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28 February 2022


George Rebane

scenes 104pm - "... promising to not do things is a sketchy business." Nevertheless, one that can readily be mastered by Zelensky after paying for a few billable consultation hours with the Ayatollah Khamenei. (Since Zelensky is a Jew, they can do it via Zoom.)


re: The MiG gift that keeps on giving that probably won't.

from Zerohedge...

"US "Surprised", Wasn't Pre-Consulted On Poland's Announcement Of Jets For Ukraine

Update(17:24ET): This level of huge contradiction among allies on such a big development is just a bit awkward and even embarrassing. The Biden administration is saying it was caught completely by "surprise" at Poland's declaration hours ago that it would send all its Russian-produced MiG-29 jets to Ramstein Air Base in Germany for the United States to be able to transfer them to Ukraine."


What a dog's dinner that all is. The public is spoiling to fight using Ukrainian proxies, there's these planes (a hard thing to transfer, it's not like youjump in them and go), and absolutely no one wants their fingerprints on the deed. The US wants the Poles to hand them over, the Poles want to give them to the US who then gets to hand them over. Grand Fenwick will probably have to step up to the plate and ship them in a knocked-down fashion via the royal steam locomotive.

Don Bessee

Its worse than 0's and way worse than anyone had thought -





"Its happening -

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland is ready to deploy all its MIG-29 jets to Rammstein Air Base in Germany and put them at the disposal of the United States, and urges other NATO members that own planes of that type to do the same, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday"

Its not happening -

Pentagon rejects Polish plan to give fighter jets to U.S. to supply Ukraine

Now, maybe they could sell them to Blackwater/Academi paid for with Bitcoins from a CIA front corporation and fly them from a secret base in Libya. You still might get WWIII, but the backstory would be more interesting.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 22 Mar 11:13 a

BillT 926pm - “Mr Tozer, coffee would indeed serve, and has done so in the past. My only problem with coffee is what you pointed out - it takes up a lot of storage volume, or better said, it has a low value to storage volume ratio. And it has a short shelf-life unless stored in cans. Nevertheless, it's good to know where I can go to trade ammo for some hard to get coffee.”

Coffee comes in vacuum sealed cans, Dr. Rebane. You aren’t one of those softies that buys coffee in a bag, are you? Fufu coffee ain’t real coffee. Coffee in a bag, lol. Good one.

Barista: Cream in your coffee sir?
Biker Bill: Not lately.

George Rebane

BillT 1119am - My bride has been in charge of meals and beverages (save for those containing ethanol) for 60 years now, and she's renown for her skills in that department. We have always drunk freshly ground coffee until those K-cups came along. The last time I drank coffee from a can was on active duty, and in those days I drank it black and hot. However, the years and a more generous financial profile have degraded those manly ways. Now we are of the effete who even put in some half&half with our morning Joe, and to let down what little hair remains, during the day we drink green tea. Truth be told, I've even upgraded my bourbon from the Jim Beam of Army days that served as the evening's anti-freeze on those snowy freezing nights at Ft Sill, OK. Nevertheless Mr Tozer, I do admire a man of grit and grist - long may you wave.

Bill Tozer

I knew it. I knew you would blame your lovely bride. Yes, things change over time. No more flopping on someone’s floor or setting up the pup tent. My idea now of a vacation is looking at a beautiful snow covered mountain or a glacier fed wild river from the window of a motel room. :).

Those bones prefer comfort. I don’t begrudge you some simple comforts in your slippers, but the topic was when it all comes crashing down, Road Warrior style, you will take any canned coffee you can get your mitts on in exchange for a couple shot gun shells.

The barter system.. Just like our forefathers. Back to nature, but with comfort and style. Drink up until that cow becomes a udder disgrace.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 April 2022 at 11:19 AM

Coffee comes in vacuum sealed cans, Dr. Rebane. You aren’t one of those softies that buys coffee in a bag, are you? Fufu coffee ain’t real coffee. Coffee in a bag, lol. Good one.

I’m one of those softies William. Copper Moon Hazelnut blend! At a 1: 5 ratio with the McDonalds ground from WalMart….or if I’m feeling particularly flush the Dunkin Donuts brand in the ostentatiously orange container.

Bill Tozer


Confession is good for the soul. I had an ex-neighbor who did the Yuba City Wal-Mart run for that McDonald’s ground on a frequent basis. Still does. Odd, anyone who comes over here politely refuses my offer of a kinda fresh cup of mud. What’s up with dat? Ok, on occasion I will kick down and pay more for less. Don Francisco’s in the can. But, only once in a while. Don’t need to live a stark existence, so yeah, I will spoil myself on infrequent occasions. One of those decadent pleasures in life, I reckon.

George Rebane

For the record, I never claimed that, come the revolution, I would maintain my patiently refined tastes. Canned coffee traded for a few rounds will be just fine.

Bill Tozer

Price just went up. 3 shotgun shells. Humans are adaptable.

Bill Tozer

How many trees were murdered for your coffee in a paper sack?

Timber, Nevada County’s only renewable resource. Organic to boot.

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