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06 February 2022



re: reparations.

I'd work on the Swedes first.

They're the easiest to make feel guilty.

George Rebane

scenes 1107am - Good point, but they don't have that much money. Now if we took the tort lawyers' 'deepest pockets' approach, Estonians would somehow try to link the US into what the Left (cf. George Lakoff) calls the 'systemic cause' for Estonia's travails, and file suit in one of our social justice motivated circuit courts.



Good idea, the Swedes are too busy building mosques in any case.

I could suggest the Russians, but after they were done laughing they'd send a case of vodka and a nice card.

Scott O

The Estonians? They seem to be doing OK now.
What about the Picts?
And it's starting to look like the Neanderthals were killed off by those darned Homo Sapiens!


My suggestions regarding the DNA were for the USA only. Probably nothing to worry about, as most citizens of most backgrounds are very suspicious and superstitious about anyone collecting their DNA, even though it would be remarkably easy to do, see the case of the Golden State Killer, the cop gone bad.


My suggestions regarding the DNA were for the USA only. Probably nothing to worry about, as most citizens of most backgrounds are very suspicious and superstitious about anyone collecting their DNA, even though it would be remarkably easy to do, see the case of the Golden State Killer, the cop gone bad.

This has been your Super Sciencey Guy minute for the day......stay tuned for Schoolhouse Rock.....today it's "Conjunction Junction"!


Five dot journaling (NOT journalism!) lives. Herb Caen would be happy.


Having married into a Serb family, I have become aware of how screwed they've been as a people. Ests would not want to swap.

If a scriptwriter needs a bad guy from a non-NATO country without a victim status, make them Serb. Multiple script problems disappear and no one cares.

George Rebane

Gregory 644am - Yes, the Serbs have always been viewed by Europeans as the 'Russian annex' in the Balkans.

Bill Tozer


For those like me who cannot get behind the WSJ, a readers digest version




DKeach: "My suggestions regarding the DNA were for the USA only."

So how do you handle admixture? Does the Keach DNA Payment Plan handle the case of octoroons and whatnot?

Of course, you can just imagine the other uses. Charging for health insurance, gun licensing, with some work, college entrance exams. 23andMe could expand into the areas they always meant to from the get-go.

You do have to wonder what a large machine learning project would make out of DNA and something like STEM GPA. Any results would be waved off or buried of course. You just know the Chinese are doing this very thing.

re: Serbs.

Central and Eastern Europe is soooo complicated that you could probably pick any group there. The Serbs have the misfortune of having a good badguy-sounding name. Lithuanians (Liths?), something of an imperial power themselves, just don't have that same sound. 'Croats' is too much of an onamonapia with other vocalizations. Given all the new rules in Hollywood for casting requirements, I can see where it's a tricky matter. It would probably be simpler to just make all terrorists into white supremacists from small town Indiana.

Bill Tozer

Recreations are tricky. For instance, there is not one drop of slave blood within Barrack Obama’s body. So, he gets nothing, but maybe Michelle Obama gets a check and her daughters? Spain for sure is on the hook for most of South America with the Caribbean along with Portugal. Puerto Ricans get nothing from Uncle Sam. Jamaicans? Zero. Indians? Zero. No check for Kamala Harris, but a nice check for Willy Brown.

Now, if one wishes to break it down skin color, then of course Colin Powell’s successful son gets a check.

Native Americans tribes already have the litmus test. 1/16 ok, 1/32 no. So, do we cut different checks for FBI (full blooded Indians) and those who are 1/2 Native American, 1/4 Native American, and another smaller yet proportionate check for those who are 1/8?
Lizzie Warren gets zero.

What about those who are 1/2 oppressor and one half opposed? Guess ol the wretched Colonialist side pays the non-Colonialist side. Comes out of the same pot anyway.

Interesting to note that the poorest racial group (poverty) in NYC are Asians, yet they are discriminated against the most when it comes to merit based entrance in the NY public school gifted learning academies.

It’s a crying shame what has happened to Lowell High School, a former accelerated gifted student learning high school. Reparations via lowered standards has ruint the school.

Just throw money at the “problem”, but don’t get off my land? Hyprocrites! Be gone with you. I get all of the USA and Canada to myself. The Southwest tribes? Be gone. They came from Mexico. Out, unless of course, you pay me big bucks for rent. Yes, I be a slumlord.


We watched a "Law & Order" episode last night and were delighted to see Albanians given the bad guy status... Albania being the Moslems to the south who were streaming north into Kosovo after the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Serbs, Croats, Bosnians etc. pretty much share DNA but the Ottoman Turks screwed up borders for centuries. And the NAZI Ustase Croats built and operated Jasenovac, a huge death camp that brutally killed more Serbs than Jews during WW2.

We (meaning Bill Clinton) bombed Belgrade to stop Serbia from reclaiming Kosovo (mostly to curry favor with the Saudis) , and once stopped, did nothing as Serbs were forced from their homes in Kosovo (Kosovo is to Serbs much as The Alamo is to Texans). It is a mess, and only some of that is the Serbs' own damn fault.

Bill Tozer

All this talk about about the North Atlantic region. Serbs? The Croats? What about the Scrots? Did you people forget about the Scrots? Shame, shame, shame.


Nowhere near the Atlantic, toes. In the Balkans (not the Baltic), streams and rivers find their way to the Mediterranean.

Bill Tozer

I know everything about that region. I once had a girlfriend in high school whose family roots came from Bohemia. And I saw the movie Shot Through The Heart as well as the 1965 epic classic Dr Doctor Chicago set in Russia during World War I. And Estonia is the capitol city of Bulgaria or Hungry.

Touchy, touchy. Don’t go tribal on me. :)



Toes, stop being so scrotty.

Bill Tozer

No one cares about the Scrots.

My grandmother’s mother or (grandmother (?)) came from Greenland….so Grandma told me 50-60 years ago. Grandma was eccentric, so who knows.Nobody talks about the Greenlanders either. Probably got raped by the Vikings.

Bill Tozer

or....maybe Grandma's grandma was a Viking Warrior Princess. A warrior Godess.


"a Viking Warrior Princess."

Sure a lot of those on the TV lately.

I'm going to have to rethink my theories on fitness levels for battle-hardened young women. They sure seem good with those heavy ol' Ulfberhts.

Bill Tozer

Great Grandmother, is that you?



Octoroons and even less, all are qualified, however there would be an immediate nuclear family net worth cutoff point, of say $1,000,000. If you have even 1 centimorgan of Afro, native American, meso-American, Asian-American, you're in the winners' pool. Now about the Askenazi Jews, would any of them admit to less than the cutoff point for net family worth? While we are at it, toss the same benefits to ADA Americans, including families with children with serious diseases. Be grateful you have to pay full boat, and don't have such disasters.


Lowell will return to normal in Fall 2023. To wit:

John W Crittenden
In fact, in April 2021 the Board of Education voted 6-0 to halt its earlier decision to change names of Lowell and other SF schools pending reopening of schools, and there’s been no action to restart the process. Also, in December 2021 the Board of Education voted 4-3 to rescind its previous resolution to end academic admissions criteria at Lowell, and return to the previous so-called “merit-based” admissions policy starting in Fall 2023. The board members who pushed to change the names and Lowell’s admissions policy will likely be recalled in the Feb. 15 vote. Thus both of these issues are moot, although the Friends of Lowell continue to raise money for unspecified litigation.
What we really need are Board members who are focused on student support, including scholarships, mentoring, funding for student activities, improving wellness, and enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Champions for Lowell are for those things, not wasting alumni funds on unnecessary legal battles.


How many here would say this is an example of Critical Race Theory and call for the firing of the teacher?

Mike Wilson
F4etbS5trp2ua1ry 15 na9t 3:13 rA0faiM ·
So how would you deal with this???
Last week I shared that I’m the only black male teacher on the middle school campus where I work….
Friday, I had to deal with someone walking out of my classroom into the court yard and yelling the word NIGGER on several occasions… I don’t know who it was but I knew that it was a passive aggressive behavior that had to stop.
I spoke with the assistant principal about it and was glad that she agreed with my plan to address it.
Here’s what I did… On Friday I put the lesson aside and had an open discussion about the history and offensive nature of the word NIGGER. When my students came into the classroom they were shocked by the word written on a PowerPoint slide in all CAPS on the board.
I started the class by asking why it’s ok for someone to walk out of my class and yell the word nigger in the courtyard. (Yes, I actually said the word)
I then gave the definition and history of the word. Next, I opened up the floor and asked their opinions on why people say it and why we find it acceptable as a society.
Next, I showed a short video on the racist history of the word and how it’s used now.
I could tell that many were uncomfortable but I wanted them to feel the weight and gravity of the moment and their choices.
I closed out the talk by explaining that it’s not acceptable for anyone of any color to use the word at any time for any reason in my presence.
I challenged the white kids who find it acceptable to let go of racist ideals rooted in slavery and accept that we’re all the same. I explained that we’ve come too far and we’re not going back to the ugly past, despite what some might think.
I also challenged the black kids to have more respect for themselves by not using it as a term of endearment. I explained that if they want to be respected then they need to also let go of a term that demeans them.
I don’t know if I changed hearts but I’m sure I changed some perspectives and made them think deeper about their choices. These kids don’t know how outspoken I am but they’ll learn.
I’d love to read your feedback…


Posted by: DKeach | 08 February 2022 at 08:16 PM

DugsKKKi......is this a confession? Were you the neer do well who hurled the N word as you walked out of the classroom? I see nothing that indicates conclusively that it was a student! It might have been an elderly guy with poor impulse control who just happens to look like Colonel Sanders.

I mean it wouldn't be all that surprising..... many of your sock puppet personas felt completely comfortable hurling "Chink" early and often shortly before your extended orthopedic related hiatus a couple of years ago.


Dear Niglio.
Please provide a link to your supposed "Chink," reference. Best friend in HS is now prof emeritus at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Don't want you bothering him, but he did teach architecture. Lived up the hill from us, his parents paid double the asking price to be able to move into that neighborhood. His dad was a noted navel architect.


Nope....not going to play the "provide a link" game with you! You and Emery think that if you just play dumb and demand things you can win these littles skirmishes through method of exhaustion (get me this, get me this, get me this.....) .....well you can't! BunBun, AVMan, Lavender etc..... any number of your alter egos (Funny thing too....when you post as F'ing everybody then don't get your old man drawers in a twist when you get confused with other socks/posters/progressive dimwits etc) felt safe enough to cut loose with the racial shit earlier.

Don't want you bothering him, but he did teach architecture.

Why would I bother him......?

"Navel" architect?

...good thing your not substitute teaching any longer!

Scott O

happy - 9:12 - Maybe he is a 'navel architect'?
You know - some one that designs all that hardware that some folks stick in their navels.
DK - "How many here would say this is an example of Critical Race Theory and call for the firing of the teacher?"
No, dude - that's not anything to do with CRT.

Anyway that was a funny story about the black teacher that got all huff and puff because he heard a kid say the n-word. He said it a lot and then told the kids they better not say it. Sounds really hypocritical. What's this guy gonna do about Spotify playing rap music with the n-word. Nothing. How is this different from a kid calling him an asshole?
Sounds like he's trying to teach them some manners and to be polite. I believe that's called 'whiteness'.

Scott O

Oh yeah - DK 7:38
"...and return to the previous so-called “merit-based” admissions policy starting in Fall 2023."
Then -
"...and enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion."
I guess the Pantone chart will be used to determine how much 'merit' a kid has.
Can hardly wait to see these clowns square this circle.


Keach, that lesson has absolutely nothing to do with CRT.

Don Bessee

YOU GO GIRL and thanks for helping the red wave go bigly -

Cori Bush won't drop 'defund the police' slogan even though Dems fear it's poison at the polls
The lawmaker's comments come amid growing Democratic concerns about the midterm elections





Learn to pronounce
of, in, or relating to a navy or navies.
"a naval officer"
Similar-sounding words
naval is sometimes confused with navel.

Since none of the names you cited (BunBun, AVMan, Lavender etc..... any number of your alter egos) are mine, I'd call it even.


Rather obviously it does not have anything to do with CRT, but then there are an awful lot of book banning parents & outraged citizens out there who would think it does. In the group I got it from, we pretty much agreed that only a person of the referenced colour could teach it without being fired.

Don Bessee

Looks like the distain for creepy grampa joe and the socialist greens is contagious. -

According to the results of a weighted, representative, survey with a reported margin of error of around 2.5 per cent, only 22 per cent of Germans think that Scholz has been a good Chancellor so far, compared to 49 per cent who thought he would be a good leader back when he was first assuming power.

In contrast, 63 per cent of Germans think that he has not been a good Chancellor




Posted by: DKeach | 08 February 2022 at 10:40 PM

.....and here come the excuses. You wrote (typed) it. You didn't say it.

And as far as the alter egos go, you have been busted repeatedly. Both here and on other sites. Walt caught you as "Lavender" conclusively.

Again......if you don't want to be mistaken as someone else pick a handle and stick to it.


....naval is sometimes confused with navel.

Indeed! By illiterates.


"How many here would say this is an example of Critical Race Theory and call for the firing of the teacher?"

I wouldn't call for the firing of any teacher. Generally, schools have been so thoroughly infiltrated by political activists that there's probably no saving them. Judging from environments where people let their hair hang out a bit, the Twitters of the world, people I know personally, K-12 seems to be manned by Crazytown with a handful of silent folks attempting to keep their jobs.

Humanity can survive this although I doubt that American culture does.

It's a hard choice. Do you hand your kids over to groomers or do you go to the expense/trouble of a proper education? This assumes that proper educations will be allowed to exist. Not everyone cares enough, but here's one of the genius moves of authoritarian government. The more you break the bonds of the nuclear family, the more opportunities to mold children.

Scott O

DK 10:40 - "...there are an awful lot of book banning parents & outraged citizens out there who would think it does."
Only in your fevered skull, dude.
Have fun out there in make-believe land.


Keach has used uncountable numbers of socks in the past, and nothing written by any of them should be considered credible now or in the future.


re: 'book burning'.

Oh well, it's always best to blame your enemies first. There's always some Pentecostal preacher somewhere who wants to burn Harry Potter books.

Compare and contrast:

"Until further notice, teachers in the area will not be able to include on their curriculum Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, Theodore Taylor's The Cay and Mildred D. Taylor's Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry."


"“Gender Queer," an illustrated memoir, contains explicit illustrations of oral sex and masturbation. The novel “Lawn Boy” contains graphic descriptions of sex between men and children. Both books were previous winners of the American Library Association’s Alex Awards, which each year recognize “ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults ages 12 through 18.”"


Choose yer side. Chomos vs Traditionalists. Epic cage brawl. Sunday Sunday Sunday.

Bill Tozer

wow. Great update by Dr. Rebane.

Masks for Covid are butt stupid is the blunt conclusion of a compendium of studies, citing.....

Great link. Don't know how I could have missed it on Sandbox.

Yes, the tide is turning. Not because of the science, but of politics. Dems have seen the polling and they are freaking out. Its a political decision and Fauci's science has always been political.

In the NJ Gov race, the Dem was up by 30, won by 3...to an unkown with no political experiece. Stare after State are dropping the mask mandates or have announced dates in Feb to drop mask mandates...with a few excepting like going to see a health care worker

Even batshit crazy Oregon is dropping mask mandates, but they will wait until March...being crazy and all.

Get this; CA is dropping mask mandates...but not for school children!!!! Yes, the teachers unions own this state. Unbelievable.


Oilgin continues to cast worthless spells & mix awful drinks & Gregory references the Glory Days of Union Freebase commenting, now 11 years past. Am I spoiling this cozy pond? GOOD! Did the same to the group Nevada County Uncensored, now disbanded, and the whole Alt-Right crew took off for Nevada County CommonSense, where they rally the troops to the Safeway parking lots for general Q-Anon bruhaha.

Meanwhile, back the the public schools, they go on producing the bulk of the scientists, doctors, astronauts, etc. that we have. Certainly they could be better. As the NSJ bus incident of yesterday suggests, maybe if the households at the bottom end of the economic spectrum were given a good boost, and the business owners could no longer get away with boats being towed to lakes by their business trucks (written off as just another business trip), then the average level of civility & educational achievement in public schools would improve.


A somewhat different look at Lawn Boy.



DKeach: "A somewhat different look at Lawn Boy."

OK Groomer.



"Did the same to the group Nevada County Uncensored, now disbanded, "

Aha. Off to green pastures to turn brown. A worthy cause.

"Am I spoiling this cozy pond? GOOD!"

Although this *is* the Age of the Vandal, it seems counterproductive to me. Harming with no gain is cursed of Allah, although perhaps it's just a way of coping. Just stay away from the spray paint, it's expensive to clean off of freeway overpasses.

In any case radicals beget radicals and anything that drives traffic is probably a good thing. At least don't be boring, which is Paul Emery's primary fault. Bad faith postings are one thing, but one sentence anti-Orangeman screeds are a waste of pixels.

Scott O

DK 8:05 - "Am I spoiling this cozy pond?"
You're just another lefty that posts BS here and then changes the subject or just slinks away when challenged for facts.


Posted by: DKeach | 09 February 2022 at 08:05 AM

Meanwhile, back the the public schools, they go on producing the bulk of the scientists, doctors, astronauts, etc. that we have.

Yes.... in spite of rather than as a result of I'm quite sure.

Bill Tozer

Re: update masks

Science On Covid And Kids Hasn’t Changed, Only The Politics Has


Scott O

Oh, scenes - a friendly reminder for style points when ending with the over the top AM radio meme of Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...
Ya gotta add: BE THERE!
Never forget the first time I heard that on some LA area station back in the 60's on an ad for Irwindale Raceway. The OLD Irwindale.


Posted by: Gregory | 09 February 2022 at 07:30 AM

Keach has used uncountable numbers of socks in the past, and nothing written by any of them should be considered credible now or in the future.

Oh rest assured nothing is!

Keach has had zero credibility since (well probably forever but that's for another post) bleating about the Fred Reed post I left a decade or so ago about the fabulous results produced by the DC public skoolz at 30K a head.

He was just so going to tell on us.....to his NCpeeps and Yubanet buddies.


re: Scotto "You're just another lefty that posts BS here"

These are serious people with serious issues.

Bill Tozer

The unraveling: masks
‘In the Post, Leana Wen Insists That She’s the Last Reasonable Woman in the World’


The Dems are feeling the heat


re: BillT@9:06AM

from the article: "Public health policy is nuanced and complex,"

That's a polite way to say "We don't really know what we are doing".


Speaking about serious people.....

The latest proglodyte yutz back for his triumphant return -



"but one sentence anti-Orangeman screeds are a waste of pixels." At this point we get to see, "wither goest thou?" between Mitch & the Donald. One will remain standing or maybe both will retire? Who knows? BTW:

Elon Musk's bedroom is on his jet. His living room is wherever he chooses to have it land. Probably has a second jet that follows him that contains a completely connected office. Both jets have kitchens and chefs. he doesn't "live" in Texas, so why should he care, if a chunk of his employees are forced to live there or seek work elsewhere, not Tesla?


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 09 February 2022 at 09:06 AM

‘In the Post, Leana Wen Insists That She’s the Last Reasonable Woman in the World

Leana is correct....she is the least reasonable woman in the world!

.....and today she informs us the "science" has changed.

CNN 'Doctor': "The Science Has Changed" So Lift COVID Restrictions

Just in time for election season...

So Leana were you wrong before......or are you wrong now?



“When I use science,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”
“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make science mean so many different things.”
“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master – – that’s all.”

Bill Tozer

DKeach @ 9:51 am.

Please, kind sir, tell us what your post has to do with the topics presented under Scattershots? Again, talk of Orange Man or the Grim Reaper Cocaine Mitch belong under Sandbox or other posts found in RR. I know it’s hard to stay discipled at times and ‘no one is going to tell you what to do’ and all that, but at least try to stay on topic.

PS: The password for logging into The Sandbox is PASSWORD. So easy even a caveman can do it. No need to thank me, Mr. Hall Monitor.

Focus, grasshopper, focus.


Keach is a vandal, nothing more, nothing less.

George Rebane

DKeach 805am - The focus on public schools should be the growing share of students they have been failing educationally over the last decades (totally innumerate and reading way below grade level), and not the cream at the top who get their education augmented a hundred ways that have nothing to do with what the unionized teachers attempted to teach them in schools where the bottom quintile of students makes teaching anything near impossible. And this is without considering the new STEM curricula politically embedded with CRT tenets that must be dispensed in today's classrooms.


Since there is no handy dandy Guide to how to use Rebane's site, I am learning as I go. Main blog, stay on topic as presented by Rebane. Scattershots, still stay on main topic as presented by Rebane. Sandbox, free for all, everybody gets to post whatever. Please correct me, oh Learned Ones!

Why am I here? I have a sarcastic itch, and I must scratch. BTW, the decline in education since the 1950's correlates marvelously with the increasing fleecing of the middle and working classes by the upper elites. It's a simple case of diminishing returns, and it looks like it will take a dust bowl planet to wake up those elites. Sad.

Bill Tozer


The decline in California public education can be traced back to one specific year: 1970. Since 1970, the decline has been as spiral, as more money has been poured into the public education cesspool in inflation adjusted dollars than in 1970. Class size, more resources, beefed up administrative personnel as had zero effect since 1970. In fact, there is no relation between more money, smaller class sizes, newer buildings to learning improvement to 1970.

CA public school systems, once the envy of the country, has now dropped to the bottom of the barrel in state comparisons. Of that lower quintile of rotten schools, here in Nevada County our schools ride in the middle of CA school performance…which rests in the middle rung in the bottom layer of the outhouse.

When one says how great the schools are here, one is ignorant of the facts.

How did free love, drugs, and rock n-roll work out for society? Do your own thing, let it all hang out, and never trust anyone over 30…pig, pig, pig…People’s Park, love ins.


"the decline in education since the 1950's correlates marvelously with the increasing fleecing of the middle and working classes by the upper elites."

I'd like to see an accurate measure of education since the 1950's, but we'll leave it at that. Even standardized testing is suspect since (aside from the change in tests) different percentages of highschool-age (not highschool, but age) humans take them over time I wager.

Interestingly, the decline in education since the 1950's correlates marvelously with the decreasing amount of lead in passenger car gasoline.

Interestingly, the decline in education since the 1950's correlates marvelously with the increasing amount money spent on education.

Causation and correlation and those sorts of things.

It would be interesting to start by defining 'elite'.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 09 February 2022 at 11:55 AM

How did free love, drugs, and rock n-roll work out for society? Do your own thing, let it all hang out, and never trust anyone over 30…pig, pig, pig…People’s Park, love ins.

.....Greek Fishermans Caps?

Bill Tozer

I have never logged in to RR’s once. So easy even a caveman can do it…or even a former playground monitor.

The Estonian Fox

George, you hit it with your update on masks for covid. It's the "panderemic" that has released all of the rats from under their rocks so that we can more easily identify them in the daylight.

Note to self - order a herd of blue herons, or aggressive house cats, to finish them off in November. Mostly D's, but some R's too.

Bill Tozer

Estonian Fox.

They do all the leaving lifting for us. In the days of yore, they used to be better at hiding their motives. Now, they just flaunt it out in the open as they themselves walk right out into the open.
Might be time to retire my catchphrase, “You gotta smoke ‘‘em out.” Not needed, they do it all my themselves. Like playing Peak-O-Boo with a baby. Satan’s spawn, sure, but a baby nonetheless.


If no money is the key to well educated kids, why are church and charter schools so anxious to get their mitts on Federal ed funds? If you read what I wrote, I was pointing out that impoverished home environments are not good environments for great educational outcomes. BTW, Tozer's closers lead to flailing outcomes.


Interestingly, the decline in education since the 1950's correlates marvelously with the decreasing amount of lead in passenger car gasoline.

Interestingly, the decline in education since the 1950's correlates marvelously with the increasing amount money spent on education.

Causation and correlation and those sorts of things.

Oh my....I sense an afternoons worth of frivolous entertainment coming up!

Interestingly, the decline in education since the 1950's correlates marvelously with the decrease in the number of movies about giant radioactive insects.

Bill Tozer


You have become Da Man. Not a cool kid no more. You grew up into the person you owed you would never become. The idealism of youth and delayed adulthood…in your specific case, a rather long delayed adulthood.

You are the problem, Keach. Your solutions are worse than your belly aching about credit card interest rates. You guys have 100% control of public education in CA for 50 years. You would be shocked at what today’s teacher school are pooping out. Even your would be scratching your head. I hold you responsible.



We have NOT had control of the social-economic & linguistic backgrounds of the households that send in the kids for only 6 hours a day, 9 months of the year, ever. In time, the disparities will tend to even out, as cell phone & social media infused culture becomes more & more dominant. I'd like to speed things up a bit.

Like this Foundation.



Thank Zarquon the Keachies have not had control of the kids they think they educate.

Bill Tozer

@12:30. Sorry, Keach, I never read your links….hardy ever. So, so sorry I did not read your manifesto either posted somewhere else. I think? Anyway, could not get through a third of a page. But, whatever your dismal education decline defensive mechanism /blame somebody else is, well Imam sure it was a good one. The fact reminds that your part of the problem. You were only doing what any good AV projector man/hall monitor would do.

Come to think of it, the Decline of Modern Education happen to coincide about the time you went considered a substitute teacher’s /floor mopper of Principle’s office way back in the day. Go figure. What a coincidence.

“Causation and correlation and those sorts of things.”

George Rebane

What DKeach misses is that the Great Society programs destroyed a major share of black families and worked against their formation in the years that followed. The black family was the bulwark minority social order that had grown into a sizeable middle class when Lyndon Johnson took over.


"Thank Zarquon the Keachies have not had control of the kids they think they educate."

(I realize this is off topic, but logorrhea is a strong master)

I was considering The Keachies and the like over lunch with a fine wine.

One thing I was struck by as a kid, which is some time ago mind you, is how little teachers actually know about the subjects they teach.

My working theory is that in days of yore, when professional teachers were largely an employee of the so-called 'elite', they were well-read people who learned teaching OJT. An odd thing happened in the meantime in that 'teaching' became a discipline and was studied at the expense of everything else (plus...it's really easy). The lack of strong intellectual curiousity seems noteworthy in any K-12 teachers I run into. Some of them are sure full of advice on how others ought to live though. Dunning Kruger, don't leave home without it.

So. Question. Is a superior child produced by teachers who don't know anything (or very little) or scholars who are indifferent teachers?


"What DKeach misses is that the Great Society programs destroyed a major share of black families and worked against their formation in the years that followed."

My guess is that most 'welfare' money goes to the elderly..people who receive far more in Medicare benefits than they put in (including the time value of money) and SS recipients who also receive more than they put in. In both cases, typically those at lower incomes.

My own simple model is that it was more along these lines.
. The inability to well and truly fail. The potential for living on the street tends to wake people up. (this is related to your point).
. Crab mentality ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crab_mentality )
. The decline of low-skill work due to factory automation, offshoring, high capital investment farming/mining

The irony that most above-average incomes are earned doing not particularly useful things is not lost on me. We should all be so lucky as to own a successful non-profit.



It's an attack of the midwits and nitwits.

Oh, 23 years ago or so when my first wife was trying for a job teaching in our local schools, the chair of the NUHS math department (who wasn't much older than she) that when he started teaching, there was just a short intro to endure (like one quarter of a course or two) and a student teaching stint... after you got a BS/BA. They figured anyone who attended school from k-to-16 had seen people teaching, good and bad, and had a clue as to which is which.

UCLA was originally a "Normal" school... a two year program to turn out teachers for K-12.

Bill Tozer

What The Keach fails to grasp is within NY School District in the 20s’, 30’s and into the 40s , the black schools in Harlem out performed their white counterparts schools. In fact, the best public school in all of NY was in Harlem.

What The Keach fails to grasp is from the end of slavery until the 1925-the end of WW2 and up into the 50’s, black divorce rate was less than their white counterparts and so were the out of wedlock birth rates…starting lower than whites gradually over time reaching equality with at 27% around 55.

What The Keach fails to grasp is the Philly School district’s all black high school finished the top school in all of Pennsylvania with other all black high schools finished in 2 of the top three spots. And three out of five top schools in the entire Philly,school district….before The Decline you were part of. And those property ridden students lived through real racism and segregation and discrimination….until the Lefties had a better idea.

“Scratch a liberal and you get a fascist.” Black Panthers circa Dougie.

Link picked at random, not the one I was looking for. Everything the left touches turns into a grunt sandwich.


Bill Tozer

Another undermentioned coincidence is that when our GIs returned home from WW2 and some of our hero’s got into the Nobel Profession of teaching, the last of those teachers to stick it out and retire was just about 1970. The mentors were gone and along came Keach….at the worse possible moment amidst social upheaval.

Bill Tozer

When teachers graduated from teaching school around 1970, 70% of the classroom time was class time was spent on disciple. Teaching schools back then taught teacher how do classroom disciple. Then it started going downhill. Sad when the great ship went down.


Don Bessee

Oh creepy grampa joe how low can you go? -

For the first time since taking office, Biden's approval rating — based on an accumulation of polling data — fell below 40%. A Real Clear Politics average of all the most recent national surveys measuring Biden’s standing put the president’s approval at 39% and his disapproval at 54%.



Don Bessee

Here is a good gauge of sentiment heading into the midterms -




Gregory: "It's an attack of the midwits and nitwits."

For all I know that's the ideal situation. I've never been sure enough about the whole point of education to have strong opinions on teaching methods. Perhaps click training is the way to go.

It is a bummer that the profession has largely moved from supporting the existing order to overthrowing it. The indoctrination part is bound to be partly build from fibs, whether it's George Washington and the cherry tree or it's modern equivalent, small pox blankets. To me, political activism seems out of place in schools.

Bill Tozer


Virginia Senate passes bill to prohibit school mask mandates


The Dems will try to give Biden all the credit.

Bill Tozer

Public schools: correlation between money and performance.

Nothing Says Corruption and Chaos Like a Teacher Giving a Kid A's When She Left Months Ago for Private School.



Bill Tozer
Bill Tozer
Bill Tozer

‘States push to ease access to ivermectin, other COVID treatments that establishment blocked’


Bill Tozer

Why Progressives Can’t Quit Their Masks


George Rebane

BillT 1233pm - Mr Tozer, Typepad seems to be screwing with you. I've done all I could do to get your comments posted correctly, no joy. Try shutting down your browser and restarting it.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane.

The problem is Rumble. It must go straight to spam after I shorten the link back to the question mark. I did not want to mess with you early this fine Sunday morning and wanted you to go to the range first. But, yeah, I did not report it to you. So, it’s on me, not you.

Same thing happened last week with Rumble. No biggie. For an experiement, I posted the link on The Union, under county easing mask requirements. It’s still up, lol. Best time to post a link on The Union is early Sunday morning. It will stay up for 90 minutes! Currently first comment. :). Got the predicable reaction, so predictable I could recite it in my sleep.


That’s for caring. I do feel my input is not really all that important all in all, but it seems important to you, thus I will double down on asking you to look in the spam folder….again.

If it is any consolation, the link was inspired by your prose:

(11feb22 update] “All Covid response policies and the formerly immutable truths of ‘followed science’ they were based on are rapidly changing as the November mid-term election approaches.”

Bill Tozer


in semi-related news, Norway announces she will be doing away with the remaining C-19 mandates.

Don Bessee

About that ask for people to take a homeless person into their spare room woke brainstorm -



Don Bessee

The chi coms are arch racists among other things -

Chinese fans flocked to China’s social media to call U.S. skater Nathan Chen a “traitor” for winning gold for Team USA in Beijing.

Fans in China jumped to Weibo — China’s version of Twitter — to attack the Utah-born skater as “too white,” and some even told him to “get out of China” after taking gold in the men’s singles free skate and becoming only the third American to win gold in Beijing.




"The chi coms are arch racists among other things -"


Bill Tozer

Old Chinese tale.

A baker puts the bread in the oven but it comes out white. Not cooked enough. No good. The baker puts another loaf in the oven and it’s comes out burnt. Too dark. To No good.
Then the baker puts another loaf in the oven and it comes out yellow. Just right.

The yellow bread is superior to the others.


"The yellow bread is superior to the others. "

Hey, maybe it is. There's that version of Darwinism that plays out between large groups of people, so we'll see.

If the West's new model of self-hate, unlimited immigration, dislike of tradition, normalization of mental illness, doesn't turn out to be competitive on the world stage (it is a new experiment after all), that should become increasingly obvious.

A funny thing about structurally weak systems is that they have to be expansionary or die. It's like communism in that if other states aren't as screwed up as you, the difference becomes obvious and the center will fly apart. One temporary solution is an 'Iron Curtain' but that can't last forever and goes against an open borders approach in any case.

A natural tendency for Woke Cultures will be to export their belief systems, by hook or by crook, but I would expect even stronger cultural immune systems to develop from the Russians, Chinese, Indians, Latin America, Africa, Middle East.

George Rebane

scenes 655am - "The yellow bread is superior to the others." I believe that this understanding does not extend to snow.

Bill Tozer

Word of the day: Alchemist

‘Joe Biden, Alchemist?’ By VDH

He is a delusional medievalist who does his best to turn golden policies into dross.


Bill Tozer

Levi's brand president Jennifer Sey gets FIRED for speaking out against COVID measures for kids: Refused $1m to 'stay quiet' after relocating from California to Denver so her children could have 'a normal childhood'

Sey, 52, started working for Levi's after competing for Team USA as a gymnast in 1986 at the Goodwill Games in Russia
She worked her way up to become Brand President and was on track to become the next CEO
On Monday, she revealed in Bari Weiss' Common Sense Substack channel that she has been fired
When the pandemic hit, she was quick to speak out against school closures and lockdowns on kids
She moved her four kids from San Francisco to Denver so her youngest could go to kindergarten
Sey appeared on FOX to talk about the harm lockdown had on kids - and it enraged Levi's staff
She was told to stop making public comments about the lockdowns and was branded 'racist'
Last month, she says company CEO Charles V. Bergh it was 'untenable' for her to stay
She says she was offered a $1million payout but had to stay quiet about what had happened - which she refused to do


The mother is more concerned about her children than the Woke will ever be in a zillion lifetimes.

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