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20 May 2022


Bill Tozer

Well, at least Colin Kap found out how popular wearing a Fiedel T-shirt in Miami made him. And here we were told by Punchy that all those Puerto Rica moving to FLA after the hurricanes would change the demographics and Fl would turn blue. Replacement theory is not not perfect.

Since theUS has the cleanest oil extraction and refinery processes in the world, why does Biden declared our oil bad but Nicolás Maduro’s oil good?



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is going back to the future -




Somebody is going to have to remind me why we didn't normalize relations with Cuba decades ago.

"Team Biden fails to acknowledge that the cause of the island’s privation is the regime itself."

It seems to me that that's their own business.

George Rebane

scenes 103pm - We might have a concern or two if they decide to again base Russian missiles there or lease them or China a naval base. Since their communist govt is now the target of citizen demonstrations, is it not better to do all we can to foment collapse of the present regime and/or its transformation into one of a more greedy capitalist nature?

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