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17 May 2022


Don Bessee

The chickens are coming home to roost -



Bill Tozer

Evening all. Don, if the Dems think that Roe vs Wade will work in their favor and swing the electorate, then they have not seen mothers and grandparent sitter upset and exasperated wanted their Similac and wanted it now!

For some yet to be expained reason the Left has this uncanny and fascinating ability to jump between Momma Bear and her starving unhappy cubs. Keep doing what yer doing and you keep getting what yer getting.....screw climate change, screw Jan 6, screw Roe, screw CRT and Ukraine, screw racism and screw you and the horse you rode in! wheres the baby formula?

Telling Momma to call her pediatrician because the kid doc might have some samples ain't going to cut it.

Paul Emery

Let me ask you the same question Barry:

There have already been over a million deaths in this country due to covid. What do you think could have been done to lower that number and what should we be doing in the future because this is not over yet.

Barry Pruett

We should trust our fellow man to take care of himself, his family, his loved ones, and his neighbors. It is to only way.

Scott O

From Psul: "The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man"
Not Biden?
Biden told the nation if you got the shot you wouldn't get covid and you wouldn't transmit covid.
How was that for accuracy?

Scott O

"Don responded by kicking me off The Union commenting pages... permanently."

I've been kicked outa worse joints than this...

Scott O

From Joe Biden's best buddy: "The bottom line is that there have already been over a million deaths in this country due to covid."
And MOST of those deaths occurred during which admin?
Could have sworn Biden said he had a plan to stop that.
Paul Emery bought that shit hook, line, and sinker.
Hows that workin' out, Paul?
So, WITH the magic shot that we were promised would solve the problem, Biden killed off more than Trump.
And Paul rattles on about whom to believe?

Bill Tozer

Punchy. I know, you put the microphone in Barry’s face, not mine.

“and what should we be doing in the future because this is not over yet.”

Paul, by its aerosol nature, we will never be over. We just learn to live with it. A year ago, the great hullabaloo was over the unvaccinated showing up at the ERs and being the cause of the spread. Dirsapropately high among the unvqxxed.

Now it’s the vaxxed that are making up 68% of the hospitalizations. The magic vax, the silver bullet, the miracle shot has yet to appear. The immunity from shots appears to have a short shelf life. Nationally, the people of these United States of America decided to just live with the Plague. Moving on. What it mutates into next will soon be all over the airwaves, pun not intended. And you will be asking, “What should we do?”

Even the Holy St.Fauci said SARS will never be eliminated, never not rear it’s head again. I know, Biden ran on the promise to win the war against COVID, complete victory and annihilation of the cursed Plague of Death. Influenza seasons come and go and come and go and come.
Still after all what we have been through, it’s still a virus that is most fatal to the elderly and those with preconditions and the obese. 2022 ain’t 2021. What, CA had 4 deaths today? None in our surrounding counties.

We have finally flattened the curve. Odd, it appears the more one is vaxxed and boosted, the more likely it is to catch the Plague of Death again.


Barry 832p

That's what I'm told when I try to log in. Permanently banned. The spot for a reason is empty... "Reason:."

Scott O

Psul - "There have already been over a million deaths in this country due to covid. What do you think could have been done to lower that number..."
Maybe do what Pelosi told you to do - go down to China Town and mingle...

Bill Tozer


Last one I got from the Union said I was banned for 24 hours. Reason was blank. Even Todd only got banned for 30 days. You really have done it now. “Why did you not follow my orders? Why are you not listening to me!” He warned ya and now you been hit with the comment restraining order.

Sometimes I have been banned for a couple days and was not even was aware of it. Figured it was just a glitch on the Union’s billing end or something. Usually, I just get logged out a lot…. You are either a Feminista or a misogynist. I think Rogers is sweet on Adona the boneless brown trout. The Union and the Clerk-Recorder sitting in a tree……

Don Bessee

While psul is clutching his pearls he might want to get some perspective on who was really responsible on the ground for decisions that impacted the outcomes. You know like grandma killer cuomo.




I was readin' through the comments on some abortion screed that the Union printed.

I noticed that one Biker Bill sez: "Women have the unique ability to bear children. "

Aha. Gotcha on that one. As we all know from Calvin Klein, men can be pregnant. The Crazytown National Guard will be out to interview one Biker Bill.

After much research, I have discovered just how the pregnant men magic is accomplished. There was an educational cartoon a couple of years ago that explained all (kinda NSFW).


While modern gender science is amazing, it does explain Psul's posts to some extent.


Reading through this article, I was pondering a couple of things:


. Yes, it's the evil ZeroHedge. Question. At what point did the Time Magazines and NYTs of the world go all-in on being partisan rags for the DNC? Has it always been true? The political scaffolding that makes up their editorial policy pre-dates Trump as he ran into a solid front first thing.

. You do have to wonder what Twitter HQ is going to look like if Musk goes through with the acquisition. My guess is that it'll look like the Saigon US embassy in 1975. Lots and lots of burning memos, erasing of records, scurrying around to destroy backups of internal emails. The drama is almost worth $40B+ by itself.

Bill Tozer

Morning scenes.

For Gregory



re: baby formula.

I just assumed that given JIT delivery at all stages and the tendency of people to buy-a-little-extra if there's a shortage in the air, it doesn't take much. Some precursor material or a health scare in the supply chain and, boom!, no babyformula. Extra bonus points for the tendency to centralize production and distribution into fewer and fewer companies.

While I wouldn't mansplain some chestfeeding person into using their, well, chest, it would surprise me if you couldn't put together a perfectly good (or better) homemade version. It's funny how attached people get to a type or, more importantly, a brand of product.

Of course, I'll only use Quilted Northern due to my own unique butt topology.

Luckily, Elon Musk comes to the rescue in defining terms.


Bill Tozer


If I had a Twitter account, I definitely would follow Elon. Loved his response to the allegation that “a friend told me that Fernwood Flasher Elon done opened up his trench coat and showed her his Diamond studded family jewels and scepter.

Mr. Musk said he has been waiting for years for a scandal to be named after him and thus he proudly dubbed it Elongate. I like corn ball humor. Elongate is just the first on a long list of of Michael Avenatti’s accusers to come out of the woodwork. But, it just don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got a swing.

Those Africa American immigrants are something else. Wasn’t he once married to Johnnie’s Girl?

Bill Tozer

scenes @ 8:20 am. re: baby formula.

Damn it. I wanted to donate to the cause and went out and got a brand new top line breast pump and that darn thing don’t work. Not only does it not work, that thing is painful. Hurt big time. Hurts to put my tee shirt back on. What a way to start the day. That dog poop ain’t going move itself. Nature calls. Chao. What a way to start a day.


re: baby formula.

I got interested in the concept of homemade baby formula and evidently it's impossible to make and you'll kill your children &c. Baby formula wars through the years including some German manufacturer who produced some product that caused beriberi.

I can see the problem as a lot of people would simply slosh together cows milk with a dollop of whiskey and call it good.

The logical thing to do is for someone who specializes in such matters to publish an acceptable recipe, for emergencies if nothing else.

re: Musk, Elon

Trying to buy Twitter and veer it away from a propaganda arm of the DNC sure is causing an uproar. Up until now he's been pretty bulletproof, but as the new Trump he'll become The Enemy of the Blue People. As a South African, no doubt he favored apartheid and used to beat the maid for being late with the tea.

The tricky thing with Crazytown is that you'll never convince them of anything, regardless of the previous 10k years of experience in some matters, so it's just best to avoid them. Musk probably needs to give his Mars plans a bit more oomph as the thing he'd leave behind is losing it's mind.

George Rebane

BillT 930am - Mr Tozer, can 'Elongate' also be understood as a self-aggrandizing double entendre, or is that a bridge too far?


wow, what a rabbit hole the formula vs. breast milk argument is.

After looking through a few studies, most of the internet pages aren't much use of course, my working theory is so:

. Increasing use of formula ->
. Increased obesity rates, diabetes, other chronic health issues ->
. Low T men ->
. More liberal voters

Well, that was simple to figger out. Time for yard work.

George Rebane

Gentlemen - you youngsters have no idea that almost all mothers made their own baby formulas through the 1960s with the main ingredients being condensed milk, corn syrup, and water. The pain in the butt was sterilizing the bottles and nipples. That's why store-bought formulas became the rage when their price came down from applying all those economies of scale. Bottom line, there should be no screeching and wailing across the land from women with starving babies.

Bill Tozer

I’m grew up a can of condensed milk at the ready. From baking to emergency watered down yucky slim milk for the Corn flakes, every matriarchal cabinet should have a can of condensed milk in the cupboard collecting dust for emergencies just like what is going down now.

Washing of bottles and nipples, pans boiling water to sterilize glass bottles, heating of formula in microwave or stove top, testing temperature of formula on wrist, give it to the infant….who has not patience and they want their purple baba and they want it 12 minutes ago.

Knew a woods back to the earth couple in Idaho that used goats milk. Not bad if its chilled, but warm goats milk as a taste that really needs to be acquired. Mommas little baby loves shorting shorting, Momma’s little baby love shortin’ breaddddd.
Elongate: its not only Elon wrestling away the DNC controlled Twitter, it’s better than that. He is exposing the depths of the lies, corruption, depravity, and wickedness that lurks in their collective souls. The corruption alone stinks to high heaven. Elon is making it so there is no where to hide, the escape routes are all boxed in. He is smoking them out into the barren open. He seems to take a particular interest in the Russiagate actors and Twiiters big role that played. And Durham is hitting them on the other side by exposing them for all to see.

Many have said for some years now that Russiagate, Spygate, Hillary’s E-Mailgate could have never happened without a willing and eager participant in the media. Twitter, as small as it is domestically, is the preferred go-to platform to create, then spin, the narrative.

Couldn’t have done it without Twitter and they and the not so invisible hand liked it that way. Some folks just don’t do change well, I reckon.

Bill Tozer


Elon Musk
Finally, we get to use Elongate as scandal name. It’s kinda perfect. 🤣

Elon Musk
· Mar 25, 2021
If there’s ever a scandal about me, *please* call it Elongate

Elon Musk @elonmusk
May 14
Very important to fix your Twitter feed:

1. Tap home button.
2. Tap stars on upper right of screen.
3. Select “Latest tweets”.

You are being manipulated by the algorithm in ways you don’t realize.

Easy to switch back & forth to see the difference
Looking for hardcore streetfighters, not white-shoe lawyers like Perkins or Cooley who thrive on corruption.

There will be blood.
Musk the Masticator Did like how Musk replied to the Twitter CEO mocking him for having Asperger’s or such and Elon replied with an emoji of a steaming pile of shit, just like Brother Walt would do.

Elon is taking away their ‘milk’.

Don Bessee

Lost them all now -



Don Bessee

Desperate they be -



Scott O

When they said they wanted the admin to "look more like America" apparently they thought America was nothing but a bunch of Democrat morons.
Another affirmative action hire can't answer a simple question and stammers and stutters when the attempt is made:
But she's an injun' so it's all good.
If you can't even come up with glib and coherent BS'ers it's obvious you aren't very competent in any sense of the word.

Don Bessee

With all the administrations talk of violence it sounds more like a call to arms instead of a warning -



Bill Tozer

Get on your knees and beg for mercy. You don’t want true Justice, no sire, I can guarantee you that, groomers.

BREAKING: Loudoun County school board begs court to shut down grand-jury probe into misconduct

As the Supreme Court famously said, “You know obscenity when you see it.” This crap is for grade schoolers?? Go pound sand, pedos.

Court rules 'Gender Queer' too 'obscene' for viewing by minors
Virginia Republican congressional candidate Tommy Altman brought his concerns regarding these "obscene" materials, which have been distributed amongst grade school libraries across the state.

‘Forcing 1 Million Escaped Students Back to the Public School Plantation’

Those kids mean money in the bank for teachers’ unions and Democrats.

“Otherwise how are you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm now that they’re seen what a functioning educational system that puts math and science ahead of wokeness looks like?

In the face of parental revolts over efforts to bring graphic sex, racism, and sexual identity grooming into classrooms, Dems could give parents greater control over school curriculums.

Instead they’re trying to destroy any alternative to the system whose teachers fund their party.

Last week, minority parents protested outside the White House against Biden's new war on charter schools. Even while the media eagerly covered every pro-abortion activist wearing a handmaid costume, 1,000 parents rallying at the White House received virtually no coverage.

Why are minority charter school parents upset?

The Biden administration's assault on charter schools comes by way of rules which, much like the CDC’s school reopening regulations, were likely written with a great deal of input from the UFT and teachers’ unions, are meant to cut off alternatives to the failed public school system.

After attacking school choice and now charter schools, all that’s left is homeschooling, and educrats have been pushing for “reforms” to crack down or eliminate that option entirely.“


Our cause is noble.

Bill Tozer

Our cause is just and noble.




The Russian intel picked up on Hillary authorizing a Russian Hoax on the Trump Campaign before Brennan picked it up from spying on the Russian intel and ran and told Obama. The hyperventilating 420 Brigade were the only ones who did not know and, per usual, they will be forever the last to know.

Scott O

BT 10:06 - "The hyperventilating 420 Brigade were the only ones who did not know and, per usual, they will be forever the last to know."
Not so fast -
"Good question: How could Robert Mueller investigate for two years and not find that the Clinton campaign made it all up?"
It's one thing to be stupid and ignorant on your own dime, but how much did the Mueller team cost the tax payers?
And still F it all up? It's kinda like we're paying the govt extra to cover up their own crimes.

Bill Tozer

Scott O. It’s hard to believe it was less than three years ago.

‘Robert Mueller said he was 'not familiar' with Fusion GPS. How is that possible?.’


Yes, how is that possible?

Beep beep

For your reading pleasure:

“President Biden's approval rating has plummeted to its lowest point of his presidency, according to a new poll released Friday.

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Research poll shows just 39% of U.S. adults approve of the president's job performance.

In addition, the polls found just roughly two in 10 adults say the country is headed in the right direction or that the economy is good. Both figures are down from roughly three in 10 adults last month.

The poll was conducted May 12-16 among 1,172 U.S. adults with a sampling error of 4 percentage points.

Even among Democrats, just 33% of members of the president's party said the country is headed in the right direction, compared to 49% in April.

The results of the poll reflects a widespread sense of pessimism over such so-called kitchen table issues as inflation, including record gas prices and the sudden shortage of baby formula, amid further concerns about attempts to cool the economy resulting in a recession.

A plurality of Democrats (44%) say the president's policies have made no difference to the economy, and 37% say they've done more to help than hurt, though that figure is down from 45% last month.

On the whole, 51% of Americans say the administration's policies have done more to hurt the economy that help it.

Regarding the U.S. borders, the poll shows that just 38% of Americans are pleased with Biden's handling of immigration and 21% say they have a "great deal of confidence" in the president's ongoing ability to handle the war in Ukraine; 39% say they have some degree of confidence, and 39% say they have hardly any.”

Exactly like Biden to set records. Longest slide in the stock market since 1932, highest inflation in 40 years, every single day sets a new record for gas prices. To cap it off, Biden is now losing Democrats which accounts for his continuous fall into the tunnel of no return.

Bill Tozer

Lol. How is this possible.

‘WashPost Buries Robby Mook's Hillary Collusion Bombshell on Page A8, Paragraph 25’
For the reader who rolls their eyes each time the Russian Collusion stories come up. here is a nice column that gets you up to speed over the whole affair. Now you know…or now you can keep rolling your eyes. :)

‘SpyGate 101: A Primer On The Russia Collusion Hoax’s Years-long Plot To Take Down Trump’


Bill Tozer

leaving no doubt.

'Hillary Factor: Evidence now shows false Russia collusion story began and ended with Clinton'


Don Bessee

Fools gold -

In Sacramento, officials said California’s grid could face a potential shortfall of roughly 1,700 megawatts, which would affect the power supply of between 1 million and 4 million people this summer. That number would likely be exacerbated by an additional shortfall of 5,000 megawatts in the case of extreme heat and further fire damage to existing power lines.

“Let’s say we were to have a substantial number of [electric] vehicles charging at home as everybody dreams,” Ram Rajagopal, an associate professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University, who authored a recent study looking at the strain electric vehicle adoption is expected to place on the power grid, told Yahoo Finance. “Today’s grid may not be able to support it. It all boils down to: Are you charging during the time solar power is on?”

The alert in the nation’s most populous state highlighted the delicate dance utility companies face in managing warming temperatures with tightening energy supply as the country moves rapidly away from fossil fuel generation to meet ambitious targets aimed at drastically reducing emissions.

California has set out to become a leader in the green transition, aiming to rid its electrical grid of all carbon sources by 2045

Globally, the number of electric vehicles is expected to swell from 7 million to 400 million by 2040. The transition to zero-emission cars is estimated to add 2,000 TWh to annual energy demand by 2050 — a 40% increase — according to a study by global advisory group ICF.

“The use of an electric vehicle is like adding one or two air conditioners to your residence in terms of its energy increase,” Mike Jacobs, Senior Energy Analyst at Union of Concerned Scientists, told Yahoo Finance. “So when the local utility engineer looks at this, he thinks of that air conditioning in the afternoon and the electric vehicle coming home at the same time.”



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and the socialist greens will always do what is worse for citizens -

Washington Post columnist warns Biden is about to make a blunder with China
The columnist warned that it would be “irresponsible” and a “huge political loser” if Biden abandons Trump’s China tariffs.



Don Bessee

Energy crisis, drought, massive homelessness, crazy illegal immigration and then do this. They really hate citizens. -



Bill Tozer




re: BillT@9:18PM

Good article.

To me, the issue left hanging is one of prediction.

Is the current situation simply a cyclical drama that has been performed ever since Gilgamesh? or is there something new in the air due to technology (increasingly perfect social control and surveillance vs. better/faster mob organization) and overcrowding that has hit the limits of the planet?


Yay war!!!

"(Bloomberg) -- President Joe Biden said the US military would intervene to defend Taiwan in any attack from China, comments that appeared to break from the longstanding US policy of “strategic ambiguity” before they were walked back by White House officials."


I expect that whoever is writing POTUS's teleprompter has a seat in the helicopter to the shelter.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 6:57:am

re: State of Emerency. I usually do not go to FOX.com first thing in the morning or even my first half dozen sites, but this morning I uncharacteristically did. Wow. Yes, State of Emergency. Must control the undisciplined.

‘NSBA letter drafts called for National Guard and military to be deployed’
NSBA letter to Biden, which called protesting parents 'domestic terrorists,' more extreme in its early stages


Bill Tozer

Good essay.

‘Joe Biden and Racial Demagoguery’

Joe Biden’s cognitive challenges have stripped away his political savvy and left him in the raw, revealing his real essence—a racialist of the first order.





“Further, in egregious circumstances and via coordination withlocal and state authorities, we ask that the Army National Guard and its Military Police be deployed to certain school districts and related events where students and school personnel have been subjected to acts and threats of violence."

Maybe the National Association of Activist Election Officials have a similar draft.

I'll pledge to send a bit of commissary money to the local Republicans. I hear the ramen is delicious.


I think it gives J. Biden a bit too much credit for philosophical thinking, the gormlessness is strong with this one . He's simply a life-long pol with a taste for the main chance.

Bill Tozer

Well the heck is the Musk post? While Elon Mania and The Maniacs subsides a teeny bit, I feel we should Elongate the topic. Ain’t ready to move on. Maybe tomorrow, but not this lovely morn.

‘The left targets Elon Musk because he won’t conform to liberal orthodoxy’

“Ever since Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter, he has faced a barrage of serious attacks.

A hit piece in The New York Times this month sought to tie Musk to apartheid in South Africa, despite Musk having left the country when he was a teenager. The Times got one expert to contend that the country’s lack of “a free exchange of ideas” protected South Africans from “the violent consequences of misinformation.” When you’ve reached the point of arguing that South Africa’s censorship was actually good, you may have gone too far.

Joy Reid, who regularly says crazy things on TV as host of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” hit a similar line, saying that Musk “misses the old South Africa in the ’80’s and wants that back.”

Now there’s a story out about an old sexual-harassment allegation, brought forth not by the alleged accuser but by a friend who claims to have knowledge of the harassment. Musk categorically denies the incident took place. He tweeted, “The attacks against me should be viewed through a political lens — this is their standard (despicable) playbook — but nothing will deter me from fighting for a good future and your right to free speech.”

Everyone knows it won’t stop there. Musk has done something unacceptable to the left and its media friends, and they will now seek to punish him.“



…..women, minorities, and Psul Emery hurt most.

MATT TAIBBI: Bush is Biden is Bush: George W. Bush returns to the news with a tad too much honesty, lifting a veil on Washington’s dirtiest open secret: the Biden Democrats have become the Bush Republicans.



GR: "Gentlemen - you youngsters have no idea that almost all mothers made their own baby formulas through the 1960s with the main ingredients being condensed milk, corn syrup, and water.'"

I got minorly interested in the world of Big Formula. What a funny sort of product. Judging from Amazon, it's basically an industrial food powder, made from cheap materials, that they charge $1-2/oz (!!!) for. Nice work if you can get it.

Most of the formulas seems to consist of some powdered milk variant, a whole bunch of corn syrup, (usually) some soy stuff and cheap oils, a handful of minerals sprinkled in. Somebody should just sell the vitamin/mineral part and let the baby owner do the rest if they are Avoiding the Breast for some reason.

I have to wonder whether all the sugar is strictly necessary or if it's there to make the stuff more palatable to the buyer.

Hang on, I just ran into one that has 'Organic Brown Rice Syrup' as the top ingredient. The dreadlock wearin' must be a prime customer here.

Don Bessee

Well of course they did -

Sussmann trial: MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore testimony that Clinton OK’d leaking of Trump-Russian allegations
Clinton's former campaign manager Robby Mook spilled the beans



Don Bessee

Thats refreshing -

Florida university must reinstate professor who was fired over 'Black privilege' tweets
Reinstated UCF professor Charles Negy said the purpose of a university 'is not to make people feel comfortable'



Scott O

I see we still have one thriving American industry:
"Two years after George Floyd’s killing, Big Tech shareholders continue racial-justice push"
Idiot quote:
"Shareholders are urging Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, -0.03% and Meta Platforms Inc. FB, +1.39% to conduct racial-equity audits; explore the potential risks of the metaverse with respect to discrimination and civil-rights violations; examine a claim that Facebook is discriminating against employees deemed “non-diverse”; and more."
'...and more'!
Oh, boy!
Shareholders - all of them? A tenth of them? 3 of them?
"The numbers show that’s true: Shareholder resolutions calling for civil-rights and racial-equity audits reached a record number, 34, this proxy season, according to Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, a shareholder-advocacy organization. ICCR said its more than 300 institutional-investor member organizations filed a record-breaking 485 resolutions, 105 of which are related to racial justice, which also is a record."
More than THREE HUNDRED orgs!
This aint no cottage industry.
Damn! I shoulda gone into the 'equity audits' industry.
The various circuit-rider preachers of the First Church Of Equity are busy traveling about absolving the numerous American companies of an ever-increasing list of nasty sins so that the public relation offices can hope to not have their businesses burnt down.
That one outfit at least has a sense of humor, calling itself "Color Of Change".
And the color is US Treasury Green.
All of this brought to you by the misadventures of a drug-addict loser thug who OD'ed after passing counterfeit money.


I did see where the Washington Post tweeted about how the cops shot and killed Mr. Floyd, cuz, ya know, you can say any old thing these days.

"Color Of Change"

That would be "C**** Of Change" judging from the fuss surrounding Mercedes Lackey and the SFWA.

There's something new every day.

An' it stinks so bad the stones been chokin'
'N weepin' greenish drops
In the room where the giant fire puffer works
and the crazy never stops
The crazy never stops

Don Bessee

The disinfecting properties of sunlight -

State Farm Abandons LGBTQ Children’s-Book Program after Whistleblower Email Leak



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe admits it was all part of the plan making gas 6 bucks a gallon -

President Biden seems to praise high gas prices as 'incredible transition' Americans must go through



Don Bessee

The swamp at work -

Now, the Census Bureau has issued a report detailing how a number of states were undercounted while otherwise were overcounted. The states that were undercounted include Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas — all but one of which voted twice for Trump in the last two presidential elections.

The data suggests that voters who twice voted to elect Trump over Democrat candidates were more likely to be undercounted in the 2020 Census than voters who backed Democrats against Trump in the last two elections.



Don Bessee

OMG dont tell the truth about it you racist sexist breeder bastards! -

More cases of monkeypox have been reported amid an ongoing outbreak in countries that don't typically have the disease, with quite a few of the cases reported from European countries. The outbreaks may have been spread through sexual activity at two rave parties in Europe, an expert said.

A leading theory for the spread of the disease may be sexual activity at two recent raves in Spain and Belgium, Dr. David Heymann, former head of the World Health Organization's (WHO) emergencies department who chaired the agency's advisory group Friday, told the Associated Press (AP).



UNAIDS said “a significant proportion” of recent monkeypox cases have been identified among “gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men” leading to some portrayals of Africans and LGBTI people gravely “reinforce homophobic and racist stereotypes and exacerbate stigma.”




Babylon Bee. Satire or newspaper from the future? You decide.


George Rebane

scenes 922am - Excellent!!

Don Bessee

What crime wave lets handcuff the cops says creepy grampa joe -




re: DonB@2:04PM

That actually seems pretty logical if you view Biden as The Great Unifier.

The thing is, he's trying to unify a group of people who are much more left wing than they were in Clinton's time (the 'moderate' Team Blue) and the more radical folks (the batshit crazy Team Blue).

The other half of the country can go pound sand.

Of course, none of this will halt the more egregious angles to federal law enforcement. Arbitrary enforcement of law, political prisoners, prison terms all over the map, the occasional incineration or shooting of a dissident in the back country somewhere.

The next logical step is an annual national day of mourning for St. Floyd. Mostly peaceful building-burning BBQs, 100% off sale at urban jewelry stores, dance on the police car competitions. Not such a bad idea, there's a certain thrill to action at a distance and it makes great TV. Like in Portland, people tend to have the mass behavior they deserve.


Into the dustbin of history…..

Texas AG Ken Paxton defeats George P. Bush in GOP primary in bid for re-election

Good riddance Bush family!

Bill Tozer

More poetry

‘It’s correlation without causation ‘

Don Bessee

Sure lets crush the lives of our allied citizens instead of drill baby drill to save the world economy -

Biden administration has not ruled out curbs on exports to ease gas prices, Granholm says



Bill Tozer

Well, one does not have to be a Nostradamus to see what would happened when you drive the car off the edge like Thelma and Louise.

‘Is Trump A Modern Day Nostradamus? Watch His Prediction Of What Would Happen If Biden Won’



It’s not just spending — Biden’s record regulations are driving inflation too

How is this possible? I have it straight from the finest economist in Truckee CA that additional regulation on business adds no extra compliance costs and that business is indeed grateful for the enhanced “guidance” provided by these skilled government bureaucrats.



Finest media in the world….

Washington Post deletes tweet that George Floyd was ‘shot’ by police

…..and it’s not just that they so consistently get the “nuts and bolts” details of a story correct….but the fact that hey…:they do nuance too.



Hogg Watch

David Hogg has been trotted out on NPR

Universal Background Checks is his answer... but Ramos bought his rifles legally at retail... getting the magic Background check.

So did the shooter that propelled Hogg to fame... but that kid was benefitted by a program that kept his dozens of police interactions as a juvenile from ending in an arrest, leaving him with a clean record.

Hogg's "Universal" Check isn't about retail sales, it is about requiring running all transfers through a FFL holder... even those within families and one's circle of friends. Your son, your daughter, nieces and nephews, cousins. Even your spouse.

We've had the initial impulsive calls for gun owner controls, perhaps we'll now hear more about the shooter; somehow, I suspect he wasn't an Eagle Scout.


Gregory: "perhaps we'll now hear more about the shooter"

You have to go to /pol for that kind of news. They were on it first thing, harvesting social media posts before they were bulldozered into the memory hole, etc. Sifting through the porn ads and gratuitous bigotry is a bit of work, but they are the finest news aggregators on the planet.


I don't know what or where "/pol" is.


My apologies. 4chan 'politically incorrect' board.

Quite a bit more of a mover and shaker than one might expect.


I don't do 4chan.

Bill Tozer

Yet another school shooting committed by a product of a fatherless home. The common denominator is overwhelming.


Countdown ... what will Frisch say?


The good guy with a gun who stopped the rampage was a Fed... a Border Patrol agent who heard about the shooting and did not flinch from entering. He was wounded but walked out on his own two feet.


"I don't do 4chan."

Ah well. There has been a *lot* of personal information on the shooter there.

Like Psul not doing Twitter, you probably save a fair amount of mind damage although I think you can keep better track of matters by rummaging through the dregs of the internet. The Antifa sites can be a wonder to behold.

I wonder sometimes if the major league political columnists couldn't simply phone in those essays by simply being given a couple of pertinent facts to vamp on. I never seem to gain much from those.

In any case, somewhere somehow, our AI Lords and Masters are sifting through it all looking for hot stock tips and new ways to sell soap. The internet displays the splendor of humanity at it's fullest flower.


"Ah well. There has been a *lot* of personal information on the shooter there."

And, no doubt, a lot of personal misinformation, a reason not to 'do' 4chan. Just say no.

Bill Tozer

Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money


Bill Tozer

The Cabal. Right all along. It’s was not the agents, it’s was the leadership. Now, another FBI investigation into the FBI. It was the FBI leadership and other rouge department heads that caused people to lose trust in our institutions, and for good reasons. Can’t blame Trump for what the Cabal did.

‘Bombshell: FBI agent testifies 'fired up' leadership pushed Trump probe despite flimsy evidence’
FBI agent Curtis Heide testified Tuesday in the Michael Sussmann trial that he learned the Trump-Russia allegation was false within a couple of weeks.



re: Gregory@8:25AM


I must say that that's a word I've become quite allergic to.

The Web of a Million Lies is everywhere. From where I sit, the real value is watching the ebb and flow of the Mood of the People. Statements from an individual, whether it's Victor Davis Hanson or Jen Psaki, is to be believed to the extent that one might a person on Speaker's Corner. Twizzling out where their imprimatur resides is the interesting part.

BT: "Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money"

You do have to admit that it's an odd hill to die on. Increasingly low T-levels over time? Mass insanity? Highly successful marketing of pretty dresses and makeup? Does 'increasingly low' mean anything? Everything is false, everything is possible, everything is doubtful in Crazytown.

Bill Tozer

VILLAINS, UNITED? Soros Poured Millions into Groups Trying to Bring Down Musk

Two notorious leftist billionaires funneled millions into some of the same organizations that attacked Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a threat to democracy.


Scott O

Well, as we know - the crazzzzy brings out the stupid:
"I truly believe if Jefferson, Madison and Washington if they all knew that the bullet would be invented — some 50 years after our revolution, I don’t know if they would have written it that way. They didn’t even know what a bullet was. It didn’t exist until the 1830s. They had any idea that there would be this kind of carnage. You have to believe that the Founders of the country would not support it. I support all gun control legislation. Not sensible gun control legislation. We don’t need the sensible stuff. We need the hard-core stuff that is going to protect ourselves and our children.”
Ooooh - the 'hard core stuff' gets Mikey all excited!
I agree - lets start with the weapons of war that protect the Obama family. The secret service gets S&W police specials. That's it. Deal?
I seem to recall that no school attended by a POTUS's kids or g'kids has ever had a school shooting.
Must be just magic or plain great luck, right?

Paul Emery

So come to find out there is voter fraud and it's the Republicans that are doing it. Just out:

"The GOP’s efforts to unseat Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, ran into some trouble on Tuesday when the state’s elections bureau determined that five of the ten Republican candidates had faked the signatures necessary for them to appear on the ballot. Because of the bogus ink, half of the field could now be ineligible for the August 2 primary.

There was quite a bit of fraud, according to the Michigan Bureau of Elections. Some compromised petition sheets “consisted entirely of invalid signatures.” Others showed evidence of being “round-tabled,” the process in which a group of people takes turns signing names so the same handwriting isn’t repeated line after line. A few showed “no evidence of normal wear” and misspellings of voters’ names, suggesting that whoever botched the job didn’t really put their full effort into trying to defraud the Wolverine State. In total, for the governor’s race and other down-ballot contests, an estimated 68,000 invalid signatures were submitted."



“I truly believe if Jefferson, Madison and Washington if they all knew that the bullet would be invented — some 50 years after our revolution, I don’t know if they would have written it that way.”

Well Mike if you “don’t know” ….if this is merely more moral preening on your part I guess there is really no reason to have this conversation!

Thanks for your thoughts on this very difficult matter.


punchy 952a

"The GOP’s efforts to unseat Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, ran into some trouble on Tuesday when the state’s elections bureau determined that five of the ten Republican candidates had faked the signatures necessary for them to appear on the ballot"

Punchy, there's no evidence any *candidate* "faked the signatures necessary". Someone may have but it probably ain't the guy or gal wishing to get on the ballot who probably paid good money to people who were paid per signature.

In addition, getting rid of the clutter might help the GOP chances in MI.

Scott O

Poor Psul - First he claims there is no such thing as voter fraud and then if he'd bothered to READ the whole article it said there was no evidence that any Republicans were involved in the false signatures.
Sounds like a bunch of pay-per-signature bozos sat around in a bar 'earning' money.
That's why we have to have verified votes at election time, Psul. Not stacks of crisp, never-folded Xeroxed 'ballots'.

Paul Emery


You need to be a registered voter to sign the petitions to get a candidate on the ballot. Pure and simple that makes it voter fraud.


Regarding Michael Moore, I suspect a case could be made that his films would have given the Founders pause in writing Amendment the First.

Bullets (from the French term for "small balls", boullet) date from the 1400's. And "arms" include swords large and small.

George Rebane

re Republican election fraud. As pointed out in 1007am and 1031am, there is no evidence of Republican involvement. But it is noteworthy the rapidity and glee with which our loyal leftwinger grappled this piece and gave his breathless report so that we may all be humbled in realizing that it isn't the Dems who do all the mischief in our elections.

In the latest Scattershots there is also a little entry on Thomas Jefferson that should interest our Deist commenter.


punchy 1042a

There's no requirement for someone claiming to be a registered voter to a petition circulator to be a Republican.

Paul Emery

From the New York Times-this is getting ugly

According to the Times, a Mark Meadows colleague testified to the Jan 6 committee that Meadows "walked into his own office and told colleagues that President Donald J. Trump was complaining that the vice president was being whisked to safety. According to the Times the witness also said that Meadows claimed Trump had suggested Pence maybe did deserve to be hung.


Scott O

Psul 11:06 - "...and then someone said that they heard that someone else supposedly said that maybe Trump said..."
Kane's last word was "rosebud" and Psul's last word as they nail the coffin shut will be "Trump".


re: Michael Moore.

At least he cuts right to the chase there. No guns for anyone. It avoids all that messy business of effective rates of fire and whatnot. According to Mr. Moore, the history of firearms in the US is POC being gunned down by white folks, so at least you know where to look for the guns.



Cyclical? Maybe. Perhaps it matches other types of civil unrest cycles.

Do more people have access to guns? Well, no.


Here's the interesting one. Active shooters.


Why is that? It's not more households with guns. It's not more murders with guns. Perhaps it's just that we've jump right through crazy people being accepted to crazy people being encouraged.


Psul Emery: "this is getting ugly"

Speak for yourself old son.

Why all the Trump talk? A bunch of school kids just got murdered. Don't you care about children?

"...and then someone said that they heard that someone else supposedly said that maybe Trump said..."

lol. Exactly. It happened right after someone said that she said that Trump said to pee on the bed because he was told to by Russian intelligence operatives who were told by Putin.

Scott O

scenes 11:31 - "No guns for anyone."
Oh, please - it's "no guns for YOU!"
Mikey and the 'important' people will always have available whatever firearms they think they need to feel safe.

Bill Tozer

Add another one to the Biden list.



Bill Tozer


“You’re A Sick Son Of A B****’: Chaos Erupts After Beto O’Rourke Crashes Greg Abbott Press Conference On Uvalde Shooting”


Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke disrupted Governor Greg Abbott’s press conference with to update the public on yesterday’s school shooting. O’Rourke is one of the breed of politicians — politicians without a conscience and with no thought other than themselves — that finds the moment of unspeakable tragedy a fit moment to undertake histrionic displays and hysterical lectures promoting their favored causes. I can’t believe this is even good politics, but it is what it is, somewhere south of disgusting.

Bedtime for Punchy



Just in case anyone wants to read a guy at the Speaker's Corner that they don't agree with.

NATO vs Russia: what happens next
In Davos and beyond, NATO's upbeat narrative plays like a broken record, while on the ground, Russia is stacking up wins that could sink the Atlantic order.


Bill Tozer

‘Fauci's researchers find better antibody response from natural immunity than Moderna vaccine’
But immunologist cautions both sides read too much into "transient spike" in antibodies to justify their policy preferences.

In other news, Moderna’s CEO announced that the company is tossing 30 million doses of its vaccine. “Nobody wants them.”

Bill Tozer

Already mentioned by Don, but the Dems are truly the Enemy of the Truth.

‘After Joe Biden, Media Smeared Georgia Voting Rules As ‘Jim Crow 2.0,’ Non-White Turnout Boomed’


Bill Tozer

How FBI HQ hamstrung the Alfa Bank investigation


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