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28 April 2022



"So why launch such a pre-emptive editorial attack that looks so much like gratuitous pandering to the county's growing progressive faction?"

Rogers let his freak flag fly free, being shocked the Barbarian bought the twits out.

Me, the day of the purchase I signed up at Twitter for the first time. I don't worship Musk but I do admire his ability to get huge sums of Other People's Money to pursue harebrained schemes ... and make them work.

Bill Tozer

Rogers let his freak flag fly free

Just shows ya what a deep cord Elon struck. Even Boardman jumped over here to splash cold water instantly on any Musk as Liberator talk. Twitter is their safe place. And no it does not feel safe and may never feel safe again! Wailing and gnashing of teeth.

They are scared shitless that Musk may throttle down accounts, shadow ban folks and even ban some candidates. The horrors. Musk might do the same thing to the thieves that they have been doing to any and all contraire viewpoints out of Syc with the control freaky empowered.

How do you make a thief scream bloody murder? A: Rip ‘em off.

We have been told, and righty so, that free speech does not extend to a private company, only government is barred from restricting free speech. Ok, I accept that. But, imagine if you will, a private company that models its free speech policy on government prohibitions as found in the 1st Amendment. That, dear reader is what the Left calls a threat to our democracy.

All the small podcasters and folks with a few hundred thousand followers say in unison that they checked their hits every so often and suddenly they have 17% more hits out of the blue than last time they checked. Odd. Something about the number 17% across the board. Must be Twitter’s pre-emotive strike against charges of shadow banning and possible embarrassing exposure.

Milo, come on down!

Bill Tozer

Leftwing journalism is correct.

Did you know the ‘trending of Twitter’ is not based on any algorithm. Twitters have paid writers who read 3 or four angry pissed to the max posts on a reply to someone boycotting an advertiser or person and run with the trending story. Backlash against so-and- so and take them down.

The Woke journos nowadays read the trending news and get their cues of what to lead with. Move over NYT, Twitter leads, you follow.

That is why the overreaction to Musk buying Twitter. And Don Rogers. It’s the Lefty Media safe place when they look for stories.

‘Trending’ my ass. Based only on what the writers want you to take away, not based on most popular or most hits……..

Scott O

Yeah, so that's what they're freaking out about - the algos or how they're formulated or how they're used.
OMG! We can't let the great unwashed see all of this!
Once again we see that the rats and cockroaches will scurry about when the light gets turned on.
Of course nit wits like Don Rogers decry "rumor-mongers, gossips and other asses..." while spreading gossip and rumors about Musk.
Good going Rogers - talk about a complete lack of self awareness.

Bill Tozer

Leftwing journalism:

Today we discovered that the Biden Administration has reached the “stag” part of stagflation, with a first quarter negative economic growth rate. One more quarter qualifies as a recession, but I am sure Biden will call it some kind of “growth recession” or something.

The media has been stepping up for months to prop up Biden’s overstimulated but underperforming economy. This deserves its own headline gallery.


Bill Tozer

WOW: Elon Musk Says ‘The Far Left Hates Everyone, Themselves Included’



I remember not long ago Rogers himself was censoring comments (carefully claiming it was editing, not censoring) alluding to the theory that the Wuhan SARS was an escapee from the lab which (shazzam!) was a very short walk from the "wet market" the Left was blaming.

I suppose he may have been getting his clues about the political correctness of such things from the Twits.


New Toy


Barry Pruett

Don Rogers. Lol. A "journalist" that supports censorship. Why am I not shocked?

Barry Pruett

Only clowns support censorship. Rogers? Clown.


It's Repressive Tolerance 101, Barry. Marcuse set the rules in the '60's.

Barry Pruett

These progressives who advocate censorship are ass hats. It is so obvious even Bill Maher knows it. Don Rogers. 🍑🎩

Don Bessee

One of the big rats is fleeing the sinking ship i mean it couldn't be because of what a shit show she was shilling for that has alienated many sectors of the electorate. I bet she uses the term latinx to describe hispanics that pisses them off so much! -

Tobar focused on health care, education, immigration, climate and LGBTQI+ issues for the communications team. She previously served as director of communications for coalitions on the Biden campaign in 2020, doing outreach to Hispanic media, African American media, women’s media and other groups.




re: DonB@8:39PM

Is there more to'ing and fro'ing from the administration than usual? I expect the normal amount of shakeups.

Of course, Ms. Tobar will end up in a sweet position somewhere selling her connections with the administration. There's a lot of gold in them thar non-profits, maybe even a corporate board membership or two. It really is salad days for the Democrats now that both large corporations have become woke (lots of protection money to be scooooped up) and millions/billions of dollars have flowed into the race bidness. You've got a nice downtown there, sure hate to see it burn.

The fact that people can bang on about White Supremacy and then work as executives for organizations like this: https://latinovictory.org/ is not lost on me.

Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me
Town to keep me movin', keep me groovin' with some energy
A-won't you take me to Crazytown?
Won't you take me to Crazytown?

Bill Tozer

Barry @ 8:08 pm

Bill Maher Rips Old Twitter, Mocks Trudeau And Gives Shoutout To Babylon Bee


Since the Left turns everything they touch into dross, might as well add comedy and humor to the list. As Milo once remarked, the reason nobody invites SJW to parties on campus is because nobody likes to be around them.

Bill Tozer

I suppose it is only natural that we move from Leftwing Journalism to the new and improved ministry of truth. So blatantly 1984 it needs no paper to draw you a map.

Weird Nina Jankowicz, Scary Poppins….the new Truth Minister looks like they just recycled leftwing journalism with a much better singing voice. 2nd video down


A particularly striking lyric by Ms. Jankowicz goes, “Who do I f***” to be “famous and powerful?” This was, in a way, prescient. Jankowicz has gone on the warpath against those who dare to criticize Kamala Harris. Denouncing those who have mocked Harris on social media, Jankowicz wrote:

“There is much worse, alleging that Vice-President Harris slept her way to the top.”

Biden ‘disinfo’ czar Nina Jankowicz ripped over cringeworthy Mary Poppins TikTok


Barry Pruett

People that support censorship (by government or by the public) are not serious people. Goof balls in a clown car.

Billy Pilgrim

Our community is better off with a local newspaper, but soon we will only have a weekly supplement in The Bee. The Union is circling the drain while Rodgers puts out regular essays on his poor career choice.

Scott O

Barry 9:36 - "People that support censorship (by government or by the public) are not serious people."
Perhaps, but they are a serious problem for a healthy republic. People like that are a gateway drug for unscrupulous pols to devolve into dictators.

Barry Pruett


Maybe they got a seat in the clown car for Rogers. Lol

Bill Tozer

people who are afraid to speak their minds are not free people.

Bill Tozer

Billy Pilgrim @ 9:43 am, April 30

Our community is better off with a local newspaper, but soon we will only have a weekly supplement in The Bee. The Union is circling the drain….

Well, the Union, our Union, is a community asset. Everything and just about everyone in and around the two Gold Rush towns is a community asset. For all I know, you are a community asset too!

The Union is facing difficult times as many newspapers of its size do. Rogers won’t ruin it one bit. I did notice the donate ad link got bigger. Way bigger. :) Long live the Union! For God and Country.
Which has me wondering. Dr. Rebane has always mentioned Don Rogers with respect and a reminder to the reader that The Doc maintains good civil acquaintance relations with our local editor.

Besides Don running papers on both sides of the Summit, I do have to wonder what their (Don and Doc R) last e-mail exchanges were all about….because Don done popped his cork after that, ROFLMAO.

Hmm. The ski towns in Western Montana and the Western Rockies are full of Libs. Especially the Colorado ski towns. Aspen, Steamboat…….just saying.

I am leaning towards blaming Dr. Rebane for the recent clearing of the air on Hits&Misses and perhaps maybe some restless natives getting uppity, loud, rude, crude, unruly, and socially unacceptable all at the same time lately perhaps didn’t help much. It’s ok to blow of stream and clear the air, but it is best to do it without thousands of witnesses. But, I could be mistaken….or not.

Forward Ho!


I spent a buck on The Union yesterday to help wash down a cheap jynnan-tonX at my fave dive bar... only to see a quarter-page advert on the back page of the first section.

Ostensibly for voter information for the upcomin', it struck me as a Natalie Adona campaign ad... perhaps 'cause her name was up top in very large type... the biggest in the whole piece.

There was no attribution for the quarter page infogram, and one is left to wonder who paid for it.

Barry Pruett


Song came on at the gym this morning. In God We Trust.

George Rebane

Gregory 834am - You and Jo Ann picked up on that, and she is following up with DonR about this obvious campaign ad. My remarks are under today's Scattershots. Thanks for your comment.


You're welcome, George.

I wonder why Adona, with a JD, is running for an office that any midwit could fill.

Bill Tozer

‘We Are Headed To Hell’: CNN Guest Blames Musk (And Trump) For Twitter Deal In Unhinged Rant

CNN media analyst David Zurawik blamed former President Donald Trump for “opening the gates of hell,” and said that billionaire Elon Musk could not be allowed to “control discourse in this country.”……..

Zurawik was not the only person to suggest that Europe had the right idea when it came to imposing limits on internet speech. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cheered the Europeans on when they had the chance to impose such regulations just a week earlier.

“For too long, tech platforms have amplified disinformation and extremism with no accountability. The EU is poised to do something about it. I urge our transatlantic allies to push the Digital Services Act across the finish line and bolster global democracy before it’s too late,” Clinton tweeted, adding, “They got it done!” once the measure had succeeded.


Lol. David Zurawik blamed former President Donald Trump for “opening the gates of hell,” and said that billionaire Elon Musk could not be allowed to “control discourse in this country.”

But a CNN media analyst should control the discourse in this country? How about ‘no’.

Bill Tozer

Do all roads lead to Ukraine or do all roads go through Ukraine?

Nina Jankowicz, who was a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center and adviser to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry as part of the Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship, confirmed a report Wednesday that she has been named executive director of the Department of Homeland Security’s new panel.

George Rebane

Gregory 1118am - I understand that she may not be the only voter registrar imported (embedded) for the upcoming elections. The Democrats don't have a viable platform, and now have a horrible record of governance. If they lose in 2022, they will most likely be the minority party for several election cycles, thereby enabling a resurgence of the Republican Party. In short, this is now a make or break election the victory in which must be insured by any and all means possible.

Just imagine America with secured borders, viable paths to citizenship for those illegals already here, the return of two-parent black families, reconstruction of community supported law enforcement, parent involvement in the children's education welcomed and enabled with broad school choice policies, ... . If our blacks and Hispanics witness progress toward all this, they will reward the party that will make those things happened.

The alternative is a long cruise up Shit Creek for Dems, so they need all the Adonas they can get into the country's registrars offices.

Don Bessee

There looks to be a valid fppc violation there with her name so big and bold at the top and the seal of the office tucked away at the bottom so its hardly noticeable. Yes it should have come from Diaz not the candidate. The county offices normally put the logo big and bold at the top of the document. Doing it right before the ballots hit the mailboxes is too obvious and heavy handed. Arrogance.

The grape vine has it that Adona is in trouble, so the story is circulating that she went to the dem central committee loudly complaining that she had no volunteers, no donations and no help from the central committee.

Why would she think people would want their name associated with the crazy lady in the videos who will forever be labeled by the Judge as being "marginally rational" hardly a qualifier for elected office. LOL


George Rebane

DonB 226pm - While the commentary here is on the transgressions of leftwing journalism, the Adona ad is more thoroughly covered under the current Scattershots. Your very relevant comment should also be posted there. Thanks.

Don Bessee

I put in both sine there was a thread here too.


Don Bessee

You can feel their fear of losing -

MSNBC warns of right-wing extremists weaponizing 'motherhood'
Columnist Cynthia Miller-Idriss also warned about 'fascist fitness'


Brian Stelter suggests worrying about crime is part of a 'Republican narrative'
A new poll found that Americans trust Republicans to handle rising crime rates over Democrats by 12%



Bill Tozer

MSNBC Demands Attorney General Indict Trump and GOP Pols to 'Help' Democrats Win

Democrats have "a wonderful story to tell," but they need "help" from Garland and his Justice Department "to "disqualify" the Republican party.



re: Leftwing Journalism.

Today's Dilbert:


The Dilbert that The Union ran:


By golly, it's like they've got a time machine going on there.

Oh so brave our local newspaper is, so strong and manly.

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