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28 May 2022



" A wise administration would have already started supplying Taiwan with large quantities of sub-rosa shipments of these weapons,"

A wise administration might also reconsider the gigantic investments in CVBGs, although that argument has gone on for years.

Like discussed before, I don't doubt that a bunch of smart colonels are watching Ukraine closely as it's a laboratory for roughly equivalent and modern opposing forces. Seeing as how the power appears to be on in Kiev/Kyiv, it's not really quite a war, but the West appears happy to fight to the last Ukrainian and to steadfastly avoid diplomatic approaches.

It's interesting to consider how much of US land doctrine is built around blowing up Third World countries for no good reason at this point, maybe it was a malinvestment.

I've thought for years that loading up on defensive measure makes a lot of sense. Not just anti-aircraft/tank measures but also civil defense ala the Swiss. Basically make it impossible for your country to be attacked. Given the US tendency to forward base offensive weapons, it would probably take a generational change in attitude. To be fair, the USSR/Russia have always been heavily invested in the best-defense-is-a-good-offense approach. That's a big reason, aside from outright quality, that Barbarossa was so successful.


scenes Doctrine: Stingers and Javelins are the secret sauce of the new world order if they are homegrown.

While the defense seems to be in the ascendancy currently, at least against seizing and holding territory, a properly independent state can produce it's own defensive technology.

Being a vassal of the United States arms production industry and it's meddling political class hardly counts as sovereign.


Being a vassal of the United States arms production industry and it's meddling political class hardly counts as sovereign.


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