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07 April 2022


Gary W Irving

I think your exposition is missing some cogent points. Beliefs often start with values. Most people have a rank order of values although most are hard-pressed to articulate them. The values often lead to a belief system of how the world works, free enterprise vs socialism, property values vs. human rights, etc. Once a person sorts out their values and beliefs, they are inevitably attracted to Political groups that share the values and pander to approaches aimed (supposedly) at protecting those values and reinforcing the associated beliefs. Many values and associated beliefs are formed at an early age through religion or upbringing. These are not based on facts. Other values in areas of commerce, economics, or science are more amenable to fact gathering, cause-effect hypotheses, and results from quantitative analysis, etc. It's not simple, that's why one can find a Noble Economist that verifies their beliefs no matter what they are. Values held dearly are protected with passion, often irrationally, at all costs. Data gathering and analysis are more objective and persons prone to preferring that approach (I believe) are less likely to go out and visit violence (verbal or physical) against someone who disagrees with them. Most of the political discourse today is driven by a difference in rank order of values camouflaged as disagreements about how the world works and what methods will best protect those values. This brings extreme passions to bare. I believe the country has a greater agreement in values, patriotism, family first, national security, efficiency in the marketplace, than is exposed in the current political discourse, which focuses on trashing the opposition, rather than offering an even-handed evaluation of alternative methods for maximizing commonly held values. A good example is border security. I get frequent texts and emails every week to "build the wall." I disagree with the approach, I don't think there's a business case for a wall, I don't think walls have been proven to be effective in diminishing the flow of illegal aliens, etc. But if I disagree with building a wall, I never get to why I think it is an inefficient approach, I'm immediately branded as a liberal who favors an open border (whatever that is) and people stop listening to anything I have to say for I have been branded as the enemy. It's sad to me that, through the internet leveraged by political charlatans, we can't search for a commonly acceptable approach to our critical challenges with open minds.

George Rebane

GaryI 408pm - Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Re "open border (whatever that is)", we can resolve to everyone's satisfaction immediately. Take a sample of the porosity of international borders over which illegal crossings are recorded/estimated. Compute the mean and variance of that sample. Any border, the porosity of which is more than, say, +3-sigma, may be accepted by any reasonable definition as being 'open'. I would venture to say that our border porosity is beyond 6-sigma.

Re beliefs starting with values, I think a revealing test of this proposition would be to ask a large sample of Americans to first list some beliefs about a certain issue, and then ask them to reveal the values which sustain and support their beliefs. I would bet the ranch that less than 5% of the sample could give what you would consider as a cogent answer, thereby denying support to your proposition and assertion that I am "missing some cogent points." But, of course, that is only my belief ;-)

Scott O

Gary I. - nice try, dude.
"property values vs. human rights..."
I can put my address into a search engine and Zillow will happily pop up with a value for my property.
How is this in opposition to human rights?
"I don't think walls have been proven to be effective in diminishing the flow of illegal aliens, etc."
Since the wall hasn't been completed, how do you 'prove' your point?
"I'm immediately branded as a liberal who favors an open border (whatever that is)..."
So - you complain about being 'branded' as a liberal over something that you admit you don't even understand?
"But if I disagree with building a wall, I never get to why I think it is an inefficient approach..."
We're all ears - entertain us.
And finally -
"It's sad to me that, through the internet leveraged by political charlatans, we can't search for a commonly acceptable approach to our critical challenges with open minds."
No one is stopping you here, dude - go for it.

Don Bessee

Sounds like the ponytail of ignorance-




What is truth?



Robert Sheckley on truth.



James Howard Kunstler on Truth vs. Yer Lyin' Eyes.

"...Everything about America is looking more and more medieval — our rough living conditions, our lawlessness, our violent entertainments, our Hobbesian racketeering, our occult sexual preoccupations, our depraved elites, our quack science. Our center has not been holding for so long that hardly anyone even knows where the center used to be. And now the bottom is falling out...."



Truth vs. Your Tax Dollars at Work.

"In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn't rock solid
“It doesn’t have to be solid intelligence,” one U.S. official said. “It’s more important to get out ahead of them [the Russians], Putin specifically, before they do something.""


"It was an attention-grabbing assertion that made headlines around the world: U.S. officials said they had indications suggesting Russia might be preparing to use chemical agents in Ukraine.

President Joe Biden later said it publicly. But three U.S. officials told NBC News this week there is no evidence Russia has brought any chemical weapons near Ukraine. They said the U.S. released the information to deter Russia from using the banned munitions."



"Likewise, a charge that Russia had turned to China for potential military help lacked hard evidence, a European official and two U.S. officials said.

The U.S. officials said there are no indications China is considering providing weapons to Russia. The Biden administration put that out as a warning to China not to do so, they said. "

Paul Emery

Here's what Plato says about confusing truth with opinions:

"Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our ego's and live in anothers world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding


George Rebane

PaulE 1007am - How do you deduce from this that Plato is saying anything about 'truth', let alone resolving a confusion of truth with opinions?

Paul Emery

It's when people express their "opinions" as if they believe it's "truth". For ewxample do you when you use the term"The evil party" in reference to the Democrats and progressives express that as truth or an opinion?


Here's one for Psul and the handful of websites he frequents:

"“What is truth? For the multitude, that which it continually reads and hears.” "
-Oswald Spengler


Posted by: scenes | 08 April 2022 at 12:03 PM

....so Rawstory.com then?

For Psul I mean.....not for anyone else who is even slightly discerning.

Paul Emery

Fair enough scenes. Here's one for you. Do you believe Trump is telling the "truth" when he continually harps that the election was stolen and he should be President?


"Do you believe Trump is telling the "truth" when he continually harps that the election was stolen and he should be President?"

Because I'm feeling generous, I'll even respond. It's just an opinion as it's hard to tell from a distance.

Was there enough flat-out illegal voting that went on to throw the election the other way? Perhaps, but you end up with corner cases for voters. Urban Democrats are fairly famous for GOTV routines that involve half-addled people in nursing homes and giving homeless people rides to the polls. The mail-in vote, under the cover of COVID, may well have had chicanery (probably), but there's insufficient evidence to get a Democratic judge in a Democratic city to change anything.

In a sense, it's smells like Nixon v. Kennedy.

If we expand 'stolen' to include the bureaucracy running a soft coup and MSM all-in for an apparatchik with obvious ageing issues as 'stealing', Trump is absolutely right. Thing is, it doesn't take a lot of votes being thrown one way or the other to change the results.

So, was it grossly unfair? Yes. Was it provably illegal given the makeup of the pertinent courts. Probably not.

My question to you.

Why in the fucking hell do you keep pounding on this? Are you mentally ill yourself? Feeling the need for hormone therapy and a pretty dress?

Paul Emery

Contemporary issue scenes. Trump claims this every day. Simple question,..is Trump telling the truth when he says the election was stolen?

George Rebane

Trump's stolen election assertion - I echo scenes 1243pm. Mollie Hemingway provides the best expansion on the issue. But is Trump telling the truth when he says the election was stolen? Definitely YES. From the evidence that we have seen, and specifically the evidence that he has seen, he is telling us exactly what he perceives as truth about the conduct of the 2020 election.

George Rebane

PaulE 1156am - As I am wont in these pages, I carefully define any possibly contentious or confusing words that I use. I have so defined 'evil'. Given that, and evaluating the attributes and conduct of the Democratic Party during the post-Great Society years, I am stating what I believe to be a fact when I assert that the Democrat Party is evil. And especially evil when I consider the millions of black lives that have been cut short and/or ruined with their purposeful policies to buy votes by creating dependencies. And this assessment is strengthened when I see what they are doing with our national security in regards to our military and their purposely porous border. And the cherry on the cake is their ongoing work to desiccate the Constitution on the path to make America a second world Marxist state. Evil in spades.

Paul Emery

Evidence? What evidence George. For one certainly not from Arizona. Besides "what he perceives as truth about the conduct of the 2020 election" is not the Truth only his opinion. So I'm circling back to Plato on the value or opinions.

"A report issued Wednesday by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich found no evidence of widespread voter fraud or irregularities associated with the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County while raising concerns about some voting procedures.

The interim report, six months into an investigation, was detailed in a 12-page letter to Senate President Karen Fann. Brnovich, a Republican, said his office “has left no stone unturned in the aftermath of the 2020 election.”


George Rebane

PaulE 156pm - Of course you take it to be just Trump's opinion, and I cover that in my commentary. You have told us nothing new for months on end now. What I'd like to see you argue is that the censoring/covering up and misconstruing of Hunter's emails had no impact on the election, when subsequent polls show that a sufficient number of Biden voters would have changed their minds had they known. And it would be foolish to cite any of the lamestream outlets which unto this day continue to put out the shit that the laptop was a Russian fake news project. And since they do it knowingly, that too is evil.

Bill Tozer

Hmmm. Plato and empathy. Empathy is a very precise word. Sympathy is to feel sorry for someone, like I feel sorry for a kid seeing her scrap her knee. Empathy means to feel what another feels. Ouch, that hurt!

About 500 years ago, the English word ‘comprehend’ we use today meant apprehend. Big difference between comprehend and apprehend. Like sympathy vs empathy. 400-500 years ago the word we use today as ‘conversation’ meant ‘conduct’. Again, different meaning and I prefer the word conduct which embodies more than speech.

So, empathy may be a higher good, but it still deals with feelings. Just feelings. Nothing more than feelings. Nothing to do with truth. Feelings trigger emotions and our emotions lie to us every darn day.


I can only feel sympathy for Psul….not empathy. I have been down, but not like that before. Just can’t feel the suffering in his noggin. Can’t even relate to being that special kind of chaos and turmoil and suffering. My sympathies, groomer.

Paul Emery

My life has never been better Bill. If you knew anything about me you would not have written your 2:30. By the way empathy deals with action-actually doing more than believing in something.


You have switched topics on me with your pivot to Hunter. I assume that's because there is no verifiable evidense that the election was stolen at the ballot box. Now you're saying that it the voters knew then what you say they should know now about Hunter (which is also not verified through any legal process at this time) they would not have voter for Biden. That's an entirely different topic George but I can see why you want to change the subject, Also can you provide a link and source to the polls you refer to as "subsequent polls" ? I don't recall any polls asking that question.

Scott O

George's post was on 'what is truth' and within just hours Psul is going off about Trump.
No wonder Trump is wealthy - he lives rent-free in so many folk's brains.
At least Gary tried to stick with the topic.

Bill Tozer

“My life has never been better Bill.”
Exactly! Poor dear. My condolences. We all feel sorry for you. Yes, your live has never been better. What a sorry state of affairs. You make me feel grateful. I once complained I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet. Well, I suppose you do the best with what you have to work with. Breaks my heart. I feel so grateful now. Thank you, thank you, thank you Psul.
I feel lucky now. Things could have been a lot worse. I am now counting my blessings. I have so much pity for you….”your life has never been better.” I am so grateful now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It could have been so much worse.

Paul Emery


I am using Trumps screeds about the election being stolen as an example of what is not truth just an opinion.

Keep it up Bill. I'll pass this on to my friends and family about how desperate the shrillbillies get when they are challenged. ring it on. What a hoot.

Don Bessee

Passing the device around the bar again - " ring it on. What a hoot." ROFLOL


George Rebane

PaulE 310pm - But what you don't understand, and why I continue this intellectual charade, is that your acting as the posterchild to what my commentary is all about. And what's the worse is that you don't seem to display any understanding of that. All you are doing is showing your hubris from the top of Alinsky's (and Lakoff's) alabaster pedestal, proclaiming to everyone that your beliefs are the global absolutes. I've gone to great pains to tell all that mine aren't; remember, I'm a Bayesian with no ones or zeros attached to my beliefs.

You would be more entertaining if you finally put down your Trump trombone on which you can only play one Trump tune, and both of which you have worn threadbare. Expand a bit. Try other metaphors. You might get lucky and make one stick to your argument.

Paul Emery


K George

The Trumpbone is endlessy entertaining to play because it continues to reach new levels including the recent reaching out to Putin to spill the beans on Hunter. I won't go there but let me ask you a question. If your opinions arent absolute does that include you calling the Democrats and liberal supporters in our community part of the "Evil Party"? How can you ever reach any kind of agreement or understanding on anything with those you consider to be evil?

Bill Tozer

Punchy Psul

“Keep it up Bill. I'll pass this on to my friends and family about how desperate the shrillbillies get when they are challenged. ring it on. What a hoot.”

I have never mentioned once anything about your family. I don’t know if you have a family, if your parents are dead or alive, if you have a sister or brother, or even have a real wife. Have no idea if you are an only child. If you are related to Ben Emery, I do not know.

I only can assume (there is that word again) that you are a single man who may on occasion shack up with some local woman living in sin rather than make an honest woman out of her, all the while virtual signaling about some superior Victorian morality…. and that is only an assumption. I thought you were gay, but you mentioned once your sweetie bringing you a bottle of water while waiting in the polling line. Then I read those exact same words from a unhinged lefty site and realized you were not talking about “your sweetie”, but just being a popinjay and repeating the liars’ talking points.

For all I know you are a single man who went to high school in Tacoma, Washington. If you have any children, I know not. I have kept your “family” out of it…as you have also. If Brother Ben (a married man) whose mother lives in the Penn Valley area (or used to) is part of your family, it’s all news to me.

Please, please, please pass this on to your family. Blood is thicker than water and I would love have them join in. Maybe they could explain what is truth. You appear to struggle with the truth.

Anyway, I do have sympathy for you. Much sympathy. I look at Biden’s cognitive decline and cannot but help feel pity for you as the parallels with you and Joe Biden are uncanny. It will happen to all of us unless we die first.

Scott O

Paul - "I am using Trumps screeds about the election being stolen as an example of what is not truth just an opinion."
But that doesn't mean he is wrong. Just because it is his opinion doesn't 'prove' it's not the truth.
Given what we knew then and now, it looks like his opinion is a better one than yours.

Bill Tozer

Remember Psul, you vowed not to respond to any comment that does not refer to you specially as Paul or Emery. Just a helpful reminder in case you forgot so quickly your own words. Trying to help you with the truth…otherwise some might take your response to me. Psul, as a man not keeping his word, aka, an untruthful person. Liar is such an ugly word. Untruthful is so much kinder and gentler. Liars lie….

Scott O

Once again, we see that George's attempts to look into basic ideas and concepts quite quickly are degraded by the left into screeds that go no further than "my side is right".
Ah, well.

Barry Pruett

Want some truth? A jury of our peers just found that the FBI likely setup the folks accused of trying to kidnap the Michigan governor. That was not in the news that Paul reads. It was pretty clear that they got setup if you don’t listen to MSM.

Scott O

B Pruett - Anyone who would like to educate themselves on our present day FBI should look up some of the agents in this case. One was so bad, the FBI had to make sure the jury never heard about him.
The "plot" to kidnap Whitmer was a setup by the Fibbies start to finish.

 Nasalis larvatus

The truth is my life has never been better.



So George.....it’s a little after 4:00am.....and you think it’s okay that we’re not talking about Trump?

~ Psul Emery

#notobsessed #notevenalittlebit

Scott O

The Grass Valley Onion has an interesting bit from a J Tannarome and the comments are better:
"Unless we have personally witnessed something, all of our information is second hand at best. It's like the game 'telephone' and this is what we base our reality upon. Throw in our own particular perspective like a funhouse mirror and we get attitudes, beliefs, and values that have been totally manufactured."
Zir R Cross
Of course R Cross exempts himself from this axiom. Only Trump voters have beliefs and values that have been "totally manufactured".
Let's see: "I believe the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank."
Well - I wasn't there, so that's just a manufactured belief.
He goes on:
"A quick glance at the world will tell us this is true, as people are pitted against other people in hatred and war over such acquired cultural beliefs as nation, religion, and politics all designed to divide and conquer."
Kinda depends on how you divide and what you conquer.
I like dividing folks that like freedom and liberty from the totalitarians. I like conquering evil, disease, poverty and fascism.
Of course you can just sing John Lennon's "Imagine" and mouth empty platitudes.
How's that working for the Uyghurs and Christians in China?
So - don't believe all this crap about Russians being bad people in the Ukraine.
You aren't there so it's all "manufactured".

Bill Tozer

E-vile. Let’s give it up for Brother Dan

Bongino: Radical Left can't be written off as 'just bad politics'
He gives the radical Left's 'evil'-ution


Daily Beast contributor accosts Asian man at bar, mistakenly thinking he's Andy Ngo
"I just ran into Andy Ngo at a bar in New Orleans," Benson reported to Twitter. "I politely told him he's a 'garbage person.' Lol." The man was not Andy Ngo.


MSNBC removes Taylor Lorenz interview from YouTube after she accuses outlet of causing 'harassment'
"If your segment or story on 'online harassment' leads to even worse online harassment for your subjects, you f*cked up royally and should learn how to cover these things properly before ever talking about them again," Lorenz said.

More e-Vile

Obama-era report warns about sexual abuse from groomer teachers
The Government Accountability Office published a 2014 report warning about child predators using grooming tactics in public schools to inflict sexual abuse on children.

Todd Hopes GOP Is Punished For Protecting Kids From Grooming

Scott @ 5:03 pm

Speaking of Cross…

Kamala, Hello? MSNBC's Cross Alleges Racist Immigration Policy Favors White Ukrainians


Bill Tozer

'The Law of Conservation of Funding'
Why are scientific organizations leaping on the CRT bandwagon? Because that’s where the federal grant money is


Bill Tozer

lol. He is right. After listening to the gloom and doom Climate Freaks, I need a cigarette.

Because article is behind USA Todays paywall, I give you a couple minutes of Eric E. Smoke em if you got em.


Paul Emery


IN relation to this blogs obsession with hunter Biden does this report concern you?

"The Trump administration failed to provide records of gifts that former President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and other administration officials received from foreign governments in 2020, according to the State Department.

The State Department in a report set to be published in the Federal Register this week said that the Executive Office of the President did not turn over information about gifts that Trump and his family received from foreign leaders in 2020. The report also said that the General Services Administration (GSA) similarly failed to provide information about gifts received by Pence and White House aides. The department said it requested the missing information from the GSA and the National Archives and Records Administration but was told that "potentially relevant records" were restricted, according to the report."


Paul Emery

There's more from this link


George Rebane

PaulE 354pm - It concerns me no more than it does the Biden DoJ. Salon is on a desperate fishing expedition.

Paul Emery

You crack me up George. You're doing the exact thing you accused me of by blaming the source. Did you follow the second link I provided? Their report should be out tomorrow.

Don Bessee

No oh great ponytail of ignorance he is correctly saying they are searching for ways to protect the big guy aka creepy bought and paid for joe -


Don Bessee

What's funny about all this @ oh great ponytail of ignorance is that at its core its a function of the transition of administrations. Sorry you gobbled a nothing burger, not sorry. LOL


Paul Emery


Of course this is all chump change compared to the likely grifting from his son in law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka who brokered a $2 billion deal for his private equity firm with the slimeball Saudi crown prince last summer. More on this tomorrow

Don Bessee

I might observe that a mind is a terrible thing to waste @ 916 but cat scans show TDS shrinks what little old lefty brain is left very similarly to CTE in football players.


Scott O

Oooh, and now it's tomorrow!
Can hardly wait to hear the next breathless episode in the life of a Trump-related person. All about a guy who works for an equity firm doing well at lining up funds to invest.
Hint to Paul - that's what equity firms do.
Still waiting for Paul's version of the "truth" about the loot Trump and Pence made off with.

Bill Tozer

7:53 am

Must has been written, much more will be written. The nagging question is why did the NYT and the Wa Compost pick up the story now? Or, take a second look at some Russian disinformation hoax? Why, why, why? Yes, the Wa Po omitted key and crucial details in their coming clean story, but why now?

The ‘experts’ all say it is to get ahead of the story to control the narrative…as evidenced by our popinjay (an antiquated word for parrot). So, someone knows that indictments are ready to be dropped and gotta throw Hunter under the bus to save the Big Guy. A parting of the ways, if you will. Perhaps a distraction is in order.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.



Time will tell. This stuff is not for the impatient. Takes years for these investigations to wrap up and disappear from memory. Which may be the point. No instant gratification for the popinjays, but Bush did it too!

PS: I have not heard the term ‘slimeball’ since the Trump Tower Collission Day. Slime ball is spelt slime ball, btw. Lushness is a slime ball…or was that Trump Jr? Slime balls one and all….except the guy in the mirror.

REMEMBER: Creepy Joe said that he has NEVER discussed Hunter’s business dealing with his son. Never.
Helpful hint: Never say never.

Bill Tozer

Darn typos. Hey, others commit typos too! Covfefe (/koʊˈfɛfi/ koh-FEH-fee) is a misspelling, widely presumed to be a typo, that Donald Trump used in a viral tweet when he was U.S. President. See, Trump did it too!!!!

Edit time.

Much has been written….Slimeball is spelt slime ball…..Kushner is a slimeball, or was that Trump Jr? (Or was that greaser?)
Where the heck did ‘lushness’ come from? I blame an update that must have turned auto-fill back on. Certainly one (moi) cannot blame it on not proof reading. :’

Bill Tozer

Scott @ 7:53 am

As we all wait in eager anticipation with bated breath for Paul to give us the update to this most interesting story, how about a little filler to pass the time?



The state houses are where the action is. Closer to the stink.


Posted by: Scott O | 12 April 2022 at 07:53 AM

I think that in his more reflective moments Psul gives quiet thanks to Trump for giving him something to live for.

George Rebane

PaulE 415pm - "How can you ever reach any kind of agreement or understanding on anything with those you consider to be evil?" That possibility ranges between very very difficult and impossible - make no decision or policy that is based on ever achieving such agreement. And that has been my argument for years and for which evidence continues to build year after year. We are past the tipping point, there is no common ground for even beginning a rapprochement between the polarized sides - read my discussion with VDH.

Scott O

Tomorrow ends in about 4.5 hrs. Psul PROMISED more about the dastardly deed a Trump-related person did with a POC Psul calls a "slimeball".
Psul wouldn't lie, would he?
C,mon, man!

Bill Tozer

Oh Scott, we are on Pacific Daylight Time out here. Besides, if any bombshell breaks or has broken, Psul is usually 6 hours behind and Mr. Cross is usually 24 hours plus behind. If you like, I will give you a heads up, put I prefer not. Just skimming Psul’s go-to TDS sites always leaves me feeling dirty and needing a shower to get the yuck off me….not to mention a headache. But, I will abuse myself and take one for the team if need be…but I honestly prefer not. Please say “not”.

Psul promised? Then that settles everything. Nothing to see here….literally.

What is truth? More will be revealed.

Scott O

BT "Oh Scott, we are on Pacific Daylight Time out here"
But we are on planet earth.
There are no time zones in the outer reaches where Psul inhabits.
So - his 'tomorrow' is a nebulous thing of an intangible framework of chronology.

Scott O

So - is this true?
"At a press conference, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) said, “The entire state of New York stands with the people of the city, this community, and we say no more. No more mass shootings. No more disrupting lives. No more creating heartbreak for people just trying to live their lives as normal New Yorkers. It has to end. It ends now.”"
"It" ends now.
But we all know "it" doesn't.
There will be no more heartbreak, but apparently this will only apply for "normal" New Yorkers.
You weirdos and creeps have to take your lumps.
And you folks in Joycie - fo git about it!
At least I didn't hear her say there are "too many people dying" cause I'm still waiting to find out the proper number of folks that need killing.
What is it about these kinds of tragedies that brings out the most superficial nonsense from our so-called leaders?
Why can't we have a mayor that says something like:
"An evil man has committed an atrocious act and we will find him and lock him up and if convicted, be put in prison at hard labor for the rest of his life. And we will follow the 2nd Amendment and allow law abiding citizens to carry firearms on the subway and be allowed to shoot dead people who would emulate this idiot."
Never happen.

Scott O

The witching hour approacheth and I must post the linguistic equivalent of the emoji of the downcast face.
The most moral Psul, who is highest among all humans in honesty, promised an update on the financial dealings of a POC who Psul referred to as a: "slimeball". Possibly this is code for the fabled 'cornpop' who has been mentioned in various fables by our president, but one never knows.
Farewell til the morrow, as hope springs yet anew.

Bill Tozer

Scott O, @ 10:24 pm (PDT)

‘Sciutto Blames Southern Gun Laws For Brooklyn Shooting’

Passing gun control laws to restrict the freedom of people in the South because someone shot up a subway station in New York. This is CNN.

@ 10:47 pm
Maybe Psul’s walker kicked out from under him and he took a tumble. Let’s wait and see. Oh, some wack job leftinista ‘journalist’ promised yesterday he will reveal tomorrow how Melania screwed Donald Trump over at the Jan 6 hearings. Tomorrow would be today….came and went, EST.

The fabled corn pop? Let’s not forget that our President was a truck driving man, a story he repeated yet again recently. One would think that 18 Wheeler Joe would have had more sympathy for the Canadian truck drivers knowing what they go through. But, noooo. Looks like Lunchbox Joe forgot where he came from. :)

The common man will be remembered no more.

Bill Tozer

NYT Columnist Admits Schools Are Grooming Children Into LGBT Identities


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