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13 March 2022


George Rebane

Question from last Sandbox re Twitter, Facebook, etc conversations and public opinion polls. Does anyone have any data/links to evidence of how closely such social media conversations correlate with polling results. In short, can a casual perusal of such online conversations/comments be used to usefully assess overall public opinions and mood? Or are the politically opinionated inhabitants of social media a select group that does not reflect the more pervasive national sense about issues?


re: GeorgeR@9:57

I'll look around.

In a sense, that shows the weakness of a poll.

An activist, especially in an era when an activist can multiply their influence via the internet, is simply worth more than an individual in getting their own way. One man one vote doesn't really apply.

Now, if you had full access to internal Facebook/Twitter/TikTok/Instagram data, a person could build some incredible predictive models. You know damned well they have.

FWIW, if you feel like data mining beaucoup text messages, there are databases of 4chan /pol out there. The posters are anonymous, but you could (for instance) map it all against current events.

Bill Tozer

The press has set the bar so low for Joe Biden that when he makes a public appearance, it is considered a triumph if he manages to stay upright. No one expects anything he says to be coherent, and blatant disregard of the facts is overlooked. But it isn’t only Slow Joe: the Democrats’ policies have run head-on into reality, and none of their leaders can comment publicly without telling whoppers.


I believe my bullshit detector is getting better and better.


I had three disparate thoughts merge together this fine morning.

The first was my wonderment of living in a country where Sam Brinton and Scat Diaper Furries (see 'RainFurrest 2015') are embraced as life styles.

The second was the Russians attempt at a coup de main in Kyiv/Kiev via VDV.

The third was DrudgeReport's breathless headline of the US sending 'more troops' to Europe. The troops? "130 soldiers from the 87th Division Sustainment Support Battalion, 3rd Division Sustainment Brigade".

Which made me think about tooth to tail ratios.

Obviously the tail has increased, but in addition modern populations have a smaller martial group to draw from, especially if you pour the hate on southern/rural white males. Furries make poor soldiers.

Anyhow, the point. It seems to me that the both the tooth and the tail have spread further apart. More HR experts in the US Army, more technicians generally. OTOH, more special forces, especially as it's an area where you can discriminate. The middle hollows out, especially in a conscript army (ie. Russia). Button pushing can only get you so far.

This changes the game.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 9:57 am
“Or are the politically opinionated inhabitants of social media a select group that does not reflect the more pervasive national sense about issues?”

During the early Trump years, I read an article that stopped me in my tracks. In a buried sentence of the article it said only 9% of the populace use Twitter. Only 9%? And here I thought that everyone was Twitter except me, or at least half of the folks on social media. 9% and that nine percent must be only the most most political active and vocal along with the stars of movies and music.

Have no idea what the percentage of Twitter users are not, but it showed me at the time how small yet powerfully influential the little squeaky well is. Garners all whole lot of attention.

It’s a question I have been asking myself. How reflective are my news feeds of the mood or the nation or overall opinion of the public. As Pilate said to Jesus, “What is truth?”

If I follow social media broadly in general (not no more), I would be left with the strong feeling that I am but a small minority with a POV way out of the flow or anywhere near mainstream. I must be a wingnut.

However, following polling on issues, it is they, not moi, who are on the fringe. Way out in
left field to use an intended pun. Border? Americans want it secure. Parental say in school? Tougher on crime? The economy? Inflation? Individual responsibility? Wokeness? Race relations. Merit? Pick any major issue, and I am not some one-off extremist but sit in the majority like a common penny in the penny jar. Darn, there goes my terminal uniqueness.

Off thread, but most shocking pool I have read in months is the recent WSJ one that says Blacks favor R’s by 27%. That number should be half that on a good year And, oh my, look at the Hispanics. Should be 30% to a third. Jaw dropping.

Poll: Republicans Beat Democrats among Hispanics, at 27 Percent among Black Voters


We are not alone. That what’s my BS detector has been saying. Letting my mind drift back to high school is a teacher’s voice saying we never can see ourselves as others see us.

Bill Tozer

Correction per usual. 9% of social media users use Twitter, not 9% of the populace…and then long came one man and his Twitter machine.


Thought of the hour.

I ran into this.


My first thought was, 'cell phones'.

Of course, in Mother Russia, cell phone is no bueno.

So... https://englishrussia.com/2018/04/26/what-russian-army-does-with-soldiers-mobile-phones-photos/

I'll bet there's a big ol' department somewhere in St. Petersburg that scours the web for cell phone information for targeting informat, this is in addition to all the trickery involved in spoofing/monitoring cell phone networks.

It's bound to be a problem with a somewhat hastily thrown together army.


HEY……Punchy felt it move….!

GOP congressman calls Trump 'a would-be tyrant'

Better’n the Viagra I tells you!


Bill Tozer

Now fish.

Punchy is like watching an informercial. First, the miraculous narrative, followed by testimonials from Betty in Pittsburg, Rob in Arizona, and Sue Ann in New Jersey to back it up. Punchy lives for that stuff. “Even the Republicans are sick of your boy, Trumpft. Here is Tom Rice an GOP respected congressman who calls Trump and I quote 'a would-be tyrant'” Trump is such a loser.

Hmmm. Let’s see what Tom in South Carolina has to say about Trump. Narrative proven. PE really does stand for Professional Entertainer, does he not? Shamwow.

Bill Tozer

No links provided.

Yesterday, I went to get gas for the chainsaw. While there, the clerk was on a break and I joked with her that the station should have a big sign in front that says, FINANCING AVAILABLE for those needing a fill up. She told me that there was a guy with a trailer that had just pulled out who filled his truck and two tractors with #2 Red Diesel and it came to $740 dollars and 86 cents. $740 dollars! She had never seen such a thing. $740 just for the man to get to work.

The guy behind me had a small old Toyota sized truck and he stopped the pump at 80 bucks. Seemed inappropriate at the moment for me to complain about the cost of buying two gallons for gas can. Over nine bucks!!!!!!!

They can spin anyway they want, but cannot hide for a second the cost at the pump or a bag of groceries. Darn, even cheapo frozen hamburger is expensive.

Putting myself in the average family’s shoes in these parts, a local family husband or wife has to make the choice. You got 60 bucks for groceries and you need gas. Put 30 in the tank and 30 goes for groceries and after you are done with the errand, you still need both of each.

Let them spin away about 9,000 oil leases and more government spending will fix inflation. The dreaded Dredges of Society, as blind as we are do not need a new pair of glasses, thank you very much.

Don Bessee

They have always been a tool of the ussr/russia -




Posted by: Bill Tozer | 13 March 2022 at 02:23 PM

Yeah Bill…..if you had told me a couple of years ago that I’d be able to shoehorn $60 worth of unleaded into a Corolla I would have told you to smoke less Emery 🥬 Cabbage!


re: BillT@2:23PM

No problemo on the gas prices. Just block Russian imports. (3.5% of US imported oil according to Forbes).

You get plausible deniability that the increase in price is purely due to the embargo.

In the meantime, the Russians sell a mostly fungible good to someone else at $110/bbl.


Don Bessee

The global warmingnistas are really that crazy -



Scott O

re Don Bessee 5:31 - But they are correct. It really would play merry hell with the endangered species.
Plus -
Women and people of color would be hardest hit.
Putin had better watch out for Greta - she'll scowl at him and give him such a scolding!
On the other hand - Putin has been building up a lot of green credits with tree planting in the Tiaga.
There is that.

Bill Tozer

liar, liar, liar. And again I say liar. Lies worse than the typical Leftist and that don't leave much wiggle room.


Bull Tozer

Its not a double standard. Its a hierarchy. Got it?


Don Bessee

Late to the self-awareness game are the dem luddites -

Democrat midterm campaign chief Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) over the weekend in Philadelphia said his party is the “problem” as to why they are having trouble relating to the voters.

At the House Democrats’ retreat, Maloney, head of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), said that as much as everyone says, “The problem is not the voters… The problem is us.” He made the statement during a part of the conference weekend that was supposed to be designed to forge unity, Washington Post reported.

“They think that we’re divisive and too focused on cultural issues. They think that we’re preachy. They think that we act like we know better than parents when it comes to their kids in schools,” he added. Democrats appear to be noticing their chances of holding the majority through the midterms are not great.

This comes as the Democrats are having trouble with messaging on a national level for the last year, if not longer. Breitbart News has chronicled issues within the Democrat Party, including midterm strategies, defunding the police, infrastructure, Cuba, and even wanting change within the White House. Maloney, himself, has even had problems with messaging on rising gas prices, fundraising concerns, and has even attacked his party’s vulnerable members. At the same time, the DCCC included factual inaccuracies in their Kyle Rittenhouse reaction statement.

Most vulnerable Democrats have seemingly tried to distance themselves from the Biden. Many of them did not even attend the retreat that was meant to help them, which sends “the message that they trust their own instincts over those of national party operatives and Maloney,” the Post noted.

As this was happening, former New York Democrat Rep. Max Rose, who is running in an attempt to win his old seat back, trashed the program he is a part of from the DCCC that is meant to help him do better in elections, as Breitbart News reported last week.

“Now, when it comes to national Democrats, they’re not going to win this race either. They can only lose it,” Rose said. “Time and again, they come into this race with their high-powered consultants and absolutely no knowledge of what’s going on.”



Bill Tozer

Short and simple:



Bill Tozer

These stories are becoming a dime a dozen. Almost boring in their repetitiveness.

‘Students At Catholic Girls School Protest N-Word Graffiti. The Girl Who Wrote It Is Black: Report’


Once again, the demand for racists is greater than the supply, thus we have hate hoax inflation.

Bill Tozer



Scott O

How does Babylon Bee stay in business? Reality beats them to the punch everyday.
If you see that big 'ol mushroom cloud, don't forget what's really important.
"Continue to practice social distancing by wearing a mask and by keeping a distance of at least six feet between yourself and people who not part of your household."
I'm surprised there's nothing about Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity.
They figure probably there'll be enough DIE-ing as it is.


This is just perfect.

" A March 4 memorandum from City Administrator Carmen Chu reveals that San Francisco will not enter into contracts with businesses headquartered in most of the United States — 28 states in all. Official travel to those states is also forbidden. And this list includes some surprises: Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wisconsin."


Don Bessee

@730 Are those the states that had their homeless move to shit hole sf?


Scott O

re scenes 7:30 - But I'll bet SF will still do business with China!


" But I'll bet SF will still do business with China!"

Naturally. Proper virtual signalling implies little cost to yourself and there's too much money to be made in China, plus there's probably a pretty big voting constituency there that has shared loyalties between China and the People's Republic of San Francisco.

That's why I figure the move to embargo Russia was met with such hosannas, as opposed to a full-court press on diplomacy (besides the substitution of James Baker with K. Harris). It's viewed as low cost - high effect when the opposite may be true.

Bill Tozer

A quick look at Sunday morning.

‘Inflation rises to 10% in producer index, highest on record’

‘Amazon relocating employees from Seattle office after violent crime surge’



‘Look at the chart on gas prices just since February (...) it is a shocking increase that, you know, doesn’t correspond’

Commies in Love: NYT Under Fire After More Evidence Emerges of Ties to China


Bill Tozer

‘Biden's inflation blame game: President insists his policies not behind high prices’
With inflation soaring and Americans hurting, Democrats point finger at COVID, Putin, company greed — but not government spending, which experts say is the main cause.


Bill Tozer

Aha! I can attest to this. Have a long time acquaintance that just renewed ‘their’ RE license. Hundreds of pages to read. Five year review or something. ‘They’ are no longer allowed to say, “Great View” because it might offend the blind. Or close to walking trails because some folks have no legs. True dat.



Bill Tozer


“For example, President Biden’s home state of Delaware is spending $40 million of “emergency COVID-19 funding” to build libraries, New Jersey is spending $15 million on a sports complex, and Syracuse, New York, is pushing $2 million to plant trees. The city of Philadelphia has proposed spending $18 million to literally hand out free money via a universal basic income pilot program.

It gets worse. Stimulus checks as large as $1,400 were sent to Japanese citizens living in Japan. Checks went to convicted prisoners, including the Boston Marathon bomber. Michigan is spending $400 million to upgrade state parks and trails, a city in Connecticut is spending almost $1 million to build 40 luxury apartments, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is spending nearly $17 million to build a golf course with a two-story clubhouse and driving range.

Most bizarrely, nearly $2 billion was sent to county governments that do not even exist.

That is just a sample of what we have discovered at the House Budget Committee, and surely, the list goes on.“


Bill Tozer

Typical Democrat attacking a Republican. You go, girl! Speak truth to power.

‘Gabbard calls on Romney to ‘resign’ or provide evidence for his ’treasonous’ claim about her’
Gabbard says on social media "there are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine, which if breached would release & spread deadly pathogens to US/world"


Bill Tozer

It May Not Be Possible to Achieve Racial Equity in American Scientific Research


George Rebane

BillT 1120am - Re this, see my latest 'Dems are evil' diatribe. And the word 'may' in your 1201pm is erroneously hopeful. It will not be possible to achieve racial equity in America's scientific research.

Don Bessee

Spot on with this one -



Bill Tozer

Veep Thoughts with Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Quotes As Motivational Posters, Because The Time To Be Inspired Is Every Day


Bill Tozer

Tough Luck, Ladies: USA TODAY Names Trans HHS Sec. ‘Woman of The Year’


Don Bessee

That aint no lady @707.


Bill Tozer

On a slow news day, there is some truth in Noah’s slam on Trump.


Bill Tozer

Nothing we here did not already know, but maybe it is news to the Left…not.

Biden Administration Handicapped Domestic Energy Production on First Day in Office, Memos Reveal


George Rebane

re BillT 946am - In the Big Lies department, here's another example that supports the thesis that Democrats overwhelmingly tell more significant and impactive lies, more frequently, to the American people than do Repubs. Today the repetition of the Dems' Big Lie about their not stifling US energy production is repeated daily, and believing it hits every American in the pocket book and misinforms them about how they should vote to improve their lives. This lie is repeated countless times daily by Teams Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer.

Bill Tozer

Well, at least they are consistent. Too much temptation I reckon. There is a reason for checks and balances. Those who write the checks cannot (should not) have access to the funds.

BLM activist named 'Bostonian of the year' whose nonprofit raised $1M is charged with squandering much of it on rent arrears, $1,200 hotel stay and meals at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and Shake Shack after being arrested at her $450,000 home
Monica Cannon-Grant, 41, and her husband Clark Grant, 38, of Taunton, allegedly used Violence in Boston Inc. funds to pay for personal expenses
Those included outings at Shake Shack, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and other restaurants, while they also booked a vacation to Maryland, it is claimed

They also allegedly fraudulently applied for federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, while having other sources of income and lied about their mortgage
Both were charged in an 18-count indictment with wire fraud, conspiracy, and making false statements to a mortgage lending business
On Tuesday, Cannon-Grant appeared in a Boston federal court for her indictment
Both have made more than $100,000 in pandemic-related unemployment benefits, while Cannon-Grant also made $33,426 in 'diversity' consulting fees
Cannon-Grant's activism has previously earned her numerous accolades, such as Boston Globe Magazine's Bostonian of the Year award in 2020


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 10:01

President Biden does not Tweet. He does not need to when he uses TikTok to spread the propaganda….er….bold faced lies. Move over Donald, it’s now all Putin’s fault.

‘Biden’s TikTok Propaganda Puppets Will Be Rewarded For Their Gullibility’
The corrupt corporate media already amplify Biden’s lies without hesitation and now these TikTokers are doing the exact same thing.

“Gas prices are up, inflation is climbing, and Americans are frustrated, but after a brief about the Russia-Ukraine conflict with the White House this week, TikTok stars are using the pro-political censorship platform to echo President Joe Biden’s claims that every crisis in the U.S. is Vladimir Putin’s fault”


From Jen Psaki’s lips to the underdeveloped frontal lobes’ ears.

Bill Tozer

The spawn of Satan:

Majority of San Francisco Voters Back Recall of Progressive DA Chesa Boudin


Bill Tozer

‘Saudi Arabia, UAE Welcome UK Prime Minister For Oil Talks After Reportedly Shunning Biden’


What would Trump do differently?

Don Bessee

BT@649 Trump wouldn't have had to anything different because under Trump we were the alpa energy producer and could satisfy ourselves and support the EU too. That was the goal of blocking the ns 2 gas pipe.

Now look where we and the EU are. Creepy grampa joe alienating friends and begging dictators for crumbs while crushing high paying American jobs. UGH!


show me kid

Now, the Democrats had introduced their own bill to help Californians deal with the skyrocketing fuel prices. Newsom actually wanted to suspend the gas tax for at least a while, but nooooooo....

A bill has been introduced which would give every Californian a one time $400 to help pay for fuel. And when I say every Californian, it includes those who do not drive car. Let's see, at $6 a gallon that's less than 70 gallons of fuel. I'm sure that will help folks who are living in say, Tracy, and commuting to the Bay Area. Should be about a weeks worth of driving for those folks.

As far as those who don't drive a car, another free handout to buy votes.

Don Bessee

It seems the russian casualty reports from Ukraine are accurate based on vlad stripping troops from the east based on multiple reports like this unusual activity as well as recruiting syrians to be cannon fodder with little training -

A Japanese Self Defense Force maritime patrol first detected the Russian vessels, which can carry dozens of tanks other military vehicles and hundreds of troops, on Tuesday and monitored them as they passed West from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Japan through the narrow Tsuruga Strait separating Japan's main Honshu island from Hokkaido island on Wednesday.

It is unusual for Russian ships to pass through the strait so close to Japanese territory, the military spokesman said.



Don Bessee

The Ukrainian special forces and electronic warfare are becoming a scourge to senior russian officers. GOOD ON UKRAINE =

Gen Mityaev was killed near Mariupol, Ukrainian media said.

He is the fourth general reportedly killed, leading some to ask why such senior members of the Russian military are so close to the front line.

Analysts believe that around 20 generals are leading Russian operations in Ukraine, meaning that if all the reported deaths are confirmed, one fifth of Russia's generals have been killed in action.

With such high losses, some experts believe that the generals have not simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that Ukraine is likely to be targeting top-level Russian officers.

"I don't think this is an accident. One is an accident, but this many is targeted", Rita Konaev of Georgetown University told the BBC.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, a person within President Zelensky's inner circle said Ukraine had a military intelligence team dedicated to targeting Russia's officer class.

"They look for high profile generals, pilots, artillery commanders," the person told the newspaper.

With Ukraine's military outnumbered, its targeting of high-level individuals could be an important part of the information war, according to Ms Konaev.

"Assuming there is an element of targeting, this feeds Ukraine's own morale. There is the element of being victorious. It is inspiring."



Bill Tozer

‘Florida Company Shows California How to Build a Railroad With Its Brightline Rail System’
A private company in Florida already has a new intercity passenger railroad up and running for a fraction of the cost of California's ambitious high-speed rail.

The Left is obsessed with grooming children.

‘Disney employees busted in child trafficking sting just days after corporation opposed anti-grooming law’
The Sheriff of Polk County held a press conference on Wednesday talking about the culmination of a massive sting operation which lead to 108 arrests being made, including employees of FunSpot and Disney.


Bill Tozer

Surprise: Oregon Officials Push CRT-Style Racialism...For Kindergarteners



Paul, Paul Emery, or simply Emery.......but you'll always be Punch to me!

Bill Tozer

Hat so sew is what you reap. NTY sews fear, they reap fear. Nuff said.

‘Paranoid New York Times Warns Employees About Talking to Strangers’


Bill Tozer

‘Nets Ignore New Report Cuomo Covered Up COVID Deaths by 50 Percent’

Andrea Mitchell Hopes War In Ukraine ‘At Least Is Helping the Democrats’


George Rebane

re BillT 1049am - I do believe Andrea Mitchell is right. The Ukraine war is exactly what the Dems and Biden need to divert Americans from concentrating on the mis-management of our country. Now if they can only keep things going sideways until November ...

Paul Emery

So George you are saying Biden is taking advantage of the Ukraine situation for his own benefit. Well at least he's not calling Putin a genius.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 11:05 am

Spot on. Man, do the Dems ever need a war right now. It’s a godsend from heaven.

This, the could not keep the lid in the Covid manages a week loner , as evidenced by the local schools here and across the land and the CDC doing a 180, then braking had on a dime and giving us back 9 cents change. The science did not change, lol There were more people cured of COVID than the vaccinations simply because the polls looked like a disaster for the Dems in an election year.

Still, once the Dems got the very unpopular mandates off the table filled with their new policies, come to find out the folks are still upset over 2 million foreign nationals flooding across the Southern border, skyrocketing crime rates, the cost of fertilizer for our food (agriculture farming) has gone from $250 to almost $900, crime and safety in general, and CRT has not gone anywhere. I probably forgot a bunch of items to add to the list that makes people believe that Biden and his policies are in the wrong track and Dem ideas suck big time and their solutions are not only worse that problems, everything the Dems and Biden touches turn to CACA.

A war right now is what Biden and Co needs more than anything. First, it’s a fantastic detraction. Second, folks (except Democrats) usually rally around the flag during war and ease off some criticism on foreign affairs….which is the only possible thing that could help Biden out of this horrible slump he put us in.

The leadership vacuum that Biden has put us in due directly to his own decisions has made the Allies try to fill the void and not trust America or her word after leaving our Allie’s butt naked with their asses flapping in the wind in Afghanistan.
On the home front, the American people also sense this leadership vacuum, which causes unease. The economy? Inflation? Can’t get parts? Kids killed my stray bullets? Dems pushing with all the for grooming children into their sexual perversions? No prob. A war will cover a multitude of sins.


Beware the Ides of March…..politically of course.

UPDATE: On his Facebook page, Michael Walsh writes, “It’s important for you civilians to know how to read the secret messages encoded in Pravda’s ‘news’ stories. Its admission that — surprise!! — the Hunter Biden laptop stories were all, of course, true is a signal to Dems that the Big Guy is now expendable.”

Oh Grampy…..we hardly knew ye!

Bill Tozer

Total edit…redo all typos….for once

Dr. Rebane @ 11:05 am

Spot on. Man, do the Dems ever need a war right now. It’s a godsend from heaven.

They could not keep the lid in the Covid mandates one week longer, as evidenced by the local schools here and across the land with the CDC braking hard on a dime and giving us back 9 cents change. The science did not change, lol There were more people cured of COVID than the vaccinations simply because the polls looked like a disaster for the Dems in an election year. Bye, bye World Wide Pandenic.

Still, once the Dems got the very unpopular mandates off the table loaded with their other policies, come to find out the folks are still upset over 2 million foreign nationals flooding across the Southern border, skyrocketing crime rates, the cost of fertilizer for our food (agriculture farming) has gone from $250 to almost $900, crime and safety in general, public education going down the crapper, and CRT has not gone anywhere. I probably forgot a bunch of items to add to the list that makes people believe that Biden and his policies are on the wrong track. Dem ideas suck big time and their solutions are not only worse that problems, everything the Dems and Biden touches turn to CACA.

A war right now is what Biden and Co needs more than anything. First, it’s a fantastic detraction. Second, folks (except Democrats) usually rally around the flag during war and ease off some criticism on foreign affairs….which is the only possible thing that could help Biden out of this horrible slump he put us in. Took the other way, folks.

The leadership vacuum that Biden has put us in is due directly to Biden’s own decisions. Those bonehead decisions has made our Allies try to fill the void themselves and not trust America or her word after leaving our faithful Allies butt naked with their asses flapping in the wind in Afghanistan.

On the home front, the American people also sense this leadership vacuum, which causes unease. We are a leaderless nation right now. Everybody, here and abroad can smell it. We hear that great sucking sound as well
The economy? Inflation? Can’t get parts to make stuff to sell? Kids killed by stray bullets in Dem run metropolis. Dems pushing with all they got for grooming children into their sicko sexual perversions? No prob. A war will cover a multitude of sins.


"The leadership vacuum that Biden has put us in due directly to his own decisions has made the Allies try to fill the void and not trust America or her word after leaving our Allie’s butt naked with their asses flapping in the wind in Afghanistan.
On the home front, the American people also sense this leadership vacuum, which causes unease. The economy? Inflation? Can’t get parts? Kids killed my stray bullets? Dems pushing with all the for grooming children into their sexual perversions? No prob. A war will cover a multitude of sins."

The thing is that there's never a leadership vacuum. If you lack a man without good instincts, good health, or a good mind, somebody else simply snatches hold of the wheel. I doubt you'd find a single prominent Democrat who is in favor of all of it, it's just that there are single-issue mafias pushing their way into the tent. The fact that one of them is child-grooming mentally-ill people is unfortunate I think but the real crime is that normal people put up with it.

I was thinking about whether these mafias are driven by self-interest or some kind of malphilosophy, no doubt both but to what extent? It isn't like the administration executive who buggers trussed-up men in dog suits shares the needs of a foreign policy apparatus that makes up the War Party. They all want to grab the mic of course.

And everyone thought it was bad when Tipper Gore wanted to put parental warning labels on record albums.

Hey, maybe a no-fly zone is a good idea. A do-over for Western Civilization might be just the answer.

Paul Emery


Biden fulfilled rumps promise to pull out of Afghanistan with minimal casualties. You don't mention in any way who was responsible for us being there and the thousands of lives lost that resulted from that decision.

Bill Tozer

The Western World's take on Kamala.



"You don't mention in any way who was responsible for us being there and the thousands of lives lost that resulted from that decision."

Well, that's easy.

There's an entire apparatus at the State Department, and to some extent the DoD, that plays Risk with the world. It's fun and exciting to blow up places, at least the ones that can't blow you up back.

Presidents either come from that world (The Bush family), become part of it via force or bribery (Obama), or are brought down by it (Trump). The result is usually the same, rather pointless blowing up of places.

The fact that the War Party has made common cause with race hustlers, various flavors of sexual hobbyists, and mass media/internet gives you a pretty unstoppable wave. Just reg'lar folks don't have much to say in the Brave New World.

Paul, you really might want to reconsider who you carry water for. If nothing else, it looks like their current aim is to write a check in Ukraine that their body can't cash.


re: moi@2:32PM

Speaking of the War Party.

(Tulsi G. on Ingraham)

What's wrong here? Gotta sign in. Marked as 'offensive' content.

An article on the situation mentioned:

"Gabbard has been under scrutiny since Mitt Romney ludicrously suggested the former United States Army Reserve officer was “treasonous” for wanting US biological research labs in Ukraine secured to prevent outbreaks of deadly pathogens.

MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance also accused Gabbard of being a “collaborator,” while The View’s Ana Navarro demanded she be investigated by the Justice Department for spreading “Russian propaganda.”"

Anne Morelli from 'Ten Commandments of War Propaganda':
10. Whoever casts doubt on our propaganda helps the enemy and is a traitor

Bill Tozer

Nets Ignore Biden SCOTUS Nominee's Record of Being Soft on Child Porn


Bill Tozer


“This is another instance of liberal “science.” One might think that the collective IQ of humanity is in steep decline.”

“With a civilization as badly in decline as our own, it is hard to pick a low point. But the “trans” fad certainly ranks as a contender.”



Bill Tozer

A wee bit of history. An opportunist’s life’s work.

The FBI’s Key Russia Spy Made Bizarre Resume Claims



Biden refers to Kamala Harris as ‘first lady’ in latest gaffe

Really....you’d expect any less from the ....GaffeMaster?


Bill Tozer

Sea change. 1/06 Hearings and PR

Try as the Dems mayand throwing everything including their kitchen sink at it, the Dems have been unable to tie the Republicans to 1/06 in the public’s mind. Public made up their minds saying you can’t hold Republicans responsible for 1/06. Fail. Public is not buying it.

Yes, a sea change.


"Sea change. 1/06 Hearings and PR"

I would guess that you are mostly just seeing the public's short attention span at work.

They also don't care about the dirty deeds done to Trump.

Any outrage has to be short and sweet, quickly followed by another, sent at high speed via the World Wide Wrath.

Bill Tozer

A Decline in Reading Skills Makes Geese for the Plucking


Bill Tozer

Will Joe Biden Oversee The Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar?


Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

‘WATCH: Biden Claims ‘I May Be Irish, But I’m Not Stupid’

I mar be Irish, but I am not stooped? My, Joe has a way with words. I have be Irish, but I ain’t a falling off the bar stool drunk. Oh my.

God created whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling anything. I may be that stoopid, but I am Irish.


Xho Bai Den taking a meeting with his boss....

Xi Tells Biden US "Misjudged" China's Intentions, Warns "Subversive" Impact If Taiwan Not Handled Properly

Punch Emery's Man of Integrity" played for a fool again!

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More on Sea Change….or, not now honey, I am too busy at the moment. Can it wait?

Democrats' Jan. 6 committee problem

“So now there is word they are searching for ways to add drama and pizzazz to the Jan. 6 committee's report. "The House January 6 committee has tried to recruit high-profile journalists to write its report about the attack on the Capitol, hoping to build a narrative thriller that compels audiences and is a departure from government reports of yore," reported the Washington Post.”


The Estonian Fox

Here is a no-benefit-for-ivermectin experiment. Not especially large (<1400) but looks like there is no benefit for 6 situations.

Ivermectin Didn’t Reduce Covid-19 Hospitalizations in Largest Trial to Date


"The research involved 1,348 adults in Brazil who tested positive for COVID-19 and were all at risk of developing a severe case. Half of the patients were prescribed a course of ivermectin pills for three days and the other half received a placebo. Dr. Mills and team looked at whether patients on ivermectin were less likely to require hospitalization, whether they cleared the virus faster, whether their symptoms resolved sooner, whether they were in the hospital or on ventilators for less time, and whether there was a difference in death rates between the cohorts.

Findings showed ivermectin didn't improve patient outcomes for any of these factors."

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Jen Psaki should be taken out and stoned. Unbelievable.

Psaki: “We don’t know” that COVID effects older people more than younger people.


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“The Hunter Biden story should serve as a reminder that no matter how much you despise the corporate press, it’s not near enough.” —Jesse Kelly

More Quotes:

We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.” —Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965)


“Zelensky is not wrong to call for a no fly zone. He’s trying to preserve his people. NATO is right to refuse. We can’t risk direct confrontation. But with the right weapons, we can square that circle. Give Ukraine the missiles it needs to deny Russia control of the skies.” —David French

“No-fly zones don’t work in a big-power, symmetrical standoff. In a cost-benefit analysis, they are not worth the risk of shooting down the planes of a nuclear power. They usually do little to stop planes outside of such zones shooting missiles into them. Sending long-range, high-altitude anti-aircraft batteries to Ukraine to deny Russian air superiority is a far better way of regaining air parity.” —Victor Davis Hanson

Re: Hunter Biden

“When the New York Post published information about the tawdry access-peddling business dealings of President Joe Biden’s son a month before the 2020 election, much of the major media refused to cover it. … Now on Thursday, the New York Times finally admits that the contents of the laptop were legitimate. … We can gripe about the past as much as we want, but the more important question is: Just what are the tech platforms and the major media colluding to lie about right now? What are our gatekeepers covering up today? If they used ‘disinformation’ as the excuse to hide a story that was ‘harmful’ to their politics in 2020, we should assume that their current cries to cut off ‘disinformation’ include efforts to protect the Left from other bad news items. You know they are lying to you about the bill in Florida to stop child grooming — to prevent misguided or creepy teachers from giving age-inappropriate sex education to young students. … You know they are lying to you about studies that purportedly show that forcing children to wear masks all day is important in fighting COVID-19. You know that they lie to you about election laws in places such as Texas and Georgia. But what else are they lying about that we won’t discover until much much later?” —Timothy P. Carney

“As recently as September 2021, the Times called the laptop ‘unsubstantiated’ in a news story. Why was it unsubstantiated? Because of willful ignorance and the Times’ curious lack of curiosity. Hunter’s business partner Tony Bobulinski came forward immediately after The Post’s reports and confirmed that the emails bearing his name were legitimate. The Bidens didn’t even deny it was true! They just deflected, with the media’s help, saying it was a dirty trick or not a story. … How did the Times ‘authenticate’ the laptop? It doesn’t say. Unlike The Post’s reporting, which detailed exactly how we got the files and where they came from, the Times does a hand wave to anonymous sources. No facts have changed since fall 2020. They knew the laptop was real from the start. They just didn’t want to say so.” —New York Post editorial board

“It’s fair to say that many media outlets did not exactly cover themselves in glory in the Hunter Biden laptop matter. But the real shame belongs to social media giants Twitter and Facebook, which actively suppressed the New York Post story. … Now, of course, it’s all one big Never Mind. Except no one can go back and undo the damage Twitter and Facebook did. And the power the two social media giants exercised only served to heighten their already-strong inclination for censorship and cancellation. In the end, the new New York Times story on Hunter Biden says a little about Hunter Biden and a lot about some deeply troubling trends in our media world.” —Byron York

“The Hunter Biden story should serve as a reminder that no matter how much you despise the corporate press, it’s not near enough.” —Jesse Kelly

For the Record

“[Biden is] asking teenagers to do his job for him. I mean, think about that for a second. This is the president of the United States. It’s bad enough that he’s going around begging dictators to give us oil because he won’t allow Americans to produce our own energy, but now he’s going to actual teenagers and begging them, on a Chinese-owned social media app, to do his job. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like this. You cannot make this stuff up. … Beijing has a backdoor into TikTok. All of the data that TikTok collects on you … the Beijing government, the Communist Chinese Party, can see it and use it. This isn’t an app that anybody ought to be promoting, let alone the president of the United States. So, it is incredibly irresponsible.” —Senator Josh Hawley

Grand Delusions

“We have to address the Putin … gas hike. … We’re doing everything we can to minimize the Putin price hike at home.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“President Biden has done a masterful job in managing this [Ukraine] situation.” —Nancy Pelosi

“The Build Back Better legislation … will be paid for. It will be non-inflationary. It will help reduce the national debt. … [It] goes a long way to save the planet for the children.” —Nancy Pelosi

Non Compos Mentis Award

“I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid.” —Joe Biden

And Last…

“President Biden’s economic response to the [Ukraine] invasion, and military response to the invasion, in my judgment, has been a wimp fest. … Unless you’re still living with your parents, you understand that you can’t put Putin on his knees without cutting off his cash flow. And you can’t cut off his cash flow without cutting off his oil and gas. … The woker darlings and the Democratic Party will not allow President Biden to adopt an all-of-the-above energy policy, which includes oil and gas, and the president just doesn’t seem to have the courage to stand up to him.” —Senator John Kennedy

“The Biden administration doesn’t mind fossil fuel production, after all. They just don’t want to buy American. The administration will buy oil from the Supreme Leader of Iran. It’ll buy oil from Maduro. If North Korea had oil, it’d probably try to buy that too.” —Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell

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The Democrats Are Building Themselves a Suicide Machine


Don Bessee

Reeducation camp would be more accurate -



Bill Tozer

It’s true. BLM wants to destroy the tradition family and the children as well.

BLM activist and convicted pedophile sentenced to 39 months in prison following 2020 attack at DC Trump rally



toes 815p

All Critical Theories seek to destroy the Traditional modes of thinking.

See "Traditional and Critical Theory" by Horkheimer.

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Reminder: These 50 Intelligence Officers Claimed, Without Evidence, That New York Post’s Hunter Biden Story Was Russian Disinformation

Spies Who Lied



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Biden's Graph of Bloomberg Data Used to Attack Oil and Gas Companies Debunked by...Bloomberg


Bill Tozer

Democrats Sue to Disqualify 3 GOP Congressmen From 2022 Ballot, Alleging Role in Insurrection, Election Manipulation



Thought of the Day.

Given that there's a full-court press to isolate Russia, and soon to follow, anyone who doesn't isolate Russia...well, this is the Right Time to cut copyright violators off at the knees.

The US will continue fleshing out it's own Great Firewall, the better to watch you with my dear, but in addition it's the perfect opportunity to make Sonny Bono's dream of perpetual IP come to pass.

(which made me think, can I get Gregory's Horkheimer book on libgen? nope appears to be down. it exists elsewhere though).

My own caveman theory on criticalracetheory and suchlike is that it's basically magic words, uttered by acolytes, with the intention of getting or keeping power. That sort of thing quickly becomes ritual, with the priests doing something behind closed doors in an unknown language. I'm not sure that there's ever any such thing as new and improved systems of mass behavior, just excuses for getting all the gold and good lookin' wimmen. It does keep political philosophers busy though.


.....sigh.....I remember when we used to be a moderately competent larger country.

Clip Of Biden Boasting He Proposed NATO's 78-Day Airstrikes On Belgrade Goes Viral In China

It's as if god sent the Punchy Brand™ Man of Integrity to remind us that Cornpop was a bad dude!

......or sumthin!


PS: Beobachter.....!


This may have been posted, but...well, I don't know what to say.



Just in case you wanted it any plainer, Adam Schiff speaks:


Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

No wonder the blocked the NY Post’s breaking and true story of Hunter’s abandoned laptop. Looked everywhere but the fix-it dude.

Now, the New York Post is doing it again. Mercy.

‘Biden blames Putin for high gas prices — but this timeline proves it’s the prez’s own fault’


Don Bessee

Every action will create a reaction -

"Feminism has become so muddied, much like the term Democrat has become so muddied. It's practically lost all meaning," Amy E. Sousa, one of the leaders of the group and a self-described "radical feminist," told Fox News

"I am a lifelong registered Democrat who ultimately feels politically homeless," Sousa added. "With the whole Biden election, I began to feel more and more disenfranchised from Democrats as a party, and I began to feel more and more that they did not represent my beliefs or my views."

She went on to say Biden’s executive order to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender identity was "a slap in the face" and "from that moment I really haven't known how to categorize myself politically."

Another member of Save Women’s Sports said, "I always voted as a liberal, from 18 to 39. I registered Republican in 2020 after two politicians told me they did not want my vote because of my stance on the rights for women and girls

"They wanted to put men in prisons and men on sports teams and in my daughter's school, so that's why I decided I cannot be a part of this party anymore — that doesn't even recognize my sex class," the woman continued.

Another woman said she believes many others will abandon the Democratic Party due to its positions on women’s issues.

"I know a lot of historically liberal people, especially parents, who have felt like they needed to walk away from the Democratic Party," she said. "I don't know who they're going to be voting for in the next elections. I think that we're going to have a lot of people walking away really."



Bill Tozer


Why do we call them trans-women if they are women? One would think if they were real women, they would drop the word ‘trans’ and just go with women…..or penised women. They call real women bleeders, birthing people, and TERFS, while they call pretend women as women?

Beam me up, Scottie.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer


Here are 3 reasons why Big Oil can't just drill more to ease the pain at the gas pump



re: BillT@5:30PM

Hey, it's a tough job to carry water for the DNC, but National Public Radio are just the folks for the job. I imagine they have a weekly meeting with the administration to work out the story lines for the week.

I will give you one big fear for the oil companies, large and long term capital investments weighed against short-term shock due to changes in administration. One party basically wants them to die and goes in and out of power.

I have a great solution though, you just watch.

55 mph.


Looks like the removal process is starting……

Psaki: We have no idea if Hunter Biden got a ton of money from China and Russia

“…….local PR firm Punch Emery & Associates said to be hurt most should the senile grifter and noted GaffeMaster eventually be shown the door.”



Apropos of nothing, better living through chemistry.

"An international security conference explored how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for drug discovery could be misused for de novo design of biochemical weapons. A thought experiment evolved into a computational proof."


Just more of the same path partly blazed by that school in Australia working on mouse pox. I keep wondering when the world-killer stuff gets cooked up in someone's garage. Naturally, anything communicable has a much better delivery mechanism.

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Stupid is as stupid does

Dems Considering Stimulus Checks, Raising Taxes On Gas Companies To Off-Set High Prices: Report


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