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08 April 2022


Bill Tozer

If I were a Senator, I not have picked Judge Jackson because she holds NO views on natural law, natural rights, individual, rights. No views? Guess she has never read the Declaration of Independence or The Constitution or the enumerated rights.

She( if she is a she) also believes that a teenager watching videos of 8 years being RAPED should not have that one his record. She phrased it as a teenager watching porn of another minor….failing to consider that the rape scenes the 19 year old perv was jacking off to involved kids 10 his junior. At least she knew that pedophile was a male. How did she know? Your guess is as good as mine.

The perv is the victim here. We need more empathy.

Bill Tozer


re: The Union continues to deny the Hunter Biden laptop scandal in words and pictures (see its 8apr22 op-ed).

Not on-line yet, so what you read must be in the print edition. Us cheapos who pay 9 bucks a month to read the police blotter on line will just have to wait until until around 3 pm (1500 hours) I reckon.

re: I can’t tell ya what a woman is Judge Jackson. I stand corrected. The pedophile was 18 years old jacking off watching 8 year olds getting raped…not a 19 year old. My typo.

3 months for that, probably dropped it from a felony to a misdemeanor so he will not have to register as the sex offender/ sexual,pervert predator he is. A teenager looking a other minors, right? What a piece of Leftinista Marxist shit as well as shit for brains. Not qualified to rule on matters of the law, especially the rule as enshrined in the US Constitution, the law of the land.


The op-ed regarding "the laptop" is still not online as far as I can find.

George Rebane

re Union laptop op-ed: I could not find a link to Don Rogers' most recent online piece, but did find one from some time ago -

I also had an extensive email exchange with DonR about the laptop in which he reinforced his fairly consistent sentiments about it being a non-news item. I'm not at liberty to reveal DonR's remarks in this exchange other than his views have not changed. However, I can reveal one of my emails in this exchange which may be of help on 2020 election impact.

Hunter's a "sidelight" only to the extent of how you assess 1) the impact on the 2020 election, and 2) what deeper probing has revealed about the criminality of the Biden family. So, how would you then judge its impact on the 2020 election as today's polls show over 15% of Biden voters would not have voted for him had they known about Hunter's laptop contents? BTW, we both know it wouldn't have taken a 15% change to have changed the outcome, 3-4% would have done it.
Poll: One In Six Biden Voters Would Have Changed Their Vote If They Had Known About Scandals Suppressed By Media

Bill Tozer

A Pure Hypothetical…

Whither the grift that keeps on giving?


Scott O

I was looking for the editorial and came across Bob's latest.
'Gun manufacturers' are frightened of male models with brief cases?
I know he reads this blog. Maybe he could attempt an explanation?


It's a lame.ass.paen to the lastest fad legislation:

Scott O

Gregory 7:38 - Looks like a full-employment-for-lawyers type of deal.
Federal law protects the legal manufacturers - the very first case will be thrown out.
It's legal for an individual to manufacture firearms.
No one can be sued for that. It's not legal to sell them unless you have a license. This law changes nothing.
Bob's cartoon shows his (and the general population's) ignorance re firearm laws.
A sop to the voters by politicians that tries to cover for the real problems that Sacramento refuses to address.

Billy Pilgrim

If advertisers don't save The Union, we will soon have no local newspaper, and the community will be worse off for that.
We began taking the paper before moving to Nevada County, family and friends have worked there and we have been advertisers. Two of the kids live locally and we gave them an annual paid subscription - and they canceled it. Check The Union's classified and you'll see they have been advertising for a "Sales & Retention" worker for many months. Don Rodgers really needs to go away and write the novel he's always wanted to do. The Biden Family laptop editorials show the contempt he has for the readers and it's mutual.

Bill Tozer

Billy Pilgrim.

If you go on the Union site (on-line), there you will find a donate button so you can donate to the local paper. All donations welcomed by the private corporation. In fact, we here in Western Nevada County are slackers. We do not care about the local newspaper like those in Tahoe do. Those folks over the hill care more. They donate more to their local paper, which just happens to be run by a fellow named Don Rogers….if I am not mistaken. Our local newspaper man, Mr. Don Rogers, whined about it himself….that we rednecks here on the West side just don’t hit that Donate Button like they do on the East Side… where those folks toss more shekels in the beggars cup. Must be something in the water. We bad people…we no care about our local paper! I feel shame….not. “Guess we don’t care about our community asset like the Tahoe folks do. They care more.”

Nice attempt to make us feel guilty. They care more and we just don’t care. We be tightwads. We, with our Celtic population in these parts are sooo tight we squeak when we walk.

Think that if that Build Back Better bill ever passes, there are tons of money in that monstrosity to give newspapers a bunch of free mula to keep the print press alive and kicking.

Imagine the US government subsidizing the Wa Po and NYT and maybe even Swift Communications. That’s what I call a free press. :). Like NPR on steroids, but with,paid advertising to boot. The best of both worlds if you are running around with a tin cup.

Well, the Union is a community asset.

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