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21 April 2022


The Estonian Fox

Paul Harvey certainly was prescient in his short talk. I had to re-check the original broadcast date several times to make sure it was made in 1965.

"Drug-sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every schoolhouse door." Sure, sure Paul H, that'll happen.

At the 2:11 mark, we see our dearly beloved federal government. It's barely acceptable if they only give no more than what they take (from taxpayers). But they have the right to print more money, so they give away more than they merely take.

It certainly appears that anyone named Paul can accurately forecast the future. While others of us have less than 100% accuracy in forecasting the past.

Scott O

Ah, yes - the predictions of our sciency betters.
Here's the latest:
Where have we heard that before?
No more snow, Manhattan under water - they keep getting it wrong yet still mange to hold an audience. P T Barnum was right.

Bill Tozer

I suppose that this link goes here, hiding behind the guise of Paul Harvey, rather than bury it in the ‘churchy’ posts. The Great Divide stuff. The battle for the hearts and minds of our countrymen. In defense of Western Civilization.

The West’s War on the West

Bill Tozer

re: How America Began a LaLa Land….sort of

“Buttigieg floats 'monthly transportation payment' that 'covers everything' to replace car payments
The secretary of transportation says a "monthly mobility dividend" could be in the nation's longer-term future.”

Bill Tozer

David Horowitz throws a cold dash of reality onto the shibboleths of progressive dogma. Are progressives crazy? No, David says, the truth is worse than that.

Don Bessee

Not enough water, attacks on food production, homeless tsunami the creepy grampa joe wants to import many millions of God knows who -


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