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04 May 2022



I will take poetic truths over outright lies any time.

Scott O

"I will take poetic truths over outright lies any time."
Some one seems to have missed the point.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joes maga mania was painful to watch but it is what it is -

Biden White House avoids Oval Office for press events in part because it has no teleprompter: report
Politico writes Biden aides prefer him to use the 'fake White House stage' built next door, which has a teleprompter



MAGA Melvin

These so called poetic truths are nothing more than extreme right wing characterizations and distortions of real problems that the extremists are unwilling to either acknowledge nor try and mitigate...just more fodder to bitch about in the quest to delay necessary social, environmental, and political changes and turn back the clock to 1952 so that they may feel a little more comfortable with life by wishing for a past time and ethos that no longer exists and will never exist again. You all have missed the point.


Papa Joe is in need of the Google brain implants to bypass the teleprompter and go directly from the speech in the White House network to the Presidential Speech Centers of his brain.

Bill Tozer

High Noon in the USA
Our country is headed for a showdown.


Bill Tozer

re: there is no border crisis. John Solomon responds.

'Alien always wins rule:' Biden invents new way to keep illegals in country with circular process

Texas lawsuit exposes regulatory change limiting judges' power to deport, creating numerous loopholes for aliens.


Bill Tozer

MAGA Melvin @ 3:12 pm

Biden repeatedly mispronounces Trump’s MAGA movement as ‘mega’


Scott O

MM 3:12 - "extreme right wing characterizations and distortions of real problems..."
Yeah, we conservatives have these 'characterizations' we call statistics and facts.
If Melvin wants to start bringing specific issues and facts here to George's blog to prove we want to go back to 1952 I'm all ears.

George Rebane

ScottO 458pm - MM's 312pm is such a great corroboration of the impermeable liberal mind. He won't even take (or understand) what Choudhury said in her own words. So he comforts himself by blaming the bullshit she spewed into the public record as somehow being the fault of conservatives. How absolutely idiotic is that?

Bill Tozer

Lets go down the list, shall we? A few minutes of Eric E covers a lot of ground.



I see that the Justice's home addresses are listed.


A bit of 'mostly peaceful' activity is planned. 'Mostly peaceful' being one of those poetically truthful phrases.

Don Bessee

Why would anyone want to be in frame with either of them? -



Don Bessee

Trying to create snowflakes and guilting them into self hate -



Scott O

re scenes 8:29 - from the web site: "We must rise up to force accountability using a diversity of tactics."
Ah - so they're going to 'force' accountability.
In plain English that means if they don't get what they want, they plan to use violence.
For all the squawking and bumper stickers about Earl Warren, I don't recall this sort of talk back in the 60s. I'm sure the neighbors of the members of the court are thrilled.

Bill Tozer

Looks like the Dems are going to do another Summer of Rioting in the streets. It’s how they handle things when they get anxious.

The Far Left, whatever you feel about them, are the gift that keeps on giving. Married Black couples starting to “just walk away”. They can see what is going on with their own eyeballs. Woke is becoming a disparaging word and the Woke are the last to know.

Bill Tozer

“Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history — in recent American history.”—Joe Biden and Plumber’s Crack Melvin.

‘Unity,’ He Snarled
Our Trump-deranged president made clear that he’s interested only in dividing us.


George Rebane

Oh where oh where are our leftwing truth nazis now that this new form of poetry is welcomed by the lamestream, as it spews poetic truths over the gathered flocks of unquestioning sheeple?

Don Bessee

The perfect example -



Don Bessee

The propaganda ministry boss is well versed in lying his ass off and not so poetically. Did ya hear creepy grampa joe is going to be the talibans man of the year? -

As Breitbart News reported, a Department of Defense Inspector General report reveals that Biden’s agencies failed to properly vet Afghans arriving in the United States. As of November 2021, the report states that 50 Afghans already in the United States had been flagged for “significant security concerns.”

Most of the unvetted Afghans flagged for possible terrorism ties, the report states, have since disappeared into the nation’s interior. In one instance, the report noted that only three of 31 Afghans flagged months ago for security concerns could be located.



Don Bessee

How interesting, defunding the police and soros da's are nowhere mentioned how poetic -



Don Bessee

They provide so much poetry that one could type your fingers off trying to keep up on it all -



Bill Tozer

The Left Rediscovers ‘Women’s Rights’ After Reducing Mothers To Androgynous Birth Bots


Bill Tozer


And more:



Bill Tozer

Well, that settles that

‘Biden’s Transgender Decree’
Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine has declared the argument among medical professionals over.


Don Bessee

Lets hope we have reached a place where soros money will be the kiss of death to candidates -



Bill Tozer

This is going to the young mothers and grandmas and aunts and sisters and Dads all up in arms. They are not just talking about 3rd World shortages, they are planning for it. ‘Feed the belly first, then feed the soul.’ —The Salvation Army

‘Biden’s bread line crisis? Anatomy of the American baby formula shortage’
A president who promised competence was caught flat footed by agency failure, supply chain woes and inflation, and baby parents are now in a panic.

Busted with misinformation AGAIN!

‘Biden disinformation chief Nina Jankowicz pushed Trump-Russia collusion claims’


Bill Tozer

‘You Can Do Both’: Psaki Insists Biden Can Unify America While Attacking ‘Ultra-MAGA’ Crowd


Don Bessee

The princess of poetry -




roflmao. You know you are getting under President Potato's skin when he uses a phrase like 'Ultra-MAGA' in public.

He needs to be pushed into Dark MAGA. Maybe get the 17 intelligence agencies to work on Dark MAGA as their top top priority.


Don Bessee

I have a vision that in the future this kind of language will age as well as the 70' double knits, wide white belts and white patent lether shoes. Hell puka shells made a brief comeback with the ignorant hipsters. -

MSNBC political analyst: Supreme Court draft opinion threatens not just women, but 'anyone with a uterus'
Tolliver accused Republicans of trying to take 'this basic right away'




'anyone with a uterus' *

* pregnant people, birthing people, chestfeeders, individuals with a cervix, womxn, birthing body, uterus holder, gestational parent, bodies with vaginas

Now here's a question for further research. What's the equivalent to Crazytown language in non-English languages? Is there something like Chickmitderfakeweiner in German?



The cool thing about Crazytown is that the word 'woman' has come to mean anything but a woman.


When explaining a different word, just remember what Humpty Dumpty said:
"‘Well, “toves” are something like badgers—they’re something like lizards—and they’re something like corkscrews.’"

Look out Alice, we're all on a train ride to Wonderland.

Bill Tozer

‘Control, Coerce and Censor: From mobs targeting Supreme Court justices to President Biden's Disinformation Board, the American left's tyrannical impulse is the greatest modern threat to freedom, writes historian WILFRED MCCLAY’


Bill Tozer


“What turned Sri Lanka’s economic situation from difficult to catastrophic was the decision by the Rajapaksa government to implement a nationwide ban on synthetic fertiliser. It was made not at the behest of neoliberal economists doing the bidding of global capital, but rather on the advice of environmentalists in the name of sustainable agriculture.”



I was thinking about 'poetic truths' and the evolution of language and thought of the following:

Women = Cross-dressing males.

Teens = Black males up to about the age of 25.

No doubt there are more cases of stealing words (nounnapping?).

Bill Tozer

10:10 am
Not even Home Depot on Black Friday is safe. :). I remember those wacky teens running amok after the Summer of Love had ended and well into Holiday shopping season. “Listen to the children,” they said.

Don Bessee

Looks like gascon has told his next to last lie as the recall looks strong -



Don Bessee

But does he even know he is the world wonders -



Don Bessee

Careful when you stir up a mob it might just come for you! LOL -



Don Bessee

Liars never prosper and this looks like the midterm candidates will be paying the price for creepy grampa joes dementia and socialist green destruction of the country all the while bringing in millions of illiterates making housing unaffordable in the middle of the worst homeless plague ever-



Bill Tozer

re: [10may22 update] Poetic truths also come in the complimentary form of the sound of silence.

‘DOJ’s Silence on the Left’s Lawless Intimidation of Supreme Court Justices’

More from NRO

‘Psaki Refuses to Condemn Protests outside Justices’ Homes, Accuses GOP of Hypocrisy for Calling Out Intimidation’

When a reporter asked Psaki during a Monday press conference why the Biden administration would condone the unrest outside the justices’ homes when there is a federal statute on the books which prohibits picketing judges’ homes to influence trials, she replied, “We’re certainly not suggesting anyone break any laws.”
‘Schumer Blesses Protests at Supreme Court Justices’ Homes’

Don Bessee

Well, that's one of their biggest lies that unfettered immigration is good, and no one is buying it and they are going to pay at the voting booth -




Don Bessee

Not sure what happened much less the double, gremlins -


Don Bessee

The realization that we have been right about the chi coms by the left is a new dawn and pay attention to the last para -

"TikTok automatically captures vast swaths of information from its users, including Internet and other network activity information such as location data and browsing and search histories. This data collection threatens to allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans’ personal and proprietary information — potentially allowing China to track the locations of Federal employees and contractors, build dossiers of personal information for blackmail, and conduct corporate espionage," the executive order stated.

"TikTok’s real power isn’t over our data. It’s over what users watch and create. It’s over the opaque algorithm that governs what gets seen and what doesn’t," Klein wrote.

Klein argues that the fact that China sees a free and open internet as a threat to its government is just another indicator that they will use it to sow division and spread pro-CCP propaganda in the United States.

"China has long seen these platforms as potential weapons. As China’s authoritarian turn continues, and as relations between our countries worsen, it is not far-fetched to suspect they might do unto us what they have always feared we would do unto them," he wrote.

Klein compares China’s influence on Americans via TikTok with the prospect of the Soviet Union having bought out local television stations throughout the country during the Cold War. He says the Soviet propaganda would actually be less dangerous because Americans would know they are viewing Russian-owned TV, whereas the lines are more blurred with TikTok.





...and in a recent talk:

'"Noam Chomsky, in an interview this week, says “fortunately” there is “one Western statesman of stature” who is pushing for a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine rather than looking for ways to fuel and prolong it.

“His name is Donald J. Trump,” Chomsky says.'

Their problem with TikTok isn't that it's a form of state power, but that it's the wrong state. I'll give a damn when someone makes social media truly independent of large powers, treats people equally, and protects it's users' privacy.

That'll never happen.

While Trump was no demigod and could be an enormous ass, he was our one hope in breaking free from the rule by the 17 intelligence agencies and their street armies. That bit of chaos could have been the start of a sea change, but the inertia is gone. At this point you just have to sit back and laugh as the whole works turns into refried shit.


2000 Mules
I just watched it... it is a smoking gun that needs attention.

It would have been better for me had the staged and seemingly scripted conversations between the producers and the mood shots of D'Souza walking in sight of the Capitol been cut... get it to 30 minutes and it would really grab everyone, maybe even the Punchys.

I found a link at odysee that has it free... sorry Dinesh.



re: Gregory@7:49AM

I expect that Psul simply doesn't care about ballot harvesting since it should be legal. (it is in California?, I think so).

Pretty clever, it plays to the strong 'progressive' game on the ground by sending out activists to canvass an area, 'help' people vote, and deliver the paper. Place your people in state and local election offices and make the system more permissive. It's for democracy and the children after all.

It seems to me that any law concerning the actual delivery of ballots by non-relatives can be circumvented by making everything mail-in.

In the long run, somebody with a bit more desire for freedom (with a heavy tendency towards the productive part of the population) can always vote with their feet, but the rest of the animals always seem to follow the Little Red Hen if there's bread involved.

George Rebane

I think that the reason Paul et al don't care much about ballot harvesting and drop box stuffing is that there has been no prominent court case which ruled that enough fraudulent votes were cast by a national cabal of perps so as to affect the outcome of the election. Short of that, they consider all such allegations and evidence to be the produce of rightwing Trumpist conspiracy theory propagandists.

Barry Pruett

And The Union just deleted all of the comments from an election office whistleblower. I thought the media loved whistleblowers.


Barry... I'm sorry I missed the whistler... where was it? The news story on the Clerks race?

The Union is in the Adona tank.

Paul Emery

Even conservatives are dishing D'Souza's trashy little documentary. Here are some excerpts Conservative Charlie Sykes review.

"D’Souza’s new effort, a slickly produced faux-documentary on the 2020 election, 2000 Mules, debuted at Mar-a-Lago with a festive screening attended by many of the notables of MAGA World. Matt Gaetz was there, and of course MTG, as well as conspiracy maven Lara Logan and teen vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse,It probably will not come as a surprise to learn that the movie itself is a farrago of distortions wrapped in half-baked conspiracy theories and laugh-out-loud falsehoods. Fact-checkers (who are admittedly unlikely to penetrate very far into the MAGAverse’s alternate reality) have been brutal."

How come they made you pay $30 to consume something that should be so earth-shattering that it should be shared widely for free and it’s a for-profit movie and you can’t see all the evidence they have? And how come there’s no resolution other than 'trust us, it’s bad?'"

You can read the whole review here:



Punchy, Sykes is the prototypical RINO.

I watched 2000 Mules this morning and it will NOT be fading away... D'Souza's part in making it was fairly small and inconsequential... one of three producers, the others being the folks who bought the geolocation data, pried out the surveillance video with FOIA requests and put it together.

Naming the NGOs involved and putting names to the folks dropping off multiple ballots in multiple drop boxes I expect to be coming.


"How come they made you pay $30 to consume something that should be so earth-shattering that it should be shared widely for free"

Punchy, it cost a chunk of money to make, and they were charging $20 ($25 for a dvd).

" and it’s a for-profit movie and you can’t see all the evidence they have?"

Patience, Grasshopper.

" And how come there’s no resolution other than 'trust us, it’s bad?'"

Patience, Grasshopper.

George Rebane

Whistle blower can post them here or write a byline.

Paul Emery

Did you read the whole review Gregory?


Punchy, yes, and my lips didn't move.

It was inane.

Paul Emery

Elon Musk says he will lift the Twitter ban on Trump which is great news. I agree completely with this. From a WSJ editorial:

"If Mr. Trump is back in public view, picking fights on an hourly basis and blaming everyone else for his election defeat, he might remind voters why they grew tired of his antics and made him a one-term President."



Punch... did you even notice most of the RINO's hit piece on 2000 Mules was written by a guy... who is a producer of National Pravda Radio's All Things Considered and an alternate host?

Reading is more than just mouthing the words and taking everything they say at face value.



It's an interesting puzzle, but it isn't like the 17 intelligence agencies or Psul will ever admit that something sketchy was going on.

My general take is that one or more (many more probably) heinous cheats happened in the election, not just the internet barons closing ranks turning a few knobs on The Big Machine, simply because of the statistically impossible occurrences that, well, occurred.

Jumping from that to figgerin' out the crime, and then proving it, and then selling the proof to the folks that actually run matters, and then getting those folks to actually do anything, is just not going to happen. It could be that in 100 years some historian will dabble in the facts around President Potato and The Election, assuming that POTUS doesn't land us in the nuclear war soup, but it'll get stuck in the same bin as arguing about silver to gold ratios in 1896.

The lingering question is whether the Republicans ever become mostly peaceful themselves. If the idiot in the White House continues to tank the economy, maybe we'll find out. In the meantime, we can always declare war on the Eastasians.


lol. Holy cow, I thought I'd come up for air for a second and check out Biden's America in terms of MSM.


I mean, really, how much more shit could be going wrong? The man is an utter failure.

Compare it with exactly 4 years ago.


We are so screwed.


...sorry about the bad link, I forgot how poor typepad is at this sort of string handling.

If you want to see drudgereport from May 11, 2018...cut and paste from the 'https' to the forward slash before the quote.

Paul Emery

He's a well known Conservative Gregory. I see no reference in his online descriptions that he he is or was a producer for All Things Considered. Can you point me to a reference to that matter?

Nothing here for sure:


Don Bessee

So will he prosocute himself for perjury? -

Whistleblowers: FBI targeted parents via terrorism tools despite Garland's testimony that it didn't happen
Jordan and Johnson said these investigations were a direct result of Garland’s directive to the FBI

Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson say they have evidence that the FBI targeted parents who protested schools' COVID policies despite assurances from Attorney General Merrick Garland that it never happened.

In a letter addressed to the Justice Department, Jordan and Johnson said they have evidence that the FBI labeled dozens of investigations into parents with a threat tag created by the bureau’s Counterterrorism Division to assess and track investigations related to school boards. The evidence comes from "brave whistleblowers" within the Department of Justice, they say in the letter addressed to Attorney General Garland.



Scott O

Paul 6:29 - Do try to keep up.

Don Bessee

Do they reall think this idiocy matters in the real world. -

Handmaid-clad protester says Justice Barrett, mom of 5 biological kids, doesn't know about full-term pregnancy



Bill Tozer

200 Mules, eh? I remember when Punchy drove over to the Del Oro to see Michael Moores latest and greatest film and Punch was a long time fan. Then, some journalist from a shady underground extreme Right Wing site in front put a microphone in our news director’s mug. Punchy does not like to have do the interview. Punchy was much concerned of whom/what had infiltrated the local area. That’s Grass Valley for ya.
It was after the ‘Go Back to Berkeley you Stink Asses’ sign slapped on a stop sign that made Punch afraid that the Klan was back. Made the leap straight to racism. Where the mimes black?

Michael Moore and his 200 Motels.


"He's a well known Conservative Gregory. "

Never heard of him.

He appears to be a MSNBC columnist.


Psul, I'd suggest watching the movie or read a good synopsis, come up with your own arguments why it's BS. Living a life of only posting 'what he said' is an embarrassment.

Bill Tozer

D'Souza's '2000 Mules' bypasses cultural gatekeepers to gross over $1M on Rumble in first 12 hours
"The success of '2000 Mules' on Rumble is a great sign for creators who do not want to be silenced or censored for their speech," said conservative filmmaker/author Dinesh D'Souza.

Poetry to my ears, but off topic.

Joe Rogan To Disney: Want Your Stock To Rise? Say ‘F*** It, We’re On Team Johnny Depp’


Joe Rogan’s interview with Elon Musk all about AI scared the shit out of Rogan and me too Elon explained AI from his POV. Recommended….

Scott O

More poetry :
"National Institutes of Health acting director Lawrence Tabak confirmed to lawmakers Wednesday that US health officials concealed early genomic sequences of COVID-19 at the request of Chinese scientists — but insisted the data remains on file.

Tabak told a House Appropriations subcommittee that the NIH “eliminated from public view” the data from the pandemic epicenter in Wuhan, China, before adding that researchers can still access it via an archaic “tape drive.”"

'eliminated from public view'

Poetry indeed.

Scott O

Oh yeah - link

Don Bessee

They really do hate citizens -

They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border," Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., said in a video posted to Facebook Wednesday. "Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula."

Cammack posted pictures to social media of empty formula shelves in Florida next to the pallets of food being sent to the border, saying in the video that a concerned border patrol agent sent her the image.

She said the picture comes from "Ursula processing facility" in Texas, where thousands are being housed and processed and then released." The Florida lawmaker said the concerned agent told her that she "'would not believe the shipment I just brought in.’"

"He has been a border patrol agent for 30 years and he has never seen anything quite like this. He is a grandfather and he is saying that his own children can't get baby formula," she added.



Don Bessee

Pepermint patty was a shitty liar -

Crack pipes are distributed in safe-smoking kits up and down the East Coast, raising questions about the Biden administration's assertion that its multimillion-dollar harm reduction grant program wouldn't funnel taxpayer dollars to drug paraphernalia.

The findings are the result of Washington Free Beacon visits to five harm-reduction organizations and calls to over two dozen more. In fact, every organization we visited—facilities in Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond, Va.—included crack pipes in the kits.

The kits became the subject of national attention in the wake of a Free Beacon report in February indicating that a $30 million harm-reduction program was set to fund the distribution of free crack pipes in "safe-smoking kits." Pressed on the matter in a Feb. 9 press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki issued a full-throated denial.

"They were never a part of the kit, it was inaccurate reporting," Psaki said of the pipes. "A safe smoking kit may contain alcohol swabs, lip balm, other materials to promote hygiene and reduce the transmission of diseases."




punchy 629p

So, once a'gin you posted a link without having read it carefully.

The Charlie Sykes piece on 2000 Mules was lifted verbatim from a Twit tirade written by... the producer of All Things Considered on National Pravda Radio.

Sykes isn't a prominent Republican anywhere but the hard left. The harder the left, the more they quote him.

Paul Emery

Gregory | 12 May 2022 at 02:27 PM

Can you show me a link where you got that information Gregory showing Sykes "piece on 2000 Mules was lifted verbatim from a Twit tirade written by... the producer of All Things Considered on National Pravda Radio." ?

Don Bessee

Scary poppins wants to edit you online, gobels is smiling in hell as his spawn becomes the ministry of truth. -



Paul Emery

My link was to Sykes site where he writes:

"D’Souza’s new effort, a slickly produced faux-documentary on the 2020 election, 2000 Mules, debuted at Mar-a-Lago with a festive screening attended by many of the notables of MAGA World. Matt Gaetz was there, and of course MTG, as well as conspiracy maven Lara Logan and teen vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse:

It probably will not come as a surprise to learn that the movie itself is a farrago of distortions wrapped in half-baked conspiracy theories and laugh-out-loud falsehoods."

Here's the link. Now provide yours that you claim shows that Sykes didn't write that piece.


Joe Coyote’s Grooming School

Paul Emerrorhiod

Please take all your comments concerning 200 Mules to the Scattershots where the topic is introduced and there to be expounded upon by great thinkers like you.

Gregory, Dr. Rebane, and all the other Circle of Jerks are allowed to post 200 Mules impressions under this thread, “Democrats speak in ‘poetic truths’ (updated 10may22)”
You are not. Be gone with your comments concerning 200 Mules and take your brain ooze over to Scattershots or else you will me given a time out.

Teen vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse? Good one. That is not what the courts nor the jury said about Kyle Rittenhouse. Self defense. What what you have done being chased down the street by Democrat Party convicted pedophiles? What is it with the Dems and their deviate obsession with teens and kindergartners? A one crack mind they have. Disguising.

Bill Tozer

More Lefty wet brain poetry:

Biden’s New Press Sec Thinks Russia Stole the 2016 Election. She’ll Fit Right In.


Paul Emery


What is your source of information that "both the administration and Democratic congressional leaders" are guilty of "leaking a draft of the forthcoming ruling on the continued "federal involvement on abortions"

I have seen no proof of that contention and I'm wondering if you have any or it's just your hunch.

Don Bessee

Now thats funny -

The Pro-Choice Caucus members of the House of Representatives were ridiculed after it shared its taking points on abortion.

On Thursday, Politico congressional reporter Sarah Ferris shared a list of "Abortion Messaging Do’s and Don’ts" from the Pro-Choice Caucus. One of the talking points included was that using the word "choice" is considered "harmful language."

Twitters users shared the list pointing out the irony that the Pro-Choice Caucus claimed the word "choice" could be harmful.

"’Choice’ is now considered ‘harmful language’ by the ‘Pro Choice Caucus,’" Washington Post columnist James Hohmann tweeted



Don Bessee

The science is settled REALLY! -

Medical professionals have told Fox News they have seen rates of gender dysphoria skyrocket among young people in recent years, but that many of their colleagues are reluctant to speak publicly against transgender ideology for fear of both professional and personal retaliation.

Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, who is the highest-ranking transgender person in the U.S. government, made headlines last month for claiming during an interview with NPR that "there is no argument among medical professionals – pediatricians, pediatric endocrinologists, adolescent medicine physicians, adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. – about the value and the importance of gender-affirming care.



Don Bessee

Could do this all day there is so much that it makes it hard to decide which one to put a spotlight on -



Don Bessee

Musk aint having it -

Elon Musk criticizes pitch by 'disinformation czar' to allow verified Twitter accounts to edit others' tweets
The Tesla CEO called Nina Jankowicz's idea 'disconcerting'

Musk called the idea "disconcerting" on Thursday evening, then followed that up about 30 minutes later by tweeting, "Don’t Diss Information."




Punch, 309p

Just below the picture with Lara Logan bursting out and Rittenhouse with a cleanup on aisle 11 grin, there's text saying:
"You get the idea. Here’s one of Georgia’s top political reporters, Stephen Fowler:"

Stephen Fowler is the guy who is the National Pravda Radio/All Lefties Considered producer and alternate talking head. Most of the rest is Fowler's twit feed...

Paul Emery

So what Gregory

That's pretty obscure. It indeed was Sykes who wrote and published the quote I posted.

Bill Tozer

Dem Poetry 101

‘The Limits of Green Energy Revealed as the U.S. Faces Electricity Shortages’



It was indeed Sykes who mostly copied tweets from a bona fide leftist with NPR credits for what he had to say about 2000 mules.

And Sykes has no bona fides from the gop side of the aisle.

That's the reality, punch.


Psul, just hang it up on this one. Scrabbling for a fig leaf of 'winning' the argument just looks stupid at this point. Move on to the next battle, it's no big deal.

I did like this line from the 'article':
"I’ve unrolled Fowler’s thread:"

I guess that's one way to be a pro editorial writer.

My favorite reference to the Lara Logan pic was someone on twitter saying that Kyle had both good trigger discipline and eye discipline.

Paul Emery

What proof do you have of your 10:53. How did you get the information to justify your statement?


‘The Limits of Green Energy Revealed as the U.S. Faces Electricity Shortages’

You could see that one coming a mile off.

Given the current push to government-managed methods for power production, and the increasing number of just plain silly people in government, it was always bound to happen. It's pretty hard to run an industrial economy by listening to crazy-lady activists and gracile males with protest signs unless you can make electricity by unicorn power.

Naturally, the answer is to quit making stuff via evil means (nuclear, natgas, coal) and hope that one of the grownups figgers out another way to do the needful. or you magically ship it in from another country.


Posted by: Psul Emery | 13 May 2022 at 07:15 AM

Every bit as funny as jeffy still pretending to be a newsman with the demanding of “evidence”! Funnier still given your propensity to drop rawstory links like the dog so freely leaves behind dog links.

Stick to guitar molesting you’ll look less ridiculous.


fish: What proof do you have of your 8:12. How did you get the information to justify your statement?

On another poetical truthful note, was doing a bit of trivial news o' the day browsing (at this point, 4chan/pol, drudgereport, RT).


"Sweden and Finland's ascent to NATO membership hit a roadblock Friday.

Turkey's president said he wouldn't accept either country joining, claiming they are home to "terrorist organizations.""

This really is the best timeline to live in. Between the Biden administration, hijinks in Europe, and Grand Admiral Levine, there's always something marvelous to wonder at.

Bill Tozer

…..there’s always something to wonder at. @ 8:26 am

Today I marvel how Nina Jank, our Minister of Truth, looks so much like Wicked Gretchen when she oils up her face. So, she is the one who will ‘edit’ tweets and my comments for ‘clarification’? Will wonder never cease.

‘Biden Disinfo Governance Board Leader Jankowicz Endorsed UK Speech Crackdown’

DHS Head Truth Minister Wants Select Users to 'Edit' or ‘Add Context' to Certain Tweets

Lay that Dem poetry on me. Laid it nice and thick and hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me.


You Go Girl.




My fave article of the day. Check it out and see how much smarter you feel at the end. Poetic truths sweetly displayed.

"The Associated Press updated its style guide on pregnancy and abortion Wednesday to discourage journalists from using gender-neutral phrases when writing about abortion despite having previously encouraged the terms."


You don't have to go far to hit the city limits of Crazytown.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. When profits are down and the income stream is drying up, time to change course. We aren’t working for the Red Cross here, people.

‘Netflix Tells Employees to Stop Getting Triggered or Find a New Job’


Don Bessee

A good example of why we are in such bad shape under creepy grampa joe! -

Biden's new 'ultra-MAGA' label came after six months of liberal-funded focus group research: Report



Don Bessee

Another shining example of the level of hate the socialist greens have for citizens then there are the bald faced lies -



Bill Tozer



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