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04 June 2022



"My own recommendation is that such a citizen should excuse himself from that particular election, unless he has the ability to educate himself on the candidates and/or issues. "

There's also no rule that says you have to vote on every single office, every single proposition.

George Rebane

scenes 1040am - That too; thanks.

Bill Tozer

Is today the day I open my ballot and mail it in from another county?


Probably "knee jerk" but saw a headline implying LA& San Fram might drift right? As goes CA as goes the nation???

Bill Tozer

is today the day I can open my ballot?

George Rebane

Randy 1258pm - From your mouth to God's ear.

Scott O

"implying LA& San Fram might drift right?"
Yeah - from completely lunatic left to only very much lunatic left.
At the rate they're going, CA might get back to circa 1980 by 2080. If that would be possible.
And that would still be solidly left.
Any questions?

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