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26 May 2022


Bill Tozer

Breakfast topics at the kitchen table to digest.

‘Period Crunch,’ A Uterus Shaped Cereal, Aims To Bring Menstruation Conversations To Breakfast


Scott O

BT - thanks for that one. I needed some humor.
This line had me LOL.
"The company also found that 77% of respondents have never discussed periods at the kitchen table."
Well - imagine that!

Don Bessee

The woke destruction of learning -

Carl Samson
Thu, May 26, 2022, 12:23 PM
San Francisco’s Lowell High School, regarded as one of the best in the nation, is seeing a record spike in Ds and Fs among its first batch of students admitted in fall 2021 through a new lottery system instead of its decades-long merit-based admissions.

Of the 620 first-year students admitted through the lottery, nearly one in four (24.4%) received at least one letter grade of D or F in the said semester, according to internal records obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle. This marks a triple increase from 7.9% in fall 2020 and 7.7% in fall 2019.



Paul Emery

Here's one for you George. Mark Sherwood, a Republican candidate for governor in Oklahoma,believes life begins "before" conception. Here's a quote:

"So I believe life begins in God before it begins at conception,"...... "I plan is to push the legislators on both chambers as per their Republican GOP stance in Oklahoma to present this bill to the houses with the people behind it."

Real America's Voice/screen grab

George Rebane

PaulE 527pm - Well, that should give rise to uncontestable abortions - those that occur before coitus, as they should.

Bill Tozer

Remember Paul, “Thou shall not kill.”

Guns are not anymore dangerous or murderous since we were kids. What has changed dramatically during the past fifty years is culture. Culture has changed. The value folks put on life has changed. What we are witnessing is a declining culture with declining morality….we are witnessing the fruit of the poison tree.

Me thinks the Texas shooter violated some of the 10 Commandments, which is barred from the public square, education, government, and the culture.


Some words on life before conception in various religions. I actually learned a few things, the arguments in Christianity are interesting.


The real marker of our age is how modern members of Team Blue feel perfectly at ease in mocking Christianity (and perhaps Mormonism) while avoiding or promoting the others. It's all part of that crazy self-hate that's so addictive, it's like a kind of cutting behavior applied to culture.


Biden says Second Amendment 'not absolute' at police executive order signing

The best part of this is that people way smarter than the senile grifter in the White House are offering rebuttals practically as the words are leaving Joey Fingers empty head!


Don Bessee

Totally gaming the system -



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe needs his depends changed -

Biden's credibility on inflation, gas, economy is melting like an ice cube in the summer sun
The Biden administration does not seem to care about the misery its policies on inflation, gas and the economy are inflicting on Americans




"Guns are not anymore dangerous or murderous since we were kids."

Funny thing, that.

In addition, the number of households with firearms has decreased over time. There's actually less access, not more. I suspect that the main cause of their being more total firearms, aside from the fact that they last long time and they keep making them, is older men with money buying more of The Precious.

I was spending a few minutes look at vintage gun ads. The Boys Anti-Tank gun ($100! Culver City!) and the older Thompson machine gun ads are pretty cool. You can definitely see the change in attitude over time:

Thing is, as part of the March Through The Institutions, we've gotten another fine gift from the Left. A generation of mentally-ill children. You can see it in the gender and grooming industry, the Young Pioneers angle to their organization, the fragility of their minds. It's a perfect opportunity to follow up with more top-down control of the population.

No, this is not the same as previous generations. The pricking of my thumbs tells me this will blow out in some ugly fashion.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 7:09 am

Actually, my 6:29 pm should have gone under the “to protect the children” thread. Nonetheless, I am a believer that life passes through the womb, not originates from the womb. Our form was knitted in the womb…our physical being….the place where we where made and where our consciousness began. The body just houses the soul. That’s just my opinion and no way to prove or disprove it….nor do I have desire to do either.

While I am not a believer in reincarnation, the idea is similar. In reincarnation, one’s life, one’s soul, keeps passing through the womb but is not of the womb. Kinda metaphysical stuff. ;)


"The body just houses the soul. "

At least that's not as complicated as Egyptian beliefs, what with the 'ka' and the 'ba' (and the 'ib' and the 'shut', and the 'ren', and others). Set appears to be in the driver's seat right now so hang on.

Egyptian religion has some serious legs so it's best to pay attention.

In current events, I see that the Republicans' favorite Senator, Joe Manchin, is in the news:

"Joe Manchin, speaking today at the World Economic Forum, rejects the idea that the Ukraine war should ever be resolved with "some type of a treaty." Instead demands fighting "to the end," until total victory -- which includes "getting rid of Putin" "


That will certainly end well.

Twitter is a decent place to pick up on the Will of the People, at least the people who run media. Currently, the theory seems to be that nuclear war with the Russkies isn't a problem because either:
. None of their missiles will work. .or.
. It's worth it to avoid slavery at Russian hands.
With a certain amount of 'nuke Moscow first' belligerence.

These appear to be, to a woman, anti-Trump pro-woke folks. The conservatives are mostly staying out of it and don't seem to have a hivemind on the matter.

I guess we all need to box up the Monkeypox decorations and put them into the garage next to the ornaments for the NeverTrump, COVID, and TransWomen celebrations to be replaced with the WWIII display. It'll be a hot time in the old town tonite.

Bill Tozer

Bravo! re: Gifted student programs.

“New York judge’s one-paragraph ruling gives anti-racist activists a lesson in civics“


Don Bessee

Can they keep him in the basement?-

Biden repeats false claim about trips to Iraq and Afghanistan, this time to graduating midshipmen
NSC says correct number of Biden trips to Iraq and Afghanistan is 21, not the 40 he claimed



Don Bessee

Since they can not help the shit holes of the world they decided to make us into 3 world shit holes. Must be that equity bullshit -




Don Bessee

Life in a socialist green new deal country -



Don Bessee

Why lala land is a dumpster fire -



Bill Tozer

‘WHO continues tradition of bashing Israel, shunning Taiwan despite strong public health records’
Cold shoulder to democratic duo fuels concerns world health body is putting politics over public health.


Don Bessee

There is a corollary to get woke go broke -

The ageless star [Cruise] is in full control of his film destiny, and he clearly helped “Maverick” avoid most, if not all, of the culture war booby traps.

No hand wringing over military might or extended emasculation of its rugged hero, for starters. No lectures on America’s imperfect past or gender inequality.

And, suffice to say, “Top Gun: Maverick” isn’t woke in the slightest. It is, though, a testament to American excellence and the ability to achieve a goal no matter the odds.

In other words, it didn’t do what James Bond did—turn itself into a mewling little pajama boy gerbil of a movie. It didn’t do what Star Wars did and pervert a romantic-adventure series into a shrill Womyn’s Studies lecture. Instead, Top Gun chose to respect human nature and remain what it was, what worked, and what normal people love. The audience sensed that, and now it’s over-performing and less than $10 million away from setting an all-time Memorial Day Weekend record.

Arrrrhhh, darhhhrrr, Hollywoodtards.

Woke West Side Story: Flop
Woke Eternals: Flop
Woke In the Heights: Flop
Woke Wonder Woman 1984: Flop
Woke Charlie’s Angels: Flop
Woke Men In Black International: Flop
Woke Birds of Prey: Flop
Woke Ghostbusters 3: Flop
Woke The 355: Flop.
Woke Terminator Dark Fate: Flop
Woke Oscars: flop
Woke Netflix: Stock tanking
Woke Groomers at Disney: Stock tanking
Is it just me or is a pattern emerging?



Bill Tozer

Who posted we can’t say ‘Chief’ anymore? They really do want to erase the Red Man, don’t they? Every chance they get.


Paul Emery

Here's some good news from the NY Times-Trump is ready to go for '24.
Go for it Orange Guy. I'm pulling for you. You are the best hope the Dems have.

The Times reports: "After the first phase of the primary season concluded on Tuesday, a month in which a quarter of America’s states cast their ballots, the verdict has been clear: Mr. Trump’s aura of untouchability in Republican politics has been punctured.," adding, "The mounting losses have emboldened Mr. Trump’s rivals inside the party to an extent not seen since early 2016 and increased the chances that, should he run again in 2024, he would face serious competition."

also they write:

"...the difficult primary season has added to Mr. Trump’s personal anxieties about his standing, after he has sought to fashion himself as something of an old-school party boss in his post-presidency. He has told advisers he wants to declare his candidacy or possibly launch an exploratory committee this summer."



So punch... you've given up on Nov '22?

Don Bessee

Another fallout from the election tilting suppression of the truth about the cokeheads laptop -

The Daily Beast originally published the piece in question in December of 2020, and with no evidence whatIn other words, the man who had the laptop stole the laptop.

Yeah, well, that man is a real person—a living human, an everyday guy named John Paul Mac Isaac. And before this man bent over backward in threes to do the right thing with a laptop that legally belonged to him, Mac Isaac was a small businessman.soever, this newwwwzzzz article misled its readers by describing the laptop as “stolen.”

Apparently, the rest of the media accusing Mac Isaac of being a Russian spy didn’t soothe the lying Daily Beast’s bloodlust, so they threw thief on the pile.

Well, after the corporate media’s lies and smears cost him his business and forced him to flee his home — all for the sin of doing the right thing with a laptop that legally belonged to him after Hunter Biden abandoned it in his repair shop without paying the bill — Mac Isaac filed a multi-million dollar defamation suit against the Daily Beast, CNNLOL, Politico, and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Editor’s note: an earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to Hunter Biden’s laptop as “stolen.” We have removed that word, and we apologize to Mr. Mac Isaac for the error.





As in, We had no evidence the laptop was stolen but called you a thief anyway. *chews index finger* Oopsies. *digs toe in dirt*

Dear Daily Best Readers:

They lied to you about the laptop being stolen.

Then they wait 18 months to fix the lie.

Then the correction itself is a lie about an error.

Do you enjoy being lied to?

Are comforting lies more valuable to you than the truth?

I can certainly understand wanting to read an outlet that agrees with your worldview, but how broken and failed is your worldview when you put up with so much shameless lying?

And that’s not even the worst of it…

They destroyed an innocent man for trying to do the right thing with the truth.

You’re enabling monsters who lie to you.




Paul Emery

Not at all Gregory. The House looks shaky as it always is in the first term mid-terms but the Senate looks pretty good for the Dems especially Penn, Georgia and Michigan who will be punished for their Trump support. We'll see.

Don Bessee

The NYT openly parroting the hate of American citizens from the WH -



Don Bessee

Remembering -



Bill Tozer

'The Second Amendment's not absolute': Quotes of the Week




The latest group to come steal freedoms from the mostly-peaceful people.

The CHRIstiAn nATIonalISTs!!!!

"Christian nationalism on the rise in some GOP campaigns"


We'll all be Handmaids! Watch out!!

(side note..go back 100 years and 'Christian Nationalist' would be a decent moniker for 99% of prominent politicians).

Don Bessee

Berry berry bad news for the ponytail of ignorance -

Dems’ midterm prospects are bleak – but they could get worse

Democrats are widely expected to lose control of Congress in the midterm elections. At this point, the question is not “if” Republicans will flip the House — and likely the Senate — but rather, by how many seats.

The president’s approval rating — which has historically been a harbinger of his party’s midterm performance — is underwater: Just 38% of registered voters approve of Joe Biden, while 57% disapprove, per a recent Quinnipiac poll. Further, the vast majority of the public (80%) is dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country today.

Inflation and high gas prices — which are very politically powerful trends, given their tangible impact on every American — will still be persistent problems in November. In poll after poll, voters cite rising prices as the most urgent issue facing the country, and express deeply negative views of the economy and of President Biden’s handling of it, despite historically low unemployment and increased wages.

In that sense, the White House has clearly failed to develop a compelling and reassuring economic message — as only 19% of Americans rate the economy as “excellent” or “good.” Americans also largely disapprove of President Biden’s economic leadership (63%) — including 68% of Independents — and two-thirds (67%) believe he bears at least some responsibility for inflation.

As things stand, the annual inflation rate was recorded at a staggering 8.3% at the end of April, and the average price for a gallon of gas in the U.S. is currently $4.60, which is nearly double what it was when Joe Biden took office



Bill Tozer

‘Democrats' early hopes for redistricting gains founder amid string of legal reversals’

Courts have struck down gerrymandered Democratic maps, while newly drawn congressional lines favoring the GOP appear poised to stick.


Bill Tozer

Biden's Weekend of Lies: Lying About Naval Appointment, More Falsehoods at U of Delaware


Don Bessee

Well that's putting a stake through the heart of be on the lookout fors or clear victim statements not to mention testimony if you got a woke jury and you he's a dude that robbed me -




"as only 19% of Americans rate the economy as “excellent” or “good.”"

I'd like to talk to some of those people, get the lay of their minds.

In a few more months of Bidenomics and Biden Foreign Policy, it'll be down to "as only 1 American, the Detroit School District Director of Supply Cabinets and brother of the mayor, rates the economy as "excellent" or "good"."

re: Biden's whoppers. I think the story writer is stretching a bit by call them 'despicable', but that's a common term these days. It's probably best to just consider it a combination of typical politician bluster with modern fact checking and the high likelihood that he actually believes all of it, being a feeble old man and all.

You do have to wonder who is in charge. The War Party is fairly obviously at work in Europe, but they never left the stage. OTOH, who is behind the threat to remove school lunch money funding if you don't let cross-dressing males use the girls' restroom in schools? Believe me, it's not the kind of thing a crooked old 79 year-old politician from Delaware would dream up. There's some serious men-in-dresses mojo backstage at the White House and, naturally, the MSM quit analyzing these matters after they helped win the 2020 election.


"gerrymandered Democratic maps"

Ah well. One man's gerrymander is another's 'giving a protected minority a voice' district.

No matter what, the odds are good that the system is odd. California has roughly 2x as many Democrats as Republicans but 4x as many Democratic Representatives. No wonder the Golden State has solved the problems of public education, health care, and homeless issues as the Orange Man Voters are mostly frozen out of the system. Paradise on Earth going forward I tell ya'. Thank God the Progressives gave us amazing weather, beaches, the post-WWII boom, and the ability to grow vegetables.


Joseph R Biden......lying (remember when the usual suspects hated lying politicians), grifting, scumbag then. Lying, griifting, scumbag now!



Grade A moron......

"The idea of these high-caliber weapons -- there is simply no rational basis for it in terms of self-protection, hunting," Biden said.

......no wonder psul is so fond of him.

Francis the talking mule

2000 Mules.. a total fraud just like trump ... https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-usa-mules-idUSL2N2XJ0OQ


"The idea of these high-caliber weapons "


To be fair, there's such a thing as a .17 caliber.

Of course, if you get into an argument with one of these fools, they are utterly convinced you are trying to trick them with some sort of technical jargon talky talk.

Having ignorant people write law gives you peculiarities like the M1A Standard Issue vs. M1A Standard Issue California Compliant.


But wait! There's more!

Biden: "A .22 caliber bullet will lodge in the lungs and we can probably get it out ... A 9 mm bullet blows the lung out of the body, so the idea of these high caliber weapons ... no rationale basis for it in terms ... of self-protection, hunting..."


Marvin Taylor Brown

The Gazpacho Police now want you to eat Bill Gates' fake meat grown in a peach tree dish.


Posted by: Marvin Taylor Brown | 30 May 2022 at 11:44 AM

Hi Michael…..how’s the website coming along? Making progress….?


I find it astounding that the usual suspects of “rational and thinking” people can get so upset at Marjorie Taylor Greene but are perfectly sanguine about congressdope Hank “Tippy” Johnson and Senator “JB Smoove” Warnock (D -Affirmative Action) from the same state.

Cognitive dissonance much?


In other news.

"Canada's Trudeau announces bill to cap sales, transfers and imports of all handguns in the country"

You know, it seems to me like the 420th Volunteers could probably take Canada on their own at that point.

Lotsa wood, oil, etc. to be had. A few purty wimmen and some gold. It's a no-brainer.

Party at Psul's house for the planning session.

Scott O

I know you might think this goes under the other post, but listen to pResident Joe at 2:50 - "when you take on the govt that's wrong ...you need an F-15, you need an Abrams tank..."
Gosh and golly - could have sworn a bunch of un-armed folk nearly toppled the US govt a while back.
note: this is an MSNBC clip, so you lefties will have to try to figure out why you can't listen.
And you can (if you can stand his BS) listen to the whole thing - especially the part where he explains that it's apparently acceptable to shoot school children with a .22 because they might be able to dig the bullet out of their lungs.
Psul really knows how to pick 'em. Good work, Psul!

Bill Tozer

Rewriting the origins from the Laptop from Hell.



BTW. Anybody know what a peach tree dish is? Sounds like a Georgia expression.

Bill Tozer

‘Something’s Changed’: People Won’t Stop For Washington State Police After Post-George Floyd Law Restricts When Cops Can Pursue



Just once I'd like to get up and not read something outrageous spewing forth from Team Blue.

"Oak Park and River Forest High School administrators will require teachers next school year to adjust their classroom grading scales to account for the skin color or ethnicity of its students."


Bill Tozer

Breaking! Biden got one thing close to accurate. Only 2/3?



Bill Tozer

Even Without The Jury Convicting Michael Sussmann, The Special Counsel Has Won


Scott O

scenes 9:17 - It's transformative alright!
Get the Pantone Color Sheet out along with the Past Injustice and D.I.E. sliding scale grievance points chart and follow the simple instructions!
Add extra credit bonus points if the student claims to be 'transitioning'.
I see it as the final straw for a lot of parents to give up on govt schools and either home school or pay for a private school.

Bill Tozer

Barr says Durham uncovered 'seditious' activity


Scott O

BT 1:21 - "Barr says Durham uncovered 'seditious' activity"
Any trial will occur in DC. The judge and jury will be supplied by the DNC. Just as in the Sussmann trial, the jurors will be made to understand that any finding of guilt will be a 'victory' for the MAGA crowd.
(the gavel slams down on the bench)
Next case!


WHAT?!?! Joseph Robinette Biden ….lying!?!?

Well I would imagine the Psul Emery’s of this world will be along presently to condemn this vile behavior! I do remember him saying just how much he hated lying.


Don Bessee

Hey here is a chance for the ponytail of ignorance to unload that wearhouse full of popcorn he bought behind the rancid russian dressing story for the shrillary's campaign! -



Paul Emery

Another flop from the Trump legal team.

Michael Sussmann found not guilty of charge brought by Special Prosecutor John Durham

The jury on Tuesday found Michael Sussmann not guilty of making a false statement to the FBI in September 2016 when he said he was not working on behalf of any client, when he brought information alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank.


Scott O

Makes everyone feel better:
So - she's going to resign and have someone who was correct take her place?
Nah - she hopes maybe she'll do better next time.


Punch 901p

"For Sussmann, picking a favorably predisposed panel was like a rigged carnival game. In the last presidential election, 92 percent voted for Joe Biden. A scant five percent cast ballots for Trump, although I doubt many of them would admit to it publicly. Jurors are statistically prone to despise the former president. Sure enough, Hillary supporters and donors dominated the selected panel. Every day during the trial, defense attorneys reminded them that their client was working against Trump.

Unfortunately for Durham, he had no choice but to try the accused in D.C. since that is where the alleged crime was committed. Hence, the special counsel was forced to play the hand he was dealt, even though the cards came from the bottom of the deck. In Washington, justice is dispensed according to your party bona fides. Advantage Sussmann.

If the defendant were tried in a neutral and fair venue, he’d be toast. Slap on the cuffs and send him off to the hoosegow already. That’s how strong the evidence was against him. But as I stated on air at the outset of the trial, Sussmann was relying on the concept of "jury nullification" where the triers of fact perversely ignore the evidence and repudiate the rule of law to acquit a plainly guilty man. Indeed, that’s what happened. No surprise."


"A juror in the trial of former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann told the media after he was unanimously acquitted Tuesday that she did not think the case should have been prosecuted because lying to the FBI was not a big deal.

“I don’t think it should have been prosecuted,” she reportedly said, according to Jeff Mordock, White House reporter for the Washington Times. “There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI.”"


Scotto: " So - she's going to resign and have someone who was correct take her place?"

lol. What difference would it make? It's like skunks, kick one out from under the shed and another moves right in.

You have to admit that the Biden administration is a pure-play in disaster. One thing right after another. Maybe God hates kiddie fondlers, but it's a bummer that the rest of us are caught up in the troubles.


Sometimes you have to truly marvel over the world the Democrats are building for everyone.

"Diggs described her anxiety at having to share a shower with one of the male transfers, whom she identified as Nikita Selket. Selket, formerly Neil LaBranche, is a 6′ 7″ man serving a thirty-year sentence for the murder of his roommate in 1995. The New Jersey Department of Corrections has recorded LaBranche as “female.” He is one of 27 men who have been transferred into the women’s facility since last year."



In other news. Kinda nsfw. Democrats gonna democrat.


Paul Emery

Whatever Gregory. The jury decision was another legal setback for your guy Trump the Loser. I'm still rooting for him though. He still the best chance the Dems have. Go Trump.


punchy 1254p

It was a legal setback to the country when the jury refused to hold Clinton's lawyer accountable for lies told to the FBI because they hated Trump.

The next Durham trial is expected in Virginia.


Trump the Loser vs. Biden the Child Groper and Grifter.

Sounds perfect.

Hey Psul, you really should check out the pics of The First Son. He's quite a piece of work.


If a person could just get Hunter Biden to dress up for Drag Queen Story Hour at the local elementary school library, you'd have the perfect picture of Blue State America.

Paul Emery


Who cares about Hunter.

Show me one legal complaint that Biden is a "child groper". Trump has over 25 complaints filed agaisnt him and of coursehe is a self confessed pussy grabber.


From one girl who had been groped:

“I would do something about it — to be honest — if I thought it would help, but it would only make more people angry and I’ve already had people calling me out saying I’m lying and this is BS [bullsh*t], even though it is not. I just don’t think it would help with anything right now,” Maria Piacesi said.


"There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI"

scenes 714a

That quote was by the jury foreman.

Paul Emery


Are you aware Maria Piacesi was 8 years old at the time of the alleged incident. Here's a good summary of the alleged incident.



"Who cares about Hunter."

Maybe since 'The Big Guy' is on his payroll, we should all care.

Being the Senator from Mastercard was always a tough gig though.

Check it out Psul, here are your people.


Maybe it's just that you like that a man in his late 70's still has it.

"Joe Biden’s widely anticipated campaign for the White House has suffered a blow after a second woman accused him of inappropriate behaviour and said that he should stay out of the race.

Amy Lappos, 43, a former aide to a Democratic congressman, said that Mr Biden had touched her face with his hands and rubbed noses with her at a fundraising event."


punchy 358p

Yes, I was. And Snopes should be ashamed of themselves.

Creepy joe at his best.


ol' Biden, he just loves him them kids.


Truth is, if he were merely competent, you could forgive him a lot. Just send up some of Hunter's working girls to the Presidential Palace now and again to reward Joe for all that good work on the economy, COVID, and calming down the war in Europe.

Bill Tozer

if lying to the FBI is no big deal per a jury member, then why did Psul Emmerroid and Steven make such a big deal over Mike Flynn...who later was found not to lie....unlike Sussman who billed Hillary for his meeting with Baker.

one alternative juror stated she would never do anything to hurt Hillary.

facts be damned, jury nullifaction. But, Durham got Mook to say Hillary ordered the Hoax and got FBI agents to testify that the hoax wad baseless.

one can never say that the whole Russian Collusion tale that Punchy Emmerhoid swallowed hook, line, and sinker was not misinformation peddled soley by Hillary Clinton.

Don Bessee

Doing this is the biggest acknowledgement of the out of control dumpster fire that is the creepy grampa joe admin. WEINSTIENS FIXER!! OH MY! -

Anita Dunn, the senior Biden aide best known for providing "damage control" advice to disgraced Hollywood rapist Harvey Weinstein, is in line to take over as White House chief of staff after the midterm elections, NBC News reports



Bill Tozer

The Special Counsel Proved The FBI Belongs To The Swamp


Bill Tozer

"Moral of Sussmann trial: Americans see lying as a DC norm, making punishment hard'

"There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI," jury forewoman declares after verdict.

"In the end, it didn't matter. The case was made against a backdrop of so many prior falsehoods and a growing belief in America that lying has become a norm in politics in Washington.

The forewoman for the jury that acquitted Sussmann said as much in a brief statement to the news media Tuesday afternoon, suggesting it wasn't worth the jurors' time to convict someone for lying to the FBI.

"I don't think it should have been prosecuted," the jury forewomen said, according to an account in The Washington Times. "There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI."


Bill Tozer

Texas Defeats Biden, Judge Won’t Dismiss Lawsuit On LGBT Issues


Paul Emery

OMG-Biden is a face toucher and nose rubber. How about a review of the 26 women that have filed complaints against Trump.

Check this out:


Scott O

BT - "if lying to the FBI is no big deal per a jury member, then why did Psul Emmerroid and Steven make such a big deal over Mike Flynn"
Or all of Trump's so-called lies?
I figured out Paul Emery a long time ago.
A snot-nosed little idiot with a low IQ trying to make himself relevant with adults.
The reason he feigns shock at moral outrages de jour ala Auntie Emery so often is because he has no discernible morals of his own.
He is an impresario - a huckster - a P.T. Barnum that cares only about filling the seats with paying customers. Why do you think he bays on and on about Trump being "the biggest loser"? The fact that American life improved immeasurably under Trump for reasons that Trump brought about mean nothing to Paul.
It's all about the gate and the number of seats filled for Paul. Trump couldn't match the Dems for publicity and Biden ended up filling the arena with paying customers (and not a few million comp tickets we shan't acknowledge).
To top it off - Paul is (like most all lefties) incapable of admission of error. He has to maintain perfection of judgement or his world crumples to dust. It is all or nothing. Sad.

Paul Emery

Mike Flynn? What a gem he is. He plead guilty to lying to federal investigators about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the United States during the presidential transition. Trump bailed him out with a pardon. Also he tried to persuade Donald Trump to use the military to overturn the 2020 election.
Here's a couple of links to his sordid history


Paul Emery

Well once again Scott has run out of anything to say about the current topics. That's why he's resorting to personal attacks on me as his only recourse. I love it when he does that. Next up Bill will be talking about bringing Todd back from the dead and cruising my neighborhood. Oh shucks he already said that. That was a hoot-very creative. George just disappears when things get difficult. Fish continues to refuse to use his real name because what he says is so embarrassingly stupid he doesn't want friends of family (if he has any) knowing about it. Gregory resorts to a couple cheap shots and also disappears. Well that's about it for Rebanes Ruminations. It's kinda fun though when I'm in the mood.

Scott O

Paul the idiot, parrots the lefty line.
Flynn was railroaded. The FBI agents that interviewed him said he didn't lie.
What does Paul have to say about that?
Paul - "duh".
They threatened Flynn with with going after his son with baseless crap just to ruin his son financially if he didn't plead.
The Justice Dept dropped the case once the facts came out.
And to put the cherry on top - Paul Emery, the Nevada City liar proclaimed that Flynn would "flip" and incriminate Trump.
Maybe Paul wants to re-visit his BS from that era?
It turns out Paul Emery is the biggest loser.
He champions a man who fondles a young girls nipple right on camera and then Paul lies about it.
Good going Paul.
What a complete F'n loser.

Paul Emery


Would you like to review Trumps Resume when it comes to sexual harassment? Here's a start:


Scott O

Paul - "Well once again Scott has run out of anything to say about the current topics."
That's another lie.
Is that all you can do, Paul - just lie?
"That's why he's resorting to personal attacks on me as his only recourse."
Another lie.
We notice Paul has no answers to my "attacks".
Maybe because they are true.
C,mon man - let's hear it again about 'flipper Flynn' and the other golden moldies you used to entertain us with.

Scott O

Paul - yes all those 'accusations'.
Paul Emery is once again running for his life. He refuses to address any of the facts I post and he comes up with 'Trump accusations'. None of which have any bearing on what I have pointed out about Paul.
The Bidens are exposed now even in the left wing press as corrupt and perverted grifters. Paul crowed about being happy to vote for this bunch of sick losers and now he's left with "but, but, TRUMP!"
Everyone knows we were better off when Trump was in office, Paul.

Paul Emery


Are you saying that the economy was better when he was booted out of office than the economy he inherited from Obama? Check out these charts and get back to me with your opinion.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 01 June 2022 at 07:55 PM

It has been a tough day hasn’t it lil progressive soldier....!

Scott O

Paul - I called you a liar and you are still talking about Trump.
As Bogart said - "you'll take it and you'll like it".
What a maroon.


Are you saying that the economy was better when he was booted out of office than the economy he inherited from Obama?

Well I can’t say how much more change they’re tossing into the guitar case then vs now, but it’s great you’re keeping busy.


Are you saying that the economy was better when he was booted out of office than the economy he inherited from Obama?

Well I can’t say how much more change they’re tossing into the guitar case then vs now, but it’s great you’re keeping busy.

Scott O

Lookin' good there, Paul - even CNN is admitting that the dog manure is impacting the rotating air motion device.
Never happened when Trump was in office.
Don't recall any war when Trump was in office, Paul.
Don't recall any of Trump's offspring sucking millions from the the ChiComs under the table or having to have an "angel" pay their 2 MIL in IRS back tax bill.
Want to have a 'discussion' about Biden's hard work to make sure everyone is upfront on their application to buy a firearm?
Run, run, run away little boy.
George can't save you now.

Paul Emery


Haven't played street music for nearly 50 years fish. It's great fun when you are young. Thanks for reminding me of those days of my youth.


Cheap shots followed by a disappearing act?

That's a Punchy M.O.

Scott O

Gregory - They're cheap but they aren't even shots.
Paul is so pathetic. He runs away from his own words and that is the lowest a man can sink.
See? I'm being kind by saying Paul is a man.
A pathetic little shell of a one, but one does as one can.
And Paul can't do much.

Scott O

If this is even remotely true we are truly messed up.


"That's a Punchy M.O."

Oh well. I figure that Psul takes a lot of shots for being the main representative of The American Left in an era where they do something new and outrageous almost every day. He's either unable or unwilling to justify Team Blue's kinks so what we are left with is the Daily Orange Man Bad tweet.

It's like a simplified ELIZA program with a Trump fetish. Unusually for coming from a professional entertainer, the main problem here is being boring. Not much of a sin.

Paul Emery


Did you check out the economic stats link I provided at 8:39? They compare the before and after Trump economic numbers. Check it out then we can have a chat about it.



Are you saying that the economy now is better than it was four years ago?

In a year it'll be better than it was four years prior?

Anyone with eyes can see that the world is collapsing around us, all with a pretty frosting of insane 'progressive' kinkiness in public institutions.


In other news:

California court determines that bees are fish:

"The issue presented here is whether the bumble bee, a terrestrial invertebrate, falls within the definition of fish, as that term is used in the definitions of endangered species in section 2062, threatened species in section 2067, and candidate species (i.e., species being considered for listing as endangered or threatened species) in section 2068 of the [California Endangered Species] Act.
...We conclude a liberal interpretation of the Act supported by the legislative history and the express language in section 2067 that a terrestrial mollusk and invertebrate is a threatened species (express language we cannot ignore), is that fish defined in section 45, as a term of art, is not limited solely to aquatic species. Accordingly, a terrestrial invertebrate, like each of the four bumble bee species, may be listed as an endangered or threatened species under the Act."


Man falls off of turnip truck:

"Biden also called for increasing tax rates on corporations and the wealthy, saying it would not be inflationary and would reduce the deficit."


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