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13 March 2022


Bill Tozer

Nothing new to us here, but good to remember….less we forget. COVID


“But trying to eliminate Covid risk, and allowing the virus to distort daily life, has costs, too. . . The American focus on Covid’s dangers, by contrast, has caused disruption and isolation that feed educational losses, mental health troubles, drug overdoses, violent crime and vehicle crashes. These damages have fallen disproportionately on low-income, Black and Latino Americans, exacerbating inequality in ways that would seem to violate liberal values.”


Bill Tozer

A lovely lady once told me that you have to know where you are coming from to know where you are going. For those who may not remember…..

‘SpyGate 101: A Primer On The Russia Collusion Hoax’s Years-long Plot To Take Down Trump’

“For those who care about our country’s future but don’t want to be buried in the minutia of the Russia collusion hoax scandal, here is your big-picture primer.”

Now, where we are going.

‘Hemingway: Everything Media Claimed About Biden Family Business Was A Lie‘


Bill Tozer

Here comes the future judges

Woke Harvard students force CLOSURE of on-campus police station after moaning that cops' presence was 'a violent, visual intimidation tactic' and raging at officers who ate in student dining rooms


Bill Tozer

On Friday, Fox News media reporter Joseph Wulfsohn reported that since Wednesday evening, when the New York Times report admitting the Hunter Biden emails on his abandoned laptop were real, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN gave it "zero attention" Thursday or Friday. This is also true of the PBS NewsHour……….

“Around the same time in 2020, Stelter yelled at reporter Susan Ferrecchio in a BBC interview when she suggested CNN lacked ethics on their Russian collusion pushing. “How dare you! Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare act like newsrooms didn’t have ethics in 2017 and 2018,” Stelter interrupted.

PS: Liberal networks like MSNBC like to discuss Hunter Biden only as a fixation of crazy right-wingers, like he's a fictional character of some kind. On Tuesday's Deadline White House, MSNBC's Q-Anon tracker Ben Collins talked about the biolabs in Ukraine and dragged in the embarrassing Biden offspring:

I will say, this specific thread of this conspiracy theory, where there is this map of the biolabs and they said, you know, Anthony Fauci or Hunter Biden or somebody is involved in making these biological weapons, this is an American far-right idea, spawned from the anti-vax communities on the internet and Q-Anon communities.”


Bill Tozer

If I was a pedophile, I would whole heartily want to seperate children from their Momma Bear.



You know, I was thinking about this:

"Satire website The Babylon Bee had been suspended from Twitter, according to the CEO, Seth Dillon.

Dillon took to his personal Twitter account on Sunday evening to explain why the page had been suspended and his reaction to the news.

The page had been temporarily banned for a tweet mocking Dr. Rachel Levine, who identifies as transgender. Levine serves as an admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps."


...and it occurred to me that Grand Admiral Levine cuts such a ridiculous figure that no satire is needed. The Babylon Bee should simply display his picture now and again.

In the Land of the Mentally Ill, the one-eyed sane man isn't king, he runs for the hills.

Bill Tozer

Oh my God,” Keen said, “don’t be ridiculous. I’m not a vet, but I know what a dog is. … You rely on stupid arguments, because you don’t have an argument.”

WATCH: Feminist Tells Transgender Activist Who Identifies As ‘Mother’ Not To Use Women’s Spaces In Heated Confrontation


Bill Tozer

Six Liberal Governors Ask Lawmakers To Suspend Federal Gas Tax

And those six governors have not taken action to reduce the tax burden on their residents. “According to the Federation of Tax Administrators, Pennsylvania tacks on 57.6 cents per gallon — the highest state gas tax in the US. Wisconsin adds 30.9 cents per gallon to pump prices, Minnesota has a 28.5-cent-per-gallon tax, Michigan’s gas tax stands at 27.2 cents per gallon, Colorado adds 22 cents to every gallon, and New Mexico adds 17 cents,” the New York Post reported.


Bill Tozer

Journalists, or PR Agents?
Why science reporters don’t report fairly on the origins of Covid-19


Bill Tozer

montage. CNN sucks.


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and his team really think you are that stupid -

Biden says economic strategy working after inflation rises to 40-year high and oil prices skyrocket
The Federal Reserve says it will raise interest rates to combat inflation



Don Bessee

Its really starting to look like the more green/woke the dumber and they project it onto others -

FACT CHECK: Rep. Cindy Axne Asserts ‘No Logic’ Behind Claim Biden’s Green Policies Hurting Oil Production



Bill Tozer

‘Her Office Has A Higher Turnover Than Taco Bell’: Kamala Harris’ National Security Adviser Latest Staffer To Quit

On Monday, in the wake of Vice President Kamala Harris’ disastrous visit to Poland, it was reported that her National Security Adviser Nancy McEldowney, will become the latest staffer to leave Harris’ office.

According to Reuters, McEldowney, who advised not only Harris but also President Biden on foreign affairs including Afghanistan, Iran, and Ukraine, wrote in an internal memo that she was quitting in order to “focus on some pressing personal matters,” adding, “This was a difficult decision because I am so deeply committed to the work we do and the crucial national interest we serve. But after more than a year, this is the right decision for my family.


Advised Biden on Afghanistan, Iran, and Ukraine? Maybe not the best thing to have on one’s resume.

Bill Tozer

Charts and graphs


Don Bessee

Why do they even report what creepy grampa joe does its so predictable, well at least no corn pop -

President Joe Biden expressed Monday his desire to lead a “new world order” during a conversation with business leaders, noting the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine would help reset the status quo.

“My mother had an expression, ‘Out of everything terrible something good will come if you look hard enough for it,'” Biden recalled.



Bill Tozer

Oh my. The ‘go easy on child molesters’ SOTUS nominee has some convincing skeptics to do.

'A lot of hiding': Senators kept from seeing Sentencing Commission records on Supreme Court nominee


Loved the story yesterday that some guest on MSPMS or a similar venue literally blew her top in raw uncontrolled outrage that the Republicans want to look at her grades!!!! Her records! Such blatant disrespect for the esteemed and respected Judge on the circuit court of appeals because of racism and dismissing her identity and being….bad. Awful bad. How dare they ask to see the receipts! Lol.


I was just enjoying the uproar of Youngkin and the Superintendents.

It's a picture-perfect model of what liars MSM are. Simply google '133' and 'Youngkin'.

I've had two favorite parts of this, the not-really-a-retractions and the insane people in the various forums and twitter screaming about evil Gov. Youngkin.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Why do men stand with their feet pointing out from the heels and women stand with their feet together?


Don Bessee

Funny how those pesky facts get in the way of rewriting history to support a false narrative -

New York Times Magazine reporter and 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones declared Monday in a since-deleted tweet that "tipping is a legacy of slavery" and "almost nowhere else" in the world utilizes the practice.

"Tipping is a legacy of slavery and if it's not optional then it shouldn't be a tip but simply included in the bill. Have you ever stopped to think why we tip, like why tipping is a practice in the US and almost nowhere else?" the left-wing writer tweeted in response to former MSNBC host Touré Neblett criticizing the practice of tipping.

"America is a slaveocracy, part 1619," Neblett declared in response to Hannah-Jones' claim, a reference to the 1619 Project

Historian Phil Magness took a screenshot of the original tweet and posted, "Wait, what?" seemingly confused over Hannah-Jones' claim about slavery and tipping.

He argued tipping is widespread throughout the world and began long before slavery in the U.S., following up with a chart from Good Housekeeping that served as a guide for travelers on tipping practices around the world, including at restaurants and in taxis. The chart included countries from every continent.

Magness went on to cite the appearance of tipping in a scene from Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," published in 1602, as well as a 1730s travel guide to Europe.



Don Bessee

Another legal loss for creepy grampa joe and the citizen haters -




the pacific decadal oscillation

looks like cooling



Given that the DOJ is largely an enforcement arm of the Democratic Party, why on earth does anyone on the other side of the aisle have anything but excellent communications and data security practices? They need to think like a secret society.

"Project Veritas says feds secretly accessed its emails "


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