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19 April 2022


Scott O

If our neighbor to the south doesn't go along with the new digitized moolah, look for the Mexican Peso to start being used in SoCal, Ariz, Texas.
I can see this whole plan eventually put in place, but the current gen of boomers will need to be aged-out or dead before it can happen.
Barter just won't work for most transactions in the modern world. I can do some welding and our neighbors have chickens, but some other way will need to be found. Now you know that the 'scary' part will be totally denied by the govt and anyone resisting or decrying our Brave New World will be simply labeled as a 'tax dodger' or a Luddite.

George Rebane

ScottO 1237pm - Scott, would you please expand on why you see that kind of use for the peso then. Isn't that kinda like 'Save your Confederate money boys, cuz the South shall rise again!'?

Scott O

Naw - it would just be that they were used to using it before they left and why not keep using it?
And it would still be legal coin of the realm in an area just to the south where it would continue to be backed by the govt there.
I'm being a bit tongue in cheek, but these days - who knows?

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