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05 April 2022


Don Bessee

This was foreseeable and predictable -

Smiley Allen Martin, the second man arrested in the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting in Sacramento that killed six, has a criminal record stretching to 2013 and last year was the subject of a plea by Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s office that he not win early release from prison, where he was serving a 10-year sentence for domestic violence and assault with great bodily injury. Despite a two-page letter to the Board of Parole Hearings urging that Martin remain in custody, he won his release and was in Sacramento on Saturday night recording himself on a Facebook Live video brandishing a handgun hours before the shooting.



Paul Emery


Can you provide a lost of a FEW OF THE "EVIL " progressive countries that fuel your post. For example do they include France, Denmark, Ireland,Germany, Sweden, New Zealand etc as examples. That would give solid examples of the nature of the evil you articulate in your post.

George Rebane

PaulE 409pm - Have no idea what you are asking or claiming I said.

Scott O

Paul continues to show up here and throw mud in his own face.
The title of George's post is talking about "The Evil Party".
Democrats, Paul - please try to keep up.
They're not all evil, of course. A lot are just useful idiots. And folks like AOC are just extremely limited in intelligence and life experience.
The folks at the top of the food chain in the Dem party are as crooked as a dog's hind legs. Been that way for decades. Funny how true leftists used to be against it. The Dems learned how to 'enlarge' their big tent to include the radical left and the perverts.
That's not to say there aren't lefty evil pervert wackos in other socialist countries.

Paul Emery


You refer constantly to the evils of progressive governments that you claim are Marxist and you repeatedly say that the progressive Democrats are taking us down the road to Marxism and Communism. Your post refers to that by claiming that the progressives are "radical evil" as you put it. So all I want are some examples of countries that have gone down that path that I can look at. Perfectly reasonable request unless you believe we are the first ones to go there.

Scott O

Psul - "So all I want are some examples of countries that have gone down that path that I can look at."
Oh, gosh - let's see: Russia, China, North Vietnam, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba..."
Too bad we can't provide ones that Trump ran.
"Perfectly reasonable request unless you..."
- don't count reality.
You know it wasn't that long ago we made fun of the country sitting on one of the world's largest oil reserves that had to import petro products.
And lately we have the president of the US on his knees begging Venezuela to pump more oil.
Do try to keep up, Psul.

Paul Emery


None of those countries with the possible exception of Venezuela went from being a Democracy to being Communist. That is what George and the RR's contend will happen to us under the Democrats. That contention is not factually accurate.

Bill Tozer

what is a woman?


Don Bessee

So the ponytail of ignorance throws this gem ' went from being a Democracy to being Communist' WTF ??


Joe Peyote Coyore

re: [4apr22 update] Psul’s future looks less than dim

That contention is factually accurate.

Scott O

from Psul - "That contention is not factually accurate."
And before that he admits it did 'possibly' happen.
So did it? Or didn't it?
It's got to be a difficult intellectual process to be Psul's brain.
Or 'possibly' not.
The point here is how we are as a country trending.
Does it really matter if we get to hell 'democratically' or by other means?
Maybe Psul is really upset that teachers in Florida can't groom children.

Joe Peyote Coyote

Scott 0 @ 7:28 pm

“Maybe Psul is really upset that teachers in Florida can’t groom children.”

Or maybe Psul is upset that only 40 cars showed up for Sunday’s KVMR’s Caravan of Love. The first 50 cars got a gift bag full of KVMR’s goodies. I showed up, got my free surprise gift bag, and drove straight home.

Sucker born every minute.

Bill Tozer

‘John Durham, Michael Sussmann, and the Broader Clinton Conspiracy
Texts from Sussmann prove his lies’


Scott O

"Or maybe Psul is upset that only 40 cars showed up for Sunday’s KVMR’s Caravan of Love."
The main problem Psul has is that everything he hated Trump for has been proven to be worse in Psul's choice for POTUS.
He got played, because he's a low IQ voter and now he's beginning to get a glimmer of how bad he looks.

Bill Tozer

on topic...in rap


Scott O

re BT 7:45 - New info re Sussmann's possible criminal activity is "disturbing and revolting" according to Democrat Party/Biden/Clinton officials.
"We whole-heartily condemn and and distance ourselves from this dastardly individual".

George Rebane

PaulE 547pm - You seem to be stuck on a principle that you have often visited - if it hasn't happened, it can't happen. Perhaps your unyielding devotion to that shibboleth should be rewarded with it being named after you, something like Emery's Edict would serve nicely.

But I do venture that the overwhelming share of thinking people would not apply it to existing democracies, given how obvious the road to tyranny is from such collectivist codling governance. Yes, Venezuela is an example, but a more serious one that does not violate Emery's Edict is Germany, a democracy that in 1933 elected Hitler as chancellor and made the Nazi Party dominant in the Reichstag. What the Jews and communists served for the Nazi Party as the objects of wholesale hatred, today we have conservative Christians (especially white and male) filling that need for the Democratic Party.

Biil Tozer

lets bring Elon into the discussion.


Paul Emery


You're not implying that Hitler was a Marxist are you? The gist of my discussion with you is countering your contention that we are on the path to Marxism with such policies as national health care etc.


Psul Sez:

"such policies as national health care etc. "

Of well, whatever 'national health care' is. It means a quite different thing depending on the country and means nothing without details.

But, at least that isn't simply hacking up another anti-Trump hairball, so there's one other topic. National-health-care-like-I-saw-in-Denmark-once. Just the thing if you spent a lifetime working for cash and using the emergency room for Medi-Cal coverage.

If you copy practically any other (all?) country's setup, I want to be there when Psul tells the healthcare workers that they have to take a 50%+ haircut in income.


This time I'll be respectful as I'd like an answer:

Mr. Paul Emery states: "You're not implying that Hitler was a Marxist are you? "

That's a better question than you might think.

Could you explain a few fundamental differences between business practice, especially large business, court systems and law enforcement, contracts, banking, personal property ownership, between Nazi Germany and the USSR?

It's an interesting thing to flesh out and I believe you're just the man for writing up a quick summary about the matter.

You are quick to argue about it, so I'd be willing to benefit from your knowledge.


GeorgeR: 'The Progressive Party', as opposed to The War Party, La Raza, Pentecostal Christians, etc.

At one time, I simply thought of them as a population who shared lower-than-average risk tolerance. The general notion that people should receive food/shelter/healthcare/cellphones regardless of their ability or willingness to do useful things is understandable. Of course, you do end up with the issue of rewarding non-usefulness, but that's a problem for later I guess.

Naturally, if that much money changes hands via the heavy hand of gubmint, grift naturally happens. No avoiding it and most of the Progressive heavy hitters financially benefit.

The amazing late-model new and improved group is what you might think of as The Chomo Party.

We know live in a world consisting of men-in-dresses, Diaper Furries, K-6 teachers wrangling books with gay porn, Drag Queen Story Time, sex change indoctrination for kids, and Sam Brinton. Maybe it's something in the water.

There's no point in hassling Psul about it since it's likely he has no interest in dressing up in an animal suit while wearing diapers (at least not yet) and won't defend it. Of course, he's going to vote right down the line with those folks, so maybe it's a difference that makes no difference.

Joe Peyote Coyote

Correction @ 7:39 pm

Only 40 people showed up to the Caravan of Love, not 40 cars. My free grab bag of KVMR gifts to lure me to the start of the event included a bunch of junk. Seeing nothing in the Love Bag worth while, I drove to the parking lot of McDonalds, stood outside hoping to give the KVMR Caravan of Love goodies to a homeless person or some soy boy who may actually appreciate the contents there of. No such luck, could not find one person who was interested, even for free. I then tossed the bag into the outside garbage can in front of McDonalds rather than leave it on top of the garbage bin where one with a sane mind could mistake my intentions as littering.

Correction in the spirit of being truthful. 40 people at the Love Caravan, not 40 cars. So, however, are not truthful. One dude with a ponytail claimed he would not respond to any name other than Paul or Paul Emery. However, Dr. Rebane calls him/her/it PaulE and others call the eunuch Psul, and the dementia liar still responds. Unbelievable. Psul is a lying sack of shit. One thing for certain is the LIAR Manbun of Ignorance does not know what a woman is nor has ever heard the noises a satisfied woman makes.


Punchy 808am

Hitler mastered identity politics. So did Lenin, Stalin & Mao.

George Rebane

PaulE 808am - Hitler was a collectivist first and always. And as Gregory @925am points out, he was also a master of identity politics. As Konrad Heiden documents in his detailed biography (Der Fuehrer, 1944) of Hitler's early years, Adolph was indeed enamored of Marxism during his political awakening in Vienna. The split came when Hitler adopted Germanic national socialism and racism of the Aryan stripe, while the communists were devoutly internationalists and considered Hitler's ilk to be primitive political provincials. Seeing what Mussolini (himself a communist expatriate) was doing to reconstitute the glories of Rome with fascism, Hitler also adopted that form of collectivism as his Plan B.

Steven Frisch

Actually Paul is almost completely correct; there are almost no examples of nations that have moved from a democratic form of governance, particularly one with any lengthy democratic traditions and institutions, to communism. By pointing this out Paul (aided by Scott) is highlighting the fundamental flaw in George’s historiography.

This is clearly not the case in North Korea, which was a colony of Japan, Vietnam, which was a colony of France, Cuba a colony of Spain then a dictatorship, Russia under the Tsars, China under Imperial rule as until 1911 and then a declared democracy for a brief few years.

Yes, Venezuela technically had a brief flirtation with democracy in the late 1940’s, one installed by a military coup followed by an election, that a brief few years later was overthrown by another military coup, and then was overshadowed by the discovery of oil and a string of kleptocratic governments, of which Chavez and his successors were merely the last in the string.

To characterize Germany under the Weimar Republic as a nation with a truly strong tradition of democracy would be wildly inaccurate.

First there was not even a German federal state until 1871. Although the formation of the German Kaiser Reich in 1871 was based explicitly on balancing power between a monarch and democracy, the balance of power was heavily weighted to the Kaiser.

Germany under the Kaiser’s was a constitutional monarchy similar to Great Britain, but the Reichstag, which was popularly elected, did not have anywhere near the powers of the British Parliament, most notably no power to remove the Chancellor, who was the head of government and functional equivalent to the Prime Minister.

The power of the Reichstag was also balanced by the Bundesrat, or an appointed federal council, which had the power to veto legislation by the Reichstag with no recourse.

The German Imperial constitution provides no provisions for a constitutional court, although it did allow for the creation of law courts, but it had no power to overturn the actions of the Kaiser, the Reichstag or the Bundesrat. Consequently German courts thus did not act as a balancing factor the way the British common law doctrine of Parliamentary sovereignty did, or the more explicit American constitutional as interpreted post Marbury v. Madison did.

The Weimar Republic lasted a brief few years, under the strain of the post WWI chaos in the streets, disdain for the government for signing the Versailles Treaty, and the cycles of inflation, but it was not a nation with strong democratic traditions.

And this really points out the truth of Paul’s point…the boogey man that George advances, the fall of democracy to communism due to some kind of creeping conspiracy, is not only unprecedented, it is highly unlikely.

But then again, fascists must have a boogey man to scapegoat in order to advance authoritarian tendencies in governance, which is George’s real agenda. Today we are far more at risk of falling to fascism in the false form of a balancing factor to communism, than to communism itself.


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 06 April 2022 at 10:08 AM

........psssst...... Beobachter!

George Rebane

StevenF 1008am - Thank you for that contribution Steve - timely, expected, and revealing as always.

To the recently arrived reader - notice how our leftwinger cum big government socialist continues his attempt at accusing those who promote smaller government, lower taxes, fewer regulations, more personal freedoms, minimally regulated markets, entrepreneurship, and personal responsibility as being big government authoritarians and collectivist fascists. Now, one might wonder what all our globalist Left and their Democratic Party promote.


Posted by: George Rebane | 06 April 2022 at 10:54 AM

Perfectly understandable George......when a guy's sinecure demands belief in something.....

Steven Frisch

Well George if your advocacy were for the promotion of smaller government, lower taxes, fewer regulations, more personal freedoms, minimally regulated markets, entrepreneurship, and personal responsibility from an intellectually consistent and honest perspective, such as that once taken by leading conservatives in our country, without scapegoating others with allegations of communism and socialism; and if your positions were not modified by open support for armed insurrection against the government in cases like Bundy Ranch, the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, and the January 6th insurrection; and were not polluted over the years by promotion of right wing and crypto-fascist organizations like the Tea Party, the Constitutional Sheriff's, the Oath Keepers, the John Birch Society (who even knew they were still alive)and the Proud Boys; and if you were not an open advocate of a widening of the "The Great Divide" as a means of separating Americans by race class, and culture; and if you were not regularly engaged in open fandom of such illiberal leaders as Viktor Orban and Vladamir Putin (through your support for Trump and his coddling of Putin), then I would be forced to treat you with some respect as I do traditional conservatives who I may disagree with but whom I can engage productively.

You are no traditional conservative, as you have stated many times here.

You are an illiberal populist, who supports expanding government interference in private lives and thus the size of government and busting the budget when done by your preferred leaders, are happy to impose laws and regulations on others while protecting your own personal freedoms, support government regulation and preferences in the markets when they benefit the things you thing of as sacrosanct such as fossil fuels.

You don't get to have it both ways, you don't get to sport the patina of traditional conservatism while possessing the mind of an insurrectionist.


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 06 April 2022 at 11:40 AM

....so much verbiage....so much projection.....! If it wasn't you I'd feel embarrassment for whoever wrote it.

I suppose we can take solace in the fact that after today's output we won't need to expect another Frischian "drive by" until July.

Steven Frisch

I can't help but note that although George critiqued my response on the illogic of contending that democracies are at risk of converting to communist dictatorships based on identifying his beliefs with fascism, he did not refute the basic premise, that Paul is indeed correct, it almost never and may never have happened.

False fear...boogeyman...which begs the questions, why prop up a false premise?

Bill Tozer

I prefer the term ‘American Marxists’ to communists. We have our own unique brand of Marxism heavily promoted, advocated, and practiced by our Leftinistas. China has their own nationalist (and racist) brand of Communism, as opposed to the Red Scare from Lenin. The Jacobins of the French Revolution had their own kind of hatred for the religious, and Cambodia has their own cultural revolutions. So, it is hard to find the 100% perfect brand of Communism, totalitarianism, statism, fascism, etc. India definitely is a nationalist state and the Japanese as a culture are quite racist to people who do not look like them.

I prefer the term American Marxism because it is our own unique of way of hating on America and abhorring her past and to form a more perfect Union.

BTW, who were the indigenous people of England? I believe they were the Anglo-Saxons, but I could be wrong. Those indigenous peoples gave us common law and the Magna Charter, those horrible white men. Imagine having individual or property rights in an American Marxist society. Silly notion, but that’s just me.

Now we soon will have a Supreme Court Associate who does not believe in natural rights, which is diametrically opposed to both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. And equal rights under the law is….bad, berry berry bad. Only in American Marxism! I personally put all the blame on the indigenous peoples of the British Isles.

Paul Emery

Youu are wrong about the Anglo-Saxons being the indigenous people of England.
The earliest were the Celts. Here's a link with more information for you:

"Celtic Britain consisted of the Iron Age from approximately 600 BC – 50 AD and this was the age of the Celt in Britain (England) as the Celtic culture established itself throughout the British Isles. They arrived in Britain as separate tribes that migrated there and were loosely tied by a similar language, religion, and cultural expression."



Steve F. "there are almost no examples of nations that have moved from a democratic form of governance, particularly one with any lengthy democratic traditions and institutions, to communism. "

there are almost no examples of nations that have had a democratic form of governance, so that's a pretty easy call I think.


BillT: "BTW, who were the indigenous people of England? I believe they were the Anglo-Saxons, but I could be wrong. "

Those were groups that entered after Rome pulled out, a combination of sword, trade, and demographics...as per usual.

'Celts' generally aren't an ethnic group but a shared language family. There's the modern business of pretend 'Celtic' which is usually violin playing so far as I can tell. A lot of the mess is steppe tribes moving hither and yon. People tend to invent Celtic religion and traditions that are mostly bullshit as there isn't much in the way of sources, aside from things like mean words from Roman writers.


Since we're talking about the evil party....

Sacramento mayor wants Gavin Newsom to spend $3 billion on crime prevention in wake of shooting

Wonder what Daryl Steinberg has in mind for all that cash!?

Wonder, wonder, wonder?

Seems like keeping violent felons in jail would be a decent start.....nahh....that's just crazy talk in this post Floyd era. Lets blame guns.....the rubes always fall for that!


more BillT: "Those indigenous peoples gave us common law and the Magna Charter, those horrible white men. "

My own take is that there's a form of mass behavior, accepted ways of doing things, a bit of written down folderol (like the US Constitution) that you can basically blame the English and their diaspora for. We tend to say things like 'democracy' like it really means a particular set of rules, but I'd say that the rules and poli sci explanations were mostly to give names to things that were generated organically. I guess it's like how guitar players can play and not know much (or any) music theory.

It's all wogs east of Calais, and outside of the Five Eyes things will always be a mystery. They do build nice buildings though.

That 'democratic' system isn't all that old though, things do break down eventually, surveillance improves, your land gets invaded by Vikings or Middle Easterners, the center cannot hold. There's no reason for anything like 'freedom' to stick around, especially when your initial culture gets displaced. Why should it?

I just assume that once President for Life Sam Brinton takes the seat of power, we'll get puppy buggering on the hour on the telescreens. It was a good run while it lasted.

Bill Tozer

Punchy Punch Ponytail Punch.

your link is more than misleading. The Celts arrived much later those awful people who are a big black mark a black mark on the human race. 600 BC is NOT indigenous. No way. But, they did paint their faces blue...so that makes perfect sense. The Anglo Saxins were the indigenous peoples of Merry ole England. Today in Scotland, those neanderthal knuckleheads in skirts actually passed a law that says women cannot legally commit the crime of rape....so all your rapist brethen in Scotland say they are women are placed in with real women with vaginas to rape the immates at will and without consequences. Scotland would never put a rapist in a women's prision because women cannot commit the crime of rape, lol.

What planet do the Scots live on? plus, if one like moi says those male rapists are not women, I will be tossed in jail for commiting a hate crime, loss of employment mandatory, and treated far more severly than the male rapists raping women in prison. Talk about Chained Heat.

600 years BC? I will bet ya that the Celts are not the indigenous people, but you would most likely Welch on the bet. Go paint your face blue, you purple pimple women hater.

Steven Frisch

Top 10 Countries Where Insulin is Most Expensive (2018 RAND Corporation):
United States — $98.70
Chile — $21.48
Mexico — $16.48
Japan — $14.40
Switzerland — $12.46
Canada — $12.00
Germany — $11.00
Korea — $10.30
Luxembourg — $10.15
Italy — $10.03


" I will bet ya that the Celts are not the indigenous people,"

They aren't really a people, just a set of memes, so you'll probably need to stick to DNA studies to figger it out.


Some people are from families that just don't get out much.


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 06 April 2022 at 03:28 PM

WAIT.....! I know this one.....to make it cheaper.....let's have the government buy it!


fish: " WAIT.....! I know this one.....to make it cheaper.....let's have the government buy it!"

No need. Simply declare what the price is.

I was thinking we could declare that gasoline is 50 cents/gallon and that concrete is $2 / cubic yard delivered.

Naturally, insulin prices are all about some screed saying that '712 GOP CONGRESSMEN DIDN'T VOTE FOR THE BILL THAT WOULD MAKE IT FREE!!!!"

I'm always willing to hear about how to improve the health system, typically by people who know bupkis about the inner workings, but it always seems to work this way: 1) Produce a system with a broken free market. 2) Be amazed at the prices. 3)Let's nationalize it. Without digging in, it's a boring argument.

If universal, single payer (or single provider) healthcare is a good idea, let's do it in California. The state is certainly large enough to be self supporting in that area and it's political dominated by Goodpeople, so why not? Go for it. Maybe Steve could start the Sierra Healthcare and Business Council and hire more young women.

Bill Tozer

Punchy Punch Puncher of ManBun.

i will will the bet, but never see a dollar. We all know how tight the Scotts are with their money. They squeak when they walk.

Now, I do like the pretty Irish lassies, even thought they have awful tempers and talk kinda funny. As far as the little Irish men go...there is some truth to the saying that God created whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling anything. The Irish and the Red Man have that thing in common...liking Irish lassies and piss poor whiskey.

Good luck getting prying a wooden nickel out of a Kilt wearers' fist. still, bet is on.

And Greek Sailor Boy jokes are off limits. That would not be very Frisco value friendly.

oh yeah. is it just be or have others noticed Punchy looks like a Roman?

Steven Frisch

All we would have to do is allow the federal government to negotiate prices with drug makers...which is what most of the countries on the list above do.


George Rebane

Re Insulin prices - "The gap between list and net prices can be huge, and many discounts don’t flow to customers at the counter, a real if smaller-than-advertised problem. In 2019 patients paid less than $30 out of pocket for 74% of all diabetes prescriptions, according to IQVIA’s analysis. More than nine in 10 were less than $75. But folks can get stuck paying exorbitant prices if they aren’t insured or must burn through a large deductible before coverage starts." Also see https://www.iqvia.com/form-pages/general

re SteveF 328pm - Quoting prices that few if any pay, is that called fake news?


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 06 April 2022 at 03:56 PM

......and why isn’t that being done? I mean the “good guys” hold all three branches.....you would think it would be easy. Especially after implementing the Unaffordable Care act.....


.....and why isn’t that being done?

Hmmm…..Steve’s probably dashing off a brief note to his representative right now.

Good for him…

Paul Emery

Time for a history lesson.

Bill claims: " The Anglo Saxons were the indigenous peoples of Merry ole England."

Not true according to the BBC who say:

"The term Anglo-Saxon is a relatively modern one. It refers to settlers from the German regions of Angeln and Saxony, who made their way over to Britain after the fall of the Roman Empire around AD 410."


Barry Pruett

Ah Steve. I have been waiting all day to finish work and talk to you. I think that the labels used by the commenters here are all wrong. Everyone is arguing about Marxism versus Fascism. “Progressive” versus conservative. And so on. I am of the opinion that it is far simpler and far more logical to dispense with the labels and view actions of government on a sliding scale. On the one side is pure totalitarianism (USSR) and on the other side is pure liberalism (John Lennon’s Imagine). We are always some where on the scale between the two extremes. True liberals should by definition favor all policies that lean towards liberalism and away from totalitarianism. I don’t think that our dividing lines are progressive and conservative as both have totalitarian tendencies. Our dividing line is now a part of the country that wants to go down the totalitarian road while others desire to go the way of John Lennon where everyone does the right thing for the right reason at all times and without any government compulsion and we live in true peace. By going down the totalitarian road, we risk the extraordinary and inevitable evils of such systems and we give up on the dream of humanity. You are a liberal guy, and I know that you believe in this dream as well. To George’s point, is not smaller government actually a move towards liberalism and away from totalitarianism? I can’t see how bigger government lends itself to true liberalism. I look forward to your response.

Don Bessee

The more evil they do against the wishes of the electorate the worse the mid terms wil be. Thanks!

“With the political environment now in a much more dire state for Democrats due to persistent inflation, immigration threatens to transform the upcoming midterm elections from a defeat into a catastrophe,” according to an April 6 report by Morning Consult.



Bill Tozer


i saw this earlier and thought of you. its not the mid-terms the Dems should worry about...being crushed in the State Houses in Nov. The real story, looking ahead to the 2024 elections and races is a Super Majority in the Senate. Veto proof. Just takes 3/4 of the State Houses and 2/3 of the Senate to call for a Constitutional Convention...er...a Convention of the States. :)

For Don's eyes only.


Apologies to the man with the patience of Job (our host) and
to the readers including Roman Paul and his merry gang of groomers for straying off topic


GeorgeR: "re SteveF 328pm - Quoting prices that few if any pay, is that called fake news?"

Nah, it's just the Psul 'n Steve show going after one of the few areas Progressives these days can make any argument headway. Some foreign countries seem to have decent health systems at much lower cost, it's worth considering why. Of course, the 'solutions' never make sense since you are trying to fundamentally alter a huge and complicated system...without breaking it.

If you read through as much Crazytown news as I do, you can see why Psul 'n Steve stick with:
. Trump is Hitler, George is Hitler, everyone here is Hitler
. Healthcare is broken but we can magically fix it if we just ran government

since the rest of the modern Progressive platform is so insane.

Of course, spending any time arguing with crazy people is rarely worth the trouble. The whole country has run off the rails and there's really nothing to be done about it.

Scott O

scenes 8:55 - "Healthcare is broken but we can magically fix it if we just ran government."
Yep - they love to say that until they actually DO run the govt (California) and get a gander at the price tag of free health care for everyone.
They found they would have to raise taxes so damn high, the voters would throw out every elected Dem in the state.
You'd think that would shut the lefties up about it, but no.
They continue to yammer away about it non-stop.
Once they have a fantasy in their noggins, facts and reality just don't stand a chance.


"They found they would have to raise taxes so damn high, "

I think I back-of-the-enveloped it as doubling the cash intake to state government.

The big push will be to federalize it so the money can be borrowed (ie. crash 'n burn the dollar at some point). It all works pretty well if the policy makers manage to retire before the inevitable happens, their U-Hauls to Idaho should all be lined up.

Scott O

scenes - Yep again. That's why the feds should not be in the money handout game. To anyone, including the 'bailouts' for state and city govts. The different states can 'experiment' with varying amounts of socialism and the successful states will show the way.
California is not doing very well -
These units will end up being Cabrini Greens West in no time. And there will still be squalor and homeless on the streets. Epic fail.

George Rebane

ScottO 759am - What does it say when none of our leftwing readers contend with your prognostication? After all, such projects are the products of the socialist brain trusts, and you'd think they would defend them. Crickets.

Paul Emery


There is no reason we can't emulate one of the many successful health national health care programs implemented by other countries. Do you realize that in this country for a healthy self employed person to have health insurance for their family the cost is well over $1300 a month. Imagine what it would cost if you were diabetic for example. Talk about a discouragement to becoming self employed.


Hey George.....

Any idea why SF State's angriest Poly Sci grad has such a hard on (in a bad way) for you?

I can see nothing in your writing that would justify yesterdays blathering......!

Just curious.....would love to spend an afternoon wandering the halls of Steve's brain to see what caused....him.

Anyway....any light you can shed is appreciated!

Scott O

Paul 11:16 - "There is no reason we can't emulate one of the many successful health national health care programs implemented by other countries."
And yet California has failed even to try, despite many promises for decades that it would happen as soon the Dems got control. Well - they have control and they found when they actually had to come up with a real number, they decided there was some other 'crisis' that needed attention.
There obviously IS a reason we don't have free health care - the present one provides a very comfortable living for millions in the health care business and they don't want to lose it. Just look at the cost of getting a pre-med degree and then going to med school. If you can't even start to lower that cost then don't even think about lowering any other costs.

George Rebane

PaulE 1116am - You seem to have forgotten all the previous discussions and revelations on nationalized healthcare in these pages. Without rehashing, you should recall that NONE of the foreign healthcare systems of which you and yours are enamored are sustainable (especially the big ones like those of UK and Germany). They all continue to increase their share of the national budget (and GDP) in order to maintain a constant level of (often dubious) care, or they continue cutting back on coverage and services in order to control costs.

fish 1153am - The problem has always been that SteveF understands very little of which I (and most of you) write. These pages do not reflect or represent his worldview and beliefs. See also my recent 'What is Truth?'


re: Healthcare.

The fact that California, utterly run by The Good People, can't improve these systems proves to me that either it's not improvable, or that it's not an issue of Lack of Democrats.

In other Evil Party News:


as they say, goombah goombah goombah.

They're obviously giving Ol' Joe the Jonah's Lift (the absolutely perfect term for the matter) but I wonder who the next Chosen One is.

To his credit, Orangeman put himself in that slot, the Democratic party will simply choose another puppet I imagine.


Speaking of Hunter the Goombah, this has been around for a few days:

"EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower who handed Hunter's abandoned laptop to congressmen and DailyMail.com reveals he has 450 gigabytes of DELETED material including 80,000 images and videos - and has fled to Switzerland fearing retaliation from White House"

It sounds good, it isn't like files really disappear when erased, but these things are usually a tease.

The world calls for more Hunter Biden Dick Pics. Nay, it demands it. Dunno how they deal with the underage girls when doing a giant release of images. I wonder if President Big Guy will have some more starring roles in emails?


Posted by: scenes | 07 April 2022 at 01:09 PM

The fact that California, utterly run by The Good People, can't improve these systems proves to me that either it's not improvable, or that it's not an issue of Lack of Democrats.

It also says that pretty much everyone in the democrat constituency who must be provided "free" healthcare in order to remain reliable already has it and extracting more lucre from the rabble is untenable at this point.

Wasn't one of Grifter Nancy's sales pitches (other than "you have to pass it to find out what's in it") arguing for the Unaffordable Care Act was that you could be a poet, you could be a cameraman, you could be a mediocre guitar botherer from Nevada City.....and have healthcare at a cost that would allow you to continue in these jobs?

Maybe Psul needs to break out the Cello case instead of the guitar case for his sidewalk collection efforts

Paul Emery


According to this source this is what it cost for a family of 4 for non-subsidized health care. What young family can afford that?

"If you are buying an ACA plan as non-subsidized health insurance for a family of 4, you can expect to pay about $25,000 for the year in premiums and deductibles. That breaks down to an average of $17,244 in annual premium cost for health insurance for families of 4 and $7,767 in deductible expenses."


George Rebane

PaulE 300pm - While you don't address the main factors concerning nationalized healthcare, what part do you think govt plays in adding UNNECESSARY costs to private sector healthcare? What would happen if govt opened up the healthcare market and did away with its corporatism?

Don Bessee

Being evil will catch up with you -

Republicans in the battleground state of Pennsylvania are registering former Democrat voters four times the rate of Democrats making the reverse registration, according to a Reuters report. Thus, becoming “a warning sign for Democrats” as they fight to keep control of Congress.

Pennsylvania has become a crucial battleground state over the years and will host an important U.S. Senate race this November that could decide the majority in the upper chamber. Reuters reported that many voters who registered as Republicans were upset with inflation and violent crime.



Paul Emery

Who knows George. Do you have any examples of that experience in other countries that have gone that route? Besides how do you "get rid of corporatism"? what would be the logical next step if we were to begin that process from where we are today? Besides how far would a potential candidate for office get if he were to run on a platform of eliminating Medicare and subsidized medicine.


I'm seeing Blue Shield at $1750 deductible for a young family (2x30 year adults + 2x10 year old children) @ $1500/month.

Carry on.

(for fun, I ran what look to be the same numbers for a company in Switzerland and it was about $1000/month).

No problemo. Have the State of California pay for it all for free. They should be able to do that with a stroke of a pen.


side note: methinks that Psul added the words 'young family' to make it more dramatic. Is it in the article linked?


" Do you have any examples of that experience in other countries that have gone that route?"

For God's sake Psul, pick a country and compare that one to the US. They're all quite different from each other.

Research a place and see how it might be different/better. You're comparing multiple places you don't know about with a place you don't know about.

Don Bessee

Its so obvious that the lap dogs have been outed -

Brian Stelter flails as college freshman confronts him on CNN's 'disinformation' on Hunter Biden, Russia hoax
The 'Reliable Sources' host was asked why journalists have become 'cheerleaders' for the Biden 'regime'




Posted by: scenes | 07 April 2022 at 04:28 PM

"Do you have any examples of that experience in other countries that have gone that route?"

For God's sake Psul, pick a country and compare that one to the US. They're all quite different from each other.

That's just the Larry King thing he does......throw out an open ended question that requires extra, extra, extra time to answer in a reasonable way, make productive use of that time. Larry used to make dinner plans (....wonder what the special is tonight at Duke Zieberts.....mmmmm...Matzo Ball soup!) when some poor schlub was trying to satisfy his question.

I always figured that Psul would sneak out to the KVMR parking to to hoove a smoke while he had the same opportunity.

I guess cool radio jock habits die hard?!



Speaking of Crazytown, it's hard to beat this administration.

"Psaki Says Sex Reassignment Surgery, Puberty Blockers for Kids Is ‘Best Practice,’ States Preventing It Will Be Held Accountable"




I do love it when you play Psul's Greatest Hits.....

Paul Emery

Do you have a link for your 4:23 Blue Shield quote? I'd like to know more and what the details are.

Paul Emery

That was for scenes 4:23

Bill Tozer

re: Evil, evil, evil, the Evil Party continues self validation

“……too many conservatives fail to appreciate the radical evil that lies at the heart of progressivism by, e.g., giving progressives credit for good intentions and assuming that the disasters caused by their policies are inadvertent.” -Dr Rebane’s opening of this post.
‘Weirdos Who Want To Sexualize Your Children Should Absolutely Be Stigmatized As Groomers’
Are we really quibbling over whether ‘groomers’ is an OK word to refer to people who delight in sexualizing kids and hiding it from parents?

“But we know what grooming looks like, and if we’re too afraid to call it what it is, what the hell are we conserving?”


Bill Tozer

NO GROOMING ALLOWED…..(unless you are evil)



"Do you have a link for your 4:23 Blue Shield quote? I'd like to know more and what the details are."

Oddly enough, ehealthinsurance.com

It's just that I went to the trouble to actually plug in the numbers (for Grass Valley).

Serious question. Have you ever bought health insurance pre-Medicare? How did you go about doing it?

As an aside to anyone who cares, the difference in cost between US and Swiss health insurance just about exactly matched the difference in per-capita health spending in both countries. It doesn't seem like the US insurance companies are skimming off huge profits or super-high overhead.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 7:54 pm

“Serious question. Have you ever bought health insurance pre-Medicare? How did you go about doing it?”

Wrong question. The more apt question for Psul is, “Serious question. Have you ever bought health insurance pre-Medicaid?”

We were told if Obamacare did not pass, 12 million people would DIE! on our streets. Ok, it was 6 million would die in the gutter, then it became 12 million. Odd, I don’t recall 6 million or 12 million folks dying each year on our streets before Obamacare.

That cost of over a grand a month for a self employed person with family is about right. In fact, a grand a month would be a bargain. Luckily, Bush rammed through the prescription drug plan for poor folks and Obama was none to happy about that. Obama wanted to take away Medicare Part D from seniors!

A guess a self employed farmer with family would be able to easily handle that monthly nut. Afterall, without all the money from the dope growers, Nevada City would roll up the sidewalks and die. Blow away like a tumbleweed in the Last Picture Show. Thank goodness for all our self employed Dope growers. They should be able to pay for my Medicare parts C-G.

No worries. Our self employed get food stamps and free Medicaid. Free Medicaid for all!



Without digging into it for years, it's hard to say how to improve these systems, assuming that the laws of unintended consequences don't intervene.

What I get tired of is folks that assume that a)insurance company executives are at fault because they skim off all the money or b)that their political party has some answer, or some answer that can withstand special interest groups.

I was thinking about why Swiss healthcare costs are somewhat lower, but without the mental overhead a liberal brings by already knowing the answer before the question is asked (true on the other side, but less extreme for this issue). You do have to wonder about the effect of Swiss v. US obesity rates (7.7% vs. 30.6%), our huge underclass, the tendency to subsidize Medicare costs by increasing non-Medicare, and a hundred other things.

Oh well, at KVMR the solution is simple. Just set up a single buyer bureaucracy and declare what you'll pay. Insurance could cost $1/month. Just flap your hands in an agitated manner about how ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES DO IT.


Is it medical insurance that is being discussed, or prepaid medical care?

There is a difference.



Insurance v. prepaid medical care.

Since the two are heaped together into one glorious mess, it's hard to tell.

A lot of folks, including Psul I expect, would like a system where you can go in at any time, get any treatments, and it appears to be free. Distorting incentives be damned.

I wonder sometimes about the areas that are essentially prepaid medical care. While something like dental cleanings are a service that make a lot of sense, I'd like to see a study showing the value of regular visits (yearly or semiyearly) to a GP. A person can buy their own scale, BP measuring device (which can give much more accurate readings than the office will), stick your finger in it oxygen level gizmo. Having someone with 1000+ patients ask you how you are feeling, an hour late for the appointment, while barely scanning your records for the first time never struck me as particularly valuable. Maybe fix on failure and the occasional bonafide test is the right answer here.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 6:19 am

Some think that the USA has unlimited sums of money. Awash in cash. When Trump first told NATO countries (Germany in particular) to pay their fair share (2%), Psul Punchy raced over here and went on and on about how mean bully Trump was making Germany pay for defense with money they did not have. Poor Germany, just trying to improve the lives of their citizens and now Trump is threatening them to pay money the do not have. Big tears. Poor Germany. Sob, sob.

Never mind that Germany is THE economic powerhouse of the entire EU and of course they could have great healthcare for all….solely because we paid for their defense. A lot of countries could play make believe ‘free’ healthcare for all as long as the USA covered their defense and security. And Germany is running surpluses of billions each year. Just like California, lol. Germany gets its cake and eats it too…as long as somebody else (the USA) pays to keep them safe so they can play house socialism.

The way I look at it, the EVIL leftinistas with the modern economic theory sez there are no consequences for printing money out the whazoo. Ok, fine. So, if that is the case, then why do I pay taxes? Why are there even taxes? Why does anyone have to pay taxes if the government can print as much as they want without any consequences?

I love the argument that is we just stashed our defense budget, we could insure every single person in the USS, plus North, Central, and South America….but we MUST to defend Europe and the Kurds and Ukraine and South Korea and Japan with our defense budget, ROFLMAO.

Pusl Punch used to say just go to Yuba Docs to have a tick removed and no biggie. Pay cash for the little stuff.

I may have great unsubsidized insurance, but the doctor is unable to see me now. Having health insurance is one thing, getting in to see a top notch specialist tomorrow (health care) is another thang.

I heard there is a clinic in North San Juan. They take anybody.


Posted by: scenes | 07 April 2022 at 07:54 PM

"Do you have a link for your 4:23 Blue Shield quote? I'd like to know more and what the details are."

Oddly enough, ehealthinsurance.com

Never in a million years would Psul have found that link if you hadn't provided it.

I mean....somebody really needs to develop dedicated software that lets a person search for information on the internet.....a search tool or "engine" if you will...that makes looking for information easier for layman and layabout alike.

And it'll have to have a catchy name so people remember it.

We can only hope that someone is working on this now....so we will all have benefit of it in 20 - 25 years.

Bill Tozer

Well, Psul got one thing right. He is on to something.


There is no reason we can't emulate one of the many successful health national health care programs implemented by other countries. Do you realize that in this country for a healthy self employed person to have health insurance for their family the cost is well over $1300 a month. Imagine what it would cost if you were diabetic for example. Talk about a discouragement to becoming self employed.

Posted by: Paul Emery | 07 April 2022 at 11:16 AM”

Ding, ding, ding. We have ourselves a winner. Psul finally is seeing the light and his libertarian streak has emerged:

“Talk about a discouragement to becoming self employed.” Spot on. The self employed pays twice the SSI tax than the wage employee does. With Medicare tax, the self employed person pays 15% tax on every dollar instead of the 6-7%. Look at the gig law, which discourages self employment. Look at the business regs that discourage self employment.

When you think locally, the State of California shut down a bunch of self-employed businesses. Small retail businesses like food joints and exercise clubs and you name it. Aunt Stella’s cream cheese bagel shop got closed down, but not Target or Kohl’s.

The government hates the independent, the self-employed, the small entrepreneurs, ones who are the risk takers, the ones who believe in the American dream. They are bad people, berry berry berry bad people so government keeps shining a flashlight up their ass to see if their is a hidden dollar up there that they can snatch. The filthy rich! The risk takers are the enemy of those who take no risks…such as government employees, lol.

Yes, Psul, let’s talk about the discouragement to becoming self employed. Finally. Next thing you know, Psul will be waving the ole Gadsden flag…while demanding others pay for health insurance. :)

The secret to lowering heath insurance costs for the self-employed is to get a huge deductible. Say, 5 grand. So, you pay your monthly premiums and take your sweetie and kids to the doc a few times and pay cash cause you are still under the 5k deductible….so you pay and pay and have not once received any benefit, Lol. It’s like car insurance. You don’t get a thing until there is a big crash. Fix the small stuff yourself…under the $500 deductible.

Scott O

Well, yes - this was passed by the voters but only because the evil party lied about it.
"Smiley Allen Martin was freed in February after serving time for punching a girlfriend, dragging her from her home by her hair and whipping her with a belt, according to court and prison records. "
What voter would have thought that to be 'non-violent'?
Aside from Psul?
Yep - it turns out the Dem party considers that to be non-violent.
"Those count as nonviolent offenses under California law, which considers only about two dozen crimes to be violent felonies — such as murder, rape, arson and kidnapping."
And then they complain that we need more gun laws.
"Police have said the violence was a shootout between rival gangs in which at least five people fired weapons, including Martin’s brother, Dandrae Martin, who also was arrested. No one has yet been charged with homicide in the shooting."
Don't remember the incident being presented that way in the funny papers and from the Dem politicians.
"Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, a progressive Democrat who formerly led the state Senate, was among those upset when he learned of Martin’s record."
Gee - when conservatives are upset about the same thing, they get called all sorts of foul names.
"“If people have a history of committing violent acts, and they have not shown a propensity or willingness to change, I don’t think they should be out on the streets,” he said at an event where officials requested more than $3 billion from the state to expand crime prevention programs."
Yeah - like the 3 strikes law that the Dems worked to get rid of.
But we need 3 billion in Kali for "crime prevention programs". That never work.

Bill Tozer

Oh Scott, the guy who upon getting out went immediately straight to his workshop to make himself a automatic weapon. Probably within 2 hours of getting out. He is just misunderstood, that’s all.

I heard from a prosecutor familiar with the inner workings of the Sac prosecutor’s office that the parole board doesn’t even bother to write up an early release….they just release them at their pleasure.
*That would be in direct conflict with our one paper town editor’s fact checker saying early release. For what? Good behavior? Nah, our justice system is just making it all good behavior and cutting them loose. Interesting, if true. No forms to fill out.
You know, Hillary Clinton took a lot of heat in 1996 talking about the Crime Bill and for calling some criminals as Super Predators, but we should perhaps start using the term Super predators again. The criminally insane. One day one, it’s all good behavior.

Don Bessee

The lap dogs peddling the lies of the dnc and shrillary think they have the market cornered even when the world laughs at their BS -

The Atlantic boss claims 'disinfo' conference subjected to 'disinformation campaigns' following viral moments
Speakers including former President Obama, Anne Applebaum, Brian Stelter were panned on social media



Bill Tozer

Trump Haters Impeached Him For ‘Inciting A Riot.’ Now They’re Claiming The Riot Was Premeditated


Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer


‘The Debasement of Our Professional and Political Classes’

Leftist professionals in politics, government, and private enterprise debased themselves for short-term political gain, or in furor at their bogeyman Trump, or in anger at the unwashed.


Scott O

The Evil Party in California continues their insanity:
"A full workday would remain 8 hours but would require overtime pay for employees who work longer than 32 hours or four full days a week."
But of course they expect the companies to continue to pay the employees for 40 hrs a week of work.
Maybe the Dem Party in California can set up offices in the larger companies to better help them oversee the micro-managing they need.

Bill Tozer


‘California Bill Openly Admits Abortion Was Always About Killing Babies’

‘I Hated Dresses As A Girl. Thank God My Parents Didn’t Deform And Sterilize Me For It’

Where my Obamaphone?

‘It’d be great if anybody that wanted a free phone and a free monthly plan could get one’


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