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27 June 2022


The Estonian Fox

George, part of the problem may be the CV of the 3 authors of that ACM article.

Marie Heath, Ed.D. Towson University, Instructional Technology

Dr. Aman Yadav, Professor of Educational Psychology & Educational Technology at Michigan State University

Anne Drew Hu ([email protected]) is a doctoral student in the College of Education at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA.

I couldn't locate their degrees in Comp Sci. Oh, maybe because they DON'T HAVE any. They are all in Schools of Educ.

I especially appreciated the email address of Anne Hu - made to look like she is a he - huANDREW...And by golly, I think (s)he is a he (from a LinkedIn page), it is Andrew Hu, posing as Anne Drew Hu. You devious Chinese devil you!

Admiral Levine, arrest that man for impersonating an IT guy.

Scott O

It's 100 degrees today and having gotten all my yard work done early, I find myself with time to try to wade through the word salad of that article.
It's boiler plate wokeist horse shit.
Students don't fail courses, courses fail them.
People of 'marginalized' groups don't last in tech jobs not because they can't produce value, but because the industry doesn't take into account these peoples' life experience.
If I were in the high ranks of the ChiCom military I would be pounding the desk daily for an ever increasing budget to go to programs to promote this societal quackery in the US and other western countries.


It's drek like that that led me to abandon the ACM and IEEE decades ago.


Come on Dr. Rebane, learning is hard. And it's racist to expect someone who isn't white to learn because it's racist learning. Blew my mind when the Smithsonian flirted with these ideas as racist / the result of white culture: Rugged Individualism, Family Structure, History (European descent,) Protestant Work Ethic, Religion, Power/Status/Authority, Future Orientation, Time (Management,) Aesthetics, Holidays, Justice, Competition and Communication. Scroll down the page for the "chart" https://www.newsweek.com/smithsonian-race-guidelines-rational-thinking-hard-work-are-white-values-1518333

Scott O

re Randy's link to the Newsweeks article:
"Another section says that white values include "steak and potatoes: 'bland is best'" and that white people have "no tolerance for deviation from a single god concept.""
First of all, a stupid and clumsy lie and beyond that, by the left's own definitions - blatant racism and outright hate-speech.

Are you sure this isn't the Babylon Bee?
"The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture had no comment for Newsweek."
Of course not - that would involve logic, rational thinking and quantitative emphasis.

George Rebane

Unfortunately, it's real and it's the sign of the times. Such articles now appear regularly in the ACM and IEEE journals. Everyone is scared shitless of not going along to get along on this woke crap.


I thank my lucky stars the current employer hasn't pushed the whole "there are 150+ gender pronouns, learn them and use them or else!" Sorry there are only two biological genders and that is it. It's called science (and chromosomes) stupid! Despite the most recent Supreme appointment's outlook on the matter...

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