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07 March 2022


George Rebane

Administrivia - This morning I found a bunch of readers' comments in TypePad's spam folder and published them. Apologies. TypePad has not revealed that there is any rhyme or reason behind its yanking of perfectly legitimate comments.


re: "Administrivia"

The funny thing is that I've found a sure-fire way to go to the TypePad trash compactor is to include links from a handful of what appear to be reasonably independent reportings on the war going on. I guess I need to post CNN news on Russian evil deeds.

(which reminds me, I ran into a series of pictures showing (a)a selfie of some self-congratulatory guy in Ukraine in a school gym in his uniform standing in formation with a bunch of other guys in uniform and (b) what appeared to be that same gym once the accurate munition made it's way there. Pro tip: Don't do that, no matter how good you feel about yourself. Social media kills.).

"participatory, ecological and post-colonial socialism,"

I can't say that's a phrase that'll get young men to rush a strongpoint. Maybe if you add torchlight parades, blood oaths, and soldier songs to Piketty's ideas you might have something.

It's a bummer that modern Wokeists have cobbled together creeds that make for poor self-defense (or offense for that matter). I expect they have two possible end games in that big version of Darwinism that cultures compete in. The first is to disappear without trace, the second is to build an expansionary war-fighting apparatus run completely through pressing buttons.

Paul Emery


Do you have any links to sources that support your "Pentagon teaches socialism" contentions?

Don Bessee

Hey lets have a big one handed clap for the comic stylings @408! As if he actually reads the links. LOL


Scott O

re Paul 4:08 - Hey, Paul! Do you have any links that back up your contentions over the last few years?
No, I didn't think so.

Paul Emery


I include inks forp ractially all my posts. I got one coming u showing Bidens increases in the polls and Trumps numbers at the same date in his presidency

Don Bessee

Step away from the bar - inks forp ractially all


Paul Emery


I followed Georges so called "link" and it was Newmax, hardly a credible news source.

inks forp ractially

@ 0 Drunk Thirty

hardly a credible news source, unlike the Guardian and Raw Sewage.which are.

Scott O

"I got one coming u showing Bidens increases in the polls"
Yeah 5 dollar gas is waaaay popular. All the kids are cheering!
And continuing to fund Putin while he shells civilians?
Man - you Dems are the bees' knees.
Say - hows that death toll from covid during the reign of Biden vs Trump?


re: Paul Emery@5:49PM

You can just cut to the chase.


The Problem with a 'Woke' Military (originally from National Review)

The Woke Takeover of the U.S. Military Endangers Us All

Why do all of this? I admit, it bears a passing resemblance to:


"Political control of the military forces challenges all states, democratic, authoritarian, or totalitarian, to balance the need for an effective military against allowing the military to grow into a threat to the internal political order. "

This whole situation doesn't strike me as a way to improve the military, but as a way to control it.

Scott O

OK, I'll get back to the topic. From Pick-a-my-nose
"Western countries may find it extremely difficult to meet the Chinese challenge."
This is a true statement.
And just what is the "Chinese challenge"?
To start with - Overt racism, hyper nationality, totalitarian governance, complete lack of civil liberties, massive govt corruption, foreign policy centered on imperialism, a massive surveillance infrastructure, a passive govt controlled news media, govt supported piracy of foreign technology...
Yes - it is difficult to meet that challenge.

Barry Pruett

Paul. I think that you would have an argument with more force if you focus on the contents rather than the author. Quick dismissal of information is actually a sign of a weak argument.

Ho Hum Sam OL whatever

Who wore it better? Joe Biden or Inks forp ractially?

Paul Emery

Here's some verified contet Barry:

Biden up nearly 5 points since late January. He is now down 10,1. On Jan 24 he was down 14.4. That's a 9 point gain in 6 weeks.

Trump on the other hand was down 14.9 on March 7 2018, same day in his Presidential term as Biden.



Bill Tozer

take it to the Sandbox Paul Emery.

Paul Emery

Sure Bill that's the proper place for it.

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