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23 March 2022


Bill Tozer

The coming bloodbath of the Democrats
Joe Biden's woke, green agenda will cost him dearly at the ballot box.



re: BillT@10:02AM

That makes me wonder what the real overlap is between administrations and mid-term Congressional elections in terms of shared interest.

If you are the President (well, the people in the Biden administration as they navigate 'Weekend at Bidens'), the important thing is to remain President, at all costs. Artificially juicing the economy, bombing furriners, swinging the captive MSM into action, has a four year cycle.

Bill Tozer

The new razor in town. They bought up ad space outside Harry's Razors.


Bill Tozer

Why, why, why?

‘Did The New York Times Admit Joe Biden Is Corrupt So Democrats Can Get Rid Of Him?’


Bill Tozer

Why do the Left always cover for child predators? Professional courtesy?


Scott O

To continue the topic BT linked to in the last SB:
"Stimulus checks for gas? Here's what could be coming your way."
Golly! The Dems have a clever way to fight the fires of inflation:
"Let's pour on the gasoline!"
Of course we could produce more petro and petro products....
Nah - that's for the A-rabs and Venezuela.
I mean - you wouldn't want our country to have all that petro loot and high paying jobs and more tax dollars, now would you?
The Dems hate America. What other conclusion can you draw?

George Rebane

BillT 322pm - Wow!


Just file this under "Constituent Services".

"Did the (corrupt?) FBI just deliver a midterm “miracle” to Dems by hiding crime rates? Looks that way."


PS: "We like Chinese food".....apparently by the bucketful.

Bill Tozer

Georgia parent reading sexual content from library at school board meeting is cut off: 'Inappropriate'
'Don’t you find the irony in that?' the concerned parent shot back at the school board member



I was reading the following headline (from the Washington Free Beacon)...

"Hundreds of Yale Law Students Disrupt Bipartisan Free Speech Event"

..and was thinking that we should have a contest to dig up the headline that best typifies Our Modern Age.

George Rebane

'Equity - All of one mind and message.'

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 9:36 am

The thing that is most disturbing about the disruption of the Free Speech event is that these are law students. Law students. The very ones who could be defending to the upmost of their abilities my right, your right, everyone’s to free speech.

The most disrupting article I read was a couple years back that some IVY League Law School was dropping a course on rape because the subject matter was too triggering, too traumatizing, too violent for the Law students. So, you are falsely accused of rape and can’t find a IVY League attorney to defend you or an IVY League prosecutor than cannot bring themselves up to the task of going after a rapist? How about homicide? Too traumatizing for the class? No much violence? Makes the cream puffs feel bad?


Not just a Punch Emery Brands "Man of Integrity"™ award winner but perhaps now a Punch Emery brand "Man of Destiny"™ award winner as well!

Bizarre Biden NATO Presser Moment: Russia Chemical Attack Would "Trigger A Response In Kind"

Punch Emery Brands™......bringing you the best in both polls and Bizarre Biden™ politics!

Ask for it by name!


Paul Emery

Biden express my exactly sentiment about Trump running in '24:

“The next election, I’d be very fortunate if I had that same man running against me,”

I seriously doubt Biden will run again but I agree with him that Trump is the Democrats greatest asset. He'll either get the nomination or he'll trash the Republican party as he heads out the door.



Posted by: Punch Emery Brands™ | 24 March 2022 at 12:01 PM

....and right on cue.

Bill Tozer

Remember, Trump has no friends. Moi would not expect Punch to say anything less than what he has said dozens of times before. Trump, the gift to the Democrat Party's hope and prayer to not taking a brutal and crushing ugly stick beating in '24.

Meanwhile, some of those Democrat politico experts are seeing distrubing trends in both the swing states and now the Dems are losing the hearts and minds of those in the suburbs. Things will be more in focus after the midterms. Nothing like opening a can of Whoop Ass to get their attention. As if Virginia isn't a battle cry for the pitchfolked and broom carrying mob to clean the place out....well, just keep doing what you are doung and you will keep getting what you are getting.

At that time, it don't matter who runs for Potus. Them Dems will the unions, but the R's will have the workers..and the middle class. The small businesses and working stiffs were not shown any respect. They are now looking for a safe place to live...if only out of totally self defensive maneuvers and sesepf survival instricts.

George Rebane

PaulE 1201pm - what's Bumblebrain going to use for the moral equivalent of Hunter's hidden emails to again barely push him over the line 2024 (given the off-chance that he runs)?

Bill Tozer

Democratic staffer on Jan. 6 committee was part of intel effort to help Biden out of Hunter jam


Don Bessee

But will he really run -

Fox News Poll: Biden's inflation troubles persist as voters cite high gas prices, spending woes
More domestic oil drilling favored by three-quarters of voters

An overwhelming majority says rising gas prices are a problem for their family.

Over half of voters think inflation is "not at all" under control and views on the economy remain decidedly negative.

Two-thirds have had to cut back on spending to make ends meet, as a growing number say they are falling behind financially.

More than twice as many think the Biden administration has made the economy worse rather than better.

Two-thirds disapprove of how Biden is handling inflation, including a sizable minority of Democrats.



Bill Tozer


Not only that, but the NGD and Great Reset are not on the top issues folks care about. Hungry people are grumpy people. Scorned voters have a reason to punch back harder.

Bill Tozer

At least he didn't call her "that woman".

Democrats, Judge Jackson, and the 'woman' problem


Bill Tozer

the looming food shortage


Scott O

Paul 12:01 - "...but I agree with him that Trump is the Democrats greatest asset."
Yep - that's why the Dems helped him win the nomination in the primary.
How did that work out, Paul?
Or is that too long ago for you to remember?

Paul Emery

Who knows George, there is so much material. Check out the latest statements from Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala. for a start. I doubt very seriously that Biden will run however so it's amoot point.

"President Trump asked me to rescind the 2020 elections, immediately remove Joe Biden from the White House, immediately put President Trump back in the White House, and hold a new special election for the presidency," Brooks said in a statement. "As a lawyer, I’ve repeatedly advised President Trump that January 6 was the final election contest verdict and neither the U.S. Constitution nor the U.S. Code permit what President Trump asks. Period."

Here is the Mo Brooks link


Scott O

re Paul 5:47 - And what did Trump say after what Mo Brooks told him?
Paul: "duh, I don't know."
Obviously nothing happened, so what exactly are you bitching about, Paul?
I know - ANYTHING to keep the subject off of the complete travesty you voted for.
We will soon have a SCOTUS justice who is either too stupid or too cowardly to tell us what a 'woman' is.
We have a terrible war going on in the Ukraine, inflation is going way up, more people died from covid WITH the 'magic' vaccine than with Trump with no vaccine... It goes on and on.
Everything Paul criticized Trump for, Biden has done worse.
But keep it up, Paul.
Every time you show up here to rag on Trump, it's just another admission by you that you and all the other idiots that voted for Biden have F'd our country up royal and you're too ashamed to admit the reality that you were wrong.

Paul Emery


Are yuou saying Mo Brooks lied when he said Trump said that? After all we're talking about Trump who suggested seriously that we should bomb hurricanes with atomic weapons.

Scott O

Paul 6:26 - "Are yuou saying Mo Brooks lied..."
Did I, Paul?
Did I say Brooks lied?
This is fun.
Now it's my turn.
Paul, are you saying you have photos of Biden and Putin in a bed together in Moscow?

Barry Pruett

Everything Trump said about Russiagate was true. Lots of proof coming in that he was right about the 2020 election as well.

Scott O

Oh, and BTW Paul - Trump ASKED about the possibility of stopping a hurricane.
He was probably told that it was an old idea that would not work and that was the end of that.
Not that being truthful is one of your skill sets, Paul.
But thanks for proving my point about why you continue to bitch about Trump.
Like I said - every time you mention Trump you are trying to keep the awful truth of what a complete idiot you are for voting for Biden from being discussed.


Like I said - every time you mention Trump you are trying to keep the awful truth of what a complete idiot you are for voting for Biden from being discussed.

Now that may be a bit harsh Scott.....please remember that in Biden, Punchy has someone in the Oval Office that truly represents him.....self important, whiny, and senile! That must be a powerful draw to a man like our Punch!

Don Bessee

Why should they be any different than the independents, hispanics and the rest? -



show me kid

To borrow phrases from Emery and Bobbie Cross in the past about Trump

The Biden Crime Family
...Grifter, Grifter, Grifter...

...Goomba, Goomba, Goomba....

Bill Tozer




I wouldn't sweat the Biden, Trump thing too much. The general inertia of The People is more telling I think.


Philadelphia County, PA has 802k registered Democrats, 115k registered Republicans.

Behold the beauty of Blue City America.



I wouldn't sweat the Biden, Trump thing too much.

But it's so much fun.....watching the Larry King of the Foothills think he exchanged a grifter for a statesman when he at best he made a lateral move....exchanging a skilled grifter for a clumsy and obvious grifter.

But hey.....clumsy and obvious are terms with which Punch is well acquainted I imagine.

Like "Green Libertarian.


"Larry King of the Foothills"

I was thinking about that.

It seems to me that there are people who can only think of events in terms of people, and just a few people at that. A professional entertainer would likely fall heavily into that cohort.

You basically melt the world down into representative figures. Stalin, Obama, Bush, Keith Richards. The world is explained in terms of a handful of personalities. Famous people are defined in terms of other famous people. Everybody is Hitler.

Naturally, you need good guys and bad guys. Heels and faces. Pro wrestling is a brilliant construction and hits smack dab into some built-in need that folks have.

Bill Tozer

Extremists Launch Attack Against Saudi Oil Facilities. Biden Removed Them From Terrorist List.


Bill Tozer

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers ‘Isolating Deadly Pathogens’ Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department.


Don Bessee

They really need an adult who is not woke to do a check before they print this lap dog crap -

AP mocked for saying GOP opposes Ketanji Brown Jackson for having ‘too much empathy’
'You couldn't even parody this if you tried'



Don Bessee

This is a good indicator of the kind of people who run creepy grampa joes WH -

White House celebrates Maoist Yuri Kochiyama who cheered bin Laden, communist massacre in Peru
Biden admin celebrates activist who said bin Laden is 'one of the people that I admire'



Don Bessee

Lets hope cankles sees and accepts it, HA who am i kidding! ROFLOL -



Bill Tozer

They will not divide us.


Bill Tozer

A Suicide Foretold: How Social Justice Rhetoric is Turning People off Human Right


Bill Tozer

The biggest problem the Democrats face as we approach the midterms is the cost of energy. That, and the fact that a large majority of voters understand that the Biden administration has tried to suppress American production of gas and oil. Thus the desperate attempts in several states to mail checks to voters to help make up for the price of gasoline. Spoiler alert: it won’t work.


Just in case you were feeling some hope.

"If you are a Common Sense reader, you are by now highly aware of the phenomenon of institutional capture. From the start, we have covered the ongoing saga of how America’s most important institutions have been transformed by an illiberal ideology—and have come to betray their own missions.

Medicine. Hollywood. Education. The reason we exist is because of the takeover of newspapers like The New York Times.

Ok, so we’ve lost a lot. A whole lot. But at least we haven’t lost the law. That’s how we comforted ourselves. The law would be the bulwark against this nonsense. The rest we could work on building anew.

But what if the country’s legal system was changing just like everything else?"


Scott O

BT 6:26 - "Thus the desperate attempts in several states to mail checks to voters to help make up for the price of gasoline."
So they want to send money to people that pay taxes to 'help' buy gasoline with money they collect from the same taxpayers.
It shows that 'they care'.
And the same politicians that like to send checks to voters to help buy overpriced fuel will happily espouse the same line of crap next election time that helps to drive up the price of fuel.
Ain't it wonderful?
Welcome to crazy town.

Bill Tozer

Democrats Aren’t Just Extreme Anymore. They’re Weird And Gross


Scott O

re scenes 7:48 - Have you been following the saga of Deep State vs Project Veritas on Power Line?
NYTs and the Justice Dept tag team on grinding PV into the ground with taxpayer money.
Show me the man and I'll show you the crime.

Scott O

further re scenes 7:48 - This just struck me:
"They thought there were certain people you just did not represent..."
One of the reasons Hillary was kicked off the Watergate impeachment team (besides being dishonest) was that she opined that Nixon should be denied legal representation.
So she was actually just part of the vanguard of what was to come.


From the 'Everything on the Internet is a Lie' Department.


True? Partly true? False?

The funny thing is how a story like this will have temporary legs if you give it good headlines. If there's some data breach, it doesn't seem like much of one.

The real story, if this isn't just a giant fib, is that (I bet) the DoD will make owning a copy of young Hunter's laptop illegal. Brought to you by the folks who swung lawfare into action against Project Veritas and the infamous diary. Of course, that gate got left wide open.


Bill Tozer

Sweden Now Has One of the Lowest COVID Mortality Rates in Europe


Bill Tozer

4 Big Takeaways From The New York Times’s Attempt To Control The Hunter Biden Narrative


Bill Tozer

Issue after issue, the bubble people find themselves on the wrong side and most amazingly, the bubble people find themselves on the wrong side of their own party. Best thing is they haven’t a clue, not an inkling. Due to some unexplained phenomenon, they lack the ability to grasp the reality of the situation. Name an issue, any issue. Pride indeed is a prison and fear is the big one.

‘More than 52% of Democratic voters in Florida SUPPORT so-called 'Don't Say Gay' bill that bans teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade, new poll shows’
The poll found that more than 52 percent of Democratic voters surveyed, roughly 365 people, oppose the Governor Ron DeSantis-championed policy
A further 12 percent remarked that they were unsure of their stance on the bill
Just 36 percent of those polled said they opposed the legislation, officially called the 'Parental Rights in Education Bill'
The results come just days after a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll revealed that a majority of Americans support the guidance



"Issue after issue, the bubble people find themselves on the wrong side "

If 'wrong side' means against the majority, I'd agree.

The thing is that majority doesn't really matter so much, and neither does reasonable.

Any small, highly-focused group can hit way above it's weight. This modern fascination with the promotion of mentally-ill cross-dressing men is a canonical case. Between Grand Admiral Levine and the buggerer of trussed-up dogsuit wearers, it's obvious that we've lost the plot

It's worth considering that aside from the occasional cycle of whackiness any civilization goes through, perhaps just before collapse, it sure doesn't hurt that the means of communication are now controlled by a population (tech workers) that draws heavily from the crazy end of the spectrum.

There's probably a sociology paper hidden in that.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 10:41 am

“There's probably a sociology paper hidden in that.”

After thousands of years of human history and development, after all the eons of mankind, in 2022 science has brought us to the point where the unanswered question is, “What is a woman?” From a legal standpoint, this affects Title IX, women’s rights, equal protection clauses and more. We can no longer say there are billions of women on Planet Earth because no one can define what a woman is. Or, they can definite what a woman is, but are too fearful to utter the obvious.

Learn something new everyday. I have learned that there are those to make their livings in our day and age being biological philosophers. Yes, that’s right. We have biological philosophers.

There's probably a sociology paper hidden in that.

Bill Tozer

‘Let he who is without crack-induced nudes cast the first stone’


The Estonian Fox

Chinese Eastern AIrlines crash on 3/21/22 MU-5735)-
This was a (made in 2015) Boeing 737-800-NG, which doesn't use the MCAS automation of the 737-MAX, which itself is still grounded in China.

CVR (voice recorder found several days ago); FDR (flight data recorder found yesterday). Flightradar24 data table from NY Times article shows altitude recovery for 30 seconds during it's precipitous drop - puzzling.

Chinese-related information about the crash is provided by Lei, who is China-born, but now a U.S. analyst of uncensored info into & out of China.

Her video deals a lot with suicide-by-pilot as the cause of the crash. She discusses the drop-off in number of flights in China over the last 2 years as affecting pilots' incomes, and many pilots are struggling financially.

There were 3 pilots in the cockpit- capt (6000+ hours); 1st off (30,000+), and a 3rd seater observer pilot (500+).

Scott O

Dems just can't help it - there's always something out there to tax. But don't you worry! It'll only apply to a handful of the filthy rich. Just exactly like the income tax. You don't pay income tax, do you? And our debt will be reduced (theoretically) by some minuscule amount to be offset by the enforcement costs and loss of economic activity in other areas. But the tax lawyers will have a whole new field to romp in so they're happy. And Biden gets to act like he's got that Monopoly Man in the top hat by the balls!
Exit question - if they can tax pretend income, will the billionaires get to write off pretend losses?

Bill Tozer

‘The Sheer Madness of Today’s Left’. VDH

When ideologues demand power but cannot achieve it politically because they are cruel ideologues, expect more of their insanity to follow.



re: Scotto@7:55AM

"Called the “Billionaire Minimum Income Tax,” it would assess a 20% minimum tax rate on U.S. households worth more than $100 million."

I see a key concept there. 'Worth more'.

ie. income tax based on net worth, not income.

Just imagine the regulatory apparatus you get to set up. Chasing down assets all over the globe to figger out some grand total. Assessing art and real estate, search their homes for sterling tableware, buried gold. Soon to be a national wealth tax, inching downwards through the ranks.

The variant I keep expecting is the merger of tax-deferred accounts with public employee pension plans and social security, especially increased social security for well-liked groups. There's a whole lotta money just sitting there that could be used for good deeds.

All things are possible when money flow is 100% digital through official channels. Steer it to your friends.

Sounds silly, but you can see the inertia and chart forward.



Fully expect the difficulty in moving assets offshore along with your citizenship to vastly increase.

For that matter, I would expect the state version to crank up. Lotsa opportunities for clawback and California needs the money from those ungrateful louts moving to Idaho and Arizona.


From America’s Newspaper of Record.....

Who Said It: Vice President Kamala Harris Or Elmo?


Bill Tozer

How low can Joe go?

“All of which brings us to the stunning new poll result out from the well-respected—and Democrat-connected—Iowa Poll, whose most recent nationwide survey finds Biden’s overall approval rating at 34 percent. This is very nearly Nixon-on-the-eve of resignation territory, or George W. Bush after eight years of public weariness over the war in Iraq, but if Biden tries really hard, I’m sure he can sink further……”

“A gold-standard pollster heralded by Democrats for her accuracy has just pulled the rug out from under the White House with the worst findings yet for President Joe Biden.

Ann Selzer, who conducts the famous Iowa Poll, working with Iowa’s Grinnell College, has found nationally that Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 34% and that most respondents believe the economy is also heading south.

“The latest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll (Grinnell-Selzer) shows that nearly 6 in 10 Americans believe the economy will get worse in the next 12 months — the highest number recorded in the history of the poll. And the pessimism about the future of the economy may be weighing down President Joe Biden’s approval ratings across the board,” said the poll analysis.

You can download the complete survey here.”



George Rebane

Biden's 20% 'billionaires tax' is archetypical confusion from this administration. It starts with those making more than $100M/year, or was it those with net assets greater than $100M (including unrealized capital gains), or was it both?? In any event, it probably will not pass. But if it does, it will be one more ratchet in distorting the free flow of capital from where it would be most productive. But hey, that's the basic premise of socialist economics.


"the worst findings yet for President Joe Biden."

Geez, what'll the First Son's dad have for polls when the other shoe actually drops in Europe, the economy, COVID III Electric Boogaloo, $10 gas, etc.

Biden has been dealt a rough hand, but the 35 year olds actually running the administration along with the War Party probably deserve a bit of blame also.

I wonder how far down the line of succession reaches to hit the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. I think that Grand Admiral Levine would be the perfect choice to lead Modern America, plus the opportunities for designing size 15D women's pumps would juice the economy.

Don Bessee

Rolling through the news channels and creepy grampa joe was actually saying he never said get rid of vlad and claims NO ON BELIEVES THAT! No pudding cup for you today. ROFLOL


Don Bessee



Bill Tozer

From the entertainment scene: the Oscars



Bill Tozer

Are you better off than you were two years ago?




"Are you better off than you were two years ago?"

I've found the solution.


Read the article (it's short).
Examine the author.
Consider the excellent advice coming from Ms. Ghilarducci, the Schwartz Professor of Economics at the New School for Social Research.
Eat your lentils.
Pray that Ms. Ghilarducci is impoverished sometime soon and can write us a new article.


Meanwhile, the VP is always there to give me hope...for the future....for our children.


Scott O

Ah, diversity! The magic wand that fixes everything.
Our next probable addition to the Fed board of governors is one Lisa Cook. In case all the photos don't clue you in, the articles written about her will. She will bring diversity to the Fed! Huzzah! Personally, I'd prefer competence, but that's just me. From the article:
"Based on a career studying inequalities, it’s likely Cook would prove a critical voice at the Fed in debates over how to hike interest rates in an economy where Black Americans continue to lag in the national employment recovery."
Kinda like asking the building engineer in the hospital to adjust the building temperature until everyone gets well at an equal rate. Or at least die at an equal rate. Just what 'rate' ensures that blacks have as many jobs as whites? But I'm sure our new gal is up to the job!

Bill Tozer

‘I don’t want to have to hide that my partner and I went paddle boarding this weekend’


Bill Tozer

Biden quickly rehired senior officials fired by Trump for alleged security, financial lapses


Scott O

BT 8:13 - from the article: "I don’t want to have to hide that my partner and I went paddle boarding this weekend".
Wait til the kids find out what kind of 'paddle' boarding he did with his partner. Ha ha.
Basically the guy just sounds like he's stupid. Why does he have to say 'my partner'? Why not just say 'I went paddle boarding with a friend'?
I'm trying to remember if I or anyone I was in class with ever asked any teacher what they did on the weekend.

Bill Tozer




" I'm trying to remember if I or anyone I was in class with ever asked any teacher what they did on the weekend."

I can answer that as 'never'.

The only way you could tell marital status was the 'Miss' or 'Mrs.' in front of the names of the teachers who menstruate, although quite a few were too old for that. Dunno what you call them.

I just assume that most K-12 teachers are paid-in-full citizens of Crazytown, so there's no telling what they want to tell kids.

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

Feel good story. Those fees can accumulate.

‘Portland commissioner ordered to pay over $16K in debt after failing to appear in court’

“On March 21, Judge Matarazzo approved a $4,900 lien against Hardesty and on March 24, the judge issued a second lien with a penalty of $11,700, according to court documents.”

“Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has been at the height of radical left activism in the city. During the ongoing riots perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter following the death of George Floyd in 2020, which led to a month long siege of the federal courthouse, Hardesty denied that protesters engaged in violence and blamed Portland police officers for setting fires to "frame" Antifa. She also made false accusations that "undercover white supremacists" started the riots, despite substantial documented evidence stating otherwise.
In May 2021, Hardesty led a mob of far-left activists to try to get a contracted city worker fired for displaying a Thin Blue Line flag decal on his truck”



A decent opinion piece.

"....While we are accustomed to seeing culture war issues as an ideological struggle, the rise of woke capital suggests a better framing of our predicament. We are deeply mired in a class struggle. One could even compare this exercise of distant elite power to colonialism.. To put it in the starkest of terms: globalized professionals and managers are on one side; regional elites and the middle classes are on the other. The stakes are high, impinging on democratic self-government and the power to define reality itself....."


"One could even compare this exercise of distant elite power to colonialism.."


Scott O

scenes 6:18 - Most of my teachers were women and most were dried up old prunes but a few were quite young and attractive and married. I'm sure they and their respective husbands put the kangaroo to bed on the weekends, but I can't recall them not being able to explain the details to the class on Monday morning caused any hand-wringing by anyone. For the first 8 or 9 years of my schooling the teachers just sat at their desks overnight and all weekend for all I knew or cared. I'd love to know why this new breed of kid-minders feel the need to explain sexual identity to 7 year olds beyond possibly the need for grooming them.


Scotto: "I'd love to know why this new breed of kid-minders feel the need to explain sexual identity.."

No doubt some are simply mentally ill, but perhaps it's just the sign of a religious movement with legs. One man's grooming is another man's spreading the Good Word, perhaps with a cigarette afterwards.

Scott O

This: "No doubt some are simply mentally ill..."
And a lot of 'misery loves company'.

Bill Tozer

Release the reserves!, lol.


“Today the Biden Administration announced that it is considering releasing another 180 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), after having already released 30 million barrels from the SPR less than a month ago. Details are lacking at the moment. The White House says Biden will deliver remarks at 1:30 p.m. ET on “his administration’s actions to reduce the impact of Putin’s price hike on energy prices and lower gas prices at the pump for American families.”

Some facts and figures: The SPR currently holds 568.3 million barrels, which means Biden’s proposed withdrawal amounts to about a third of the total inventory of the SPR.

Second, 180 million barrels represents nine days of oil use in the U.S. Maybe this is why the release of 30 million barrels a few weeks ago hasn’t had much effect. Reuters reports:”

“With midterms elections in North Carolina starting in about six weeks, more than 60,000 registered voters in the state are dead, registered in another state or registered twice under variations of their name, according to a new watchdog report.”


Bill Tozer

Man o man. Is the Democrat Party’s obsession with sexualizing 5-7 year olds creepy or what? Abhorrent. The Party of pedophiles is who they are, is who they celebrate, is who they advocate for.

Gender Ideologues’ Alarming Campaign to Get Kids While They’re Young


Bill Tozer

More on The Democrat Party….the ones who do not follow the science.

White House: ‘Early’ Trans Surgeries, Hormones Are ‘Crucial’ For Kids, Teens Who Identify As Trans


Never too late for the 420 Brigade.

Bill Tozer

More on the Democrat Party beliefs and platforms. Byron York

‘The border: 'No imaginable scenario' to avoid another disaster’


Bill Tozer

‘Democrats And Media Enablers Are Overlooking Child Sex Crimes To Protect Ketanji Brown Jackson’

“In every single child pornography case handled by Judge Jackson, she went below the maximum recommendation, below the minimum recommendation, and below the prosecutor’s request.”

‘Disney Executives Admit: Of Course We’re Grooming Your Children’



Huh. Cool.

"Google Blocks "Trump" Searches"

Does anyone have one of those Google bug-in-your-house devices to try this on? It would be nice to have a second opinion before I let the blessed outrage flow.

Bill Tozer

‘Disney’s Child-Predator Problem’
Instead of promoting gender ideology, the company would be better served by addressing a longstanding history among its employees.


Paul Emery


Did you watch the entirety of the Jackson hearings you refer to?

Don Bessee

Charie Browns teacher at 527 !


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe got played by the green luddites -

Shifting Europe’s energy dependence away from Russia and toward other sources, especially the United States, is a long-term investment in stability. This might have been underway much sooner had the White House understood the positive aspects of promoting American energy influence.

Donald Trump had laid out this same strategy in 2017, specifically as a means of reducing Russia’s leverage in Europe. The approach was codified as part of a larger trade deal with the EU in 2018.

However, the Biden administration reversed course on the effort to marginalize Russian energy influence. In 2021, the White House dropped U.S. sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that would ship Russian LNG directly to Europe. It was pitched as a means of mending ties with Europe.

Even at the time, it was clear that the deal not only rewarded Russia but also could potentially destabilize Eastern Europe by giving Moscow a gas route that bypassed Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believed that Nord Stream 2 was a geopolitical weapon being used by the Kremlin to increase European dependence on Russian energy and to marginalize and weaken Ukraine.

A September report noted, “There are fears that Nord Stream 2 could facilitate a possible Russian invasion, as Moscow will no longer have to worry about Ukraine's gas infrastructure to supply its main European customers.

As late as January, with Russian troops poised to invade, the White House was fighting off attempts to reimpose pipeline sanctions. In fact, Nord Stream 2 handed all the cards to Putin, and the war in Ukraine came as predicted. The American leverage was illusory.

Real strategic leverage comes from using national power and advantage, which is the point of resurrecting the Trump strategy of turning Europe away from dependence on Russia.

U.S. emerged as energy giant
The United States has become an energy giant in recent years by rapidly increasing production of oil and natural gas. In 2019, the United States became a net energy producer for the first time since 1957. That made the country more energy self-sufficient and gave policymakers new strategic tools in shaping global stability.

Higher energy output lowered global prices, denuding the coffers of adversary states like Russia, Iran and Venezuela, while boosting U.S. gross domestic product.



Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

The hearings.


Paul Emery

It's Paul Bill. My question Bill:

Did you watch the entirety of the Jackson hearings you refer to?

Don Bessee

Trouble for creepy grampa joe and the socialist open boarders crew -



Bill Tozer

punchy, punchy punchy. this is bill, punchy punch. thank you in advance for not replying, as you vowed on your name as a Biden, popinjay. Paulie want a cracker?

Paul Emery

One more time Bill

Did you watch the entirety of the Jackson hearings you refer to?

If not what was your source of information which you based your opinion or did you just regurgitate from the Federalist as an example of what George refers to as" third person rehash? "

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