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07 May 2022



Once again, Don Rogers has been less than even handed... slapping me down as being "true to type" that he didn't identify, and telling all I was on the cusp of being banned ... for the crime of referring to "Alfred" the sock puppet with the name I think he is... Jeff Pelline.

Well, that quashes my evil plans for tying Natalie Adona to the sock puppet, "Feministic", that popped up the day of the great kerfuffle in Adona's orifice, disappearing the next day.

Jeff was and is making up charges for the Jan 6 folk, like equating sedition with seditious conspiracy, the latter being a made up charge that can be as little as delaying a federal action. Sloppy journalism by a sloppy ex-journalist.

Scott O

Love the comment by Frank Pray - "But the bottom line of a republic is that it is a system of laws, and a democracy, that it is a subjugation to the will of the majority,..."
So if the majority want to have African descent folks as slaves, that would be okie-dokie with Frank.
Sorry Bozo - our govt is subject to the law.
That would be the Constitution. No matter what the rabble cook up in a voting booth, it needs to go by the law first. Too bad you slept through civics.
Really - the comments are priceless. One clown even tried to paint Hillary as a 'centrist'.
You really have to wonder about Rogers as an editor of a newspaper calling the Natl Review an extreme right wing outlet.
And refusing to name a single acceptable news or opinion source.

Bill Tozer

Might go here, might fit under Dems Poetry or Scattershots or Sandbox.

‘When Disagreement Becomes Trauma’
How does one deal with those who claim that debate itself represents an agony beyond human endurance?


Bill Tozer


‘The Exasperated American’

Will the voters channel their furor at this regime of lies into an unprecedented turnout at the polls in November?



Posted by: Scott O | 07 May 2022 at 07:00 PM

You really have to wonder about Rogers as an editor of a newspaper calling the Natl Review an extreme right wing outlet.

"Eventually every Jewish boy wants to settle down and please his mother"

Howard Stern decided to become a member of polite society, so did John Stewart. Now I'm going to make a huge leap here and assume that Rogers isn't Jewish but the impulse is the same. Eventually all these seekers, these "rebels", these speakers of truth to power want to get right with "god" so they can go to the right parties and be seen chatting with the right people about the right things.

Don got into journalism to save the world. Look how that's turned out.....Pennysaver of the Pines.

That anybody is surprised that Rogers thinks that NR....that most flaccid and establishment "rightwing" outlet is seen as extreme is hysterical.

Scott O

fish 1:09 - You've got him all wrong, fish! He's a g'damn Spartacus or he-man ready to do that intellectual rumble!

"No, here’s where heads butt and ideas collide along a line of scrimmage where courage is required, all our notions tested and often enough bruised or broken."

The dude wants to butt heads! He'll take us all on and thrash us with his Magic Middle Of the Road Warrior Power!


"Middle Of the Road Warrior Power"

lol. I like that.

It's a shame that 'Middle of the Road Warrior' doesn't fit on a spandex suit with a cape.

I guess it's like noticing that the universe is expanded equally all around us. WE MUST BE AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE!


I just checked the viafoura/The Union comment pages and they've settled down nicely. No angry voices at all.

In fact, virtually no dissenting voices. Very Progressive-friendly now. Just in time for election Month.

Bravo, Don.


Jeff Pelline has come out and posted under his real name. So has Frisch. It's a new day at the new The Union.

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