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23 June 2022



... and happy birthday, Clarence Thomas.

Bill Tozer

And to think the City of New York tried their darnest to block this case from moving on, even rescinding the law, lol. They tried and all the King’s army and all the King’s lawyers did not want THIS case before SCOTUS.

Immediately I have to wonder about the Hawai County case that is creeping along. The one about open carry permits in that county, which has issued zero in 20+ years. All the guy wants to do is to open carry is gun when he is out for his daily walks in the jungle and over hill and over Dale. Strike that. All the guy wants is to be able to leave his hut with his gun. It’s only legal if the gun never leaves his abode.
That case affects CA and has passed the 9th circuit panel so far. Nevada County is going to wait until it goes through the courts before implementing any changes. New York concealed is the flip side of the coin of open carry, .i.e, bearing arms.


toes 1118a

This decision has all but declared the law in Cali to be unconstitutional.

I would expect anyone in this county arrested for carrying concealed without a permit to get let go unless they aren't legal to possess firearms until the law is straightened out.

The Estonian Fox

Shooting at a gay bar in Oslo, on PRIDE Day no less.

"Authorities said the suspect, a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin, was believed to be a radicalised Islamist with a history of mental illness who had been known to intelligence services since 2015."

"The attack took place in the early hours of Saturday, with victims shot inside and outside the London Pub, a longstanding hub of Oslo's LGBTQ scene, as well as in the surrounding streets and at one other bar in the centre of the Norwegian capital."

Looks like the Norwegians have as good a group of diagnostic psychiatrists as we do here in the States. But without a right to carry. Looks like he traveled between 2 bars and in the street. A CCW guy might have stopped this halfway through or so.

Where is that Dept of Future Crime when we (or they) need it?

Scott O

"Where is that Dept of Future Crime when we (or they) need it?"
Well - there's a unit in Idaho:
They had "plans".
In Portland even after the crime, the police do nothing.

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