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23 March 2022



"And retail investors, institutional investment advisors, and corporate CFOs will have no clue about the then reported climate risks. "

I expect it'll go in the same file as the Diversity Assessment Reports.


Come to think of it, I'll bet there's a reasonably complex result. Woke Corporations might have their stock initially go up due to government contracts, activists pushing for boycotts, etc., but once the wokeness is priced in the long-term result would be under-performance.

What someone needs to do is cook up a standardized Woke Rating and sell the results to those who care.

George Rebane

scenes 1036am - Woke Rating, hmmm? That would really cut to the chase. You may have something there Mr scenes.


Speaking of SEC-ish matters, this ran 3 weeks ago on zerohedge, and I'm rather attracted to the idea.

"Underscoring the unknown unknowns of a global sanctions blockade against Russia launched not by central bankers but by politicians, Zoltan writes that "when you rip $500 billion of FX reserves from the system, sanction and de-SWIFT banks (which goes live March 12th), and force Western banks and commodity traders to self-police and not trade commodities from the single-largest commodity producer of the world (Russia), unforeseen things can happen and do happen."

He then writes something that all those pushing for an escalating conflict with Russia will hardly want to hear:

If you believe that the West can craft sanctions that maximize pain for Russia, while minimizing financial stability risks in the West, you could also believe in unicorns. "


George, do you have a subscription to FT?, I'm too cheap to read this article.

"Energy traders call for ‘emergency’ central bank intervention"

I imagine that someone (or someones) is going to look like a genius once the burning stops, but I have no clue who.

George Rebane

scenes 416pm - No, I don't subscribe to FT. But poking around at others reporting on the FT piece, it looks like there's less there than meets the eye. Were it to be material to what's really happening in the world of finance, MANY other financial reporting outlets - starting with the WSJ - would have picked up on this story datelined 8mar22 in the FT.

Bill Tozer

Something I been thinking about this lovely morning.

Suppose, just suppose for a minute, that the USA and the West achieves net neutral carbon emissions, but the cities and factories, capitalism, and our government remains the same. Would not that be considered a defeat in the eyes of the GND, defeat in the eyes of SJWs, of the Far Left, of the Squad, of the globalists?

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