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26 May 2022


Bill Tozer

Unlike the Summer of Love, the only ones who didn’t walk away from the Capitol scene was the protestors….unarmed protesters. What was her name?

My biggest question since Jan 6, 2021 pm is how in the heck did this happen? How could the Capitol Police allow it to happen? Security botched it big time. The chief of the Capitol Police (technically Nancy) resigned by the morning. How could all those videos of the folks walking through the doors and all staying within the velvet ropes and walking slowly and milling around….how the fuck did they let that happen.

Then outside, they let the crowd on to the Capitol Building side of the street so when reinforcements came like the Detroit Police and the Nat’l Guard, and ambulances for the old boy whose weak ticker went out or the lady with mini-strokes, then had no place to park their vehicles nor be on the sidewalk in front keeping the crowd across the street.

We all know the one who was hotter than hell and eager to be the first to the first to testify for Jim Jordan/Republicans on the Jan 6 on Wednesday was the Capitol Police union rep. He was going to let us all know how the lapse and breach happened. Another one on how Nancy withheld requests in advance for the Guard. Anyway, the Capitol Police Union head was scheduled to testify on that Wednesday. Jim Jordan and the other R got the boot from the Jan 6 House Committee on Tuesday, the day before Wednesday. The testimony never was never heard and why question remains. How did all those agencies fail so bigly…..with the best Intel we have? It’s almost like they wanted it to happened…bigly.

Scott O

re fish 4:56 - "No one cares about January 6 anymore. Again, do these people read the news?"
But, but - the half time twerking show with Lizzo!
And Paul has all that popcorn ready!
C,mon, man!

Paul Emery


You write" Adona is part of a cohort of commissioned carpetbaggers sent to populate various public offices across the country - i.e. she is a purposed émigré."

This sounds like a process that has a central organization. Who does the sending and who are the other members of the "cohort" as you describe it who are "commissioned" Also who does the commissioning? Sounds like a pretty elaborate and supervised effort to me. Also kind of odd that McClintocks carpetbagging did not draw a negative response from you and it appears you support him.

Bill Tozer

‘Why Handwritten FBI And DOJ Notes The Special Counsel Just Released Are Huge’

Ted Cruz Delivers Dagger To Left Over Their ‘Efforts To Politicize Acts Of Violence’

“My view is simple: violence is always wrong. Whatever your ideology, left-wing, right-wing, no wings: If you’re seeking to hurt people, it is wrong,” Cruz said. “Is violence from white supremacist extremist organizations a problem? Absolutely. As is violence from other hate groups. The Brooklyn subway shooter was a known black supremacist who called for racial violence. The Waukesha attacker, who murdered six people driving an SUV into a Christmas parade, was a viciously left-wing black nationalist bigot.”

“2016, another black nationalist gunned down five police officers in Dallas. I was there with President Obama at the funeral for those police officers. He did so on explicitly racial grounds. In 2019, two anti-Semitic domestic terrorists gunned down four people in a kosher grocery store,” he continued. “San Francisco in the past year has seen a 567% increase in anti-Asian violence. Anti-Jewish hate crimes in New York City are up 148% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021.”

“And then, of course, we have the violence of the Antifa riots and the Black Lives Matter riots that racked this country,” Cruz concluded. “As stores were looted, police cars were firebombed, people were assaulted, people were murdered, my colleagues on the Democratic side of the aisle sought to excuse, sought to apologize for, even went so far as raised money to bail out of jail the violent rioters committing these acts of violence.”


Silence is violence.

Yep, as Pat Cadell said when working on the Perot campaign that Bernie Sanders, a rising star Socialist Jew from Vermont and David Duke sup from the same pot. Helter Skelter.

Bill Tozer

June is when the Supreme Court hands down its rulings on the most controversial cases of the term. This month in addition to Dobbs, we await rulings on a key gun rights case, and a case that may pare back the Administrative State. And thus we get to savor this liberal-tears delicious New Republic headline:
Abortion Activists Firebomb Another Pro-Life Office
‘The Biden Administration's Five Stages of Grief | Opinion’


Don Bessee

Oh the po' ol' ponytail of ignorance wants to play more ignorant than normal as if he has no idea about the progressive farm them national project. ROFLOL


George Rebane

PaulE 649pm - Have been a McClintock supporter since he was a congressman from SoCal and we lived there.

Scott O

Paul - "This sounds like a process that has a central organization. Who does the sending and who are the other members of the "cohort" as you describe it who are "commissioned"
Paul once again shows up here to openly display his complete ignorance of reality.
We get it, Paul. You are are ignorant of openly available information.
You really don't need to keep reminding us. We are aware of the fact that you don't know shit and have no plans to remedy that issue.
Just sit tight on the couch with your popcorn and your fav "action" doll.

Bill Tozer

Behar Boasts Dems Hired ABC Boss to Make 1/6 Hearings 'Theatrical Event'

“Rarely is the liberal media honest about the intentions of Democrats, but Joy Behar said the quiet part out loud on Tuesday’s edition of ABC’s The View. When discussing the upcoming hearings of the Democratic January 6 Committee, she openly boasted that the Democrats hired former ABC president James Goldston to help organize their presentation and turn it into a “theatrical event” in order to keep the public glued to their TVs.

“And as far as the criticism that's a theatrical event,” Behar pivoted after claiming that Fox News was somehow “implicated” in the riot, “because they did hire a former ABC News president to go there, he used to work here, we know him, James Goldston, he’s doing something with them…”

Sharing her unsolicited two cents, Behar opined about how Thursday night needed to “slap” viewers into being interested in the proceedings:“


And to think just 18 months ago, the Puerto Ricans where going to turn FL blue and Texas was joining in with Virginia to be blue, blue, blue. Nevada, Arizona, the Blue Wall were on Team Dem…er….JV Team Dem, inflation was 1.9% and gas was half the price as it is now. There was no talk of food storages or ‘food insecurity’ for the obese. Zoom was a new word 3 years ago and it was against the law to loot and burn it all down two years ago.

Don Bessee

Folks are fed up even in the socialist dem shitholes -

Chesa Boudin getting annihilated in San Francisco recall results



Walt Juvinall

Sad Sack Barry Pruett's boy is getting slaughtered tonight, worse than even Barry himself lost in 2010.
Hey Barry, can you please face facts after a dozen years in Nevada County politics, you know its really OK to admit you are a stone cold loser, move on, maybe move out of blue Nevada County. Your racist mailer against Natalie blew up in your face, didn't it? Barry, its time for you to move on, perhaps move back to some red state where you may have a 5 percent chance of winning anything.

Poor Jason Tedder, the poor sap was put up to fail by the GOP politicos in Nevada County. Pathetic. The young man was a like a crash test dummy prop this some right wing drama.


Posted by: Walt Juvinall | 07 June 2022 at 09:37 PM

Jesus jeffy.......could you make it any more obvious you useless pant load!?

Scott O

"Your racist mailer against Natalie..."
What was racist?
As if it will answer.


It's racist if the Woke pronounce it to be. Even if not a single statement is false, even if the photos were untouched.

I didn't think Jeff could sink so low as to use the names of the dead in such a way.

Scott O

Don 9:07 - And that's lefty, lefty, lefty Frisco.
Can you imagine what middle America will do to the Dems in the mid terms?
The big question is what kind of Republicans win in the upcoming elections?
The Liz Cheney and other RINO Rs or the solid anti-swamp conservatives.
For our country's sake we need to clean out the IRS, the FBI and just get rid of so many other fed agencies. The Dept of Education has overseen nothing but a decline of test scores and student achievement. Just wipe it off the map.

Scott O

"I didn't think Jeff could sink so low as to use the names of the dead in such a way."
I don't know who it is, but that certainly speaks to the abysmally low morals of the left.
Remember these are the people that proudly affiliate with the party of human slavery.

Paul Emery

Nevada County-Solid blue...Details tomorrow


Stylistically, it's either Frisch or the FUE, but Frisch just doesn't have the abject hate for the Pruette family that el Jefe has.

Scott O

"Nevada County-Solid blue...Details tomorrow"
Solid Blue - so the stars and bars will be a flyin' over city hall in Nevada City?
Let's hear that rebel yell, Paul!
The party of Robert Byrd will rise again!
Good to see Paul out in his white hood.
Or maybe the modern Dems like the Gov of Oregon that proudly signed the bill allowing the darkies to get a high school diploma without knowing anything because "everyone knows" darkies are stupid.

Don Bessee

In honor of those guys - Gman it absolutely has the stench of chilly cheese french fries. LOL


The Estonian Fox

Scott O 6:27PM 6/6 -

Good, long, article from The Daily Mail. My laptop even gave me an out-of-memory warning before I got to the end of the article. How many dead bodies does it take to confirm a conspiracy theory anyway?

I sure did dissuade myself from writing any article about the various Clinton associates who mysteriously died/suicided. Also voluntarily turned in my private pilot's license. Sold my 1955-issue cap-pistol. Anyone need a couple boxes of unused rolled caps? Note - may be illegal in many blue states.

Maybe Hillary can arrange a “conveniently timed” heart attack for Uncle Joe.


Posted by: The Estonian Fox | 08 June 2022 at 04:15 AM

Welcome to the “Dawn Patrol” EF!

The Estonian Dawn Patrol

We had one of the original drag queens come to my (Catholic) grade school in the late '50s. I believe her name was Shirley Muldowney. Great baker too - made spectacular donuts right there on our own playground.


Posted by: Gregory | 07 June 2022 at 11:05 PM

Stylistically, it's either Frisch or the FUE....

Ouch! You keep hurling insults like that and you and Steve are going to throw down.

I have a hard time believing that one could have a masters degree from a reputable university in a discipline that requires some skill with the written word and still write as poorly as jeffy.


True enough.....

So Chesa Boudin is the biological son of two convicted murderers and terrorists, the foster son of two other terrorists, and was named for yet another murderer and terrorist.

And they let him into Yale.

And they gave him a Rhodes Scholarship.

And they let him into Yale Law.

And then Stephen Breyer’s brother hired him.

And then George Soros and his buddies backed him.

And then 51% of San Francisco voters voted for him.

And then after three disastrous years in office, 39% of San Francisco voters still vote to keep him.

This is the party that pretends that January 6 was some sort of big deal.


Barry Pruett

Steve Enos fellas. Sounds like him. The same guy who is afraid to say things to my face at the grocery store. Steve is a good person, and he would never say such things. Pelline? I doubt that he’d put a shirt on and get off his chair that he sits in all day for that. Lol.

In any event, I do miss my friends Walt and Todd. It was not the same last night being out and not seeing Todd and his bride. Whoever wrote what they did above better think…they are about the same age as both Todd and Walt. 🤷🏻‍♂️🇺🇸

Barry Pruett

Steve is a good person meaning Steve Frisch…not Steve Enos. Frisch has a good heart. Enos is just an angry old man. Lol


Its good to see ....reputedly the dumbest Senator now that Joey Fingers has been Peter Principled into the White House...Debbie Stabenow talk herself out of the job!

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI):

“On the issue of gas prices, I drove my electric vehicle from Michigan to here last weekend and went by every gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was.”

I almost wish I lived in Michigan to help her get booted out.

Bill Tozer

Barry and all:

Steve F. Is not a “grave dancer”. His words. . Pelline has been furious at the mere mention of Barry’s name since Barry ran against the appointed new guy, Diaz…whom the FUE (who has that small yellow bus eyes) donated $500 clams to.

Sick people do sick things. Sounds like Right Wingnut Watcher to me….with the personal twist of being consumed with Barry P. So, you can’t rule out The Fat Tub of Lard or one of his followers as Barry gets free rent in their heads 24/7.

May we never stoop to that level…the oxnardo level. Who has that many demons has to be a lib….since they are the only grunt sandwiches around. I miss Todd and Walt. Hell, last time Brother Ben posted, he sounded like that commentator. As if a small county clerk recorder is a big deal in the grand or even not so grand scheme of things.

Trump did not create TDS or cause it. He merely exposed it. With our local “progressives”, their hatred preceded Trump. They had dark souls before Trump and after Trump.


Psul.....did your Ann Coulter doll really say this.....?

"The good news for Chesa Boudin is that he will still be prosecuting the same number of criminals"

Saucy bitch.....I see why you're so fond of her!

Bill Tozer

Police Arrest Armed Man Near Brett Kavanaugh’s Home Who Allegedly Wanted To Kill The Justice

Answer: Hell no.

‘Will The FBI Do Anything About The Alarming Number Of Attacks On Pro-Life Centers Following SCOTUS Leak?’

The same agency that investigated hate crime allegations that a garage pull cord was a noose is failing to investigate arson, death threats, and terror threats from pro-abortionists.



Let me write words I've wanted to write since the campaign started... Jason Tedder, though very well may be a nice guy who's kind to kids, dogs and his wife, was a very flawed candidate and it was hard to vote for him as the only reasonable and not last minute alternative to Ms. Marginally Rational.

Don Bessee

Its not going well for the dems -

New poll: Inflation 'most urgent issue' over gun violence, Biden's approval rating ties with lowest ever
The Quinnipiac University poll showed support for banning 'assault weapons' hit a low



Paul Emery

Well Gregory, apparently most Nevada County voters agreed with your opinion that Jason Tedder is "a very flawed candidate" since Natalie Adona has captured 69.8% of the vote as of today and he has only 22.08%.


Yes, Punch, and both The Union and YubaNet covered up Adona's flaws and cleared the decks of folks calling attention to them.

I expect Adona's margin to keep decreasing until the last of the votes are counted, but it's probably a mathematical improbability for Adona to dip below 50%... but we have no idea how many people voted and how many ballots are left to count.

Bill Tozer

Stick it to the soccers moms and working stiffs, as if they are not being stiffed enough already. Let them eat Teslas. Ride the bus.

‘DC to raise fees on truck and SUV owners’

‘Biden’s base abandoning him: Youth, women, minorities, and unions’

‘What were they thinking?’

So what were they all thinking?

“Common threads in the thinking behind policies incentivizing out-of-control inflation, immigration, and crime are the inclination to sympathize with those seen as victims and the assumption they’ll respond with virtuous restraint.

But when you give people free money, they spend with little restraint. When you grant illegal immigrants free entry, they enter in vast numbers. When you let criminals go free, they maraud en masse. It’s nice to be nice, but it’s foolish to expect everyone to be nice in return.“


Beep Beep

As with other polls, Biden’s situation is worse than it was for former President Donald Trump at this stage of his presidency. At this point, 46% approved of Trump, and 51% disapproved.

Paul Emery


Her flaws may have become an issue if Tedder had been a remotely qualified and experienced candidate for the job at hand.


Tedder *did* meet the qualifications. It's a clerk position. A high school diploma does it.

Honesty and reliability is key in a Clerk-Recorder-Elections position.

How the position came to be regarded as meat for a JD is bound into Greg Diaz' stay.

Paul Emery

So what was your problem with Tedder who you described as "very flawed candidate"?

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