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13 April 2022



List of Jewish Libertarians
Posted on 16 February 2015

Jewish Libertarians:
Walter Block
Frank Chodorov
Moshe Feiglin
David Friedman
Patri Friedman
Glenn Greenwald
Henry Hazlitt (by mother)
Steve Horwitz
Israel Kirzner
Adam Kokesh
Ilana Mercer
Ludwig von Mises
Tonie Nathan
Murray Rothbard
Murray Sabrin
Irwin Schiff
Peter Schiff
Charlie Shrem
John Stossel
Aaron Swartz

Eugene Volokh

Milton Friedman (libertarian conservative)
Ayn Rand (objectivist)



"Lenin and Stalin were both irked by the preponderance of Jews manning the intellectual and philosophical underpinnings of communism."

And jews are overrepresented in our academia and judiciary... I'd argue that's because academic pursuits are highly valued in Jewish culture.

George Rebane

Gregory 634pm - Correctamundo! which now begs my question.


No one else jumping in? I'll add a stanza from National Brotherhood Week by Tom Lehrer:

"Oh, the Catholics hate the Protestants,
and the Protestants hate the Catholics.
The Hindus hate the Moslems,
And everybody hates the Jews..."

Given the status of Jews as a disliked minority throughout Christendom (they killed Jesus, you see) I think the gravitation of Jews to leftist thought should have been expected given its superficial agreement with Jewish teachings and Marxian promise (forever in the future) of a near-paradise devoid of strife.

Scott O

Gregory - "And everybody hates the Jews..."
Not everyone.
The question being asked is why so many Jews are on the side of the folks that really do hate them.
I've wondered about this myself. David Cole has offered explanations more than once as he was perplexed about this at one time as well. Here's one:


As a group, they are Othered just about everywhere outside of Israel.

I don't get why you think Marxists or the Left really hate them the most.

Bill Tozer


“No one else jumping in?” I am reading, not commentating. The Jewish culture is hard for someone on the outside looking in to understand. Thus, I won’t jump in. On this topic, best for me to talk the cotton out of my ears and put it in my mouth. Spain had the Jewish men tie ribbons on their dongs and run down the streets to the entertainment of the crowds.
The history of the hatred of the Jews appears historically long and universal. Yet, despite everything with the scattered tribes across the globe and intermarriage and different cultures spread wide and far, the Hebrew (Jewish) DNA remains intact since the days of Abraham, if not before. Amazing. Mind boggling.

More than one ‘conservative’ Jew has grapplec with why 97% or so of the American Jewish voters vote Democrat, the party that disparages them the most, including some brilliant conservative American and European scholars. Why? I dunno.

Carry on.

Scott O

Gregory - "I don't get why you think Marxists or the Left really hate them the most."
Blacks don't like the Jews, Muslims don't like the Jews, NAZIs don't like the Jews. And yes, the NAZIs were leftists.
And as Cole points out, somewhere in the food chain (usually closer to the top) there are an inordinate number of Jews wanting to aid the worst of these folks.
I'm not the only one that notices this. It just seems weird and counter-productive.


"More than one ‘conservative’ Jew has grapplec with why 97% or so of the American Jewish voters vote Democrat, the party that disparages them the most, including some brilliant conservative American and European scholars."

It's more like 1:4 or 1:3, and they are less than 2% of voters. 97% is fantasyland.

Bill Tozer

Thanks, Gregory @ 12:08 pm

I thought Jews are 3% of the population, but that could translate to 2% of the voting population. As far as 97%, perhaps my reading put that number at 90% of Jew support the Democrats,, but those reports are usually from specific districts, regions, cities, and the like. So, it’s 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 nationally now? 25-33%? Have no reason to doubt you.
My error.

It’s akin to saying 97% of the voters in the Castro District voted Democrat or 90-93% of the voters in Nancy’s district vote Democrat Party.

I am quite happy to hear on a national level or closer to the truth level, things do not look so bleak. As Scott mentioned and others, “including some brilliant conservative American and European JEWISH scholars” have grappled with is it all seems ‘counter-productive’ to me….not to hid behind what other Jewish have pondered and wondered why.

Bill Tozer

The Left’s Jewish Question. It always pops out, even on non-related issues.

WaPo Peddles Anti-Semitic Trope In Doxxing Attack On ‘Libs Of TikTok’


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