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26 May 2022



Posted by: scenes | 02 June 2022 at 08:45 AM

The best part of all of this....watching psul morph into George Boardman.....shaking his bony little fist while furiously defending establishment DC and the status quo.

Wonder what the other Green Libertarians™ (both of them) think?

Any of you guys catch psul in polyester Sans-a-Belt trousers, white patent leather shoes and a big ol white leather belt I expect photos!

Paul Emery

That's not the question at hand scenes. I asked Scott to check the economic stats Trump inherited from Obama with the stats when he left office. I provided him a link with clear information on the matter. That was a response to his applauding Trumps economy which factually does not add up, so to speak.

George Rebane

re PaulE 835am - Statistics are never free of bias and politics. Here's another recounting of Biden's performance from Karl Rove answering Biden's long 1jun22 WSJ article on his 'plan' to end inflation.

Scott O

Paul - "a response to his applauding Trumps economy"
The "Trump economy" was booming. America was once again energy independent which we had not been in decades. Lowest unemployment ever for black Americans.
The stats all showed Trump did what Obama said was impossible.
And we all know what happened.
All across the country, governors and mayors shut down whatever economy was theirs to control.
And it was no longer the Trump economy - it was the covid economy.
Paul knows all of this full well, but continues his stupid, childish game of trying to pin it on Trump.
The fact that the conservative states did far better than the Dem states is lost to Paul's hate-filled head. Those Dem states dragged the rest of the nation's economy into the gutter. All the Dems can think of is flooding the country with printed paper, saddling businesses with inane regulations and deliberately running up the cost of energy. It is going to be a painful slide downhill and we have no dot-com boom to save us this time.

Paul Emery

Thanks for agreeing on the numbers Scott. What you have now diverted to is the reason for the Trump slump and that's covid according to you. Biden certainly inherited the covid situation and you can add the Ukraine as well. Also you have price gouging on the part of the petro mobsters. the Dems have introduced a bill to deal with that but it has been blocked bu the Repubs. Figures.



Punch 1011a

"What you have now diverted to is the reason for the Trump slump and that's covid according to you."

No, punch. The reason for the "Trump slump" was the Democrat hysterics calling for shutting down everything. The Trump economy was chugging along nicely and if that continued, Trump would have won in'20 walking away.

Scott O

Paul - "and that's covid according to you."
Yeah - just me, Paul. No one else in the whole country thinks the economy tanked when a vast swath of the workforce hid in their house for months at a time.
Trump had no control over that, Paul.
Biden said he was going to end covid with his 'plan' and Trump gave him the vaxx the Dems claimed would fix everything. And more people died under Biden with a vaccine available.
"Price gouging" by the petroleum industry??!!
Funny how that just started when Biden came into office. Why didn't they do all of this a long time ago? There is no price gouging, Paul - it's a con by the Dems to deflect from what the Dems said they were going to do. They openly said they wanted high fuel prices and they set about making sure it would happen.
Have you actually read the bill?
"The legislation would give President Joe Biden the power to make it illegal for gasoline to be sold at “unconscionably excessive” prices, and would let the Federal Trade Commission seek penalties if evidence pointed to an unfair uptick in gas prices."
That language is absurdly vague. And issuing fines just because someone claims to have some evidence that "points to" a raise in price? Pass this crap and you'll end up with NO fuel. Do we want that again? There's a reason Carter was considered one of the worst POTUS's ever.


Psul: "That's not the question at hand scenes. "

'Question at hand'. lol.

The 'question at hand' is whatever a responder wants it to be.

I'm afraid that you are not the boss of us.


fish: "shaking his bony little fist while furiously defending establishment DC and the status quo. "

Wow, ain't that the truth. I guess that revolutionary stuff only felt right until the establishment started organizing Drag Queen Story Hour. There's something about those frilly (and optional) undies on hairy legs.

Truth is that everything is going to shit, and if Orange Man is your only defense, you use it.

Paul Emery


Well I say everything is going to shit if the Orange Man is your best hope. He's great for the Dems though-biggest political loser in modern history.

Don Bessee

Slapped down in the middle of recall -

"On the merits, we conclude the voters and the Legislature created a duty, enforceable in mandamus, that requires prosecutors to plead prior serious or violent felony convictions to ensure the alternative sentencing scheme created by the three strikes law applies to repeat offenders," the ruling said. "The district attorney overstates his authority. He is an elected official who must comply with the law, not a sovereign with absolute, unreviewable discretion.




Psul: "Well I say everything is going to shit if the Orange Man is your best hope."

If Orange Man were my best hope, I'd mention him over and over and over.

Trump had the value of a hand grenade thrown into The Swamp. As it turns out, his real value was not so much to steer the ship of state, the War Party would never allow that, but to highlight the illness abroad in the land. The outlines of The Swamp were briefly visible.

With the status quo back in power (was it ever out?), hope is not a thing I deal in much. 'Optimism is cowardice' said one Mr. Spengler, and I'm afraid he's right.

You'd better be off to shilling for the Establishment old son. They pay by the word.


The Union has been sold.


Posted by: Gregory | 02 June 2022 at 02:28 PM





The good news is that may mean there will be a new Editor and a Publisher soon.

The bad news is that may not mean there will be a new Editor and a Publisher anytime soon.

Bill Tozer

meme: guns


Bill Tozer


Probably just changing the company logo on some tee-shirts and ball caps and nothing more....for awhile.

Marysville Appeal-Democrat? They lean right and always have a bug up the local city council or fire/water board's shady dealing. They were the ones who reported that the street/traffic lights in Friaco were rusting out and falling over because if all the urine applied liberally and constantly to the poles' base.

Go home just to see a fighter jet buzz above my place. Never seen one over my abode. Next, the sky is full of the sounds of many CDF aircraft...right now. too noisy, time to move. :)


I scooped the FUE by a half hour.


Posted by: Gregory | 02 June 2022 at 04:09 PM

Look at you go.....and without even a masters degree (well.....in journalism).

Bill Tozer

Gregory is what is called a citizen journalist. Without a masters degree in journo? Heck, he probably never took a journalism class in his life. My niece never took one journalism class in her life, yet manages to submit pieces to the Boston Globe for some mula.

The biggest hit she got was “Where to find the best hidden fishing spots in and around Boston. Thanks my little niece. CA homeschooled and her daddy taught her how to catch fish on the back side of Rollins. A useful gift to give a child….the thrill on bringing them in. She moved back to CA and promptly got a job for the local fishwrapper. The rest of the story will be on the next Paul Harvey broadcast.

I salute you, Gregory the Citizen Journalist.


Citizen Journalist

Don Bessee

Time for the business owners to run their business and avoid anything woke -

“And so in Florida, our policies got to be based on the best interest of Florida citizens, not on the musing of woke corporations,” the governor said in March.




I hereby renounce the title "Citizen Journalist".

Don't want anything to do with attaching journalist to my name, but will accept attaboys for scooping the town pooper-scooper.

Scott O

Paul - "Well I say everything is going to shit if the Orange Man is your best hope."
Who has said that Trump is our best hope, Paul? Must be fun to live in make-believe land.
Let's see - Dan Bongino, JP Sears, Greg Gutfeld, the guy that picks up our garbage - the list of folks that would be better picks for POTUS over anything the Dems throw up (literally) is extremely long.

Bill Tozer

@ 5:06 pm

Lol. That’s what Dan Bongino said on air. If anyone every calls him a journalist, he would ban them for life and they (callers back then) “would never be on his show again. I mean it. I am serious, folks. Don’t you ever associate me with that despicable pack of lying evil morons.” Or something like that. He said that after cutting off a caller who made the unforgivable sin. A journo?? You are excommunicated for life…and thus Dan had to explain my he cut that guy off on the spot. :).

Town pooper-scooper? Unfortunately it is more like the elephant who had diarrhea; it’s all over town.

CNN Sucks! CNN Sucks!

Bill Tozer

Vertebrae. Go pound sand.

DeSantis To Veto $35M Tampa Bay Rays Facility Over Team’s Anti-Gun Statement


Free speech has consequences. If you can’t make them see the light, then let them feel the heat. Pendulum swings both ways. Nonsense Free Zone.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 4:58. When I posted my DW link, your Brietbart link was not there. Honest Injun. But, when I backed out and then back in, your link was there. Did not mean to step on your first to report on what Florida Man Bad is up to. Or your fine manicured toes. :) Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.

Florida Man Bad has held up to the incoming like men playing against boys. His offensive by a great offensive that puts them on their heels at those ‘gotcha moments’. The moments the Lefties live for. A little young, so I would advise him to wait until 28. Lots of name recognition to go. No baggage. Swats them like he was swatting gnats. A natural.

Residential Housing officially doubled in price in Miami in about a year. The great migration.


I just thought to share this article because I absolutely love the purity of vision exhibited.


That's how yer basic Left-wing tycoon, owner of the Washington Post, does business.

What I find lovely is if you scooop up the Voice of the People on twitter, Team Blue is utterly convinced that Big Business is some Republican bailiwick when, in fact, the opposite is quite true.

Bill Tozer

At least they finally started to talk about the Sussman trial. Something woke them up.

“Now That It’s Over, CNN Praises Sussmann Verdict: He Won ‘Fairly and Squarely'


Headline scrolling let’s me know what’s going on i those nasty places.


Oh ya, forget the extreme bias alert warning on top.

George Rebane

I understand Gregory's strong sentiments.


Bill Tozer

The Real Loser In The Johnny Depp V. Amber Heard Defamation Drama Is The Washington Post


Bias alert. Choa. Too hip, gotta go. :).

Don Bessee

God save us from the grooming wokesters! -



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe let those mutha mullahs do it -



Don Bessee

He must figure they are too high to remember -

San Francisco District Attorney, Facing Recall, Claims He Never Supported Defunding Police



Bill Tozer

Channeling Britney Spears.


On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that she was wrong when she said, last year, that she didn’t expect inflation to be much of a problem:


I remember when Orange Man Bad caused a stir by yelling at the Fed. Interfering with the independace of the Fed! The Fed was trying to raise interest rates as INFLATION was lowering and growth was picking up after the artificial induced coma the economy was put through via Covid. That would have tanked the post lockdown recovery in time for the 2020 elections.

Opps, they did it again.

Bill Tozer

Two New York lawyers who threw Molotov cocktail into a police car during George Floyd protests appear at Brooklyn court to take plea deal which could see them face reduced sentence of less than TWO YEARS in jail

‘Jean-Pierre: You have to go’

For your reading pleasure…..RCP rolling average…


Bill Tozer

Blinken in Multiverse of Biden Madness, China Edition


Bill Tozer

Oh Mr. Wilson-Jones-Oxnardo Johnston: here is a good essay. No children lives were ruined by school closures written by the teachers unions, eh? No evidence, eh? Some are the last to know as sure as the sun rises in the East.

‘The COVID Cult Did Lasting Damage to Our Kids’
New ‘discoveries’ of the harm caused by school closures are as disingenuous and politically motivated as the original policies themselves


Buttoning up the top button on your collared shirts will help hide your foreskin better.



.Bill Tozer

The 8 Most Insane Proposals in California’s 492-Page Reparations Report


Scott O

Bill 8:07 - How will they define or recognize an eligible person? Is there a CA residency requirement? If so, how many months/years?
I'd imagine just setting up the bureaucracy to run all the moolah and decisions through is going to be quite a sizable industry on its own.
And wait until they start looking around for historical stuff to get rid of. The job will only be good as long as bad stuff keeps getting found.
Most of the low hanging fruit such as Negro Bar near Natomas is already gone, so it will be a real hoot to see what is suddenly considered 'racist'.
I will admit to a large dollop of schadenfreude as an ex-resident of that once golden state. Now, you white folk get your personal flagellation devices out and git to it!

George Rebane

re BillT 807am - Since anyone can declare themselves to be of a gender opposite their plumbing, can anyone now also declare themselves to be of a 'race du jour'?

And how come there are no liberals here lamenting their Arizona vote fraudster lady?


GR 949a

There's not much for them to say...

"Arizona Resident to Plead Guilty for Ballot Trafficking During 2020 Election; Changes Plea To Cut Deal After “2000 Mules” Documentary"





Paul Emery

Bad news for the Dems:

Opinion | Trump Is Finally Boring Trump’s act is getting old — and it could hurt him if he runs for president in 2024.


Trump running for Pres is the best hope the Dems have. Of course he might trash out the Repub party on his way out the door. His personality it totally capable of that for sure.

Paul Emery


Speaking of recalls what a flop the Recall of Supes was that was sponsored by our local shrillbillies. Makes me laugh just to read about it.


Bill Tozer

Paul Emery the Professional Entertainer. Better than Liberace.

What the dickens are you talking about now? Recall, what recall? So Larry Elder, the Sage of South Central, got beat by Gavin. You still carrying on about that??? What Recall of Sups? I haven’t even opened my ballot yet. Think I give a hoot what happens in your sandbox?

I never thought I would say this, but I now prefer to watch old clips of Liberace playing the keys with the fancy candelabra on top on the piana than more than I prefer to listen to our Professional Entertainer.

Beware the Purple Pimple Eater. Recall?

Paul Emery

o Bill are you saying you knew nothing about the flopped petition to recall the Nevada County Supervisors that didn't get enough signatures to even get on the ballot?



Good to see the public spirited folx at the Babylon Bee 🐝 putting forth some helpful suggestions to help readers manage Bidenflation.....

Did You Know....you can save up to 30% by not buying clothes, food, or medical care?

#survive inflation



Oooh....botched the tag line!

$30,000 not 30%!


Bill Tozer

Paulie Emery | 03 June 2022 at 03:34 PM:

Bingo! Yes. Yes I am saying what you said is accurate and true and I vouch for both of us as a witness thereof. Yes. Correctomondo, my tailed friend. You win the prize of Queen for a Day. Paulie Emery, come on down!

Don Bessee

Et tu!?? Corporate groomers -

Pizza Hut features 'drag kids' book for children as young as kindergarten
Pizza Hut's 'Book It' reading program features a book titled 'Big Wig,' which is a story about children who dress in drag and is geared toward kids as young as kindergarten



Don Bessee

Ya think?


Police chiefs from New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, Orlando and Los Angeles each expressed some concern with how their respective district attorneys or lead prosecutors, as well as their local court systems, have made significant judicial policy changes that have altered how and even whether accused criminals face justice.

Some chiefs feel like their officers bear the brunt of issues with criminals who have been ignored by other areas of society and government until they commit a crime. And even after they commit a crime, some new district attorneys have chosen not to prosecute certain misdemeanors or to eliminate cash bail. Chiefs expressed particular concern over juveniles who commit violent crimes but avoid prosecution as a result of these new policies, saying young people feel emboldened when they commit a crime and successfully get away with it.



Bill Tozer

Best Daily Quotes in awhile. Not bad.


Don Bessee

A shit hole from hell -

The mother of a San Francisco fentanyl user said the city's liberal policies has enabled open-air drug markets and her son's addiction.

"My son, who is addicted to fentanyl and living on the streets of San Francisco, has told me that ... San Francisco is like hell because you can get everything that you want to stay addicted very, very easily and there's no pressure to get well," Jacqui Berlinn told Fox News.

Berlinn's 31-year-old son has been battling addiction and homelessness in different forms for years and has attempted rehabilitation several times. However, San Francisco's progressive policies soften the consequences for drug user and sellers, harming both the city and users alike, according to Berlinn.

At least 129 people died from overdoses in San Francisco between January and April, with the majority being fentanyl-related, according to city government data

Chesa Boudin, San Francisco's progressive district attorney, has been criticized for policies such as eliminating cash bail and gang enhancements. He faces a recall election next week.

Mayor London Breed announced in January that the city leased space in the Tenderloin neighborhood where drug users can receive meals and showers. It was initially called the Tenderloin Linkage Center and was intended to connect addicts to social services.

But only a small fraction of drug users vising the center were referred or connected to substance use treatment, city data shows. The word "linkage" was recently dropped from the center's name.

"My son told me when he first went to the Linkage Center, he couldn't believe that people were using and selling inside," Berlinn said.

"So he's in bondage to this," she continued. "We've tried to get him well, but because San Francisco makes it so hard to get off of these drugs, and they're always right there in your face, even in the Linkage Center, even in the places where you go to get help, it's really, really difficult."




“For the last six years the Left has had a leader, his supposed omnipotence equal to that of Hitler, Mao, Castro, and Stalin, one to whom all attention must be paid.” This is Trump, because the Left “couldn’t find anyone on the bench to send in, so they chose the rival team’s most powerful player and instructed the faithful that it was opposite day.”
-David Mamet


re: Gregory@6:51AM

hah, that's a good quote. You can certainly see it on these pages. It's an overused comparison, but it seems like Trump is primarily an Emmanuel Goldstein character since what is needed is not policies or philosophy to be against, but a person.

re: DonB@8:09PM Police chiefs vs. the (often Soros-appointed) legal chiefs in their cities.

Maybe it's just that police chiefs haven't got with the program. If the Left is going to produce a generation of mentally-ill children, perhaps the answer is a Legion of Social Workers. The cops need to be trained at one of those bad-kid schools where the inmates are allowed to hit the staff but not the reverse. The other angle is the use of crime as a form of reparation payment, keep all that you can steal, urban drug flow as a form of alternate economy.


Posted by: scenes | 04 June 2022 at 07:14 AM

If the Left is going to produce a generation of mentally-ill children, perhaps the answer is a Legion of Social Workers.

Hard pass! The various and sundry social workers who I’ve brushed up against socially (….ex wife and family thought social workers were going to save humanity) seemed as a group as screwed up mentally as those they would save. The one or two who didn’t come across as batshit crazy to coin a Frischism wore their doublethink like chain mail! Probably the only way they could get through the day!


Hoot of the Day: Biden Plans to Pay Down National Debt, Tackle Inflation

Yeah…..I remember when whoppers like this would send psul into a frothing, spittle flecked rage.

Good times….good times indeed!



re: Hapless Joe

" U.S. President Joe Biden compared Tesla (TSLA.O) unfavorably to Ford (F.N) on Friday, while sarcastically wishing Chief Executive Elon Musk "lots of luck" on his "trip to the moon" after the billionaire expressed reservations about the economy."


Nothing looks better on the 'President' than mocking the accomplishments of SpaceX.

What a complete ass that man is.


Posted by: scenes | 04 June 2022 at 08:03 AM

What a complete ass that man is.


If only there had only been signs over his nearly half century tenure. Anything at all to let Americans know what a towering, grifting mediocrity Joseph Robinette Biden was. Just one tiny….one nearly imperceptible indication or clue might have saved the United States from this embarrassing saga.

Fortunately the legacy media has been watching him like a hawk!


Your injustice of the day…..

Canada’s fake ‘Indigenous’ professor resigns

Whitey, it seems, never tires of keeping the brown man (and woman) down!



re: fish@8:20AM

That's just more transracephobia at work.

I just love the fairy dust and unicorn tears that surround these people.


I did find her thesis. What is she a 'doctor' of you might ask.

"Special Case Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Social Studies,"

It seems to me that this merely proves how rich our culture is. We are able to support, in a certain style, people who produce nothing of value.


Maybe 9 years ago my bro was sent by his employer (a satellite manufacturer) to SpaceEx to evaluate their claim to having a viable design for a launch platform.

Not being easily impressed, he reported back after a long day of talking to them that they'd not be meeting their timetables but they had real engineering going on and he thought they'd become a major player.

They did and they are.


Posted by: scenes | 04 June 2022 at 09:03 AM

"Special Case Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Social Studies,"

It seems to me that this merely proves how rich our culture is. We are able to support, in a certain style, people who produce nothing of value.

Yes....sufficient excess economic value to allow Ms. Bourassa to fuck off on everybody else dime..... while wearing her colorful native attire.


Posted by: Gregory | 04 June 2022 at 10:18 AM

....but they had real engineering going on and he thought they'd become a major player.

I hope there was a close examination of Spacex and their dedication to the only true raison d'etre for NASA or dare I say any fledgling space exploration company.......muslim outreach!

Bill Tozer

My, what lovely Dem poetry I hear.

‘Overdoses Up 700% After Oregon Decriminalizes Hard Street Drugs. Officials Mystified.’


Don Bessee

Too true unfortunately for all of us -

Then again, little Biden says or does makes sense from the vantage point of either policy or politics. He’s right to be rattled. He’s also clueless.




Meanwhile, the month of June marches on. A series of vidyas from MrAndyNgo showing the state of Team Blue.


From January, Fauci funds studies into our most important issues.


What do you call it when 1/2 of a country is mentally ill?


Posted by: scenes | 05 June 2022 at 07:53 AM

What do you call it when 1/2 of a country is mentally ill?

Nevada City?


"Nevada City?"

Good point.

What you are likely to hear in a coffee shop there. For the full effect, first watch this without the sound.



Posted by: scenes | 05 June 2022 at 08:30 AM

…..I have to confess that because I absolutely refuse to jump and scamper when the wrinkliest teenaged girl tell me to follow a link but because it’s you I did exactly as suggested! It all looked so civilized and reasonable when silent.

It’s indicative of a society in terminal decline…..

The Cooke’s Cheryl and Jensen’s M. who haunt the comment section of the Penneysaver of the Pines are not going to be happy with what comes after!


"It all looked so civilized and reasonable when silent."

I love the condescending smile from the women when she's talking absolute bollocks.



"Who am I to talk, I’m just a straight white guy. In other words, I’m the worst. All people who look like me did was create things that are useful, allow people to live longer, and make life better. Gross."

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 8:30 am—from comments on your Matt Walsh blog.

“Kyle Rittenhouse is alive today because of an AR-15.”
Gregory @ Saturday am.

‘Confronting Conformity and Collectivism with David Mamet’
PS: I have seen some Libertarian memes lately! The Libertarians are finally finallyfighting back against the Left. The Dems have been dissing on them since Obama said, “You did not build that.” Fight on!


Been thinkin' about what to do (if anything) about the Parkland/Uvalde/Buffalo shooters. Eighteen year olds who hadn't had the time to establish a pattern that could flag them as a bad bet under the Constitution to have a gun.

What about, you can't buy an ugly (black rifle) or concealable gun until you're a high school graduate or admitted to college or accepted into the armed forces, or until your 21st b'day?

Paul Emery


That's a tiny step n the right direction.


Gregory: "What about, you can't buy an ugly (black rifle) or concealable gun until you're a high school graduate or admitted to college or accepted into the armed forces, or until your 21st b'day?"

Sounds like a good rule for voting or drinking. Probably best just to make it for all firearms since they're largely equivalent. Consider it the price of full citizenship.

Psul: "That's a tiny step n the right direction."

lol. Those ratchets are funny things. They only turn one direction.

How about we go for Gregory's rule, but you can buy a suppressor over the counter (like any European can)?


Punchy 1109a

It's as big a step as I'll make, and if schools and police were doing their jobs better, it probably wouldn't be an issue.

The Parkland shooter was 'visited' by the police something like 70 times and didn't get busted for a felony because they were following the advice of Obama's Secy of Education to break the pipeline to prison.

Either go to school seriously or go into the armed forces. Otherwise, be thankful you can get a bolt or lever action centerfire rifle to shoot food with.


Gregory: "It's as big a step as I'll make, and if schools and police were doing their jobs better, it probably wouldn't be an issue."

David Cole gives a handy list on Taki's Magazine for such things. High efficiency erupts by simply using the reason number.

"(1) Guns: The favored “why” among leftists. If only we had stricter, European-style gun laws, these things wouldn’t keep happening!

(2) Broken families: With so much divorce and single parenthood, what else do you expect but mass shootings?

(3) Untreated mental illness: If only we could lock up the loons, we’d be safe.

(4) Overtreated mental illness: Thanks to Big Pharma, parents warp their kids’ minds with unnecessary meds.

(5) Media: Violent vidja games! Violent movies! 4Chan! And the evening news, which glorifies shooters and creates copycats.

(6) Fail male: “Society” is failing our boys. Our villages no longer raise up men!

(7) Failed safeguards: Schools unguarded, tips unheeded."



Regarding lever action rifles... they be weapons of war in exactly the same way as an M16, Springfield '06 or a Pennsylvania/Kentucky longrifle is: they've killed people in battles between opposing armies. Same crap, different millennium.

And no one now is showing up for service with an AR-15 or an AR-10.

That said, all I want for Xmas besides my two front teeth is an AR-15 in 6.5mm Grendel with a 20" barrel.and

Don Bessee

@1029 & ponytail of ignorance -

The 9th circuit recently ruled that unconstitutional.



db 1209p

A 9th Circus ruling is not a good bet to survive, but I am hoping their large cap magazine ruling will be overturned by the Supremes.

Don Bessee

Then you have this quandary -



Paul Emery

scenes writes:

" you can buy a suppressor over the counter (like any European can)"

Can you elaborate on that or possibly provide a link? I am not familiar with that.


Paul Emery@12:33PM

Obviously the various countries can differ.


It's a no-brainer as gun ranges and housing get closer.


Punchy don't care if shooters go deaf which is what suppressors help eliminate.

Too many folk (including Punch?) think "silencers" actually make gunshots all but silent.


"Too many folk (including Punch?) think "silencers" actually make gunshots all but silent. "

I think it's the movies mostly. Pewpewpewpewpewpew.

It's odd that the Great State of California you end up with:

"33410 Any person, firm, or corporation who within this state possesses a silencer is guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 or by a fine not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment."

Maybe it's just that 'gotta do sumthin' about it' role that government likes to play when it laminates another and another and another rule for everyone.

Guns will be abolished in California simply from the sheer exhaustion of everyone trying to figure out what's legal about what they are doing.

Just wait until more-intelligent cars keep a better eye on you. There's lots of potential law crafting there.


"What you fail to realize is that, contrary to the Republican propaganda, consumers themselves are, in large measure, to blame for inflation. They have continued to spend, and drive, regardless of price."

Rich Howell, a couple of hours ago, at The Union

And to think Milton Friedman died for your economic sins.


gunz 2:

OTOH, I can't see how anything besides high fences and extremely authoritarian governments that will fix any of this. (insert handwaving about lack of fathers here)


(good channel. CharlieBo313 goes there so you don't have to.)


What an odd thing for someone to say. To what extent the whole situation is massive nonproductive infusion of cash vs. restrictions at various stages of supply is not clear to me, but the fault of policy makers is more clear than usual. I guess that an extremely partisan person can always extract some weird blame theory to nudge an upcoming election.

Paul Emery


Since you applaud the apparent ease at which silencers or suppressors can be purchased in Europe do you also support their other laws concerning the possession and ownership of hand guns and and semi automatic rifles such as AR-15's?

Don Bessee

Oh great ponytail of ignorance they don't have the second amendment DUH



Scenes 147p

The Chicago compilation reminded me of a fellow USR engineer who came to the GV orifice one March long ago... '94 maybe?

Doing a pub crawl after a long day, we left Mad Dogs under our own power (it was my favorite at the time) and Mike looked at where we were going (behind The National) and he wasn't buying it. Every ounce of his Chicago being told him he was walking towards Certain Death. Literally shaking. Would have been fun if he hadn't been scared nearly to death.

Mad Dogs (and Englishmen) was a great place, down to the dartboard and "Englishmen drink warm beer because they own Lucas refrigerators" and "Every part falling off this automobile is of the finest British manufacture" notices.


"do you also support their other laws concerning the possession and ownership of hand guns and and semi automatic rifles such as AR-15's? "

No, although the laws differ by country. There's also less free speech rights there. Is that a good thing?

If Swedes don't care if you buy a suppressor, why should California? At least in the freer parts of the US, a $200 tag and a bit of time allows you to buy one.

Not that you can't roll yer own.



Punch 155p

We have the 2A because of the pomme bastards.


lol. Check this out. Never heard of this one.



re: suppressors.

Just poking around a bit and ran into this.

It's Weird Exotica Sunday.


Scott O

re silencers - apparently it's really not a necessary thing to have when some one needs to start shooting:
Notice the curious lack of MAGA hats and NRA stickers.
Perhaps Psul can explain.
It's the Amish.

Scott O

And re Rich Howell in the Union. He is a prolific left wing party parrot.
Perhaps someone could ask him why when Trump was POTUS and the economy was booming and gas was far cheaper - "They have continued to spend, and drive, regardless of price."
Those terrible awful price gouging oil barons.
That failed to gouge when Trump was POTUS but waited until a Dem was in office just so they could cause problems.
Perhaps that Psul chap could explain.

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