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31 May 2022



another map

George Rebane

scenes 653pm - The link is broken.


Huh. Yer right. Temporary link?

Try this.

go to 'Unrecorded Maps'

and then click on the second 'Angiolini' link

basically, it shows an 'Indian Reservation'. Same info, different map.

I'm always struck by how insane modern web design has become. No standardization in interface, scads of useless downloaded libraries and whatnot, slow, filled with tracking and assorted BS.

95% of it could look like this: but then most modern computer programmers become superfluous.

George Rebane

scenes 658am - the link does not provide the click through path you describe; it's just a county assessor's parcel map.


You don't see the tab that says 'Unrecorded Maps'? I clicked on my link and I'm looking right at it. It's on the right. The currently selected one is 'Site Information', followed by 'Property Details', etc.

George Rebane

scenes 1216pm - Got it, thank you. The old 'Angiolini' map appears to corroborate the map I posted with the two 40-acre parcels marked 'Indian Reservation'.


Any clue how the title passed through the years?

I wonder how the transfer worked from the 'Indian Reservation' to a private owner. Even if sketchy, no doubt there was some legal paperwork involved.

George Rebane

Scenes 551pm - No clue. I imagine the operative rule for it all was Golden Rule #2 - Them that's got the gold makes the rules. Clearly, they didn't give up that acreage willingly.


" Them that's got the gold makes the rules."

Not just that, but the Indian groups that appear to have weathered the European storm tended towards more advanced organizations. For all I know the Hopi will be here long after the American Experiment commits suicide. Perhaps some anthropologist has found patterns in why some people don't advance much beyond subsistence hunter/gatherers, it might simply be how rich the above-ground environment is (plus weather) although you could argue that advancement requires enemies.

Lacking cultural continuity with some critical mass of people, these peripheral tribes look to me to be playing a game of 'Telephone'. Traditional lifestyles and language use were discarded 100 years ago, a few stories your grandmother heard from your grandfather, the DNA nearly swamped with admixture, what's left is some kind of legal status and a bit of in-group relationships.

George Rebane

scenes 701am - Agreed.

Paul Emery


So what is the process here? Are you concerned that there may be some kind of eminent domain process here that could involve your property?

George Rebane

PaulE 1022am - Not really because there are so many other alternatives to satisfy the Nisenan besides resorting to eminent domain. My real objective with this post is to invite the larger discussion of what factors should be germane when considering the ownership of regional lands between successive cultures, nations, tribes, kingdoms, ... - factors of primacy, who establishes, when established, legal jurisdictions, adjudication, current vs remnant 'rights', etc.

Paul Emery

Complex matter for sure. thanks George. Keep us informed on this matter.

George Rebane

PaulE 1132am - In the final analysis, there are no absolutes here along any of the dimensions we may consider the problem of successive ownership of lands. Every relevant factor will be evaluated differently by the divers parties to the discussion/debate/dispute. In final resolution, whose values, mores, etc will prevail or should prevail? It's a worthy topic to consider in these days, as some of us are beginning to feel guilty about the transgressions of our ancestors.


" Every relevant factor will be evaluated differently by the diverse parties to the discussion/debate/dispute."

One theory I'll put out is that the last group living in a pristine hunter-gatherer phase, nothing recognizable as government, technology, organized agriculture, is viewed as the 'rightful' owners of property.

The piece of land may have had a dozen different ethnicities and language groups living on it over time, but the people who stole it are always those with an edge up in tech or organization that you might recognize as 'modern man'.

An Aztec or a Celt is a loser in the war between cultures, but humans with homemade bows and a loincloth made from a squirrel pelt are viewed as superior in much of the modern West.

George Rebane

Rightful ownership - were the widely held liberal 'rightful ownership' principle in 136pm to be held true, then ALL lands on this planet are now in possession of illegitimate occupiers. So how many previous owners or years back must we go to identify the rightful owners of a piece of land? The fundamental operational rule that has always determined ownership for both man and beast is 'It's yours as long as you can hang on to it.' All arguments to the contrary ultimately wind up confirming that rule.

Watch the arguments coming in this weekend's Union.

Bill Tozer

Well, well, well. Dr. Rebane ain’t taking this give the Indians back their land in stride. No worries, Doc. You don’t have to restore your once owned property back to how it was before Y-T stole the ancestral happy hunting grounds. You can leave your house standing where it is when you are evicted and we will call it even.

Hmmm. Guess that prospect would get under any person’s skin. Can’t blame ya for taking it out on the PG&E crew. Transference of anger. :)

10:49 a.m. — A PG&E worker on Cement Hill Road reported a homeowner threatened him. The parties were separated. Per caller, he has the right to trim the tree on the property as its branches overhang the powerline. Back to the Earth Movement never died.

The Estonian Fox


Good news (of a sort). From the Tallinn Bee just yesterday - Representatives of the paleolithic Kunda Colony raised similar points to the Estonian Parliament. The Parliament folks told the Kundans to go pound soola. So your ancestral homestead/land should be safe if you need (forced) to return.

George Rebane

Efox 509pm - would love to get a link to that report. BTW, sool = salt; liiv = sand.

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