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08 June 2022


Don Bessee

The handwriting is on the wall -

Concerns about urban crime also propelled developer Rick Caruso in the Los Angeles mayor’s race. Caruso, a former Republican who recently switched to Democrat, ran as the tough-on-crime candidate, vowing to put 1,500 new cops on the beat. His main opponent, Rep. Karen Bass, ran on her record as a prominent Democrat and years of outreach to LA’s Black and Latinx communities. Caruso’s surprisingly strong showing will force a runoff in November.

The California results follow another upset in the Virginia governor’s race last year, where Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin beat Democratic titan Terry McCullough in a race that hinged largely on culture wars over school curricula. State and local races don’t automatically translate into identical outcomes at the national level, but it’s hard to think of any progressive policies that are catching on with mainstream voters, while some — especially “defund the police” — are utterly dreadful.

Prepare yourselves for permanent minority status'
The implications are ominous for President Biden and his fellow Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. “If national Democrats don’t wake up to what happened to progressives … this cycle prepare yourselves for permanent minority status,” Jim Kessler, a long-time Democratic operative now at the Third Way think tank, tweeted after the California primaries.



Paul Emery

Here's a look as to why Nevada County can now call itself SOLID BLUE:

Last nights election counts:


Newsom-Dem 51% Brian Dahle-Repub 33%


Padila Dem 52%

House Dist 1

Jones-Dem 48%

Assembly Dist 1

Sandwith- Dem 48%
Meghan Dahle- Repub 36%

Add to that LISA SWARTHOUT with a solid lead in Dist. 3 Supervisor and NATALIE ADONA with nearly 70% for Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters
and you get the clear picture that the Dems and Liberal candidates basically routed the Repubs and Conservatives in Nevada County.
Keep in mind there are votes yet to come so things could change.


Newsom-Dem 51% Not Newsome-Dem 49%

Padila Dem 52% Not Padilla-Dem 48%

Jones-Dem 48% Not Jones-Dem 52%

Sandwith-Dem 48% Not Sandwith-Dem 52%

Supervisor and Clerk positions are non partisan

Keep in mind there are votes yet to be counted,

Paul Emery

That's correct Gregory. So far the leading candidates are solid blue. You are calculating that ALL the remaining votes will go Repub which is never the case.


None of the "leading candidates" have a commanding lead.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe sucking up to the commie in venezula so he can sell his dirty oil in spite of sanctions instead of taking the handcuffs of us energy! -



Paul Emery

That's your take Gregory. I hope it makes you feel good. Most are between 15 and 20 % over the second place candidate.

Don Bessee

Typical virtue signaling pr/spin ahead of the comedy planned for tommorow. -

House votes to set minimum age of 21 for buying semi-automatic weapons in response to spate of shootings
The bill has little chance of clearing the Senate



Don Bessee

The little people are fighting back against the spawn of soros and he has a spotlight on his nefarious conspiracy to destroy law and order -

The US currently has at least 75 Soros-Backed social justice prosecutors, supported through campaign dollars and/or Soros-funded progressive infrastructure groups.
These 75 prosecutors represent more than1 in 5 Americans or more than72 million people, including half of America’s 50 most populous cities and counties.

Soros uses a series of shell organizations, affiliates, and pass-through committees to steer contributions to both candidates and his robust support network for progressive prosecutors, which provide gravitas andperks to preferred prosecutors.
These efforts have followed the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, and have coincided with a nationwide crime wave.



Don Bessee

OOOPS second link



Don Bessee

Not even 0 alum are part of the insane 22 percent who are ok with creepy grampa joes economy -

Former Obama official: Biden’s ‘reckless’ gaffes ‘unnecessarily undermined our standing’ in the world
Former Obama official Brett Bruen called for Biden to fire his entire national security team in USA Today




punch 645p

When there's only two, the dynamics change.

Paul Emery

Can you give an example or is this just your hopeful intuition

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe thinks he can bully the press into lying it not the effort to thwart the bad orange man by hiding the crackhead laptop and chi com cash -

The establishment media has grown more skeptical of Biden’s efforts to help reduce inflation, lower gas prices, and solve the baby formula shortage that has plagued his administration.

The president and his staff spent the week boasting about the strength of the “great” economy even as polling for Biden continues to fall

Biden hit an all-time low in the RealClearPolitics average of polls on Wednesday




punch, it's like this...

When 52% didn't vote for you the first time, it's an uphill battle to get to 51.

Paul Emery

All speculation on your part Gregory that practically all votes will go swing your way. Ho hum. Time to move on. This is getting boring.

Don Bessee

Yes, yes you are boring oh great ponytail of ignorance @802


Paul Emery

Where do you get those numbers George? RCP averages show Biden with 30.7 consensus averages job approval. Here's a link


Paul Emery


my typo mistake. Biden has 39.7 approval.


"All speculation on your part Gregory that practically all votes will go swing your way."

Funny, punch. You're assuming just what you're saying I'm assuming.

Paul Emery

That's the only way your numbers hold up Gregory. Virtually all votes not for the leaders have to go your way.


No, but I see why you'd think that. It makes it easier for you to cling to today's leader staying there.

Don Bessee

The ponytail of ignorance is hiding behind a generalized poll but the voters feel this way -

In a new poll, Joe Biden has a 28% and 27% approval on inflation and gas prices with 71% and 72% disapproving respectively. All I want to know is who are the 28% and 27%? Why do they approve?

Eighty-three percent say that the economy is “extremely or very important” to how they will vote, and 80 percent say inflation is “extremely or very important” to how they will vote. Seventy-four percent say gas prices are “extremely or very important.”

NEW: @ABC / @Ipsos

Biden Job Approval: Inflation
Approve 28% (-1)
Disapprove 71% (+2)

Gas Prices
Approve 27% (-4)
Disapprove 72% (+4)



Paul Emery

That may be Don but George referred specifically to: "RCP numbers just out on Bumblebrain’s overall approval rating – drumroll please – 25% approve, 61% disapprove."
Those numbers are simply not correct. George can you provide a link to where you got those numbers

Don Bessee

Much like the ponytail of ignorance the long record of rancid russian dressing and TDS will never go away and does not age well just like the ponytail of ignorance -

White House chief of staff Ron Klain’s old tweets blasting former President Trump over $3 gas prices haven't aged well as America now faces record highs for fuel.

Klain went after Trump in 2018 as gas prices rose toward the $3 mark and even wrote that Democrats would be happier if the media focused on the fuel prices instead of the then-president calling for a probe into surveillance on his 2016 campaign.

"Health care premiums up, gas prices rising, manufacturers fleeing," Klain wrote in June 2018. "So much winning! Thanks Trump!"



Paul Emery


That has nothing to do with George stating RCP polls showed Biden with a 25% approve, 61% disapprove overall approval rating which simply is not true. If it is George, show me a link.

Don Bessee

Idiot @ 934 it is the reality not your whistling by the grave yard crap. LOL


Bill Tozer

Ahh, smells like a fresh ocean breeze.

Journalist attempts road trip in electric car, ends up spending more time charging than sleeping. 'Fumes never smelled so sweet,' she says upon returning to gas fuel

Isn’t someone going to toss Psuly Emery a bone and just once come out and say ‘Neveda County is finally a super blue, blue, blue county?’ A lifelong effort come true. In today’s world, 52% is a landslide. In the grand scheme of things (or even in the not so grand scheme of things), a small county clerk-recorder race is like two rival high school teams playing. Stay true to your school and all that stuff. ‘Our team is red hot, your team ain’t diddly squat.” In fact, your team IS marginally rational.

Flashback: come on fellars, toss Punchy a bone.


Don Bessee

State protected terrorism when the system does not enforce the law. -



Paul Emery

Don't have a clue what you're talking about Don. I'm talking about Trumps overall approval numbers as reflected in the RCP polls that George referred to.

Here's a link for your convenience


Show-Me Kid

Emery has his chest out proud a can be. Probably feels important like when he carried the bags for a general instead of a colonel in USAF Boy Scouts.

Feel real proud that Nevada County voted for Newsome when fuel around her is $6+ per gallon and Newsome can't use those beloved executive orders and grant a fuel tax holidays to the working people that the Dems love to say they represent.

As for the District Supervisor race, if no one gets 50% then it's the top two in November with no Valentina to screw up the election. Could be different with that dynamic.

As for Megan Dahle, who cares about Nevada County,,,win Shasta and she'll cruise. Again no other Repub to siphon off votes.

What we have here is a bunch of Bay Area folks who moved her to get out of the mess they created there and now vote the same way here. You really want to turn this into a small version of San Francisco? You are willing to bring that crap to this beautiful place we call home? Moron....

Don Bessee

The pendulum has started the swing back to the middle given so many indicators.




Toes 946p

Can't just pick 2 seconds from that scene in Back to School, perhaps the best pairing of Kineson and Dangerfield evah!


My favorite joke in the flick was spread over three scenes...
First, his kid reminds him that he hadn't even started his English lit paper and then an@wers a (nock at the door...Kurt Vonnegut to see Harvey Mellon.

Second... his love interest lit prof (Sally Kellermann) tells him she was very disappointed that he didn't turn in his own work, and whoever he hired to write the paper didn't know the first thing about Vonnegut.

Third... an angry phone call with Vonnegut with f-bombs and a promise to not pay.

That encapsulated my views on writing Bullshite papers for lit classes.

Bill Tozer


I liked the part when hr was in the first day of
business class with the distinguished professor.
The Sage of South Central speaks;

As the winner of Baltimore Public School History Teacher of the Year said upon accepting the award, “This must be how Louie Armstrong felt when he first stepped on the moon!”


(Note to @Twitter: satire)


Psul Emery Faces Ridicule For Saying "Once Black People Get Guns In This Country, The Gun Laws Will Change"

WAIT....my bad! Do over.....not psul!

Joy Behar Faces Ridicule For Saying "Once Black People Get Guns In This Country, The Gun Laws Will Change"

Don't know how I could have screwed up the names so bad!

Michael Kesti

Paul Emery 08 June 2022 at 09:57 PM

"I'm talking about Trumps[sic] overall approval numbers as reflected in the RCP polls that George referred to."

Here are some facts for your convenience: Trump is not currently POTUS and his approval ratings are therefore relevant to nothing.


"Almost all of us grew up playing cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians...."

Still trying to noodle through how desperate The Union is for low cost content that they "employ" Tom Durkin.

(of course I'm not sure my reaction would have been so negative if they hadn't decided to go with his "cool homeless hippy vibe" headband photo)


Gonna be a good day Tater! So much Biden related scumbaggery!

Seven NEW Hunter Biden Scandals the Nets Refuse to Report On



Yes, Mrs Dahle can win that seat perpetually while ignoring 'Frisco of the Foothills.

More on Back to School... was I the only one here to miss Sally Kellermann's death this past February?

Danny Elfman, who has since taken over the John Williams chair in Hollywood, did the scoring and sang Dead Man's Party with Oingo Boingo... Terry Farrell was terminally cute and cheerful...

In 2022 though, Dangerfield's leering innuendo grates.

Bill Tozer

@ 8:03 am. re: Sally Kellerman.

I met Sally K two or three times back in the day. She was producing some skid row low budget movie for a couple of money guys from NY or LA and I was hired. We had a few meetings. Back then, being a hick from the sticks with tics, I asked someone, “Who is Sally Kellerman?”, since her name rang with everybody but me. Never heard of her. Anyway, someone said she was in the original cast of Hair and the cast got busted for taking off her clothes on stage. I remembered hearing something about that and told the guy who answered my “Who is Sally Kellerman?” question that I was sorry I missed that. :)

She was a nice lady, business like, and the whole project fell apart when the money men were BSers and did not have the funds to start production. An early introduction to Hollywood. Never saw any Hair either.

Bill Tozer

That horrible Trump mocking Lisa Page with smooching sounds and her lover Peter S, decried an upset Punchy when Trump mocked Lisa The Lovebird on stage back a few years.

Trump is mocking poor poor Lisa and ruining her life! No, Trump did not ruin her life as a FBI lawyer working along side FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe. She did it all to herself. Poor Lisa Page and that mean Orange Man Bad! Spare me the Drama Queen shuck and jive, Punchy.

FBI Chief Comey Misled Congress’s 'Gang of 8' Over Russiagate, Lisa Page Memo Reveals


Let’s do the time warp again.


If Russian interference was the insignificant event that you claim why do you think the
republican led intel committee made such a big issue about it? Why do you think the Russian intent and goal was to elect Trump as the committee contends?”

Posted by: Paul Emery | 11 June 2020 at 08:10 PM

Bill Tozer
Cause the CIA and FBI withheld evidence from the Senate.committee. You should read Lisa Page’s Senate testimony.

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 11 June 2020 at 08:26 PM

Poor Lisa is a liar…and Agent Peter S is a narcissist

George Rebane

'Well, things may be looking up with getting more defensive guns into schools and classrooms. ...' More here -


Poor Joe......trapped in 1972.....!


Paul Emery

Sad to say Trump is done. This is his latest direct quote:

"January 6th was not simply a protest, it represented the greatest movement in the history of our Country to Make America Great Again. It was about an Election that was Rigged and Stolen, and a Country that was about to go to HELL..& look at our Country now!"


Scott O

Paul 11:49 - Actually, that's one statement from Trump I can completely agree with. Although the protest on the 6th was marred by a handful of idiots, it scared the hell out of the swamp as to just how many saw the corruption and evil in our govt.
Trump is now too old for the next election cycle.
There are plenty of other conservatives who can take up the mantle of trying to save our nation, although it's getting to look near impossible. The FBI and the IRS are openly corrupt and in bed with the Dems so any real challenge to the swamp will be a tough, uphill slog.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 09 June 2022 at 11:49 AM

Sad to say Trump is done.

I'm so sorry Psul! I know you had such high hopes!

Truly a crushing blow....

Paul Emery

So Scott

Are you one of those who believe the election that was "Rigged and Stolen"?

Bill Tozer

Jan. 6 Committee Chair Called Clarence Thomas An ‘Uncle Tom,’ Mitch McConnell Remark ‘Racist’


Speaking his truth to power.

Bill Tozer

Trump Pentagon first offered National Guard to Capitol four days before Jan. 6 riots, memo shows

Official Capitol Police timeline validates Trump administration's account, shows Democrats' fateful rejections of offers. "Seems absolutely illogical," one official wrote about security posture hours before riot began.


Yep, when Jim Jordan submitted his witness list to the Jan 6 committee at night, he was off the committee in the morning…the day before he was going to have witnesses about the lapse-botched security on Jan 6. Nancy would have been left holding the bag.

Paul Emery


Shocking news about something Rep. Bennie Thompson said 8 years ago !!!!!!! You had to dig to come up with that.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 09 June 2022 at 01:14 PM

Shocking news about something Rep. Bennie Thompson said 8 years ago !!!!!!

If Thompson had been a white southern Republican it wouldn't have mattered to you that he'd said it eight years ago psul.


punch 1250p

Have you read the story of this woman who changed her plea to guilty as a result of 2000 Mules?


Bill Tozer

Cocaine Mitch is a racist! Where do they come up their wild imaginations?

“Poor kids are just as smart as white kids.”.. “If you don’t know to vote for Joe Biden, then you aren’t black!”—-candidate and President Joe Biden.

8 years ago? Ok, “The Republican want to put y’all back in chains.”—VP Joe Biden to mainly black audience.

I see no difference between the Dems playing their perennial race card and scare mongering and the Jan 6 Committee. It’s the only card they have left and it’s been so overplayed that folks with two brain cells left tune it out.

“Trump is destroying the public’s trust in our institutions!” No Paul, Trump merely exposed the rot at the core and any faith in our institutions was destroyed when exposed and for very good reasons. Now days when I hear the FBI did this or that, I wonder if they are peddling another conspiracy theory or just stomping on dissents. But, the Deep State has six ways to Sunday to get back at you.

‘Trump is destroying our trust in our institutions.’ Good one, Paul.
Following along the same lines, is it just me (one of the infamous Putin puddin’ cuddliers) or has anyone else one noticed that Vladimir Putin and true ‘Patriots’ of Jeffersonian Liberals are both fighting the Deep State? Our founding fathers warned us about Deep State, the true threat to our democracy. Not to be trusted.

Don Bessee

Cant hide the truth for long -

The intelligence failure was made worse by Pelosi’s decision to disassemble the police department’s intelligence unit that tracked threats on social media. The chatter on social media before January 6 might have alerted the police to the potential seriousness of the protest.

“The social media unit was immediately and essentially dismantled under the new leadership,” the report said. “New office reassignments and steering away from the concepts of having subject matter experts may have contributed to the tragedy.”

“Individuals with the most experience extrapolating open-source material were not tasked with reviewing social media to glean intel related to the event,” the report stated.

As Pelosi failed at her task of protecting the Capitol, Trump had taken action to secure the area. Former Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller testified before Congress in 2021 that Donald Trump authorized National Guard Troops to secure the area around the Capitol. Just the News reported Trump wanted 20,000 troops, but Congress rejected the request.

“Do whatever is necessary to protect demonstrators that were executing their constitutionally protected rights,” Miller testified Trump told him.



Paul Emery


This is a direct quote from Trump. do you agree with him?

"January 6th was not simply a protest, it represented the greatest movement in the history of our Country to Make America Great Again. It was about an Election that was Rigged and Stolen, and a Country that was about to go to HELL..& look at our Country now!"


George Rebane

re DonB 212pm - The evidence just keeps piling on about the evil party and their obvious stratagems to take down America from within.

Scott O

Paul 12:50 - "Are you one of those who believe the election that was "Rigged and Stolen"?
It started before Trump was even sworn in, Paul. And useful idiots like you helped the con for years with BS lies.
The cover-up alone of Biden's corruption through his son's business dealings swung enough votes to help push Biden over the finish line.
This is all out in the open although conveniently too late to do any good.

Paul Emery

So George let me ask this of you. Could you support Trump for President after he states that:

""January 6th was not simply a protest, it represented the greatest movement in the history of our Country to Make America Great Again. " ?


Punchy 308p

Please remark on the guilty plea a few days ago by a longtime Arizona Democratic Party partisan, for a 2000 Mules violation.

Paul Emery

If you would have read further into that Gregory you would have seen that it involved hardly any votes-fewer than a dozen. Here's more info:

"Attorney general's office investigation records obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request show that fewer than a dozen ballots could be linked to Fuentes, not enough to make a difference in all but the tightest local races. "

Also "Prosecutors were apparently unable to prove the most serious charges, dropping three felony counts alleging that Fuentes filled out one voter's ballot and forged signatures on some of the four ballots she illegally returned for people who were not family members."


Don Bessee

Very interesting -

A statement by Gregory Diaz, Nevada County Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters: “I have been informed our live stream is experiencing issues causing the live stream to stop. Because of the public’s reliance on our live stream along with the buggy performance, the live stream, for this election cycle will be discontinued at 5:00 PM today. The public always has the opportunity to come in our office as observers, during the hours we are processing ballots. The hours are posted on our website. I would like to thank members of the public, who brought this to my attention. Thank You.”



Punch, and what evidence is there she didn't do more?

Tip of the iceberg.

George Rebane

PaulE 308pm - Well, the Trumpists and Dems both believe that the 6J event was "the greatest movement" in American history. Where they differ was the reason it was great - the Dems with the ridiculous charge that it was an organized insurrection to bring down our government, and the Trumpists that it was the largest, spontaneous, unorganized popular expression of utter frustration with the conduct and outcome of the previous November's election. Now what do you think happened on 6jan21?

And more specifically, do you think that at tonight's kabuki theater the Dems are going to show any evidence that supports the Capitol penetration as being spontaneous, unorganized, and not having any of the preparations for the replacement government even the most amateurish insurrections have demonstrated over the years?

Paul Emery

Just reporting the facts Gregory. Of course anything is possible but the reality is that's all they have for now. Not likely they'll find more since she plead guilty and it seems to be a done deal. So Biden won by around 10,457 so if you subtract a dozen from that (and that's generous that leaves 10445 to go. I know this is important to you so let me know what you find.


Punchy. I'm just rubbing your nose into the facts so you can't easily weasel out in the future.

There's more. Patience, Grasshopper.

Paul Emery

These are the facts as of June 9 2022. Do you acknowledge that Gregory?


There's more. Patience, Grasshopper.

Paul Emery

Just a quickie on tonight's hearing:

Even Ivanka is turning on Trump.

Tonights hearing played Bill Barr tape where he said Trump’s delusions about the election being stolen were "Bull Shit"
When Ivanka was asked whether she supported Barrs opinion whether the election was legitimate she said this :

She was asked "How did that affect your perspective about the election when Barr made that statement?"

She replied by saying "It affected my perspective. I respect Attorney General Barr. So, I accepted what he said and what he was saying."



Posted by: Paul Emery | 09 June 2022 at 08:13 PM

Bye Felicia.......

Don Bessee

Thats the best you got tonight! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL......


Barry Pruett

Diaz threw a fit that his cameras don’t work. Lol

Bill Tozer

Don, that is the only thing they got tonight, tomorrow, and every month until November. Toss their race card, and it’s the only thing they got. Republicans are dangerous, very dangerous. They have gone boogaloo. :).



‘GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Hits Back At Democrats With ‘The Democrat Party Is the Party Of Crime’ Video’


Bill Tozer

‘Politics over security? Schumer team received FBI intel about Jan. 6 violence, frontline cops didn't’

Capitol Police executive's email tipoff to Schumer aide night before riot raises eyebrows in Congress.


No wonder the Capitol Police Union head honcho was frothing at the mouth to testify first. They left the officers in the dark and left out to dry.


Bill Tozer

DHS to move migrants flooding border to sites further north, as illegal immigration surge continues

Shelters at the U.S.-Mexico border remain overwhelmed.


In other news, yesterday id was announced that the boys were able to recover another 168,000 Hunter e-mails once previously thought to be gone forever.

Bill Tozer

Houston, we have a problem.

‘Biden’s Approval Rating Even Worse Than Trump’s Despite Constant Media Fawning’


‘Democrats and Psul Think Teens Can Kill Babies And Sterilize Themselves But 18 Is Too Young For Self Defense’


George Rebane

It's hard to imagine the Democrats think that the American electorate is so stupid as to take tonight's 6J charade as a legitimate congressional proceeding. Tell me it isn't so.

Don Bessee

The ratings will tell a story Dr R but it wont move the needle like team blue was praying for. Example 1 is the ponytail of ignorance's breathless post that was the worst kind of nothing burger.\


Bill Tozer

And that is the best they got. So, you all glued to the color television watching the Salem Witchcraft Inquisitions. Anyone get their arms bound and pockets filled with rocks to see if they float?

You really should watch it. Very compelling…er….very moving.

Scott O

Most Americans look at the cost of fuel and its push in raising all other prices.
Every day.
And it's getting worse and worse.
If Paul and the Dems think their bogus dog and pony show will help them in the mid terms they are welcome to continue with that delusion.
But, but, but - Ivanka!
Yeah, you run with that.

Bill Tozer

California is at a crossroads
Its oligarchic, tech-reliant economy cannot survive for much longer.


On a more upbeat note……RCP

‘Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Hits Disastrous New Low: 39.7 Percent’

“Joe Biden’s nationwide public-approval rating in the RealClearPolitics poll average has just hit a new low: 39.7 percent, the lowest of his presidency. This is only the second time (the first being in February) that Biden has dropped below 40 (Biden’s age hasn’t been below 40 since 1982). His 55 percent disapproval rating puts him 15.3 points under water, also the worst of his presidency.”


Bet the real number is lower.

Bill Tozer

Breaking News…

"Tonight’s prime time Congressional hearing on the Jan. 6 protest expecting Super Bowl size ratings. Half-time show from Cirque du Soleil."

The Elder Statesman

Jose Koyote’s ACME Anvil

Beep Beep

Biden approval sinks to 22% among young adults, 24% among Hispanics: poll


The Estonian Fox

Going into George's archives for a little “told them so”

10 Jan 2011 – (re Gabby Giffords shooting) - In an open public gathering involving political figures and a large crowd, one can ask why there was no law abiding citizen there carrying a concealed weapon that could have been used to save lives…. In days of yore, such wanton killings, that we now witness regularly, ranged between extremely rare to impossible. The shooter then knew that if he drew his gun, there would be at least one, and more than likely several guns, instantly pointed at him.

Not from RR - 7 people is minimum to safely gain control of a psychotic patient. One for head; one for torso; 1 each limb: one to assist where needed. The more the better. Most become cooperative at 10-12 or more. Even our old paleo-brain recognizes really bad odds.

These days, it seems we rarely give shooters really bad odds. At Uvalde, it was 19 to 1. OK, 1 plus a door.

12 Jan 2011 - Our VP Joe Biden, currently in Afghanistan, concluded on camera that in fighting the Taliban we “are breaking the momentum” of that raghead contingent.


But how can this be........progressives simply will not tolerate lying in politics!!

OF COURSE THEY WERE LYING: Biden Officials LIED When They Said Disinformation Board Wouldn’t Target Americans


Bill Tozer

One man’s opinion

‘Jan. 6 panel's case against Trump: Doomed to become the latest debunked elite narrative?’
A string of recent revelations has raised questions about security posture of Capitol under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prior to breach.


Paul Emery


This is a very fundamental question when discussing Jan 6

In your opinion did Pence have the constitutional authority fo fulfill trumps desire to have him overturn the election? Here's a recent quote from Trump:

""Actually, what they are saying, is that Mike Pence did have the right to change the outcome, and they now want to take that right away. Unfortunately, he didn't exercise that power, he could have overturned the Election!"

George Rebane

PaulE 859am - Paul, did you answer my 449pm?

Paul Emery

The question was:

"And more specifically, do you think that at tonight's kabuki theater the Dems are going to show any evidence that supports the Capitol penetration as being spontaneous, unorganized, and not having any of the preparations for the replacement government even the most amateurish insurrections have demonstrated over the years? "


The Dems are presenting their case that was revealed in last nights testimony and that is that the instigation of the breakin and invasion of the Capitol was pre planned cheered on by Trump. The Repubs chose not to participate in the hearings so their side will not be heard. Do you contend that the Proud Boys etc did not intend to break into the Capitol and only did that spontaneously? Of course there were others that were lured into participating once it started happening but video footage shows beyond doubt that the Proud Boys etc came organized and with a plan as well as devices to smash windows and doors and with a supply of chemical sprays.

Bill Tozer

Be it far from me to doubt that Punchy Psul Emery actually wrote his questions. Mic in your face, Dr. Rebane. You are being interviewed, then the race back to edit.
In other news…


Democrat hysteria undermines Jan 6 hearing
The party is framing the inquiry like a blockbuster film


Bill Tozer

He said, she said.


‘The American people know that the select committee is already a fraud’

SCOTUS judges, you won’t know what hit you….

‘Schumer Remark About Kavanaugh Does Not Age Well After Justice Was Threatened Near Home’


Scott O

Here's yet another question Psul won't answer: Why would Trump offer to send the Natl Guard to keep order if he was planning an "insurrection"?
And another: Why did the Capitol Police ignore the advance warnings that there very well could be violence?

Bill Tozer

Oh Scott @ 11:03 am

I know, I know the answer. Pick me, ooo, ouzo, my hand is up!

Ok, no spoiler alerts.

George Rebane

PaulE 937am - "The Repubs chose not to participate in the hearings so their side will not be heard." That's utter bullshit; the whole nation knows that Pelosi rejected the Repubs' nominees for the committee who would have provided a counter argument to the Dems' version of 6J happenings - that has ALWAYS been the SOP for how congressional committees operate. What say you to that?

And you've said nothing about the absurd charge that the Capitol riot was an organized insurrection to do away with America's democracy and replace our government with one standing in the wings. I'm still waiting.

Paul Emery

What is there to say about it George? Trump himself told Pence to deny the certification of the election, which he refused to do. The intent of the Proud Boys and others was to disrupt the proceedings to prevent the final certification of the election. That is well documented.

This is his instruction to Pence as part of his Jan 6 speech "So I hope Mike has the courage to do what he has to do. And I hope he doesn't listen to the RINOs and the stupid people that he's listening to"

He also said: "If we allow this group of people to illegally take over our country because it's illegal when the votes are illegal when the way they got there is illegal when the states that vote are given false and fraudulent information."

That certainly implies that he supports the disruption of the election. what more can I say?

Now, what is your opinion as to whether Pence constitutionally had that right on Jan 6 to stop the election process.

George Rebane

PaulE 1239pm - Is my 449pm question really that difficult? It sought your opinion of whether what happened on 6jan21 was an insurrection - to topple the current government in favor of a new one waiting in wings. Please give it another try.

Re Pence's constitutional power over the proceedings to certify the vote. First, we presume that the congressional certification was never meant to be a pro-forma kabuki ritual. Were that not so, then all attendees could have been replaced by their cardboard cutouts, or they could have mailed it in. Second, given that the certification, by those gathered, was to be performed after due consideration of the submitted materials, then the designated process had to have the ability for more than one canned outcome.

Constitutional scholars are still debating what that decision space should look like - e.g. accept as submitted; reject submittal and return to states with instructions for resubmittal; table proceeding to give time for further study of any material contentions, inviting both sides to come and testify before resuming the certification process; and so on. You and yours, of course, were awaiting a kabuki performance; the other half of the country had concerns about the election.

Paul Emery


So I assume are you are part of the half that has"concerns"? Is having 'concerns" justification for not certifying the election therefore leaving Trump as President at least till it's settled?

Paul Emery

Okay George I'll give it another go.

I believe the intent of the riot (or whatever) was to disrupt the proceedings for that day which included the certification of the election by VP Pence. That delay was what Trump had in mind in his instructions to Pence, which Pence refused to do because he believed it to be unconstitutional.

There is lots of information out there but this is official and part of the legal proceedings against Proud Boy Charles Donohoe, "In a newly filed statement of offense, prosecutors said that “Donohoe understood that the purpose of the rally in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, was to stop the certification of the Electoral College vote.”

Also, the " new one waiting in wings" ,as you put it was of course Trump staying as President.


Don Bessee

They know its on purpose -



And then there was the dog and pony show -

The Democrats’ effort to saturate the airwaves with its primetime January 6 show trial on Thursday yielded 19 million viewers across five networks — a preliminary figure that fell short of similar blanket-coverage political events, like this year’s State of the Union address, which drew 38 million viewers.



Don Bessee

Another one fleeing the hostile business environment in crazy cali -



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