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18 June 2022


Scott O

I read the opinion piece and found that it was a masterful mish-mash of some true statements completely stirred into a stew of word salad and over simplification. Very, very few actual examples were offered and they were often couched in ways that magically extrapolated out to include whole groups instead of the handful of actual humans they might find as examples.
One thing I learned from Hunter Thompson decades ago was to ask: "who's 'they' and who's 'them'?"
If you cite an example of some hypocrisy or a foolish, or inaccurate statement or belief - you'd better attach a name or group that can be checked by the average person. Otherwise, it's just fluff and bluff.
I really don't want to know what these gentlemen are being paid per annum. Low intelligence grifters, both.

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