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10 June 2022



The Many Ways to Regulate Militias

Does everyone in your charming burgh from psul to this poor benighted soul like to pretend they're constitutional/legal scholars? I mean it says militia so of course they must mean National Guard....right, RIGHT ...despite the generally accepted notion of how a militia was constituted at the time ?

I'm sure it's found somewhere near all those penumbras and emanations!


I think the true point and meaning of "regulated" is being missed. In the Founders time regulated referenced the manner in which battles were fought...two opposing forces in rank firing upon one another. In other words how they were trained to engage in battle at the time. Nothing more, nothing less. It certainly did not mean that private citizens owning firearms of any sort be strictly regulated against doing so. Sadly progressive control of our educational system has persistently "dumbed down" and/or swayed understanding such that many think the government is the end-all arbiter of what is right.


"The Court cannot take judicial notice that a shotgun having a barrel less than 18 inches long has today any reasonable relation to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia, and therefore cannot say that the Second Amendment guarantees to the citizen the right to keep and bear such a weapon."
-SCOTUS, US v. Miller, 1939

So we have Miller stating only weapons of war are guaranteed to the citizenry, but now the cacophony of the "gun safety" folk are telling us that weapons of war are NOT covered by the 2A.

Which is it? Self loading long and short guns predominate and both are military weapons, as is/was the Henry Rifle, once said to be loaded on Sunday and then shot all week.


Perhaps the #1 method for regulating the militias... to shoot back if they overstep their bounds.

Condi Rice has a wrenching story of her family being huddled in fear with the adults of her neighborhood standing sentry with rifles.

"I’m sure if Bull Connor had known where [the guns and gun owners] were, he would have rounded them up...I don’t favor some things like gun registration.”


I'd like to rescind a prior suggestion... refusing sales of centerfire long guns to those 18 to 20 who aren't in the military, graduated high school or in college.

I didn't realize juvenile records were not searched. I've no problem with background checks including juvy records to age 15 (?) which is a part of one of the proposals making the rounds in DC. Solves the problem with folks like the Parkland and Uvalde shooters. If they don't want their records being examined, don't try to buy a covered gun until you're 21. Completely voluntary.

George Rebane

Gregory 1139am - I can live with that.


"They don’t listen to anybody. To stop them you have to fire them. They’re not like normal politicians who have some give, who tack this way and that. Progressive politicians have no doubt, no self-correcting mechanism."

This includes teachers and administrators. This is a real problem because the colleges of Miseducation and most all state and local Education hierarchies have been replicating the Woke (and only the Woke) for decades.

George Rebane

Observation on the comment stream under the Union's online publication of this post. I was taken to task by one of the liberal readers for not posting more examples of the 'many ways' advertised in the title of the piece. Silly me, I thought that just showing an extremely generalizable alternative, to the militia of the guns-confiscated citizens that is the only militia envisioned by the Left, that they could get the idea and come up with more such versions of regulated militias. Seeing one black swan confirms that all swans are not white, and it's highly probable that more non-white swans exist. Another bridge too far.


You're even better than I at pissing off the commenters there. All the usual suspects are giving you grief.

Scaroni is a pest... he just can't get over folks not interpreting the prefatory clause of the 2nd the way he wants, the way it was glossed over when he was in law school (his was in Berkeley).


Mr. Sciaroni, with a JD from Hastings (UC''s 'frisco law school) hates being addressed as "Counselor".

When he went to law school, the only precedent was US v. Miller, which taught all it wasn't an individual right. It was also decided by SCOTUS without representation for Miller, who had been murdered (one might guess by the folks he bought the sawed off shotgun for protection from) by the time the case was heard by the court.

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 14 June @ 5:56

Gregory @ 5:56 pm and 3:55 pm a week later:

You're (Dr. Rebane) even better than I at pissing off the commenters there. All the usual suspects are giving you grief.
Scaroni is a pest..

Confession time. I called my Sciaroni a counselor as well. I even looked it up and made sure I had old word for lawyer spelled correctly. First one he let slide, then after the second time he exploded at Gregory! It was partially my fault. Gregory only gave Richard two terms of respect. I did two. Gregory took the fall.
I feel bad that I did not immediately jump in and say, “It was I who called a lawyer by the Crown name, Dick.” I should of used the crossword puzzle name (barrister) , which was on my mind. Image a lawyer or even in the field and not knowing what a counselor is! “I never counseled anyone in my life”, ROFLMAO.

My confession is that I let Gregory take the fall. Left him alone and betrayed. Alas. Sorry Gregory, I failed you. I got distracted by other less important things.
On a related topic, the name of Gregory lives on!! Go Gregory, go. You may be gone but not forgotten. Free rent in their melons. How cool is dat?

Reply to Biker Bill
Oh, picking up Gregory's semantic dodge I see. Do we get to argue the general term democracy vs the partial description of our form of government, a republic, next?
Won't work. Either you refuse to watch the "video" because you're afraid of (know) what you'll see, or you have and you're afraid to admit what you've seen. Which is it?

Reply to M Jensen: Option Three

Go Gregory go!


Toes, 334p

Domine domine domine

Live long and prosper.

Barry Pruett

Dick Sciaroni’s “rebuttal” was laughable with I don’t know how many factual and logical inconsistencies. That said, the other progressive lemmings ate it up. You can’t fix stupid.

Paul Emery


If Trump would have won the election a year and half ago how would our economy be different today and what would have done differently?

George Rebane

PaulE 1248pm - Not sure you understand the subject of my above commentary. This is the wrong place to answer your question, which I believe I and others have already answered.

Paul Emery


You wrote in this post “ Today Bumblebrain Biden has screwed up America’s economy beyond recognition” so my question is totally appropriate. The question has been dodged and not answered clearly so can you give it a go at least for new readers following this post.

Psul  Whetstone

Always hiding behind 'new readers' skirts, eh Punch Emery? Its for the new readers

2nd verse, same as the first Now follow the bouncing ball all you kids at home.

Why do you park in the drivewzy and drive on parkway?

Paul Emery

The question was never answered. It was always evaded.

Paul Emery

Trump boosted the deficit $7 trillion in just four years and in this blog it was blamed on the Democrats. Really cracks me up so much it’s downright silly that kind of answer.


Here you go psul….!

Obama: 8.6 Trillion over two terms. That glorious 8 year span when you didn’t care about debt.

Trump: 6.7 Trillion over one term but a huge chunk of that was at the end during COVID shitstorm where if he’d spent a penny less you would have accused him of being uncaring!

Which is just the worstest thing ever to you progtards.


Michael Kesti

Paul Emery | 16 July 2022 at 02:51 PM

"Trump boosted the deficit $7 trillion..."

He did no such thing.

A deficit is the amount of spending that exceeds revenues in a single fiscal year. You're referring to the national debt. Given that approximately 50% of the federal budget is allocated to entitlements that were enacted before Trump became president, it should be clear that the national debt would increase regardless of who was president. Finally, most of those entitlements were enacted during Democratic administrations such as Roosevelt's Social Security and Johnson's War On Poverty.

Paul Emery

Wanna talk about a real mess look at what Obama inherited from Bush -trillions of deficit. The budget was almost completely balanced iwhen Clinton left office. Takes the Republicans to really screw up the economy. History proves that. Trillions that Reagan created as another example. Yeah then there’s Hoover and the great depression.

Michael Kesti

Paul Emery | 16 July 2022 at 03:38 PM

The national debt increased during the Clinton administration making his so-called balanced budget nothing more than an accounting trick.

Paul Emery

Compare the deficit change between Clinton and Bush?O


Punchy is punching.

Michael Kesti

Paul Emery | 16 July 2022 at 03:52 PM

There cannot, by definition, be a balanced budget and a deficit in the same accounting period.

Don Bessee

#po-olsadoldman @ 338 it was Newt Gingrich that did that with the contract with America estupido. LOL



Posted by: psul Emery | 16 July 2022 at 03:38 PM

Oh very much true Psul…..again…..you were livid about about Bush debt as you should have been. Perfectly sanguine about Obama’s debt which means you don’t care about the debt….not really….you only care who.

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