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12 April 2022


Bill Tozer

Probably off topic…..but I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

‘Democrats' Bidenflation disaster’ —Byron York

[The former Obama Treasury Secretary and President of Harvard Emeritus Larry] “Summers also highlighted that the U.S. has never experienced inflation above 4% and unemployment below 4% without that being followed by an economic slump within two years. Last month, consumer prices are estimated to have surged more than 8%, while the jobless rate was 3.6%.”


Bill Tozer

I will put this here. Sorta on topic.

‘Why Did Harvard University Go After One of Its Best Black Professors?’

“Roland Fryer Jr.’s life is a movie script: A man abandoned by his mom and raised by an alcoholic dad became the youngest black professor to ever secure tenure at Harvard University.
After ascending to the academic elite, Fryer didn’t resign himself to irrelevant technical puzzles; he put his genius to work investigating the most hotly contested issues of race in America, and translating his findings into concrete programs that dramatically improved the lives of poor black kids. He’s been praised as a genius, winning a MacArthur prize, a Time 100 listing, and the John Bates Clark Medal, awarded to the best under-40 economist in the world.

And then, all of a sudden, his career was derailed by an opaque sexual-harassment investigation. And no one seemed to want to say anything about it. Until now.“


The Estonian Fox

A quote from the article BT references above:

“I know that Roland was very dissatisfied with what he thought was the relatively modest intellectual acuity of some of his black colleagues,” says Professor Loury.

That would get him thrown out of the DEI club just on its face.

Bill Tozer

Take in this one, for example:

“We have a choice. We can choose to have you continue to pay the federal gas tax this summer or we can choose to try to make the oil companies pay it out of their record profits. This is the kind of choice that I believe we should be trying to make, because I know where I stand. . .

“I believe we should impose an excess profits tax on the oil companies. They have record profits that they frankly are just sitting there counting because they are not doing anything new to earn it; they are just taking advantage of what is going on.”

—Hillary Clinton, May 2, 2008

I like obscene profits, because it is the one kind of “obscenity” that the left actually opposes. It’s a start.


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