind of TV show is that? Is it on every day on some network?

If that sort of thing is popular, we need to seriously start thinking about a redoubt somewhere.

Paul Emery

Gosh scenes do you have a link to that video so we can examine the theatrics to verify the intent like you required when it was brought up that Trump called Putin a genius.

George Rebane

re scenes 353pm - when it came to totalitarian killers and killing, Hitler was definitely a third-rate piker. No one can even come to same order of magnitude as Chairman Mao. The hundreds of millions he killed, no one in the media dares tally and report, nor will such 'research' be tolerated in our academe - it's racist.

Scott O

BT 3:35 - That would be Elie Mystal. A favorite with CNN and other left wing outlets. He's their token clown to show that even people with no intelligence are properly represented on television. The man would be lucky to get a job as a janitor in any other country on earth.

Scott O

George 4:29 - "...Hitler was definitely a third-rate piker."
Well - that's true, but I think scene's point remains valid.
'What will people remember'.
And that's all that matters.
Mao has way better PR.
Ask the average person what happened to Trayvon Martin and the answer will probably be 180 degrees from the truth. We are just past the 10 year mark of one of the most covered events in our nation's recent history and already I'm seeing a complete re-write of what actually happened.
Trayvon was the racist aggressor who went out looking for (and found) and attacked a man of color.
That is the truth of the matter as brought in court by both the prosecution and defense witnesses.
That is not what the average person will be told now and in the years to come.

Scott O

I'll bet you didn't know that in Texas pregnant women are being hunted down. Yep - it's true!
"First Texas Came for Pregnant People..."
Ah, yes - excuse me: "pregnant people"
They're 'coming' for them.
Gunna round em up like cattle and put em in box cars.
Just EXACTLY like the Jews in Europe.
Just in case anyone thought this Mystal clown even has one tiptoe on the edge of reality.

Scott O

Paul 2:04 - "...to gather at the Hagerstown Speedway 80 miles outside of Washington DC for an “all day” rally."
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!



Totalitarian regimes are a funny thing. They used to just be called 'regimes'. There's always a certain amount of state violence and top-down control, maybe it's just a matter of scale.

In my own dumb way, I was thinking about PhD writin's, especially in the softer subjects. Would it even be possible to avoid writing 'Anti-Black Racism in the Soviet State, Another Methodology for White Supremacy' and get it by an advisor?

If forced to write such thing, having a distinctly non-academic bent, I would shoot for something that made a good book. Luttwak's 'The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire' is actually his thesis but also made a cracking good read as they say. (somebody must say it). Not that books are automatically grokable by the reader of course. For sure I would be defeated by one I just ran into, Kursk: The Battle of Prokhorovka, at 1700(!) pages of dense prose even if written in non made-up English.

Speaking of which:

paul: " Gosh scenes do you have a link to that video so we can examine the theatrics to verify the intent like you required when it was brought up that Trump called Putin a genius. "

English MF'er! Do you speak it!?

(Pulp Fiction is a decadent movie, but has it's moments).

ps. Seriously, taking Luttwak's concept/book of 'Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook' and cooking up 'Dictatorship: A Practical Handbook' on the shared structure of successful dictatorships would be a good idea.

Scott O

scenes 6:15 - "'Dictatorship: A Practical Handbook' on the shared structure of successful dictatorships would be a good idea."
Machiavelli's 'The Prince' combined with updated material from Saul Alinski and BLM (Buying Larger Mansions) would be the crux of the biscuit.
Sorry - I just have to go with the classics.
Were any of them ever jailed? Even Alinsky ended up living in Carmel. CARMEL!
One of the cushiest, whitest, leftiest little enclaves of the world.


apropos of nothing, I was considering this paragraph from an article about Waste Management in THeuNION.

"A valuable tool to help compliance are “smart” trucks that can automatically pick up organic waste bins at curbside and audit contaminants (items not properly sorted) by using a videocamera that records the bin contents as the truck dumps contents into the truck’s hopper, which limits contaminants."

Naturally, it's for the children.

But you know darned well that one big point in favor of spying on your garbage is the ability to resell that information. In the Surveillance Economy, you're the product. Of course, there's probably some law enforcement potential here, people being criminals and all, but it sounds like solid gold info for marketing. Next thing you know they'll add a blade to open up garbage bags and expose all of your fine trash to the Eye in the Bin.

Just imagine the opportunities in 'smart' toilets. Sold to the public under the figleaf of healthcare, but lots of potential for marketeers and others.

Bill Tozer

cashless society in the here and now


Don Bessee

@647 So how are they going to see through the plastic garbage bag liners? Garbage nazis whoda thunk. LOL


Bill Tozer


More details from Amateur Hour

‘Russia and Iran Taunt Biden in Humiliating Revival of Nuclear Deal’


The devil is really in the details.

George Rebane

Messrs scenes and ScottO - Your points are well made, and I stand corrected. What are mere numbers when there is more compelling history to be written to serve a greater good?


"The devil is really in the details. "

Heck, it really is.

If I were Putin, and somebody kept sending arms to Ukraine, I'd probably think about shipping a few low-yield nukes to my good friends in Iran. Hilarity ensues.

Scott O

scenes 6:47 - "...using a videocamera that records the bin contents as the truck dumps contents into the truck’s hopper, which limits contaminants.""
The amusing thing is every single camera will work perfectly and the digital video data will be kept in perpetuity whereas Epstein's cell camera's either didn't work or had their data mysteriously deleted.
At least the authorities are honest about their priorities. And of course there will be added sensors as time goes along to detect certain odors, thermal emissions and other pertinent data.
I wonder what the statute of limitations are for 'organic' refuse crime?

Scott O

George 8:18 - "...and I stand corrected."
Oh, no! You were absolutely correct. Hitler was a piker.
But scenes was correct as well.
scenes was talking about the reality that the public will 'know' or 'remember' and you were talking about actual reality.
They are both true.
Ask Heisenberg.

Scott O

BT 6:58 - Thank you. It can't be talked about enough. I've been banging on for years about the dangers of a 'cashless' society.
I note that it's always the leftists that are too stupid to understand the dangers inherent in getting rid of physical cash.
The best point made in that podcast was - "they will then have nothing left to lose - what could go wrong?"
The "they" in that scenario aren't going to burn down the local shoe store, machine gun people in a church or kidnap the villages young girls as sex slaves.
They probably won't do anything.
At first.

George Rebane

Scott, I think my 818pm miscommunicated.

Scott O

scenes 9:11 - "I'd probably think about shipping a few low-yield nukes to my good friends in Iran."
Well - you can think about it, but actually doing that involves a lot of stuff that gets noticed in many circles. Detonated nukes are bad thingies that upset life for a lot of folks that want to cavort with scantily clad sex partners on their ocean-going yachts. This sort of person may not control or run everything but they do have enormous power on this earth. I do believe that Putin has gone past his sell-by date. And at this point, I also believe he knows he can't allow anyone near him with a loaded fire arm. Strap in folks, it looks like Putin is getting his eyelids sewn open for the show down.

Scott O

George 10:04 - I think we're all on the same page here. We get it.

The Estonian Fox

Wait - what suddenly happened to the Wuhan virus (aka covid-19), that has killed 6000 TIMES as many as this R-Uk war?

Fresh from the Brits - an absolutely wondrous pill teatment for the virus - baricitinib.

"It is now well established that in people admitted to hospital because of severe Covid, an overactive immune response is a key driver of lung damage."

The only thing missing from the article is that the name is an obvious anagram from our very own (since banned for virus use) hydroxychloroquine. Both are auto-immune suppressors (used by many rheumatoid arthritis patients), but since it is still on-patent, a 10-day course of bari goes for L250, vs $10 for Hcq ($60 for 180 tabs of 200mg, at Walmart using GoodRx). Isn't science and capitalism wonderful!!


"Well - you can think about it, but actually doing that involves a lot of stuff that gets noticed in many circles."

The noticing is the whole point. Just the threat is most of the point. It's also a threat that can be only slightly turned on via shipments of precursor materials or delivery systems.

Seeing as how nuclear weapons haven't been used since carnage in Japan (admittedly to avoid Olympic and Coronet), their main use has been as a kind of belief. A faith-based weapons system like the $USD is for money. Once a conflagration starts the politics is over.

re: Hitler. I think he has a longer shelf-life than a lot of the others just because of the comic book angle. Interesting henchmen, a veritable league of super-villains. Snappy uniforms. Underdog vs. the world. Needlessly cruel policies (why kill anyone? put them to work in the mines like any proper ancient potentate). Plus the huge shift to machine-based war, artillery has been around since the dawn of armies as have firearm equivalents, but machines that move themselves on land/air are amazing. Really good iconography. Taking over the world, Alexander/Genghis Khan mojo. Probably viewed similarly to Tamerlane in a few hundred years.


" I wonder what the statute of limitations are for 'organic' refuse crime? "

Probably substantial if they start rationing at some point.

In any case, you'll have to spend a quality hour or two at the neighborhood criticism session. Locally, the new Clerk-Recorder could set up the things using Zoom if need be. There's plenty of opportunities for 'My Rules' so plenty of thought needs to go into it.


"Just a note, I never post here or on The Union under anything other than my real name. I also don't dance on graves. When I want to tell you guys you are a bunch of reactionary, racist, useful idiots I will come here and say so directly."

Posted by: Steven Frisch | 05 March 2022 at 10:29 AM

I only suspect Frisch of pseudonymerie at TheUnion.

If TheUnion/viafoura ever gets hacked or opened by discovery and posters' IP addresses become visible to all, I may owe Frisch a minor apology for past and present suspicions, but I doubt it.


Estonian Fox@7:24

In case you care about this sort of thing.


Gregory: " I only suspect Frisch of pseudonymerie at TheUnion."

Oh well, there's not much point in looking at him as an individual but more as an outspoken member of a crazy modern religion. Kind of like Anthony Zerbe in The Omega Man. The movement is the problem, not the individuals. If one disappears, Crazytown just promotes someone else.

Bill Tozer

@ 8:39 am

“The movement is the problem, not the individuals. If one disappears, Crazytown just promotes someone else.”


‘Know your nonprofit: Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy’


And then there is the capitalist angle to it. No money, no mojo.


Bill Tozer

Ex-Cop Involved In Breonna Taylor Case Found Not Guilty

“Contrary to the media’s narrative, Mattingly writes that his team followed standard forced-entry protocol and explicitly identified themselves — even allotting the suspect more time than usual to respond.

Indeed, several family members of African Americans who died during encounters with police — including the mother of Breonna Taylor — have taken aim at the national Black Lives Matter organization and its former co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, for profiting off the deaths of their loved ones. Last year, Cullors resigned from the controversial activist organization following revelations of her multimillion-dollar home buying spree.

We never hired them to be the representatives in the fight for justice for our dead loved ones murdered by the police,” said mothers Samaria Rice and Lisa Simpson in a statement. “The ‘activists’ have events in our cities and have not given us anything substantial for using our loved ones’ images and names on their flyers. We don’t want or need y’all parading in the streets accumulating donations, platforms, movie deals, etc. off the death of our loved ones, while the families and communities are left clueless and broken.”

Tamika Palmer, Breonna Taylor’s mother, echoed the pair in a social media post of her own: “I have never personally dealt with BLM Louisville and personally have found them to be fraud.”



re: BillT@8:50

I had forgotten about APPLE. A web search led me to another Frischesque organization with some words.


I greatly admire the concept of a non-profit as a money making entity for moi, complete with K-Cup machine attendants, but was thinking about how to get to the heart of the matter.

It occurred to me that the real money in mining is selling gold pans and this seems like an opportunity, especially if locally-sourced.

To-wit, put together turnkey Sierra nonprofits with all the right words, webpage, fund raising, accounting and tax magic. A website builder could a provide a menu of words like 'advocacy', 'diverse', 'sustainable', 'passion', 'empowerment', and suchlike.

If this took off, it could be expanded to other places and topics. Perhaps even sell a non-profit gold pan template as a kind of MLM scheme. The sky is the limit.

Bill Tozer

Scenes. Don’t forget a copy of Roberts Rules of Order and you are good to go.
‘Shipping firm to move operations from backlogged California to Florida's open ports’

Florida has recently broken cargo container records, seen new shipping lines calling on Florida ports, and has successfully shifted cargo that would typically call on West Coast ports to the Sunshine State.


Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 11:36 am

Darn: I read that link but it did not include a case study for Bakersfield as it teased.I was so excited…and now deflated.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe gave away the farm so he can buy tainted mutha mullah oil instead of producing our own! GRRRRRRR -

“Judging by circumstances of course there are wishful thinking to get everything,” Mikhail Ulyanov (pictured) said, adding, “Realistically speaking, Iran got more than frankly I expected, others expected,” Mikhail Ulyanov told the Iranian state-affiliated IRNA news agency.

According to the report, the Russian representative also said that the Iranian team led by nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani are “very efficient diplomats” who “fight for every comma, every word.”

“Iranian colleagues are fighting for Iranian national interests like lions,” he said.



Bill Tozer

Don’t yell at me. It’s the Ukrainian dude who is flipping out!


Bill Tozer




Sometimes my analysis is a little too good.....!

Settling one of SF’s biggest burrito rivalries once and for all

San Francisco newspapers.....the burrito reviewers indispensable reference!

PS: Godspeed Jonathan Szeles!



Wait.....I thought you competent progressive thinkers said O'Dummycare was going to fix all of this.....

Millions in California will lose health care coverage if pandemic’s stopgap measures expire

From the Sacramento Valley Fishwrap......(you'll need to do your own checking.....it's paywalled and I won't give SacBee a dime or my e-mail so they can make money off me)


re: fish@8:32AM

"Millions of Californians face the prospect of losing health coverage this year as federal measures that vastly expanded the ranks of the insured amid the COVID-19 pandemic are set to expire this year. Because of increased federal financial help from the American Rescue Plan, for instance, two out of every three state residents who enrolled through Covered California were able to get policies that cost $10 or less per month. The state-based insurance marketplace reported a record enrollment of 1.8 million after at the conclusion of this year’s open enrollment period, up from 1.6 million for the comparable period a year earlier. “The law lowered premiums and boosted enrollment — with the biggest beneficiaries being communities of color, lower-income Americans and many in the middle class who got help paying for their coverage for the first time,” said Peter V. Lee, executive director of Covered California. “In the absence of federal action to extend these policies this year, people in California and across the country will have their access to health coverage and care dramatically reduced.” Even middle-income Californians saw a significant benefit, with their policy costs dropping by hundreds of dollars because of the Biden Administration’s push to ensure that every American would have coverage if they were to contract COVID-19. The federal financial help will no longer be available when 2022 ends. Californians who depend on Medi-Cal coverage also will be affected if another pandemic-related measure ends as expected in mid-April."

What exactly was the COVID subsidy? As I understand it, CoveredCA already has quite a subsidy built in, although there's a big ol' hockey stick in how the subsidy is constructed vs. reported income. If it's actually a big deal, it's just one more example of how a government benefit very rarely disappears. Did 'communities of color' (non pink I assume) get a special break? That's how it reads.

My guess is that if the US were to ever have some system of universal healthcare it would have to appear to be free, people would bitch about a Swiss-style system. Of course, you'll never see anything with Euro-style fundage since healthcare professionals would have to take a 50% haircut in pay.


Posted by: scenes | 07 March 2022 at 08:52 AM

Always the frantic plea.....more money or people will die. This of course concurrent with, "my effectiveness as a bureaucrat is being judged. Failure to wheedle supplemental funding from a gullible populace will reflect poorly on my career going forward!"


Note here how the Sacramento Valley Fishwrap omits any mention that the incident at McClatchy was .....tah dah.....another Hate Hoax™ committed by a black student.....who absolutely hasn't been suspended, expelled, or prosecuted.

“And then the question will be what the next steps are relative to suspension, expulsion, potential juvenile prosecution, or whatever the appropriate next steps will be.”
School staff painted over the graffiti as soon as it was discovered, according to district officials.

Support services have been offered to students and staff “traumatized by this racist incident.” “It is appalling that anyone would target a school with racist graffiti and subject students, staff and families to messages of hate,” Superintendent Jorge A. Aguilar said in a news release last month.

The vandalism at Abraham Lincoln closely followed an incident at C.K. McClatchy High School in which a student scrawled the words “colored” and “white” over white fountain, referencing racist polices from the segregation-era.



Well now, national news and all.


'In Nevada County, southeast of here, an angry electorate has accused its Board of Supervisors of “crimes against humanity” for imposing mask mandates and using coronavirus-infection tracing. A petition drive is underway to recall the entire five-member board.'

Some day I'll figure out what 'not-so-far-right' is. Maybe Mitt Romney.

Step Two. Somehow tie the HARD_RIGHT_MILITIA people to the worst thing in the world. Putin boot lickers. The only thing worse than Nazis. or Vaxxers. Crazytown has a list and is checkin' it twice.

Hey, maybe the Red Cross will send deliveries to the camps. A bar of soap would be most appreciated.


Posted by: scenes | 07 March 2022 at 02:21 PM

Time to mobilize Nevada City's Fightin 420th and their Truckee auxiliaries! To arms....to arms.....!

Bill Tozer

EXCLUSIVE: In Leaked Audio Former NIH Director/New Biden Science Adviser Laughs Over Threatening Unemployment To Force Vaccines, Blames Trump For COVID-19 Deaths


Paul Emery

Here's some verified contet Barry:

Biden up nearly 5 points since late January. He is now down 10,1. On Jan 24 he was down 14.4. That's a 9 point gain in 6 weeks.

Trump on the other hand was down 14.9 on March 7 2018, same day in his Presidential term as Biden.



Bill Tozer

Who is the mystery 1/6 bomber?


Don Bessee

@743 Verified content! The ponytail of ignorance sounds like a fakenews/facebook clone drone. ROFLOL


Scott O

"verified" contet(sic)!
Just like Hunter Thompson's "true rumors".

Paul Emery

Do you deny the consensus poll numbers from RCP Scott ?

Scott O

Paul 9:45 - Hilarious!
Do I deny the numbers? Certainly not!
Those numbers are as real as the sunrise!
There they are - standing proud and tall. I support numbers of any color or creed. No matter how they got there or what sort of bull-shittery caused their existence. They are NUMBERS!
Now - what numbers does Paul deny?
Ones that aren't convenient?
$6 dollar a gallon gas is a number.


Punchy... do you actually believe the NPR poll, the reason for the 'good news' you celebrate?

I listen to NPR for hours most days... they are as slanted as the left's caricature of Fox Snooze.


Paul: "Biden up nearly 5 points since late January."

I guess that going to war with the Russians is a good idea. Anything for The Party. Carry on.

Naturally, in the age of war, disease, pending economic disaster, the KVMR actionable news team has the perfect topic...TRUMP! No surprises, entertainers looove being the center of attention and Paul has found the perfect mechanism for George's blog.

Pete Boottigieg and the VP appear to have the answer to throwing a spanner in world economics flow, buy an electric car.

Don't fool yourself for a minute that there isn't a largish swath of the US elite that welcomes ultra-high gas prices. The State Department's monkeying around in Ukraine and the Russians fears give them a great opportunity to save the world climate. Unless there's some chance that the Democrats are viewing election disaster in the face, nothing will be done. Move to the city and buy a bicycle you filthy Deplorables!

Paul Emery


If you woud have opened the link you would have found that the RCP poll is a consensus poll. Over a dozen polls averaged. Thought you knew that.


Yes Gregory….if you had only opened the link you would have known that.


Bill Tozer

If you woud have opened the link you would have found that the RCP poll is a consensus poll. Over a dozen polls averaged. Thought you knew that.

Wow. Learn something new everyday. Who would have thunk that the RCP is a consensus poll, with more than a dozen polls averaged. Thanks for the info, Paul.

I did read a couple of days ago that Biden got a normal SOTUS bump. Wonder what was happening in March of 2017. Oh yeah, I remember, if memory serves me correctly. In March of 2017, the NYT and the Wa Post were breaking stories of Trump colluding with the Russians and the Dems had an anonymous mole inside the Trump Organization….but it was not spying. :)

It’s been a long drough for Paul with his daily “For your reading pleasure….”, do let him do his post SOTUS graveyard dance. Don’t think at Trump is running in 2022, but I could be wrong. Joe Biden will be on the ballot in 2022 in every Senate and Congressional race.

A consensus poll, you say? I did not know that.

Bill Tozer

‘Millions in forgivable COVID relief loans meant for small business diverted to unions: report’
Teachers' unions and unions for state and local government employees across the country received funding, even though they were not affected by the sorts of economic shocks private businesses were.

"Loans determined through the loan review process to have been made to ineligible borrowers will not be forgiven," SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza wrote after a critical investigator general report.


Yet the Freedom Foundation noted that $24.2 million of the $36.7 million in union loans have already been forgiven.
Chicago Public Schools To Lift Mask Mandate, Teachers Union Immediately Pushes Back



Punchy, I visit RealClear daily, usually spending over an hour reading the articles linked.

The "consensus poll" you like is affected by outliers, and PBS claiming Xiden is approved by 47% is ludicrous, although they might get that high a result with a listener poll.


Gregory: "I listen to NPR for hours most days... they are as slanted as the left's caricature of Fox Snooze."

Crazytown Radio has a pureness I kind of appreciate.


In the land of word salad, the crazy man is king.

Bill Tozer

‘Half The Country’ Did Speak The Covid Truths The CDC Director Insists ‘Nobody Said’ — And They Were Smeared

Like elitist hubris, the gaslighting never stops.



re: BillT@2:26PM

From the article: "Nobody said … ‘What if it’s not as potent against the next variant?'”"

Anybody in the virus biz who says that should be immediately fired.

Bill Tozer

Polls. I stand corrected. No SOTUS bump for Biden. Only Paul could find -11 a reason to dance. Yep, with all that manure, there has to be a pony in there somewhere under it all.

‘No Bump For Biden: Polls Find ‘Anemic’ Increase In Approval Post-SOTU’

“In addition to the IBD/TIPP poll, Quinnipiac found much the same thing, showing a minimal increase in approval rating for Biden post-SOTU. The survey of 1,374 adults conducted from March 4-6 found that just 38% approved, while 51% disapproved of Biden overall, compared to 37%-52% last week. Biden’s approval among Independents stood at a paltry 30%, with 51% disapproval. On Ukraine, 42% approved of Biden’s handling, while 45% disapproved. Rasmussen Reports’s daily tracking poll also found that Biden’s approval moved minimally after the State of the Union as well. Biden’s total approval stood at 41% approve, 57% disapprove, as of March 1, before Biden gave the address. His approval inched up to 42%-56% on March 2, and 44%-54% March 3, but has since dropped down to 41%-58% as of Tuesday. An NPR/PBS/Marist poll conducted between March 1-2 found a sizable 8-point jump in approval, but it appears to be an outlier, the only post-SOTU poll to find such an increase, according to the RealClearPolitics average.“

According to CNN….

The weak rebound for Biden’s approval rating comes after a State of the Union address that garnered the lowest viewership in 30 years, as The Daily Wire reported. Biden received just 38 million views for his speech, compared to former President Trump, who took in an estimated 45.5 million viewers for his first SOTU speech, and former President Obama, who pulled 48 million viewers in his first address. According to CNN, Biden also received the lowest number of “very positive” reviews in nearly 15 years of instant polling. Just 41% of viewers felt “very positive,” compared to 48% who responded that way to both Trump and Obama’s first SOTU addresses, and 51% who felt that way about Biden’s unofficial State of the Union last April.


Move those feet Paul, and dance. Do the Swim, do the jitterbug, do the twist, twist and shout and to the Watusi. Go Paul, go!


Bill Tozer


“So it seems that as long as Biden remains upright and breathing, Democrats will say they approve of his performance. I have thought for a while that Biden’s job approval numbers are inflated. Basically what pollsters are measuring is the number of people who are so committed to the Democratic Party/leftism/hating Donald Trump that they will pretend to think that Biden is doing a bang-up job. There can’t be many people who actually believe it.”



All those jokes about lazy potheads.......

Curbside pickup for marijuana? California agency is poised to allow it indefinitely

The Bee so no link......."Let's go Breton"!


"“So it seems that as long as Biden remains upright and breathing, Democrats will say they approve of his performance."

Breathing is optional.

Honestly, I can't say that 'Democrats' means much here, except as a marketing concept for voters.

A coalition of The Swamp (which Joe Biden is a mouthpiece for), the Surveillance-Media Complex, and Crazytown is pretty hard to beat, especially given The Swamp's power in the Republican establishment. Performance might not be that much of an issue if you have the ability to frame narratives and memory-hole the bad parts.

I did have one thought though, the US needs an official national band. I would suggest Sam Brinton and The Pups.


Breathing is optional.

One would think that a properly embalmed and lacquered Joe Biden would be far better.

Bill Tozer

The Walrus is back in the news. Say what you will, but Bolton was a darn good UN Ambassador.

‘Iran plotting assassination of John Bolton, others, even while Biden negotiates nuclear deal’


Bill Tozer

The government has announced a 15 day ‘No Driving’ to flatten the gas price curve.

‘Pain IS Their Plan’
Your pain at the pump isn’t an unfortunate accident. It’s the whole point of the left’s radical energy policy agenda.


Progressive Democrats have been telling us for years that they hate America. Younger Americans are the least patriotic generation in history. And there’s a reason for that: Radical leftists in the government-run schools have been teaching our children anti-American history.

“They have been teaching them Marxist critical race theory, telling them that the country of their birth is evil, that it was evil at its founding and must be “fundamentally transformed.” That’s why left-wing youth are tearing down statues of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

As I have noted before, why would anyone fight to defend an “evil, systemically racist” country founded on “slavery and genocide”?

That’s just a rhetorical question at the moment. But given recent headlines, it’s a question parents, policymakers and educators should take much more seriously.

And it’s just more reason why the fight to get critical race theory out of our schools is so important!”

Bill Tozer

Moving domestic oil over here. Compartmentalise, if you will.

‘Joe Biden Has a Problem With Facts - We Produce LESS Oil Not More Than Under Trump’

Biden also lies about oil and gas leases.

‘Oil industry debunks Biden admin's narrative meant to deflect from hostile policies as gas prices skyrocket’



re: BillT@4:36PM

Seen all over the internet: "Fact Check. Republicans Wrongly Blame Biden for Rising Gas Prices"

Hah. Checkmate.

Don Bessee

Scardy cat -



Paul Emery

So George here's a video of guy Trump on you tube. Can you conceive of where we would be at if he was President at this time?

Donald Trump was interviewed on the Nelk Boys podcast at his Mar-a-Lago resort and asked about what he would do in the ukraine and he said.

"Well, and I said this a long time ago, if this happens, we are playing right into their hands. Green energy. The windmills, they don't work, they're too expensive, they kill all the birds, they ruin your landscapes, and yet, the environmentalists love the windmills," Trump complained after being asked about the war in Europe.

"I've been preaching this for years, the windmills," Trump argued.

"And they don't work," Trump falsely claimed.


Don Bessee

Windmills dont work when there is no wind as it was when they almost crashed the TX electric grid.

Were he the prez we would be pumping so much gas and oil that the loss of vlads gas would mean nothing and we would not be kissing mutha mullah ass and begging the dictator in venezuela. We would be keeping our bucks at home and generating high paying energy jobs.

Walked right into that one oh great ponytail of ignorance! lol


Paul Emery

He was asked what he would do in the Ukraine Don and he responded by talkinga bout windmills. Did you watch the link I provided with him saying that?

Paul Emery


Do you think Trump is mentally fit to be President?


Do you think Trump is mentally fit to be President?

You don't seem to have any heartburn with the dried out husk currently being used as the White House political scarecrow.

Probably don't want to go down the question if someones "mentally fit" route Punch.....as commenter or democrat political cheer team member.


Mentally fit?

"It's Appalling": In Hilarious Reversal, Biden Admin Now Slams Shale For Not Raising Output

Zero Hedge was good enough to use the Biden photo where he appears looking like a 4 year old child staring outside on a rainy day. Appropriate I think.


show me kid

Come on, man.....I'm sure that Emery is "marginally rational".

Don Bessee

Someone get the ponytail of ignorance his clutching pearls, fainting couch and smelling salts. His gang failed to crush the Trump empire -



George Rebane

PaulE, mentally fit?? Your glass house won't survive a rock fight.

Don Bessee

With creepy grampa joes screwups letting lose the dog of war and destroying US citizens stability at every turn is bringing back the slick willey grift game to fund the next try -

The Comeback Kid



Paul Emery

Good one George. Very creative. Did you watch the video I posted? This Trump guy is a true nut case. If you watch the video how can you deny that?

Don Bessee

SO oh great ponytail of ignorance what is you projection on the dem losses in the house and the senate this cycle?


Don Bessee

Why is no one calling out lerch kerry or paski for rehashing the failed al i created the internet algore end of the world shit! Still polar caps and white bears but but but global warming er a cough now climate change. OH RIGHT there is a hot war in eourope. Then there are these socialist greens, must have seen the one who said covering the war is racist.

Singing don't worry be happy is not a policy -



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