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15 May 2022


Barry Pruett

Testosterone administration induces a red shift and Democrats. The link is a scholarly study showing that increase testosterone levels affects political affiliation towards the right. The study might be something to consider in reference to Piketty’s ideas and globalism.


That's right.. The red folks are real men and those Dems are a bunch of pussies..


Piketty admits, “it would be absurd to claim that such a path is easy to follow and clearly marked out: nearly everything remains to be invented,”

lol. In the meantime we can go to other star systems by (1) inventing an FTL drive and (2) make an airtight container to travel in. 1/2 of the problem is solved already!

"The red folks are real men and those Dems are a bunch of pussies.."

Not all of them, but there's been a lot of studies tying testosterone levels to political party. It even makes sense given the increased risk aversion you'd see due to gender and hormone levels. There's nothing to be ashamed about, it just is.

Female suffrage aside as a change in politics, I think there's a good case to study decreasing testosterone levels among young males over time and voting patterns...not to mention the strong need to wear pretty dresses that seems prevalent nowadays. Cause? Dunno. Inactivity maybe, helicopter moms, high fructose corn syrup, high BMI, outgassing from modern materials?

Biden voters are a mystery and Crazytown is a thing to be understood, not hated.

grouper the groper

Maybe the higher testosterone levels explains all the groping, sexual assault allegations, etc. against republican politicians. Oh and on't forget ball tanning..


"Maybe the higher testosterone levels explains all the groping, sexual assault allegations, etc. against republican politicians."

It's possible. The days of LBJ are long over and I can't imagine Grand Admiral Levine feeling up the help. He's far too proper a lady.

I haven't seen any studies on the matter, and then there's always the problem of defining 'sexual assault'. Is Frank Langella's situation an 'assault'? Is the lipstick-wearin' Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Office of Nuclear Energy groping when he's buggering a trussed up young man in a dog suit?

The thing is that you don't even need much testosterone to ship off $40B of US defense corporation largesse to Ukraine to keep the death rate good and high, just look at Schumer and McConnell.

Bill Tozer

@ 1:22 pm.

What is sexual assualt? What is sexual harrassment?

'Wisconsin middle schoolers accused of sexual harassment for using wrong gender pronouns'

Lawyer argues use of incorrect gender pronouns does not violate Title IX


re: BillT@1:34PM

My, what a nice story.

Anyone who has the means and/or energy to pull their kids out of the Crazytown Unified School District should have done so some time ago.

It's never too late.

Bummer that the local folks never try to justify this stuff. Seriously, I could use the laugh.

Bill Tozer

The lefties simlpt cannot not leave the children alone. They keep trying to make children as deviate as they are. The Left is obssesed with the underage's private parts. sickos.

Bill Tozer

“And somewhere along the way, when we’ve set up all these powerful and coordinated transnational assemblies to form the decentralized federalized socialist states, these same established global power brokers will then voluntarily pull stakes, fold their tents, and fade away. Yes indeed.”

That sounds exactly like the ending to The Communist Manifesto. The workers will run things locally and no need for a centralized state. All will behalf nicely and tears shall be stricken from the land.

Scott O

"Admittedly not a difficult task."
There will always be those folks that truly wish we could all be happy as clams.
And if you point out it ain't gonna happen, then you are evil.
This topic is topical but for me it's boring.
They are stupid but have an audience.
You can point out reality (for now) but they have such thick skulls.
Piketty is just a hustler like the race hustlers in this country. It's a profitable hustle.
He will not engage with intelligent people nor argue his case in a neutral arena.
We are risen above the mud because we hustled and strove to do better. Somehow society believes we can now throw this aside and all coast into the future as one on an equal plane regardless of effort.
The mentally ill drug addict living in a Chinese tent on a street in LA deserves everything in life that you have because EQUITY! Good luck, sport - see you on the other side.

Bill Tozer

I can hear the Leftwing poetry being sung across the land.

'Systemic racism pervades every part of our society': new White House press secretary in 2020
Karine Jean-Pierre under fire for incendiary language, fueling election conspiracies, labeling opponents racist.
Sing out that Lefty poetry louder! I just can’t get enough of that sweet stuff.

State medical boards urge punishment, reeducation for doctors spreading COVID 'misinformation'
Cosponsor of U.S. Medical Licensing Examination arguably promotes outdated view of mask efficacy, and new study of CO2 concentration in masks may further erode its position.

Reeducation sounds like a fun summer camp, eh Doc?

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