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02 April 2022



"heroic leader of a small country"
"world-class dictator, kleptocrat, and thug"

No offense, but it sounds like US TV news has done it's work.

I guess that foreign affairs always becomes pro wrestling at some point.

George Rebane

scenes 138pm - I appreciate the gentle reprimand Mr scenes. But a leader, previously corrupt with dictatorial tendencies, can also revert to become an heroic leader of a small country when attacked by a greater villain. You can't always pick your players, but you can decide your favorite.


My primary interest it to have the thing done, with the least cost to Ukraine, Russia, and, not coincidentally, moi.

It could be that the lowest cost answer is not to be a comic book character, but that makes for a poor news cycle. A 'hero' is a funny thing, it's one more result of successful propaganda and rarely is what I would think of as a hero, someone who takes great personal risk to help others with little benefit to themselves. The term is highly cheapened I think. There are likely quite a few heroes in Ukraine v. Russia, but they almost always lack personal drivers.


Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph.

So, I was just looking on Amazon for tools or something, and naturally Jeff Bezos figgered I needed to read this book.


It's worth a look just to check out the histrionics in the summary.

This is why it's best to stick to ancient history. Practically anything written about the last 100 years is essentially bullshit.

Bill Tozer

NYC top health official refers to White women as 'birthing people,' calls Black and Hispanic women 'mothers'

‘Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine urges use of 'chestfeeding' and 'parent’s milk' in new guidance’
Biden administration uses phrase “birthing people” instead of “mothers” in 2022 budget proposal


Bill Tozer

‘Parents didn’t start the fire’
In Burlington, as elsewhere, families wake up to a revolution being inflicted on children


Don Bessee

RaWashington state agency blocked White attendee from seminar targeted to people of color, spokesperson admits
King County officials blamed the action on 'technical issues'cists in govt again -

"Following your inquiry and subsequent information received by staff, an investigation occurred to gather all the facts and full understanding of the events that took place," Gallagher told Rantz. "That investigation found in fact there was a deliberate decision by one of the employees involved in the session to remove an individual from the event. The information provided by that employee led to the response that was relayed to you, which we know now was not accurate."

The employee responsible for blocking the KCSO staffer resigned their position following the investigation, according to Gallagher.



Don Bessee

Not sure what happened @941



from a BillT link above, I really really liked this tweet from the NYC Chief Medical Officer...


"The urgency of this moment is clear. Mortality rates of birthing people are too high, and babies born to Black and Puerto Rican mothers in this city are three times more likely to die in their first year of life than babies born to non-Hispanic White birthing people."

lol. I mean, just parse that and think about it for a moment. There's a lot to like there.


Twitter does provide the value of serving up the Best of Crazytown nearly every day.

"An ICU nurse taking some required training shares this from what they are learning at work..."


Bill Tozer

‘Already stretched thin, border agents must now used politically correct pronouns under new edict’
New requirement comes as border agents are bracing for historic surges of illegal migrants


Big Alphabet is coming for you.

Bill Tozer

Cancel Culture at Princeton



‘Already stretched thin, border agents must now used politically correct pronouns under new edict’


You'd better duck if you call any of those guys 'Latinx' or ask what their pronouns are.


Which got me to thinkin'. What's the state of Crazytown south of the border? Are there insane pronouns? men in dresses? senior male government officials in lipstick buggering trussed up boys in dog suits?

I'm not having much luck here and would appreciate sources.

The word 'xir', while meaning something most special in the US right now only pops up as a Somali word for 'close', so Google Translate ain't much help.


Tip o' the hat to Señor Andy Ngo.

Meet the Director, Race and Equity at UCLA.


""UVA Decline to Charge Student for False Racial Profiling Claim
Law student gets a pass for publishing fabricated police harassment incident"


There's an elegance to being a grifter in an area that isn't even real.

Real nirvana in our modern era is to hire a staff of young wimmen to run the K-cup machine. It's a proven strategy.

Scott O

scenes 2:14 - re the link to the UVA story (one which I have followed). He's not a grifter - just a follower of the idea that we can present fabricated events to illustrate the true narrative of white oppression. He didn't originate this crap - he hasn't the wit. He was taught this stuff and felt it was his duty to help out. And of course the white lefties won't hold him to account on account of him not being a responsible fully human adult. How racist of you to expect a black man to have the same agency of a white man??!!
"Why" - the white lefties would say - "He's just a widdle black boy trying to make his way with what little intelligence God gave the blackies".
Next case!

Don Bessee

Its good to know team creepy grampa joe has its priorities straight -



Scott O

DB 6:56 - You didn't quote the best part!
"He’s a caring, global-minded citizen who uses his talents for good."
In other words - a rich white boy spouting the correct verbiage, handing money to our fav ideas and jets around promoting stuff we like.
I'm sure he can solve the Ukrainian conundrum if only Putin would listen to his music!
Suddenly Ukrainian nobodies lying in wait in the snow carry a healthy amount of human capital Bono will never have.

Scott O

Biden sure knows how to pick 'em!
"Ketanji Brown Jackson Refuses to Say Whether Individuals Have Natural Rights."
"Next, Cruz asked Jackson, “do you hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights, yes or no?”

“I do not hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights,” Jackson said."
So - slavery might just be okie-dokie according to this dim-wit.
Can't define what a woman is and can't personally uphold human rights.
This piece of human garbage has no place in any sort of public office let alone being allowed to serve on the Supreme Court.
God help us all.


re: K. Brown and the Senators.

It's all just rope-a-dope. Say as little as possible, get the gig, begin legislating from the court.

It isn't like a modern activist judge will ever tell the truth. The mission is so important that any behavior is acceptable.

Scott O

scenes - "It isn't like a modern activist judge will ever tell the truth."
In a way, she has.
By claiming she can't define what a woman is, she is letting the world know she is open to whatever definition someone on the left shows up in court with.
By saying she holds no position on natural human rights she is letting us know our 'rights' can come and go as the court pleases.
We get enough of this sort on the SCOTUS and it will be the final nail in the coffin of our republic.

Scott O

Never let a crisis go to waste!
"Biden demands new gun laws in wake of Sacramento massacre that killed six..."
And of course the laws he proposes have nothing to do with what happened in Sac, but who cares?
The article claims there were 76 shots fired.
I would say Sailer's Law is confirmed once again.


I'll invent Sailer's corollary.

If the shooter isn't described, it's a male POC.
If the firearm isn't described, it's a 9mm handgun, likely stolen.


…..in the “Not Really Suprised” category.

” Officers arrested Dandre Martin, 26, as a “related suspect,” the Sacramento Police Department said in a news release shortly before noon Monday. He was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail downtown on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and illegal firearms possession, police said.”

D’vaunte. D’tavious, and D’antoine could not be reached for comment.

Read more at: https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article260088970.html#storylink=cpy


Posted by: Scott O | 04 April 2022 at 08:07 AM

"Biden demands new gun laws in wake of Sacramento massacre that killed six..."

Fortunately nobody.....save for a single bony Nevada City guitar molester gives a crap what Shotgun Joey thinks on the gun issue.


Bill Tozer

Fish @ 1:18 pm
Buried in the LA Times article somewhere down around paragraph 14 or paragraph snooze was buried the gem that the police think it was a gang hit. And the other gang boss did not want to go softly into the still cool night.
Darn. The BLMGNF has since retained the high-profile Democratic lawyer Marc Elias….” Isn’t Mark Elias that Russian bank-Trump Tower hoaxer? Didn’t he work for Perkins Coie?


Link within link



Bill Tozer

Flordia Man strikes back. worth a couple of minutes....in my very humble opinion



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 04 April 2022 at 10:58 PM

Fish @ 1:18 pm

Buried in the LA Times article somewhere down around paragraph 14 or paragraph snooze was buried the gem that the police think it was a gang hit. And the other gang boss did not want to go softly into the still cool night.

“Once Smiley Martin’s medical care has been completed and he is determined to be fit for incarceration, he will be booked at the Sacramento County Main Jail for possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and possession of a machine gun.”

"Smiley being the brother of D'shooter. Must have been racism that forced that machine gun into his possession so he could shoot those other black people.......seems there's nothing whitey won't do to keep the black man down.

Read more at: https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article260124145.html#storylink=cpy

Bill Tozer

Durham bombshell: Prosecutor unveils smoking gun FBI text message, 'joint venture' to smear Trump


Bill Tozer

I guess this can go here….as opposed to burying it in the March 27 Scattershots.




Probably not lying.....

During a speech Monday regarding trucking supply chains, Joe Biden bizarrely claimed that he used to be a truck driver, had an 18 wheeler that he drove around, as well as a colleague called ‘Big Mama’.

I'm sure that's exactly how "King of the Road" Joe remembers it!


More's the pity!

The Estonian Fox

Maybe the Supremes will find the Cali state congress-critters to be outside the law, AND stupid.

"The Supreme Court granted review Monday in a significant case involving the dormant commerce clause. That case, National Pork Producers Council v. Ross, arises from a challenge to a California law making pork sales there contingent on compliance with conditions that nearly all commercial farms in California cannot meet."

"...arguing that the California law regulates commerce that occurs almost entirely outside the state, since California imports over 99% of its pork."

Can I still like bacon? Or will the Cali proposal deny me that pleasure?

Scott O

More on the after midnight downtown fun involving vibrant, diverse citizens:
"Daviyonne Dawson, 31, was arrested late Monday on charges of being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm."
I'm somewhat surprised there isn't an apostrophe after the 'D'.
Golly gosh and golly gee - I could have sworn we had laws against that sort of thing. However did he manage to obtain a fire arm?
Looks like this story will be quickly buried outside of Sac-O-Tomatoes.

Scott O

Here's Psul's chance for big money!
"California already has some of the nation's strictest firearms rules, but it has yet to find a way to deter those willing to skirt the laws with stolen or homemade and increasingly prevalent "ghost" guns."
You have to love the "increasingly prevalent" ghost guns!
Cause everyone would rather be shot dead with a real Smith and Wesson or Colt!
So- go for it, Cali-NAZIs - sue the shit out of D'shauntis O'Callahan and W'illishous Moriorty.
Git 'em!

Scott O

It just gets worse and worse!
'Developers' are forcing houses on the public despite the US military (with F-15s and nukes) and local authorities denying them the right to build homes.
They just just build the houses anyway!
No one can STOP them! OMG!
And - people are (gasp) buying the homes!
Oh, the humanity!
In unrelated news - the fed releases trillions of dollars backed by nothing of actual value.

Bill Tozer

feel good story

Substack VP tells Elon Musk haters leaving Twitter: 'Do not come work here'



Yeah…..it’s easy access to guns……

CALIFORNIA: Sacramento Mass Shooter Was Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison in 2018, Paroled in 2021 Over DA’s Objection.

….and just earlier this year when the Girl Scouts we’re having their cookie drive one of the younger ones asked if I wanted to buy an auto sear kit for a Glock in addition to my Pecan Sandies and Thin Mints.


Estonian Fox "...National Pork Producers Council..."

I always assumed that was the most powerful organization in the US. Of course, they're all elected.

re: 'Ghost' Guns

You do have to wonder what the real value of a serial number is. Maybe step dos is to invent a serialization concept that is buried in the body of the firearm somehow, more difficult to remove.

Besides it's natural tendency to grow, Government is bound to become more controlling as the ability of a person to cause results goes up. EZ self-publishing implies censorship, lower end CNC and 3d printing will result in gun-makin' rules (wonder what they do to knife makers in the UK?), centralized monitoring of utilities, phones, internet to keep an eye on drug makers among other things. It's all somebody's good idea to make life better for The People.

Looking at the article on building homes in the desert, I keep wondering how long until we see universal metering attached to wells or catchment systems. The water belongs to The People after all.

Bill Tozer

Another feel good story

Poll: Stacey Abrams on pace to be reelected as the not-governor of Georgia

".....but  specifically refused to concede. In the time since, she has claimed at least a dozen times that she was the rightful winner, although she has claimed never to have done so."



Stacey 'Goombah' Abrams?


I thought she was President of United Earth.


Well this is a relief.......

At least 5 shooters involved in downtown Sacramento shooting, which police called gang-related

Gang related......that means we can stop talking about guns! It would be indelicate to continue talking about the democrat constituency that seems to favor this behavior.

Get back to you when a white guy twists off again.........! Toodles!



Well, hopefully there'll be new laws to abolish those .50 caliber rifles.

I mean, how do you hold them sideways and go BAM BAMBAM BAM BAM after all?

Bill Tozer

Where my Obamaphone? Where my welfare check? Where my Cadillac? Where my manicurist?




Posted by: scenes | 07 April 2022 at 07:36 AM

I mean, how do you hold them sideways and go BAM BAMBAM BAM BAM after all?

Yes.....it is a good look......the Gangsta Stance!

Bill Tozer

‘Stopping the next Hunter Biden laptop cover-up’
The only disinformation op in 2020 was run against American voters by their own intelligence community


Exit question: Since the FBI, DOJ, and other federal government agencies have tracked down every single person who was in or near (or even outside) the Capitol Building on Jan 6, how come the 51 former intel folks who signed the letter saying without one shred of evidence that the Hunter Laptop story was Russian disinformation cannot be found? Poof, gone. Disappeared. The government says they don’t know where those 51 are. Maybe aliens snatched them or they got sucked up into some parallel universe or another dimension.

Anybody want to by some beachfront property in Arizona?

Bill Tozer

Feel good story of the night

GEICO Drops Corporate Diversity Event With Speaker Notorious For Anti-Semitic Rhetoric After Backlash



Seen in a gym somewhere.



BREAKING: Whitmer Plot Jury Doesn’t Convict On Conspiracy Charges; Two Men Walk Free

From the Leftist Beast

Shocker: Far-Right Men Accused in Michigan Guv Kidnap Plot Duck Convictions

The above follows on the heels of this.

Judge acquits federal defense contractor on Jan. 6 charges


Not against the law to walk through an open door. No plea bargain, case dismissed.


Well of course they did.......

Democrats Block Subpoena For Hunter Biden To Testify Before Congress

Grifter, grifter, grifter......!


The Estonian Fox

From MAVEN today:

"Rep. Doug LaMalfa announced Wednesday, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) and California Department of Water Resources (DWR) have issued a temporary urgency change petition (TUCP). It will be in effect now through June 30. The urgency petition allows the State Water Project and Central Valley Project to release less water through the Delta, in order to conserve stored water at reservoirs including Shasta Lake, Lake Oroville and Folsom Lake."

And you guys said the Cali cabal didn't know their onager from a hole in the ground. I take the MAVEN news as keeping water inside your state, for use by people, rather than releasing it to flow into God's green ocean. Sounds like a reasonable plan. Are they really Democrats?

George Rebane

Estonian 1210pm - It's hard to believe that they are indeed Dems - in California, they're ALL Dems. But this year's snowpack and one of our multi-year droughts, combined with climate change hysteria will give rise to random incidents of common sense.

Bill Tozer

re: Kamala
Another one jumps the ship. Every politician has that one long time aid who has been with them from the beginning. Hillary had (has) her Huma. But, not so with Kamala Harris.

It’s the same story from her time as DA of San Fransisco, to her time as the CA Attorney General (no one in the office liked her nor any of her prosecutors) to her campaign for President (supported by Dr. McAteers’s son working on her campaign), to her time so far as VP. The common thread is that it is not her staff who bails on her, but the real problem is her: That woman. No one who works for Kamala sticks around. Not one loyalist…taking about the important staff positions. They all leave. Not one loyalist.

Sure, some folks love campaigns and naturally are brought in as aides and consultants with a politician into office. But they are campaign people and after a year leave to do what they love most…running a campaign. But, Harris keeps losing the top staffers. National security advisers, communications directors, etc. All the top dogs never have stayed with her long during her entire career. No one. Even her own sister.

The problem is a good top staffer spends hours and hours and hours devoted to preparing briefings so that Kamala is informed with the best information available and she is well informed and knowledgeable on any issue….or the issue she is about to address at some appearance. Here is the rub. Kamala, for whatever reason, does not read her aides’ briefings. Been that way her entire life in public service.

All that hard work and research goes out the window. Imagine preparing briefs for Harris with days of research by many aides before her trip to Poland, just to have her not even read the brief to prepare herself, and goes on stage and wings it. The frustration of her top aides must be beyond frustrating. Poland is just one small example. After the flack Stacy Abrams took for appearing unmasked at a room full of masked children and teachers, one would think that she would have caught on. One would think that Kamala’s advance team would have briefed her about her upcoming school classroom appearance. But noooo. Kamala followed the footsteps of Stacy Abrams and appeared massless in a room full of kids and teachers required to mask up. That tells me her advance team quit and/or she did not bother to read the briefs before her appearance.

The names and positions of tough seasoned aides who have been through the heat of battle on campaigns and politics of office that have bailed tells us that it is not them or the usual turnover…but it’s HER. That woman.

If Kamala was Biden’s age, we could write it off as a bit of cognitive decline, losing a bit of speed on her fastball. But, out VP is much younger. Thus, the only conclusion we can draw is that our VP is really that dumb, perhaps the dumbest VP we have ever had in the history our this great nation. Yes, Kamala Harris, with the best aides money can buy, is really that dumb. And we all know how she got where she is…but let’s leave Willie out of it in case children are reading this.
The Media Are Silent Over One Particular Story Relating to Kamala Harris


Bill Tozer

I’ve finally figured out why Democrats are so monomaniacal about imposing ever stricter federal price controls on prescription drugs. It’s because they are freebasing Xanax these days in large quantities to treat their high anxiety over their steadily eroding political prospects. (Also, it helps explain President Biden. One of the side effects of Xanax is “dysarthria”—slurred or slow speech. And now you know.)


Don Bessee

It could also be rip van wrinkle -

Gingrich: The 'Rip Van Winkle' presidency of Biden is embarrassing DC's elite
Biden seems to prefer his weekends in Delaware, he suggests

"It's an embarrassment to watch him in Warsaw blurt out things that … the State Department has to rush out and say aren't true," he said. "It's embarrassing to watch his vice president. It's embarrassing to realize that if you watched him hanging out with Barack Obama looking like he was the grandfather who'd been invited to the Thanksgiving dinner and everybody was ignoring him."

"Not only are his policies terrible and destructive, and people are suffering from gasoline prices and food prices, from the border — but in addition, you have a president who you're not sure is completely there."



Don Bessee

Show me where it is in the constitution -



Bill Tozer

6:53 pm

Ouch. “It's a little bit like watching somebody who's already retired, but they make him show up and pretend to be working," he said.

Bill Tozer

Yuck. They smell like Walmart shoppers.


Don Bessee

Team creepy grampa joe blinked -

“From the RGV to Terrell County, a large majority of the communities that originally reached out for support through this operation have now said that the federal government has stopped dropping migrants in their towns since the governor’s announcement on Wednesday,” Mr. Christensen added.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced orders Wednesday for state officials to charter buses to transport migrants to Washington, D.C. in response to the Biden Administration’s plans to end the Title 42 coronavirus protection protocol and begin large-scale mass releases, Breitbart Texas reported.



Bill Tozer

Have you read Woodward’s new book on Trump?! Did you read what Michael Wolff wrote about Trump’s White House! Did you read Omarosa’s book or Bernstein’s new book on Trump? Here, and I quote…..

Chuckle of the Day:

(Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill). “Many books will be written about the challenges of legislating during the pandemic and a period of unprecedented Republican obstruction, and we won’t be commenting on the works that substitute gossip for fact.”

‘Nancy Pelosi ripped AOC and Ron Klain, forthcoming book reveals’

“Pelosi has also warned that the internal battle may very well cost Democrats the House in November, according to the book, telling one senior lawmaker that the party has “alienated Asian and Hispanic immigrants with loose talk of socialism.”

“In some of the same communities…,” the book, due out May 3, reportedly adds, “Democrats had not been careful enough about the way they spoke about abortion among new Americans who were devout people of faith.””


Darn it people, hide that that day of birth abortion on demand and all that,loose,socialism talk from the voters!!!! What is wrong with you???

Don Bessee

They have gotten so comfortable lying that they dont even try anymore -



George Rebane

We are happy to hear that in today's America "loose talk of socialism" is still something to be avoided. Those who champion socialism must only talk about it in guarded ambiguities or not at all, lest the people prematurely discover the Democrats' true objectives while they can still do something about it.

Don Bessee

You have to wonder why there is no comment bug on this union article????



Bill Tozer

That’s because it’s an AP article. Not an Union article, not written by our one newspaper town staff.

BTW, I believe it was Mr.Fish who once said he had to answer a bunch of survey questions to read a Union article of interest.

I have one device that has never logged on to the Union site. I use it to read, but cannot comment, which is probably a good thing. Anyway…. when that survey wall of grey blocks everything, I just hit “take the survey”, scroll down to the skip survey option, and I am in like Flint. A friendly tip. :). I ain’t taking no friggin survey, no way, and I ain’t ever going to log on on that one special devise. It’s still a virgin.

Bill Tozer

Let’s put our hands together and welcome John Solomon

Missouri Supreme Court sides with John Solomon in Sunshine Law case against St. Louis prosecutor
"The Missouri voters and the American public deserve to know what went on in this case, and we now have an opportunity to tell them the facts," said the editor-in-chief of Just the News.


Don Bessee

The numbers for creepy grampa joe on policy portend not just a wave but a sunami , and note the spread for the orange bad man is growing. Grab your pink pussy hats and dust them off you may need em again. I wonder if there is anything left the ponytails of ignorance's ann coulter doll or clutching pearls? LOL -

According to a March poll, a plurality of voters (39 percent) blames Biden for the high gas prices. Only 18 percent blame oil companies that have been crushed by newly set lending standards by the administration. The lending standards make it more difficult for oil companies to finance new projects, further increasing the price of oil production.




Freirean education revealed and explained.


George Rebane

Gregory 414pm - Good stuff, thanks Greg.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and the socialist greens know it's bad when -

Al Sharpton goes off on 'limousine liberals,' DC 'elites' ignoring crime: They 'don't live in the real world'
Sharpton joined MSNBC's Joe Scarborough in warning liberal Democrats that they were losing support of minority voters



Don Bessee

Ah the joys of cali shitholes -

USPS stops deliveries to California neighborhood after repeated attacks on mail carriers: Report
United States Postal Service suspended services in Santa Monica because one suspect accused of assaulting and threatening carriers 'has not been located or apprehended'



Bill Tozer

How The Biden Administration Is Aiding And Abetting The Biggest Border Fraud In U.S. History


Don Bessee

It looks like dementia runs in that family -



Don Bessee

Funny that vlad finished what Trump started in getting NATO to live up to their treaty obligations and now fully integrate the EU. Sucks to be you vlad -

Finland and Sweden are set to join NATO as early as this summer, extending the organization’s borders alongside Russia by hundreds of miles, U.S. officials told the British newspaper the Times. Finland is expected to submit its application for membership in June, with Sweden to follow.



Bill Tozer

Another narrative bites the dust. Again

Buffalo police officers cleared for pushing over 75-year-old protester


Don Bessee

But no one will actually hear about it @819.


Bill Tozer

8:42 pm
Quite true, Don.
Small New England Town Cuts School Board Budget—in Half
Croydon, New Hampshire's move is drawing attention to the lack of accountability in America’s schools.

Noticed today that Philly is the first big city in the USA to return to indoor mass mandates. I laughed, remembering a study from a few years ago that 76% of the teacher in Philly sent their own children to private schools. It’s what any caring parent with the means would do. :)

Don Bessee

I just love that on the same day vlad warned Sweeden and Finland to never join NATO or there would be consequences they both Said they will join NATO in short order!

With a quarter of your armor dead as well as your best troops and 14 senior officers dead your bark is not what it used to be vlad! ROFLOL NATO also announced the so-called trip wire program of small NATO footprints in former soviet satellites is over. So the Polish desire for a large base in the east that would have been fort Trump will actually happen as well in the others! Screw you vlad. Now you are talking deterrence! -

Ukraine War: Russia warns Sweden and Finland against Nato membership



Bill Tozer

This is my pistol, this is my gun. One is for shooting, the other is for fun.
Whatever Joe had on his mind, it certainly wasn’t Jill.

‘Biden Speaks: ‘Imagine Had The Tobacco Industry Been Immune To Prostitute Being Sued, Come On’.

Lol. Chuckle of the day.

‘Two Quick Things’: Ben Shapiro Triggers Applause, Laughter Responding To ‘F*** You’ Heckler


“I’m a mathematician and a physicist!” and I am not impressed. :)

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